May 3rd, 2012

Labour Lost London the Day they Chose Ken
Why Didn’t Labour Choose Oona?

Months before Labour selected a candidate for Mayor of London, Guido chatted with a senior City Hall Tory politico, asking him who he really preferred to fight; Oona or Ken? Without hesitating he said “Oona so long as Ken stands as an independent again. If not, Ken”. He got his wish…

That was a real fear for Labour. If Ken wasn’t their candidate, he would still be a candidate. The Labour machine could have selected Oona if it really wanted. It didn’t kick into action against his cynically parasitical organisation. Not because Ken outwitted them, it was because they feared a rogue Ken again, be in no doubt that if the Labour establishment and Labour HQ really wanted they could have stopped Ken being their chosen candidate. Implicit blackmail by Ken when Labour was reeling from losing the general election got him the candidacy.

Labour will spin and blame it on a ruthlessly negative Lynton Crosby campaign, and in many ways it was a classic, however it was only workable because Ken has so many negatives to mine. That type of campaign could not have been run against Oona. She is too fresh, too funky London and too centrist. Labour lost London they day they succumbed to Ken’s blackmail.


  1. 1
    Disagree says:

    Wrong Guido, If they had chosen Kate Hoey i would have voted for her!

    • 12
      Dave is the loser says:

      Oona. She is too fresh, too funky London and too centrist.

      No Guido. Boris is a Tory and that is what the people want.

      • 25
        Jimmy says:

        Can’t argue with this. YouGov today has Boris 5 points ahead in London, his party 13 points behind. There’s a reason for that.

        Thank God Tony’s coming back eh?

        • 58
          G Brown lover of Prudence says:

          Why Jimmy, you are a card!

          • Sack Vichy Dave - Elect a Tory says:

            2.30am – Vichy Dave! Your Boys Are Getting One Hell Of A Kicking!!

          • Back door job says:

            Calm down dear.

            Dave has another master plan ready – a relaunch of the ever popular Big Society theme and standing firm on all aspects of bum sex.

            His infallible judgement will always identify what’s most important to the little people.

          • Thank you Dave, for knowing what we want! says:

            Don’t forget the Foreign Aid budget. When he’s spending every penny of disposable income filling the car with petrol, nothing makes the struggling taxpayer more delighted/proud than knowing all the fuel tax is p!ssed away on India’s space programme.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            To be fair to India, they actually asked for the payments to be stopped, but our wonderful government insisted that if that happened it would cause embarrassment for Cameron & Co.
            So the aid money continues to flow and joy of joy’s, they are now being used in green initiatives and forced sterilisation programs.

            Killing brown people with aid money, feel proud yet?

          • BeenHereBefore says:

            Oona voted with Blair on Iraq.

            Londoners would not have voted for her.

        • 69
          Grrr says:

          >Boris 5 points ahead in London, his party 13 points behind. There’s a reason for that.

          Yes. Boris is a Tory who can express Conservative principals in plain English – as Thatcher did. People like him as he’s authentic, honest and sincere.

          Cameron is an metro-sexual, dishonest, Blair-wannabe, on the Right of the Labour party, who neither believes in nor can communicate to the publc even the most basic principals of Conservative belief.

          • Jimmy says:

            Most people hate tories. Even many tory voters hate tories. They do like that funny bloke off HIGNFY though. He’s such a card.

            Cameron has no strong political views, which is what makes him the most successful tory leader in 20 years.

          • ulcerative colitis says:

            agree Jimmy – tories are nasty – look at IDS Lansley grayling Osborne spellman – May – they’re all from Mars

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            In the last 15 years Labour has inflicted these delightful people on us:

            Gordon Brown
            Ed Balls
            Phil Woolas
            Damien MacBride
            Alistair Campbell
            Jo Moore
            Tom Watson
            Sion Simon
            Keith Vaz
            Ken Livingstone
            Margaret Moran
            Margaret Hodge
            Peter Mandelson
            Harriet Harman
            Stephen Byers
            Geoff Hoon
            John Prescott
            Jack Straw
            Eric Joyce

            All topped off by the liar-in-chief Tony Blair

            I have little time for Cameron’s brand of Tory but from where I’m sitting Labour not only looks like the nasty party but the stupid one as well.

          • A man in a chair says:

            “Cameron has no strong political views, which is what makes him the most successful tory leader in 20 years.”

            By that logic, Jimmy, Thatcher – who had very strong political views and won clear majorities in three general elections – should have been less successful than Cameron

          • Vote Labour, Vote Torture says:

            More people hate war, torture and rendition.

            Get back to the gulag you simpering socialist psycho.

          • Jimmy says:

            Fair point about Attila the Hen, but I tend to think her electoral performance had more to do with having a complete basket case opposition that her own popularity. Even in 1979 her personal ratings were well below Sunny Jim’s. And despite what her acolytes would manitain I have little doubt she would have gone down in 92 given the chance. Elections are won in the centre. Always have been.

        • 253
          Jimmy the Goat says:

          Oh Jimmy, you are a real sweety , or should that be Sweaty?

          • treetop says:

            At the beginning thatcher listened to the public,simple as that. We were all sick and tired of being held to ransom by selfish union behaviour and yearned for some honesty from our politicians. This held for 3 elections but near the end she had become surrounded by acolytes and detached from the voters and deserved to go. It was quite simple but all the pundits persist in seeing more to it than it really was.

      • 171
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Lightweight, and out of her depth, couldn’t even stop Galloway taking her seat.

    • 19
      Ed Millibland (pleased to meet you) says:

      She’d be a Tory if I had my way but Call-Me-Dave didn’t want to do a swap!
      (We’re ok on the ‘filthy lucre’ side of things but actually need a few more perverts in our Party to bring us up to EU standards. Maybe the LibDems can help out?)

      Anyway, it seems Call-Me-Dave and I both have the same problem with her – she has ethics.

      For instance, she supported a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty, and we can’t have that sort of behaviour going on if we can help it.

    • 36
      Bunny says:

      Utter tosh Guido. “She is too fresh, too funky London and too centrist.”

      It is Dave that is jaded and too centrist. The people want a can do and not a can not. Boris fits that bill.

      And why are you deleting reasonable posts that disagree with you?

      • 38
        Bunny says:

        Apologies you have not deleted posts, my mistake. But it has to be said that Boris’ popularity despite his natural charm is because he is a real Tory, unlike Dave.

    • 37
      Trundlemaster says:

      Kate Hoey has quite a wide appeal and would piss off some on the Left mightily so it would have been good on that front.

    • 41
      Grrr says:

      Oona’s partly of the Hebrew faith.

      That’s right – she is.

      Are we to believe – honestly – that many of the 750,000 (that’s officially but who the hell knows how many unofficially) who presently preside in this capital would vote for her.

      Considering many come from countries where anti-Semitism is the state religion and conspiracy theories about Zionists controlling the world are taught in schools – would tick a box for someone associated with People of the Book.

      Funky don’t comete with evil Zionist.

      • 44
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        And muslims won’t vote for a woman either, regardless of her ethnic or religious background. That’s part of the reason Abbott didn’t stand an earthly when she tried to become party leader. Of course, if you point out the fact that Islam is rife with misogyny, you’re a racist and an Islamophobe.

        • 47
          Jimmy says:

          Just as well she was MP for a Muslim free constituency then

          You utter bellend.

          • Vote Labour, Vote Sharia says:

            Thank you effendi, when we are in power we will ensure that your castration is humane.

          • God's Holy Trousers says:

            A muslim free constituency? I think that is somewhat unlikely fuck-wit.

        • 50
          Grrr says:

          But they do have a habit of putting in strong women – if they come from the right family – in what passes for democratic elections around the world. But voting for someone with the blood of Seinfeld and Aeriel Sharon in her veins – not bloody likely.

          Dianne Abbot makes Ken look huggable and lovely. At least he can string a coherent sentence together.

          One thing I can say for Comrade Ken- he’d never stoop so low as to send his progeny to a Public School – like the big Big Ugly Blog of Hackney.

        • 62
          Stick to the facts of you wish to understand says:

          Stella Creay represents Walthamstow which has a significant number of muslim voters, Interetsingly, many of the local councillors were split on this issue: the local party wanted Oona (just as they also backed David Miliband) but there were a lot of key councillors also backing Ken

          • Grrr says:

            We’re only seeing the first buds of Radical Islam in England.

            The moderate older generation are dying off, replaced more aggressive, organised and militant youngsters – many Al Quaeda sympathetic.

            All polls I have seen show this.

            Wait another 10 years and radical Islamists will be sitting in councils, in 20 years they’ll be in parliament – in 30 years well.. lets see if parliament still rulles over England (I suspect its soverenty will extend only to the borders of several independant mini-states under a different law).

            Labour thought they could import 1 million to guarantee a permanent majority. The older generation are Labour supporters, but the younger generation have other interests and may well look towards Islamabad – not Islington – for guidance.

          • EdButLookBalls says:

            Wrong, they want any Labour Mong who will shake the ‘Money Tree’!

      • 113
        Thanking Grrr for the truth says:

        Grrr, you are spot on. It is absolutely terrifying.

        • 128
          Sunny Jim says:

          Grr, good points; well made. I agree, it is terrifying, so why the he11 can’t our so-called ‘leaders’ see the danger?

          • Anonymous says:

            They do see the danger Sunny but prefer to ignore it in favour of filling their wealth store from the trough provided by the taxpayers.

          • Grrr says:

            I believe the vast majority of Brits and non-Marxist MPs do see what’s happening.

            But anyone who speaks out will be attacked by the BBC as Racist and ‘Pandering to the BNP’ – their career is over within 24hs. Wilders of Holland is described as ‘Far Right’ and was actually banned, while Islamists swan into the country at will. The Left has its friends and keeps them close.

            Everyone’s scared of the BBC – there is no open or honest debate as in the US.

            Who is brave enough to speak out and see their career collapse around them.. not me.

            The fact that a large no of BBC employees are wealthy, Public school Socialists in the vein of Paxman explains much.

            The Left here hasn’t managed to create gulags, but they do have career gulags.. and any MP is welcome to visit should he dare to speak out.

            Socialism is just fascism by committie.

            Freedom comrades – that’s all we want – freedom. Without TV Perestroika, when will our freedom come?

    • 61
      Willsteed says:

      Wouldn’t vote for Oona even if I were Labour, she has a wacky mouth.

    • 121
      Anonymous says:

      me too and I live in Nottinham

    • 219
      nellnewman says:

      I’m not aq Londoner but I agree with your estimate of Kate Hoey. One of the last real worthwhile labour mp’s left. She and Frank Field.

    • 247
      Alan says:

      You gotta be kidding! Oona is just not smart enough!!

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    Anonymous says:


  3. 3
    Sunny Jim says:

    As long as Livingscum doesn’t win tonight, who really cares? King will have her chance in 2016

    • 124
      hyundi magical solutions says:

      oh no, not again, she’s a serial politician …. and crap too

      • 126
        Sunny Jim says:

        Indeed she is, on both counts – but my point is that she will have a chance, as opposed to Livingscum trying again… 2016 is a long time away in political terms; hopefully Labour will be dead & buried by then

  4. 4
    Racked off says:

    Labour are doing a kamikazee on Ken, if Ken loses it seals Ken forever to the dustbin and that is what Labour wants, rid of him for good..

    • 15
      Get real says:

      What, by losing London for another four years?

      Hahahaha… whatever!

      • 63
        Stick to the facts of you wish to understand says:

        The real power in London – and the real corruption – is in the rotten Boroughs

        • 115
          London overspill says:

          Actually you are only partly correct. The real power is with the Rotten Boroughs (like East Herts Council) which are on the periphery of London. These Councils morally and financially bankrupt need to build thousands of new homes to keep the ponzi going (paying the public sector pensions).

          These Councils insist 40% of all new housing be built as Social Housing. So, who do you think “buys” these houses/flats/dwellings? Yes, the London Boroughs bursting at the seams with impoverished immigrants who have nowhere to live. That is because the London Boroughs are legally obliged to house them.

          So the tsunami of unemployable, impoverished, urban filth is headed in all directions away from London.

          Thanks, but law abiding, decent, London dormitory village commuters don’t want them either.

        • 137
          Get real says:

          They are no facts in ‘Racked off’s’ post, but simply his opinion and it’s bollocks just like yours.

  5. 5
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    Well I blame Lord Ashcroft/Rupert Murdoch/Tony Blair/George Bush/Simon Cowell/The Tooth Fairy/Captain Pugwash/Toynbee-Hutton Demon de Jour.

    Ken, I see, blames The Evening Standard – so Comrade Lebedev is off the Winterval Card list.

    All very amusing, until Boris can’t resist the temptation, quits for a safe seat at Westminster from which to knife Cameron, and the Labour candidate for the Mayoral by-election is…

  6. 6

    What now for Ken Livingstone?

    • 27
      Polly Seewonk says:

      Change of name and enter American politics – Newt GotRich?

      • 78
        Boggle says:

        Tax adviser to the Guardian Media Group?

      • 261
        The truth is out there says:

        Newt is just another politician – in cahoots with the Murdoch Mafia. Its the legal mafia surrounding Murdoch who are the most dangerous merchants of terror fear and financial plundering – that the peasants in the UK and USA need to watch out for.

    • 35
      simon r says:

      suicide hopefully

    • 42
      Sir Minge Campbells says:

      He is going to try his luck standing for office in the Al-Qaeda infested city of Zinjibar in southern Yemen

      At least I hope he is

    • 43
      annette curton says:

      Grow a long beard and live on benefits.

      • 45
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        It must be a good earner. It’s worked for dozens of Liebore wimmin MPs.

    • 67
      Some fella off the street says:

      The knacker’s yard. Halal knacker’s yard of course.

    • 105
      An appropriate singalong says:

      Et maintenant, que vais-je faire? Vers quel neant glissera my vie?

      [Opening lines of the French version of "What now my love" by (I think) Shirley Bassey or maybe Marianne Faithful. Original French version by Gilbert Becaud in the mid 1960s]

    • 125
      Sonny and Cher says:

      What Now My Love
      Now that it’s over

    • 173
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Spending more time with his tax returns – give the troughing Hunt the benefit of a special investigation for the last 7/31 years the bastard has been in politics.

  7. 7
    jules says:

    just hope Boris’s supporters weren’t complacent and got out to vote!

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Onanist would have abased herself.

  9. 9
    MBE, maybe... says:

    Oona King is an over-promoted gobshite who’d make a mediocre parish councillor, but at least she isn’t actively evil, so I suppose in that sense would have been an improvement over Livingstone.

    • 16
      Racked off says:

      Oona is promoted way above her pay grade, plenty of other worthy people besides her.

      • 139
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        “plenty of other worthy people besides her.”

        Yeah, like comrade Livingstone, reptile throwback from the 70′s. The Labour party is a talent free zone with nothing to offer, except more failed, miserable, class and success envy, socialism.

    • 250
      Vlad the Inhaler says:

      Yeah, but she’s one of the chosen, so the media luvvies will give her an easy time.

  10. 10
    Question time live chat says:
  11. 11
    Get a grip you sad internet wankers says:

    Er… because she is utterly shite. And not very nice either.

  12. 13
    Daveyboy says:

    I don’t know much about Oona but from the picture she’d certainly be more representative of London than some whitey who can speak the Queen’s English.

    • 106
      Quiz time says:

      Davey, just for clarity, is that “can” or “can’t” speeek English?

  13. 14
    John Major's Underpants says:

    Perhaps Labour didn’t dare get a candidate people would identify with them, in case they lost, which would then have been the end of Ed.

  14. 18
    Anywhere but London says:

    Who gives a bollox about London mayor,and who gives a bollox about Boris ‘Fucking Bollox Albino ‘Johnson .

  15. 20
    smoggie says:

    Results out already?

  16. 21
    troll-y doll-y says:

    There is a warm cage at Regents Park Reptile house awaiting their escapee.

  17. 22
    Sir Minge Campbells says:

    Those Labour cu’nts are losing the shithole Glasgee to those SNP cu’nts


    • 28
      Its Glesga ! says:

      Who the fuck says “Glasgee” you stupid twat !

      • 32
        Tachybaptus says:

        I’ve heard it often enough. Is Glasgie/Glesca a sectarian Celtic/Rangers distinction? I don’t know. But see also

        • 49
          Its Glesga says:

          Never heard anyone say Glasgie either FFS !

          • Tachybaptus says:

            A bit of poking around Google suggests that ‘Glasgie’ is a a phoney pronunciation used by non-Glaswegians, and maybe only by non-Scots.

            “Glesga, Glesca The only genuine broad Glaswegian pronunciations of Glasgow. Spurious alternatives like “Glasgie” spring from other parts of the country or the music hall”. Michael Munro ~ “The Patter”.

            Which refers to English performers singing ‘Ah belong tae Glasgie’ in cod accents, I think.

          • UKIP Voter says:

            I have. I lived in Scotchland for 5 years. Glasgee is a common pronounciation to those who have the ear and speak the Queens English

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I don’t speek the queens enqlish, but have spoken with various accents in my life, and realise that people don’t quite hear syllables properly.

            I rekon the “ee” sound is far more like “ay” as in “say”, than “see”.

            As I imagine the queen saying “see” its even less like that than other english accents.

      • 214
        och aye jimmy the noo stitch that etc. says:

        Quite right scotchy, it’s pronounced “shytehole”

  18. 29
    The great unwashed says:

    Spot on Gweed!

  19. 31
    Sir Robin Day says:

    It’s sad to see Harriet looking old and haggared tonight. Could never stand her politics but she was a bit of a cracker in her younger days and even recently.

    • 48
      Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

      You should have gone to Specsavers. I’d grade her no better than ‘reasonable when I’m drunk’.

    • 76
      Willsteed says:

      But her hubby was billing hard-core gay porn to MP’s expenses wasn’t he. Or was that another of the Labour dollies?

  20. 33
    Jews Paid says:

    I’d have voted for Oona, not because I like Labour but she’s easy on the eye

    • 52
      Cockney Specsavers says:

      Have you considered a mince pie test?

      • 163
        Rev Stinker Pinker says:

        No he’s right, but you have to meet her to see it, in photos you don’t see it. In the flesh she is very attractive in that sensual way that many non-conventionally attractive women are. She is also a much better speaker on the door step with the punters than most. I think she’s potty on most issues as you’d expect, but she did gain a reputation for pissing off the Blair’s whips in the first Labour Train Crash administration. She would have been a much better candidate than Ken and MUCH more fun up against Boris!

        • 165
          Rev Stinker Pinker says:

          I say how come the modbot has censored a man of the cloth? Come on nothing controversial here

          • Rod Spode Bart. says:

            We need a return to traditional values and the election of an amateur dictator.

        • 222
          Cap'n Hetero says:

          She looks like she’d be a dirty little minx too, which is nice.

  21. 34
    HenryV says:

    London is a foreign land. Just like the Scots, Welsh, and the Ulsterman the Londonian gets a parliament and vote. We English don’t get that……

  22. 39
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    No way. Ken would have stood as an independent and split the Labour vote, that’s the reason Labour chose him.

    King is also useless, she’s one of the original Bliar babe dross.

    As someone else said Kate Hoey would have been a much better choice, she’d have taken a lot of independent voters and possibly some Tories.

    • 40
      Liam Fox says:

      Yes but at least Blair and Oona are right of center, unlike Lefty Cameron

      • 144
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        You’re delusional, Bliar and King are both left wing. Cameron only makes them look right of centre because he is more left wing than they are.

        • 166
          Rev Stinker Pinker says:

          You need to give up the ‘right’ v ‘left’ thing it does not describe our politics anymore. A better division i find is democratic v authoritarian this is by no means perfect but you can see that our currrent political elite are in fact largely unified in an authoritarian project through the growth of the state both national and EU wide.

          • What's in a name? says:

            Agreed, though even here, most still think along the old left-right divide. Which has become meaningless as the LabLibCon political elite are all interchangable drones for ‘progressivism’. Which in it’s earliest incarnation was of course, the ‘third way’ as espoused by a certain Italian called Benito and latterly by St. Tone of Lies and Dave Replicon.

          • The Golem says:


          • Marion the cat says:

            I thought it was at least 2 dimensional, on the left ‘Large State, on the right ‘Small State’ and below/above/behind available to all ‘Nationalist’. BNP are the same as National Socialists, UKIP are to the right but quite nationalistic, Conservatives are middle and NOT nationalists (quite the reverse) and Labour just Mongs.

  23. 46
    Andy Coulson's monkey says:


  24. 54
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    She looks like a mong in that photo though.

    I’d still not vote for her.

  25. 55
    natural tory says:

    This Tory has no problem with Oona. She is certainly right of Cameron and i think she would have just beat Boris in the swing vote against Cameron.

    labour were too thick to see this.

  26. 56
    I know what I like in my wardrobe says:

    IDS was very impressive on Question Time. Why couldn’t he have been that fiery and impressive when he was party leader?

    • 59
      A Natural Tory says:

      No one knows how good a leader a leader will be until they lead. Then it gets even more complicated when there is a crisis and the leader who no one thought could lead suddenly becomes the best leader possible.

      Having said that, from my life experiences and in no particular order, Sir Winston Churchill, Dame Margaret Thatcher and Mr Anthony Blair have proven to be all exceptional leaders.

      • 82
        Tachybaptus says:

        If leading the country into an exceptionally deep hole is exceptional leadership, then Mr Anthony Blair is in that group. There is a vast difference between clawing your way to the top and actually leading when you have got there.

        • 175
          Quisling says:

          The difference here is that it was only Blair who moved the term exceptional towards he rather than he moving towards exceptional. He took a lesson or 2 from Steve Jobs and created a ‘reality distortion field’ which enveloped him – until the batteries went flat that is

      • 87
        You having a laugh? says:

        Blair was a self serving sociopath.

        • 90
          Tinga says:

          That is just your opinion on his policies. But to deny he has great leadership qualities is plain stupid.

          • Serge Gainsbourg from the grave says:

            By those criteria then does Bernie Madoff count as a great leader?

          • Esme Another says:

            are you therefore suggesting that there is only one, fixed, set of leadership qualities?

          • UKIPMAN says:

            Adolf Hitler was a great leader. So was Napoleon. So was Stalin.

          • Quisling says:

            In the same way that you could call Sun Myung Moon a great leader, you are correct

        • 108
          histry lessen says:

          Tinga – you have forgotten to take into account just exactly what opposition or competition he had to overcome; the biggest and most useless bunch of self-serving thick-headed deadbeats since Oliver Cromwell’s time. Even Andy Pandy would have beaten them all, and before bedtime too.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:


            I often wonder whether the Tories wanted, rather like Labour currently seem to, lose the elections against Bliar.
            His first vitory I can understand, Major offered nothing new and was dispatched easily.
            The dross the Conservative party offered up as Major’s replacements beggars belief, Bill Vague, IDS and Howard, all were e@sily be@table and so it proved.
            Now we have useless Dave opposed by even more useless Ed. History repe@ting again?

  27. 57
    fore says:

    Is it Rory McIlroy with a tan?

  28. 60
    Defacto says:

    Unless Boris loses then Labour are pissing agin the wind.

  29. 65
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    War$i on BBC 1 just made a complete arse of herself by claiming that there was a link between the BENP and YOUKIP.

    • 71
      Sack Vichy Dave - Elect a Tory says:

      As far as the BBC is concerned there really is no difference between the B&P and UKIP

      • 74
        The BBC are no judge says:

        They see little difference between the Green manifesto and their mission statement, but they also puff Labour.

      • 120
        anonymous says:

        the only difference between the BeeNPee and UKkkipppp is the latter have better suits

        • 149
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Oh dear, another idiot gains internet access. Are all the inmates in your secure facility equally unable to read, or lack basic comprehension skills?

    • 72
      Just askin says:

      Is there none?

    • 73
      Opo says:
      • 88
        Fuck the main three says:

        Don’t feel ashamed it’s the typical LibLabCon trick.

        • 150
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Warsi’s remarks show the Tories are beginning to shit themselves about UKIP. About time too. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then they lose.

          • Quisling says:

            I do hope this is true. Dilemma now is does ‘Call me Dave’ embrace UKIP ideology or does he concentrate more on bum sex?

            I suspect with Gleggie around it will be the latter

            The 2015 election like it or not is now in the bag for anyone but the Lib/Con alliance so they may as well go out with a bang – its just which bang

  30. 79
    Fuck Me! says:

    The BBC election coverage is a Labour wankfest. Maitlis looks like she’s coming.

  31. 80
    Boggle says:

    Like the BBC’s new graphic representation of the election.
    As Labour gain seats Emily Maitlis’ knickers gets wetter.

  32. 83
    Edward. says:

    Why are the bbc wetting their knickers over this unrepresentative ‘NOP’?

    FFS, get rid of that wet tosser Cameron and start the fight back.

  33. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Well Ken Livingstone is finished. He needs to retire from politics and take care of his family he got!

    Ken should apply for a freedom pass because he will stop whinging about the fares going up.

    I am glad that Boris is back, but he will put up with the majority from the Labour party. But you know, Boris has his own ways on running London. It’s the best mayor London have ever had! :)

    • 110
      Dick Whittington (and my pussy too) says:

      I say, steady on there. I had to walk all the way back you know! (Ken’s busmen were on strike again).

  34. 85
    Puke says:

    Just made the mistake of switching over to bbc news and saw the revolting Tom Watson on their election night panel.

  35. 86
    God help us all says:

    Labour on 169 so far, that’s +73.

  36. 89
    PC clitoris says:

    oona bloody king for christs sake that would make me vote for nob head Boris!!!

  37. 91
    jgm2 says:

    I still wouldn’t count my chic-Kens Guido.

    Look what happened to Labour when they took their eye off George Galloway.

  38. 92
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder how long it will take for these new labia councils to reward the fools who voted for them by closing their libaries.

    • 112
      Dick Whittington (and my pussy too) says:

      “Libaries” ??

      Looks like yours has already closed, or did they just sell off the dictionaries?

  39. 93
    Back Hander says:

    If Ken does lose, which is looking likely, does this mean we will no longer have to hear from Lee Jasper again?

  40. 96
    Robin Hood says:

    Not surprised Nottingham voted gainst a Mayor. It’s a Sheriff that they want.

  41. 97
    Turn Coats says:

    Looks like the Tory vote has gone to UKIP. Good Hoe.

    • 104
      CHRIST ON A BIKE says:

      No! The Tory vote stayed at home. The way governing party’s voters nearly always do in local elections. Allowing oppositon and protest voting to feature strongly.

      • 133
        UKIP Voter says:

        Actually it is terrifying the Coservatives are so inept

        • 140
          Conservatives ? What Conservatives ? says:

          The problem is that the Tories have had their party hijacked by a couple of con-merchants and now they’re paying the price.

      • 141
        UKIPMAN says:

        UKIP got 14% of the vote – most of that from the Tories. That’s a simple fact.

        “The UK Independence Party enjoyed its best ever local election night, averaging about 14% of the vote where its candidates were standing, mainly at the expense of the Conservatives.”

        Lots of Lib Dems and others stayed at home besides the Tory sheep.

  42. 98
    Govt By The Back Door says:

    No change there then.

  43. 101
    not a machine says:

    I dont know on that proposition , dont think Onna would have weighed in the votes as kens slaves do .

    The part of the picture so far as i see it , is not quite as crushing as labour makes out , there are some shocking turnouts , but I think its a very mixed picture where labour have been quite selective on picking the weak spots . The only real upset of the night is going on in Bradford as labour face a left opponenent . The lack of the smaller parties showing any breakthroughs suggests to me that people didnt feel there was much to vote for , but not seen much on votes cast and turnouts for comparison . It looks like fairly weak sort of election , where you get these low signal signal shifts and patterns .

    Best images for me tonight was Tom watsons “whose the daddy expression” and Pickles , Harman, Laws round ,

    Sheffield will perhaps be interesting .

    But despite Birmingham , Ed appears small ,easy gains widespread and if fight out for glasgow comes true then pretty much done for, Nick not total wipeout but in a bad place and Dave with a headline but no horse for his cart but big rosette in london .
    Labour have dished out some quite sharp lashes on pretty baseless results .

    I dont think I will explain conservative woes , suffice to say , the reason for tonights labour wins , will have to be settled on another event , and I dont think they can afford many more chances or even chancers , as there were definitely some seats they should have kept .

    If Boris does win , cannot deny it was a good result , but will be intrigued by how borugh seats turn out .

  44. 111
    Cashier Cameron says:

    Time for a reshuffle, Dave. Kick yourself and Gideon out of the cabinet.

    • 117
      UKIP Voter says:

      That job my friend will be done for them but only after it is too late. Vote UKIP

  45. 118
    Flush says:

    Anyone got a large stake and a mallet ? :

  46. 119
    anonymous says:

    Ooooooona – patronising little bitch OOOOOoooooona FFS

    anyway CHunt in trouble again

    you just can’t keep a good tory boy down!!!

    • 132
      UKIP Voter says:

      Tick tock tick tock, not long now

    • 157
      Back door job says:

      And have you seen his lambada?

      Makes Nick Boles go weak at the knees and firm at the genitals.

  47. 130
    John P reid says:

    why not Oona, because they’re idiots, last parragraph true

  48. 135
    • 138
      UKIPMAN says:

      UKIP is crucifying the Tories. Unless The Tories change they will be wiped out in the next election. Trying to hug the centre ground is costing them badly and always will. Maggie didn’t get where she got by hugging the centre ground. The Tories either stand for conservative values (as UKIP now do) or they die. And the sooner these traitors die the better.

      • 159
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        The centre?

        Cameron is a Fabian socialist. He is of the left and boy, if you strip away the blue badge, does it show. He offers nothing other than more of the same tired, authoritarian ‘third way’ shit, that Labour shovelled over everyone for thirteen years.

    • 143
      Well it's a thought says:

      Ours went fron NOC to Liebour, serves Camoron right, if the tosser takes no notice of people and insists his Libsh*te friends and the fkin think tanks are his way to go, 2015 will be the unconned us finish, serves them right.

  49. 142
    Polythesis says:

    The real question, indeed the only question is how many seats did Camerons social democrats lose because of the swing to UKIP? Just as long as Cameron is destroyed I really dont care if labour get back in, they are one and the same anyway but the real prize of the night is a libdem meltdown isnt it? Spin that Cleggy.

    • 148
      UKIPMAN says:

      It doesn’t matter who you vote for. The EU always gets in.

      • 155
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        No point voting for UKIP then. Foot + in + mouth.

        • 183
          UKIPMAN says:

          If enough people vote for UKIP, Britain will leave the EU and the British electorate will be able to elect people to run their own country once again. A vote for the main parties is a vote for even more power going to the unelected mandarins of Brussels.

          • Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

            That won’t happen. Even if you got a UKIP government Merkel will simply have them put into a gas chamber and replaced with her puppets like she’s done elsewhere.

          • Anonymous says:

            If, If, if !!!!!!

            If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!

            The fact is that not enough will vote UKIP, especially after last night when UKIP helped to delete the vote share and again with nothing to show for it.

  50. 152
    Cassandra says:

    Labour did not choose Oonagh King because either

    A. They are stupid


    B.They think they have a better chance of reelection if Boris stays out of Westminster .

    I dont think Miliipede is as daft as Guido thinks. He has distanced himself from Murdoch and remember Leveson was his idea not Dave’s.

    The only really stupid thing he is doing is keeping Harman on TV and the Front Bench.

    On Sunday there will be a Socialist President of France who only has half a brain.

    Be very very afraid.

    • 156
      UKIPMAN says:

      I am not afraid of Hollande winning. In fact I am hoping for it. France will become another Greece and the EU will implode and disintegrate. It will damage the UK economy in the short term but in the long term it will be our salvation. And as Theo Paphetes said last night, many of those French entrepreneurs will come here and create jobs for British people.

      • 161
        UKIPMAN says:

        The MP for “northern Europe” will represent French people in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Baltic states. But London is the heart of it, home to around 300,000 of the 400,000 French people in Britain, with so many French expats that it is considered France’s sixth biggest city.

      • 162
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Hollande, like Sarkozy, is easily biddable and he will do whatever he is told. The rhetoric may be different, but there as here, the actions will be as if there was no election at all.

        • 194
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Yeah right. So these unseen powers that tell world leaders to kill all sorts of scotsmen with heart attacks, are in operation in France too.

          Why didnt they kill chirac then?

  51. 153
    Well it's a thought says:

    Hague on , it’s expected mid turn , people etc, not listening then, fair enough, expect 2015 to lose ,lost my vote last night and will lose it 2015, bunch of tossers.

  52. 154
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    She is too fresh, too funky London and too centrist…

    … and a phoney who the electorate saw through. That’s why she’s in the House of Lords.

  53. 160
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Ken on behalf of the North Tehran resident’s association I’d like to welcome you to a new home in exile. Just a few basic rules though,the mandatory sentence for perjury is DEATH. The mandatory sentnce for apostacy is DEATH. The mandatory sentence for bum sex is DEATH. We don’t bother with such decadent Western flim flam as evidence, juries or appeals so Friday’s are always entertaining. See you at the stoning :)

    • 211
      Mufti Diver says:


      Don’t forget that rape is also punishable by DEATH usually for the victim

    • 212
      Mufti Diver says:


      Don’t forget that r_a_p_e is also punishable by DEATH usually for the victim

  54. 164
    Tower Hamlets voter says:

    Given that the votes are infallibly counted by vastly expensive machine, why does it take the whole day to fiddle he results?

    Of course in the bad old days of British democracy anyone could watch the manual count immediately after the polls closed. It provided overtime for librarians and town hall clerks and a genuine sense of excitement and transparency.

    now we are modern and vibrant it’s all done behind closed doors by very highly paid “experts”.

    European style.

    Makes me wish I’d stayed in Bangladesh where we can do corruption on the cheap.

    • 189
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      I noticed that there were lots of people called Mohammad counting the votes in Bradford. So no wonder Galloway did so well.

      • 254
        Uncle Joe says:

        It is the ones who count the votes that count, not the ones who vote

    • 190
      Polythesis says:

      Yeah but think of all the tax credits and housing benefits and pensions and free NHS and all for doing nothing apart from buying in more fake grannies and children from the old country to sell on and to claim ever more free money. In fact the average Bangladeshi tribe pulls in a mullahs ransom every week and you dont even have to speak the lingo.

  55. 167
    A Prick Posing as PM says:

    I say chaps!!! It’s jolly clear that the common people simply LOVE US and my jolly chum Joules says why!!

    We piss money up the wall on Wind Farm scams
    We piss money up the wall on EUSSR scams
    We piss money up the wall on Green Tax scams
    We piss money up the wall on Overseas Aid Scams
    We piss money up the wall on the Religion of Piss and keeping the followers here
    We piss people off with the Pasty Tax Scam
    We piss people off with the Petrol Tax Scam
    We piss people off with the Diesel Tax Scam
    We piss people off with the Hosepipe Scam in the middle of drought – I mean flood – I mean . . .
    We piss people off with the BumSex Scam

    And in general – WE PISS PEOPLE OFF

    So keep up the good work, – and remember – Tony will be with us again soon!

    Watt? Wattage? Watter?

    • 181
      Well it's a thought says:

      Nice to be able to piss people off, if we had Liebour in now, you would be getting stopped by plod for your id, petrol will be £10pounds a Litre, immigrants will have topped the country up by at least 20million all the other scams well we know how much we would be paying , remember the weather scam for Obambi, lovely hot sunny weather, everywhere was flooded.

      Tony’s only appointment should be with the judges in the Hague.

    • 184
      A man in a chair says:

      “Hosepipe Scam in the middle of drought – I mean flood”

      Until yesterday, there was a field at the back of my house. This morning, there’s a fairly deep lake, because the Stour has broken its banks.

      And even if I was allowed to use my hosepipe and thought for some strange reason that I needed to, I couldn’t water the lawn as it’s a swamp, even though it’s higher than the ‘lake’.

      I stood at the window half an hour ago thinking, “Cameron, you utter nob.”

      • 193
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I don’t understand why people don’t understand that tapwater doesn’t come from fields.
        Do you know where does your water actually come from?

        Perhaps this is because as a child it was brought to our attention that the large reservoirs near us served liverpool, and we all knew that “do not pollute this water, its your drinking water, etc.etc.” was a lie.

        • 199
          The old 'uns are the best says:

          It’s my understanding that all drinking water in this country is passed by The Management.

        • 223
          A man in a chair says:

          Don’t be a thick patronising little c’unt, sockpuppet, I’m not in the mood.

          Camoron government calls a drought and the next day it starts raining. It hasn’t stopped raining. Torrential rain. The drought-order still stands, but the field at the back of my house is now a lake.

          That mass of water is an in-your-face example of Camoron’s incompetence.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            The level of your irritation suggests that you don’t know where your tapwater actually comes from.

            You must be in a mood if you think that the water systems built up in britain over decades or even centuries are something to do with Cameron. Do you remember that stuff about needing 17 inches to fill up the resevoirs/aquifers?

        • 231
          The Green Party says:

          It will if we ever get in

          Insh Gaia

    • 260
      Marion the cat says:

      You missed the Granny Tax.

  56. 168
    A Prick Posing as PM says:

    Jolly spiffing night chaps!!

    Watt? Wattage? Watter???

  57. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Twatson on Toady tying himself up in knots over whether the “fit person” statement was discussed.

  58. 174
    Steve Miliband says:

    What is the point of the Lib Dems?

    • 188
      UKIPMAN says:

      What is the point of Westminster, Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems when more and power is being ceded to Brussels? Pretty soon the HoC and our MPs will be sitting for three days a year.

    • 210
      A man in a chair says:

      Is it a coincidence that the LibDems were formed around about the same time as mental hospitals were replaced with ‘care in the community’?

      • 224
        There are no omens says:


        The LibDems represent a distinct strata/section of society. It may be a section of their feloow countymen that the Tories do not undertsand, but ignorance is the fault of the ignorant. Tories can ridicule them, hate them and blame them, but they are a legitimate political group and right now, the Tories still need them.

    • 232
      Quisling says:

      Simple machines for turning beer into piss

  59. 182
    Fact says:

    Labour did not choose Oona because they thought Ken had a better chance of winning

    • 197
      Abdelbaset al-Megrahi says:

      I’ll outlive them hall.

    • 205
      CHRIST ON A BIKE says:

      or because the London Labour Party is mainly made up of Trotskyist knob-heads who worship Livingslime and those who might of opposed him, were scared of him standing as an independent and splitting their vote

      • 218
        There are no omens says:

        Agreed. There were a lot of councillors backing Ken because they were looking forward to all the special interest groups he would be channelling money to. Personally, I blame Eric Pickles for failogn to reform local government and entrenching the corruption in many of London’s boroughs

  60. 186
    Lets get the truth says:

    And the Tories lost Britain the day they were conned by Murdoch into selecting ‘heir to Blair’lib dem in drag, call me Dave as Tory leader.
    It is the promotion of a back bench nonentity into the best thing since sliced bread, the possible collusion at a personal level by Dave and his News Corp friends before this PR stunt and the question of what was pledged in return that needs close investigation.
    The biggest scandal of the Murdoch sleaze is the possible hijacking of an entire major political party through the power of the press and the utter stupity of the Tory members who fell for the scam.
    Regretting it now -eh?

    • 195
      CHRIST ON A BIKE says:

      really! why not start with why Murdoch papers supported Labour despite The Sun and Times’ cirulation taking a beating? Why don’t they ask what Murdoch gained form supporting Labour, ‘cos it sure as hell wasn’t increased circulation of his papers?

    • 203
      Well it's a thought says:

      Nah Camoron was used to get rid of Brown, I think the unexpected was the Libsh*tes getting power.

  61. 187
    BoJo says:

    I hope Boris wins to make up for Labour winning so many fucking council seats.

    • 213
      There are no omens says:

      I think that the lesson here is that the government has to pull its finger out. Eric pickles has been sitting on his fat arse for months and done virtually nothing to imprve local government, which contrary to what the fantasists in Westminster think, is where most people interact most often with the state.

  62. 200
    Nostradamus says:

    I went to sleep early last night rather than watch the inevitable.

    But I woke up this morning in a terrible sweat having had a surreal dream…

    My dream was of Cameron running with the Olympic Torch, with Clegg running obediently by his side wiping the sweat of his brow. Like all Torch runners he passed it onto the next carrier in the procession. The next carrier took it off Cameroon and thanked him for his safe care of the Torch.

    Who was that last Torch Carrier it was Mr Tony Blair

    • 209
      There are no omens says:

      Too much cheese before bed. Try warm milk.

    • 228
      nellnewman says:

      The last time bliar tried to go out in public in the UK ( to a waterstones for a book signing) the town was brought to a halt by hundreds of anti bliar demonstrators screaming for his arrest as a war criminal.

      If he thinks he’s coming back here to re-engage in UK politics he needs to bring an army for protection.

  63. 204
    BBC Stefanny says:

    Labour wins! Nobody needs to do any real work! Extra Benefits for everyone! Lots more social service care advisers! Got a problem — employ another counsellor. Borrow, borrow, borrow! Spend, spend, spend!

    • 216
      A man in a chair says:

      “Borrow, borrow, borrow! Spend, spend, spend!”

      Cameron’s doing that, and look at the results.

      • 226
        There are no omens says:

        Agreed. Now maybe he will realise that it will not get him anywhere and start behaving like a proper government.

    • 217
      Ed (tiny dick) Miliband says:

      Thanksth for that, it makeths me feel stho mucth better. Can I play with my Wubikths cube now!

    • 220
      You know it makes sense, not says:

      Sorry? Why is that exclusive to Labour? Isn’t that what Useless and Hopeless are doing now?

  64. 214
    UKIP Voter says:

    The greatest regret is the elctions yesterday did not include the dreadful East Herts District Council. The smug Executive of gropers, hackers, property spivs and iffy solicitors might have been wiped out.

  65. 227
    Blair planning comeback says:

    Having made millions in blood money, Tony Blair says he now wants to reengage with British politics. Yes please Tony! Whilst he was a formidable election winner for ten years, he is now completely toxic. I for one hope he comes back and hangs over Ed’s shoulder.

  66. 230
    Muhammad al-Karim bin-Tik Tak says:

    Today I receiving big cheque from nice Labour person and another big cheque from nice Respect person to thanks me for registering 9 million cousins for the post votings. I will spend the moneys on a year supply of butter ghee.

    • 239
      Mo Ham Egg says:

      I be knowing that this is a fake post as we will only accept cash. The money laundering law is a right old pain in the buttress

  67. 234
    Tower Hamlets corruption says:

    There ain’t no party like a Tower Hamlets party cos a Tower Hamlets party don’t stop (harassing voters at the polling station to intimidate them into voting Respect)

  68. 237
    Gordon Brown says:

    These council results are a tremendous victory for Labour under my leadership. And when we have the general election in 2010, we will win by a landslide. Isn’t that right, Mr Wibble?

  69. 238
    Quisling says:

    Does anyone know if Replicant Dave likes his cabinet meetings on the sofa?

    • 256
      The Excessively Large Epicurean says:

      I do know REPLETE Dave likesto take his post prandial torpor on remaindered Bullingdon bread rolls (they have a soporific quality that induces deep meditative prolonged sleep enablimg avoidance of presentations from market research outfits telling you your party is iredeemably up guado ( not guido !!) creek without a pogo stick.

  70. 252
    Cradley Heath Graphite Sandwich says:

    jimmy is guido.

  71. 255
    Dr Watson - of Holmesian fame says:

    I say Guido d’you know something we don’t (don’t answer that on the basis your servers may get whacked even if they are in Constantinople)

    No seriously — how do you KNOW Boris has won??

  72. 262
    McChannaman says:


    973,832 > 971,931

    That’s the power of the MILF vote.

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