May 3rd, 2012

Flandering About Yesterday

Stephanie Flanders is the Theresa May of democracy…


  1. 1
    Mr Rotivator says:

    Nice to have confidence in BBC commentators.


    • 11
      Dudley Zoo says:

      it’s a good job this woman is not a real journalist

      i guess she will use this as evidence of being worked too hard


      • 22

        What Ms. Flanders really needs is an early retirement, but not just to bed.


        • 92
          Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

          IDIOT, typifies the reason Women got the VOTE. What Fu-king Democracy. The Disney Land Democracy for Fools giving a mandate to the Political Elite who dont stick to their Manifesto AS THEY ARE NOT IN CHARGE. We will be seeing a lot more. Democracy my Arse.


      • 25
        UKIPMAN says:

        And here we have the BBC trying to blame our boom and bust on King and the BoE instead of Gordon Brown.

        My comment:

        “Surely you mean Brown’s boom and bust?The attempts of the BBC to distance Brown from all responsibility over his ‘willful blindness’ regarding the banks are becoming far too obvious.”


        • 50
          jgm2 says:

          Indeed no mention at all of King alluding to the removal of powers froim the bank by the Maximum Imbecile in 1997.

          No mention of the six months prior to the bailout when the banks and Mervyn were begging for loans to be made available. Nope. Brown, rather than lending the banks money at a commercial rate saw the opportunity to blame them for his economic incompetence. And took it.


        • 147
          Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

          Capitalist economy has been under attack for the last 30 yrs as the STATE has educated the fools to work for the Quango Cancers perpetrated on Private business and lives. Continual Deregulation of the banking system in the 80’s through to the new millenium
          The Phoney WAR on Drugs the Wars in IRAQ and Afghanistan employing the hundreds of thousands in the PUBLIC sector with NO commercial benefit. UK Climate fraud and Energy Policy, the Over TAX of everyone and every private transaction. No wonder the country is Fu-ked, and as The State continue to pump up the PONZI scheme,. borrowing £480 million a day to prop it up. HOW the Fu-k do they think its going to get Better. Crazy economics from a Mentally broken economic system perpetrated on us by the out of control ELITE.


    • 44
      yeah, right.... says:

      Poor girl. Now being mocked on Twitter by Jacki Smith of all people. The shame of it.


      • 152
        Anonymous says:

        Was Jacki at her sisters?


      • 180
        rocknrolla says:

        The sad thing is for the rest of us – we all know that she would be voting RedKen or Green. It’s a pity when you just know who the BBC journalists want to vote for.


    • 59
      Popeye says:

      I know it is de-rigour to be a Socialist to be in employment with the BBC Steph, but go and have a lie down in a dark room somewhere.
      Geeze, the quality of presenters these days!


    • 126
      maggie the dog says:

      Well she has shagged half the oppsiton bench


      • 158
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        BBC News 24 this morning slagging off the Judiciary for all those unjustly long sentences meted out to the thieving, anarchist, property-destroying Rioters – sorry – I mean, VICTIMS, last year.

        Another piece of left-wing social comment/propaganda in the guise of ‘news’. Only on your taxpayer-funded BBC.


    • 140
      Give Her a Biscuit and Send Her Home says:

      The BBC – its grasping fingers always on the nation’s pulse


    • 165
      Anonymous says:

      Trying to please two Eds can take it out of a girl.


  2. 2
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Never mind Steph..pop round for a cuddle!!


    • 83
      Forkbender says:

      I thought only pensioners were the ones who do not know what day it is, looks as if there is hope for me yet, pensioners have one excuse though, each day seems very much the same as every other.


    • 112
      roy says:

      Stephanie Flanders

      Just tried to vote Labour. My polling station, in Hammersmith, had closed two hours early. Has anyone else had same problem?


      • 123
        Weddy Steddy, For Goodness Sake Go! says:

        Steph’s calendar is just about as accurate as her “economic” reporting. She should be put out to grass along with all the other useless bird-brain bimbos who haunt the news desks at the BBC.


        • 166
          Airey Belvoir says:

          The poor girl has never been quite right in the head since her early sexual traumas at the hands of the Milibands and Ed Balls. She needs sympathy and counselling.


          • I hate Tesco AND the Pope says:

            She fucked ED BALLS? Please say this isn’t so. I heard about the Miliblands, but this is a legover too far, as well as backing up Guido’s suspicion that she isn’t quite the sharpest harpie in the BBC gene pool.


          • Mars Attacks says:

            Yep – her “lady garden” is like the water around the Belgrano 30 years ago yesterday – swimming with enemy semen.


          • I'm Not Judging, But... says:

            Put it back, you bad boy, or I’ll send Granny round with the cheese grater!


        • 207
          Soon to be Bust Tax Payer says:

          Bang on her reports are dire, ranging from the obvious to obsolete in equal measure. The BBC reporting on economics generally is very poor even Channel 4 do better!


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Pity she wasn’t the daughter of the other half of the partnership so that the headline could have read Swanning About Yesterday


    • 154
      Anonymous says:

      Is there anybody at the BBC who hasnt got a famous Dad ?


      • 181
        Janet Street Porter says:

        Liswen you wite wing c*nt wwen me and Gweg Dike were there you wudnt have got away with dwibble wike dis


      • 209
        Soon to be Bust Tax Payer says:

        Of course not even what passed to ‘social mobility’ 30 years ago has now ended. The elites have ensured that all the key parts of the media, politics and finance are within a small circle of familes and their fuck buddies. This applies even more so at the BBC


  4. 4

    So now we know why she’s told us, as fact, at least half a dozen times, that the Euro crisis was finally solved. She’s as thick as fucking shit.

    Just for the record – as the media appear to be telling us that all internet abuse is misogynist these days – I’m not calling her thick as fucking shit because she’s a woman, but because she’s thick as fucking shit.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    The gas woman cometh


    • 201
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      “It was on the Wednesday evening that Flanders tried to vote


  6. 6
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    What a moron.

    Most of us have been metaphysically fucked by the two Eds – this silly bint has literally had it happen to her.

    Just been round to cast my vote for Boris. Hate Cameron but I think Boris has done a good job in London and is infinitely better than the whining, tax-dodging, divisive, identity politician that is Ken Livingstone


    • 27

      A lot of Londoners will be holding their noses today and voting for the man, not the Party. Minaret Hamlets will be voting both early and often and by post.


    • 206
      GWF Hegel says:

      I’m still pondering the implications of being metaphysically f*cked.

      Is it that Ed Balls thinks: what it would be like to f*ck us all or is he thinking, “if there were anyone there, would I f*ck them ?”

      Quite likely he turns over and Yvette gives it to him hard with the strap-on.


  7. 7
    Vote Labour. Vote Often says:

    Who on earth will the BBC’s very own “two Eds” be voting for we wonder?


  8. 8
    Glyn H says:

    Would that be spent with Balls, Miliband or another of your Labour Luvvies?


  9. 9
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Is she really a journalist – can’t tell the date or time?


  10. 10
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The BBC’s economics editor. Jesus Christ.


  11. 12
    MB. says:

    I am sure most of us have woken up thinking it was a different day to what it actually was!


  12. 13

    Before you do go
    Make sure there is someone there to tie your shoe laces


  13. 15
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Now making excuses me thinks


  14. 17
    Monkhopton says:

    Its a good job Stephanie Flanders is in a job where being a total fuck up doesn’t matter


    • 134
      bergen says:

      True.Out here in the real world, not knowing the day of the week is a short cut to bankruptcy.

      In the BBC , it makes you economics editor.


  15. 18
    • 29
      jgm2 says:

      The Maximum Imbecile does get a couple of mentions…

      However, he claimed the Bank was hamstrung by the decision to move regulation to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in 1997


      In a veiled attack on Labour and the FSA, he also revealed that he had pushed for a major recapitalisation of the industry in early 2008 but been rejected because “it wasn’t a popular message”.

      “From the beginning of 2008, we at the Bank began to argue that UK banks needed extra capital – a lot of extra capital, possibly £100bn or more,”

      The BBC, because of the unique way it’s funded, didn’t think these little tit-bits worth rep*eating.


      • 42
        Georgous George says:

        When I am Calphate Prime Minister I will ban the word hamstrung as it is Haram. It shall be replaced by Halalchickenstrung


        • 82
          Henry Crun says:

          WBA will be known as West Bromwich Halaalbion


          • Georgous George says:

            Football!! – do you think that will survive? It will be one of the first to go, right after education for women, wearing glasses, and clitoris’s


          • Forkbender says:

            GG of course appearing on daft shows like big brother will be banned as it gives free publicity to attention seekers


        • 122

          I think a turncoat, mass murderers’ ars.e kissing bitc.h like you George should be ham strung up. You traitor.


    • 32
      Raving Loon says:

      Because we’re not allowed to criticse central bankers or the monetary system. It’s the elephant in the room.


    • 74
      National Socialist says:

      Rescind his Knighthood.


      • 86
        Merv says:

        Do what you like with the knighthood but for christ’s sake don’t touch the pension


        • 90
          jgm2 says:

          Yep. That’s why he kept his gob shut. he knew that no matter what he did. Shout from the rooftops, resign in horror, whatever – that Brown and the Labour machine would simply trash his reputation, steal his pension on some pretext or other and then ship in some other gimp like ohhh, David Blanchflower to rubber stamp the imbecility.

          King figured it might as well be him with the pension, knighthood, after-dinner speeches etc etc as Blanchflower.


          • Rupert Dial M for Murdoch says:



          • Anonymous says:

            but the media are talking about the tories loosing up to a 1000 seats in the local elections,
            What the fuck is wrong with the people.


          • Your favourite bin man says:

            Like you, most of them don’t know the difference between ‘loose’ and ‘lose’.

            Ah well, not to worry, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference 100 years from now {old song you probably never heard of}.


  16. 19
    jgm2 says:

    Isn’t ‘Twitter’ marvellous. It allows folk to proclaim their idiocy in real time.


  17. 21
    Back door job says:

    Good to see she’s still getting her brains fucked out on a regular basis.


  18. 23
    keredybretsa says:

    Knuckle head + plasma brain!!!


  19. 24
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Ken will appreciate her vote.


    • 66
      Ken Livingstone says:


      When I win, I will implement the new core Labour policy of putting female genital mutilation clinics in every borough.

      I hope Stephanie will show her approval by being the first to walk through the doors.


      • 156
        The Dirty Rat says:

        Doors = flaps.


        • 194
          Mars Attacks says:

          Shouldn’t think too many people would be that interested anyway, after Flying Spittle Ed had emptied his Shadow Chancellor up ‘er, in my opinion.

          Didi she remember to swallow on time?

          Not sexist – frankly they wouldn’t do rubber gob Ed either.


  20. 26
    Theresa May says:

    I voted on Tuesday


  21. 31
    Well it's a thought says:

    Good job she doesn’t do anything important, like being a journalist or accountant or telling people how Liebour “invest” and the unconned us and the Libs*ites “squander”,.


  22. 34
    Harold Camping says:

    I get the day wrong for my doomsday predictions all the time, but confidently predict one for Ken today.


  23. 35
    Ed Balls says:

    Too far, Too fast


    • 60
      Curious says:

      Was that you or her?


    • 70
      Ed (tiny dick) Miliband says:

      I always thought it rather odd that during sex with Steph she called me Tintin!


      • 85
        Evil Landlord says:

        Ed Milibland gets confused when having sex with his wife and she keeps saying “Justin” – he thinks she’s reminding him about her name but she’s telling him it is “just in” ..I’ll get my coat !


        • 172
          Airey Belvoir says:

          Flanders to Balls: “I do love a bit of finger first, Ed but you might have taken your signet ring off'” Balls: ” But that’s my Rolex.”


  24. 37
    Postal Vote Delivery Centre in Tower Hamlets says:

    This Mr Akbar has a lot of cousins living at the same address. 2,452 of them, all voting by post.


    • 43
      Spirit of Enoch says:

      I warned you all.


      • 76
        LibLabCon says:

        Shhhh! Be quiet! It’s only the subversion of democracy. Your vote now counts for nothing, so go back to sleep.


      • 157
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        You certainly did! Now the message is being sent out loud and clear to the white majority (for how much longer?) – accept multiculturism or else the law will be down you like a ton of bricks.


      • 173
        Marine Le Pen says:

        I’m free.


      • 211
        A Dimbleby says:

        And didn’t we all laugh? Not laughing now.


  25. 39
    Synic says:

    If she doesn’t know which day it is, then no wonder she can’t remember us (and herself) being screwed by Liebour. An ideal person to fit the BBC leftwing fantasy world.


  26. 40
    Pollys Love Child says:

    I wouldn’t mind popping my ballot paper in her slot. Oooooh errr missus……!


    • 53
      Leftwing Economists are Bankers says:

      Like a “Banana up and down Piccadilly” as they say, if it’s as big and sloppy as her socialist mouth.


  27. 41
    Anonymous says:

    BORIS said Who do i vote for


  28. 47
    I don't need no doctor says:

    A new word thanks to Steph. “Flandering” Definition : Labour luvvie without a clue.


    • 163
      Anonymous says:

      like many of the political and economic correspondents at the BBC- she’s probably Conservative. Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil…..(I could go on) ..


  29. 48
    Quisling says:

    I wonder who Aba Qatada will be voting for ;)


  30. 52
    Robert, please fuuuck ooooff. Thaaank you. says:

    Why does Robert Peston always extend his enunciation of certain words in an irritatingly mannered way? Something like “There cooould be problems fooor the coalition”. I noticed it when he reported on the committee report on Murdoch. Affected twat.


    • 62
      jgm2 says:

      It’s nice that people with disabilities can get a job and contribute to society but I can’t help feeling that, with a disability like his, if his dad wasn’t a Labour peer he’d be sewing mailbags or collecting trolleys at Tesco’s carpark.


    • 69
      Quisling says:

      Maybe because someone has their arm up his arse working him

      Gockle of Geer


    • 91
      Hugh Janus says:

      I am pleased to report that his ridiculous voice hasn’t been heard here for a very long time. Alert State Red operates at the first hint of his participation in a programme (“And now, over to Robert Peston”) and my lightning reaction (the only one I have, but finely tuned and frequently exercised in his honour) comes into play, and he is barred from my hearing even before he’s started drawling down the nearest microphone. If I never achieve anything else, this ludicrous clown of a reporter has been erased from my otherwise miserable life, and long may it remain so.


    • 100
      Well it's a thought says:

      Simple, he comes on tv, tv goes off,


    • 200
      Frightened Inmate #2 says:

      Not as bad as Moira Stewart and her gueeeeeeriiiiiillas – and no I don’t mean her girlfriends.


    • 203
      Lord Effingham says:

      Probably to give his brain a chance to catch up with his gob.


  31. 56
    Sir Trumpton Oldtwat says:

    In some circles around the Westminster village Steph is known as the Shadow Chancellor’s adviser.


    • 73
      Quisling says:

      I thought she was known after the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of United States President Richard Nixon’s administration.


  32. 61
    Gordon Brown says:

    If you change your mind
    I’m the first in line
    Honey I’m still free
    Take a chance on me


  33. 65
    MILF Fan says:

    Jo Coburn is far more MILFY than Stephanie.


    • 81
      Quisling says:

      Caroline Flint floats my boat but I don’t support Labour. Do I need help?


      • 109
        lobo says:



        • 124
          Pikey Price says:

          Buy my lucky heather and I’ll put in a good word.


        • 132
          Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

          Quisling, you should’ve gone to SpecSavers! Flint is a howling hound that fancies herself enormously. Could never be that desperate.

          As for Jo Coburn! Bring back Jenny Scott… fondly missed!


  34. 75
    Boudica says:

    Always thought she talked complete bollocks.
    Now I know why- she doesn’t even know which day it is.


    • 84
      The BBC: shite designed by politicians (just like the NHS) says:

      This is another great day for those of us who don’t pay the license fee. Because we know our wages aren’t being confiscated to pay her wages.


    • 144
      An English Patriot says:



  35. 77
    Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

    Vote early. Vote often.


  36. 78
    Henry Crun says:

    Premature election?


  37. 87
    Mohammad living in a flat on Brick Lane says:

    I’ve been voting all week, for Kent peace be upon him.


  38. 93
    JH says:

    Jesus christ, does she work from her wardrobe or something?

    Does it occur to her that were polling day yesterday, there would have been wall to wall coverage within her own organisation (with lots of tacit support for Ken of course, Kate Silverton acting-the-news with ‘concerned’ stock expression when stating that Boris is doing well).

    Thick cow. Mind you, she’s had the jizz of the two Eds up her; bound to rot the brain.


    • 107
      A woman says:

      Please don’t mention the jizz of two Eds.
      It’s making me feel queasy.


    • 189
      To Be Fair says:

      To be fair the wall to wall coverage for Ken has been going on for several weeks now so Polling day would not appear any different than any other during this time


  39. 102
    edmartin says:

    SF would appear to be far more reasonable and self-aware than most of your targets


    • 114
      jgm2 says:

      I suppose. At least she acknowledged she got the date wrong. If it was Brown he’d be insisting that all our calenders were wrong and he was the only one who was right.


      • 117
        Quisling says:

        Brown would have passed emergency legislation to amend all the calendars. May would now be the only month to start with a -1


        • 145
          Hugh Janus says:

          …after smashing up some phones and a printer or two, and manhandling his staff…

          Ah, the good old days!


      • 119
        Steve Miliband says:

        He would have voted for himself and declared it a clear mandate to carry on as PM


  40. 108
    gadflys says:

    Hmm would have thought Steph [gives Ed ]Flanders would have posted her vote for Kenny in ? maybe the BBC are working on a ‘shock Boris election fraud’ byline for the loser!


  41. 111
    The 489 registered voters of 17 Albion Road Walthamstow says:

    We is already voted for Imam Ken, may his tribe multiply. Imsh’allah.


    • 118
      Quisling says:

      Has your mate Qatada voted yet?


      • 142
        An English Patriot says:

        Alluha Ackbar………Tower Hamletistan has fallen to the glory of Islam!!!!


    • 146
      Walthamstow Election Lottery Commission says:

      Thanks very much. We’ll put yours with the 125% of the turnout we rolled over from last time.


  42. 121
    Mike Hunt says:

    What a fucking idiot.


  43. 125
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    In this modern age I find it truly amazing that any woman should not know what day of the week it is.

    I am constantly linked to my electronic devices and know exactly what is being done to me every minute of the day and night.


  44. 136
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    I love her, and love the fact that she can be so honest in her self-deprecating follow-up tweet.

    Are you guys trying to tell me that you’ve NEVER EVER got days muddled up, you’ve never put the wheelie bins out on the wrong day, you’ve never tuned in for PMQs only to realise it’s not wednesday, you’ve never woken up in a panic thinking you’re late for work and then realised it was Saturday?
    Gimme a break…it’s so easy for everyone to say “what a fucking idiot” etc
    Personally, I find her tweet to be quite amusing…outrage about polling stations being closed followed by the McFly moment that, duuhhhh, it’s not thursday.

    Of course, if it was Yvette or Harman who had done this, I’d be one of the first ones to say “what a stupid kaaaaaaa’nt”….so maybe it’s actually cos I like Stephanie….

    now I’m all confused…


  45. 137
    Television Tax Payer says:

    Stupid to get the day wrong, stupid to tell everyone how stupid she is and ignorant as to the fact that the staff in polling stations keep right on to the bitter end and don’t clear off early.


    • 190
      Jonathan says:

      So, another thicko journalist called Stephanie employed by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. Must be the name – the BBC’s Business presenter Stephanie McGovern on the Breakfast Programme is just as thick – and sounds it with her ghastly accent. Mind you, she’s in good company with the anodyne Turnbull and the mentally challenged Susanna Reid (she of the plunging necklines and rising hemlines). Thank God the idiotic Williams creature decided to stay in London for the sake of her family.All part of the general dumbing down by the BBC.


  46. 139
    Off to the jobby centre to tell the Labour scum weegies to fuck off and die says:

    She looks like a Klingon. You won’t catch Fiona Bruce frowning with all that scaffolding holding up monging pus!


  47. 141
    An English Patriot says:

    Ms Flanders who has the small ball bag, Millipede or blinky?



  48. 143
    Woy Hodgson says:

    Is it Thuwsday or Fwiday?


  49. 150
    Stephanny says:

    I can’t remember Mervyn, did we quantitatively ease together or not? If not I’m free tomorrow, or yesterday if you would prefer to come then.


  50. 151
    Rachel Grant says:

    The messiah will return and you will bow down before him


    • 159
      Slotgob says:

      She’d better not get anywhere near my Tone again, or I’ll slobber all over her reputation.


    • 175
      Maximus Clifford says:

      Tony when you need a different type of PR representative (and you know sooner or later you will) give me a call


  51. 153
    . says:

    stupid woman


  52. 155
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    Come on Borise – can’t wait for his speech!


  53. 160
    Jizz for muslims says:

    Muslims are required by their religion to collect a special tax from infidels living in their countries. They call this tax “jizzya”.


  54. 164
    Breaking... says:

    Ken has just voted for Boris


  55. 168
    grobdj says:

    She Harv a ard day


  56. 170
    Legal Crook says:

    Commentator of world economics, but does not know a wednesday from a thursday, glad I never took her comments seriously.


  57. 176
    Ah! Monika says:

    Bin Laden wins.

    The number of Mu slims in the USA has doubled since 9/11


  58. 179

    Sir Mervyn King said a lot during his BBC The Today Lecture – did he actually say sorry?


  59. 184
    Mad Dog says:

    Well, her reports are all shite. Thankfully we now have confirmation of that.


  60. 185
    dr. sipp says:

    at least japan pearl harbour only got the hour wrong


  61. 188
    Octavius Tinsworth Ace says:

    Ms Flanders figures very highly on my list of top totty, so I will not hear a word against her, even if she works for the BBC. I can’t understand why she stays at the Beeb – far too intelligent and probably has to bite her lip every time some cretin autocue reader asks her to explain what quantitative easing means.


  62. 193
    Theresa May says:

    Me and Stephanie have been trying to arrange a lunch date for some time now but for some reason we keep missing each other.


  63. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Stephanie Flanders should have voted in Tower Hamlets, Polling Stations have been open all week & they still have plenty of spare ballot papers!


  64. 197
    WVM says:

    Silly boy.


  65. 208
    jgm2 says:

    If Ned Balls or Ned Miliband had made an honest woman of her could we now call them Ned Flanders?


  66. 210
    Stefanny Flounders says:

    I turned up for work at the BBC but I found that the Tories had closed it down in 2014. Anyone else had this problem?


  67. 212
    Phwoar says:


    I would though.


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