May 1st, 2012

Dial S for Special Access 
Watson Revealed Committee Findings In Book

Given that the Culture Select Committee report into phonehacking is months overdue, Guido has popped along to their press conference to ask whether the Committee had any objections to one of their members – Tom Watson – publishing his own version of events last week for commercial gain.

Guido wonders whether any of the Select Committee raised objections to Watson publishing his weighty tome “Dial M for Murdoch” before today’s report was finalised, and what assurances the Chairman had sought that Watson would not take advantage of his privileged access to the Committee, especially as the conclusions of the report – that News International executives mislead parliament – is revealed on Page 312 of the book. Answers to follow, hopefully…


Guido seems to have hit a nerve, instead of replying, Watson went on the attack. The Chairman said most of the infomation was public, but that does not explain Watson revealing that the Committee would rule NI mislead Parliament. It makes a mockery of Parliament as Christ Bryant might say…


  1. 1
    Tony Blair says:

    Ha, found those pesky WMD yet?

    • 20
      Camilla Parker-Starney says:

      More chance of finding them than finding one of Watson’s books. It’s selling even worse than Peter Hain’s biography.

      • 83
        Anonymous says:

        I don’t hate anyone enough to buy them Peter Hain’s autobiography. I could tell you a story about his and Gerald Kaufman’s visit to a South Wales Labour party meeting, at which an aged ex-special forces member had to be restrained from using the skills he learned in WW2, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

        • 104
          smoggie says:

          Erm… who exactly restrains an ex-special forces member?

          • Dave "Bobby Charlton" Cameron says:

            Calm down, dears! Keep your hair on!

          • Dave says:

            Guido, which is smaller, your penis or my bald patch?

          • Boris for PM says:

            What a shame. Also what a shame about the divided committee on News Corp today. This will take attention away from the many unified bits of the committees recommendations which were very damaging re News Corp.

            Combining the unified recommendations of the committee with the recent BBC programme on the criminal undermining of Sky’s competitor companies smartcard operations News Corp are clearly not a fit and proper presence in the British media never mind as owners of Sky.

            Will News Corp end up buying the rest of Sky on Dave omnishambles Camerons watch? More likely than not. Given his two fingered stance to the ministerial code Cameron clearly, in my opinion, see’s things like the code and News Corp only in terms that favour himself and his partry.

            Hopefully Ofcom will do the right thing. You can see why Cameron kow towed to the Murdochs and tried to abolish this organisation with British interests at heart.

          • Louise Mensch - no longer on Class A drugs says:

            What’s wrong with sucking an 81 yr old off?

          • Jezza Hunt - gives a swerve to c'unt says:

            That’s me fucked then. Back to sucking off old men for money then!

          • Aunt Mat says:

            Nobody is coming out of this looking good.

            Louise Mensch looks like someone has paid her off – which is a shame.
            I thought she had integrity.

            Tom Watson has written a book. – Will you buy it?
            If it is any good, it will be on the internet.

            It is all looking bad for Democracy, which may be Murdoch’s intention.

        • 279
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          Just wait till I get someone to write my autobiography, it will be an all time bestseller. Boaz.

    • 22
      AC1 says:

      Now to turn to looking at the BBCs “investigations”….

      • 33
        The BBC says:

        What’s to investigate, – apart from the wickedly wicked Murdochs and the wicked wicked wicked Tories???

        AND PAY YOUR TELLY TAX – WE’VE GOT A LOT OF EXPENSES COMING UP – and that include our May Bollocks / Summer Soirees / Spring Soup Songs – oh and Celebrating Mr O’Bummer’s win later on.

        Now piss off!

        • 185
          Starve the BBC Beast says:

          Third year of not paying. Hahahaha. Up yours you bunch of traitorous, EUSSR loving, Common Purpose Bastards.

        • 262
          Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

          We don’t have the telly tax up here.

    • 130
      Fish says:

      Media analysts now saying that the Select Committee report has been hijacked for political purposes.

    • 147
      Question Time says:
      • 168
        Sir William Waad says:

        One of my stable lads went down with a nasty dose of paphitis last week. Apparently the spores can lurk in mouldy hay.

      • 230
        English Liberation Front says:

        Ah, another balanced panel. Two lunatic communists masquerading as socialists and a lunatic socialist masquerading as a Liberal Democrat. And no doubt the audience stuffed full of Labour activists, union activists, public sector activists, immigrants nd assorted other lefty tossers to clap and jeer accordingly. Poor old IDS.

    • 164
      Abdelbaset al-Megrahi says:

      Hi Tony! Are you up for a game of squash?

    • 169
      The offspring of Sarah Macauley. says:

      I found my pretend dad licking aircraft dials on the beach today.

  2. 2
    nudge nudge says:

    Tom Watson. Hero.

  3. 3
    Lord Leveson says:


  4. 5
    Grammar School Boy says:

    Tom Watson’s pomposity is staggering!

    • 7
      On the bright side.. says:

      Yes, but he’s morbidly obese and doesn’t exercise, so he’ll be dead soon.

      • 14
        jgm2 says:

        With a little bit of luck George Galloway will win that by-election too.

      • 25
        Gonk says:

        He’s big boned, especially his head and arse. And he’s got glands.
        And he yo-yo diets. And he comfort eats. Could be psychological.

        • 62
          smoggie says:

          He might have that condition what Prescott had.

          Greedy Fucking Bastard Syndrome as it’s known to the medical profession.

          • Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

            There’s lot of that around, isn’t there?

          • smoggie says:

            In Westminster it would appe­ar to be contagious. More rife than chlamydia.

          • Anonymong says:

            SW1AA is a veritable hotspot of bingo wings and stretch marks.

            Any slappers got tatts on their tits? Mad Nads maybe?

      • 41
        How to ensure an even BRIGHTER side says:

        Start a fund to force feed him – y’know like a goose – I’m sure the resulting ‘foi gras’ would be popular at LieBore functions.

        • 51
          jgm2 says:

          I believe he already has a fund to force feed himself. It’s called ‘Parliamentary expenses’.

        • 177
          Anonymong says:

          I’ll happily serve them a plate of Foie Kough.

    • 21
      Mike Hunt says:

      No it isn’t – he is a liebour ‘person’ and thus almost a pre-requisite.

  5. 6
    Penfold says:

    Will he be bollocked and suffer the slings and arrows of retribution, my arse.

    Watson has gone too far and it’s time he was held accountable.

    For far too long in this saga of N.I./BSB/Murdoch’s and phone hacking TheTWAT seems to have been remarkable well briefed and knowledgable.

    • 18
      jgm2 says:

      TheTWAT seems to have been remarkable well briefed and knowledgable

      He’s not newly aware of NI’s behaviour. It6′s not some super-sleuthing investigation since 201 that has informed the fat Gok Wan wanabbe. He was no doubt equally as well briefed and knowledgeable back in 2003 but since NI was supporting Labour’s economic destruction back then it simply wasn’t a problem.

  6. 8
    Well it's a thought says:

    I really give up, fckin politician’s complaining about criminal behaviour by others, shame they never looked at the criminal damage these have done and got away with, don’t normally buy a newspaper but I think it’s time to start buying a Murdoch one, tossers.

    • 27
      LibLabCon=scum says:

      What do you expect? Our bastard MPs sit around in HoC bars, quaffing booze that WE are forced to subsidise, whilst they dream up plans to ban US from enjoying cheap booze.

      Each and every MP is a worthless thieving w*nker.

      • 261
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        I hope you aren’t including me in that or I will sue. Jahbulon.

      • 278
        Lord of the Manor says:

        Steady on, old boy. They are not worthless, most of them are extremely wealthy. Anyone got an old police nag I can ride?

  7. 9
    Dr David Kelly's Ghost says:

    It wasn’t me.

  8. 10
    Loungelizard says:

    Is there any way Bercow can be fined or have the ‘Walk Tall’ insoles publicly removed from his shoes for wasting Parliamentary time and taxpayers money yesterday?

  9. 11
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    The press will eventually run the stories of Tommo’s day trips to Brighton. This is all displacement activity.

  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Tom Watson “Dial H for Hypocricy”

  11. 16
    Epic Fail says:

    Watson has just over egged the pudding and become the story himself. Epic Fail!

  12. 23
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    My dear fellows there is a very simple solution to this problem.

    All Mr Watson has to do is donate any profits he should perchance receive to charity.

    • 30
      jgm2 says:

      It’s a vanity publication. There will be no profits. Like Brown – it is charities who will end up paying him.

  13. 31
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Watson has , yet again, tried to take over the committee’s report. Watson should accuse Murdoch outright , and outside of parliamentry privelege. Then, and only then, will the truth come out about Watson’s true intention of getting revenge for his master Gordon Brown.
    Watson, has with his labour colleagues, is afraid of having to give evidence in front of a judge, under oath. Hence why labour do not want to wait for Hunt to appear before Leveson.
    Remember all the hacking took place while labour, including Watson, were sucking up to Murdoch. Labour hypocrites.

    • 32
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Why does the moderator hate my truthful comments?

      • 43
        It's a machine darling says:

        Did you make an abusive (mechanical) comment?

        • 45
          I don't need no doctor says:

          No not at all. There must be a p e a in there somewhere. To be honest when a I type a comment I cannot be bothered to check. I find this part of the moderation childish and unwarranted.

      • 105
        smoggie says:

        So what gets through the moderator is untruthful?

    • 66
      Penfold says:

      “”Remember all the hacking took place while labour, including Watson, were sucking up to Murdoch. Labour hypocrites.””

      Ahh so true.
      One can never accuse the left of hubris………..
      Arrant hypocrisy? ohhh yeeeees.

      Gordo’s threat, alleged, to Rupert Murdoch, when the Sun switched support, to destroy N.I. and the Murdoch’s has not been fully investigated.
      We won’t get the truth from Gordo, as he still rejects the facts regarding the release of his son’s medical problems, but we should at least be able to prove that “McMental” is not just a nickname!!

  14. 35
    Anonymous says:

    So are we now going to have another investigation into how Murdoch was allowed to get away with all this while Labour were in power?

    • 98
      Richard Evans says:

      Looking at who was Home Secretary at the time the answer is clear : He didn’t understand.

  15. 37
    Steve Miliband says:

    So Labour have hijacked ‘was parliament misled’ to vote for or against Murdoch.

  16. 38
    Fish says:

    Just how many BBC reporters are at this press conference?

    • 46
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Crikey do we need more. I’ll call the BBC news desk now.

  17. 39
    Steve Miliband says:

    Is this a fit and proper Committee?

    • 44
      jgm2 says:

      If it’s composed of MPs then it’s not fit for shovelling shit.

      • 53
        Loungelizard says:

        I doubt Murdoch’s that bothered. All he’ll do is redouble his efforts to cause mischief through the oafish Salmond.

        • 56
          jgm2 says:

          Salmond did okay without NI’s support. Here’s hoping he’s successful whenever he holds his referendum.

          Referendum question printed below in full:

          ‘On this year, the 700th anniversary of Mel Gibson’s victory over the bastard English’ do you wish to remain forever servant to those bastard English?’

          Tick [Yes] or [No]

          [No] [ ]

          [No] [ ]

          • Peppers Ghost says:

            Up the voter turnout by offering a deep fried battered snickers at the polling stations to everyone who turns up

          • jgm2 says:

            Not at all. Simply lower the voting age to 16 and promise free XBoxes to all voters.

          • Loungelizard says:

            Looks like a very reasonable question to me. Salmond who wants micro manage every aspect of Scottish life is dumb enough to think he can control Murdoch and therefore manipulate press output.

          • Peppers Ghost says:

            Do you not think the free Xbox may lure Tom Watson north of the border?

          • jgm2 says:

            Salmond only needs one vote, one time and he can do without Murdoch after that. Do a ‘Mugabe’ on him then. Declare that the office of First Minister President for Life is so special that it is above criticism.

          • AC1 says:

            Special “inter”net for Scotchland only?

  18. 42
    Show Biz for ugly people says:

    And the Murdoch lickspittle fightback begins in earnest

    Good luck

  19. 47
    Anonymous says:

    It’s still spelt “misled” no matter how many times you insist otherwise.

    • 52
      smoggie says:

      Depends on whether it is the present or past tense.

    • 54
      jgm2 says:

      Unless it’s ‘mislead’ in which case it’s mislead.


      ‘Did Tony Blair mislead the nation over WMD?’

      ‘Yes, Tony Blair misled the nation over WMD.’

      • 280
        Anonymous says:

        Strangely enough I was thinking of the example in the post: “that does not explain Watson revealing that the Committee would rule NI mislead Parliament”.

  20. 49
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Is the BBC a fit and proper news reporting organisation?

    • 64
      Loungelizard says:

      No but it is a useful propaganda and election tool for the left.

    • 67
      Peppers Ghost says:

      Compared to PressTV no

    • 116
      Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

      If it is like the CBC in Canada, then it is blatantly partisan and solidly to the left.

      We have Tories in power just now, they cut back CBC’s funding by 10%. It’s war.

  21. 55
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish Tom all the best with his book sales

  22. 56
    bergen says:

    I see Murdoch is labelled “not a fit person” to run an international corporation.

    It reminds me of the verdict on the late and unlamented “Cap’n Bob” Maxwell who was labelled not a fit person to be a director of a UK listed company after the Pergamon Press affair.

    What is it with media moguls?

    • 60
      Gordon Brown says:

      Its all in the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

      Remember we are at war

      • 94
        bergen says:

        Even by Bonkers Brown’s standards, declaring “war” was stupid and showed how much he put himself first at all times. Any other leader would have kept his reaction in bounds so that any successor as Labour leader could make peaceful overtures for support in the future.But no- toys thrown out of the pram.

  23. 58
    Tom Watson says:

    I’m so upset James Murdoch’s been cleared, I’m going to comfort eat for ten hours straight.

  24. 59
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Tom Watson says ” Hurry up my ten pies are getting cold”.

  25. 61
    I don't need no doctor says:

    If the Murdoch press had supported labour at the last election, would Tom Watson now be calling Murdoch an unfit person?

    • 65
      smoggie says:

      No, we’d be calling Watson an unfit Minister of the Crown.

    • 69
      jgm2 says:

      No. Of course not.

      Murdoch has done nothing since 2009/2010 that he wasn’t doing from 1997 onwards. Everybody knows this but for some reason we’re having it presented as if Murdoch was only ‘sleazy’ when the Tories were in power. We’re fortunate to have a neutral national broadcaster that removes such a partisan element from the Labour reportage of these proceedings.

  26. 63
    smoggie says:

    So is Watson in contempt of Parl?

    • 74
      jgm2 says:

      If he is then it’s the first thing he’s got right. Being in contempt of parliament is the only rational reaction to such a contemptible shower of c*unts.

  27. 68
    Gordon Brown says:

    I declare war on hygiene.

    • 219
      Nurse says:

      Gordon!!! – I don’t mind you putting your thumb in your bum – but don’t suck it after!!!!

  28. 71
    Legal Crook says:

    Watson said that the 2009 committee bowed to pressure for not interviewing Rebecca Brookes. No one has asked what pressure and by whom.

    • 80
      jgm2 says:

      Can’t be from the Tories. They were in opposition and had absolutely no clout with the Maximum Imbecile.

  29. 72
    John P reid says:

    Desperate for A job at the Sun. Paul?

  30. 73
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    O/T but interesting nonetheless..

    A letter has just dropped onto my doormat ( I live in London). It is in a plain envelope and at first glance appears to be handwritten. Closer examination shows that it is pre-printed. It purports to be from a lifelong Tory voter and activist who claims to feel so let down by the government in general and Boris in particular that he can’t bring himself to vote Tory in order to send a message to the Tory government ( this is factually inaccurate as we have a Coalition government).

    Only on examining the small print at the lower right corner of the page does one discover that this is in fact something printed by and on behalf of the Labour Party. Nowhere in the text of the letter is the Labour Party ( or indeed Ken Livingstone) mentioned.

    Although I am massively disappointed in iDave I can see that this letter is misleading and, in my view, very underhand indeed. Well I quite like Boris and Labour can fuck right off.

  31. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Weak. Now answer Tom Watson’s question, Guido. He’s even better than you at ‘tittle-tattle’.

  32. 84
    Hello Ducky says:

    Watson is a useless tub of lard

    • 96
      smoggie says:

      Sorry but with a tub of lard you can make fabulous chips, fried bread or roast potatoes. Don’t tell me “useless”.

  33. 86
    Diane Abbot says:

    I’d like a Divide and Rule Burger with fries and a Caribbean mums will go to the wall for their kids milkshake. Hurry up, honky!

  34. 87
    annette curton says:

    How does one go about getting a job on one of these select committees? (thinks!, gravy train for life).

    • 107
      Loungelizard says:

      If you can find Chillcott you might stand a chance, most of the committee have died of old age.

  35. 88
    Referee says:

    Were you that chubby chap with lots of hair, Guido, asking Tom Watson a question- surely not?

  36. 89
    smoggie says:

    So we don’t need the Committee’s report now. We can find what we need to know in Watson’s eagerly awaited book, to be serialised in the Grauniad I shouldn’t wonder.

  37. 90
    Mr Mensch says:

    I wish my wife would Stfu. It’s Ok for you lot, I’ve got to listen to her shit every day…

    • 145
      Selohesra says:

      She must have bowel problems unless you live in a very small house

  38. 92
    Gordon Brown says:

    no more chaffed gusset now I have found bacon

  39. 93
    Richard Evans says:

    Did the Committee look into why the busy postman kicked any investigation into phone hacking the long grass yet? His excuse that Murdoch Jnr told him it was a one-off seems a tad far-fetched, and very convenient with an election coming up

  40. 95
    illogical says:

    Chilcott still out, Motorman in but restricted and now this.
    Can parliament sink any lower?

    • 108
      annette curton says:

      Quite possibly.

    • 109
      will says:

      do you want to bet, given the quality of mps we currently have only a bout a tenth are worth voting for.

      The others would turn up to the opening of a crisp packet if it gave them a few votes.

  41. 100
    Peppers Ghost says:

    FFS “The Chairman said most of the infomation was public”

    Maybe its me but the term ‘most’ generally indicates when in a sentence such as this that therefore SOME of the information was NOT public.

    Oh how the fuckers make my blood boil……

    Let off Watson – “The Chairman said most of the infomation was public”
    alternative reality – “The Chairman said some of the infomation was not public”

    I mean do the above 2 statements agree with each other or contradict?

  42. 101
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    I tweeted Tom Watson, Louise Mensch and Daniel Byles this am asking if leaking a report was a breach of the ministerial code and Ms Mensch answered back that ‘it’s a contempt of Parliament – more serious’. I wasn’t asking about anyone in particular just wanted to know.

  43. 102
    Ken Loach says:

    I hate Hollywood films! I hate escapist cinema! Films should not be entertaining! Don’t watch American films. Everyone should only watch black and white Russian films about the plight of workers!

  44. 110
    nightwatch says:

    How on earth is anyone now charged going to get a fair trial?

    The orchestrated anti-Murdoch coverage arising from Leveson, the CMSC report and partisan ventures from Watson and others, would suggest with great difficulty.

    • 119
      The Illuminati says:

      Precisely our point

    • 124
      The price of political showboating to the public.. says:

      John Whittingdale says that he does not know whether or not Parliament will even agree that his Committe has been misled if the motion he places before Parliament divides in a vote and if it does what exactly penalties Parliament has other than calling the three “named individuals” to sit on the “naughty step” at the bar of the not a lot will happen it seems then after all the time and public money expended other than Parliament beeing shown to be completely toothless.There needs to be legislation enacted to make contempt of Parliament have the same penalties as contempt of court

      I’m afraid I also tend to agree about the comments re trial

      • 167
        jgm2 says:

        How about they first make ‘Contempt for voters’ have the same penalties as contempt of court.

        While parliament treats the nation with contempt it can hardly complain when it, in it’s turn, is treated with contempt.

        • 200
          Jonathan says:

          Couldn’t agree more. The cant, humbug, hypocrisy, and sanctimonious indignation from the House of Corruption’s Committee members and other MPs (including that bitch Harman) over how Parliament has, horror of horrors, apparently, been the subject of contempt by the Murdochs and those who worked for them at News International and who appeared before the Committee, is breathtaking. As has been observed above, what about the criminal activities of past and serving MPs and the continuing contempt shown by MPs for the electorate of this country?

    • 125
      LibLabCon says:

      Fair trial? Why should we be bothered with things like that?

      We’ll throw you across the Atlantic at the click of a foreign leader’s fingers, to be left alone in solitary confinement as your life savings are reduced to nothing. We’ll pack you off to an East Europ*ean prison without recourse to a British judge, to be imprisoned for something that isn’t a crime here in the UK.

      We’ll hand control of your country to unelected foreigners who have never been to Britain. And we’ll give them your money. And we’ll import millions of people who hate you, and force you to fund their lives from cradle to grave. And we’ll denounce you as a racist if you complain.

      Fair trial? To us, you’re insignificant.

      • 238
        No need to bother about innocent until proven guilty in this case(he said ironically) says:

        No need for a trial… imprisonment at the very least as the BBC and Labour have already tried and convicted everyone(and some that aren’t)concerned… and as for Jeremy Hunt/BSkyB bid.I am impressed at Harman’s ability to process 160 E Mails within 23 minutes of them being released to the public by Leveson and saying that without doubt that Jeremy Hunt is guilty and that she does not need to see the evidence in full….so glad that as a qualified solicitor she is glad to state a view without bothering to actually get all sides to the argument…saves so much time and trouble….”In summary m’lud he is a TORY and I rest the case for the prosecution(er no need to hear the Defence !)”!…”

        Labour Justice at its best and most biased !!!

  45. 111

    Nice of that shambling tub of lard, Tom “Wan.ker” Watson to speak directly to you Guido! As far as the hard drives are concerned, please pass on my comment verbatim – it’s got f.uck all to do with you, you troughing c.unt, stop trying to change the subject.

    Sue away – I could do with the f.ucking damages I’d claim against you. You ARE believed by most people to be a fat c.unt – fact, therefore, is not defamation, by definition!

  46. 114
    Ah! Monika says:

    Tom Watson is not fit.

    • 128
      Taxfodder says:

      Watson writing a book…it must be about cookery

      first take a cooking crock then fill it with codswallop and hipocracy gently simmer with a pinch of salt, serve with bullshit and tripe, eat in one sitting and claim on expenses, fart loudly and declare yourself a fit MP.

  47. 118
    Show Biz for ugly people says:

    Go Mr H.Cole!

    I think there may be one last little bit of spittle on Mr Murdoch’s jowls that you may have missed

    Lick away!

  48. 120
    Show Biz for ugly people says:

    Go Harry……..

    I think there may be one last little bit of spitt.le on Mr Mur.doch’s jowls that you may have missed


  49. 121
    A. Grammatician says:

    “Misled”, Guido, ffs.

  50. 122
    Showbizforuglypeople says:

    Go Harry……..

    I think there may be one last little bit of spitt.le on Mr Mur.doch’s jowls that you may have missed


    • 159
      Anonymous says:

      Yawn-again and again.

    • 256
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      It’s true Shobiz, you are here again. What a pity. Gordon could make use of your tongue again in the nethers . Hurry.

  51. 123
    Anonymous says:

    What was Tom Watson talking about when he said Paul Staines destroyed his hard drives?

    • 189

      What has that got to do with the price of fish? Watson is a f.ucking MP, mumping money from his privileged position to write a book – Guido has, and continues to embarrass the fat c.unt and question his sources. Plus, he allows us to rip the out of him, on here, to our hearts content – and very cathartic it is as well.

      Impotent though we may be, as individuals to do much – quiet we are f.ucking not!

      (p.s. The only way to completely protect your sources is to have no “paper” trail – a la Fred the shred. With a hard drive you need a)A powerful electro magnet b) A lathe c) A heavy plumbers screwdriver d)A mate with a deep sea fishing boat!)

    • 194
      Anonymous says:

      Probably Guido was clenching too tightly for Tom’s thrusts.

    • 232
      AC1 says:

      His paranoia.

  52. 127

    And still the tories support the Murkdoch’s by not voting against them being fit to own media companies
    What a total fudge and cover up to protect Cameron
    how did NI ever get it’s accounts signed off with millions being paid out and nobody asking any questions where it was going ?

    • 131
      Ken says:

      Anyone got their accountants number?

    • 134
      Expert QC says:

      Evdience? Dear Boy.

    • 149
      annette curton says:

      Interesting concept Penis, we should all have a vote on who is fit or not fit to own a media company and as I understand it and in the interests of balance NI has not had any problems with its accounts, unlike say, err, The Guardian for instance, (I demand another public enquiry/select committee with Toynbee on the witness stand).

    • 154
      Legal Crook says:

      Strange, but the committee’s job was not to see if Rupert is a ‘fit person’, but just to see if they were lied too.

      • 163
        jgm2 says:

        Rookie error again by Cameron. Imagine loading a committee with Labour MPs and assuming they wouldn’t make a partisan decision.

        What a wally.

        • 179
          Legal Crook says:

          You mean Adrian Sanders (LibDEm) is Labour, yeh suppose your right. However Cameron does not choose the committee.

    • 162
      Sir William Waad says:

      The accounts must accurately describe what happened, not whether it should have happened.

  53. 132
    Experts says:

    Want to lose weight? Get more sleep: Resting for longer suppresses the obesity gene.

    Fu cking obvious……… tend not to eat very much whilst asleep

  54. 136
    Sir William Waad says:

    The findings of an inquisitorial tribunal with (i) no proper rules of evidence (ii) no judicial expertise (iii) the ability to make up its own rules as it goes along and (iv) no separation of powers, composed of people who are personally interested in the outcome of the enquiry, are of no value.

  55. 142
    Tom Bastard says:

    I’m a Labour politician and I can say and do whatever I like. Piss off the lot of yer!

  56. 143
  57. 144
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    What a joy watching one term Tory MP Mongo ( Murdoch ) Mensch fumbling around trying to defend The Scum Bags

  58. 146
    Fancy a job at the Beeb as a storyliner for Eastenders? says:

    • 172
      annette curton says:

      “Tackling many controversial and taboo issues previously unseen on television in the UK. Through great writing and attention to detail the s…”, What issues has Eastenders put before us that have not previously been seen on British television?, Dot with a fag hanging out of the side of her gob in the laundrette, I think that sort of stuff was documented a long time ago in Under Milk Wood, illiterate pompous gets, anyway Coronation Street got the awards this time, at least it’s got some HUMOUR in it, anybody would sooner throw themselves in the canal than live in Albert Square.

      • 229
        AC1 says:

        Bring it up to speed with the modern east end.

        Have a p43do gang of pr0ph3t followers trafficking in underage girls hooked on drugs…

  59. 150
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    “””Tom Watson – publishing his own version of events last week for commercial gain”””

    errrrrrr Guido, didnt you also publish a book, along with Gay Boy – subject Labour and Sleaze, your version of events during Blairs term, also for commercial gain.

    errrr sorry does 10 sales consitute “”comercial gain””

    • 158
      jgm2 says:

      Oh dear. Did somebody forget to log out at Labour HQ? Is the Ba*ng*lad*es*hi cleaner being encouraged to have a go during lunch hour?

      • 170
        SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

        Keep on apologisng. Its gettting closer and closer to Call Me Dave. Could be only a matter of days….Oh dear

        OFCOM…isnt that the quango that Dave tried to scrap…Oh dear

        • 174
          jgm2 says:

          OFCOM…isnt that the quango that Dave tried to scrap

          There’s still time. After all, savings have to be made after the Maximum Imbeciles destruction of the UK economy.

          • SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

            LOL….not a hope of that happening now

          • jgm2 says:

            Wanna bet? Look what happened to the BBC when they tried to expose Blair’s lies over Iraq and WMD.

            All these quangos, BBC etc etc are only there as long as they’re useful. If they overplay their hand (as the BBC did over Iraq) then they’re at risk of a fucking good kicking.

            Or perhaps that’s only the way Labour play.

          • Sorry to point out the pachyderm dans la Chambre SAS, but:

            a) C.unty Watson is an MP, mumping at our expense, using privileged information gained from his position as an MP to write a book for personal gain and “look at me” fat kid attention seeking.

            b) Guido is a journo – he IS actually meant to write things for a living.

            Jesus Christ on a f.ucking bike – it’s no wonder you Labour supporting apologists lost – have you tried labelling your and your elbow? If you had got Gordon The Moron to label the Gold we might still f.ucking have some!

    • 165
      mentally challenged? says:

      You seem to make a habit of grabbing the wrong end of any stick on offer.
      Please rewrite you name as SPAS-YES to illiminate any possibility that you are following the conversations on offer.

  60. 153
    nellnewman says:

    Publishing companies are complaining that profits are plummeting . Not surprising when they keep publishing the work of completely unmarketable authors like twatson and gordonbrown.

    • 214
      Big Al says:

      things were better when I ran the ***king ***try!

      Read MY ***king book yet?

  61. 156
    Sir William Waad says:

    The finding that Rupert Murdoch is ‘not a fit person to run a major international company [sic]‘ made me chuckle. Observational evidence shows that the contrary is true. Murdoch has run a multinational group with great success. Thus did the tiny people of Lilliput accuse Gulliver of being a hundred feet tall without permission. Look – I don’t like Rupert Murdoch, but for pompous little Parliamentary squirts to rule on whether he is fit to run anything is hubristic.

    • 160
      jgm2 says:

      Indeed. Partisan Labour dominated committee ‘finds’ that the media boss their previous leader declared war on is ‘unfit’.

      No doubt it was all Fatcha’s fault too.

      • 178
        Loungelizard says:

        Had NI been a major employer in West Brom East then things would have been very different. I suspect Watson would have remained very silent.

    • 206
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Exactly my thoughts, Sir William. Being branded “unfit” by our lazy, cossetted, unworldly, expenses-fiddling MPs should be seen as a compliment.

    • 220
      Well it's a thought says:

      The only thing that counts to Murdoch is the NI share price, Watson won’t always be an MP, maybe if will just come down to who lasts out the longest an international business man or an overweight nonentity who’s expense account is the public purse, who by the looks of it comes down to his only aim in life is to look after no1

    • 223
      Well it's a thought says:


    • 249
      Anonymous says:

      Exactly. ‘Fit and Proper’ terminology points straiht to OFCOM’s review of News Corp’s shareholding in BSkyB and is targetted as such. This is hubris indeed and is ‘mission creep’ by the committee.

  62. 157
    Olivia says:

    This is the most important finding

    Old Citizen Murdoch “unfit to lead a global company”

    Withdraw their BskyB license and flog it to someone who is honest I say

    Shades of Robert Maxwell also…’unfit to be a company director”

    • 187
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Is he also unfit to have Tony as a godfather?

    • 197
      UKIPMAN says:

      If Murdoch ‘showed willful blindness’ to what was happening at NI then surely Gordon Brown showed willful blindness to what was happening in our banks?

      • 215
        AC1 says:

        The election found that Grodo Brown was not fit top be prime-minister.

        The share price is up and the Newspapers are still the most popular. So Old M seems to have been found fit to run a newspaper.

      • 222
        AC1 says:

        Thé éléctíon found that Grodo Brown was not fít top bé prímé-mínístér.

        Thé sharé prícé ís up and thé Néwspapérs aré stíll thé most popular. So Old M sééms to havé béén found fít to run a néwspapér.

        • 272
          Just saying again says:

          You also used that naughty word used to describe the cost of goods.

  63. 173
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Watched the game last night, down my local on a LEGAL ( Thanks EU ) satellite feed that wasn’t BScumB…oh joy

  64. 181
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Shall we list the Tom Watson successes.

    Ended the NoW
    Exposed 6000 Hacking victims
    New Corp paying tens of millions out in compo
    Demise of Dave’s mates Coulson, Brookes and other assorted scum
    Rupert and his “Me love you long time” bride humiliated in committee rooms.
    Murdoch empire on the slide

    ….Keep on apologing

    • 190
      jgm2 says:

      Rupert and his “Me love you long time” bride

      Tut tut. Nasty racist.

      • 225
        the mirror group says:

        Also it seems that NI was the only news corporation hacking into peoples phones etc. tut tut

        • 228
          That Morgan Fellow now at CNN says:

          I knew that all along

          • Sorry SAS – NOT – wrong AGAIN – do you do this on purpose. Your fat c.unt pin up model of a Blimp picked up the ball from a man called Steven Nott, who blew the whistle to the police in 1999, and then wrote a letter to that other lard ars.e Prescott – it was at this point the police took his information “seriously”. (i.e. found out that they were implicated along with Newscorp and tried to bury the whole thing)

            SO, to recap, slowly:

            Watson spotted bandwagon.
            Jumped aboard and went all the way on the ride.

            And the word is apologising – not that you Liebourites know what that means, as you are hypocritical scum who make the News of The World look like Mother Theresa.

            New Balls please! This one speaks bollox!

    • 191
      Peppers Ghost says:

      Please post what he did for his constituency in between all these wonderful things, arranging Sion Simons mayorship, and writing a book

      • 198
        jgm2 says:

        It is astonishing that he has managed to do all these things without the resources of government. Only a cynic would suggest that all this phone-hacking business was common knowledge during the Imbecile years but was overlooked while Murdoch was printing Alistair Campbell’s press releases as gospel truth.

    • 216
      NOTW 2 says:

      Never heard of the Sun on Sunday you fucking mug?

      • 266
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        When did that come out? Never heard of it up here.

    • 252
      Spangles says:

      You are Twatson’s ars* licker and I claim my five quid.

      • 254
        Spangles says:

        ** my comment was aimed at the l*nat*c posing as “SAS not”. What a sn*t rag you are. How much are Leiber paying you? Nothing I expect, as they not only bankr*pted the country, they bankr*pted their party too.

    • 259
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      SPAS NUT trud durt urtd or something similar

  65. 184
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Meanwhile on Amazon, someone is having a laugh at Watson’s expense.

    “Customers buy this book with Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell by Tom Bower Hardcover £9.50.”

    • 217
      Tom Don Corleoni Watson says:

      If anyone wants to buy a copy let me know and we will print another.

  66. 188
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    Tom Fatson & Ken Lyingscum – my heroes !

    • 196
      Jimmy says:

      I detest Ken, but I quite like cuddly Tom.

      • 199
        jgm2 says:

        Tom Watson is/was one of Gordon Brown’s thugs. Another Eric Joyce in waiting.

        • 205
          Om Twatson says:

          As I made plain in my book, I’m a fat freaky fucktard – and I don’t care who knows it

        • 208
          up yours lardarse says:

          Tom Watson sat right next to McBride in the Brown bunker, you can’t tell me he knew fuck all about the email debacle, and maybe even colluded in it.

      • 221
        Peppers Ghost says:

        Are you Sir Sugar?

  67. 195
    UKIPMAN says:

    If Murdoch ‘showed willful blindness’ to what was happening at NI then surely Gordon Brown showed willful blindness to what was happening in our banks?

    • 209
      Gordon Brown says:

      I always kept one eye on the banks

    • 210
      Gordon Brown says:

      Me guv? – I never saw nuffin! Honest guv, – and me a son of the Manse an all!

      Ask me Dad!

  68. 201
    Chris Bryant says:

    After my husband has given me a rough ride, I’m gonna be leaking all over the place.

    • 226
      Rizla says:

      You should marry Theresa May.

      Then as Bryant & May you would be a ‘match’ made in hell

    • 267
      Brian Paddick's husband says:

      I’ll have plenty of time for that after Thursday.

  69. 202
    Evad(e) Cameron says:

    I think we got away with that!

  70. 203
    Jimmy says:

    I understand Tom asked you a question in return about your own hacking related activities. Apparently you clammed up.

    Care to answer it now?

  71. 204
    Frank says:

    To be frank, other than the usual suspects no one outside of the Westminster bubble gives a fook what this committee thinks or Twatson’s book.

    • 213
      earth calling mongo says:

      And all it’s good for on here is a right old larf, if that.

  72. 227
    constantreader says:

    Page 312 says Ofcom is investigating Murdoch on fitness. Can you quote the paragraph where he says the committee will find he isn’t?

  73. 231
    A joke? says:
    • 233
      Red Top Hack says:

      Hold the front page…

      “Labour admit that their manifesto is a dog mess”

    • 235
      jgm2 says:

      Surely Labour’s ‘dog mess’ manifesto is still a blank sheet of A4.

      • 240
        How the once mighty have fallen. From foreign Secretary to tackling Hastings Dog Shit says:
        • 242
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Vote Liberal or we’ll shoot your dog.

        • 244
          Tough on shit, Tough on the cause of shit. says:

          2.Clean up Ore

          I will work with the Council and the local community to clean up Ore taking tough action on irresponsible dog owners and litter louts.

        • 246
          jgm2 says:

          How can anybody take Labour (and particularly D Miliband) seriously about cleaning up shit when they sat there for two whole years after the Maximum Imbecile’s ‘miracle economy turned to ashes and failed to remove him from power. Worse – they sat and watched him squander another 300bn quid plus 200bn quid of QE printing money as he tried to hide his culpability.

          Labour are only fit for clearing up shit. The problem is that they’re incompetent at that too.

          • genghiz the kahn says:

            Shock in Ore as Miliband D is exiled to pick up dog shit in Sussex.

    • 243
      Anonymous says:

      By free bags, does he mean Harman and the Eagle sisters?

      • 263
        Margaret Moran says:

        Free bags? Ill have some for my make up when im travelling to my Villa in Granada. It will save me a fortune having to buy them at the airport

        • 276
          Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Are there Somali asylum seekers in Ore?

  74. 237
    Gonk says:

    Select committees are now obvious vehicles for strategic political giants such as Watson and Vaz to advance their sad little careers. Even they might be embarrassed to note comment from a deep thinker like Harman and wish she’d stop supporting them and shut her trap.

  75. 245
    Rhonddablue says:

    How is it that someone as violently antipathetic to a corporation as Watson is to NI is allowed to sit in judgement on that corporation in a parliamentary committee? I might be as thick and naive as a Labour voter from the top of the Rhondda, but didn’t this country use to at least make a show of giving people a shot at unbiased hearing? There seems absolutely no way that Watson would use the proceedings for anything other than rancid party political purpose. I’m not too interested in Leveson, but these conclusions are difficult to take seriously.

    • 248
      BBC/Graniad School of Interns says:

      You my friend need to visit our rehabilitation centre. There you will learn ….

      1. its NOT OK for a tory to be pro NI
      2. it IS OK for a Labour to be anti NI

      As well as other useful things such as …

      1. How to play the Sitar
      2. How to smoke Cheroots
      3. How to appreciate Billy Bragg

  76. 250
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Fucking hell. First Twatson, now Roy Hodgson. What have we done to West Brom to deserve these pair?

    • 273
      Just saying says:

      You misunderstand dear. Roy will be LEAVING with a huge sigh of relief and heading to much greener pastures.

    • 274
      Just saying says:

      Clearly you misunderstand dear. Roy will be LEAVING with a huge sigh of relief and heading to greener pastures.

      • 275
        Just saying says:

        Oh dear. Blogger tells me I am posting too quickly (one post every 20 minutes or so – must learn to type a bit slower) and then permits double entries. Usless bloody software.

  77. 258

    Quite clear that Watson’s weight problem is now clearly affecting his mental health.

    You’ve lost it you old bully boy.

    Go on a diet!

    • 264
      b3455t of cardif says:

      Morbidly obese with anger issues
      With any luck a heart attack is looming for him

    • 270
      The voice of reason says:

      Watson was clearly bullied at school – and is it any wonder? I mean, just look at him.

      That’s why he’s so chippy.

  78. 281
    The General Public says:

    We don’t care anymore, it is all a shambles. Red Cons ffs

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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