April 30th, 2012

Ben Bradshaw’s Campaign Coordinator Defects From Labour
Yet More Young Conservative UKIP Jumpers

Tristan Pithers, who was the organiser of Ben Bradshaw’s re-election campaign “We’re Backing Ben 2010″, has defected to the Lib Dems stating:

“The class-warfare that the Labour Party is launching on the Government is shameful. It is not the kind of politics a serious Opposition should be engaging in. Mr Miliband should understand better than many that it is not your background that defines you but your ideas. If he believes that governments should not be run by privileged, sheltered millionaires then he and his Shadow Cabinet should hand in their resignations tomorrow morning.”

Yet another Blarite jumps the two Ed’s ship. 

It’s not just Labour who are playing musical chairs. No less than 40% of Leeds Conservative Future committee walked out of the Conservative Party this weekend and joined Farage’s growing bandwagon. This latest exodus from the Young Conservatives led to their thirsty chairman Ben Howlett having a near Twitter meltdown last night. He tried to claim that none of the defectors had even been members, despite some of them standing for local council seats. His big mistake was claiming he looked them up on a central membership database…

Personal data relating to an individual’s political opinions constitutes “sensitive personal data”, making it all the more sacrosanct. Where data is not being processed in a manner that complies with the Data Protection Act, the victim is entitled to compensation for damage and distress suffered. Guido is guessing that Howlett was not aware that Section 55 of the Data Protection Act states that a person must not obtain or disclose information contained in the personal data without consent. Guido’s learned friends reckon to tweet said information looks a lot like a criminal offence…


  1. 1
    Not Ken Again says:

    It would be nice to have right wing government for a change.

    (Take the hint Dave)


    • 29
      The Old Todger says:

      Well if all the Con right wing decide to move to the UKIPpers that would leave a centrist Tory party and Nigel Farage with a beleaguerant right wing, their only slogan appears to be, “Out of EC, out of anything do with Euro” they will need a lot more than that to get into powe, incidently, how many MPs do they have in the HoP?


      • 31
        The Old Todger says:

        Ooooo! not saying the right thing again


      • 58
        Hang The Bastards says:

        What a daft old todger you are.

        Look into UKIP’s policies and you will see many well thought out ideas that just happen to be consistent with the majority of the British Public.

        Once they are over the media attention hurdle there will be no stopping this bandwagon, and Milliband and Camoron wont be able to jump on it as it will be going too fast !

        IM VOTING UKIP (ex Tory)


        • 78
          Slartibartfast says:

          Well ok, but I think that you will need to get Nigel Farage sitting on the back of that bandwagon as quickly as possible instead of him driving the thing.

          He is one of the best on-the-floor speakers in politics today but he is also a very poor party manager and strategist.

          Good luck to UKIP if they can take the fight to LabConDemned.


        • 99
          Iloathlefties says:

          I’m a life time Tory voter….but no more. After reading Charles Moores Daily Telegraph blog at the weekend all the tired old socialist parties (LiblabCON) have been lying to us for 40 years. Take a look at the secret briefing from the FCO by a Sir Humphry to the Government of the day. Heath the traitor. It was always their hidden intention to incrementally get us into a EU Euro Superstate by stealth. Once the sheople wake up UKIP will start to snowball.


          • smoggie says:

            innit funny how all these lifelong Tory voters come on to this blog to give us the great news that they will vote UKIP forever more. Most convincing.


          • A Floating Voter says:

            I am convinced. Actually, I have only voted Tory a couple of times. Still, who’s to know.


          • My comment is awaiting moderation says:

            I’m convinced too.
            I’ll vote UKIP on May 3rd.


          • Ernie Becclestone says:

            I’ll be voting for the real Conservatives, and that ain’t the Tories.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Oddly smoggie feels that by voting for Cameron’s version of Conservatism, he is not voting for more big state, command and control, high tax, rigged markets, high immigration, DfID criminality, EU cocksucking, green energy bollocks, socialist ‘fairness’ doctrine and nanny state meddling. I wonder who is living in the re@l world? Nudge me if you know the answer.


          • smoggie says:


            No mate, that’s what you think I think.


        • 143
          Slartibartfast's Moderated Fjords says:

          Well ok, but I think that you will need to get Nigel Farage sitting on the back of that bandwagon as quickly as possible instead of him driving the thing.

          He is one of the best on-the-floor speakers in politics today but he is also a very poor party manager and strategist.

          Good luck to UKIP if they can take the fight to LabConDemned.


        • 247
          UKIPMAN says:

          It is often said that UKIP only have one policy. But the only policies the LibLabcon brigade have are dictated to them by Brussels.


      • 95
      • 144
        Anonymous says:

        I dont understand why anybody would want to vote for UKIP, i googled them and they dont stand for much exept coming out of the EU, there was also something about not going after higher rate tax payers, which i would have thought would go down like lead balloon, in the current climate. They have no MPs at all.


        • 172
          Onanymist says:

          Oh dear


          • David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Even if the comment were correct that UKIP only have one policy, which it is not, it would be one more than the Tory party has that is different from the last Labour shower and at least one that I agree with.


        • 191
          My comment is awaiting moderation says:


          You overlooked their policy to reintroduce grammar schools and immigration controls.


          • Hang The Bastards says:

            And to be tough on criminals….

            And to deport foreign criminals

            And to put UK residents ahead of foreign nationals seeking housing

            And to lower taxes

            And to stop wasting fucking billions every year on the EU

            In short, more than any of the other useless fuckers will do


          • Are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin:

            THEY ARE UKIP”S POLITICAL AIMS – they are not “set in stone”, they will NOT do them. They could not get it turned into legislation, ffs.

            Grow up, wake up, smell the Assam and crumpets or whatever our stateside cousins say.

            THEY ARE POLITICIANS – THEY WILL SAY WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO TO GRAB SOME POWER, BECAUSE POWER = MONEY!!!!!!!! They are inconsequential, but need watching, purely for comedy value.


          • My comment is awaiting moderation says:

            @Mars Attacks

            UKIP are going to have a landslide victory at the next GE, but it will be enough if they can just get some MPs, to send the message to the establishment that we are not happy with the current direction of travel.

            If it doesn’t happen, and we continue on our current trajectory, then the UK will cease to exist as a sovereign nation and it’s existence and achievements will be written out of the history books and the world will be a poorer place for it.

            The EU and the BBC are not forces for good. Quite the opposite in fact.


        • 235
          Gonk says:

          A political party that doesn’t particularly do anything much, blessed relief.


    • 34
      Skinner gets bitch-slapped says:


    • 39
      AC1 says:

      Come on, getting a grip on illegal immigration, benefit fraud and locking away criminals is political suicide.

      We need more emphasis on climate change, just look at this drought were having…


      • 116

        And if we’re going to have cheap, reliable power we need lots more windmills, even if they do contribute to global warming.


        • 126
          AC1 says:

          Stabilising our allies in the Eurozone is worth borrowing a load more cash too.

          If it can overcome this totally unstructural bump, the Euro will live for a thousand years…


      • 186
        The paesants havent noticed Huh! says:

        And today quietly in Bournemouth that EU cohort EDF have ‘come out’ that they are backing the grand folly of 300 or so windmills at sea just off the coast of Bournemouth – in conjunction with Eneco – who are only in it for the £1 Billion of funding which of course; the zioloons in Parliament because their suborned to the EU Zioloons – are trying to sell [Ruse of Tax 'em till the pips squeak] to the public – on the same basis that their yestercentury nutty ‘friends’ sold the peasents centuries ago – as “The World is Flat” and believe us because we’re your masters. And we have ducking stools as well!


    • 91
      Bendy Howler says:

      Ben Howlett must have been a plant by the abolish CF campaign? Last year he lost national control, due to the Northern breakaway, this year he lost all his member’s! He has single handedly lost an organisation, he should resign. He is a child in a fat man’s body.


  2. 2
    A Man says:

    Does this mean you are going to start following local politics? That’s great. it is about time someone had a look at the crap job Eric Pickles has been doing.


    • 70
      Handycock, Cabinet Member for Planning, Portsmouth City Council says:

      Eric has been doing a fine job, he has not reformed local government as we all feared, he has not abolished their Regulator, again as we all feared, he has not stopped senior council officers being paid astronomical salaries. In fact he has done f*ck all and we in corrupt local government are proud of him. Boaz.


      • 96
        Anonymous says:

        Nor has he made any progress with reforming the ridiculous and corruption-prone Electoral Registration System. Postal Vote scams are bad enough – but there are huge errors in most Electoral rolls – relying as they do on inertia in the system. How can it be reasonable for there to be 11 registered voters in one flat? Why are students ‘bussed’ onto the Electoral Roll by their University managers? Individual Registration and/or some kind of positive identification at the Polling Sation is so long overdue it makes our present systems less believable than many third world countries.


        • 102
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          “it makes our present systems less believable than many third world countries.”

          Many parts of this country are now provinces of third world countries. The balkanisation process continues, while the LabLibCon socialist cartel, do nothing to stop it.


        • 124
          The Hulk says:

          Hulk have strength of ten puny humans.
          Why Hulk not have ten votes ?


      • 270
        Richard Wilson's double says:

        I don’t believe it!!!!


  3. 3
    Marmite says:

    At least Dopey Sophie will be pleased.


  4. 4
    jebus says:

    It would be nicefor this to get rid of Howlett


  5. 5
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Howlett certainly seems to be enjoying a some large cock-ups at the moment, hopefully he can unwind with a stiff Gordon’s later.


  6. 6
    Reader says:

    I also saw the meltdown last evening, as someone said to me *He is a dick*.


  7. 7
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    why doesn’t David Cameron shut up, retire and take his pension?


  8. 8
    Raving Loon says:

    If you’re actually conservative (with a small c) then there’s no point supporting the Conservative party anymore. UKIP is Britain’s right of centre party.


    • 13
      Variable This Is Knife says:



    • 56
      Someone told me it was just an economic union. Sort of like a trade club. says:

      I’m not convinced.
      But then again I haven’t been paying attention for the last 45 years.


    • 237
      smoggie says:

      Yeah, vote for a party whose headquarters is whatever pub Farage is currently nursing his pint of ale.


      • 268

        It’s a bit like saying that if you don’t like a place at the corporate table, because you only get listened to now and again, why not fuc.k off to the moon and shout really loudly – that’l work for sure!

        How’s that whole Zac Goldsmith thing going for you Sophie? All that money would come in handy, surely?


  9. 9
    Margaret Moran says:

    Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Elliot Morley are furious they didn’t think of my trick to get off standing trial. They said I’ve had it easy. Easy? You try sitting for a solid hour with a kettle on your head and talking in klingon to make them think you’re mentally unstable.


  10. 10
    This also got him a little bit upset says:


  11. 12
    Oh limp ikz says:

    These surface-to-air missiles they’re planning to have for the Olympics. I don’t suppose they could aim one of them at a certain house in Fife?


    • 32
      Only Me says:

      Unless the house is at considerable altitude that would require the surface-to-surface version


    • 36
      Tuscan Tony says:

      A fundament seeking missile is needed for the Queens Ferry job.


    • 45
      Phil says:

      There’s no point really! Chances are they were purchased on the cheap when Brown was underwhelming the defence budget and wont work anyway.
      Having said that “is it worth a punt anyway”?


      • 84
        Fish says:

        Like all of those Iris Recognition scanners they bought for our airports that don’t work. Another Labour cock-up that the Tories get the blame for


      • 150
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        The so-called missiles are actually fakes – let’s face it, it will tempt the terrorists into planning to ‘liberate’ the missiles from the half-a-dozen not-too-bright soldiers on duty, thus enabling them to be targeted on the Lympics.

        Wasn’t it in WWII that whole ‘armies’ of fake tanks and guns were used to distract the enemy ? Same tactics, different times.

        It costs bugger-all and will stop the terrorists planning anything more dramatic. Smart move – except now I’ve told them, it’s maybe not so smart after all.


    • 62
      annette curton says:


      • 119

        In early 1940 the government really struggled to get any AA guns sited at all. Local councils required planning permission.
        Private property refused. The factories, farmers , parish councils and churches etc all refused to let the government use their land for defence.
        The case of a golf club that refused to let the army put barrage balloons on its land ended up being debated in the house.

        Private land was private land. The military could only put their guns on military land.

        Only after Chamberlin was booted from office and the war almost lost, did people come to their senses and realise it wasn’t for laughs. The Nazis were serious and they were coming. Emergency powers were granted and the government assumed total powers over everyone and everything.

        The AA guns were pretty useless anyway up until the mid war. Some nights more civillians were killed by falling AA shells than by German bombs. German casualties were negligible from our flak.
        But they made a big bang and a big flash and kept the enemy planes higher up.

        Much like these missiles are for I expect. All for show.


  12. 14
    Polythesis says:

    I see Cameron has noted the exodus to UKIP by getting his lickspittles in the MSM to pen excuses for him while blaming everyone and everything else seemingly forgetting what he was telling us all just a short while ago. The EU is to blame for all our woes, they are dragging us down like lead weights, a dragging anchor on UK PLC.

    But wait, he was telling us only a few months ago that we need the EU to grow and the EU needs our money so we can all take warm showers and long walks and exchange bodily fluids with our wonderful EU friends and comrades and live happily ever after in the sunlit uplands of the 4th Reich. So which is it then? Either we are in the EU to benefit our economy or we are better off out, it seems Camerons tiny mind cannot accommodate the lies he spewed out just a little while ago about great and wonderful and essential our membership of the EU is.



    • 28
      Crouching Lettuce, Hidden Quisling says:

      I am urging the people of Britain to watch out for the dangers of separatism, that is, separating yourselves from the the Conservative Party and my colleagues on the opposite side of the House of Commons.

      Now is not the time for dissension and strife, when I am incredibly busy trying to claw back powers from the EU.


      • 267
        inside- out says:

        When Salmond wins his independence vote.I’m off to socialist republic of Scotchland because they will be out of EU.At least thats a start in the right direction.I expect 3.5million scots will leave for other parts of UK and what’s left will be a free dictatorship,slightly preferable to what we have now in England.


    • 48
      AC1 says:

      More an Exodus of Team Dave from Conservatives….


    • 57
      Susie says:

      Cameron is really flailing around like a beached whale.

      He claimed that the long immigration queues at Heathrow are due to the rain. Was I dreaming that last week most of the country was put under a hose pipe ban or drought order? It would appear that he wasn’t caned long or hard enough at Eton for telling fibs.


    • 64
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Camoron / Clegg / Milliband they have all sold their souls to the EU..

      One minute its our growth, the next minute its the cause of all our woes. What a shallow treacherous bunch of tvvats they truely are..


  13. 16
    The Old Todger says:

    “Tristan Pithers”, you just could not make that name up, could you?


  14. 18
    not a machine says:

    Defecting to lib dems ? isnt that like offering to be vichey govenor ……….


  15. 19
    Labour agent says:

    Anyone considered the possibility that Cameron was recruited by Labour to destroy the Tory party?


  16. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Erm, surely Howlett was tweeting to say that he DIDN’T hold any personal data on these people?


  17. 21
    doris johnson says:

    Hunts Hunts the fucking lot of em


  18. 24
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Why are labour so afraid of Hunt appearing in front of court under oath. Could it be that labour may have to, at sometime in the future, answer questions under oath. The thought of this must send shivers down their weasel like spines.


    • 92
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      No because the BBC and the Guardian will make sure if they do appear under oath that it will be reported that they told the glorious truth and never met with Murdoch and the proles will believe it as the BBC is the defender of the truth.


    • 160
      The Public says:

      We think they are quite practised liars by now.


    • 175
      Fish says:

      Because he will also have the inside track on those lobbying against Murdoch and NI . i.e. the BBC, the Guardian etc


    • 212
      anonymous says:

      I’m having a problem with my local councils binbags, do you think Leveson could sort that out for me too?


  19. 26
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Fucking moderation is shit.


  20. 30
    Nigel is King says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! The tories need to start listening to their voters. Out of Europe Now. No ifs and no buts!


  21. 37
    Libby Dumb says:

    No lib dumbs will defect to UKip! That pathetic, bureaucratic, technocratic, undemocratic, money guzzling, piece of nonsense called the Eurozone is just wonderful!


  22. 38
    Ken Livingstone says:

    I like ryce and pee.

    Right, that should get me the afro-caribbean vote. Now to promise to ban pork and bring in sharia law to win the muslim vote, a promise to not allow sharia law to win the secular and non-muslim vote, and a promise to give every migrant a cheque for £500 to win the illegal postal vote vote.


    • 47
      Lurker Rushman says:

      My friend, my friend. Do not trouble yourself with this undignified posturing and grubbing for minority votes..
      Your election is assured.

      It is in the bag.

      And I have those bags in trucks outside. Where do you want the postal votes delivered to Ken?


  23. 43
    Tristan Pithers says:

    Ben Bradshaw. Too bloody skinny and skraggy!


  24. 44
    For fans of popcorn cinema says:

    Avengers is a cracking film. And remember, every time you see a mainstream pro-American Hollywood film, Ken Loach cries.


    • 52
      AC1 says:

      It is good.


    • 55
      Raving Loon says:

      +1 Especially The Hulk’s scenes.


    • 71

      To me it looks dreadful. But it will make Ken Loach cry, you say?
      Fair enough..i’m in.

      Anything to stop another, grim up north, nowt as queer as northern folk, Brass trumpet in the bed, whippets and flatcaps epic.


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Ken Loach would have us all living in a run down council estate in Brixton if he could, because it corresponds with The Guardian’s idea of reality if god forbid they ever had to join the real world. The left have always played down the power of myth and legend in the art of storytelling, which is why they will lose the ideological argument every time.


  25. 61
    Jimmy says:

    Am I the only one to notice that ever since Neo Guido joined the blog has started taking student politicos almost as seriously as they take themselves.


    • 75

      I quote Alexi Sayle again.

      Only student politics can be more hate filled and divisive than local politics. And student politics is only bested for haltered, venom, dirty tricks, underhand, despicable, malevolent behaviour by those in the charity sector..


      • 83
        Jimmy says:

        Sayre’s law I believe applies.

        I recall an unnamed Chief Executive was once asked by a reporter what provision his borough made for care in the community. “Local elections” was his reply.


      • 135
        Susie says:

        Grandpa was a Canon in the CoE. He said the General Synod was worse than the Spanish Inquisition for backstabbing and dirty tricks. A man who’d served in both World Wars.


        • 166
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          The General Synod has nothing on the Curia in the Vatican


          • Coffee Cup says:

            Go to Amnesty International if you want to see some gobsmackingly unpleasant people scheming against each other.


      • 249
        JH says:

        Think about it. In the charity sector you have a group of people who are sufficiently free of scruples as to grab as much other-peoples-money as possible and call it a ‘living'; no matter that it was supposedly given for ‘good works’.

        The charity sector is just an offshoot of the political class, with perhaps even more capacity for righteous indignation when anyone interrupts their troughing.


        • 269
          Rob says:

          Plus they all believe that only they can save humanity. That’s a powerful motivator to be a total bastard.


    • 94
      Caligula says:

      But this ia all part of the plan

      Infantilise the blog…and the few remaining bloggers

      and reduce it to the level of the Daily Star

      The only thing missing ir rather ugly front page Totty

      All the rest is Caligulised…


    • 98
      Some Geezer wot's from the Old School, i.e., Hardnox University says:

      If people had noticed some of to-day’s pol’s when they were still students, such idiots might have been prevailed upon to find some other outlet for their inexhaustible energies and exhaustible intellects. Sadly, an opportunity missed. Such unfortunate creatures, had they received a few “pity shags” and been treated by well-intentioned compassionate classmates as just regular guys and gals instead of as the wallies they were, wouldn’t feel the need to give the citizenry a humping at every turn, whilst all the while protesting too much that they’re ordinary blokes and birds like you and me, to make up for their University days. And those that were getting laid and “part of the gang” should have been told that their school days are supposed to be a holiday from real-life, not a template for it, success in trying to duplicate which can only be achieved through a political career.


      • 123
        Ed Moribund says:

        I got plenty of attention thank you very much.

        A bloke with a Ben Sherman slim fit shirt and a copy of the Human Leagues Dare album..and who could do rubiks cube in 12.6 seconds was a big hit with the in crowd.

        One time there was girl, Chloe, and she put her head in my lap while I did Young Ones sketches.
        If only she hadn’t thrown up on my Lee Riders jeans.


    • 107
      Olivia the Party Girl says:

      The trouble with Harry is that he does not have the wit of the real Guido

      He is just rather basic, obsessive and heavy handed sadly

      Come back Guido all is forgiven…


    • 137
      smoggie says:

      Yes you are the only one.


  26. 65
    Dave & Georgie says:

    We need someone who can talk like a real person and be understood in somewhere like Barnsley. What about that Rees-Mogg cove?


    • 72
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Eeee bye gum old boy, what oh ey up youth.


    • 81
      annette curton says:



    • 89
      Tattooed_Arry says:

      “We need someone who can talk like a real person and be understood in somewhere like Barnsley.”

      All the working class Tories have either joined UKIP or dare I say it the EDL, those in the HOP have been sidelined. Don’t blame us if your professional politicians are given the bums rush on the doorstep. We are still waiting for the referendum on Europe that we were promised……………


  27. 82
    BBC NEWS says:

    Earlier Gordon Brown..the former prime minister, had sent his congratulations to both Manchester teams . At half time with the score at nil-nil, a freak space time continuum anomaly centered over the stadium and the all of the existence contained within the pitch area became frozen, unmoving in time and space.

    Scientists predict that the zone will remain in place for at least the next 200 years.
    Then, if the score remains tied, extra time will be played.


    • 97
      annette curton says:

      On a more practical level I think it could all hinge on which player can hurl himself the most convincingly to the ground in the opponents penalty area allowing for the fact that the Referee will be 20 yards behind the play and probably unsighted after eye test with hypnotist.
      …………..,F E R G I E
      …………. R O O N E Y
      15 m i n u t e s e x t r a t i m e


  28. 88
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    So finally Camoron loses his rag, well he needs to head over to BBC Tv centre and lose it there as well.

    But he won’t, the BBC played down the McBride and Whelan stories, but the BBC have bigged up the Hunt one.

    How thick is Camoron?


    • 108
      annette curton says:

      Every time I turn Radio 4 on there is an incessant barrage about it, been going on for days, who gives a shit one way or the other?, surely we have more important issues to discuss if you live in the real world, this is not headline stuff BBC. Cameron should have neutered the bastards when he first got into power but he not up to the job, can you imagine Alastair Campbell and Bully Brown putting up with 24/7 negative coverage from an allegedly neutral public broadcaster, they have even roped in a commie Cardinal for gods sake (ha). Wavey goodbye Davey the future is UKIP.


      • 242
        smoggie says:

        Every time I come on to this blog there’s an incessant barage of propoganda for the UKIP from an assortment of sockpuppets. Guido should sort it before it hits his stats.


    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Very thick, very very thick.


    • 163
      Gonk says:

      Not thick, just a bit of a coward.


  29. 93
    Try not to be sick says:


  30. 104
    Dave the Rave has lost the plot says:

    It all started in Europe

    I’m taking after the Maximum Imbecile now

    It’s everyone’s fault but our own…


  31. 106
    Paddington Bear says:

    I live at 32 Windsor Gardens. I and my 42 cubs from Peru will be using our postal votes to vote for Ken.


  32. 113
  33. 130
    Anonymous says:

    I think Skinner is known as the “Beast of Bolsover”I’ve heard it said that all he needs is a bolt through his neck and he could take the lead in Hammer horror movies.


  34. 149
    Well Paid Shill says:

    If we want to see change we must ensure that UKIP comes third in vote share at these local election, go forth and spread the word, spam the world with the message:

    “Vote UKIP at every opportunity”

    Only by pushing UKIP to the fore can we expect the few true eurosceptic MPs to defect (though those who stand to see their seats vanish are already on the brink) and once UKIP has a voice in Westminster it is only a matter of time before we are gone from this mess of a so called union.

    Oh, and don’t forget to vote Boris 2nd preference, Keep Ken out at ALL costs!


    • 258
      Raving Loon says:


      In the short term we need to make UKIP the UK’s 3rd party. No more messing about; either the Tories shape up or it’s time for change.


  35. 152
    I don't need no doctor says:

    We at the labour party with our unknown leader supporting our unknown candidate for mayor of London, are up in arms at the thought of an MP appearing before Leveson, and under oath. This may set a precedent, and means that we won’t be able to lie and stone wall in front of the ususal high level civil servants. Having independent judication is not for us in labour, as lying is all we know.


  36. 155
    anonymous says:

    The tory boys really like cameron – he’s got a lovely arse


    • 162
      JH says:

      My god.

      A modern day Voltaire is among us.

      How can we counter such a rapier wit, an imagination whose only bounds is the very universe itself?

      Let’s all just give up and vote Ken, and finally accept the will of our betters.


      • 241
        Tank says:

        Or, he’s just an ordinary closet homo revealing the content of his mind with us


  37. 165
    adge says:

    I hope all the BBC newsreaders, journalist, oh and Dimbleby are brought before Leveson to explain all this labour love in we have had to view in our own homes for years.
    At least Sky News gives a balanced report even though it’s the same news they are reporting on, and only one presenter needed.
    Now, while I’m on a rant, I can never understand why the BBC always need two presenters for most of the news and politics programmes – after all the reading is from one autocue, thus the other newsreader sits there twisting a pen, why? and we have that many “time for the weather” or the oh so obvious biased reporting, just seems a waste of my license fee money which pays their wages, and please don’t tell me not to pay the license fee, thats not a good enough answer, its the BBC that needs sorting out, and I hope Leveson realises this.


    • 169
      Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:

      “why the BBC always need two presenters”

      It wasn’t that long ago a BBC newsreader sat by himself at a desk with a glass of water in a room about the size of a broom cupboard. Behind him was a screen with “BBC” written on it.

      Now they (at least two) have to be in a studio half the size of a football pitch, lit-up like the Blackpool illuminations, stuffed full of technology. If a gnat farts in Timbuktu, they go live via satellite to a filmcrew flown-in specially to cover the ‘breaking’ events live. So much for global f*cking warming.

      They’re going to send more than 700 staff to cover the Olympics, FFS. “Look, there’s a dozen men running 100 metres down a track!” Let’s get 400 people to report on it.

      F*cking BBC. Utter utter Sovet-era crap. (Fortunately, I don’t pay the fee.)


      • 177
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        2 presenters? Are you fucking kidding?

        At a typical news conference the BBC will use the following presenters.

        Radio 1 one halfwit mong
        Radio 2 one halfwit
        Radio 5 at least 2 (John Piennar and 1 other normally)

        Radio 4 will also usually have their own reporter

        BBC News 24 At least 1 reporter if not more than 1 (often 1 in the studio and 1 at the conference)

        BBC world service have at least 1

        BBC local radio will also provide 1 reporter.

        BBC online news will also have a reporter on site

        You can be sure that at any major event the BBC will have 10-12 reporters at the very least. Sky and ITV will normally provide 1 or will use a local network reporter.


        • 185
          South of the M4 says:

          You have forgotten the Executive Producer, Producer and Assistant Producer for each one of those reporters.


        • 213
          anonymous says:

          for the Olympics there’s going to be 750 BBC staff – more than the British Olympic Team FFS


          • Banerjee Boxwallah says:

            Listen mate, you got no idea how bleedin difficult it is to change one of these new fangled light bulbs these days. Got to have a multi-culted team of workers. One has to carry the bulb, another one has to take it our of its multi-layered wrapping, another one has to check it contains the apppropriate amount of mercury, then there’s the one who officiates at the handing over ceremony to the deputy under-assistant bulb carrier, and the one who finally gets to hand it to the guy at the bottom of the ladder who also has to check that the ladder holder is fully trained and certified to be in the team in the first place, then there’s the brave fellow who has undertaken the full mountaineerig course to ensure he does not suffer from veritgo and has pased the fitness test to ensure he will be able to climb six steps without having a heart attack on the way up or down- oh the list is endless. Now maybe you understand why so many irreplaceable persons are required for us to do our jobs properly. Now, where did I leave the Mirror, not looked at the cartoons yet today.


          • smoggie says:

            It’s either Salford or Stretford. I guess the east end wins it.


      • 226
        A Payne in the Beeboids says:

        We deploy newsreaders in pairs to give them a chance to recover between items. It’s not easy keeping a straight face while reading all those lies, you know.


  38. 167
    Anonymous says:

    WTF is wrong with this site? No new stuff loading for decades ffs.


  39. 174
    Border force carry on green says:

    Uk border agency complaints website is down “technical issue” probably linked to the fact that the number of complaints are going through the roof, baa leaflets and sheer incompetence of border agency management team.

    Having passed through heathrow last thursday and the displeasure of going again wed back Friday I doubt that any assurances from the carry on team headed by damian green have credibility

    So we now have a border agency trying to prevent pictures of the queues (pretext of security risk), trying to prevent baa handing out leaflets on how to complain and the complaints website down.

    Totally dysfunctional, best we give the management team a bonus.

    Here’s a thought Windsor barracks close by get 200 squaddies trained up in 4 days and qed whilst they get the border force act together. Implant a colonel or brigadier as the head of the border force with the ability to fire incompentent management on the spot. Would get an element of professionalism in here rather than the current muppet show.

    Immigration minister to be sacked immediately, head of border force removed. Not upto the job so get out


    • 181
      Coffee Cup says:

      You think this is bad enough now. Wait till Lin Homer, a civil servant who helped create this useless outfit, gets her teeth into HMRC now she’s in charge there. You think you have seen incompetence at Heathrow. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


      • 214
        anonymous says:

        here love, this is your tax return not mine. Mine’s over there, she’s got it, can I have mine now, no that’s last years, or are we all going to just pay whatever …. whatever ….


      • 243
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Lin Homer is a Common Purpose, Marxist drone. She epitomises everything that is wrong with this country and yet, remains in place to cause maximum damage. It’s as if the Marxist party were still in power, oh wait………..


    • 251
      JH says:

      Bring the troops back from around the world, and have them manning border points. Every lorry could be searched, any illegals found to be immediately to military airfield and flown to overseas gitmo-like camp for processing.


  40. 179
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Why do BBC newsreaders insist on pronouncing Muslim names in an islamic way? Sounds like they are getting ready to snot a greeny.

    Do they pronounce Newcastle with a Geordie accent or say New York with a Bronx twang?

    Of course not, fucking pack it you BBC idiots.


    • 187
      A Cunning Linguist says:

      Be a helluva thing if they did, though; “For that report from the United Nations, we go to our correspondent in Nee Yawk, standing on the cawnuh of Fawty-fawt and Foist…” (Of course, New Yorkers sound about as “Bronx” as Londoners sound Cockney, which is to say that many do and many don’t; blimey, s’unfair to generalise, innit guv?)


      • 207
        Ivor Tapeworm says:

        Thoity little boidies, sittin’ on da koib,
        A-choipin’ an’ a-bopin’ an’ eatin’ doity woims.

        And now for the weather.


        • 222
          Banerjee Boxwallah from Bermondsay says:

          Dohn ferget dem for’y fahsand fevvas on a frushes frote neiver. Fancy a pinta whelks missis?


    • 192
      BBC plastic geordies. says:

      Are you joking, man?

      Remember when Kevin Keegan went back to Newcastle? The BBC couldn’t get enough of it. It was as if Gordon Brown had won an election. They were filming every second of non news. Interviewing unexcited non-people about nothing.

      On the messiah’s return they ran the most tedious 0-0 game against Bolton as TOP match on MOTD. 20 minutes of one of the most boring matches ever broadcast was talked about as if it were a 5-4 Real vs Barca thriller.

      That match should have been on last with 30 seconds of footage for the single highlight that occurred. A corner or something.

      Instead we had full footage and a good 10 minutes of Hansen and Shearer telling us ‘you have to be there to appreciate how much passion there is’.

      Because Old Trafford is quiet as a morgue. And at Anfield hardly anyone turns up.
      Even Stamford Bridge only has 7 fans.

      BBC could not get their collective tongues far enough up Newcastle’s bum.

      {PS – fair play to the toons. Since they stopped going on about how brilliant they were despite having won nothing but most expensive failure awards, they have suddenly come good. A healthy does of reality has worked wonders.}


  41. 180
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    I’m having a poo poo on my potty Sarah.


  42. 195
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Jesus how many more times is Paul ‘lefty mong’ Mason going to try to promote the failure that is the Occupy movement?

    Now he’s fucked off to New York at our expense to educate us about ‘Occupy art’ or basically some mong with a torch shining it at buildings.

    The BBC have been flogging this shit for months now, no one is interested except Mason who appears to become sexually aroused at the sight of a group of shit stained students smelling of piss and pot.


  43. 196
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    How many more times is Paul ‘lefty mong’ Mason going to try to promote the failure that is the Occupy movement?

    Now he’s fucked off to New York at our expense to educate us about ‘Occupy art’ or basically some mong with a torch shining it at buildings.

    The BBC have been flogging this shit for months now, no one is interested except Mason who appears to become sexually aroused at the sight of a group of shit stained students smelling of piss and pot.

    and fuck off with the modding.


  44. 200
    Titanic says:

    A billionaire has announced he’s commissioned the building of an exact replica of the Titanic. “Titanic 2″ will set sail on its maiden voyage from England to New York in 2016.


    In other news, Gordon Brown has sent his best wishes to the project and said he hopes the passengers on the maiden voyage have a great journey.


  45. 201
    Windy Miller says:


    • 209
      Nothing to C here says:

      Boring. SOP is to land into the wind then track the runway center line once on the deck.


  46. 206
    Pink Watch says:

    Is Bradshaw a gayer?


  47. 208
    Missiles over London says:

    So if we can station ships off Libya and precision bomb the fuck out of them on the ground and in the air. Why can’t we do the same in our own country?

    If Gadfly with all his dosh and resources was powerless why are we shit scared of a dead virgin hunter from Bradford with a fertiliser ied?


  48. 210
    not a machine says:

    Great sage of last 20yrs (and earlier) of USA ecnomic policy former Fed chairman , Alan Greenspan on bloomberg Tom Kean program at 5pm GMT , has a new book .


  49. 219
    albacore says:

    Hooray! Hooray! What a happy day
    Look who we’ve got, still Queen of the May
    Nearly two years into the Reign of Dave
    Let’s – everybody – all give him a wave
    Just imagine, if we’d been stuck with Brown
    Could the country have sunk yet further down?


    • 225
      A Politician about to lose her majority says:

      A little thought could have re-arranged your last two lines, thus:

      Just imagine if with Brown we’d been stucked
      then the country would really have been – you know the rest.


      • 244
        albacore says:

        And here what we have is an optimist
        (Or perhaps the lady’s a little pissed)
        Even Gordon Gimp in all his glory
        Was no bigger twat than this toy Tory


  50. 227
    They've all gone mad says:

    Back to the thread.

    Who is this Pithers bloke? Another unheard of Trougher.

    So you thought Cameron won yesterday? Interesting. I saw a weak man fighting for his life. It wasn’t he won, rather the Opoosition are so utterly crap they were unable to score a direct hit.

    One thing for certain, that weakling Hunt is a dead man walking. We won’t be hearing too much more from him.

    If the main parties bothered to encourage some real people from the private sector with job experience the quality of politicans would improve dramatically. So would the chances for the UK.

    Uk Border – what a joke. Never much liked BA until now.


    • 234
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      One solution for the border agencies is to sack all the pilgrims and with the money saved employ more border staff.

      Result = Double bubble.


      • 250
        annette curton says:

        Haven’t we got the highest landing fee taxes in the known world already, is it beyond the wit of somebody to put some of that revenue into employing more border agency staff, talk about adding insult to injury, complete débâcle all around as usual.


  51. 239
    Sick of the lot of them says:

    Sorry Guido but I think you are maybe a little too enthusiastic here. Ben Howlett tweeted that he looked these people up on a central database and didn’t find them there which no way can be construed as disclosure of personal information.


  52. 246
    Variable This Is Knife says:

    confirmed bachelor, flamboyant metropolitan midget Ben seems an unlikely candidate to appeal to the stout yeomen of Devon.


  53. 248
    Anonymous says:

    so the process of increasing inequality and divisiveness continues apace. Now bad teachers may be paid less than good teachers – how ever they measure that – we are continually heaaring about good and bad workers and the penalties for them – we never hear about good and bad employers or bosses. Nothing is ever done about good and bad bankers – NO – lets return to the dark Fucking Ages with the tories…..FFS


    • 252
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      What would you do with bad teachers?


    • 253
      grobdj says:

      The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

      Roll on good and bad pay scales for airline pilots, HGV drivers and surgeons too


    • 254
      illogical says:

      Ah. A Socialist level playing field supporter eh? Whether an abysmal or excellent teacher everybody must be considered as academically capable in case the one gets depressed / demoted and the other rewarded. Penalties for good workers? And nothing about good or bad bankers ever reported? Come on anonymous. You can do better than that.
      Just a load of twaddle to wave the red flag. Do Socialists actually have no recognised standards for improvement then?


    • 255
      Oh ffs, no change from the last lot of garbage says:

      If I was you I would keep quiet about the 13 years Liebour trashed the country, go and help whitewash those vile years away from the public’s mind and pretend your vile corrupt mates instead of helping themselves to the public purse, helped the people of the country, ID cards, billions lost on IT, contracts for ships that the MOD who ordered couldn’t get out off, bad business practices, yes bankers, three official bodies in charge not one had the power to stop the bull in the china shop going daft, your vile mates were/are the problem because the same ones are still in power.


    • 260
      Gawd Help Us says:

      For politicians to comment on pay for performance is somewhat open to ridicule surely?


    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      as usual, the thickos on here miss the point completely and turn their idiotic rage on the labour party – who are not even mentionedl


      • 264
        HenryV says:

        Ah the Dark Ages!!!!! When English men had jobs and the education system taught skills to those who had gifted hands, help those with an academic leaning to reach their full potential, and helped the rest to develop so they could work and find a niche. Unlike today where teachers spout socialist bile, everybody wins, nobody is taught anything other than faux-equality, and English men can’t find jobs because of East Europeans and other immigrants.


  54. 262
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    Education is a nice little earner these days.

    A few building contracts computer contracts maintenance contracts arranging overseas holidays and visits.

    Its a tidy little earner.

    Get on in there.

    It is too good to just leave to teachers.


    • 263
      Rinka Scott says:

      But Abdel you are missing the point .

      What Mr Grove is trying to do is keep the base costs down so there is more money to go around.

      When you pay people more for working on a treadmill its a good idea because they always leave after a few years and you can then replace them with younger and cheaper staff.

      Its a brilliant idea and Mr Grove should be congratulated.

      At this rate he could even be our PM by the beginning of the new school year.

      Absolutely brilliant!


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