April 29th, 2012

Read Guido in the Daily Star Sunday


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    Reader says:

    Its worth buying this week!


    TV supremo & tycoon Lord Sugar hits out at record of Labour%27s candidate to be next London mayor – The Sun – http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4286323/Lord-Sugar-Kens-a-power-crazed-egomaniac.html


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    Selohesra says:

    Can I wait til tomorrow and read it for free?


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    Jessbena Payne says:

    Oooh, goody! A fresh thread, not recycled from three weeks ago!


  4. 10
    Owen Jones says:


    • 13
      Simon Tugmutton says:

      I wonder if HackneyAbbott is aware of the meaning of “Hackney”.

      ORIGIN Middle English: probably from Hackney in East London, where horses were pastured. The term originally denoted an ordinary riding horse (as opposed to a war horse or draught horse), especially one available for hire: hence hackney carriage or coach, and the verb hackney meaning ‘use (a horse) for general purposes’, later ‘make commonplace by overuse’ (see hackneyed) .


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      Anonymous says:

      no thanks,im washing my hair.


    • 40
      Fish says:

      What a clique of vile, self serving people. Worker’s socilaism in all its gory.


      • 150
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Have you noticed Owen’s 12 year-old twin brother on the BBC, Ross Hawkins, the Leveson Enquiry correspondent? The only way you can tell the difference between them is that Owen is quite openly a Labour-supporting commentator.


  5. 15
    Worried of Whitehall says:

    “Brussels orders EU flag must fly over Whitehall every day… and we could be fined if we fail to comply.”

    What will happen if we don’t pay the fine?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2136792/Brussels-orders-EU-flag-fly-Whitehall-day–fined-fail-comply.html#ixzz1tQmtloZJ


    • 24
      The Old Todger says:

      I should worry old cock if this EU mess goes on much longer there will probably be no EU. Just a thought, could this business of the piigs in the Euro along with Germany be actually a way of keeping German manufactures still affordable to the rest of the EU, when I strated working in a financial institution there were at least 9DM to the £ by the start of the Euro I think you could just less than DM to the £, be free to correct me if I am wrong.


    • 43
      Burn the damned EU flag says:

      Burn an EU flag today – show these cretins – Pickles et al them suborned pigs at the trough [The LGA] forcing localism (Communism in other words) on us; that we the people ain’t going to be ‘told what to do’ just because jumped up local councillors have been found to be on the EU gravytrain to hell themselves; and as much as their string pulling expense cheats in Poorliament.

      Are all Monitoring Officers of all local councils – suborned in their first duty to the EU?


      • 83
        EUSSR Commissariat Top Tips says:

        I’m sure there MUST be an EU regulation somewhere that makes that action liable to a fine too….


        • 160
          Burn the damned EU flag says:

          Only the neutered, spinless, craven, gutless to admit it MP’s and local councillors of all political colours are liable to the fines. The rest of us can do as we please because we the British Public – did NOT sign up to the Lisbon Treaty – ‘only’ David Milibandit and Gordon oned Jack Brown – signed the piece of parchment.

          They had NO MANDATE from the British Public to sign the British Public up to it. And note – the legions of pitiful journalists who never pointed that out to you … – they just took their orders and sold on the ‘bull’ – because-as-moronic-told-to-do-so-merchants-by-their-proprietors – they just sell on the cccp crap!

          Burn that flag with pleasure – its been done and the EU monsters have remained ‘silent’.


    • 69
      Fish says:

      I see the BBC is stepping up its EU integration / softening-up mission.

      That horrible Ashton woman – she who has never had a proper job in her life and has no qualification for her position – was repeatedly transmitted into my livingroom yesterday, without so much as a warning that I ‘might want to look away now.’

      She was in Burmah opening an EU mission (duplicating that, that member countries already have) – the Beeb message seemingly, ‘Anything Dave can do, Ashton can do better.’


    • 77
      Lord Effingham says:

      “What will happen if we don’t pay the fine?”

      Doesn’t this apply to much of the crap that comes out of Brussels?

      Are they going to send tanks across the Channel? Fleets of bombers heading for London? Course not.

      The problem is the willingness of our political elite to kow-tow. For the EU to have any power here, it requires the collaboration of our own ‘representatives’.


  6. 16
    The Old Todger says:

    Guido you can go for Murdoch and things related to the present fiasco, you are working for Dirty Des not The Dirty Digger. By the way the order of posts is a bit wonky this afternoon.


  7. 19
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    The Rich List

    These are the people who need ‘incentives’ to go to work everyday


    Whilst the rest of us just have to take a beating for our minimum wage of £67 a week – doesn’t look that great an amount in comparison does it boys???


    • 23

      £67 per week? So you’re on job-seekers work experience benefits then?


      • 36
        Archer Karcher says:

        The jealousy of the work shy and incompetent, always generates deep and lasting bitter anger towards the hard working and successful. They are incapable of self analysis and always blame others for their own failings. That’s why so many suck at the teat of the nanny state ans socialism.


        • 73
          Technomist says:

          Rich people often say such things, even those with inherited wealth and connections, but usually hide behind accountants, walls and policemen to say it. They rarely fancy their chances in a straight fight.


          • Anonymous says:

            Just make the most of your opportunities loser, and stop fucking whining.


          • Nadine Dorries says:

            fuck off posh boy.


          • Technomist says:

            My first job paid 30p an hour. I am not posh, but I have met plenty of people in my life who are.

            This is merely an observation. The great majority of the people I have met who are loaded daren’t mingle on socially equal terms with their fellow countrymen without an exit strategy or back-up. They fear us.


    • 34
      AC1 says:

      Robbing them will help you will it? You fecking moron.


    • 48
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Sure because the rich got much poorer under 13 years of Gordon Brown didn’t they?


      • 53
        A pragmatist says:

        For 12 years the higher rate of tax was 5% LOWER than it is now. Yet I didn’t hear the Bishoprick of Scotland whinging about immorality then. So much for morality.


  8. 20

    Guido, I wouldn’t buy the Daily Star to line the chicken hutch -it’d put the chooks off lay.


    • 27
      The Old Todger says:

      I don’t buy the Daily Star or the Tit and Bum, they are after the same market but good luck to Dirty Des if he does nibble at the Sun’s audience share


    • 33
      annette curton says:

      Thet are still mulling over the ramifications of the Leveson enquiry in the Sun no doubt and checking out the stock market fluctuations in the Financial Times.


      • 49
        NI Legals must face "Facts" says:

        Acting General Counsel for News International Simon Toms – ought not to be too hasty to dismiss an approach to him as of Friday 27th April …

        These things take time.


  9. 21
    Bollocks & Ladyboy says:

    Stop saying we flipped our properties too far too fast. It’s cruel.


  10. 41
    Hammond for PM says:

    I flew back to this country with my wife and son on Friday and paid a grand sum of £628.52p in taxes and airport fees for the privilege.

    Having paid this money in advance I was far from happy to spend two hours waiting at passport control and the suggestion that I could purchase a cup of coffee for £3.25p did not exactly placate me.

    I appreciate that in all walks of life things do not always go to plan but having been fleeced of my after tax money in this way I think that my anger is justified.


    • 45
      Back door job says:

      Sadly, this is the most interesting thing posted so far today.

      I’m off to The Star for some cun*t.


    • 47
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Well don’t leave the Country, I’m not sure why anyone would want to fly in a plane maintained by mongs and owned by idiots and then treated like shit for the privilege.


      • 70
        Simon Tugmutton says:

        Better still, don’t come here. It’s a complete shithole. I’ll stick to my pied à terre in Mogadishu.


    • 50
      Onedin says:

      Go by ship. It’s the only way to travel.


    • 61
      AC1 says:

      The wonders of BAA. Named after the sheep that “run” it.


    • 76
      Bono's Accountant says:

      What are the taxes levied on people flyng in and out in a private plane?


    • 87
      At this point you are 36 Hours from Passport Control...We apologise for ANY inconvenience says:

      Never mind wait until July when they’ll be setting up “Tent City” and the Salvation Army will handing out Tea,Blankets and sandwiches


  11. 46
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    So the BBC/Labour party now make their move on Sky with Hattie Hatemenperson calling for Sky to be closed down.

    The BBC must be loving this.

    It is of course the BBC that should be shut down and then sold off.


    • 51
      Sack Cameron - Elect a Tory says:

      The sooner the better


      • 59
        Bluebottle says:

        Will they give the money back to the taxpayer free of all taxes?


        • 91
          Anonymous says:

          They should give the old bat and her beeboid pals a heart attack by introducing Fox News into the UK. Be worth it just for that.


      • 86
        Lord Effingham says:

        It’s got to be a vote winner, surely? Every household in the country saving the cost of a TV licence every year?
        Tell me the people of this country aren’t so brainwashed that they can’t see the bias of the Beeb?

        Oh, actually…


    • 71
      Prattie Hattie says:

      We must close the free press in the name of democracy


      • 89
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Why why why didn’t Cammoron order a full public inquiry into both the Iraq war, the Afghan war and the murder of Dr David Kelly?

        That would have kept Liebore on the defensive for years.


    • 119
      General William Westmoreland says:

      It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.


  12. 52
    Gordon Brown says:

    I tried to get a baloon over my winkle, but nurse stopped me.


  13. 57
    Phil from the Seven Stars Wrekenton says:

    I think that our Dave is starting to dig an even bigger hole for himself.

    Having gone on telly and blabbed about what was not discussed with Murdoch last Christmas it is only a matter of time before people ask questions about what was happening on that Yacht and what was discussed around the table at christmas 2009.

    And all this too is before anyone has mentioned Andy Coulson and that dead horse.

    Better get some Brown Ales in before they are taxed out of my league.


  14. 63
    I don't need no doctor says:

    When any labour MP comes on the BBC, I just turn the sound down. Well let’s face it labour have nothing you would want to hear.


    • 78
      Illustrated Atlas of the World says:

      I do not watch the BBC very much any more.


    • 79
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      same here, doc. Altough I sometimes alow a little bit of millibandwagon not to hear what he is saying, just his stupid voice that perfectly matches his stupid facial expressions.


  15. 72

    It’s evident the BBC has much more power over politicians than Murdoch ever had, if Charles Moore’s article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph to be believed. It seems Cameron and his crew are shit scared the BBC would trash them if they showed any inclination the abolish the licence fee.

    Perhaps Leveson should be looking at the close relationship of the Beeb with the Labour Party. Labour propaganda at the taxpayers’ expense.


    • 80
      Illustrated Atlas of the World says:

      They don’t have to abolish the fee. Simply lower the fine for not paying it to £5 and see how many people continue to pay voluntarily.


      • 88
        Gerardus Mercator says:

        +3.5 billion


      • 159
        bald old git says:

        Surprised the BBC don’t launch a campaign against a piece of legislation that relies on people on the doorstep not knowing their rights, shamefully targets the poor and vulnerable – mostly women – and uses the force of law and the threat of giving a criminal record in order to raise money primarily and solely for what is in effect a private organisation with a massive budget which then itself warps and distorts the political agenda to suit its own internally-generated agendas.

        Oh hang on …


  16. 85
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    We will continue to pay Diane Abbott to share with the nation her thoughtful considered insightful observations of the current political scene.


  17. 92
    L'Olympiade de la République says:

    Why are we going to war this summer? Did our government not condemn Gadaffi for placing air defences in populated areas? Is Dave planning to put SAMs on top of hospitals? As all private flying has been banned for the duration of the Olympics why is Dave doing this anyway?


    • 101
      smoggie says:

      Cockneys do not constitute “populace” ie humans.

      Do you think terrorists will take heed of the flying ban or are you some sort of mug?


      • 110
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        I didn’t think that there were any cockneys left in London!


        • 118
          Technomist says:

          Walthamstow and some parts of Chingford are still probably in missile range, not that there will be too many genuine cockney diamond geezers in either place during the Olympics.


        • 149
          inside- out says:

          98% Bangladeshi around the Olympic site,Red Ken and Galloway country.


  18. 94
    ArthurFauxsake... says:

    “This is a highly built-up area. I can’t imagine any situation in which you could safely use a high-velocity missile over Tower Hamlets,” as the neighborhood is called…..(All set for friendly fire incident…bye bye Tower Hamlets)………


    • 95
      Abdel from Tooting says:

      When I put a no parking sign outside my takeaway in Tooting the council went mad.

      They said i could not do it and had to fill in an 84 page form and give them 275 pounds plus Vat and provide them with proof of my identity.

      When I told them they could check their records to see who I was because Ihave been paying my taxes for 12 years they said that wasn’t good enough.

      Now it seems I can put a cruise missile on my roof and they wont do anything.


    • 121
      Technomist says:

      I for one will not be using London City Airport for the foreseeable future. You just know some testosterone fuelled squadie is going to be showing off his kit and … oops.


  19. 98
    A registered disabled man looking for something to do says:

    I have been looking at all the Leveson papers and it seems fairly clear to me that criminal charges could be brought relating to the transfer of the Times and Sunday Times newspapers in the early 1980’s.

    The politicians of the day seem to have taken a cavalier attitude at best when it came to protecting the public.

    If the police want to take this matter further I would really like to help because I am stuck here with nothing to do and despite all Chris Grayling is doing for me I can find no job.


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      the rich don’t know what a real job is


    • 124
      Move On says:

      Criminal charges against who?
      Thatcher? Tebbitt? Archer? Kinnock? Duran Duran?

      Can’t you find something a bit more up to date? Something where people are still in office and directly responsible.

      Might I suggest you start with Jeremy Hunt.
      And you don’t need to do so much digging about. Its in all the papers.


      • 138
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Seems Labour have forgotten about Tony Blair lobbying the Rumanian Prime Minister on behalf of party donor Lakshmi Mittal over his offer to buy their steel industry. Blair tried to make out this Indian billionaire ran a British business – he employed 65 people in this country, thousands more around the world.

        Murdoch’s pitch to buy BSkyB doesn’t look much compared to a nation’s steel industry.


      • 140
        A registered disabled person looking for something to do says:

        Actually it is not all in the papers.

        You see i have actual looked at the draft contract of employment of spads plus the code of conduct which are on the Cabinet site.

        No one in the Press has stated the obvious: there is no way any spad should have been involved in any of this. A spad is supposed to be a link between a minister and the civil service. Any information is confidential.

        Hunt should have walked by now.

        Also all spads have to be approved of in writing by the PM.

        No wonder Cameron is looking worried .

        He is probably grateful that the Uk Press is absolutley hopeless.


  20. 99
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    My uncle is a retired Barrister and he says that when David Cameron got that civil servant guy to phone Leveson to get Hunt’s evidence in quick he was bang out of order.

    Apparently it is extremely poor form for anyone to try to contact a judge on the side during a case.

    My uncle said he only came across it happening once in over 30 years and the barrister who did it got defrocked or something.


    • 125

      Its very bad form to phone a judge because you might wake the up.
      Always send a registered telegram.


    • 152
      grobdj says:

      Should have hired a retired barrister to do the job


    • 155
      A pragmatist says:

      It isn’t a criminal trial though. It is an enquiry. Enquiries are for finding out things. That’s what the point of Hunt going before Leveson was all about. Thats what SHOULD happen. Then the enquiry can discover the truth about the whole thing. I thought that was the purpose of the enquiry. Apparently not.


  21. 106
  22. 108
    Ken Lyingstone says:


  23. 114
    Anonymous says:

    once an idiot always an idiot


    come on tory boys – waddya make of your government now


    • 116
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Anything’s better than Ed Balls-up and me.


    • 130
    • 134

      The thing is anon…and please don’t get to upset..but..we couldn’t give a fu’k about Hunt.

      If he goes, so what? He’s not irreplaceable , like Dark lord Mandy was to the doom merchant, is he? He’s a culture secretary. In parliamentary pecking order he’s slightly above ‘women’s issues’ and ‘the minister for social networking.’

      Its not as if he goes and there’s a big vacancy sign there for 3 years. Or he goes and somehow Andy Burnham is going to get the job., is it?

      I know you’re from the tribal party where any sign of weakness is an opening for dissent. Or to admit to even the smallest of mistakes could be used to somehow bring down the very pillars of the inexorable and eternal pillars of socialist Marxist-Leninism. But over here you must remember two important points.

      1. The right are not as shallow and frightened as the left. Someone fu#ks up. Chuck ‘em out. PMs don’t like to, but voters don’t care.

      2. There are few Tories here. You must have confused this site with Conservative Home.

      Over here..we couldn’t give a toss. One chump is sacked or not sacked. Another chump takes over… or doesn’t.
      As long as it isn’t one of McMentals has-been Klingons to Ed’s coat in the labour party, who cares?


  24. 117
    shitbag says:

    brilliant in the Torygraph:


    1 minute ago

    It is time – in fact it is long since time – for a complete clean out of the filth and scum which has settled at the top of British society.

    The political and media “elite” and the “super rich” are purely parasitic. THEY are the ones who have been destroying this country through encouraging mass immigration, selling off our leading companies and assets to foreigners, handing our sovereignty to the European Union, and involving us in disgusting wars of *choice*.

    It is time for fresh blood and radical change. UKIP, the BNP, the Green party – but NEVER Labour, the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats.

    They are now just three different flavours of vomit sprinkled s***.


  25. 122
    HRH Charles says:

    Can missiles be fitted to one’s listed buildings?


    • 123
      Dave the PM says:

      In our simplified planning regulations, missiles, windmills and solar panels are all exempt Prince. But if you want a new boiler then it’s going to be a lengthy and costly process.


      • 145
        South of the M4 says:

        I was told when buying my first house, that I was not allowed any erections greater than 2 metres in my front garden. Frankly, it was a struggle to comply.


  26. 128
    BBC - how of the Voice! {sorry its so shit} says:

    During elections we cannot cover any one party more than any other party. In the London Mayoral race this has led us to use a fallback broadcasting standards code.

    If you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say something nice about their opponents either.

    Please vote green everyone! It makes us squeak with happiness when you do!


  27. 133
    Anonymous says:

    So, we are not in recession. Why are the Conservatives not pushing this? Labour would be if they were in power. In fact they would be screaming like banshees.


  28. 136
  29. 142


    Someone has to take charge. I’ve given Dave and co a fair crack, but, and lets be honest, they’ve muffed it.

    So..i thought I’d have a bash.

    Been working on my new paper to solve the fuss over foreign aid.
    Problem is, all gummints pledged to give 0.7% of GDP to foreign aid. No country can back out. So we’re stuck with it.

    However I have an idea. The UK will fully meet its obligations by supplying goods and services direct FROM the UK.

    For example – some African country needs some water wells sunk.
    Fine. We find a UK engineering team that wants to do that and pay for the work.

    Pencils and paper and teaching equipment is required in Chad. We source it from the UK and ship it out.

    Now, its way more expensive to supply Africa from WH Smiths , but it does use that 0.7 billion to our advantage. Smith’s get a big boost.And the contract is open to any UK bidder.

    And, it may be less efficient than using local suppliers/labour etc, but its still more efficient that giving the cash to the local despot/Taliban/dictator and letting them stuff it into the Dubai banks.

    And ..even as we give aid to India/ China, it still helps them.

    They need clothing for the poor. We buy their clothing from their factories {employment – tick} import it, {imports – net minus BOP} add a margin for the importer – charge VAT {gummint takes 20%} export it back {bop trade plus} – and then give it away to the poor {who made it in the first place} at the new price of about £5 a t/sh instead of .37p we bought it at, but hey, its still free..right? Stop moaning.

    That way we can be sure the money doesn’t end up fueling India’s space programs and such.

    Problem solved…now what’s next on the list .. fuel prices.

    Hmmm…fuel..lets see…Most expensive in Europe..right…biggest dependence on road haulage in Europe is the UK… Gummint adds 3p – 4p tax each year just because it can..no other reason…uh-huh….87% of pump price is tax ..ok…VAT goes on top of the 87%..right..

    This one is going to be easier than I thought..


    • 163
      Tory Party RIP - Killed by Camoron says:

      “No country can back out. So we’re stuck with it.”


      No government can tie its successor into a deal.

      So any looney deal signed by the well-educated inbred mong Clusterfuck Camoron doesn’t impose any limits of his successor.

      Get rid of Camoron – inbred looney fuckwit that he is – and the next PM can back out of Camoron’s looneytunes plan to p!ss all our money away in foreign aid.

      Ta-da! Simple.


  30. 151
    ToonBob... says:

    Hmmmmmmm “Off with ‘is ‘ead!”


  31. 157
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    It has come to something when the scourge of the political class has become a shameless promoter of a Sunday paper that makes the NotW look classy.

    What next?

    Perhaps a piece on whether Kim Khardashian’s arse looks big in her latest pair of tight jeans or perhaps a touching article on how Katie Price has found true love at last.


  32. 158
    a says:

    I pity the poor immigrant

    If people want to come here then that’s okay within given parameters.

    It’snot the people who are the problem but the archaic british system that’s the real problem. And of course the benign, grotesque attitudes of the british towards foreiners don’t help. Still when in britain let’s all live as cavemen hey??


    • 162
      Moohamid Ramadanadingdong says:

      I and my 4 wives is many glads you pity us!

      We is victims!

      Give us council house. No, better – big mansions. Give us mansions and many moneys. Do so now or you is ra*cists and I complains.

      Me and my wives and families also wants free houses and pensions and benefits and healthcare and schools and free universities and free dentists and free TV and free everythings.

      You complains, you is r@cists.

      PS: You k!ll everyone we don’t like or you is r@cists.

      PPS: more benefits. NOW!


  33. 168
    distraught says:

    missed it again


  34. 170

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