April 26th, 2012

Leaked: Diane Abbott’s Question Time Preparation Notes

It’s amazing what you can find in a photocopier in SW1:

Drafted by Abbott’s staffer Gabe Trodd a former government spinner it is incredibly patronising given that Diane has been a TV professional since Gabe was wearing nappies.

Guido particularly enjoyed the preparation for dealing with “Dimbelby” (sic), the “listen to, write down and refer to the names of people that ask questions”, and the advice to at least try and look as if you’re not reading the “lines to take” notes from Labour HQ…


  1. 1
    Question says:

    Are MPs really that thick?

    Or are we for listening to them?


    • 7
      Get Fatty says:

      More Abbott & Costello….from the Hackney One


    • 14
      Ah! Monika says:

      Dose Gabe Trodd fit the profile?

      Left Wing
      Comprehensive Education
      Sexually assaulted
      Ex Slave


      • 73
        Anonymous says:

        Probably private school, but doesn’t want to admit it.


        • 108
          Rice and Peas says:

          West Indian women will go to the wall for their boyz – like that one who tried to cover up for the one who killed the pensioner during the riots.


      • 109
        LibLabCon = SCUM says:

        Lives in England, does very well out of living in England (a billion times better than she would if she still lived in the sh!t-hole that is Africa).

        Hates England with a passion.

        That about sum her up?


      • 154
        EdButLookBalls says:

        Gabe Trodd? I much prefer Strode Rode !!


      • 174
        Edward. says:

        Parents, both exploited by evil white colonial empire – who were bad dudes not into equality legislation and who employed no human rights lawyers for some reason or other.


    • 20
      Out of work horse says:

      RT @leonalewismusic: Thanks to @hackneyabbott for supporting the circus animal ban, your voice can help us save these animals
      Retweeted by Gabe Trodd


      • 35
        jgm2 says:

        ‘Save the animals’?

        Save them from what? Or for what?

        I used to love the circus as a kid. Lions and tigers and elephants and seals and stuff that you wouldn’t see in Birmingham. Now all they have are fucking horses and dogs. I can look out the fucking window and see horses and dogs. And rabbits [… stand by…] and dead rabbits.

        The last time I saw a proper circus – one with lions and tigers was, ironically for Diane, in the Caribbean. Kids loved it.

        Fucking bedwetters. Make my piss boil.


    • 23
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Liebor MPs are that thick.

      Why did Guido publish the phone numbers? Are they publicly available anyway?


    • 72
      Fish says:


      Have you read the B-BBC site? There is an interesting post on there in which a prospective audience member was asked to submit Q’s which including the French Election and St George’s day question.

      Two points – space was found for this person on the already full event (might be a genuine reserve), but the fact that these two topics appear on the Trodd list (particularly the St George’s day one), makes me wonder if Abbott was tipped off by the BBC (production co).

      Seems like the BBC might be too close to Labour !!!


    • 86
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      At least she can read, which is more than some of us.Boaz.


      • 139
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        Shame she can’t write, if those scrawled notes are anything to go by.


    • 91
      Churchill says:

      Oh yes!


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes but Abbot

      Says it all don’t you think?


    • 121
      Ranter says:

      I’m surprised people watch QT anymore.


    • 125
      Not the nasty party says:


  2. 2
    Tachybaptus says:

    I can just see her reciting her 100 reasons why Boris has let London down, one after the other, while no one does anything to stop her.


  3. 3
    Babar the Elephant says:

    Urrghhh – this woman puts the hippo into hypocrite!


  4. 4
    jgm2 says:

    I didn’t see the line advising her not to roll her eyes back and look as if she’s trying to read her notes off the ceiling.


    • 28
      A Doctor writes in layman's terms says:

      Rolling eyes upwards is a sign of a proper thicko.

      They are trying to remember what to say or have been coached to say in certain circumstances. It is involuntary, like blushing, so she is unable to hide her dimness by doing homework. In fact, too much studying only makes the reflex action worse, depending on the persons level of idiocy, which with Abott, is high.


      • 41
        jgm2 says:

        She tries to hide it as a condescending ‘Oh my God I can’t believe you’ve asked me such a stupid question’ gesture. Then recites the answer s l o w l y.

        I think you have it cracked. She’s drawing a mental finger along the lines she’s learned. That’s why she recites her words so slowly.

        And that’s why she totally blows up when she tries to improvise.


        • 147
          my dad used to shout at the telly when Gordoom was on with Millitwat he just laughs says:

          jgm2 would like to buy you a drink your comments are allways on the nose and a little amusing to boot :)


      • 85
        Moby Dick's dick says:

        Yes but I notice that she can’t blush at all.


      • 179
        Mike Hunt says:

        “Rolling eyes upwards is a sign of a proper thicko. ”

        I thought it was an indicator that psychologists and interrogators look for because it’s a tell-tale that the eye-roller is lying.

        Anyway – back to QT. There was a pretty young Afro-Caribbean lady in the audience who slapped both Abbott and the equally loathsome Toynbee down a treat on the Newham Council issue. It was a delight in an otherwise boring show (not even Farage managed to bring some life to it on this occasion) and it’s well worth a trip to iPlayer to watch, from about three-quarters of an hour in for about seven minutes. The look on Toynbee’s boat race when the “final solution” was thrown back at her had me in raptures.


  5. 5
    Diane Abbott says:

    I have nothing more to say.


    • 50
      Cell time says:

      If only that were true


    • 52
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      Let’s hope not, whilst you’re on QT, Big Momma: we’re hoping you’ll say something which, should we quote you, you will say was taken out of context, though we”ll have the footage to prove otherwise.


  6. 6
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha! Looks like she’s been flushed out as a phoney, needing tips on basic manners from a lackey.

    Gabe Trodd is on the run now. If he can’t handle a photocopier, his career won’t go very far!


  7. 8
    Tom says:

    They missed “don’t eat any pies when on the panel”.


  8. 9
    don't make me laugh says:

    If Murdoch’s links with the British Government come up, it’s bound to cover the 13 years Labour were in power….


    • 81
      Fenton says:

      Dimbleby (sic) will intervene at that stage and move on to the next question.


      • 173
        Anonymous says:

        Dimbletwit should be removed from the panel;he does nothing to control them when they interrupt the co-panellist who is answering the question & last night there were 3 of them all speaking/shouting at the same time.Dimble did nothing with the result that it was impossible to hear what was being said by any of them.


    • 180
      Mike Hunt says:

      Labour were head and shoulders up Murdochs arse – they were so in love with him it defied belief – right up until he switched support from Labour to the Tories. Then, as we now know from the Leveson Enquiry, it was “You’ve declared war on my government so I’m declaring war on you,” like a spoiled bully-boy petulant child who’s had his ball taken away.


  9. 10
    nudge nudge says:

    Oh, Gabe, one thing:

    next time, keep your instructions on one page.

    That’s basic.



  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

    blame whitey


  11. 13
    God calling... says:

    … and please try not to make any derogatory remarks about white people.


  12. 15

    Give me fucking strength,there idiocy is staggering,and how much exactly is staffer Trodd costing ?,not cheap i would venture.


  13. 16
    Anonymous says:

    “Avoid references to public school”


  14. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish in future to be called Daphne.


    • 142
      Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

      We’ll call you whatever we want to call you, you racist Liebore Nazi filth. Now fuck off.


  15. 18
    Keewa says:

    She reads up on the topics before a debate?
    GASP. Throw her in the stocks!


    • 25
      jgm2 says:

      She might read up on them but she’s prone to go off message once she gets in there.

      ‘Black women will go to the wall for their kids….’

      I can’t believe that was on her briefing notes.


      • 32
        lee twatface says:

        That is of course not a racist remark.


        • 45
          jgm2 says:

          The problem with Diane is that she’s thick. But she doesn’t realise it. She can’t keep to the script because she thinks that an intellectual giant such as herself should be able to mix it with Brillo and Portillo. So she goes off message and reveals herself as an idiot.

          Fucking classic watching Brillo stick the boot in once he got fed up of her.

          At least Harman knows she’s an idiot so she sticks to the script.


      • 143
        Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

        I wish we could stand her against a wall and shoot her. If it’s good enough for President and Mrs Ceaucescu…


  16. 21
    head balls says:

    whiteys on the moon


  17. 24
    annette curton says:

    I especially like the bit about; “listen to, write down and refer to the names of people that ask questions”, surely she knows who they all are anyway, doesn’t the BBC bus them all in?.


  18. 27
    head balls says:

    why isn’t the intellectual giant lee jasper on q time we need him for his balanced and well thought out opinion and he does a good impression of a racist too which he learned from hallibut!


  19. 29
    Abbott and Portello says:

    Watts on first, Who’s on second.


    • 65
      Some Geezer wot wouldn't change a thing with Abbott says:

      This one’s quicker, and is pretty much how politicians do business:


  20. 30
    random says:

    Come off it.
    The whole of question time is one rehearsed farce with a bussed in audience.
    The questions have all been bandied about by the participants beforehand.
    That Abbott has to have a prepared list of Labour directives does come as a bit of a shock, since they will probably have been changed by the time she goes on air.
    “Lets hear from the stooge with his hand up at the back”


    • 99
      Lies, damn lies and the BBC says:

      Yes, it’s fake TV, all carefully contrived and choreographed to promote a BBC worldview.

      Can you imagine an audience of ordinary real people, and not the usual party stooges, activists and community leaders? The panel and BBC wouldn’t know what hit them.

      No, the BBC like their ‘memebrs of the public’ to be carefully selected, PC and on message.


  21. 30

    eNote to Diane Abbott: One hundred lines; ‘Do not interupt when people are speaking’ You may think you are going to say somthing clever, but your not.


  22. 33
    Oh and one more thing says:

    If anyone in the Audience shouts ” riceandpee” CRY.


  23. 36
    Dianne says:

    What, no ryce ‘n p recipes?


  24. 37
    Diane says:

    I do not remember seeing this memo.


  25. 38
    Gonk says:

    When you speak, avoid thinking of food, you’ll drool.
    Don’t look stupid either, look clever and intelligent, a tough ask I know.
    And especially don’t worry, we’ve always got loads of ‘friends’ in the audience.


  26. 40
    Backwoodsman says:

    Do something about it ! Cancel that direct debit to the bbc and get your arses over to biased-bbc.org.


    • 42
      jgm2 says:

      We don’t have to join a club to not pay the BBC to misinform us do we?


      • 46
        Don't Pay the biased BBC says:

        As far as I’m concerned monies going to the BBC are used to promote liberal socialist viewpoints so are in effect political subs and it is quite correct to withhold your subs.

        And as for agw since when was that the proven science that the BBC says it is?


        • 84
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          “And as for agw since when was that the proven science that the BBC says it is?”

          Never, but then don’t let facts get in the way of a fantastic money spinning opportunity for crony capitalist interests and crooked politicians in their pockets.


        • 87
          Lies, damn lies and the BBC says:

          Indeed. The ‘licence fee’ is a state tax to fund state propaganda.


    • 43
      helpful says:

      Its got new address : http://biased-bbc.com/


  27. 44
    Pilkington says:

    Do we pay for this berk with out taxes?


  28. 47

    He’s left off the Maddy question. That’s an outside chance.
    And he hasn’t given her a top 5.

    1. economy -0.2%
    2. social cleansing
    3. Hunt and Rupert
    4. Toff arrogant rich boys
    5. Marine Le Penn

    If 4/5 of those aren’t asked I’ll eat her pants.


  29. 55
    Boss Whitey says:

    Patronising? That email is positively colonial.


  30. 56
    The Office of Diane Abbott MP says:

    There was me thinking Gabe is a woman.



  31. 58
    Caroline Lucas says:

    Even the Arctic glaciers are in a double-dip recession.


    • 76

      Parallel universe.

      Dear Caroline,
      We did invite you on to the Today program for tomorrow to talk about how not having enough green energy subsidy has led to a blood shortage in the capitol.

      However, we have now decided you’re nothing but a deluded Marxist who treats your beliefs as if they were a religion and you refuse to allow either truth or reality to intervene in your totally unrealistic, poverty inducing, harmful agenda.

      Therefore we have decided to withdraw your invitation as we are having Nigel Farage on instead to talk about how it would be better if no more UK money was sent to the IMf to prop up the failed Euro.

      We feel that his impressions better reflect the general opinions of our viewers and conform better to BBC policies and guidelines than your rather harebrained, expensive, collectivised eco-friends of the earth left overs from the ancient ecology hippy movement.

      Your haircut makes you look like Ann Widdecombe.

      Gemima Jemma-Jensen Jones.
      Radio 4’s news and current affairs.


  32. 69
    Mornington Crescent says:

    St. George’s Day, eh? How about Armistice Day, Diane – particularly people who tweet at 11am…?


  33. 88
    Who Gives A Fuck About Some FAT Negress Anyway ? says:

    Tesco have rebranded their “Value” cider and reduced the ABV from 4.2 to 4 %. What are you doing about that, Fawkes?


    • 92
      Gordon says:

      That’s a 4% increase


    • 95
      Sooty says:

      +1. The guy’s stuck up his own arse.


    • 102
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      He’ll conduct some personal research into the matter.


    • 118
      LibLabCon = SCUM says:

      I used to use Tesco until their “Big Pr*ice Drop” last year resulted in pretty obvious pr*ice rises. For example, Hovis bread, “2 for £2″ suddenly became “2 for £2.20″ (with a big yellow label next to it (“Super OFFER!!!”), as if the 10% pr*ice rise was in some way wonderful.)

      Tesco = complete and utter scum.

      And their staff are c*nts.


  34. 93
    Neutral observer says:

    Does the advice include “speak in a patronising tone and constantly roll your eyes to the ceiling to emphasise your superioriry ” ?


  35. 97
    Anonymous says:

    And for fucks sake if you’re asked what is your position on defence don’t reply ‘paint it with de creosote’.


  36. 100
    ToonBob... says:

    Personally I would NOT mount either of them :)


  37. 105
    Teresa May says:

    How can she be a racist ? She’s black !


  38. 106
    Schools must not produce winners says:

    Who the f*ck is “Abu Qatadar”??


  39. 107
    Schools must not produce w!nners says:

    Who the f*ck is “Abu Qatadar”??


  40. 112
    LeeSouthend says:

    Isnt mz Abbot a racist? Dont think we need to listen to anything that woman has to say.


    • 120
      How did she become shadow health minister when she's morbidly obese? says:

      I dunno. It would be nice to hear her say, “I is goin’ back to my own country now, I is sorry to has been here ruining your country. Many apologies, I go, I not return. Sorry.”


      • 132
        Charles Darwin says:

        Pigs will fly first!
        Her plan is to bring Africa to the UK and not the other way around.


    • 122
      Diane Fatbut says:

      Izz yer trying to divide and rule us brothers and sisters mon?


  41. 114
    @mmmikewilkins says:

    I’m no apologist for Diane, nor any other politico, but really – is there a big deal I’m missing here? Your’e appearing on BBC Question Time FFS, you[‘re going to prepare aren’t you? Go in with at least a list of points you’d like to make? Who’s going to rock up straight off the bus, hands in their pockets and nothing in their head? Not you, I’m guessing.


    • 177
      Anon. says:

      One would think that a professional politician would have an opinion on all of these matters without having to be prompted first. That’s what they are paid for.


  42. 115
    Gabe Trodd says:

    Oh shit, I forgot to put questions on “da chickelin ric℮ and da fooking ρ℮a!”


  43. 126
    Legion says:

    She needs this level of help….

    Is she a bit thick or what?


  44. 130
    The Cornish Pasty Company says:

    We are pleased to announce our new Hackney Abbott pasty, replacing traditional teddys and suedes with r1ce and pe@s.


  45. 131
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Abbott likes to divide and rule the panel. Dimbleby will no doubt help her achieve her aim.


  46. 133
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Who is the most thick Abbott or Harman?


    • 135
      Baron Hogwash says:

      Harman the wife or Harman the hubby with a different surname – all three are equally dumb.


  47. 136
    I don't need no doctor says:

    According to the BBC Murdoch’s association with any government minister did not occur between 1997 and 2010.


  48. 138
    Yeah Mon! says:


    • 159
      I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

      The most feared words in the country:-
      “Hallo dere mon, I’se your new neighbour”


    • 161
      English Liberation Front says:

      If a white MP had said something similar about white mums there would have been non-stop BBC outrage and her career would have been finished.

      Diane Abbott – racist.
      BBC – double standards
      Labour Party – hypocrisy


    • 184
      Archie says:

      Lenny Henry in drag, but infinitely funnier!


  49. 144
    Referee says:

    To:Gabe Trodd



  50. 145
    see below says:

    C’unts the lot of them.


  51. 153
    Gay Dave Came on Ron says:

    She looks like a hungry bear


  52. 164
    Tristram Haute-Couture says:

    If you watched Question Time there can be only one question on your minds.
    Yes, it was I who designed Polly’s jacket. Test card chic is all the rage, darlings.


  53. 171
    Qt idiots says:

    I have been collecting the most idiotic Question Time audience contributions at qtidiots.tumblr.com


  54. 172
    Tottenham Chutzpah says:

    see linkedin for more:
    Gabe Trodd’s Overview


    Press Officer and Parliamentary Assistant at Diane Abbott MP


    Executive at Chelgate Limited
    Policy Advisor at Ministry of Justice
    Communications Officer at The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform


    King’s College London, U. of London
    University of Leeds


  55. 175
    Disco Biscuit says:

    What kind of a name is Gabe Trodd anyway? Has someone moved the letters around?


  56. 178
    Coiled Spring says:

    Nothing about private schools then?


  57. 182
    James 42 says:

    She is not my favourite politician. I always think she looks very slovenly, as though she is speaking from a reclining position because she hasn’t the energy to look alert. Perhaps her script writer feels the same, given nature of his advice to her.


  58. 185
    ToryWanker says:

    I was going to quip with something extremely hypocritical and offensive then decided it would look pale in comparison to one of Abbots efforts – so I wont shame myself with an inferior offering :(


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