April 26th, 2012

Clegg Adviser Helped Murdoch and Michel Seek “Easy Win”

The LibDems are continuing to claim that they are untainted by BSkyB bid revelations this week. While it is true that Cable’s SpAd Giles Wilkes set the example of how Adam Smith should have been dealing with News Corp spinmeister Fred Michel, the email chains are still damning for the party. When Wilkes rejected a meeting it seems that Michel went to other LibDem spinners and found success with Jonny Oates, the former Bell Pottinger director turned Clegg SpAd, who as Guido reported yesterday was happy to help and brief. But he didn’t stop there…

Paul Marshall, the founder hedge fund Marshall Wace, is a LibDem donor. Crucially he’s also an adviser to Nick Clegg.

Here not only does Marshall acknowledge a meeting with James Murdoch to discuss the bid, he also gives further advice, in writing, for Fred Michel to pass on to his boss:

He recommends BSkyB beef up their PR team and goes so far as to recommend his friend and Brunswick chief Alan Parker. All of this is so that BSkyB can get the “easy win” that Marshall clearly supports adding: “I wish you luck. You have built a great business and it must be very frustrating to be penalised for your success.” It doesn’t sound like all the LibDems were at war with Murdoch…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    I never meet Rupert Murdoch.


  2. 2
    lolathebeautiful says:

    What really pisses me off about all this is that a ‘free press’ is supposed to be there to hold devious politicians to account. They’re all as bent as sodding staples.


  3. 3
    Kebab time says:

    Goodness me


  4. 6
    Nick Clegg says:

    I wouldn’t have gone to the party even if I was invited. Harrrumph!


  5. 7
    Blacktar Bad Rash formally known as Gourgeous George says:

    A vote for me is a vote for Sharia



    • 12
      David Camoron says:

      Gosh, isn’t Sharia wonderful? I think it’s absolutely wizzard. I love all aspects it, and how it enriches our nation. Top of the list of things I like about Sharia is the instruction to throw hom0sexuals to their deaths from the top of a cliff. Firm but fair, I say. On the subject of h0mosexuality, have I told you all how wonderful it is? I think it’s absolutely wizzard. I love all aspects it, and how it enriches our nation.


      • 26
        Well Paid Shill says:

        Why aren’t you talking about how Chambers solicitors bankrolled Galloway’s entire campaign to protect certain business interests they thought would be at risk should Imran Hussain win the seat. Or perhaps about how Galloway had only a few hundred pounds in the respect bank accounts before they stepped in?


        • 27
          jgm2 says:

          What business interests would be at risk that weren’t at risk under the previous Labour MP?


          • Well Paid Shill says:

            Given Hussain’s history of nepotism/cronyism while on bradford council I don’t think it’s difficult to guess.


          • jgm2 says:

            You’re suggesting that Hussain would have appointed new solicitors that were relatives of his and not ‘Chambers’? Appointed them to what?

            Hussain might have been in a position to appoint (say) solicitors at Bradford Council but as a lowly opposition MP he’d only have been able to appoint one or two friends and family as his ‘researchers’. He couldn’t have put the fix in for an entire firm of solicitors.

            Seriously – what are you suggesting?


          • Well Paid Shill says:

            Hussain’s (and the rest of the mirpur mafia’s) corruption while on bradford council was legendary, that you think he would have less influence on the way money is spent in Bradford as an MP is pretty silly, no Labour may not be in government, and no he may not be in the shadow cabinet, but as you well know, an MP has many ways to put business somebodies way.

            Why else would Ayub (and his Father) bankroll Galloway? They don’t even like the man.


      • 37

        That thilly thod Camarron ith jutht a political thcavenger. Heth hoping that our beloved Labore party will tear itthelf apart before he getth to the nexth election.

        I like electionth – I had a little teeny tiny one when I woke up thith morning. Can a Pole hold a pole – yeth he can!

        Vote for me comrades – onth you’ve had jew, nothing elth will do!


      • 44

        That David Cameron ith jutht a big fat liar, tho there! I havn’t got any evideth yet, but lithen to the thmelly thock brigade howling for blood! Yeth, he really getth my dander up. If there were an electhion today, I’d be the one in the thit, thorry I’d be the one calling the thots.

        I like electhionth – I had a teeny weeny tiny one when I woke up thith morning – tho a Pole can hold a pole! (Lithen to one hand clapping?)

        Vote for ME! Onth you’ve tried jew, nothing elth will do!!


    • 60
      Get over it says:

      He used to be a Christian – Catholic persuasion but they’re all the same

      Are you surprised that a person who was a member of a cult that welcomed Tony Blair, covered up its penetration of Altar boys, sacked women from its schools for having IVF fertility treatment (“intrinsically evil”), refuses to allow contraception, demands that girls have babies even if they were raped (by the priest) and have tried to pass laws to say that life begins before conception, knows that “God hates Fags”, thinks women are unfit to be priests and bishops and demonstrates at funerals of soldiers, denies evolution and so on and so on would want to leave.

      And if you are a Abrahamic single god believer, then where do you go. You have two choices. Become a Jew (and genitally mutilate yourself). Become a Muslim

      With luck he will finally see the light (and the contradictions) and become an Atheist. At least, it was a good sign that he affirmed the oath. Pray that he also has the intelligence.


  6. 10
    Gordon Brown says:

    After telling parliament that bad polling had nothing to do with not calling the 2007 election that never was, lying under oath to Leveson will be a doddle….
    If you thought my bitter tirade in parliament was something then watch this!


    • 15
      jgm2 says:

      Thank God the Maximum Imbecile bo*tt*led it when he did. We would only now be getting rid of the jackass. That’s if he hadn’t suspended polls altogether during the period of unprecedented economic chaos and societal breakdown that another two years of the jackass burning exponentially bigger piles of our cash would have inevitably created.


      • 18
        Maximum Imbecile says:

        Leave it out will you, I’m semi retired and in no fit mental state to answer back.

        Anyway must rush just putting oven on for lunch…


      • 31

        It was the Labour plan to keep fuel bills down and avoid the difficult decision they dodged for 12 years over whether to build make nukes.

        Send every one £1,000 in £5 notes to chuck on the fire to keep warm.


        • 58
          Maximum Imbecile says:

          Even better idea, give every household their own printing machine so they can print there own money to use as fuel.

          The ultimate in devolution

          Its ideas like these that helped to save the world.


  7. 13
    Goosebump says:

    Surely the most damaging part of this email is where Marshall suggests that any assurance of editorial independence “may be little more than cosmetic.”


  8. 14

    Levenson – Day 20,897

    Rupy Murdoch – Then I said to the old fruit bat – ‘i’m sorry Gordoom mate, but hey, you’re as tainted as a kukaburra on a willywong tree. My papers are finished with you”

    Justice Smug – “And what did Gordoom say to you?”

    RM – “Well…and I stress he was very restrained..I couldn’t hear the usual flying Nokia’s at all…he said “I’m going to kill you..I’m going to rip off you’re ears and make a sporran out of them. I’m the greatest living man of all time! I’m better than Napoleon! Know how I know? Napoleon told me! Just this morning. Told me over coffee with Lord Cardigan and Iggle Piggle – I’ll get you – I have forces of hell..you’ll regret this, fucker!” –

    I think he was mental.


  9. 19
    Helpful says:

    Was the hedge fund Marshall Wace taking positions in BskyB and NewsCorp stock based on the off the record conversations with News Corp?


    • 47
      Hedgies United says:

      Why not ?

      That’s how we make a living…

      Haven’t you seen the string of Court cases against our members in the US foir insider trading ?


  10. 21
    just asking says:

    Isn’t Blair godfather to one of Murdoch’s kids?


    • 23
      Lord Leveson says:

      I’m simply not interested.


      • 24
        BBC says:

        Nor us


        • 41
          Anonymous says:

          Tony Blair is Godfather to Murdoch’s daughter Grace.


          • jgm2 says:

            Yeah we know. And Blair started a war just because Bush asked him to and rigged the information to justify it. And Brown destroyed the UK economy out of sheer incompetence and malevolence.

            We know.

            It’s just that for some reason Leveson isn’t interested in Blair. Or Brown.

            And neither is the BBC.


          • Tony the SpecialOne says:

            Bush was a proxy for God so I had to say yes


          • Earwig O Agen says:


            a Malaysian visitor remarked this morning that yesterday she had been following this case on the BBC which, when it came to the Blair years, suddenly found something more interesting to broadcast and switched away to something else. She thought that was a tad “unusual” especially as it was all getting very interesting and so switched over to follow the proceedings on CNN which had continued the coverage. Later, watching the CNN “reporter” standing outside the Law Courts she noted that what was being reported was somewhat different from what had actually been said in court. A similar comment was made later about Naomi Grimley’s (BBC News) disgracefully biased take on it all.

            How odd! But if my friend stays a bit longer she will get to understand how both stations operate.


  11. 25
    Mohammad Galloway says:

    Of course I don’t hate gays now that I’m a muslim (peas be upon me). Some of my best friends are pillow biters.


  12. 28
    jgm2 says:

    Looks like Moira’s Toyboy is in the frame too…


  13. 29
    Britain is a banana monarchy says:

    Oates is just another part of the corrupt PR/political influence peddling machine denounced by Cameron before he came to pwoer

    “Jonny Oates, the Deputy PM’s chief of staff, previously worked for Bell Pottinger and was been treated to lunch by his old employers. He also enjoyed a night at the PR Week awards, a highlight of the public affairs industry calendar, and he accepted rugby tickets and corporate hospitality at an England v New Zealand game from Hanover Communications”. (Daily Mirror)


  14. 35
    Daily Spin says:

    Roll up! Roll up! Who is next in line to lick Rupert Murdoch’s boots? Read all about it in the Daily Spin.


  15. 36
    same paul marshall? says:


    A senior figure in the Liberal Democrats has admitted to making money by short-selling shares in British banks, a practice the party has said should be banned.


  16. 38
    Leveson looks like Max Wall without the tights says:

    Is there any chance that Gordoom McMental will be called to give evidence before the Max Wall…. sorry Leveson inquiry? I’d pay good money to see that. It would be especially rewarding to watch the mendacious traitor swear on oath to tell the truth. Oooh, and while they’re at it can’t they drag Mandelson in as well? They’d probably have to upgrade the servers though.


    • 42
      jgm2 says:

      No plans for any of that I’m afraid.

      Murdoch is to be questioned on his admiration for Fatcha followed by a fifteen year window of amnesia and then he will be quizzed on his relationship with Cameron.

      I trust that is clear.


      • 46

        Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.
        Harry S. Truman

        Just substitute: Bliar, Brown and first on the list by a Huntry mile, Mandelson.


  17. 49

    OY – Guido, – werth my reply to that utter wotta David Cameron on 7/12.

    Jutht because I uthed the j.ew word – itth not derogatory if I uthe it to dethcribe mythelf, ith it?


  18. 51
    Gordon Brown says:

    Printing = Growth!


  19. 52
    Vince Cable says:

    I bet Clegg and Cameron are having a round of sticky biscuit as I type this.
    (“You first! No you!”)


  20. 55
  21. 61
    Anonymong OE says:

    Paul Marshall makes pretty clear that he is responding not as a Lib Dem but as a businessman – a successful one at that. We shouldn’t be surprised that successful businessmen offer advice to one another from time to time.

    Also despite his personal connection to Vince and Vince’s team he acknowledges the futility of trying to influence Vince on this matter.

    And the “easy win” – it’s about time there was a proper challenge to BBC dominance. The real economic story behind this whole issue is that we allow monopolies in this country and then when a commercial rival appears we put them through the regulatory wringer – no way to grow an economy!

    Keep going after Johnnie Oates though – Bell Pottinger stink…


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