April 26th, 2012

Bryant Caught With Pants Down

When Guido leaked information before it appeared at Leveson, it had not been obtained via special access to the Inquiry, instead it had been acquired through good old-fashioned journalism. When Lord Justice Leveson tried to make him sign a confidentially agreement he refused. Chris Bryant on the other hand did sign one when he accepted Core Participant status…

When he ran hot and heavy to Parliament yesterday, Bryant had seen documents about Cameron’s meetings with Murdoch, which he had only received in advance of today due to his special status with the Inquiry. The Telegraph splashed it today…

After the good judge criticised Bryant this morning, albeit without naming him, the Tories are calling for him to apologise and surrender the status. Warsi has gone to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. When the DCMS Select Committee report comes out on Tuesday, the extent to which Tom Watson used his special access to that committee for commercial gain will become clear…


  1. 1
    Guest says:

    Aint he covered by parliamentry privirlige


    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      So Warsi runs to the parliamentary standards commisioner re this but the Tory’s won’t have anything to do with parliamentary standards when they mean Hunt should take responsibility for his SpAd and resign.

      Hypocrisy and double standards of the highest order – no surprise on Camoron’s watch.


      • 9
        Steve Miliband says:

        He must have a big watch. Is it a rolex?


        • 46

          Yeth – heth jutht a big thcardy cat – I’ll thow him when I win the nextht electhion. I love electhions – I woke up with a teeny tiny one thith morning thinking about Anonymouth being bwilliantly tharp on Guido’th about that thmarmy bathterd Camaron.

          See – A Pole can hold a pole.

          Vote for a Belgian Polish j.ew – nothing elth will do – comradeth!!!!


      • 56
        Big Mamma says:

        Anymouse – you are right in that the Labour Party have sole rights to Hypocrisy – it is in their genes and they give it to us every day.


    • 10
      Q says:

      Only covered by Teflon


    • 27
      • 30
        I don't need no doctor says:

        It’s perfectly acceptable to Miliband, ask Abbott.


      • 36
        Anonymous says:

        It’s not racist to say that a Pole has served you a shitty bap. Unless of course you’re a fan of using the labour playbook when it comes to accusations of racism.


      • 41
        Mornington Crescent says:

        Pretty much what you’d expect from a smug-looking barrister who hasn’t a clue of the state of the current jobs market. Doubtless he’s got one parasitical eye on a “WAYYCIST!” claim funded by Legal Aid, to boot.


      • 45
        Emma West says:

        Oi! How come some MP can make a statement like that, but when I made a statement about Poles, they wanted to bang me up? Bloody unfair, it is!


    • 48
      Anonymous says:

      Chris Bryant is one of these people who look permenantly angry. He really needs to lighten up a bit, so full of rage and victimhood.


    • 62
      In A Flap says:

      I have to say until now I have never heard of this twat.
      the question is though, Will I ever hear of him again


  2. 2
    ooo says:

    bryant appears to be in the shit


    • 63
      Parliamentary Standards Commissioner says:

      I will investigate this complaint about Chris Bryant MP made by Baroness Warsi, and report back in six months time, that I do not have the powers to investigate.


      • 64
        Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

        You can investigate Bryant, Commissioner, as he is the one who had me removed as Chair of the all party committee on Russia, the Grand Master also agrees. Boaz.


  3. 3
    NeverRed says:

    What a bummer!


    • 66
      The Old Todger says:

      Bryant Caught With Pants Down, not being from down south, I thought I thought that was his natural garb posing in under pants.


  4. 4
    ArthurFauxsake... says:



  5. 5
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    I find the thought of him with his pants down very off-putting


  6. 6
    do me a favour says:

    Watson and Bryant really are as stupid as they look.


  7. 8
    Fat boy in a salad bar says:

    He he he!


  8. 11
    Robbie Savage's thrusting crotch says:

    Old Skiddy Bryant is going to wind up like Edward II if he pisses off old Murcoch!


    • 68
      The Old Todger says:

      Eddy’s pal Hugh De Spencer (the Younger) had an even worse end, enough to make your eyes water


  9. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    It was a rather pathetic Telegraph story anyway. Murdoch and Cameron might have been in the same city at the same time etc etc


  10. 14
    Should have gone to Specsavers says:

    And I quote …..

    Mr Murdoch described his relationship with Mr Cameron in cooler terms than his “personal connection” with Gordon Brown, “admiration” for Margaret Thatcher and liking for the “ATTRACTIVE” Alex Salmond.


  11. 15
    Referee says:

    Why shouldn’t Tom Watson use his membership of the DCMS Committee for his book on Murdoch?
    I doubt it will sell that many copies as this saga seems interminable – some charges will presumably be brought by the CPS after all this, I hope.


    • 42
      Book 'im, Danno says:

      “How I Brought Down The Big Bad Rupert Murdoch All By My Little Ol’ Lonesome, Even Though I Should Have Been Paying A Lot More Attention To My Personal Life And To My Primary Duty Within The Labour Party, Which Is, Help Pick Candidates, Issues And New-Media Outlets For Future Contested Seats”

      You mean THAT book?


      • 59
        Sun in West Bromwich says:

        It was Watson that did it.
        errr I think so – What? Nowt! Oh well good propaganda.


  12. 16
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m not unbalanced. Murdoch is lying and I declare war on him for lying!


    • 51

      That will be £20,000 for a personal apearance, please. Who to make the cheque out to? Could you put cash in the usual envelope, there’s a love. The charity is getting enough.


      • 69
        The Old Todger says:

        Tone demands and gets much more than £20,000 still there is always a mug willing to pay someone else’s money to listen to a load of rubbish


  13. 18
    Mad Dog Murdoch says:

    Bryant caught with his pants down! A common occurrence, thank god there are no pictures this time….


  14. 20
    Ken's Snout says:

    Typical self-serving Labour. Vote for Labour not for yourselves but for the self -serving, money grubbing, fat, greedy hypocritical cnuts in Labour! Arrogance, greed and hypocrisy is what Labour stands for!


  15. 21
    Porky Pig says:

    Vote Labour and get a big fat porky pig!


  16. 22
    Straight out of a bad soap says:

    The most interesting thing about the Brown/Murdoch call isn’t that Brown’s unbalanced, we knew that already. It’s that he actually used the phrase “I declare war on your company”. Who talks like that?! That’s the kind of melodramatic language used in soap operas! No serious adult goes round verbally declaring war on others.


  17. 24
    Porky Pig says:

    @Straight out of a bad soap opera. It is the language of bullies who don’t get to lick Murdoch’s boots anymore.


  18. 25
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Bryant is a vile spiteful little man.


  19. 26
    Reds Under the Bed says:

    Guido – you’re such a tease about the fate awaiting Gordon’s former rottweiler, Watson.

    I’m sure your good old-fashioned journalistic sources are impeccable as always – and, if you’d like to declare war on Watson, I reckon he’s just about ripe to be taken down a peg or two for all his santimonious conspiracy-theory bleating.


  20. 28
    I don't need no doctor says:

    It’s beyong belief how labour have carte blanche to appear on the BBC News channel at will. It is also beyond belief how selective the BBC are with what they report.
    The vile hypocritical Harman has now been given unlimited air time.


    • 29
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Fuck off with your P E A. It’s fucking annoying.


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      I have lost count of the BBC radio 4 news bulletins that start with Ed M. Demanding that a conservative resigns. What is so laughable is that nobody from Labour ever resigned, no matter how awful the crime (WMD anybody), it beggars belief.


  21. 31
    I don't need no doctor says:

    If labour are so sure Hunt is a liar, then why have none of them the guts to accuse him outright outside parliamentry privelege.


  22. 32
    Posh kids are killing music... says:

    Come Come Guido, there are bigger fish to fry than Chris ‘Pfister’ Bryant and you know it!


  23. 34
    Get the popcorn says:

    Tonight’s match:


    First Round begins 10.35pm BBC1.


  24. 37
    Ah! Monika says:

    Murdoch 10………..Leveson 0


  25. 38
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Did anyone see Balls on the Daily Politics. It makes me wonder if anything ever gets done in the Balls Cooper household.
    Cooper ” How much housekeeping can I have this week Ed ”
    Balls. ” Osborne has cut his wife’s housekeeping too far and too fast ”
    Cooper “Yes Ed, but how much.
    Balls ” Obama has invested in Michelle’s housekeeping”
    Cooper ” I’ll as Andrew Neal Ed, he might know”.


  26. 50
    Legal Crook says:

    Welsh Windbag.


    • 60
      Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being Welsh you legal crook!


  27. 52
    JH says:

    Is it just me, or does Bryant look just like Howdy Doody. Google it.

    I can’t find any images of the Howdy Doody puppet taking a photograph of itself in its pants with the intention of procuring strangers for sex, but the likeness is still uncanny.


  28. 53
    Jimmy says:

    So Bryant’s offence was leaking details of the extent to which Flashman told porkies about his dealings with the digger and Warsi thinks it’s a good idea to make an issue of it?

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer is she?


  29. 54
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    So if you sign one of these confidentiality agreements you get core participant status and errr….. Expenses.

    I am beginning to understand.

    And of course if Mr Murdoch senior had had his finger on the pulse which even he has admitted he did not then this whole Inquiry would no have been needed.

    When it comes to discussing costs i hope a large bill is not heading my way as one of the few remaining taxpayers.


  30. 55
    Stacks of sleaze says:

    Bryant may be banged to rights on this but I still want a full explanation from Lord Snooty as to what exactly he has been up to this time.

    We were told there was one meeting with Murdoch and now there are allegedly several. We might be about to enter into surreal arguments about what does and does not constitute a meeting but in any event I am sure they were only discussing the good old British weather.

    Remember that 4 or5 of them have been imprisoned for expenses fraud I think that Snooty has already ridden his luck with the wisteria and second mortgage repayments.

    I for one will refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt a third time.


  31. 58
    A pile of shite says:

    If Leveson believes a single word he has been told in the last three days then I am a chinaman.

    To know one living Prime Minister is bad enough but to know four others looks a bit unfortunate before you consider getting telephone calls from Cabinet Ministers.


  32. 71
    tony munday says:

    o Hi,
    it seems like the intended destruction of policing by consent in this country is not newsworthy?
    The hatred felt by the present Government towards the police, and the devastation of officers career plans, now denigrated as a ‘ job for life’ is not being reported.
    One illustration is instructive.
    Since Winston CHURCHILL, every Prime Minister at Chequers at Christmas, has given a card and small gift by way of thank you to the police based there.
    Guess which PM broke that habit?!!
    Please see the attached re my e petition which I started recently.
    Thank you,



    • 79
      Bob Jay says:

      Who has been paying for these presents over the years?

      The taxpayer or the Pm from net income?

      Have the gifts always been disclosed.

      What is your definition of a little gift?

      What is your definition of a large gift?

      Have you been scratching anyone’s back?



  33. 73
    john in cheshire says:

    As with Leopards, socialists/communists can never change their spots/mental processes. There is something flawed about leftwing beliefs. And the labour party exemplifies this assertion; ms harman, ms cooper, mr balls, mr milliband et al, they all exhibit unhealthy propensities. Such as lack of honour, truth and loyalty to their constituents. These entities were all there during the 13 years of socialist hell and they’re still there just waiting to carry on from where they left off.


    • 78
      Anonymous says:

      I think Nadine should join labour, she would fit right in.


      • 80
        Jane Birkin from Paris says:

        On the day of the first ballot for lunch Francois Hollande was eating asperge croustillant.

        A very rough translation is that he was eating believe it or not an asparagus pasty.

        Champagne Socialism is within 20 miles of your coastline.

        Be very very afraid.


    • 82
      Adam Werritty says:

      You are not being very kind to leopards then.


  34. 81
    Ben Graham says:

    Guido was on here bragging about his own shorts on Monday morning.

    Let us hope he pulled them up.


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