April 25th, 2012

Speaker in Gay Harassment Scandal

The Speaker has been forced to deny allegations that he had harassed an openly gay male staffer. The adviser claims that he was only hired “for the purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship” and was harassed in person and by text message. Australia’s Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper has stood down temporarily, but strongly denies the allegations, saying they came as a complete surprise…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    Jesus, Politics does bring out the strange ones!


    • 15

      Yeah, must be a requirement to be part of the Political Fraudster Class, Maybe thats what makes them good actors? Pretending to be straight for a life time must play havoc with your mind. No wonder they have a screw loose, all that closet activity it cant be good for you. Its great for the State apparatus to control the closet gay politicians as they can always be blackmailed.


    • 19
      Proper leadership please says:

      You’re not wrong. Have you seen Camerons record? Flying to Ibitha on Easyjet etc.

      It’s liked he’s a dimwitted posh boy who thinks we’re all as dimwitted as him and we’ll let him win an election based on stunts like that and no intelligence, substance or policies that work.


    • 27
      Bruce says:

      If only they’d stuck to the rules of the Philosophy department of the University of Woolamalloo.


    • 93
      Anonymous says:

      This slipper looks a grubby little fellow and has the air of a cottager about him. Is he mates with hague?


  2. 2

    Peter Slipper.

    You just couldn’t resist it.


    • 23

      He could only slipper one if she was female.


    • 49
      Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), Spe*ker, US House of Representatives says:

      Imagine what I have to go through with people making fun of my name, conveniently forgetting it’s “Bay-ner.”


      • 73
        Home Office Mandarin says:

        Do you still have that warship?
        The USS Ponce?

        Moored alongside the USS Rimmer, USS Butch Queen and the USS Twink


        • 130
          Admiral William Halsey, notifying you says:

          Yes, pronounced “Pohn-say” as in the town in Puerto Rico and Sr. de Leon. And wasn’t it Winston Churchill who described the illustrious history of the Royal Navy as “Rum, sodomy and the lash”?

          (BTW, McCartney had me in mind, not Sir Lionel Halsey. He said so.)


          • Man Illa says:

            I think there was also some senior Philippines politicial called (something like) John Henrylay Poncy) not long ago


      • 128
        Sir Brian Bender says:

        John – you think you’ve got a problem.


  3. 3
    MrAngry61 says:

    The Ozzie Speaker is even less relevant than the UK one.


    • 143

      Bzzzt wrong. The parliament is one vote away from dissolution with a minority socialist regime. In the circumstances, this nutter’s habit of throwing out 6-8 conservatives every session on the flimsiest pretexts is a fucking disgrace. For starters.

      Also this speaker has run up RECORD expenses in the shortest time possible.

      A maggot.


    • 145
      Bill Bell says:

      At least he features a sore arse, redeaming or otherwise he has something to give or is that take?


  4. 4
    Mr Speaker says:

    Christ Guido,
    Thought I’d been rumbled for a minute


  5. 5
    Australian Philosphy Association says:

    Rule #1 ?


  6. 6
    The British Public says:

    This story has no relevance to us


    • 9
      This blog is a yawnfest says:

      Well, at least it’s not about someone nobody’s ever heard of being promoted at The Evening Standard.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      Why is this included in “Tittle tattle,gossip etc. about Westminster’s Mother of Parliaments”? Is Guido short of news on a day like this or does he not care?


  7. 7
    Tuscan Tony says:

    It’s a far finer alternative to being married to Sally.


  8. 8
    New News and Old News says:

    Am I missing something or have the press got bad memories?

    What Gordon said to Rupert was reported months ago. Dave going to dinner at Rebekah’s was also reported months ago. Why are they trying to make out this is new news?

    The New news to come out today is that Dave is a Light Weight and Gordon of unbalanced mind.


    • 13
      The BBC is the real enemy says:

      Eddir Mair has just grilled Govey on the dinner party and why it was kept secret. Mair obviously does not read the papers.


  9. 10
    nudge nudge says:

    Who’s the old bloke at Levison doing all the talking?


  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

    At least put “Australian” in the title; I thought you were on about Bercow!


  11. 14
    The Sleeper says:

    Fuck….I thought this was about Bercu*t!

    With his wife getting it from any willing (or even unwilling) partner,perhaps he’d caught her with a poof.


  12. 17
    April the Shower says:

    If it carries on raining like this they will be issuing a hosepipe use order to stop the resrvoirs bursting.


    • 24
      The Sleeper says:

      If one has to partially drain ones swimming pool to stop it overflowing,can one charge the Water Company for collecting,then pumping extra water into their system?


      • 36
        An African Prince says:

        AND if you cover your roof with £14,000’s worth of “solar” panels you will never have to work again and your power will be used to power a National Nuclear Station.


        • 43
          jgm2 says:

          You’d generate more energy sticking a turbine on the down-pipe of your house than 14,000 quids worth of solar panels. Just as reliable too.


          • The Great Solar scandal says:

            I have a feeling in my bones that in a few years time there are going to be lots of digruntled solar panel “investors” who have found that solar panels at such high lattitudes do not generate the income promised.

            What I really fear though is that they will be appeoached by ambulance chasing lawyers and take out class actions against the government (taxpayer) for financial compensation.

            And it’s not just siting them too far North, many round these parts are not even pointing South and are overshadowed by trees.

            Then there is the small matter of insurance and third party liability when we get a decent winter Hurricane


          • jgm2 says:

            Indeed. It is the next ‘misselling’ scandal in waiting.

            The numbers simply do not add up. Whatever notional ‘saving’ in energy will be more than off-set by the loss in value of the house.

            Ie potential buyers will take one look at the useless, ugly panels on the roof and dr*i*ve to the next house on the list. And it will slowly, but surely, as you suggest, seep into the public consciousness that a good wind will see solar panels redistributed all over the country. Along with half the roof.


          • Eco Sanity. says:

            Trees and a wood burner are the best form of solar power.


          • jgm2 says:

            I’m liking those ground heat source pumps.

            The pr*i*ce quoted in the UK is criminal but I reckon it must be possible to source one for about 25% of the cost from Sweden where they’re (apparently) fitted as standard in new homes.


          • Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

            Has anyone considered the fact that once these shiny new panels have been up a short while and are covered in algae and bird sh*t, that what efficiency they have will practically vanish?

            I foresee a potential money rich future in companies offering ‘Solar Panel Cleaning Expertise’.


          • I’m trying to encourage global warming by driving my 4×4 as much as possible. On day I will be recognised for my sacrifice and public spirit.

            4.5 litre fuck off engine.


          • jgm2 says:

            The big money will be in franchising ‘Solar-Panel-Cleaning-R-Us’.

            Selling a plastic wallet full of glossy brochures to some chap with a redundancy cheque and charging him 12,000 quid (not including white van) for the privilege of using your ‘well respected and established company brand in your own unique service area’.


          • SPaCES says:

            Solar Panel Cleaning Expert Solutions


  13. 18

    Bit slow, Guido. This story has been all over the Oz press for a week now. Although he’s stood down as Speaker, he still has a vote in Parliament which keeps Juliar’s shambles in power. What is it about red-headed welsh politicians that makes my teeth itch?


  14. 29
    Max Biaggi says:

    Bahh!! You had me going there, I assumed it was the Poison Dwarf.


  15. 30
    Well it's a thought says:

    So we have another day with Levason and the digger, hadn’t realised how much damage he’s started to do to Liebour by being on the fat snake oil man’s side, if he gets the braindead to change to SNP then bye bye Liebour, nice job he did on the uconned us as well, will have to pop out and get more popcorn for tomorrow.


  16. 31
    Polythesis says:

    Gay Billy, you may remember him as the Mekon. Once the shadow regime finds out a politicians weakness they seek to exploit it, it gives them power over the elected official. These puppets can then get on with having good times with rent boys and salaried boyfriends with lots of travel and warm showers and good times away from the beard.


  17. 32
    Bercunt says:

    Chase me ! Chase me!


  18. 39
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Just cut fucking taxes you Tory mongs! How hard can it be?


    • 44
      jgm2 says:

      Just cut the public sector wage bill by 20%. How hard can it be?

      Or 20% headcount. Their choice. They can have a vote if they like.


    • 45
      Archer Karcher says:

      “How hard can it be?”

      Fabian Dave’s nice new, dripping wet, socialist Coalition, very hard, very hard indeed.


    • 46
      It's applicable to us Britishers too! says:


      • 74
        Raving Loon says:

        Even more of a problem is philosophy. We haven’t really settled on what the role of government ought to be, which means it is unlimited. A government without limits will always spend in excess. We need to limit the powers of government to reign in spending.


    • 53
      WVM says:

      The Dutch won’t pass austerity and will go to the polls in September, Hollande says France won’t sign up to the eurozone budget treaty if he is elected. Obummer is spending the future of America like it’s going out of fashion and we’ve got too many socialists in the Houses of Parliament and no growth. I and won’t even mention the Club Med black hole and Germany’s reluctance to put it’s money where it’s pro-EU mouth is, in the end something’s gonna have to give.


  19. 41
    ToonBob... says:

    Is it ‘cos our Squeaker has a little willy ??


  20. 48
    annette curton says:

    Peter SlippeR has stooddowntemporarily… LOL!!.


  21. 58

    Was he introduced to “Black Rod” ?


  22. 59
    Sir William Waad says:

    We wonder how anybody could ever be so dense that they could be conned into buying, say, Sydney Harbour Bridge, yet solar panel installers are able to operate quite openly while educated people nod and smile in agreement that they are doing something very wise. If somebody suggested building a hydroelectric plant in the middle of the Sahara, they would treat it as a joke, but solar panels on a cloudy island at over 50 degrees of latitude seems a jolly neat idea to them.


    • 113
      jgm2 says:

      Excellent analogy Sir William. Hydroelectric in the Sahara. Love it.


    • 140
      Madison Bumgarner says:

      Talking of Saharan hydroelectric schemes, there was serious consideration given to connecting the Qattara depression to the Mediterranean sea with a canal. The idea being to fill up a big, deep hole in the desert with water and generate electricity at the same time. I think it went the same way as the great East Africa groundnut scheme.


      • 150
        Spotted Dick says:

        Yesterday there was a prog on Discovery World about something similar in Southern California. Seems like 100 years or so ago they created an artifical ‘sea’ several miles inland to be used for irrigation purposes. Worked well for quite some time but gradually got polluted by chemical run-off from the local farms and then began to evaporate leaving an extremely salty water residue totally unsuitable for irrig purposes. In the not too distant future there will be another salt flats in California and the farms will all go bust.


  23. 60

    Geoff Randall “It’s inconceivable that Rupert Murdoch would not remember the content of the phone call between him and Gordon Brown
    and Gordon Brown says it never took place”

    One of them is Lying

    Who’s your money on ?


    • 77
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Not on the ene eyed violent bullying lying jock twat that’s for sure.


    • 87
      jgm2 says:

      At least one of them is lying. Possibly both.

      But for sure Brown is lying. He lies even when he doesn’t need to lie. It’s habitual for the wicked and malicious c*unt.

      Look how he seeks to exonerate himself from Murdoch’s claim:

      ‘”The only phone call I had with Mr Murdoch in the last year of my time in office was a phone call specifically about Afghanistan and his newspaper’s coverage of the war,” he said.’

      There you go. Right there. From his own mouth. Interfering with the freedom of the press. Seeking to dictate what is reported.

      And yet, if you asked him tomorrow, in fact if you’d asked him five seconds later if he’d ever attempted to interfere with the press he’d have said without pausing for breath ‘No!’ he would say, ‘I have never sought to influence the press.’

      Somebody should try it just for a laugh tomorrow.


      • 155
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        The really funny thing is that Brown behaves as if he had a stellar reputation and track record to protect.

        Most think he’s:

        a) barmy
        b) incompetent
        c) a malevolent cnut

        Not much to protect there.


  24. 62
    Nobby says:

    Dwarfs harassing people…. this country is completely messes up and this proves it.


  25. 64
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m not unbalanced.


  26. 66
    Rufergu says:

    I see what you did there. Failing to mention it was Australia’s parliamentary speaker till the end. Wordsmith, you are.


  27. 67
    Get the popcorn says:

    Even those of you who normally avoid Question Time should tune in tomorrow. On the panel are Diane Abbott, Chris Grayling, Simon Hughes, Polly Toynbee and Nigel Farage. Fireworks in store!


  28. 69
    You've declared war on my government! I'm going to declare war on my rocking horse! says:

    Is it too much hope that Murdoch has all phone calls recorded to protect himself legally? If he does, could he kindly release the call from Brown?


    • 80
      jgm2 says:

      Brown will simply claim that he didn’t personally press the buttons on the phone – it was done by a flunky who then handed him the receiver and so he technically didn’t make the call – and so he was telling the truth after all.

      This is Brown we’re dealing with here.

      The man whose first priority on being slung out of office was to write a book about how the whole clusterfuck that happened on his watch was nothing at all to do with him.

      He’s not just a stranger to the truth, he’s actively at war with the truth.


      • 82
        Gordon Brown says:

        That’s not true!


      • 119
        nellnewman says:

        Poor gordon. He lives on a different planet where truth is fiction and fiction is truth.

        And sadly he is unable to tell the difference.


        • 125
          jgm2 says:

          Indeed. It’s as if he has only to imagine something and it becomes fact.

          Like curing cancer. Or abolishing boom and bust. Or prudence.

          He’s like a teeny kid who conjures up fantastic day-dreams. Running around the garden pretending to be a spitfire one moment. Dagagagagaga. Up a tree pretending to be a parachutist the next. Crawling around the garden pretending to be a tortoise the next. Off in his own little fantasy world.

          Same with Brown. Ohhh, look at me – curing cancer. Oooh, look at me, abolishing boom and bust…

          Fucking mental.


  29. 81
    Tachybaptus says:

    Guido, your Quote of the Day has now been up for a whole month.


  30. 85
    Gordon Brown says:

    Do you know it’s been over 1287 weeks since I got rid of boom and bust!
    So to celebrate this I varnished my 1287th jobbie and added it to my turd collection, one for each week!


  31. 86
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Two good reasons to vote for this aussie babe ;-)


    Here’s a more revealing profile :-)



  32. 94

    I hav a prblm wth my kybrd. Battry fcked. Mises ot lettrs tht I knw I typ. Am gettng a nw battry. Thn nrml srvce wll b resumed.


  33. 103
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Two go0d re@sons to v0te for this aus-sie b@be


    More re@sons here



  34. 104
    humourless cybernat says:


    Just watched an astonishing clip from a documentary about the early days of the Blair regime in 1997 focussing on Gordon Brown.

    It features cameos for Ed Balls and Charlie Whelan but the most spectacular (literally) vision was of a specky wee Hunt called Ed Milliband acting as the office tea-boy.

    This is not one to miss, Guido and conspirators, it will eventually be shown on BBC i player but you can get a hint here:



  35. 107
    What's left of Olde Englande says:

    Why should we be interested in some Oz sex issue when our country’s destroyed by corrupt Celtic Luddites, or incompetent Posh Boys with no discernible goals other than to stay in office and achieve heir to Blair status.

    From 2007 to 2010 McDoom increased public spending by about 30%. Is it too much to ask that Posh Boy and his chums just cut this 30% so we could back to the spend of 2007. I suppose it’s too simple for them to do anything so effective and honest.

    Instead we’re left in this purgatory of no real cuts, no real growth, no real monetary policy, no real money, just PR spin to survive on.

    Lord mercifully hear us, we need the Blessed Margaret to visit once more.


  36. 115
    Michael Gove, Murdoch's liar in Cabinet says:

    I always have profound respect for hard-working public servants, when they are aiding the rich to plunder public services.


    • 118
      jgm2 says:

      These ‘public services’ of which you sp*eak. Any in particular?


    • 120
      Humpty Dumpty says:

      They’re just permanently boro-ing the dosh, I’ll have you know.


    • 123
      nellnewman says:

      Why do you think gove is in murdoch’s pocket?

      He’s finally started to sort out the educational traincrash that bullyballs left behind.

      What’s he done to offend you or are you one of those unenthusiastic selfserving gold plated pension teachers who’d rather strike than work?


      • 126
        jgm2 says:

        Here’s more of the winners from Brown’s miracle economy…


        Teacher numbers had been growing steadily in recent years, increasing by 32,000 (7.9%) between spring 2000 and November 2011.

        The total number working in England’s state school system is now 438,000 – a fall of 10,000 from 2010, a workforce survey taken in November shows.

        Meanwhile, numbers of teaching assistants in schools have almost trebled since 2000, rising to 219,800 in November 2011.

        There you go. One quarter of a million newly employed to churn out kids with useless pieces of paper. Experts in Google and Hip-hop.


      • 127
        NUT says:

        I’ll have you know we work damn hard on our tans in the six week summer holidays!


  37. 129

    Why is Alex Salmond not getting it in the neck?


    • 135
      Herman van Rompuy says:

      ‘cos he’z getting zit in da back pocket vou stupido.

      We vill break up da Britishers und take zem piece by piece unto da EUSSR if we have to Englisher!

      Mhahahahahahahahahahahaha… release the hounds!


    • 141
      Madison Bumgarner says:

      He’s not English and he’s not Tory. Keep up at the back there!


    • 153
      Investigator says:

      He’s so fat we have yet to find it!


    • 157
      jgm2 says:

      Perhaps he is in Fucking Scotland.

      Plus of course the BBC/Leveson agenda is to tie Murdoch to the Tories and air-brush Murdoch’s ties with Labour from history.

      And a jolly fine job they’re doing in that regard.


  38. 133
    Gordon Brown says:

    If you change your mind
    I’m the first in line
    Baby can’t you see
    Take a chance on me


  39. 134
    fabians are Evil says:

    Yes they will get him on his ‘expenses’ too $45k in taxi fares alone along with a taxi bill of $1,200 in just one day – perhaps the driver was given the ‘tip’ for services rendered?

    He will, however, get off as that Welsh Socialist liar of a PM will protect him – just to keep her grubby Labour party in power


  40. 154
    Sixupman says:

    Great headline, first thought was he tall like the wife. Damn it, not our man but a bloody Aussie! What a let-down.


  41. 159
    backonthecorneragain says:

    That’s a pretty misleading headline. Poor form Guido. You know what people are like – they won’t read the following paragraph often enough. Should be changed to make it clear it’s the Aussie Speaker.


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