April 25th, 2012

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Hunt’s SpAd has been resigned for apparently speaking to News Corp without Hunt’s permission, but it does not stop there. Section 4 of  the Special Advisers code states:

“The responsibility for the management and conduct of special advisers, including discipline, rests with the Minister who made the appointment.”

That is also confirmed in section 3.3 of the Ministerial Code:

“All special advisers must uphold their responsibility to the Government as a whole, not just their appointing Minister. The  responsibility for the management and conduct of special advisers, including discipline, rests with the Minister who made the appointment. Individual Ministers will be accountable to the Prime Minister, Parliament and the public for their actions and decisions in respect of their special advisers. It is, of course, also open to the Prime Minister to terminate employment by withdrawing his consent to an individual appointment.”

With Hunt up at 12.30, Guido is wondering how he’s going to try claim his SpAd was acting rogue when last night he said the contact was authorised?

UPDATE: Adam Smith says:

“While it was part of my role to keep News Corporation informed throughout the BskyB bid process, the content and extent of my contact was done without authorisation from the Secretary of State. I do not recognise all of what Fred Michel said, but nonetheless I appreciate that my activities at times went too far and have, taken together, created the perception that News Corporation had too close a relationship with the department, contrary to the clear requirements set out by Jeremy Hunt and the permanent secretary that this needed to be a fair and scrupulous process. Whilst I firmly believe that the process was in fact conducted scrupulously fairly, as a result of my activities it is only right for me to step down as special adviser to Jeremy Hunt.”

They have now admitted that there was wrong doing. The rules are very clear…

Adam Smith picture from Steve Back.


  1. 1
    Lets get this right. says:

    Good, what a Jeremy Hunt!


    • 5
      • 12
        Kebab time says:

        luvin it


        • 74
          John Yates, top cop - not bent says:

          Guido, you’ll know this, has Jeremy Hunt ever been near a c’unt?


          • Sack Cameron - Elect A Tory says:

            Bloodsports! Splendid!


          • Anonymous says:

            Ministers and prime minister taking responsibility on Camorons shift? Don’t be silly. Dave isn’t fit to be PM.

            Re Murdoch saying he never asked anything of PM’s, of course he didn’t, he got Brooks and his other drones to do the asking.


        • 137
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          To be honest, I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about this story. If any of you lot criticising Hunt and Murdoch think this is an isolated incident, then you are more naive than a new born babe. Of course this mutual back scratching has has gone on since time immemorial – always has and always will. It’s the nature of politics and business.

          There’s more corruption and dirty dealing going on between politicos (left and right wing) and big business at Bilderberger meetings – and they’re conducted in secret where no minutes are ever published.

          There’s a big scandal looming in the ‘States over Obama’s Democrat government awarding its political cronies billions of dollars in subsidies and grants to develop green technology, even though they knew the companies
          were practically insolvent. In the event, some of them did go bankrupt (e.g. Solhyndra) losing taxpayers’ money.

          I’m bored with all this feckin’ navel gazing by the Westminster window lickers and the media.


      • 18
        Schrödingers dingaling says:

        It was 15 inches, but now it’s deflated to 6.


      • 66
        rocknrolla says:

        In many respects the New Labour reign of terr0r established a new constitutional convention that no minister or PM would ever resign regardless of how terrible their mistake and/or lie.

        I suspect the BBC and Guardian will not just “move on” as they always did though now it’s a (sort of) Conservative government.


        • 73
          Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

          In what way is this crowd of tossers “Conservative”?


        • 97
          despicable says:

          Strange how as the Inquiry moved on to the Blair years, BBC channels 2, 80 and 81 all remained on PMQs. Best keep that part hidden, eh?


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            You can bet they’ll do their best to keep what he’s said about Brown as quiet as possible too. The testimony will be edited to conform to their (Labour-supporting) agenda.


    • 10
      Larry the cat says:

      I want to go back to Battersea. This place is an omnishambles.


    • 20
      Wallace and the curse of the tits up. says:

      I feel sorry for Ed. The pressure on him must be intense. At 12 O’clock he will be standing before an open goal with a multiple choice of balls and will most likely fall flat on his face.


    • 31
      logo says:

      The first thing Hunt should do. Is stop wearing that stupid olympics badge.


      • 43
        Schrödingers dingaling says:

        What the one showing Lisa sucking Bart off? It took months of selection committees and discussions amongst very important people to fail to notice that howler. ‘kin wankers.


    • 81
      The public says:

      When does Cameron resign?


      • 96
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Unfortunately for the UK and the Tory party, not until he is annihilated in the 2015 election.


    • 98
      AC1 says:

      Nigel Farage MEP
      I’ll be on BBC 5 Live at 1300hrs post PMQs


      • 133
        Jeffrey Bernard says:

        Just as well I did not listen to it, then.

        If it is true that the senior civil servant authorised a political appointee to act as to the DCMS point of contact for NI on the BSkyB bid, then someone’s judgment was seriously awry. But so was Hunt’s in letting that happen.


    • 140
      OLD GIT says:

      Usual practice shove the shit down the ranks to the poor bastard below

      It wasn’t me guv it was him I know nothing


  2. 2
    Jay says:

    Ha! That’s what I predicted yesterday!

    Smith is the new Damian McBride.

    As Gordon Brown said at the time: “I take full responsibility … and have sacked the man responsible”.


  3. 3
    You're fired says:

    Just get rid of Hunt and Theresa May. Cameron just looks like he lacks the steel to sack when he needs to. But we already know that from his failure to fire Cable despite his habit of attacking the government of which he’s a member.


  4. 4
    open goal says:

    Really looking forward to PMQs.
    Miliband will have the PM on the ropes again with important NHS failings


  5. 6
    A two-faced, lying, cheating, double-crossing, spineless, sanctimonious, arrogant ignoramus says:

    I say Chaps!! – don’t be gloomy!! – Simply Spiffing weather for the Money-Mills!!! – Wattage???


  6. 7
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    LOL….its all the fault of a “Rogue SpAd”…….on 100K of tax payers money employed by Cupid Stunt…..OH DEAR !!!!!!


  7. 9
    David Camerbroon, adding to the gaiety of the nation says:

    I am here today to assure the nation that legislation will soon be in place to enable gay people, and how very joyful and gay they are, to be joined in holy matrimony and to all intents and purposes, married. So you see, there is really nothing to worry about, we are on the job of getting this great nation back on it’s feet, and putting the great back into, er, Great Britain. So you see, there is a lot to be gay about.


    • 16
      (Music) Here Comes the McBride says:

      Da Da de Dah!

      Da da de Dah!!



    • 24
      Grim says:

      I don’t see the problem. If they want to get married, good luck to them. It’s the Nanny slime who say they can’t who need a good thrashing.


      • 29
        Are you one of de Bruvvas den? says:



      • 67
        Wayne says:

        Actually, I’d like to marry my nanny, what are the chances Dave, I know you haven’t got much on at the moment?


      • 78
        David Camoron says:

        Quite so, old chap!

        They should indeed be allowed to marry. And they should get tax breaks, too. Every man who pushes his cock up another man’s arse and pumps his semen into that man’s bowels should get a tax break for doing so, what what?

        And all school children should be tought that this is normal. Yes, indeed. GCSE Turdburgling. A Core Conservative Value. You know it makes sense.

        Toodle pip!


      • 79
        David Camoron says:

        Quite so, old chap!

        They should indeed be allowed to marry. And they should get tax breaks, too. Every man who pushes his co*ck up another man’s ar*se and pumps his se*men into that man’s bo*wels should get a tax break for doing so, what what?

        And all school children should be tought that this is normal. Yes, indeed. GCSE Tu*rdbur*gling. A Core Conservative Value. You know it makes sense.

        Toodle pip!


    • 36
      Davey Cameron's bumsex army says:

      It’s all about priorities.

      Dave’s impeccable judgement is a source of great comfort.

      As always.


  8. 11
    Passing By says:

    Adam Smith? – isn’t that an Institute named after quite a geezer?


  9. 14
    Anonymous says:

    I can only hope and pray that the British electorate now realise that voting for any of the 3 major parties ever again is foolish! Each time you vote for them you endorse their lying, spinning and failed economic and EU policies.

    They aren’t worried because they are all well looked after, long after they have left office, but you have to carry on paying for them!


    • 55
      Get real says:

      Nobody else to vote for, mate. Only three candidates in our local election. And I’ve voted postally so it’s no use any fucker coming round canvassing.

      I suppose I could have scrawled UKIP or FUCK OFF across the ballot paper.


      • 107
        AC1 says:

        NOTA. I’m sure someone will be along to say that ruining your vote will allow the {blue|red|yellow} brand of the traitor party to win instead of the {blue|red|yellow} brand of the traitor party.


      • 130
        Anonymous says:

        You are just the person who they rely on to keep giving them your votes. It is your fualt mate!


  10. 15
    Brian Paddick says:

    I was a police officer for 30 years. And when I was a police officer for 30 years I stood up for Londoners. One of the things I learnt from being a police officer for 30 years was London’s policing requirements. With crime on the rise, I’m the best candidate for London because I was a police officer for 30 years. Did I mention I was a police officer for 30 years?


    • 25
      AlJaBeeba (The Brown BullShit Corpse) says:

      Actually we did know that! – AND WHILE WE THINK THAT’S FANTASTIC!!! – KEN IS OUR BUM – I MEAN MAN! – I MEAN TALI .B.AN – I MEAN . . .


    • 45
      A taxpayer who wants to cruch Paddick's head with a block of concrete says:

      Any chance we can have our £380,000 back, please?


    • 48
      The London Ignorati says:

      Yes we do know that because of the mahoosive pension pot you got at 49 when you retired (Oh the irony). Remember, the one you forgot to mention in your accounts submission?


    • 51
      A taxpayer says:

      Any chance we can have our £380,000 back, please?


  11. 17
    Awful timing says:

    Hunt is to make a statement right after PMQs.


  12. 23
    Loungelizard says:

    Looks like a good day to bury bad news…..


  13. 26
    Dave Laws says:

    Is this another Fox/Werrity situation? Have they shared a bed? Why are they all called Adam?


  14. 27
    Brillo says:


    • 32
      Calamity Cameron says:

      Let’s hope it collapses so we can have a snap election.


      • 37
        Anonymous says:

        and then vote for another government that will still fuck you again and again and again. Will you ever learn?

        It really doesn’t matter any more which lot you vote in. They really are all sides of the same coin.


      • 80
        Anonymous says:

        You cant want retard Ed to get in, maybe they could finish the country off like they almost did last time.


  15. 29
    Anonymous says:

    There isn’t anything for politicians to be unhappy about , is there?

    You seen all the money they get with their subsidised bars and restaurants,pay, perks, pensions,redundancy and tv appearance monies.

    It’s a pity that you have to keep paying for it years after they have left office though!

    We are, though, all in this together, I am reliably informed! and should you need an extra £10bn any one? then just ask George and Dave and you can have it immediately, they don’t even need to ask Parliament any more either!


  16. 34
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    Adam Smith will now have time to revise ‘The Theory of Moral Sentiments’, muse upon the whimsical behaviour of divers ‘invisible hands’ and (perhaps) question the wisdom of ‘supply side politics’


  17. 35
    this septic pile says:

    laissez unfair?


  18. 39
    Anonymous says:

    I think Hunt’s tea lady will be the next to go.


  19. 41
    Penfold says:

    So minister’s responsible for SPAD’s and staff.

    I don’t recall that ever being promulgated under NuLab or Gordo.

    But, the truth is out there, some people seek to gain favour by buttering up politicoes……………….so that’s never happened before?
    Why do I see a left wing conspiracy to smear the Tories and N.I.?, not by any chance Gordo’s threat to destroy N.I. after they dropped support for Labour perchance?

    If you want to clean up politics then get rid of the lobby and make thye business of political lobbying illegal.


    • 91
      Hannibal from Carthage says:

      It may have gone on in the past but Millipede does not want to play the game and Cameron has not been able to oust the bugger.


  20. 46
    Weygand says:

    Guido is trying too hard on this one – just like the opportunists in the Labour Party. You wouldn’t hang a dog on the evidence produced to date.

    My money is on Hunt to survive and thrive.


  21. 47
    Sniper says:

    Hunt is the new Huhne, or Hoon.


  22. 52
    Arthur Hyanes (Comedian) says:

    Let’s call a spad a spad here. ‘Scrupulously fairly’ is hardly the best of grammar for these apparently well educated upstarts.


  23. 54
    Q says:

    Looking forward to the liebour pond life giving both barrels at PMQ just before Rupert spills the beans about them later today.

    As a Klingon would say “Today is a good day to die”


  24. 57
    General Public says:

    what’s a government?


  25. 58
    Conservative Meltdown says:

    Will Adam Smith’s Institute, like Liam Fox’s Atlantic Bridge, be shut down by the authorities?


  26. 59
    El Jezza says:

    Where’s Dave?


    • 65
      If we're lucky.. says:

      Lying under the wheels of a bus, twitching, with his intestines dangling from his eye sockets and nostrils.


  27. 62
    s'Wonderful! s'Marvellous! Guido says:

    - to see the Cross-Wires out again!

    Suggest you keep them handy for a few weeks.


  28. 64
  29. 69
    Shag Attack says:

    What is it with this government and their SpAds? Hague, Fox and now Hunt.


    • 76
      special olympics commitee member says:

      Must have something to do with the word ‘special’ I should imagine


  30. 71
    Not bad at all says:

    Labour’s Mary Creagh showing a lot of leg on Brillo’s show.


  31. 83
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    If I employed someone as a gofa in my office i would want to check everything he sent out because if there was something a bit naughty I would be carrying the can.

    Do you understand Mr Hunt?


    • 85
      The public says:

      Mr Hunt, like the rest of idiots in government, does not know how to run a bath. The same goes right across the political class.


  32. 84
    The public says:

    Cameron is a liability. He should be turfed out.


  33. 86
    Shadow of Sleeze says:

    Hunt is a dead man walking – he has the full support of the PM


  34. 87
    Jimmy says:

    Too late to try and save him with crosshairs after he’s gone.


  35. 88
    The public says:

    Cameron’s defence in Parliamnet is very unconvincing


  36. 89
    Flip Flopper Camoron says:

    Our PM is a loser, and a posh one at that


  37. 90
    Anonymous says:

    This performance is the exact equivalent of a judge in a criminal case exchanging frequent emails with one of the witnesses.
    How can Hunt keep his job just by sacking his spad?


  38. 92
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    This whole piece is based on a misconception – that politicians see rules or codes of conduct as something they need to be abide by.

    On the contrary – they are, almost without exception, self-interested weasels who see rules and codes as window dressing for the general public that are to be circumvented whenever convenient for their own financial or political gain.


  39. 94
    I like your style big man says:

    You’ve got to laugh, the SpAd has already gone, and then Guido puts the crosshairs on him.


  40. 100
    Due Process says:

    Nick Clegg looks very anxious indeed.


  41. 103
    Categorically NOT the Case says:

    James Hunt is admitting all is not well.

    James Hunt has also over stepped the mark

    Dency , integrity, regret? Get real

    Independent regulators hahahahhahaha

    Resolve the issue? He ought to resign.


  42. 105

    Adam Smith has my full support and he believed he was acting on my behalf !

    He was you lying little turd , don’t try and make out he did this on his own !


  43. 108
    Sir Trumpton Oldtwat says:

    Harriet Harmen causes a bulge in my plus fours


    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      Is it true that former trumpeter and car driver James Hunt is Jeremy Hunt’s father? Either way, I suspect that “Jeremy Hunt” will now enter the lexicon of slang, viz: “what do you think I am, a Jeremy Hunt?”, a phrase that will signify illegal duplicity.


  44. 110
    The public says:

    I hate to say it, but Hagrid Harperson has just made a devastating attack and Hunt is drowning


  45. 117
    Steve Miliband says:

    Was Hunt seriously touted as a future leader?


  46. 118
    fuck the lot of 'em says:

    Hunt is drowning, what a total c’unt.

    Fuck off Hunt and fuck off Dave.


  47. 120
    Steve Miliband says:

    Kevin Maguire ‏ @Kevin_Maguire
    Murdoch said of Brown when fell out over Sun backing Cameron: “He wasn’t in a balanced state of mind.”


  48. 123
    quasi judicial says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA Don’t mention that to East Herts District Cllrs whose remit is Planning.


  49. 124
  50. 125
    UKIP Voter says:

    The Beast of Bolsover – Bloody Marvellous.

    Just Get Out! That’s the line of the decade


  51. 128
    Rinka Scott says:

    BSkyB was a multi billion pound deal.

    Spads are paid peanuts so what the hell was he doing anywhere near the main action?

    Hunt started off well in politics but I think he has been found wanting a bit like a certain guy called Moore.


  52. 129
    Dave Laws says:

    Hunt doesn’t sound at all convincing, and is looking more embarrassed by the minute. Does he really expect us to believe that he had no knowledge of the correspondence with NI? The man is a real ‘jeremy’ and should resign.


  53. 135
    Rinka Scott says:

    Jeremy Hunt has just discovered a ‘back channel’ and Adam Smith has gone.

    He has just told Parliament this.


  54. 136
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I wonder why the SpAd took such a supportive line to the Murdoch lackey in his communications? Something entirely off his own bat? I doubt it.

    I wonder why Hunt, though it was been agreed the SpAd should be the department’s link with the Murdoch organisation, did not release the SpAd’s communications with the organisation?


  55. 139
    Jeremy C-Hunt says:

    Look, all of my advisors have betrayed me, they are all useless bastards. i know I am their boss but it’s not my fault. In fact I am the diamond in the wood shed that is my department for which I accept full responsibility but I’m not resigning.

    p.s. neither is Dave who appointed me and is also fully responsible for everything I do and has accepted that responsibility, indeed he has it in a large brrown envelope somewhere and he won’t resign either, too!!


  56. 143
    Les Abbey says:

    Is this another gay thing? Like Hague and that boy and Fox and another boy.


  57. 144
    Anonymous says:

    It all reminds me of the film “A Few Good Men”. If the order from Jeremy Hunt was for the SpAd not to have improper contact with News Corp, and the SpAd was completely loyal and followed orders, why did it happen?
    “You can’t handle the truth”


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