April 24th, 2012

Crony Crow Sues Over “Not Ken Again” Poster

Bob Crow, the RMT union boss hated by London’s commuters, has put the union’s money behind an attempt to stop theNot Ken Again advertising posters attacking Ken’s cronyism. He is wasting the RMT’s money because all the evidence is that he is Ken’s crony.

Team Ken have deliberately tried to keep London hate-figure Crow and his militant transport union out of the picture at all times during the campaign. Above is a mock-up of what would happen on May 4 if Londoners “Got Ken Again”.

The RMT boss is trying to get the crony posters blocked, yet Ken’s candidate for deputy mayor Val Shawcross is a member of the RMT and supports their strikes. During Livingstone’s first term Bob Crow served on the Transport for London board he chaired between 2002 and 2004. The records show ‘the chair welcomed Bob Crow to his first board meeting’. The favour was well received, last year Crow told LBC “I’ve never been apart from Ken. We have differences like I have with my brother and sister but overall, Ken’s a good bloke. Give us a shout Ken when you want some money”. Spoken like a true crony.

UPDATE: With perfect timing the RMT are planning to go on strike this afternoon.


  1. 1
    • 6
      Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

      Economy down the drain. Pensions under attack. The educated Political Class drowning in the corrupt system of their making. The Politcal class have structured an economic system that is Dying.

      Well done to the Fraudster elite. Well done to your advisory groups.

      Stop priniting money to put into the system so you can recover the TAXES that are destroying the capitalist economy. Too Much diverted to non commercial activities.

      • 18
        I don't need no doctor says:

        And what was the cause?

        • 34
          Liam Byrne says:

          “There’s no money left”

          • Funambulist says:

            Alistair Darling on the Today prog this morning, emphatically and repeatedly: “We must stop this borrowing!”

            Too bad he didn’t tell himself that when he was in charge of the nation’s finances (a fact his BBC interviewer seemed to have conveniently forgotten.)

          • If I wanted the UK to fail says:

          • Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

            Shame he hadn’t worked out that the massive Public Debt caused through the FAILED War on Drugs and those 2 ongoing Wars in IRAQ and Afghanistan. Great idea to get the OIL price up.

          • Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

            TAX on Energy is so high businesses and people can’t afford it and its sucking all the spare Cash out of the economy to prop up the government Ponzi Scheme

          • Dave says:

            Guido, tell all your whining circumcised bedwetters to STFU!

            Everything’s UP! The plebs are standing up for their masters! Francis is topping up his jerry cans! William’s cock is up the rent boy’s arse! And now debt is up! So STF up, losers!

          • Guido, get yer tits out!

          • Aless the foreigner says:

            What’s the big deal?

            If someone ran a poster saying I supported Ken Livingstone I’d certainly sue

        • 134
          Durr... says:

          Crow in a tie?

        • 209
          Tony "The Renditioner" Blair says:

          Apart from the collapse of morality in the Labour party that I oversaw, it won’t have helped the economy that I started 5 wars, one of which is still consuming British lives even now.

      • 19

        I thought Ken was holding up the hand of the Butcher of Bosnia, Ratko Mladić.

        At least Mladić is not as bad as Bob Crow

      • 20

        We were talking about Bob Crow who is a twat.

      • 99

        Rage – I can hear you inching towards “Kraft durch Freude” – have you got your Black shirt ironed?

        • 200
          Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

          Quite the opposite. What we need is the Rule of LAW that punishes the Fraudster Elite for the economic terrorism that has been built up over the years. State Control leads to State Destruction as the economics dont add up. That is why the WEST is in decline due to the overburdensome apparatus and phoney problems created so that they can fix them and TAX us into oblivion. A cancer that has grown and grown and is now killing us.

          • Yeah – no other civilisation has had it’s ups and downs?

            We are still better off than 95% of the world, ffs. You get to call all of the politicians you don’t approve of C U N T S, and are not even admonished, let alone bombed into submission.

            Which f.ucking planet do you live on? We are not only generally blessed financially, we are doubly blessed to be living now – in the late 1800′s around 7000 people died in London alone, every year, from horse related injuries – forget the diseases that could neither be accurately diagnosed nor healed.

            If you think that UKIP is the answer, it must have been both a naive as well as a very stupid question. FFS!(AGAIN!)

          • Media=Police=State says:

            So you aggree with the Self serving fraudster elite? Your obviously not a city man otherwise you might have a better understanding of how bad things really really are. I hope you haven’t a Public pension and are young enough to suffer the future world ran by the fraudster elite. Hope you know how to grow turnips you are going to need them.

          • Media=Police=State says:

            Mr Mars Bar. Your delusion that everything is alright as its better than what happened in the 1800;s Is a MENTAL statement. What in fucks name has that got to do with the fraudsters who are fu-king the economy now?

          • Media=Police=State says:

            You might think that turning the country into NIGERIA is a good thing but just in case you dont. When is it do you think we should start to complain?

    • 63

      Perhaps we could club together and send Bob to Egypt for a holiday. I am sure he would accept a freebie.

      The crow is very susceptible to the West Nile virus…

      • 205
        Marmite says:

        Never mind Egypt SC. Send the mo*aning M*ORON to Stoke on Trent, where a Lundistan council wants to send all those poor souls who can’t afford to rent huge houses now due to them having their benefits cut. I am sure StokeonTrentistan will welcome them with open arms.

    • 97
      AC1 says:

      Trains can (and should) be fully automated.

  2. 2
    jgm2 says:

    Bob Crwo is just using limitless union money to tie up an individual.

    It’s like the Labour Party telling the Equalities people to go after N*ick *Gr*if*fin. Tie the fuckers up you see.

    • 12

      Crow (or Crwo!) is a fucking twat who is so much a fucking twat that the out-twats the fucking lot of all the weapons-grade twats.

      *Think I have that right now*

    • 17

      Crow (or Crwo!) is a fucking twat who is so much a fucking twat that he out-twats the fucking lot of all the weapons-grade fucking twats.

      *One may always improve*

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    What about the real news that Cameroon is doomed in the polls. And by his own MPs too!

    • 7
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Who do you think your audience is Anonymous?

      • 24
        Anonymous says:

        My audience would be someone with good syntax in their log in name. And not one who is attempting to be ironic

        • 28

          The trouble with your lot is that they will probably introduce a sin tax if they ever got back in again.

        • 44
          I don't need no doctor says:

          You are so full of left wing hate that it prevents you opening your mind.

          • Implicit in your ultimate word is a condition that may not be met in reality. ;-)

          • Anonymous says:

            What happens to you lot when the wheels fall off The Big Happines Project.?

            Oh look, they have….. Better batten down the hatches there in Bromley, while hiding behind your rapier wit and punning log in names.

          • Bob Crow says:

            Bein full of leftwing hayte dusn’t stop uz from operning R mynds.

            i owpunned my mynd so mutch my brayn falled out.

          • What a world view this Anonymong has…

            Bromley, in thy orisons. Be all your sins remember’d.

          • A pragmatist says:

            What happens to the lefty lot when the wheels come off their bandwagon? They just jump onto another one.

            What happened to the union cok-sukers when they got into power for 13 years? They fecked up the economy after a non-stop orgy of spending and borrowing. Now the party is over and someone has to clean their shit up. It will never be socialists doing the cleaning up (except for all the backhanders they get).

          • Anonymous says:

            Is that hate against the left wingers, hate belonging to the left wingers, hate from a right wing perspective against the left wing? Or a Big Society mash up?

          • Anonymous. Give up. You are surrounded.

            You just don’t have Jimmy’s nimbleness or wit.

            Sorry but it is a fact.

          • the old devils says:

            “You just don’t have Jimmy’s nimbleness or wit.”

            Jeez, you’ve really fucked your argument up there mate. WTF are you on anyway?

          • Jimmy’s ideas are bollocks.

            But he expresses them well and is entertaining.

            There – that wasn’t too hard, was it?

          • the old devils says:

            “But he expresses them well and is entertaining.”

            Can I rephrase that? What planet are you on?

          • Oh for God’s sake man!

            Compared with Anonymous, Jimmy is Jacob Bronowski, Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein all rolled into one.

            And I am speaking relatively.

          • Oh for God’s sake man!

            Compared with Anonymous, Jimmy is Jacob Bronowski, Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein all rolled into one.

            And I am spеaking relatively.

          • The wheels were forced off “The Big Happines Project” by that scabby, anger disordered, f.uckwit Broon – so we really do not need lessons on how to govern with f.uck all money by the people who gave us – f.uck all money to govern with!!

            Now put your Roget’s Thesaurus down, stop masterb8ing to a picture of Lenin, and go back to your dreams of power.

            How’s that whole Miliband thing working out for you?

          • the old devils says:

            If you’ve been taking lessons from Jimmy, it’s little wonder you’re such a piss poor troll Sc.

          • You are a typical socialist the old devils.

            Reverse the roles: crime perpetrators become victims, law abiders become criminals, wankers become bankers.

            You are calling me a troll. That interpretation of the word is so recherché that even Urban Dic doesn’t even have it yet.

          • the old devils says:

            If ‘t cap fits…etc

        • 80
          Q says:

          Anonymong I am an expert at rapier wit……

          Fuck right off you brainless get

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you’ll find it’s ‘wet’ that rhymes with ‘get’. Or ‘wit’ with ‘git’. Which one were you inteding? Because you clearly got it wrong. Bless.

          • Q says:

            Who the heck do you think I am trying to make a poem F’ing Billy Bragg?

            Piss off and go smoke a cheroot or something

          • Q says:

            Who the heck do you think I am trying to make a poem F’ing Billy Bragg?

            Jog on and go smoke a cheroot or something

          • Q says:

            Your comment is awaiting moderation !!!!!

            Who the heck do you think I am trying to make a poem F’ing B_illy B_ragg?

        • 187
          Big Mamma says:

          Poor old Anymouse is a Beeboid, I have just recognised his arrogant tone and use of terminology.

      • 25
        Aaron D Highside says:

        ‘Anonymous’ is team-handed and Crow/Serwotka-loving lefties. Weird.

    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      Bring back Gordon and the Labour Party!

  4. 4
    Cell time says:

    In a “letter of claim” sent under the “pre-action protocol for defamation,” the lawyers say that making the link with Mr Livingstone has “harmed the standing of the RMT as a union” and had “a negative impact on Mr Crow’s reputation among his membership and with the public at large.”

    Bob hasn’t thought this through, surprise surprise.

    • 10
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Bob Crow has self harmed.

    • 14
      just asking says:

      How much is this going to cost and do RMT members get a vote on their subs being spent on this?

      • 23
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Mark Serwotka says no votes by RMT members for Crow’s action is a resounding success.

        • 36
          Boudicca says:

          If Crow wants to sue Boris he should use his own money, not raid the RMT coffers.

          • Bob Crow says:

            The RMT is an egalitaryan co-operativ and as sutch i rool it and have all its munee as my own, 2 do with it as i pleese.

          • Bob Crowbar says:

            I have Red Ed in my one pocket and Balls in my other, and have direct ways of getting what I want.

    • 72
      Pollys Love Child says:

      A negative impact on his reputation with the public?

      Hahahahahahahhahahaha. I haven’t had such a good laugh in ages.

    • 136
      Sir William Waad says:

      Surely only individuals can be libelled? That being so, it is irrelevant that the RMT’s standing as a union might have been harmed and Bob’s lawyers have got their letter wrong.

    • 169
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      So association with Ken has a negative effect even on a widely despised t w a t like Crow. It’s an interesting argument.

  5. 5
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Crow is a complete arsewipe.

  6. 8
    Anonymous says:


  7. 9
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Aha, he’s been flushed out and he’s on the run now!

    Trying to block people pointing out his bullyboy ways. He doesn’t like it up him!

  8. 16
    Li Ja Spa says:

    These people get £50k for a 32 hour week and bumper holidays.

  9. 21
    Steve Miliband says:

    And nearly half the population of Londonistanski will vote for the union backed lying hypocrite

  10. 22
    Desperate Dan says:

    Newham Council and the BBC have invented a housing story to feed into the Mayoral Campaign that they’re shouting from the rooftops. – (Evil Tories cuts force Newham to send poor people upcountry)

    Chris Mullin, in his autobiography, mentions that as part of Jack Straw’s strategy to thin out the number of immigrants in London he sent 100,000 of them upcountry including 1000 to Sunderland. This was the Labour Party so it received no publicity whatsoever.

    • 29
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Jack Straw applied his rendition tactics to those immigrants? Has that man no morals at all?

    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      Perhaps those on benefits may like to get a job that pays them enough to live where the hell they like?

    • 48
      genghiz the kahn says:

      This practice has gone on for years, look at towns like Hastings, Ramsgate, and Margate, large unemployed populations shifted out of London by London boroughs.

      • 64
        Jack Straw says:

        It all helps erode the inbuilt Tory majority in these towns and cities and furthers the socialist cause domrade.

      • 120
        Why won't Eric Pickles deal with the corruption in Waltham Forest? says:

        Waltham Forest sends people to Luton

    • 76
      Desperate Dan says:

      If there’s a problem it might be helped if Baroness Uddin gave her house back to the Housing Association and if Bob Crow and Frank Dobson bought their own houses instead of taking houses from the poor. They can all afford to buy.

    • 192
      Robot Tube Driver '1 says:

      Labour’s Newnam Council are parodying the 1665 cry “Bring out your dead” to Bring out your poor” and trying to export them to Stoke on Trent.
      Totally unbelieveable what these Liebour councils will not do to protect their own lifestyle and P45′s.

  11. 27
    Anonymous says:

    “Give us a shout Ken when you want some money”
    Isn’t that statement alone enough for this ridiculous action to be treated with the contempt it deserves?

  12. 37
    Chubby Brown Joke archive says:

    Little Chubby comes home from school one day and says “Daddy what’s a c_unt?” Chubby says “well son you are now old enough to know, come with me”. So he takes little Chubby by the hand and takes upstairs to the master bedroom where Mrs Chubby is asleep naked. He points to the furry bit between Mrs Chubby’s legs and says “See that son”. Little chubby says “yes dad”
    “that son is a t_wat, Bob Crow is a c_unt”

  13. 40
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Cameron has had two years to bring in legislation to ensure 50% of union members have to vote in favour before a strike can be called and like on all his key election promises he has done absolutely NOTHING.

    Bob Crow has got us all by the *alls and there is nothing our political elite intend to do about it.

    • 61
      David Camoron says:

      “he has done absolutely NOTHING”

      Bally unfair! I’ve been dedicating my time to legalizing marriage between bum-bandits, which the voices in my head tell me is the number one priority for the British people.

      Toodle pip!

    • 74
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      You pre-suppose Cameron and his fellow fabians actually want to undo the ravages of thirteen years of socialist corruption and cronyism. The evidence points in only one direction. He has no intention whatsoever, of doing anything at all about it. The BBC is a shining example of where his real sympathy lies.

  14. 47
    Gordon Brown says:

    People of Britain, I will introduce a new golden era with men walking on the moon within 10 years, supersonic commuter air travel, our very own car industry with world famous brands, milk delivered to everyone’s door, post offices aplenty, and a railway industry with a nationwide, easy to understand fare system. They never had it this good in the 70′s.

    • 126
      The Ghost of Edward Heath Still Stalks The Land says:

      We should all light a candle and pray for the return of the 70s

    • 127
      the new ted heath says:

      I will introduce a 3 day working week and power cuts, giving people the opportunity to use environmentally friendly candles, and newly married gay couples can cuddle up to each other in the dark.

    • 154
      Durr... says:

      What? No more boom and bust?

  15. 50
    Raving Loon says:

    How to win the Mayoral race:

    1) I promise to get rid of Bob Crow and the RMT
    2) For other policy positions, please refer to point one

    • 69
      Common sense says:

      How to win the mayoral race, alternative view:

      Anyone in London who (a) claims benefits and (b) can’t sp*eak English is of no value to London whatsoever and should not have been allowed to live here. (I mean, seriously. Why were they let in?) They will therefore be deported.

      The cost-savings of not having to house and feed these parasites will then be past-on to the taxpayer in the form of tax cuts.

      The reduced demand for rented accommodation will lead to lower rents, which will benefit low-paid British workers.

      • 73
        Q says:

        But who will be left to vote Labour?

      • 81
        David 'Common Purpose' Cameron says:

        Ray cist! Ray cist! Ray cist!

      • 118
        AC1 says:

        Why not ask the unemployed to also be unemployed somewhere cheaper than London?

        The WHOLE of political classes are committed to only one thing, getting you fleeced via rents (privately collected tax), taxes, and debt.

        • 129
          Why does Eric Pickles do nothing aginst corrupt local authorities? says:

          Only a quarter of the councillors in the Waltham Forest Labour group are private landlords. Clearly a representative cross section of society.

  16. 53
    Desperate Dan says:

    Now that men in the public eye have to be judged by their fathers why haven’t we been told anything about Bob Crow’s dad, the lavatory attendant and Ken’s Dad, the sailor. We need to know all about them.
    I’m sorry to have to report that Alan Rusbridger’s Dad kept black servants and Alan shows no sign of apologising for it.

    • 54
      Roots says:

      Can he recite “ole man river”?

      • 57
        Desperate Dan says:

        His background clearly makes him unsuitable to edit a national newspaper.

      • 153
        Sir William Waad says:

        I’ve never employed a black servant, although I must admit that one branch of the Waads used to own a plantation on St Vincent. I did find the Bengali harvest workers jolly industrious, though, before the Eastern Europeans and illegals took over, allegedly.

    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t tell us, you were one of ‘em.

    • 78
      Uhm.. says:

      “Alan Rusbridger’s Dad kept black servants”

      Would it have been better if Rusbridger Snr had advertised the job thus:

      “Wanted: Domestic servants. Good rates of pay. NO BLACKS.”

    • 79
      M*dbot's going mad again today says:

      “Alan Rusbridger’s Dad kept bl*ack servants”

      Would it have been better if Rusbridger Snr had advertised the job thus:

      “Wanted: Domestic servants. Good rates of pay. NO BL*ACKS.”

    • 85
      Polly Toynbee says:

      A shining example of supporting multiculturalism

      Sent from my iPad (the black one not the white one)

      • 96
        Desperate Dan says:

        Well there’s the unemployment problem solved at a stroke. Guardian readers, like Little Lord Rusbridger, should employ more black menials to do jobs about the house and garden. Minimum wage doesn’t apply.

        • 141
          And your point is? says:

          Still, cash in hand is better than being taxed so much that it is better to be on the dole.

        • 186
          Little Lord Rusbrdger says:

          Already thought of that. Wage-free internships at the Graun. £10k to us for each one. How many can we handle? Well, how many can we get? A couple of thousand to start with, I would think.

  17. 62
    Baron Hogwash says:

    London Transport is a joke – expensive, strikes every year – so expensive that you avoid going to London (which I guess is the point of the extortionate prices). The unions hold the passengers to ransom and Crow is at the front leading it with help from Ken, Ed and all the loony left.

    • 125
      London is a cesspit. Best avoid. says:

      “so expensive that you avoid going to London”

      I was last in London 6 years ago, and my main memory of the day was buying a single ticket to Waterloo at a ticket machine in Leicester Square Underground and thinking, “How much??!!”

      • 170
        Bristolian says:

        Oi avoids The Smoke loike the plague

      • 177
        Google Maps says:

        1.6 miles on foot. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a roundabout route rather than a straight line.
        You could also get the 176 bus which is free if you’re an old git like me.

    • 130
      M*dbot's going mad again today says:

      “so expensive that you avoid going to London”

      I was last in L*ondon 6 ye*ars ago, and my m*ain mem*ory of the day was bu*ying a sin*gle tic*ket to Wa*terloo at a ti*cket mac*hine in Leice*ster Squ*are Und*erground and th*ink*ing, “How mu*ch?*?!*!”

      (G*uid*o: s*or*t thi*s m*dd*i*ng o*u*t FFS)

      • 144
        Many people who slag off London don't know it says:

        That would be because you were too ignorant to walk. Leicester Square to Waterloo is a pleasant stroll via Trafalgar Square, Charring Cross and over the Hungerford Bridge: with some of the finest views of the city.

        • 148
          Hug a hoodie says:

          We love walkers specially if its dark

        • 159
          Anonymous says:

          I was born and raised in London and live within a short commuting distance, but never go back. Says a lot, too fucking depressing.

        • 174
          M*dbot's going mad again today says:

          “That would be because you were too ignorant to walk.”

          Actually, fucktard, it was because I had to get back to Guildford in a hurry.

          • Why were you using the Tube then – C.unty Crowe has them out every 5 minutes! You’d have been quicker naked on a unicycle during gay pride week!

  18. 75
    St. Peter says:

    ” Ken the Crock Crows”

  19. 83
    BOB coCROWch says:

    ‘Give us a shaaart, Ken, when you want some money’…

  20. 93
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I like Crow (he does what his members pay him for and fights hard for their interests) – but if he can’t take the heat maybe it’s time for him to collect what I imagine will be a substantial pension

    • 108
      Desperate Dan says:

      Why does Bob Crow live in a Council house when he earn’s £135,000 per year? And as he’s a close associate of Ken Livingstone, does he share the same dodgy back street accountant and tax avoidance methods?

      • 118
        do me a favour says:

        Surely there must be some in the RMT who are sick of Crow using the union and it’s funding for his own ends?
        He’s the one who’s brought the union into disrepute.

    • 115
      £50K p/a for pushing a button? FFS! says:

      “he does what his members pay him for and fights hard for their interests”

      That view might have to change when – due to repe*ated strikes – all the drivers are sacked and the tube trains are automated.

    • 116

      OK CSC.

      Hear what you say. It is a point of view.

      Do you consider he gives his members value for money? (Taking into account his pay, expenses, freebies etc. or could this be done at lesser cost to the hard pressed members?)

      • 180

        No answer from Cato Street Conspirator.

        Will take it that he does consider that Bob Crow is overpaid for what he does but can’t admit it in public.

        Socialists – you have to love ‘em – NOT.

    • 123
      AC1 says:

      Look, The union exists at the expense of the customers of the employer.

      If the union over-demands it will put the employer in a situation whereby it
      Private: Goes bust.
      Public: Privatises those jobs.

      Neither of which is in the union, or the customers interests.

  21. 104
  22. 106
    Robert Crow says:

    I luv soshellizm!

  23. 113
    I don't need no doctor says:

    One flew over the Crow’s nest.

  24. 121
    a real big shock says:

    Is Paddypower offering odds on a tube, tanker drivers and BBC strike just by chance all coming together just as the Olympics are to start.

  25. 122
    Has silly season started already? says:

    A 19 year old chef in London has had a tattoo of Boris Johnson’s face put on his leg. Asked why, he said because he thinks Boris is a good bloke. http://gordonsrepublic.brandrepublic.com/2012/04/24/boy-has-boris-johnsons-face-tattooed-on-his-thigh/

  26. 132
    This will set the cat among the pigeons says:

    Lee “you white boys are obsessed with blàck men’s tackles” Jasper says blàck people can’t be ràcist. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9221047/Black-people-cannot-be-racist-says-former-Ken-Livingstone-aide.html

  27. 133
    James Murdoch says:

    I reeeeeeeeelllly don’t reeeeeeeeeeeecaalllllllllllllllllllllllll anythingggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

  28. 140
    Sir William Waad says:

    I expect the litigation will be delayed because of ‘operational difficultites’ (staff not turning up for work).

  29. 160
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    a joke in the 1960′s had Jean Rook (a vulgar journalist) and Kenneth Williams (a vulgar comedy actor) co-authoring a book entitled ‘Carrion Crowing’

    combining the talents of Livingstone and Bob Crow brings to mind the same title

  30. 178
    Ken Lyingstone says:

    Here is one Dr Goebbels would be proud of, what is that organisation that gives prizes for works of fiction?

    WARNING, do not watch if you are susceptible to urinary incontinence:


  31. 197
    Penfold says:

    Always thought Bob Crow was a little more thick-skinned, and was able to take the slings and arrows of adversity.
    The man’s a complete fuckwit in going to law, only the lawyers win those battles, and anyway the connection is a matter od public records, which makes Crow a double fuckwit.

  32. 201
    YorkshireLad says:

    Maybe the members of the RMT would like to sue Crowe for inappropriate use of their union’s funds

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