April 19th, 2012

Sky Debate Question for Tonight:
Did An Accountant Really Sign Off Ken’s Tax Declaration?

Ken said last month: “No journalist has contacted my accountant to ask anything about my tax arrangements. I’d be quite happy for them to do so.” So we called his accountant and he wasn’t happy to speak to us at all…

We called Ken’s accountant Peter Auguste to ask him why if he had signed off Ken’s released tax declaration as Team Ken claims, he had not put his name to the document? He refused to confirm he had in fact signed off the declaration. A week after Ken released his figures they then changed on his website. We think Ken was lying and that the figures were not in fact signed off by his accountant, who would not have got them wrong when by law they were signed off and sworn to be true in his annual returns to HMRC.

All of sudden Ken’s claimed income had risen from £164,055 to £205,800 and his tax paid from £113,861 to £131,606. Mysterious.

This might have something to do with the fact that – as he’s admitted to the Standard – he “forgot” to include in his declaration a “resettlement grant” he got from the GLA when he lost the mayoralty. But that resettlement grant was £71,000 – so even Ken’s new figures don’t seem to add up. So a simple question for Ken tonight. Were his released figures really produced by his accountant or by his campaign?

His accountant has refused to confirm to us he signed them off. There is no signature or letterhead on the released figures and the document properties appears to show that it was produced by Mark Watts. Watts is the name of Ken Livingstone’s former advisor whilst Mayor who joined his Parliamentary staff in 1999 and now works as a “Climate Change advisor”. Not an accountant…


  1. 1
    FonyBlair says:

    Guilty as charged


    • 6
      pond life watch says:

      Ken swims around in some murky waters.


      • 29
        CuttingEdge says:

        With newts?


        • 31
          ToonBob... says:

          Pished as a newt more likely :)


          • David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Does he share the same accountant as Blair?


          • Bent Penny says:

            Hey guys whats the problem. Our EU masters don’t bother either.


          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            Peter Auguste must be really, really, really pissed off for being dragged into this by Ken and being made to look if he prepared the dodgy accounts Ken has produced. Auguste may not keep quiet for much longer, as his reputation is on the line.


          • Not the Newt, Anything But the Newt says:

            I hear that George Galloway is canvassing in East London for the Beacon of Islam, our Ken.

            Sweet George of Islam is calling for the House of Commons bars to be abolished on the pretext that “no one has a bar at work.” Cruise liners? Hotels? Gyms? Swimming pools? Pubs? Office blocks? Staff restaurants?

            Given the Milk Licker’s enthusiasm for alcohol free Islam it’s not surprising but I wonder how his previous record as an MP squares with the Commons being a “work place?” Any thoughts or facts on this?


          • Cameron's Vichy Conservatives says:

            If Ken stood very very very close to an accountant, then signed off his own accounts, he could probably claim – with a clear conscience – that they were indeed signed off by an accountant


    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      I’ll pass sentence

      *Looks for black cap*


      • 20
        By our reporter Snowball, Izvestia says:


        Commissar Kenneth the Red is the epitome of a Hero of the Socialist Republic of Tower Hamlets. Only revisionists and saboteurs would require this socialist saint to answer their decadent and bourgeoise charges. Is it not just Comrades that Kenneth the Red should receive the best medical treatment, befitting the Leadership of the Masses, that he should not have to stoop down to the level of his critics and ask foolish questions about his financial affairs. Only rich Jews ask such questions, enemies of the Revolution……etc etc etc


      • 143
        Yates.."Of the Yard" says:

        Here use mine


    • 49
    • 104
      Mr Werrity says:

      Perhaps his accountants work in a mysterious way similar to Mazars [See Financial Mail On Sunday – past 6 years – Public Domain] who are ‘liked’ by the EU!!!

      And of course Mazars have never used a Scottish Accountant [ICAS]- not qualified to do Accounts in lowly Southern England to – give the ‘impression’ that – the ‘accountant’ has been truthful while stating x, y, and z in court and – therefore it must be truthful …

      Indeed ….. and Scheusters everywhere …. make big bucks playing these games…
      contrary to fraud and criminal offences that are brought against Mr old joe (in the) public (interest) ho hum… could their days be numbered?


    • 110
      blowingWhistles says:

      Are his accountants linked in any way to Bernie Madoff’s, The Maxwells or even the Kinnock’s by any chance Or even any ex Arthur Andersen accountant types?


    • 115
      blowingWhistles says:

      But of course! Ken’s Lawyers who fixed it for him to be ‘not acting in an “Official Capacity”‘ [Oliver Twist ‘n all that glitters is not gold old gestapo stuff] – A Mr Goodman – I be’lie’ve – may, might, could argue that its all not what it seems …. for Ken and his accantstances.


    • 213
      M says:

      if you want to find out about how ken arrives at the figures , then go to waterstones you’ll find it all in
      “works of fiction” category


  2. 2
    Not Ken Again says:

    So apart from inventinting the internet Ken is as credible as Hitler for human rights?


    • 33
      ToonBob... says:

      Hmmmm a love for newts….. moosies, plaaaaaa’s and all things extreme :)


      • 52
        Handycock (sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money) says:

        Look we all know that Ken is a hypocrite, he must be, he is a politician. Here is some important news. I have persuaded the Parliamentary Committee on global sex trade and prostitution. which I am a dedicated member of, to visit Cuba, as I feel it is in dire need of our attention. In any case Ken has visited there many times and has told me all about it. Here is a taste of it again, Whoa. Boaz.


        • 63
          Peter Hitchens says:

          Cuba HAS got talent
          Give the lady a cigar
          Right up her bay


        • 138
          Joint Communique from Putin and Castro says:

          Hey Handy, cool it. We know you know, but we don’t want the rest of the world to know that attractive women in Socialist, former Communist, Dictatorships, have to become prostitutes to make ends meet for them and their families. You have been exploiting this for years on official business, we do not want lots of sex tourists from the west doing the same, and finding out what is really going on. Jahbulon.


          • Day Out at the Bay of Pigs says:

            Too late the Germans and Yanks have been helping the growth of prostitution for years in Cuba. The Yanks just go via Canada so their passports don’t show they’ve been there. Yep Castro sure has built Socialism, still I bet that artificial arse hole a bit of a bastard so some justice and Putin should have the doc that did his face lift shot he looks like a fucking Chihuahua


  3. 3
    Guido Sir? says:

    Is this not fraud or a crime?


    • 15
      The BBC/Guardian/Ken says:

      Only if a Tory does it.


      • 77
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Yes the BBC are only ever interested in Tory wrongs, remember all the MP’s put in prison for stealing from the public were LABOUR, yet the BBC always reminds us about duck houses and moats that were NEVER paid for in the first place.


        • 93
          Meatspin made me dizzy says:

          Ah yes, then there was Lord Archer. What party was he from?


          • Fish says:

            Yes. He went down for lying to a judge.

            Bliar and Brown and their henchmen lied to a whole nation and got away with it.


          • Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

            Several Labour peers have gone down for expenses as well. The BBC like to remind us about Lord Archer every 5 seconds but I can’t remember the last time they mentioned any thieving Labour scum by name.


    • 21
      just saying says:

      My thoughts exactly.
      Sounds criminal.


      • 54
        Stan Stereason says:

        Don’t forget all the crony clingons Ken took on as ‘adviser’, were given ENORMOUS payoffs when they were all kicked out of County Hall as well.

        Someone got £200,000, and you can imagine how excellent he was at the job, just mucking about with Ken’s stupid ideas day in and day out.

        Wonder if they got hammered as well?


  4. 4
    Popeye says:

    Climate change advisor eh?
    We all know how scrupulously accurate they are don’t we?


    • 14

      When the Titanic was sailing about 100 years ago it hit an iceberg.
      100 years later do any ships hit icebergs? No!

      So that proves that the earth is hot enough to melt and that man made CO2 is killing the planet, dude.

      So, nark! Stick those facts in your 4×4 baby death machine and smoke it out the exhaust. Along with all your pollutants, toxins and colonial poisons.

      Vote Jenny!

      {from the BBc weather page – PS- brrrr – wrap up a bit. Its quite chilly for April}


      • 45
        Well it's a thought says:

        But Bill if C02 is killing the planet, maybe it’s time to stop all booze being made especially champagne and let’s stop making fizzy pop as well .


        • 85
          Sir Aston Martin says:

          Just stop belching and everything will be fine.


        • 89
          jgm2 says:

          We should take all the CO2 and put it into fizzy drinks. And then never open the bottles.

          That way we’d be saving the planet one fizzy drink at a time. It makes as much sense as any other ‘carbon capture’ idea.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Sterling work. Keep up the pressure, sir.


    • 34
      ToonBob... says:

      Did not know whether to laugh or cry when Amstrad came out against Ken. :)

      Amstrad…… not that was some shit electrical stuff in the dark ages?


      • 38
        ToonBob... says:

        not not … should read ‘now that was……’


        • 58
          Haribo Halfwit says:

          Its quality didn’t stand out from the competition. Anyone else remember own-brand ‘Prinz’ electrical goods whose Germanic name belied their Hong Kong manufacture?

          The version 1 Amstrad Skybox was the foundation upon which Murdoch’s pay-tv empire was built. The dishes that came with them escaped planning permission and quickly made the growth in subscriptions impossible to ignore, or BBC-fashion, to simply deny out of hand.

          Seeing Sugar as a highlight of their evening schedules brings a wry smile to my face, even now.


  6. 7
    Mars Attacks says:

    Nice one Guido – make the liar squirm!


    • 23
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      He needs to do more than squirm.


      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        Unbelievable that the slimeball still keeps on lying even though he must know his tax affairs are coming under increasingly close scrutiny. Makes you wonder what the little shit has got away with in the past.


        • 53
          Mars Attacks says:

          Socialist/ Communist / Labour Party/ Union Rule Number 1: Deny Everything, Admit Nothing, Blame Everyone Else, Keep Paying The Secret Keepers.


  7. 8
    Jimmy says:

    “No journalist has contacted my accountant…

    “So we called his accountant….”

    I think I may have spotted the flaw in this argument.


  8. 9
    Ken's Broadcasting Arm says:

    I’m trying to imagine the shitstorm that would ensue if this was a Tory we were talking about, but I can’t quite get there.


  9. 11
    Question time live chat says:


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Brilliant now get Tom Watson.


  11. 16
    jgm2 says:

    Of course Ken hasn’t been using an accountant.

    That’s why his numbers don’t add up.

    And he’s using the same non-existent accountant to back up his maths when he promises the Earth to London voters.

    It’s a Labour thing. They just can’t do simple maths.


    • 24
      Alan Postman says:

      I make it that Ken earned £26.78 and paid 109% tax.


    • 28
      Gordoom McMong says:

      Do you remember when I held a G20 party and I went and told the media that the leaders had pledged £1 trillion to save the world. And in the end…do you remember the real figure, once all my dodgy accounting, double counting. Inclusion of money already pledged. Inclusion of money already spent. inclusion of future p-ledges not yet made and some random numbers that I just made up?

      Remember the real figure now? that’s right.

      It was zero.

      Welcome to my world Ken!

      La la la la la la la la la
      Return I will…..
      …. to old brazil
      That old brazil..
      la la -la l-la la la
      Brazil, brazil


  12. 17
    Kens toast says:


  13. 19

    I plead the Jack Straw/Ed Balls defence: ‘Accountancy is not my strong point’.



  14. 22
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ken Livingstone just can’t account for his earnings, and finds the whole affair too taxing.


  15. 39
    Felicity Kendal Mint Fake says:

    HA HA with Ken coming up with policies like cheaper energy and fares that will really appeal to voters you had better ramp up the stop Ken campaign. What would you rather have a Boris bike or £130 off your fuel bill?


  16. 41
    illogical says:

    Mark Watts- Climate change advisor as “bookkeeper”.
    What a sensible choice for Ken [who together with Gorgeous George G.] had already become recognised experts on Global worming.


  17. 42
    Lord Sugar says:


  18. 43
    Suicide bomber says:

    I will make London a beacon for isslaam


  19. 44
    Radio Times says:

    Prepare the large size vomit bags, Yvette is on QT tonight!


    • 48
      the stench of hypocrisy says:

      Perhaps she’ll reveal why Labour didn’t kick out Qatada when they were in power?
      But somehow I doubt it-she’d rather score cheap political points than get rid of this c**t.


  20. 46
    The Sheikh Of Arabeee says:

    Fucking lying fucking greasy fucking Lefty tw@t.

    That’s fucking socialism for you. Fucking deception and theft under the guise of taking the fucking moral fucking high ground.

    How anybody could vote for this fucking shitsmear is fucking beyond me.

    The c u n t.


  21. 50

    Peter Auguste’s name plate looks as rusty as Ken’s dodgy accounts.


  22. 51
  23. 57
    Question Time fun and games says:

    Tonight’s Question Time has a panel that should ensure some lively fireworks. George Galloway, Sayeeda Warsi, Yvette Cooper, Tim Farron and David Aaronovitch.


  24. 59
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Bring back those pikes on London Bridge.
    I think the upper part of livingslime would look good on one and be a good advert for all other slimeballs thinking of slimy behaviour


    • 73
      Tоm Wаtsоn says:

      The usual way to do it was to put the head on London Bridge and to send the four quarters of the body to other cities. But in Ken’s case, these should probably be hung from motorway gantries at the beginning of the M1, M20, M3 and M4, for the widest possible viewing.


  25. 60
    Peter Hitchens says:

    Anybody can legally call themselves an accountant
    Newt boy knows this


  26. 62
    A Countant Dracula says:

    These accounts look good to me.


  27. 66
    Post hoc says:



  28. 68
    Mass Debate says:

    I hope the Sky debate is as lively as the Newsnight one. Boris and Ken could barely disguise their contempt for each other!


  29. 72
    Bad juxtaposition says:

    Brian Paddick began his opening speech with “The central issue of this election is trust.” The next line was “I was a police officer for 30 years”.


  30. 74
    Yummy says:

    The posh girl who asked the first question has my vote.


  31. 78
    Tom Watson says:

    It’s Murdoch’s fault that I’m a fat gluttonous lecherous cùnt.


    • 161
      Buddy Holly says:

      Yeah, maybe, but you’re the one who copied my eyeglasses and hair style; Rupert Murdoch didn’t force you to do that, you fugly-ass douche bag. Go back to the wire rims and I-Claudius look. You make me sick looking at you (*shudder*).


  32. 79
    Wes says:

    A PDF file will list anyone who the software is registered to by default as the “author”.

    So a file/document made by A when transfered into a PDF by B will list B as its author.


  33. 81
    Is Vince the Heir to McDoom? says:

    2nd April, Vince visits Aquascutum, amid loads of squit about creative boom.

    This week, Aquascutum closes, my window-cleaner’s wife and 114 others unpaid for last month, she with 18 years’ service.



    Off to China, then.


  34. 82
    The great unwashed says:

    Ken’s nose should have grown at least 4 inches by now. Please can I have some of whatever Paddick’s on…


  35. 86
    HenryV says:

    These Socialists are all so rich. Ken earns a fortune. Militwats earn a fortune. Amazes me all the time.


  36. 91
    Laurie Penny says:

    “It’s scary, isn’t it?” I said. The 16 year old schoolboy shrugged. “I suppose. But frankly,” he said taking another drag on his cigarette, “Frankly it’s not half as scary as what’s happening to our future. If only Labour were in charge. They have a 5 point plan to fix the economy”. I smiled. Despite his youth, he possessed more wisdom than most people twice his age.

    As the police continued to beat the kettled students, I turned to the schoolboy again, who regarded me with a serious expression. “Do your parents know you’re out here?” I asked tentatively, careful not to sound patronising. He broke into a grin. “Course not.” Stubbing out the cigarette, he said “But I know they’ll be proud of me when we win this fight”. I was surprised by his optimism. “You think we’ll win?” He leapt off the ledge with a sudden bolt of energy. “Course. This is my generation’s fight. And we’ll win it”. As he went to rejoin his school friends, I felt for the first time a genuine sense of hope for the future. Oh we’ll win all right. You can bet on it.



  37. 92
    The Flag of Siam says:

    Why dont you just send all your evidence to Levenson so he can see what it is really like to try to do a bit of journalistic investigation.


  38. 95
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Why the hell should the taxpayer have to pay fucking Livingstone a resettlement grant after he was kicked out of office last time.

    The little bastard has lived the majority of his bleedin life in London so losing his job could not inconvenience him that much yet he still saw fit to trouser taxpayer money.

    The last I heard of his private arrangements he was living in a Council rented bedsit with a terrapin.

    Perhaps the terrapin will have him back.


  39. 96
    Dave is a wet! says:

    Boris won that!


  40. 103
    Ed Millipede Support Committee says:

    The figures almost add up. If he got a £71000 payoff the first £30k is tax free leaving £41000 taxed at his marginal rate – say £40% = £16400 tax. Then £113861+16400=£130,261. The fact that this is less than the £131601 allegedly paid is odd though. That suggests he earned another £1200 that he hasn’t declared


  41. 105

    As agreed the Prime Minister is now revealing his dinner guests.

    Tonight he had a supper with Theresa May.
    on the menu was

    large lemon
    Toast -{large blooper}
    Cooked goose served with home Office vegetables
    Stupid Tart

    The Home Sec asked if the food was fresh and the PM advised her to check the dates whereupon she kicked him under the table.

    Tomorrow night
    The PM and his wife are having a fish supper with Salmon Rushdie, Alex Salmon and Michael Fish


    • 114
      Peter Hitchens says:

      Eton Mess?


    • 121
      Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

      I hope he sacked May tonight because I am getting really pissed off with her.

      Brodie Clark says he did nothing wrong. May says she did nothong wrong. So why then am I as a taxpayer over £100k out of pocket? Why when I ask for explanations I am ignored?

      As Home Secretary she has been getting a first class salary for a second class performance.

      Because Dave does not know how to handle women we all have to put up with something which is substandard.


  42. 106
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    “This is what London will be like if you vote for me, I give you my word” said Mr Livingstone, adding “I will make London a beacon for dancing girls”.


  43. 107
    Not Your Typical Stupid Voter says:

    Well done Useless and Hopeless. You just lost another lifetime former diehard Conservative supporter and voter!

    UKIP here I come.

    I wonder just how many more will make the move?


    • 120
      Me says:

      Me and me missus – to name just two – and the family – yeah FAMILY – remember them – families – Dave? – you know, – man / woman / children – not breeding before they could afford it, – staying MARRIED!!! – bloke with a job! Old fashioned stuff like that!


      • 132
        Whites' advice centre says:

        Want a tip Call Me Dave?

        Shut up!

        Everytime you open that mouth of yours and the toned down OE vowels spew out you blow it.

        On the other hand carry on……


  44. 108
    Anonymous says:

    I think Boris was right, Ken IS a fucking liar.


    • 121
      Not Your Typical Stupid Voter says:

      Don’t wish to be rude, but anyone with 2 brain cells knows Ken Livingstone is and has been for many years a ****ing liar.

      Why bother to repeat it?


  45. 110
    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      Yeah Dave, get a fucking grip, we don’t want to hear about hoodies, huskies, gays or pasties ffs.


    • 118
      Who has the balls to dump the useless tosser? says:

      They just sit and cheer the useless twat – instead of booting the stupid bugger out – wiat a minute though – they’d need a bit of insight – tough one that!

      Vote UKIP!!!! spare yourselves the pain lads!


  46. 127
    Eeeee ba Gum Vet Cooped up Bollocks says:

    See my saucy off the shoulder blouse in the HoC today? I’ll get em out for yer one day! – just keep watching for a real treat!


  47. 130
    Gordon Brown says:

    I come from a long line of sheep shagging morons.


  48. 136
    Common Sense says:

    “sometimes I wish I could just put him on a plane and take him there myself”

    After 11 years of funding this undesriable Cleric why don’t you just put him on a plane?

    “well, we have to obey the Law”

    Suggestion: Dump Europe (remember the Cast Iron Guarantee?), abide by OUR Laws and kick the tosser out back to Jordan.

    If you like I’ll fly the aircraft.


    • 140
      By Passer says:

      With you there CS!

      Dave – hear that? Just put the f*cker on the plane! Dump the EUSSR!


    • 145
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Perhaps they could make the plane fly into a mountain…by accident of course


    • 160
      Britain - a now ruined country. says:

      Hi Common Sense = the fact of the matter is that common sense is just what is missing from the whole bunch of so called leaders of this country, a large number of the general public could do with an injection of common sense as well.


  49. 139
    Maggies Pearl Necklace says:

    Listen I am an accountant, I have checked Ken’s figures, his double entry procedures and can confirm he is indeed a c u n t.


  50. 142
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Just what does labour stand for?
    For 8 years they did nothing to get rid of Qatada. Now they attack Teresa May for trying to get him deported.
    Just what is it with spiteful labour, when they would sooner side with a terrorist.
    So now labour condone racism, tax avoidance, terrorism and rendition. Labour are the party of evil.
    Blair sent people to their deaths.
    Brown ruined the UK financially.
    Straw and Miliband were complicit in rendtion.
    Abbott is a racist.


  51. 153
    Who the ***k would be lieve it????? says:

    Catarr dah could be free wivin days – (Teleg)


  52. 154
    Question Time fun and games says:

    It kicked off nicely a moment ago on Question Time. Sparks flew between Galloway and Aaronovitch. It’ll be in the papers tomorrow.


    • 159
      Teresa another Useless Muppet says:

      Another two undesribales who should be deported


    • 162
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      What kicked off?


    • 167

      Aaronovitch, Galloway, Fallon, Cooper.

      4 ex communists on the panel.
      5 if you count Dimbleby.


      • 176
        WVM says:

        lol, indeed


      • 183
        not a machine says:

        I laughed at Mr Galloways accusation at communist come Blair Lacky on Arronovitch , never thought that one would get an airing , Yvette got one or two interesting lines in , although think Theresa May line stinks even though on plenty of todays papers , face of it does look like unfortuante error , but clearly primed , hope Ken sees how ridiculous procedure is , after EU love all this time .

        Skys mayoral debate was well managed by skys Anna , but a bit hard going once hour was done . TFL debt didnt get much airing , despite Kens claims he knew what he was doing with transport , Union question was about as comedic as you could wish for , Lib dem nor Ken said obvious thing that considering situation strike threat is just plain wrong .

        Portillio cant bring himself to Boris , the bias of london politics has sometimes puzzled me , they get one of the most intellgent long term mayors for a generation , whose approach to council tax is generating wealth , who brings some flair and tours every borugh wether election or not , a slightly eccentric style sometimes missing clarity , but you know he knows his city its institutions and meanings right down to street markets and he represents them , to a better working ideal . If you want Kens never ending expense ,debt and global socialist confernce hub again , or the fact that Mr Paddick complains about met racisim despite being senior in that very same force retiring on 32 yrs service . I mean I know it doesnt seem that way in these election debates , but Boris can deliver best long term health for municipal workings for a generation , I mean if he screws up does anyone honestly think either of the others could have done it better ?? He just has to confound those that try and frame him as too intellectual and not forget how bad it was before he took office , with its spin departments and non jobs .

        Ms Seighart , Harriet proebely exploded , funnily enough cant remember much about what she talked about , Doh .


  53. 163
    MILF Watch says:

    Guido has the tissues ready for Mary Ann Sieghart’s maid outfit on This Week.


  54. 164
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Warsi just car-crashed on QT and let Mrs. Bollox walk all over her.

    We really are, well and truly fucked.


  55. 168
    ddd says:

    Warsi, Balls…..two idiots.


  56. 169
    Anonymous says:

    whilst the elderley are being turned into penuary and the disabled are being murdered, what do we want to talk about? – ken fucking livingstone!!!

    what did you do in the war daddy? oh, we gossiped about ken


    • 174
      JH says:

      What did you do in the war Daddy?

      Oh, I went to a blog I didn’t agree with and hammered out ill-thought out, badly spelt, grammatically appalling missives at the other commenters. That showed them.

      I was doing it on behalf of my hero Ken. He was utterly corrupt and clapped out, but he was on my side so it was OK.

      Why is your hand there, Daddy?


    • 178
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      We may gossip about Ken, but Labour fucktards actually want to vote for him.


      • 190
        anonymous says:

        What have we here, another millionaire who has no quarrel with a fascist government? You’re funny and your comment makes so many assumptions that it may as well become the law of the land. Who cares about democracy and duty of care????


    • 189
      anonymous says:

      the blind leading the blind


  57. 173
    This Week says:

    So Portillo is voting UKIP for london Mayor. Boris is mad for being against a third Heathrow runway.


  58. 177
    Babe Watch says:

    I don’t know her name but the newsreader on Sky News right now is a goddess. I bet she gives good head… lines.


  59. 179
    Person of Colour says:


  60. 180
  61. 182
    Diane Abbott says:


  62. 187
    Sans Culottes says:

    Give George Galloway a parliamentary office immediately !! —

    preferably fitted with a staitonery gulliotine so he may accidentally sever his writing hand ??


  63. 188
    Gordon Brown says:

    When I’m depressed I like to stuff crabsticks up my bottom and read the Beano.


  64. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Just don’t play their game!

    The 3 major parties obtain their legitimacy from “YOU” by you voting for them!

    You allow them to cheat, you allow them to continue to pursue a united states of Europe dominated by Germany.

    So don’t vote for them.

    Don’t ever moan when they fuck you up again with yet another treaty on Europe that they “veto” but goes ahead any way! You have been well and truly warned now!


  65. 194
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron should join the Libdems. He is the worst “Conservative” pm since Edward Heath! Him and Neville would do well together.


    • 197
      Let the Punishment fit the Crime says:

      They all deserve terrible things, – but as the current arsehole is the only one still about, he can take his share + that of the others.


  66. 195
    That pikcha in't previous thread .... says:

    Does she smell of carbolic?

    If so ….. PHWOOOOARRHHHH!!!!!


  67. 200
    There Is a May - says:

    - or There Is NOT!!

    Will she stay – or will she go?


  68. 201
    ukiplocal says:

    Climate change advisers have always been creative with numbers.

    Is there not a case for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (or Scotland if he is a member there), to investigate the professional competence of the accountant?


  69. 202
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    It is a well known fact that Christine Lagarde is sniffing around for money.

    It is a little known fact that the UK Parliament can give her up to 10 billion pounds of tax payers money without any parliamentary debate or real scrutiny until 2015.

    Arguing about four year old tax returns no matter how obviously concoted is a really smart move.


  70. 203

    Someone whose identity I shall protect but whose name begins with Neo … does not appe@r to be an early riser.


  71. 206
    Anonymous says:

    This is the meaning of the word, “VETO”

    A veto, Latin for “I forbid”, is the power of an officer of the state to unilaterally stop an official action, especially enactment of a piece of legislation.

    A veto only gives power to stop changes, not to adopt them. The veto therefore conveys to its holder an ability to protect the STATUS QUO.

    Looks like Cameron never took English at ETON!


  72. 209
    MB. says:

    Has anyone checked that none of the London Mayoral candidates are dummies?

    Woman arrested after shop dummy entered as Aberdeen council election candidate



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