April 12th, 2012

The Empire Strikes Back

As if by magic, Labour Birmingham Mayor wannabe Siôn Simon has waded into a row entirely manufactured by his allies in Westminster. After Harman and Watson took flack from their colleagues for suggesting that MPs should be banned from triggering by-elections in order give Simon a clear run, he has been able to ride in like a white knight and declare that the plan could not work. There’s one small catch though…

Writing in the Birmingham Post, the union-backed Brownite calls for his rival (either Liam Byrne or Gilesa Stuart) to meet the costs of any by-election from their own pocket:

“Sitting Labour MPs should now be allowed to stand. They should sign undertakings to abide by the result and not to run as independents if they lose, and perhaps also to repay to the Labour party and the Exchequer the cost of their by-elections if they win.”

Wasting taxpayers money is something our Siôn knows all about it. He managed to siphon £21,000 of public money to his sister before being caught red-handed. As an MP he was able to merely pay back the money. As a Mayor in all likelihood he would have been done on corruption charges…


  1. 1
    Well thats cleared that up. says:

    Should Liam Bryne be a dark Lord?


  2. 2
    Sizzla says:

    As well as siphoning expenses, he’s got a mean and vindictive streak (sounds just like Ken)

    Watch him lose it as the video goes on:


    • 24
      silly idea of the week says:

      He’s even more of a twat than I thought.
      And Labour think he’s potentially the right person to run Britain’s second city?!?


    • 29
      simon r says:

      i want to punch that face until my fists bleed


    • 34
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      If he wanted to make a serious political point, there are much better ways of doing it.

      Perhaps it is Mr Simon (as he is standing for Mayor) who wants to appeal to the younger generation, and to do that, he has to take on a very second-rate acting role.

      Not funny at all, and shows Mr Simon for what he is.


  3. 3
    Sir Trumpton Oldtwat says:

    Labour by-elections have got expensive since they put VAT on Gregg’s pasties.


    • 25
      Messrs Milliband, Balls and Reeves says:

      True, it cost us a fortune in Bradford, had we known Galloway was in Blackburn campaigning we could have had the day off!


  4. 4
    Maximus says:

    Instead of a lard dork you mean?


  5. 5
    • 12
      just asking says:

      If he can’t keep track of something as basic as changes in MP’s expenses rules, how is he going to run Birmingham?


      • 22
        Q says:

        Into the ground


      • 80
        Backwoodsman says:

        Socialist wet dream, isn’t it , a £2 billion budget to spread round the troops. It’ll be like a rugby town in France before it wasa legal to pay players – lots of fuckin enormous ‘gardeners’ tending the Municipal flower beds and nipping off to training every afternoon.


  6. 6
    Andrew Efiong says:

    You don’t need to be Yoda to see Labour are trying to rig the vote before it’s even been called.


  7. 7
    BBC says:

    Rest assured that with all Mayoral races we will exclude UKIP and include the Greens regardless of how much higher UKIP sit in the polling.


  8. 8
    Groucho Marxist says:

    That a pitiful berk like Sion Simon is Labour’s preferred candidate for the mayorship of England’s second-largest city tells you everything you need to know about Labour.


    • 14
      stench says:

      Like their preferred candidate in London being hypocritical tax cheat Livingstone?


    • 20
      Fat Presclott says:

      I could be mayor, me.
      And bein’ mayor of one of the 2nd largest cities in Europe.. Well, thaddabe grand.
      I’ve been a number two before, you know?

      Tony Blair once told me that I was like the biggest number two he’d ever spied.
      He said I could fill an entire cistern with my magnificent effluence of number twoness.

      Aye, big Tone said that of me. Made me proud. proud..and a little hungry.

      Got any buns..or some kiwi on pizza?


    • 59
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Simon is one of the biggest bell-ends in public life. It is almost inconceivable that Labour thinks he will make a good mayor.


  9. 10
    Judge Dreadful says:

    Why is that man not in prison?


  10. 15

    Baldemort and Jacqueline Dromey. Are all Liebour sleazebags baldies ??


  11. 18
    Chris says:

    I always assumed Siôn Simon was a woman. Evidently not…


  12. 32
    Owen Jones says:

    I love socialists normally but let’s face it, Ken is lying ‘James Blunt’.


  13. 37
    Crook Watch says:

    £20,000 you must be joking Guido, it was far in excess of that. £20,00 is just the small bit he paid back

    “Between 2004 and 2008, Mr Simon claimed £81,000 in allowances for the flat, including £44,000 in rent and another £37,000 to pay for household bills and food.”


    One has to question if he is a fit and proper person to be the Mayor of our second city.


  14. 38
    Q says:

    Siôn – such a traditional Birmingham name.


    • 60
      Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

      This bloke’s claim that his spoof of Cameron is ‘funny’ is even more bent than his expenses claims. He’s about as funny as root canal surgery. Well, (s)he is Liebour, so what do you expect?


    • 77
      Birmighamistan Muslim says:


      Sounds like Zion.

      We should cast the fop haired infidel off the Bullring.


  15. 39
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    That could be a little harsh there. You don’t actually know whether he wasted that £21k.


  16. 45
    Baron Kinnock says:

    Me and Glynis are thinking of standing as a sort of double act. What pensions do they pay?


  17. 47
    bald old git says:


    An MP sits as an individual and may decide whether or not to continue to sit in the House of Commons. Should he choose no longer to represent his constituency, perhaps having been elected to another post which he judges or the law states cannot be combined with that of representing a parliamentary constituency, there are procedures for doing so.

    A political party interfering with this right is behaving counter democratically. If the election to the mayoralty of Birmingham is open, it is open. A party seeking to intimidate a potential candidate in such an election or restricting the options available to a sitting member of parliament is, arguably, not fit to be trusted with the responsibility of government or opposition.

    The parties are seeking to run the machinery of government in a way beyond their power. Perhaps someone could raise this with Mr Speaker; an imaginative point of order might be made, asking Mr Speaker’s opinion on Mr Simon’s remarks.


  18. 48
    George Zimmerman says:

    What kind of a world do we live in when a man can’t blow away an unarmed n****r who went to the shop to buy Skittles and get away with it? I shouldn’t be charged, I should be awarded. And I know most of you agree with me.


    • 50
      ModBot says:

      Sick Labour Troll utterly disgusting cretin!


      • 52
        George Zimmerman says:

        Don’t say that! All you have to do is read the many glorious comments in support of me!


        • 55

          The only support you should get is a hemp necktie – YOU can find out about strange fruit then, you contemptuous twat.

          If it was a “joke”… way, way, way off line.

          Are you Frankie Boyle? I claim my free Jordon “joke”


          • George Zimmerman says:

            But, my fellow man, only last week there were glorious comments in support of my friend Mr Anders Britvik.


          • Groucho Marxist says:

            Look kidda, Uni starts again in a couple of weeks and that 250-word Womens Studies essay won’t write itself.

            Run along.


      • 54
        Sir Trumpton Oldtwat says:

        Labour trolls were put on latrine duties in my day.


  19. 49
    Some Geezer wot wonders who's behind Simple Simon's brilliant idea says:

    So, unless I just lost all reading comprehension, Simple Simon is saying, “MP’s shouldn’t contest these elections– well, OK, we can’t really stop them, but we’ll make THEM have to pay for the campaign to fill their old seat should they win,” an in-terrorem clause if ever there was one. I mean, what politician ever wanted to come out of his/her pocket for anything? He’s trying to strike fear in the hearts of Byrne and/or Stuart; sort of making them an offer they MUST refuse, so to speek. Now: Who’s the one that fancies himself the capo di tutti capi in Birmingham and is (theoretically) in control of Labour campaigning, deciding who says what, when, where and how, for maximum bang-for-the-buck? Looks like he’s trying to teach certain people lessons about the reality of running “independent” campaigns– “All right, you made the mess, now you pay to clean it up! And believe me, that’s not the only way you’ll pay!”


  20. 58



  21. 62
    Ah! Monika says:


  22. 65
    CT says:

    Liebour ALWAYS wants someone else to pay for its failures – so what’s new?


  23. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Are you seriously still contemplating voting for any of the 3 major parties?

    The stench of corruption and hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    Do what the Scots did in 1966 and make that fresh start now and vote for any other party other than them. They are an absolute disgrace and they only benefit themselves and you end up paying too!

    So fuck them all. Never ever again!


    • 71
      Loungelizard says:

      Scots ended up with the SNP and what a disaster that is.


      • 74
        Anonymous says:

        Says who? not the Scots.

        Happy to support the 3 main parties are you knowing that every single one of them well sign up to the United States of Europe aided and abetted by your vote!?

        Get a life!


        • 86
          Loungelizard says:

          SNP do not represent all of Scotland, in fact far less than they would have you think, look at the figures. The SNP will turn Scotland into a Socialist Republic and are avid supporters of the disastrous EU.


          • Anonymous says:

            I confirm you whole heartedly support all 3 of the main parties, but don’t moan when they sign you up to a United States of Europe.

            You want to try using your brain and THINK? Pity you weren’t taught to think!


          • Slippery Salmond says:

            Of course the SNP are mad on the EU! Do you think they’re going to give up all those subsidies once they’re ‘free’? An independent Scotland? Free from the EU? Never!


          • yeah, right.... says:

            They’ll always look good in the eyes of their electorate while they have the English to pay for their largesse.

            Once the bills have to be paid for at home with higher taxes, some scales may fall from eyes.


      • 104
        A pragmatist says:

        The SNP was a disaster for England but not Scotland. Just as UKIP would be a disaster for Europe but not Britain.


    • 76
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Agreed – let’s smear all the votes across UKIP, B&P, Green, English Democrats, Loonies etc. on May 3rd – in fact, anyone but the big three.

      Then sit back and watch them squirm.


      • 96
        Think BIG Vote small says:

        It would certainly grab their attention.


        • 113
          Anonymous says:

          Are you seriously suggesting we follow the Scots and end upppwith someone like Alex Salmond.Even his biggest supporters can’t bear to sta y in the same country. A man so keen on Independence,he doesn’t want a referendum for at least two years!


  24. 68
    Sue Tzuzir says:

    Is it me or does he look like Lord Farquad out of the first Shrek film?


  25. 69
    Jimmy says:

    As ever you miss the interesting bit. Simon seems to think someones planning to run as an independent if they don’t get picked.


  26. 70
    keredybretsa says:

    Another highly motivated hypocritical left winger who wants to get his nasty little fingers into the Birmingham cash box.


  27. 72
    The 1st Defector says:

    Looks like Douglas Carswell is about to join UKIP



  28. 73
    nellnewman says:

    I think that’s a very reasonable proposition.

    Labour is hard-up so it should say to all would be labour mp’s and labour mayors – if you stand for election and get elected to the post the party will pay your costs.

    If you lose you pay the costs out of your own pocket.And that should apply to all labour wannabee’s including sionsimon.


    • 95
      jgm2 says:

      If Labour is so hard up it can’t fight an election then surely Cameron should be engineering elections all over the place. Oh, look, a Tory MP isn’t well – let’s have an election.

      Skin the fuckers. B*nk*ru*pt ‘em before they do it to all of us.

      Ahhh. Too late.


  29. 75
    Roger Hargraves says:

    Sion Simon was who I had in mind when I wrote Mr. Nasty


  30. 79
  31. 87
    bergen says:

    Not a very subtle soul. It brings to mind the old Yes Minister joke-“the opposition are from the other party, the enemy are from your own”.


  32. 89
    not a machine says:

    “may the fraud be with you !”……………………..

    Meanwhile in a room in Derby Ed presents his campiagn mix , with you not just in the good times but in the difficult times , mmmmmmmm the salient points on what his budget would cut , were in absentia , but that is nothing new , yes the bad times he referred to seemed to lack any numerical effort or much reference to there origin (que large flashing pointy arrow when ever he says bad times ) , it got better , “we know what they say to you on the doorstep is your just in it for yourselves” really , the disgrace of bombardier , really , funny that because they have tie over order for some stock refurbishment ie conservatives did respond to seimens cock up , although big order is still unconfirmed . NHS funny that because according to eds budget a 14% cut would have occured from 2011 let alone this year , so what services would be cut …… in him claiming he is saving the NHS . Anyone over 75 should automatically get the lowest energy tariffs , what even those with nice pensions ? catchy soundbite , but obvious reshuffle of deckchairs as far as energy companies go .

    All he needs to do now is annouce a missile test , to put a satallite in orbit ,that plays “well keep the red flag flying here ” and it will all have come true . Bring a tear to Kens eyes .


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