April 5th, 2012

WATCH: Cocky Ken Promises to Publish


  1. 1
    Not Ken Again says:

    Ha ha


    • 3
      Not Ken Again says:

      what a clucking liar


      • 19
        Not Ken Again says:

        Why didnt somebody ask Paxman to disclose his income


        • 32
          Anonymouse says:

          It’s not his income that needs to be disclosed but whether he, like Klucky Ken is paid through a company. We should be told.


          • Kevin T says:

            We have been told. He isn’t.


          • The BBC ,its not called White City for nothing says:

            No its both actually, as they are funded from the Public purse the BBC have a duty to let us see how our money is spent.


          • Its not called white city for nothing says:

            Actually The BBC argue that revealing the salaries of the highest earners would put them at a commercial disdvantage. Fair point so lets ensure they compete on a level playing field and abolish the licence fee.


        • 53
          Groucho Marx says:

          Coz the IRS migh thave been listening ……
          ( Did you not know the yanks have just passed another Bill sting that not only will American citizens be taxed on their worldwide income wherever they may be living but now EVERYBODY IN TH WORLD regardless of nationality will be taxed by the IRS .

          e way to make the deficit disappear….


    • 4
      Spartacus says:

      Is this all a lundun thing?

      Who is this punter anyway?


    • 7
      Richard says:

      Has all other candidates published – does anyone have links? They all agreed they would, so if the others haven’t then they are all liars (perhaps no surprises there, esp the former police man!)


      • 8
        bird brain says:

        its only a matter of time before asking politicians for evidence of their tax affairs becomes the norm – why doesn’t someone ask Galloway – we would need an Arabic translator


      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        I’d like to know if Guido and his mates receive any fees from Boris or anyone connected with the re-elect Boris campaign. This constant cheerleading for the albino panda is just plain fucking boring. It may be terribly exciting for those westminster bubble wankers and I know Red Ken’s the devil an’ all that but outside Londonistan we don’t give a flying fuck!


        • 45
          Gary says:

          Don’t be so stupid and yes we do care about tall this.


        • 49
          Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

          He is not the devil just a lying hypocritical C.U.N.T…….Is that easy enough to get into your thick head….


  2. 2
    John says:

    Twitter saying he has agreed to publish


  3. 5
    bonetired says:

    He’s fucked …


  4. 6
    Will N. Dowd says:

    I once got an election leaflet asking me to vote Labour. I refused.


  5. 10

    Why is it that people will willingly vote for a known Liar like Ken Livinstone rather than vote for someone who has by chance had it easier than them? It’s a sick, sick world. See the BBC are keeping very quiet about this – it needs a serious red root out.


  6. 12
    q says:

    Ken London Labour Ken London Labour

    repeat after me ………

    Ken London labour Ken London Labour ………………


  7. 14
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    He’s just a lying bastard let’s face it.


  8. 17
    Gary says:

    Why is that these left wing people can be so utterly hypocritical and never, seemingly ever get thwacked by the people? Why does everyone go on and on and on about so called Tory sleaze when this odious, arrogant and lying left get away with blue murder.

    I am sick to death of the lot of these lying, cheating hypocrites who so called stand up for the common man; the common man and woman should give them a right old kicking all the way to hell.


    • 29
      bird brain says:

      Socialism is a death cult. The most murderous meme in the history of the world. A pesudo religion. Socialists deserve all they get. Breivik showed the way


    • 31
      Wilson says:

      Why can’t right wing politicians fight as dirty Labour? Why don’t they fight back, all this gentlemanly stiff upper lip stuff – better a stiff upper cut – We need a Maggie figure to take the fight to the millionaires in the SHADOW cabinet.


      • 38
        Kevin T says:

        Well said.


        • 46

          Steady on old bean – too much money being made in too many dark corners of the Palace of Westminster to start turning up the lanterns, don’t you know?

          We don’t just get the politicians we deserve, you know – we get the ones that other people have paid damned good money for.


  9. 24
    smoggie says:

    The wriggly bastard is still on the hook. Stop playing him Guido and reel him in.


  10. 40
    shit city says:

    Who gives a shit about Londonistan? It is a lost cause and now part of the Islamic world.


    • 50
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker. says:

      It is also my ambition to turn Portsmouth into Portsmouthistan, then I will be in power for ever. Boaz.


      • 51
        George from the Akash Restaurant. says:

        Well said, your Lordship, my people will vote for you for ever. I am being hassled at the moment by immigration for having asylum seekers working in my kitchen; can you fix it for me?


  11. 44
    Chakra Balti says:

    There’s a time & a place for openness, & Ken clearly feels that right before this election isn’t the best.

    Once he becomes Mayor maybe he’ll arrange for the nice people who produced Obama’s ‘Birth certificate’ to conjure up some accounts which are suitable to be shown to the public.


  12. 47
    John says:

    New tread – your either in front of me or behind


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