April 5th, 2012

Ken is the 14.5%
Former Climate Change Adviser Knocked Up Partial Figures

Last night Ken promised on Newsnight to publish his accounts. He further said this morning “I will set out income to my company over the last four years, how much my wife and I received and how much tax was paid.” Instead we got a partial view of what he decided to pay tax on. Ken also claims that an accountant has signed these figures off, yet provides no evidence for this unlike the other candidates.  He has still not published his company accounts and the clock is ticking

Guido’s been speaking to bean counters today who are slightly puzzled by what Ken has put out. One writes:

“a)      no book-keeper, let alone an accountant, has been near this – you never date down the left hand side – you run left to right;

b)      Corporation Tax is paid on profits, not dividends – massive f**k-up here – tells you all you need to know about the integrity of these accounts.”

The meta-data on the .PDF document shows that it was drawn up not by an accountant, but by Mark Watts- Ken’s old Climate Change Adviser at City Hall. He got one of the crony pay-offs in 2008. 

Apart from the 14.5% effective income tax rate – which Matthew Hancock points out is less than a City Hall cleaner pays – the main take-away from the part-publication is that by paying himself in dividends he is avoiding paying National Insurance, which employees have to pay. If you are employed you pay it at 12%. If you are self employed you pay it at 9%. If you are Ken, you don’t pay it at all. 

He cannot say he is paying his fair share when he is avoiding paying National Insurance, which is the tax that pays towards the NHS. The question for Ken is a simple one. Why are you paying yourself in dividends rather than salary? There is only one answer. To avoid tax.

Boris’ figures have the accountants signature on them and Paddick has put his actual returns, plus a few personal details, out. Why so dodgy Ken?


  1. 1
    Ken's Krusty Krackers says:

    Yup. Selective accountancy, methinks!

    • 7
      meme says:

      someone says over 65′s dont pay NI – and ken over 65 … ! guido !!!!! check yur facts.

      Real question for next debate

      Boris – you paid the 50% tax rate on your income, and campained to remove it.

      Ken – you avoiding paying the 50% tax rate on your income, and campained to keep it – why try to keep a tax you were unwilling to pay ?

      • 12
        Sack Cameron - Elect A Tory says:

        Quick! Fetch Anonymous! Urgent Engagement Required!!!

        • 27
          Fred West Paving Ltd says:

          Go on! Finish him!!!

          • meme says:

            Boris earns £450K but pays £200k in tax, thats a lot of pensions, nurses and teachers, and EMA for those than need it.

            Ken avoided the 50% rate – thats a lot of poorer pensioners, and more unemployed, no ema and rioters…… and more cuts.

          • rick says:

            Isn’t this how they finally nailed Capone – on a tax fiddle ?

          • Anonymous says:

            meme says:; you might be also able to say he pays more than Ashcroft or Green.

          • meme says:

            ho ho ho

            the leading labour election candidate for most important post in the country looks ou-of-this-world, has massive property and tax avoidance issues….

            and Ken also looks to have issues in these areas….


          • Oh Sugar ♪♪♪♪♫
            Ah, honey honey ♪♪♪♪♫
            You are my Amstrad boy
            And your loophole’s taxing me…

          • Grim says:

            I say Geedo should publish his own accounts!

          • Why? He is not standing for office.

          • Plato says:

            If he has cheated, put him in prison.

            If he has managed to arrange his affairs efficiently, then good luck to him, and I hope that he uses his business acumen in the service of London’s communities

          • Anonymous says:

            Plato, legality or illegality is typical left wing straw man….

            Don’t think legality is the question, the question is what makes it bad when I do it but not bad when you do? Or why are you such a bleeping hypocrite. It always brings me great mirth to see the left stand shoulder to shoulder with a fellow hypocrite.

          • Plato says:

            I said “If he has cheated, put him in prison”

            No excuses.

            Otherwise, let him do the job

            Don’t start making up new rules for individual candidates.
            It confuses the electorate.
            Judge the candidates on their policies.

          • Objective Reality says:

            Plato, there isn’t a single person of any note who has said anything about Ken cheating and or doing anything illegal. What people are incredulous about is the fact that Ken lambastes tax dodging bastards while being one himself. He is typical champagne socialist, screams about cronyism in the city yet doesn’t mind it in city hall.

            You create false emphasis in order to achieve a winning position that Ken hasn’t done anything illegal. But no one has said that ken is anything other than a BIG FUCKING HYPOCRITE!

          • Objective Reality says:

            Plato, you were a very clever bloke, so lets try this argument and I want you to turn it on its head.

            Ken says tax dodging bastards deny services for the poor.

            Ken dodges taxes.

            Ken denies services for the poor.

            QED, now if it is morally bankrupt for a banker to avoid paying tax, it is surely morally bankrupt for anyone to avoid paying tax?

        • 37
          Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery! says:

          I think I just heard the wheels coming off Ken’s election battle bus…. The “big mo’” as Americans call winning electoral impetus has happened for him..only in the wrong direction.

          • Anonymous says:

            London doesn’t give a fuck about what do you think.

          • Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery! says:

            And little old you speaks for London?

          • London is not stupid says:

            To Anonymous:

            London needs to ask itself this question: can we rely on Ken’s promises?

            Tax avoiding rich bastard Ken says “tax avoiding rich bastards just don’t get it”.

            How easily can someone like that wriggle out of freezing rail fares? Pretty easily one would think. Perhaps Londoners are giving this due consideration.

          • Anonymous says:

            London is not stupid says:; you are right London is not stupid, just check number of MPs it elect from each party.

          • Postal Votes says:

            Nope! We ain’t stupid – we are VERY well organised…

          • Tower Hamletian says:

            Not interested Bro.

            We are working overtime here, printing ballot papers with our John Bull printing set.

            Our hero Ken will prevail, returned by 120% of the electorate.

          • Losing electoral impetus says:

            The Big Inertia

          • Anonymous says:

            Tower Hamletian says:; would it be Warsi’s country people doing it? The Con chairperson.

        • 38
          It is not a tax return then? says:

          The senior Conservative today published an accountant’s letter showing he earned £1.7 million over the four years to April 2011 – and paid 40 per cent in income tax and national insurance.


          • Anonymous says:

            How many of you trust accountant’s letter? As far as I can see even an estate agent will not let a property based on this letter.

            But Boris wants us to believe it.

          • Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery! says:

            Hello Anonymous… Then why should we trust you?

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            Truly pathetic anonymong. You are getting more idiotic by the hour. How do you do it?

          • Anonymous says:

            Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery!; I am not running for any public office so there is no need for you or anyone else to trust me. But Boris is running for public office.

          • Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery says:

            Your bloody right there Anonymous I don’t trust you! How much are Unite paying you to try defend the failing Ken?

          • Anonymous says:

            Lord Kinnock of Wind-Baggery says:; are you mad? I never asked you to trust me, you say you don’t as well.

            Then you ask me how much unite pays me. I will tell you a lie (hope you aren’t stupid enough to believe), they pay me £1,000,000,000,000,000 for each word.

          • Sack Cameron - Elect A Tory says:

            are you a perchance a Pilgrim, NonyMong?

          • Anonymous says:

            Sack Cameron – Elect A Tory says:; I have never been a union member or member of any political party.

            I am a floating voter who only care under which government I can make more money. Under these idiots economy is not growing and banks are lending. So most small and medium businesses aren’t doing badly.

          • Sack Cameron - Elect A Tory says:

            Our current political masters are idiots?

            Then we agree on at least one thing

          • Anonymous says:

            Sack Cameron – Elect A Tory says:

            Idiots will be mild.

      • 52
        Anonymous says:

        Boris didn’t pay national insurance its 13.8% not 0.75%. Why does even someone on £40,000 pays 13.8% but Boris on £400,000 pays only 0.75%?

        • 143
          Peter Grimes says:

          Fuckwit ZaNuLieBor troll, do piss off, your orchestrated campaign cuts no ice here.

      • 68
        MrAngry61 says:

        Even if RedKen’s > 65, his company would still be obliged to pay employer’s C1 NIC contributions on any salary in excess of ?£5720.

        • 78
          Anonymous says:

          What about the once paying Boris, do they pay employer NI?

          Also how come Boris pay 0.75% national insurance when the rate is 13.8% for others?

        • 84
          Anonymous says:

          Though of course you can employ people overseas and not pay any C1 NICs. It’s actually more expensive to employ a pensioner than it is to pay someone in another country…

      • 75
        Anonymous says:

        Over 65s don’t pay national insurance and national insurance is 13.8% not 0.75% as Boris is paying.

        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          There’s an upper limit for NI contributions, which is why those with very high incomes don’t pay much NI as a proportion. It used to be completely capped, but Labour changed it to 1% above the cap (rather than 0%, as previously).

          • Anonymous says:

            How ever you put it, do you think someone on £400,000 will only pay £3,000 NI? £250 a month, just look at your payslip.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Is Class 4 NI contributions litterally the old “stamp”? I used to go to our local post office and buy the stamps for my dad when he was self employed. He used to earn a good living self employed, yet only used to pay £3.20 a week for a stamp. Anyway, why Class 4 NI? How does it differ from other types?

          • Anonymous says:

            Expat Geordie says:; does this means like you dad, Boris is avoiding national insurance as well?

          • Expat Geordie says:

            I asked a simple question, why Class 4 NI? If it is legal to pay Class 4 then on what grounds? My dad paid what was required of him and I presume that Boris does as well, although as I said and will repeat, on what grounds? I think that the fault lies with the tax authorities who have so many different versions which have such a wide variation in the level of tax charged.

          • Anonymous says:

            Expat Geordie says:; how can Boris pay class 4 NI on salary from city hall?

            Are you saying he is self employed Mayor? He get about £140,000 from city hall and he pays £250 a month as NI, how?

          • smoggie says:

            Anonymous puts words into others’ mouths:

            No that is not what he said at all. Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you genuinely stupid?

          • Anonymous says:

            smoggie says:; what is you view on someone on £140,000 paying £250 national insurance a month? Is Boris self employed in city hall? What do you think?

            When some one on £40,000 has to pay national insurance at 13.8%, why is a man (Boris) on £400,000 pays 0.75%?

      • 77
        Wat Tyler says:

        What about his wife / partner? How old is she, how many shares does she own and what NI does she pay on the dividend? (Hint: None)

        Not to mention her tax-free allowance and lower tax rate than if Ken had taken the money.

        And why are political staffers paid out of “pre” tax income?

        • 112
          Anonymous says:

          She’s under 65, she owns one of only two shares in VATLIES Ltd and takes the same dividend as Ken. Straight to the joint account.

          • Ken the crooked says:

            Anonymong, I’ve read your comments carefully, and I am of the opinion that :-

            a/ You are extremely thick/brain washed – and -
            b/ You live in one of Londistan’s ghettos.

            Just go and trawl your pathetic Leiber speil on one of the Leiber sites and leave us alone.

        • 270
          My comment is awaiting moderation says:

          The people he claims to employ seem to support his political campaign and do not actually work for the company, so offsetting their wages against Ken’s earnings to reduce tax is clearly a scam.

          Why are HMRC turning a blind eye? Very odd.

          • Anonymous says:

            What about bum boy’s (special advisers)? Cameron’s official photographer, etc. They are directly paid by tax payers?

      • 317
        Anonymous says:

        Over 65′s don’t pay NI but his company still has to.

      • 349
        Anonymous says:

        People over 65 don’t pay National Insurance Contributions. Ken is 66. These account cover a period when he was under 65 and liable for National Insurance Contributions so check your facts you slimy socialist MONG.

    • 17
      Liarpoliticians says:

      We should do away with scams…… like Ken Livingslime.

    • 216
      Archie says:

      Just in from Iain Dale on LBC: a poll in Grays Thurrock revealed a 90% majority in favour of a EU in/out referendum!! What are you going to do about that, Cameron? We’ll kick your arse yet!

    • 235
      Stake Dinner says:

      Stick a fork in Ken, he’s done.

      No Jews will vote for him. The obsessive foaming-at-the-mouth Guardian readers who hate anyone with money and especially who doesn’t go out of their way to pay more tax will not vote for him. Anyone with a brain won’t vote for him. Most indigenous people won’t vote for him. Conservatives and Liberals won’t vote for him. 1/3 of the Labour Party won’t vote for him.

      He has idiotic students, milit4nt m0slems, 1mm1gr4nts and long-term dole recipients. It won’t be enough.

      Red Ken, he has done some appalling things but how funny it is tax avoidance which has doomed him. His career is over.

    • 297
  2. 2
    Init says:

    Well be ing invovled with one type of fraud (climate change) makes him qualified to sort out Kens accounts

  3. 3
    Ken Livingstone says:

    erm…because I’m an untrustworthy slimeball?

    • 86
      Douglas Adams says:

      Ken “proves” he paid the same tax as Boris, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.

    • 116
      A Ball of Slime says:

      I resent the way people keep making comparisons between me and nasty bent politicians like Ken Livingstone

  4. 4
    Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

    (hand up in the air) oh Guido oh Guido I know the answer……

  5. 5
    Bon says:

    They left the metadata in the pdf?!

    ROFL!!! Oh this has been the funniest day in a long time

    • 19
      Thatguyoverthere says:

      The arrogant idiots, a gift that just keeps on giving.

    • 43
      AC1 says:

      A bit like a 7 layer “scan” of a certain presidents Birth cert?

    • 53
      JH says:

      You have to pity them.

      Can you imagine them all running about, yelling into phones, shrieking orders, all the while frantically manoeuvring to avoid being held responsible for this omnishambles?

      ‘The Thick Of It’ probably didn’t come close.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Why so dodgy, ken?

    Because he’s a scheming old hypocrite who believes he can pull the wool over people’s eyes. My, how he must be so envious of Gorgeous George and his safe seat in Blackburn/Bradford, wherever…….

    • 60
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      The local Muhfti re-named it New Hyderabad, so the locals can feel a little more at home.

  7. 8
    grobdj says:

    Unfortunately for Ken, the climate has changed

    • 46
      AC1 says:


      • 229
        jethro says:

        Do you ken Livingstirred
        With his tie so red?
        Did you ken Livingstirred
        Can’t lie straight in his bed?
        He’s a Po-li-tician -
        So no more’s to be said -
        With his lies and his smears, in the morning.

        Now the sound of his bus,
        Brought me from my bed,
        And the yell of his mob,
        Which he part-time led;
        Ken’s Accountant’s cries
        Might re-vitalise the Dead,
        But not his cause, or his self, come the morning.

  8. 10
    Aaron D Highside says:

    A work of genius, Guido! I expect the BBC to give you some sort of investigative journalism award.

    • 98
      BBC awards committee says:

      There is no investigative journalism award. There is no Boris or Ken. This event never happened. Everything new! Everything Clean! Must erase must erase!

    • 334
      Anonymous says:

      Hear hear, I hope mainstream media picks up Ken’s lies

  9. 11
    Sunny Hundal says:

    Under credulous in the dictionary now there is a picture of me.

  10. 13
    pisdon says:

    National Insurance shouldn’t be an issue as he is over 65???

  11. 14
    RedKen says:

    Tax is for the little people not champagne socialists like me.

  12. 15
    The Guardian says:

    The real story is Boris Johnson is rich while Ken scrapes by on £5,000 a year. Vote for Ken. Please vote for Ken. Someone…

    • 22
      Thatguyoverthere says:

      Yes , apparently the Newt isn’t rich , he just has a life style.

      That is the cry of every salaryman.

    • 24
      Backwoodsman says:

      The other real story is how a part time copper like Paddick ends up with a £65,000 a year public sector pension – What would it take to get that in the real world !!!!

      • 31
        Dianne Abbotts thong says:

        65K a year public sector bung? You’d need to be a Muslim terrorist living on benefits to get that here.

      • 94
        Anonymous says:

        Agreed. That’d be a £2m+ pension pot, easy, in the private sector.

        • 139
          I Hate Tesco AND the Pope says:

          Of course – you’d know, wouldn’t you, you drivelling fuckwit?

    • 100
      The Grauniad says:

      And the three little pigs was because of evil bankers

  13. 18
    Ken's Krusty Krackers says:

    The problem is Ken believes he is unaccountable for everything and it is his human right to be as dodgy as he likes.

    • 113
      Maximus says:

      You have defined infantilism, not socialism. In socialism, the end justifies the means.

      • 123
        Compliance first intolerance later says:

        Maximus: you mean the promised end justifies the means. The real end involves megadeaths.

        And I don’t mean the rock band.

  14. 20
    Word says:

    If only the entirety of London were blog reading, newsnight watching politicos. Then perhaps this might make a difference.

    Best part is, I think Ken knows it. Hence, he doesn’t really care what the “right wing blogosphere” thinks.

    Risky game, Ken. Wonder if it’ll pay off?

    • 30
      Thatguyoverthere says:

      You may well be correct but even the poor, thick, bigoted and unthinking can recognize a crooked prick when they see one and unless Ken promises to give them a pile of someone else’s stuff. Oh, hang on . . .

    • 59
      JH says:

      An 8 point drop in his ratings last week might be an indicator of that strategy’s success.

      This little uproar won’t help either – the BBC can be as deafeningly silent as it likes.

    • 79
      Who knows? says:

      Ken was heckled in Walthamstow high Street about his taxes a few days ago.

  15. 21
    Anonymous says:

    “which is the tax that pays towards the NHS”

    no it isn’t.

    It goes into the big pot like everything else

    • 32
      JH says:

      What, the one with the hole in the bottom?

    • 85
      Anonymous says:

      No, it doesn’t. The NI fund is ring-fenced. Though Gordon et al. may well have borrowed from it (in which case the government has to pay it back at some point).

      Of course, it’s all a bit of a lie anyway.

  16. 23
    Sarah - a London nurse. says:

    We knew he was a hypocrit, even if he is “our” hypocrit – but denying the NHS National Insurance contributions is a new low.

    Ed Miliband MUST come out & denounce this tonight.

    • 63
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Miliband is too busy looking out for his next bandwagon to bother with Ken. After all his own families tax dodging past may come back to bite him too.

    • 76
      Gooey Blob says:

      If you want Miliband to denounce Livingstone, you’ll have to go through Len McCluskey. The dummy won’t speak without the ventriloquist’s consent.

  17. 26
    Ed Balls fisted my hamster says:

    Still all quiet on the BBC & Sky…

    • 36
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      BBC are going over a rag head and Sky hacking the email of a criminal.

      • 70
        Bloody Hell says:

        It’s worse than that.
        They are simply saying that BoJo has published and then give the figures for him.
        No mention that Paddick and that tramp from the Greens have published also.

        No mention that the whole things is because of Ken’s hypocritical brayings.

  18. 33
    BBC News says:

    Vote Labour!

  19. 34
    Thatguyoverthere says:

    Common purpose anyone?

    • 71
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Shhh, the globalist socialist ‘charity’ does only good and pious work. In total secrecy of course, as do all charities.

    • 217
      Expat Geordie says:

      Unfortunately although Common Purpose is a genuine threat to, well just about anyone with a free thinking brain cell in their head, some of the people who have identified the threat are the sort of people that Common Purpose are seriously discredited in the eyes of the public. When you have David Icke denouncing Common Purpose, then you have to seriously think that it is a Common Purpose wet dream come true.

      Is David Icke a Common Purpose plant?

      I still remember Jasper Carrot genuflecting at Icke’s name saying “the Father, Son and the Goalie Post.” Bed wettingly funny. And as for “Icke saves. Well he saved bugger all when he played for Coventry”

  20. 35
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    The BBC of course getting all upset over some fucking rag head mong wanted in the USA.

    How come whitey can be sent to America for trial and the BBC says nothing, yet some rag head twat is up for it and the BBC gets all wet eyed?

  21. 40
  22. 51
    The only politician who never took Murdoch's shilling says:

    While Guido obsesses with his favourite dead horse

    Are there no arrest warrants out for the Murdochs yet ?

    • 54
      Russian Oligarch and his bent City solicitors says:

      Only a question of time and of how bent the Director of Public Prosecutions has become…

    • 97
      Never gonna happen despite all the show-boating says:

      I wouldn’t count on them being subject to any charges whatsoever in the UK Courts AND even if I’m wrong one things for sure the USA doesn’t extradite US (naturalised or not)citizens to the UK as easily as the UK extradites UK born citizens to USA……

      • 126
        Jack says:

        And I s r a e l i citizens cannot be extradited at all from their country !!

        Look at Meyer Lansky and many oligarchs …

    • 124
      Legal beagle says:

      Aned so the evidence of criminality throughout the Murdoch empire accumulates


      • 298
        Archer Karcher says:

        You read the Guardian and believe anything it prints? You are seriously deluded and offer nothing to any serious debate.

    • 132
      14.5% not a penny more not a penny less says:

      Who cares? We wanna know about Ken’s £19,000 donation to the Labour Party through his company and was it claimed as a tax deductibe expense?

      Is Ken allergic to paying his fair share of tax or what ????

  23. 55
    I Squiggle says:

    Who’s in that hole over there and keeps on digging? Ah, Mr Livingstone, I presume..

    • 58
      I Squiggle says:


      My thirty years living in London have taught me one thing: When Ken Livingstone is in public office, he thinks he’s unaccountable. When he’s not, he still is..

  24. 57
    Joss Taskin says:

    Can’t we just get Jeremy Vyle to do a lie detector test on the sleaze bag ??

    • 64
      Red Ken Lyingscum says:

      Be (c) lucky ! I’m an accomplished Liebour liar. I’ve had decades of practise telling porkies.

  25. 65
    Professor Phil Jones (UEA) says:

    Allow me to er, ‘audit’ those accounts.

    • 87
      Thatguyoverthere says:

      Hey Phil, me and Mike are off to Yamal for a few weeks. Wanna come?

    • 155
      Professor Owen Jones (BBC) says:

      Yep, I’m good with numbers, I’ve looked at them and they’re pristine.

  26. 67
    David B says:

    The question on the “Corporation Tax on Dividends”. Is this the tax paid by the company at source? If it is then Ken did not actually pay this tax. Just look at a dividen slip from any share’s you might hold. The tax is deducted at source, but your end of year tax bill is reduced by that amount.

    It looks like this tax paid on dividends has been double counted in the figures

    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      No. The reason that is there is that CT has been paid on the company’s profits. It was, of course, paid by his company, not directly by Ken, but it’s a relevant figure if you’re trying to compare a sole trader (like Mr. Paddick) with someone operating a company (like Ken). Put another way, while Ken doesn’t pay NI on his dividends, the profits from his company *are* subject to Corporation Tax, and it is from that *taxed* money that he is paying himself dividend, which is then subject to Income Tax as well.

      • 102
        David B says:

        Almost, but not quite. When the taxed profits are distributed the shareholder will get a credit for the tax paid by the company, which he will then deducte from his actual income tax bill. Therefore the CT paid by the company is double counting

        • 120
          Jimmy says:

          Double counting is the wrong term. Dividend income is taxed at a lower rate than normal to reflect the notion that it has already been taxed in the company’s hands as profit. Where Ken has massaged the numbers is in counting that notional tax as tax paid but only counting the net figure in his income rather than the notional gross income in represents. In other words you either put the gross figure on both sides of the equation or neither. This means his 37% is just as nonsensical as Guido’s 14.5% albeit for different reasons. A like for like calculation would produce a similar figure to Paddick’s

          • 14.5% not a penny more not a penny less says:

            National Insurance is a tax and by paying himself and his missus in dividends instead of income he avoids it – both employer’s and employees’ contributions.


          • Jimmy says:

            And what do you believe the current NI rate is for 65 year old employees?

            No conferring.

          • 14.5% not a penny more not a penny less says:

            Ermm….this tax avoidance predates June 2010 when he collected his free bus pass.

            Back in your court, pal.

          • Jimmy says:

            So a couple of grand then. Earth shattering stuff.

          • 14.5% not a penny more not a penny less says:

            I’d like to know how many grand does it take for him to become a taxdodger and a hypocrite.

            Take your time, Jimmy…

            You may phone a friend.

          • Jimmy says:

            I already think he’s a nasty piece of work, for reasons entirely separate to this.

            To think he was a tax dodger, he would have to dodge tax, which with one exception, he does not appear to have done. The exception would be the allegation that he funded his campaign from gross rather than net income (although this allegation seems to have disappeared now). If he did, then he should of course cough up pronto, but the rest of this seems very thin gruel indeed.

          • Jimmy says:

            I already think he’s a nasty piece of work, for reasons entirely separate to this.

            To think he was a tax dodger, he would have to dodge tax, which with one exception, he does not appe@r to have done. The exception would be the allegation that he funded his campaign from gross rather than net income (although this allegation seems to have disappeared now). If he did, then he should of course cough up pronto, but the rest of this seems very thin gruel indeed.

          • Jimmy says:

            I already think he’s a nasty piece of work, for reasons entirely separate to this.

            To think he was a tax dodger, he would have to dodge tax, which with one exception, he does not appe@r to have done. The exception would be the allegation that he funded his campaign from gross rather than net income (although this allegation seems to have disappe@red now). If he did, then he should of course cough up pronto, but the rest of this seems very thin gruel indeed.

          • David B says:

            Sorry Jimmy but no. The numbers issued says total income so the assumption must be gross. If it is not the gross income the figures presented are not worth the paper they are written on as no valid conclusions can drawn as they were not prepared from the original tax records or by an accountant

            The taxation of dividends is simple. If a person is to receive 1000 of dividend income and they have a marginal tax rate of 40% then 400 of tax is due on that income. The company paying the dividend deducts 200 which it pays to HMRC and pays the 800 to the shareholder. The shareholder then pays the balance of 200 when they file their tax return.

            The figured presented by Ken would suggest that the income was taxed at the marginal rate ie the full 40% . He then includes the tax deduced at source. This is a double count.

            No accountant would present numbers in this way. The figures should show gross income and gross tax so that they can be easily analysised.

          • Jimmy says:


            My bad. You’re quite right. I’d assumed without checking the numbers that the income tax figure referred only to the amount from his own return but it is a double count indeed. I think the effect is the same though, in that he has paid (on these figures) about 25%.

        • 195
          A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

          Its fairly straightforward, if there was no benefit in paying himself by this method as some appear to be claiming, why did Livingstone go to all that bother ? Ergo.

          • David B says:

            Jimmy you need to follow through the whole process. The assumption you are making is that the company distributed all it’s profits as dividends. Even with the limited information we know it did not. Therefore there is a large slice of income held in the company and taxed at 20% which, if the company had not been there would have been taxed on ken at 40%or even 50%. No one can state the percentage of tax actually paid without full disclosure of company accounts as well. All we know for sure is ken paid less tax because of the existence of the company. Something he objects to when other people do it. He has also failed to supply enough information to work out what his tax should have been. The argument about percentage paid is a red hearing!

          • Jimmy says:


            I’m not making any such assumption. He’s obviously not liable to tax on a dividend which does not exist. Obviously without the company liability would arise as soon as the money was earned but that’s an entirely different issue. This argument depends on conflating company and personal income, which is misleading, although as you point out, something which he himself has done to push the percentage in the other direction. I agree the percentage business is a red herring, although our host seems quite exercised by it.

            I have a wider problem with this whole issue. I think in the absence of any question of illegality (and I see no such issue here) I believe candidates for office are entitled to a degree of privacy. If parties are to recruit candidates from outside the ranks of their own employees (something they are all getting increasingly bad at), this is not going to help. For a small business this is commercially sensitive information, and for many potential candidates will be an absolute dealbreaker. Any tory feeling like crowing about this needs to bear in mind that this stunt is now inevitably going to be pulled at the next general election and it’ll be the trust fund babies sweating then.

          • David B says:

            jimmy the whole point is did Ken use a tax mitigation scheme to reduce his tax just as he critised others (like Philip Green) for doing the same thing. If the company had not been there he would hsve paid a lot more tax. Holding the income in the company has minimised his tax bill. He wants orher peophe to pay more, why should he minimise his! That is exactly the issue. It is not illegal but then Philip Green did nothing illegal and he still had his stores attacked

            We have a problem in politics that voters think politicians are lieing, skeeming b@st@rds who are just in it for themselves and expect us to do as they say not as they do. Well this issue proves that is what Ken is and if he wants to do the right thing then he should withdraw now from public life.

          • Jimmy says:

            The idea that no-one can argue for higher tax unless he voluntarily overpays strikes me as a ludicrous non-sequitur. He’ll have done what any freelancer would have done in this position and taken his accountant’s advice. This whole argument is getting very silly. Anyone offended by these arrangements can argue for something along the lines of the American S-Corp. But that’s up to Gideon and nothing to do with this election.

          • David B says:

            Jimmy that’s fine. Everyone being allowed to use legitimate tax avoidance measures. Can we now have an appology from Ken for his statement about people who use them and publicly disclose the fact.

            The real issue is not that Ken used a tax mitigation scheme but the critism of other people using them and now an attempt to hide the fact by publishing incomplete information. This is a question of Ken’s judgement and fitness to hold office.

      • 153
        Peter Grimes says:

        Fuckwit ZaNuLieBor troll peddling the lies from the prompt sheet again!

        Do fuck off and try to con some of those who might believe you.

  27. 69
    You couldn't make it up! says:

    The BBC has started a new debate show on BBC3 to brainwash the 16 to 24 year olds called “Free Speech” with Owen Jones as a panellist!


  28. 83

    http://twitpic.com/95k6gk – Ken the “Jammie Tax Dodger” Picture

  29. 92
    Golly says:

    Only little people pay taxes.

  30. 95

    Phrase for the day.

    “Beyond our ken”

    Meaning – Beyond our understanding.

    Origin – unfathomable tax semi-explanation put forward by a former mayor of London.

    See also – Ken, noun – Scots northern English dialect.

    beyond someone’s ken: beyond the knowledge of, beyond the comprehension of, beyond the understanding of, beyond the acquaintance of, beyond the awareness of, beyond the cognizance of beyond the ken of the average layman

  31. 98
    Synic says:

    When Ken is finally skewered, which corrupt tax-avoiding politician shall we pursue next ? — how about Bliar — Ken will look like small fry. Then there’s about another 600 or so in the HoC, or would the HoL fraudsters have screwed the ordinary taxpayers for even more in total. The thieves are experts at ignoring the laws that they enact to control the ordinary serfs.

    • 299
      Archer Karcher says:

      Don’t hold your breath re: Bliar. Livingstone was too thick to see the hole he dug for himself, St. Tone of Truth is, by quite a margin, somewhat more astute than Ken Pondlife.

  32. 103
    North of Watford Gap Services says:

    Is there some sort of election taking place in London then??

    • 119
      Peter Mandelbum says:

      Its more of a stress test to see how well the post office can deliver mail in bulk in time to be sold off.

      • 224
        Expat Geordie says:

        Well there will be a second mail service operating in London by then. Little men in orange uniforms delivering 2nd class business mail for half the price of the Royal Mail. I would mention the name of the Dutch company responsible but TNT and orange “uniforms” might draw unfair comparisons with our muzzie brethren.

  33. 106
    Ed Moribund says:

    Hello – Alistair Campbell? look…We have a problem and I think only you can help.
    You’re going to need all your ‘private’ files.

    I want you to save him if you can.
    Burn him if you can’t.

  34. 109
    Biased BBC says:

    We are telling everyone how much tax Ken paid – but not how much he earned.

  35. 111
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Is there no end to Ken’s Huntitude?

  36. 117
    Mi8 never late says:

    labour …filth ….just filth

  37. 121

    What a F*cking turn up for the books? The Conservative Toff pays his taxes in full and the Champagne Socialist dodges his – who’d have thunk it?

  38. 122
    smoggie says:

    Poor old Ken….. feeding the hand that bites him !

  39. 129
    Twat Galloway says:

    Looks like Ken is fucked.

    Is it too late for me to stand, for the Raving Jihadi Postal Vote party?

  40. 130
    Radio four says:

    This week on MoneyBollox, how to avoid national insurance and save yourself a tidy sum.

    It’s perfectly legal. But best not to accuse others of avoiding taxes if you’re planning on doing this. Glass houses and all tha.

    • 134
      Radio For Guardianistas says:

      Followed by the Gay Archers, set in the quiet countryside village of multiculturalistan.

      • 141
        Radio Four says:

        Women’s Hour. With Owen Jones. As a gay, outraged liberal Marxist , he can scream shrilled than anyone

        • 152
          Radio Four says:

          And now, You and Y


        • 171
          Radio 5 Live says:

          And now, a panel discussion with Jacqui Smith on the topic: Why don’t you ever hear about socialism on the radio any more?

          • Victoria Drearyshire says:

            A single woman, addicted to drugs, forces her children to steal from Tesco to feed her habit.

            Why won’t the government give her her own Tesco ?

          • BBC One Controller says:

            A good question Victoria, do you want to appear in our Question Time audience?

          • Richard Bacon says:

            My guests today are irrelevant as no one is listening.

          • BBC Radio Braindead says:

            After the break, a new documentary: NatureGuilt presented by rock star New Labour propogandist Brainless Cock.

            We will go on a journey together through the wonders of the natural world. Followed by a hastily tacked-on reminder of why we should hate ourselves and hand billions over to the eco bandwagon.

          • the real Richard Bacon says:

            Arrrgh! Stop trolling me, man!

          • The BBC says:

            We speak for the Nation.

            Now pay your Licence Fee.

  41. 131
    Jimmy says:

    “If you are Ken, you don’t pay it at all. ”

    If you’re 65 you don’t pay it at all.

    Are these accountants of yours the same one you used before?

  42. 135
    Bbc One says:

    Tonight on question Time, Brian Pillock, hippy mayoral hopeful, but quite a nice guy anyway. Boris Johnson, philander and toff. Mayor of London (not for long hopefully).
    Jenny Jones, some primary teacher we think. Very well intentioned if a wringing wet liberal, and Ken Livingstone, tax avoider and hypacryt.

    Oh, sadly Question is not on tonight. Here’s a program about a person who can sing well, and omeone who can’t. You choose which one you prefer (you pathetic saps)

    • 172
      BBC One Controller says:

      Instead of the usual ‘Question Time’ bollocks we thought prime time BBC One should look in to ‘Sexism in Football?’. But stay tuned for the full season as in the coming weeks we have ‘Homophobia in Football?’ and ‘Racism in Football?’ and ‘Islamophobia in Football?’ and ‘Is Football too White?” and ‘Do Footballers pay enough Tax?’.

  43. 136

    It seems that if Ken had been discovered breaking into old ladies’ flats, stealing their pension books and converting them to his own benefit then Anonymous would still be defending him.

    Rule A: You can’t argue with a socialist.

    • 145
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Anon would accuse Jenny Jones of being against environmentalism if it would gain old Ken a vote.

      • 167
        Rent-Seeker says:

        Jenny Jones is actually the one who is most dependant for her income on the voters’ whim. Go figure. She is more of a polticial parasite than Ken, but at least she pays her taxes, even if it is a fiction in the case of any politician to tax them on thier income from taxpayers.

    • 163
      Jimmy says:

      I love Ken he’s my hero!

    • 177
      Jimmy says:

      Wasn’t that in the budget?

      • 187
        British Public says:

        No, it’s in our unconscious minds all the time though.

      • 189
        Tax Bully says:

        The Value Added taxes Act 2005 enshrines the concept quite fully enough, but any of the Finance Acts reiterate it.

  44. 160
    anon. says:

    Red ken stealing from the NHS,because he deserves the £ cash. Does a premature baby really need an expensive incubator? Of course not.

  45. 165
    nellnewman says:

    What is it about arrogant labour when they get themselves into a hole they start digging even faster.

    We used to say it of gordon and his bully boys and now it looks like ken has taken on his mantle. The more he screams his innocence the more closely everyone looks at his doubtful accounts and finds even more to question.

    • 173
      Tony Blair says:

      People not paying taxes.
      I’m shocked to think things like this could happen in a country where some of my best houses live.

    • 175
      BBC One Controller says:

      Move along now Nell as there’s nothing to see hear!

      We are infoming the public of how much tax Ken paid, but not how much he earned as we feel that’s fair and unbiased.

      • 192
        nellnewman says:

        Well Ken and his bagmen are putting so much emphasis on this tax issue and making so much noise in the media about it there has to be some truth that he has something to hide doesn’t there?

        Is he trying one of bullyballs’ oft failed strategies here? ‘tell a lie often enough and the public will believe you’

    • 188
      EUSSR Thought Police says:

      Stop now! Save yourselves a whole lot of trouble!

  46. 168
    Southend Peer says:

    Great programme on ShiTV at the moment on the obscenity of excessive executive pay.

  47. 169
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Where is Ed Miliband’s moral compass over Livingstone’s tax avoidance. It seems Miliband can accuse the conservatives of looking after the rich, but he doesn’t accuse Livingstone of looking after himself. Miliband is an hypocritical shyster.
    Labour are scum.

    • 179
      David Miliband says:

      That is a very original observation, well put. You have pursuaded me to resign from Parliament and from the party for having failed to prevent my brother from becoming the leader of the Labour party. To atone for the disappointment which the nation feels, I shall retrain as a road sweeper and dedicate my life to removing chewing gum from the pavements

  48. 170
    Up shit creek says:

    A scary thought has been scaring me.

    What if the Government really aren’t fit to govern?

    Now that I’ve recovered from the blast of scorn you all just harrumphed at me, (“Well, of course they’re unfit to govern”) I mean really unfit to govern. Literally incapable?

    I mean, we’ve had incompetent ministers before, or shambolic departments, or disastrous decisions taken undemocratically. We’ve had sleaze and scandals, out-of-touch chancellors and dodgy economics. We’ve had inequality, we’ve endured arrogance, we’ve seen tough times and recessions.

    Our high streets have looked just as desolate before, our living standards have been squeezed, it’s not the first time unemployment has soared to the 3 million or so it is today.

    I’m sure we’ve had Prime Ministers more lazy – some may even have taken more holidays than our own. I imagine there may be one somewhere back in the mists of time who has made more U-Turns.

    The Tudors were very fond of criminal spin doctors, I’m sure they encouraged strikes and unrest during the Industrial Revolution. We tried austerity in the 30s and got it horribly wrong then too. We’ve had a two tier education system before and we’ve seen politicians argue against the existence of a National Health Service.

    Previous Chancellors have designed car-crash budgets and it’s far from the first time disabled people have been used as a convenient punch-bag. Why, it used to be de-rigeur to see cripples with begging bowls, in rags, outside the gin joints. It’s certainly not the first time our civil liberties have been threatened.

    But all of it? All at once? Not one minister capable of getting something right? All of them lying to us and to Parliament? A Chancellor so wrong it hurts? A Prime Minister so flaky, his new nickname is “Cadbury’s? A Home Secretary that the police detest, and an education minister reviled by teachers? No, more than reviled, mocked for his odd megalomania? A Justice secretary ripping up our Human Rights and access to, erm, justice. A Work and Pensions Minister hell bent on a zealous, slightly Spanish-Revolutionary mission? I haven’t even mentioned the Health secretary – my adjective-drive is overheating.

    There are no job interviews to become an MP. Experience is not required. You don’t need to understand the NHS to run the health portfolio, or to have been a teacher to dabble in schools. In fact, you don’t need to have had any kind of job at all.

    What if, 2010 was the year we elected a Government so incapable it’s actually dangerous?

  49. 174
    Anonymous says:

    FFS I can’t be bothered to read the comments so someone has probably already said that NI does not pay for the NHS – it is just part of the overall tax take. Also, if you take money from a company as dividends then there is a tax liability (some of it covered by a dividend tax credit) and just try getting any form of social security benefity if you hit a period on non-earning. Pratts (GF and Ken)

    • 181
      Joe Public says:

      If National Insurance doesn’t pay for the NHS and Road Tax doesn’t pay for the roads any more then why the fuck are we paying it at all!

    • 182
      Let's be realistic says:

      Do you seriously think that Ken Livingstone will ever have recourse to contributory benefits? his mates in Venezuela will look after him.

  50. 180
    Prolly Pot says:

    Please stop sending me emails asking if I’m going to protest outside Ken’s house like I did outside Topshop.

    Of course I’m bloody we’ll not. And Boris should be ashamed of making a frail old man like Ken look so weak.

    I think only Tory voters should pay taxes anyway.

    • 292
      JH says:

      I think only Tory voters should pay taxes anyway.

      That’s more or less the case already, Polly love. I’d love to see the average NET tax paid by Conservative and Labour voters compared.

    • 351
      Expat Geordie says:

      Labour voters tend to be in the public sector, so by definition they already cost us more in tax than we “receive” from them. Personally I think that public sector workers should be tax exempt, with their salaries reduced accordingly. That way we would know exactly how much they were costing us.

  51. 184

    Who is this other David Cameron who said If we want to stop the state controlling us, we must confront this surveillance state?

    • 205
      annette curton says:

      Reminds me of that schizophrenic that suffocated himself with two plastic bags.

    • 215
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek that darned elusive Tory Cameron everywhere.

  52. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, don’t forget the Employers National Insurance at 13%, which he will ALSO be evading by paying dividends.

  53. 200

    I swear to God that if this had been Boris dodging his taxes it would be headline news at the BBC – Lefties – no frigging shame at all.

  54. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Simple fact is that no matter how you cut it Livingstone is a Tax Avoider. There is only one reason why he would have his earnings paid into a Limited Company and that is to reduce his tax liability.

    Livingstone should immediately wind up his company and pay tax as an individual just like Boris does. Problem solved.

  55. 204
    Strad says:

    Ken’s on the fiddle then.

    • 210
      nellnewman says:

      I think you miss the point. Tax avoidance is legal and not fiddling.

      What ken is doing is lying, and persistently so, which is infinitely worse in a politician who needs the electorate to trust him in order to vote for him.

      ken said people who engaged in tax avoidance should be denied voting rights. Then he was found to be ermmm tax avoiding.

      Lying – the greatest sin a politician can be accused of. And he’s still doing it over and over again!

    • 214
      annette curton says:

  56. 206
    Gordon and Sarah Brown says:

    Ken has done nothing that we have not.

  57. 207

    Are Occupy going to squat in Ken’s fantasy Business offices until the fat cat pays his taxes? Don’t you just love Socialists using Capitalists tax loopholes to make themselves rich?

    • 227
      Polly Pot says:

      I’m going to protest right outside. Just you watch me. This very minute my twitter followers and I are going to stand right outside the front door and yell

      “Tax avoider- Tax avoider – Scum!”

      Right everyone! Hurry To Topshop!

  58. 209
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am Thor.

  59. 218

    Some call it Enron accounting. I prefer Kenron accounting.

  60. 219

    Some call it Enron accounting. I call it Kenron accounting.

  61. 228
    groomer says:

    So where should someone who wants to make London a beacon for islam turn to now?

    • 246
      The Good Old Days says:

      There are still a few Blue Peter beacons left about if you look hard enough

  62. 232
    nellnewman says:

    One of the questions being asked tonight about livingstone’s mayoral campaign is why is bullyballs not out on the stump campaigning for him?

    They were very close buddies 2000 – 2008 . And during ken’s mayoral term he regularly treated balls to slap up meals that cost us the taxpayers £300 a time.

    So why is edballs keeping his head below the parapet now when ken needs him most??!!

    • 240
      Eddie Bollox says:

      I may be a brainless, malevolent, unpleasant idiot, but I’m not stupid.
      Ken’s going to get fucked harder than Ed Miliband at a union conference.

    • 252
      not a machine says:

      too fat too friet

    • 305
      Why is his head lower? says:

      Coz Yvette’s got a good suction going?

  63. 238
    Anonymous says:

    can we see neil and glenys kinnocks tax returns?

    or indeed any one who receives the coveted gold plated pension after being an EU Commissioner.

    After all, we ARE all in this together aren’t we?

    You’re not laughing are you?

  64. 241

    M.C. Escher walks into a pub.
    The bartender says Hey, want to hear a joke?

    Okay, so M.C. Escher walks into a pub.
    The bartender says Hey, want to hear a joke?

    Okay, so M.C. Escher walks into a pub.
    The bartender says Hey, want to hear a joke?

    Okay, so Ken Livingstone walks into a pub
    The bartender says Hey, want to hear a joke?

  65. 242
    Ctesibius says:

    It looks like all you have to do is find out where Kenny-boy will be on Saturday and you can get the UK Uncut bully-boys on to him by setting up an action here: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/actions/new

  66. 243
    Expat Geordie says:

    I’m awaiting moderation on two comments. One mentions a Dutch postal company in London in reply to 119, and the other is a technical query on National Insurance Class 4. Yet I can criticise David Icke and get away with it! What is going on with the moderator here?

    • 341
      Your friendly neighbourhood Watch says:

      Here’a an incomplete list of 312 words that should be avoided or modified :
      I could go on but the ‘bot doesn’t like too many links at once either.

      • 352
        Expat Geordie says:

        Thanks mate. My response to 82 had the word “rep.e.a.t” in it. Not too sure about 119/224 though. Perhaps it just didn’t like the orange uniforms of T.N.T postmen in London and how appropriate it might be in reference to the newest Abrahamic religion.

  67. 244

    To Anonymous:

    What Ken is NOT paying in tax, you are making up the difference for.

    OK, so you are on benefits. But you are still pay VAT on stuff you buy in the shops.

  68. 245
    The Nine O' Clock Noise says:

    ….and in other news, Ken Livingstone said he has today found a cure for cancer. Denying claims that he is merely “telling lies to win votes”, Livingstone said: “I bloody well have and I will publish it in a respected medical journal, after I am elected mayor.”

  69. 248
    manicbeancounter says:


    Lest anyone forget the bigger picture in this. Those who spin one thing, whilst the substance says otherwise are not to be trusted with leadership. Livingstone has more rough edges than the last Government, but comes from the same philosophy – truth is what you make it.

  70. 249
    not a machine says:

    from the whig wham of deficet capable ecnomic effect , so how can a company with £7bn worth of sales , operating from a huge warehouse , not pay any corporation tax , by going via lichtenstein , all perfectly legal , and labour at the same time give away the rebate and sign up for a whopping increase of £50mn a day to the EU , I mean where was the ecnomic genius in that ? I mean he basically enshrined no ability to even pay back what he was racking up …………. Kens 14.5% looks generous when you consider the macroecnomic wonk of labour polices

  71. 250
    Its not called White City for nothing says:

    And now on BBC1 we feature a documentary on the man who wrote “Imagine” , whilst sitting in his mansion just before he went into tax exile in the United States.

  72. 256
    Pong Ping says:

    So a corrupt man wants to run a corrupt city?

  73. 258
    Civil Evacuation says:

    Even the BBC has left Londonistan. Get out now Fawkes before it is too late.

  74. 262
    Fish says:

    Ooooh…Labour Newsnight going to tell us what they’ve found out about the candidates’ income and tax. They’ll find that Boris was very well off and poor Ken only earned £5k (which is probably true but is income was far higher)

    • 271
      Fish says:

      Oh well. A passing reference to Livingstone’s hypocracy but as expected they and the two journos from left wing papers (Mail and Independent) seemed to major on Boris’ / politicians’ earnings. The BBC also took the opportunity to imply that Boris had a beneficial interest in the abolition of the 50% tax rate.


  75. 264
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Yes, expect Newsnight to come out in support of ‘poor Ken’ and slaughter ‘rich Boris’

  76. 265
    Peterooo says:

    Where else would you go to Hide the Decline (in tax payments) than to a climate change advisor. Makes perfect sense to me.

  77. 267
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Paxman was keen to get agreement from them all to publish.

    Now the infos out and Boris is looking good and Ken as worse as it could get, that fucker Paxo doesn’t want to know.

    Typical Biased BBC

  78. 268
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Allegra Stratton sticking the boot into Boris (rich Tory)

  79. 269
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Ha fucking ha, Newsnight totally avoid the issue of Red Ken’s tax dodge and turn the whole thing around. Who was that gormless wanker from the Daily Mail? He must be the only left winger that works there.

    Plenty of digs about rich Tory Boris though, but no mention that Ken pays little or no tax. Why didn’t the BBC get an expert on to explain what Ken pays so little tax?

    Oh hang on Ken’s a lefty and is probably doing exactly the same as the scum that work at the BBC.

    • 272
      Cactus says:

      Does anyone other than anoraks watch Newsnight these days?

      • 273
        Chinchilla says:

        Nope. No one watches newsnight now, it’s as dead as a Dodo.

        • 275
          Sands of Time says:

          Time moves on. Just a year ago this blog was the future and the Daily Mail dead, now the reverse is true.

    • 274
      Fish says:


      The BBC has become a sore on the face of our democracy. Not only this but their treatment and distortion of today’s story about Sky TV is utterly unacceptable. Reprehensible.

      As the BBC investigates and judges complaints about itself, there is absolutely no prospect that things will change. They have put themselves above criticism.

      Something has to happen. But what

      • 277
        OWEN JONES says:

        I’m just waiting for a yob to say he slapped a slapper because it was in the public interest. THE LAW IS THE LAW AND NO TV COMPANY OR PAPER SHOULD BE ABOVE IT.

        • 278
          Fish says:

          If you were the real Owen Jones I’d call you a Hunt

        • 280
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          So how does the Guardian keep getting inside stories on hacking? Oh hang on one of their female hacks is sleeping with a met plod.

          Of course no information is getting passed is it? (and against the law)

        • 329
          Radio 5 Labour says:

          That’s right Owen, the Guardian shouldn’t be above the law either, should it? Breaking the law and then claiming it was in the public interest? Or is there one law for Murdoch and another for the Guardian?

      • 308
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Its about time we petitioned for the removal of news reporting from the BBC.

        100,000 signatures should do it for it to be debated (see if they run that fucking story).

        Its only fit to produce CBEEBIES and Eastenders… the rest is chite !

  80. 276
    Monty Best says:

    I voted for Ken last time, this time I will go for anyone but Ken!

    I do not like the dishonest way that Livingstone has dealt with this issue!

    If he is this stupid regarding disclosure of his tax affairs, which he said he would ‘fully’ disclose, he is not fit to be Mayor!

  81. 281
    Rex says:

    If I could vote and I can’t as i do not come from Romania or a country ending in stan I would vote KEN just to bring to am early end to the Islamic republic of Londonistan.

  82. 284
    Jolly Boat says:

    Have to say those Marshall amps/speakers were the DBs. They even made the rib cage vibrate.

    But also have to say tinnitus is something I would rather now do without.

  83. 285
    Cock Robin says:

    So London uses more water than rains on London. Why is London confused why it has run out of water?

  84. 287
    Well it's a thought says:

    Who’d have thought, with mass immigration you would need more water, whoa just mentioned mass immigration so I must be racist.

  85. 288
    Anonymous says:

    Innit vote is guaranteed for Livingscum. Four years of self-serving hate coming up for lucky London.

  86. 289

    Ken sits gelded in the cage of his own making.

  87. 303
    On Tablets says:

    First and last :)

    • 359
      Expat Geordie says:

      The First Commandment: “Do it to them before they do it to you.”

      The Last Commandment: “Don’t get caught.”

  88. 306
    Lou Scannon says:

    Hadn’t realised Gideon was a Muzzie :

  89. 307

    Deus dona mihi serenitatem accipere res quae non possum mutare, fortitudinem mutare res quae possum, atque sapientiam differentiam cognoscere.

  90. 309
    CLINT Cameron says:

    lansley is a c’unt

  91. 318
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    The c’untitudinal tendencies of these c’unts is mind boggling…every opportunity they see to be c’unts, they sieze on with such zeal, almost like they believed being a c’unt was a virtue. Ken Livingstone should be banned from public office and the BBC should be severely reprimanded for its gobsmackingly shameless leftist bias.

    • 323
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      The BBC should be shut down. We do not need a national broadcaster in this day and age.

      • 332
        Where have all the Tories gone ? says:

        At the very least it should be renamed SIC – Socialist Indoctrination Channel.

  92. 321
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Livingstone doesn’t need a climate change advisor to know which way the wind blows.

    (Bob Dylan, c1962)

  93. 322
    Ken (Londistan a Beckon of Islam) LyingScum says:

    OK – I’ll come clean – I never pay my share in the pub – actually, like Georgy (never knowingly outlied) Gallsaway – I’ve never drunk, had sex with a woman or a donkey within so many yards of the what’s it’s name, – or refused a big enough offer from some low socialist scum.

    And that’s the troof! innit

  94. 326
    Rich Bastard says:

    Of course I don’t pay taxes. That’s how I got rich…

    • 331
      Ex Conservative Voter says:

      Not through hard work, good qualifications, making lots of good decisions, taking risk, that sort of stuff?

      Blimey. I didn’t realise people could get rich just by “not paying tax”. Jeeze, I guess every wino with a dog on the end of some string is – as a non-taxpayer – rich. And there was me giving them money!

    • 339
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Seems like Boris (at least) bucked the trend, unless you are only talking about socialists.

  95. 336
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I think Ken gets Owen Jones to advise him on his taxes. As we know when it comes to numbers and percentages Owen Jones is right 155% of the time.

    According to Owen Jones Ken’s tax is not 14.5% but 1450% and 500% more than Boris ever paid as 25% of Boris’s earnings go to the Tory party and the other 95% of his earnings go on champagne.

    Nicky Campbell believes all of Owen Jones’s statistics.

    • 363
      Red Miliband is a rich Marxist opportunist says:

      Owen Jones is like a little yapping dog biting at your ankles.

  96. 338
    Anonymous says:

    Writing as an accountant, if Ken had asked me for advice on what to publish to support income and effective tax rate, I would advise:

    You could publish details of just the personal tax return, which would indicate the tax paid on employment income and dividends on the company – and reading through the lines of what Ken has published this would show a pretty standard tax avoidance strategy through using a personal services company.

    I would however point out that this misrepresents both Ken’s total income and effective tax rate, if, as seems likely from the company’s bank account, Ken had retained some of his income within the company (perhaps for withdrawal through dividends over time, to allow it to be paid in years when Ken isn’t a higher rate taxpayer for example – again all good tax avoidance potential.).

    So the most transparent approach would be to publish both Ken’s personal income tax return, and details of all the income earned by Ken through his company.

    What it looks like Ken has actually done is to publish details of his personal income tax return, then done an add back of a notional amount for the part of the corporation tax relating to the dividends actually paid. This is of course completely misleading, as combines Kens personal income/tax with only part of Ken’s income from the company to make the marginal tax rate paid appear higher. Even if an accountant had individually approved the personal tax return and the company tax return, no competent accountant would put their signature to this presentation as it is completely misleading.

  97. 343
    Kevin T says:

    Now that the mayoral election result seems to be cut and dried – a victory for Boris with a healthy increased majority – it might be worth an article looking at the political fallout from that. Won’t help Dave very much but could be a very big nail in Ed’s coffin. It also makes Boris the solid favourite to succeed Dave. If I was a Tory MP asking I would to follow into a general election, Boris vs George is not much of a contest, and who else is there?

  98. 367
    bbc comptroller says:

    Late breaking news the grand mufti of Tower Hamlets claimed that as a kuffir Ken is not acceptable as Caliph of London. He is furthermore subject to fatwa since the newt is haram and touching it renders one unclean. George Galloway was not available for comment.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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