April 4th, 2012

Play #Newsnight KEN-GO!

Tonight Newsnight is hosting a four-way debate – with the BBC giving the Greens the fourth seat despite UKIP currently polling higher. During the debate Ken will no doubt make his usual magic money promises and claim that Boris plans to kill all London’s first born sons. So, to make it easy for you to keep track of Ken’s unfounded claims during the debate, the NotKenAgain.com website has created a positive fun little game they’re calling KEN-GO.

Download the KEN-GO scorecard, fill it out during the Newsnight debate and Tweetpic a picture of your completed scorecard to @NotKenAgain to win a signed T-shirt…


  1. 1
    smoggie says:

    Rather play Snakes and Ladders


  2. 2
    ukiplocal says:

    It’s not just polling higher, it’s polling much higher in general – look at all the Westminster by-elections results; Greens nowhere to be seen. Look at local elections – Greens beat UKIP very rarely. The reason is clear – Greens are a one-issue left wing anti-capitalist party that supports EU integration almost as passionately as the LibDems (who UKIP often beat in local by-elections and sometimes in the Westminster ones).

    BBC and the London Evening Standard appear to devise ever more complicated formulae to include Greens but exclude UKIP – why might that be?


    • 12
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      The Greens are just mongs.


      • 24
        Charles Flaccidwidger says:

        Could be the huge sums that the EU pays to the BBC to promote the EU positively.


        • 32
          Social Pundit says:

          Greens only have a one person motormouth so I presume Lucas will be in the 4th spot fighting for the loony left?
          Rather listen to good music than stupid and totally biased Newsnight or QT.


          • Susie says:

            Possibly Sian Berry again… I used to work with her (not politically!) and she’s quite a decent (but deluded) individual.

            It’s outrageous of the BBC to give them airtime over UKIP’s Paul Nutall who made such an excellent job of his appearance on QT a few weeks ago. Perhaps that’s the problem… he dominated the panel and the EU got frit.


  3. 4
    Atilla The Hunni says:

    Oh That Ken is sooo Sexual..if you know what I mean..


  4. 6
    Tired of it all! says:

    Greens . . . Ken . . . LieBore . . . .

    the effluent of society


  5. 7
    Paul Mason says:

    What on earth are the BBC playing at? Having just seen the Green candidate on the BBC London News I would like to know why anyone looking as if she had been dragged through a collection of birds nests backwards is going to win any votes at all?


  6. 8
    Sean Blake says:

    Why shouldn’t the Greens have the fourth seat tonight? I don’t expect fair from Guido’s site but they did gain over three times as many seats as UKIP in the last London mayoral election.
    Blame the present voting system for what happened to UKIP’s representation nationally, though: zero MPs for twice the Green vote. The same will probably happen again in 2015 because of AV’s defeat last year.


    • 15
      Jimmy says:

      There are three possible explanations:

      1) The UKIP name doesn’t actually appear on the ballot as they’ve decided their best chance is to pretend their candidate is really an independent;
      2) In 2008 their vote share actually began after the decimal point;
      3) A vast left wing conspiracy.

      Obviously the consensus here seems to be 3


    • 17
      Jimmy says:

      There are three possible explanations:

      1) The UKIP name doesn’t actually appe@r on the ballot as they’ve decided their best chance is to pretend their candidate is really an independent;
      2) In 2008 their vote share actually began after the decimal point;
      3) A vast left wing conspiracy.

      Obviously the consensus here seems to be 3


    • 127
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Presumably your inability to count matches your overall stupidity level. Here are some facts,

      General Election 2010,

      UKIP: 919, 470 votes.

      Green: 265,243 votes.

      Of course at the last London mayoral elections, precisely the same tactic was adopted by the BBC and MSM. At virtually every instance UKIP were completely ignored as if they were not participating and of course the bastion of fair play, honesty and integrity, the BBC, presented the election as a four horse race between, Labour, Lib-Dim, Conservative and Green. Surprise, surprise.


  7. 9
    steve4319 says:

    Haha spot the mistake @ukiplocal “Greens are a one-issue left wing anti-capitalist party that supports EU integration”


  8. 10
    blarney says:

    Is it London? No it’s Dublin.


  9. 11
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Thing is if you’ve watched the BBC series about the London Underground 99% of the population are utter fucking inbred mongs. They will believe whatever Ken tells them.


  10. 14

    When Livingstone soon becomes a fossil he should change his name to Deadweight.


  11. 16
    Prescott's chipolata says:

    Anybody else seen that fabulous ‘not ken again’ bus. Fantastic they have the best picture of Ken ever.


  12. 19
    BBC News says:

    Greens are good for you.
    That’s why we uncritically support their expensive, ruinous, communist agenda.

    And remember, to make sure you stay politically healthy we make sure to include ‘The Greens’ as part of your FIVE, socially acceptable, liberal agenda, messages, each day.


  13. 25
    Well it's a thought says:

    The flat earth society complete with there own caves, they the Libsh*tes and Liebour and the uconned us have screwed and destroyed the country as well as brainwashing the people, turds unite you have all to gain.


  14. 26
    biased bbc crap says:

    Didn’t you know, in BBC world, 3 lefties against 1 righty is what we call “Balance”. Same as what we do on Question Time or any political show where there are more than 2 guests on. We can even enhance the programme even further by adding a lefty as host to round off the balance perfectly.


    • 34
      Beeboid 1 says:

      Tut Tut.
      We believe in a balance of one far left and one tribal left, balanced by one left of centre. When we have a right wing person there are two options. They are either really left of centre, or utterly barking mad right so we can pillory them.
      BBC Charter? What charter?


      • 126
        Susie says:

        Just before the 2010 election, BBC Look East did a report from Cambridge managing not to mention the Conservatives (second in the last election) at all.


      • 128
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        All part of the BBC agenda. Anyone who is not left wing is always isolated on any bogus panel the present as a cross section and the audience hand picked lefties. This is done to make right wing ideas look as if they are somehow marginal and extreme, when in fact they are popular and mainstream. Though no doubt, the likes of the BBC etc, would sneer at them for being, frightfully populist.


  15. 28
    Funambulist says:

    Boris should promise to make London a beacon of Bacon (not Richard.)
    Bacon butties all round, especially at polling stations!


    • 44
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Won’t affect the Muzzie vote – they all arrive by the Royal Mail sackful, strangely all posted in the same place and with strikingly similar handwriting…….

      Could be bad news for the Tel Aviv vote though – and as Ken’s alienated them, maybe fresh begels would be a better Polling Station offer.


      • 130
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Muzz outnumber Joo’s 20 to 1, that’s why Livingstone is crawling to them.


      • 144
        Funambulist says:

        Make the new price-enhanced stamps bacon-flavoured and put Peppa Pig’s head on them. That should deter the main culprits. Put a crucifix on them too to drive off benefits vampires.


  16. 30
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Shouldn’t there be a space on the form for how many time BoJo calls Ken “a fucking liar?”

    Also the Green candidate MUST be a lesbian, have you seen her?


  17. 31
    Make Mine A Double! says:

    Of course, there are those out there who would rather turn it into a you-know-what kind of game: Every time Boris works in some reference to “hypocrisy” on Ken’s part, another shot of Scotch. Those jokers will be on the floor, holding on for dear life, well before half time.


  18. 33
    Diane Abbott says:

    Rìce and pèà
    Rìce and pèà
    Everyone loves
    Rìce and pèà


    • 45
      Dîanñe Fätbótty says:

      How did you do that? – wìd da ríce an da peës?

      How about de curry göãt?


  19. 35
    Divide and Rule says:

    Hi Tessa. I’m not white and I don’t earn £75,000 a year, and I use the Boris bikes. Fuck you.


  20. 36
    Parasite SPOTTA says:

    Len McCluckey is pantomime dame


  21. 37
    Lycan says:

    Don’t really like my eldest brother so Boris’ infanticide is fine by me. Wonder Ed Miliband agrees with me?


  22. 43
    annette curton says:

    Haven’t a fucking Cluedo…Colonel Mustard gets throttled in lift?.


  23. 46
    Long Gone says:

    is this labourlist – i think i’ve arrived at the wrong blog??


  24. 47
    Will N. Dowd says:

    I caught the Big Society Bus. It broke down.


  25. 50
    Movie time says:

    Some entertaining right wing action films in which muzees get obliterated. They all succeeded in upsetting lefties.

    True Lies
    Rules of Engagement
    Navy Seals
    Black Hawk Down
    Executive Decision


  26. 51
    Fight! Fight! Fight! says:

    I suppose it’s expecting too much to hope Boris calls Ken a fucking liar live on Newsnight?


  27. 53

    gotta luv it on hear


  28. 55
    There's No Painless Way Out says:

    Somewhere down the line we will have massive wealth destruction that usually happens either through very high inflation or through social unrest or through war or even via a credit market collapse. Maybe all of it will happen but at different times, or all at the same time.


  29. 59
    Fight! Fight! Fight! says:

    The fiery debate between Boris, Ken and Brian is the most popcorn worthy political entertainment of the year so far! An absolute riot! There’s someone from the Greens too but Paxo’s ignoring her.


  30. 60
    Fight! Fight! Fight! says:

    Can we have a mayoral debate every night? It’s an absolute corker!


    • 64
      Laandan Cabbie says:

      Now Bob Holness is saying he’s gay?
      Luv a duck.

      I ‘ad that Carol Vordermann in the back of the cab once. Tip was £5.91. Exaxtly 13.2% of the fare. Clever milf.

      Be lucky!


  31. 65
    Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

    Good effort from Paddick – really stuff ken on ‘riddlegate’


  32. 67
    Ken's gaffe says:


  33. 68
    Laandan Cabbie says:

    Blimey! Who’s the frizzy bird ?
    Looks like one of the Greens. her bleedin’ bollocks will end cabs in Landern!

    Get a green mayor and you’ll see the yellow lights going out all over the city. They won’t be lit again in our lifetime.

    Right, here we are mate, Admiralty arch..be Lucky!


  34. 70
    Fight! Fight! Fight! says:

    Absolutely loving this. BoJo and Ken clearly hate each other. If you missed it, watch on iplayer.


  35. 73
    mic says:

    lol yes it is quality, you can tell they hate each other, it’s like an exercise in deliberately doing a poker face

    now Paxman says “who would you rather be stuck in a lift with ken or boris” qualiteee


  36. 78
    mic says:

    Shit! boris was heading towards Ken at the end there, looking menacing


  37. 79
    Laandan Cabbie says:

    Jenny Jones says- “hope we could all be nicer to each other”- Stone me she’s a lemon. Be nicer? I’ll be nicer if she gets all these sodding bicycles off the road. Look at that knob there – round the elephant the wrong way, the turnip.

    Right mate, where to? Not a Labour area I hope. Haven’t got the bulletproofs on today.


  38. 80
    Fight! Fight! Fight! says:

    That was such a good laugh. Paxo grilled Ken over the muslim fanatic he invited, and Paddick tore into him over his “riddled” comments.


    • 84
      mic says:

      nah Paddick was lame, Ken flicked them off his legs for four both times, he just got to say rehearsed stuff, but it was funny to see the hate in they eyes sometimes!


  39. 85

    Just been watching the BBC channels here using Expat shield.

    What a load of skunk dung! And to think they tax you for it and try to stop people over the water from seeing it.

    I have now been away for five years and it has not got the slightest bit better.

    Don’t worry BBC, I won’t be tuning in again, you have nothing to fear from me.


  40. 87
    Richard Timney's Pay Per Wank says:

    Jacqui 5 Bellies and Iain Dale doing paper review on Sky.


  41. 88
    Bogeyman says:

    Boris kicked ass – helped by Paddick – but not hard enough. He should have gone for Leninslime’s scrawny little jugular.

    He also missed an opportunity on Ken’s tax arrangements. The newt lover claims he was employing people legitimately, but some of that money went towards supporting Labour – disallowed under company rules.

    Leninshit is a skunk who should have been drowned at birth. Nasty, nasty little turd.


  42. 90
    mic says:

    peter alliss just said that all Tiger’s problems are up in his head not down below


  43. 92
    Richard Timney's Pay Per Wank says:

    It’s not just Newsnight that’s had fireworks tonight. Iain Dale is quite rightly laying into Jacqui Smith over state surveillance.


    • 111
      not a machine says:

      aye it was frought exchange , thats the trouble with Dale , for most of the time hes reporting on gossip , chatter and publishing , but when he gets his politcal mind onto somthing ….. I think she would have issued a warrant if she had still been hom sec by the look on face .

      Daily mail useually has very good spelling and grammar (noting NAM cannot really say own posts are free of typos) however spitfire story had me in stitches “after 8 long years retired engineer assembled the jet from other parts ” easy mistake to make Hawker Harrier and spitfire …..

      bit late not quite as good as Tim Montgomeries ,Kevin maguire to join N10 press team though :)


  44. 93
    Lib Dumb says:

    I think Paddick was the only one who came out of this with his dignity in tact. Tsk!


  45. 95
    Kevin T says:

    It must be very dispiriting being Anonymous. Imagine putting all that effort into fighting a very, very small part of your candidate’s campaign, while your candidate turns up pissed on Newsnight and gets utterly demolished in front of millions of viewers.


  46. 96
    Red Ken Lyingscum says:


  47. 97

    Civil servant. Feminist. Union rep. Evertonian. Blocked by Guido Fawkes.

    … has now blocked non-followers from seeing her Twatter account.

    What is she hiding? Her embarrassment?


  48. 102
    Bogeyman says:

    How much longer does my post have to await mode rat ion?


    • 104
      mic says:

      mode rat ion is set to 5 at the moment, so probably about the same amount of time you have already waited plus about 10% overhead


  49. 106
    not a machine says:

    With quite a few days left to go , I can only hope tonight was a warm up .
    might have will had Paxman issue flintlocks and 40 paces apart , den of vipers from where I sat . Historical accuracy of TFLs debts missed Ken completely .
    Looks like skys Anna Botting will have a job on with her full hand .


    • 112

      Yes. You actually have to credit Baldemort with knowing there was no money left. Ken, Balls, Gordon, Jowell, Harman, Presclot, Humungous and all these other pondlife still don’t know anything about this.

      Mind you, Baldemort was supposed to have been chief bean counter.


  50. 110
    Manager of Karachi's main printing press says:

    Our brother Ken has also said he wanted to make London a ‘beacon of Islam’ I have to postal vote to see he gets his wish.


    • 115
      Bogeyman says:

      Ken said no such thing. He was at pains to make this clear during the Mayoral debate on Newsnight this evening.

      Watch the video. He said he wanted to make London “the beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet, Peace be Upon Him”.

      Can’t you tell the difference, you ignoramus?.


  51. 120
    not a machine says:

    I must admitt telegraphs Walter Smith has surpassed himself , check out comments .

    Although best leftwing idea not posing as a leftwing idea , until it got busted at end , was a snippet on copyright on bloomberg . Interviewers face at first was light , ok go then explain it , then got confused , then got mmmm this is crap . The subject was wigwham speciality copy right , ideas genius (well sort of ) was proposing copyleft , he puts free software code for everyone to use , you can then modify it , improve it and return it to user base , no one owns any copy right , hence copy left , eventually have brilliant free source software for all to use ………. tra laa . I loved the bit when interviewer enquired said “ok ok so how is anyone going to make money out of this” . So there we have it wigwham cyber utopia , everything will be free , even the electric …………. bad touch of the fabians if ever I saw it .


  52. 121
    Anonymous says:

    For destroying the GLC and trashing the post-war settlement, do you hate and despise Margaret Thatcher as much as I do?

    Andy F, Rugby, Warwickshire.

    Ken Livingstone: I think she was a psychopath who in different circumstances might have killed tens of millions.



    • 137
      JH says:

      No, Ken.

      Killing tens of millions is the left-wing’s job, when the population has sufficiently enraged them by not being worthy of their policies.


    • 147
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      I think Ken Livingstone is a psychopath who in different circumstances might have killed tens of millions.


  53. 131
    A Pasty-faced Plonker Posing as PM says:

    I say chaps!!!

    Those jolly chairmen of the water thingy’s deserve their bonuses!

    Would any of them be able to help us out by buying a Wind Farm d’you think? – watt?


  54. 132
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I stopped watching after Ken’s first ‘Nyyerrr’.

    The LibDem really is a bit et – says a lot about the old saw ‘You don’t have to be very bright to rise in the Met’.


  55. 143
    lastofthesummervintage says:

    The BBC (Brussels broadcasting company) Doesn’t surprise me they wont let UKIP have a say, as they like their puppet masters in Brussels are running scared of the UKIP movement which is growing stronger by the day. People are coming the same conclusion that the top three are not worth voting for and UKIP have the the common sense answers to the woes that encumber London and the UK.


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