March 30th, 2012

Labour Staffers Turn on “Campaign Coordinator” Tom Watson

Labour insiders are clucking this morning as the news from Bradford sets in. As Guido mentioned earlier plenty of blame is being dripped out in the direction of General Secretary Iain McNicol, but others are fighting back. One man seems to be suspiciously quiet on the subject and has been all campaign: Tom Watson. As Labour’s “Deputy Party Chairman and Campaign Coordinator”,  he was in charge of this spectacular cock up.

Questions are being asked about why he has spent the week frothing about Panorama damp squibs and sitting around on Twitter instead of leading from the front. Given the number of Mayor and Police Commissioner elections coming up that will involve current MPs, the list of by-elections this year is growing. Too late to do anything about it now though…


UPDATE II: Witnesses report that Tom Watson spent the day in the House yesterday. He was spotted having a long chat with disgraced former Labour MP Denis MacShane. Why wasn’t he on the ground getting out the vote?

UPDATE III: Instead of campaigning in Bradford in the all important weekend before polling, Watson went to the “Guardian Open Weekend” and shared a platform with fellow media luvvies Amelia Hill, Alan Rusbridger and Nick Davies. He cares more about self promotion than his job as Campaign Coordinator.


  1. 1
    David R says:

    Did anybody check the kitchen?


    • 18
      Oh lardy Lardy says:

      This man or rather his expenses are going to be hit hard by Osborne’s pie tax.


      • 39
        backdoor Gideon says:

        Result! ‘General government net borrowing in 2011 was £124.6 billion; equivalent to 8.3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP)’

        Highest in the OECD and 12 times higher than Jerry’s!


        • 57
          Angry of London says:

          And of course Labour, the glowing stars that they are, ran a perfect surplus during every year of their glorius power. Sure, the current bunch have shown themselves to be pretty sh*t, but they’re utter amateurs at the art of f*_cking up the UK relative to Bliar and Brown. They do seem to be learning fast though. Pretty soon the glorius communist state of Sh*tain will be printing wages for every scrot on every street corner. Anything of any actual value will be doled out under control of the state, as the state sees fit.


      • 75
        Lord Lardarse of Hull in the Head says:

        Down at Greggs – eating the pies


    • 23
      Cold & hungry pensioner robbed blind by Labour and Tories says:

      Watson was too busy sha&&ing his underage rentboys to worry about such a minor thing as this. Murdoch will find one of them to grass eventually.


      • 59
        Fuck 'em All says:

        He was too busy submitting FOI requests about pasties and Cameron.

        Hot food products in Liverpool: FOI Request to the Cabinet Office
        March 29th, 2012 —

        Dear Sir/Madam,

        Under the Freedom of Information Act, please list the times and dates on which the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has visited Liverpool since 11 May 2010.

        For each journey, please list the Prime Minister’s mode of transport, and indicate whether he stopped at (i) Liverpool Lime Street Station, (ii) Liverpool Central Station or (iii) any other Liverpool train station as part of his visit.

        Please publish an itemised list of all receipts claimed by Mr Cameron, officials or special advisers for food purchases made at any of the above train stations, as part of any visits to Liverpool undertaken since 11 May 2010.


        • 87
          jgm2 says:

          And what will that ‘prove’ Tom?


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Seriously, I can’t believe this. This is how he spends his time? This is what we pay him to do? This is what an MP does?


          • Mike Litorus says:

            Lets ask him? As submitted as a comment

            And what is this going to “prove”? The political elite (using that phrase in the loosest sense) are rubbing themselves into a frenzy over something that not one of my co-workers gives a monkeys about. The only thing that this request has shown so far is that MPs are still on a mission to waste as much taxpayers money as is possible, over their own pointless little bunfights. Perhaps I should put in an FOI request to find out the list of your expenses in the Soho area?

            The fat tw@


    • 31
      spazzer Dave says:

      Rejoice! Rejoice! Once again we hammer the Krauts!

      Two world wars, one world cup and now 12 times more money! Am I not a genius or what!

      German budget deficit 2011 €12bn/£10bn
      UK budget deficit 2011 £125bn—march-2012.html


    • 115
      Peter Grimes says:

      He is a fat, ugly bastard, isn’t he!

      Nothing over to add!


  2. 2
    jgm2 says:

    Labour lost.

    Get over it.


    • 17
      Deep Froat says:

      No I won’t get over it. I want to hear it again and again and agin.



      Oh I want that as a ringtone set to manic laughter…..



    • 28

      That picture bears out my mongs ᴙ Labour theory.


      • 65
        Angry of London says:

        First lines of code for all Watson-esque Liebour bots programmed by the great commisars of the communist state of Sh*tain.

        function what_are_my_political_colours() {
        if ($(moral).val()==’venal and utterly corrupt’ && $(earnings).val()==$(thievings).val() {
        $(politician).attr(‘id’)=Labour; }



        • 103


          Except I am an unreconstructed Visual Basic man… Can you transcribe?

          OK sad, but it leaves me time for eating, drinking and s*x.


          • Geekoid says:

            Public Function what_are_my_political_colours()
            If moral = ‘venal and utterly corrupt’ and earnings = thievings Then
            politician = ‘Labour’
            End If
            end function

            A lot of people hate VB but I think this simple example goes to show how concise and readable it can be.

            Probably needs a few ELSE cases though.


    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      Do you think Labours “knockabout” student rag, type response to the budget etc pi**ed the voters off as much as the rest of us ? they have behaved like total k**bs.


  3. 3
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Pouring over his next move on Murdoch !!!

    This guy is fanatical about Murdoch, but couldnt give a shit about his party or the country.


    • 13
      Frog says:

      You mean Murdoch the guy who is now accused of hacking into his competitors set-top boxes and releasing all the data to hackers. Of course Murdoch is denying it vigorously…just as they did with the hacking of phone accounts…and just as they did when accused of employing people to follow police officers and following barristers and politicians.
      The Murdoch empire could be described as a criminal enterprise (not by me of course).


      • 43
        AC1's rentboy says:

        Fuck right off! I worship Murdoch. I dream about giving him a blowjob. My life would be nought without him.


        • 58
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          The lefts rabid obsession with Murdoch and other bullshit, just does not resonate outside the westminster bubble. There are plenty more West Bradford’s out there to lose until then, keep obsessing.


    • 14
      Sniper says:

      Yeah. How exactly did those bastard Murdochs fiddle this election? Tom will find out you know.


      • 30
        Deep Froat says:

        Easy they didn’t report the massive postal vote fraud corruption by Labours usual pet effnicks. Unfortuantely they didn’t realise that Georgie had been round the night before and erased Labour and written his own monker on them.

        So it’s all really Mudrocks fault innit.

        Postal vote corruption is tolerated nay encouraged in Labour areas as long as its pro labour. Now perhaps we’ll see some investigations into vote corruption.
        Tower Hamlets – your lot are corrupt as well.


        • 81
          Sniper says:

          Concur, the Murds are supposed to be running scared of Leveson. And the biggest cheerleader for that boondoggle? Step forward the member for..oh hang on!


  4. 4
    Rust says:

    Guido is getting at Watson because Guido makes money of feeding stories to the red tops, which Watson is keen to stop.


    • 47
      God calling... says:

      Bore off!


    • 91
      smoggie says:

      That’s not Watson’s job.

      Watson has taken his eye off the ball (if it were ever on it) and it has all gone pear shaped, literally and spectacularly.


    • 94
      Distraught master & commander says:

      One is unaware of any practical benefit to your comment


    • 95
      smoggie says:

      That’s not Watson’s job.

      Watson has taken his eye off the ball (if it were ever on it) and it has all gone pe­ar shaped, literally and spectacularly.


      • 99
        just an idea says:

        TWatson is so puffed up with his own self importance he thinks co-ordinating campaigns and mixing with ordinary voters is beneath him.


        • 109
          Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

          He is clearly utterly obsessed with bringing down the Murdoch empire. It has become his life’s work. Strangely enough, he didn’t seem so devoted to his righteous quest while Tony and Gordon were Mr Murdoch’s best mates. He only seems to have started hating and pursuing him with a vengeance once Labour lost power.


  5. 5
    hackneycabbie says:

    Up his own arse, where else ?


  6. 6
    Racked off says:

    2 busy eating pastie and chasing the murdochs and journalists around with daft questions to deal with by-elections….Me thinks they took Bradford West for granted as a they will vote for us no matter seat.


  7. 7
    Sizzla says:

    This preening, obese man appears self-obsessed.

    Agitated over the media sector, he seems to ignore the concerns of ordinary people on pay freezes who see their savings eroded as food and petrol prices rise almost every day.

    He’s probably good company for a chattering class dinner party soirée in Islington. But Bradford? With someone like this no wonder they bombed.


  8. 8
    A pragmatist says:

    Twatty twatted.


  9. 9
    Butch says:

    “Ed’s dead, baby.


  10. 10
    Xbox says:

    busy eating crap and playing video games probably!


  11. 11
    An English Patriot says:

    It must really gall these Labour scum that their previous core vote can be swayed away from fee money for all party, by a chump like Galloway


    • 20
      Worrying Times says:

      How long does Galloway think he would last when his Islamic mates gain power, as it was for Ernst Röhm so it would be for Galloway except he will probably be stoned instead of shot.


      • 29
        Film says:

        It would be one of the few advantages of Sharia Law to watch the stoning on Sky News. A lot of the pink left would go the same way. Mandleson too!


        • 40
          jgm2 says:

          I believe that these days they simply stick you in a hole and back a tipper truck full of rocks up and drop the lot in on top in a one-er.

          God will be so happy with this process improvement.


          • taC eht abbaJ says:

            I think you will find that if you go on Youtube they still go for the old school one flint at a time approach…


    • 22
      Film says:

      What should worry us all more is when they start a purely Moslim party they will become the 3rd force in Britsh politics. The Moslim only have 50% of the Liberals, but they are growing vast, and their votes are highly concentrated.


      • 36
        Worrying Times says:

        ….then, as it was with the Na.zis once power is achieved through the ballot box, the ballot boxes get thrown away!

        All thanks to Blair’s NuLiebor and Cameron’s New Cons.


  12. 12
    Deep Froat says:

    Oh come on leave Watson alone. He’s still crying and deeply upset about the increase in VAT on Pies. Poor man. He’s barricaded himself in the Westminster branch of Greggs.


  13. 15
    Rob says:

    I doubt he’s too bothered about this article. To blame anyone or anything other than the general public’s preference for George ‘pussy-cat’ Galloway over ANY of the moronic parties is to be a partisan fuckwit.


    • 21
      Racked off says:

      please do not put that galloway miaowing image back in my head, i’ll need a chemical scrub if you do.


  14. 19
    Tom Watsons Mummy says:

    He’s in my bedroom sniffing my cruddy knickers

    The odious fat cúnt.


  15. 24
    Stick the knife in says:


    • 35
      Pig's Ear says:

      It’s not rocket science to work out that moslems are not interested in Ed, Ed and Rachael Foghorn Reeves munching on sausage rolls.


      • 41
        jgm2 says:

        Particularly not Vacant Ned – the J*e*w.


        • 56
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Its not a metabolic thing like lactose intolerance you know. Even Ed’s sensible enough not to think that god’s going to smite him or whatever for eating pig.


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            God may not smite Ed Miliband, however the brothers of Allah take an entirely differing view and smite him and his party down, they duly did.


        • 60
          El Mahmal says:

          Good point. Asking someone who kneels on a magic carpet pointing at Mecca to vote for a party lead by a Mr Miliband is quite a tall order.


          • jgm2 says:

            That’s why Ken is being so obvious in distancing himself from (rich) J*e*w*s. Could he mean Miliband?


    • 49
      Fish says:

      No. Westminster wasn’t going on about the so called Pasty Tax. You lot were. I
      think that Milband Inferior will come to regret that Greggs photoshoot.


      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        Its the “any bandwagon” thing that gets me, its degrading to politics. (if that is possible)


    • 96
      Some Geezer wot thinks Ms Abbott wouldn't pass up a free pasty says:

      You’ll be crying when you find out the Pasty Tax covers these little goodies as well:


  16. 25
    Josiah Bartlett says:

    He’s been far too busy panic-buying pasties to campaign for Labour.


  17. 26
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    I heard Kelvin Mackenzie call Watson “the Obese Buddy Holly” on Sky the other day.

    Still makes me chuckle…


  18. 27
    Worrying Times says:

    From the photo I would say he is definitely a “Greggs” man


  19. 32
  20. 33
    A pragmatist says:

    “Why wasn’t he on the ground getting out the vote?”

    Someone has to eat the pasties.


  21. 34
    jgm2 says:

    Do you think any of the bedwetters will dare suggest the electoral commission might want to look at the percentage of postal votes in this election?

    Or will they just take this on the chin? How many losses will Labour take on the chin before they admit that their cunning postal voting plan has backfired?


  22. 38
    Legal crook says:

    The muslim vote was gathered to get Galloway elected. Londoners need to rally around Boris to stop Ken getting elected.


    • 70
      SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

      Muslims and Boris…Your Deluded.

      Jokes apart….Labour shouldnt be worried….WE ALL SHOULD BE. Muslims running the country within 10 years….titter ye not


  23. 44
    paul says:

    The crooked fat Hunt was talking to mcshane about who conned the tax payer out of most expense money, I think watson won the month of Feb and was waiting for mcshane to cough up the winnings from the bet…


  24. 45
    Outlier says:

    I thought this disgusting fat pig Watson was responsible for the reckless and wanton waste of taxpayers’ money and police time otherwise known as the great Murdoch witch Hunt aka Leveson Enquiry


  25. 46
    Damocles says:

    I’m happy to blame the post Levenson Media for this.

    Politics has become increasingly led by the media and post Levenson they seem ultra reliant on Social media to get any sort of lead to anything rather than using traditional methods. This is because they are scared to use traditional methods in case they transgress some line or, having relied on despicable methods for so long, they don’t actually know how to.

    Unfortunately in using social media they are limited to people they are in touch with and not to any new sources of information such as anyone north of the Watford Gap.

    This is why they, and in turn politicians, focus on horses, pasties and any damn thing they can tag -gate on the end of.


  26. 48
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    LOL…. roll out Warsi time. Give it a rest blue noses, You cant touch Watson, he will have you and your mates strung up……Oh yes he already is …LOL


  27. 50
    Alimentary My Dear Watson says:

    Probably Don Tommaso was thinking about the Birmingham referendum and how to handle that little bit of business; after all, it is in his neck of the woods. You might think he was willing to see what was going to happen in Bradford, to better gauge how to deal with the Mooz vote in Brum. That, or he was up to his usual pursuit:


  28. 51
    Someone from Stoke (named Gary) says:

    This is a huge embarrassing failure for Labour.
    Yvette (I’m not afteer Ed’s job-honest!) says: We didn’t listen when in power. we must change” (yawn).

    Yes you did listen duckie, you just didn’t do anything about it when we told you.

    Parachutes, fiddling and rigging elections is something that Labour got kicked out of power for.

    Lessons still not learnt and the message back, from us to them is Fu** you!


  29. 55
    Steve Miliband says:

    Going to Greggs for lunch and gurning like Gordon was perhaps not so funny Ed


  30. 61
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    A woman has suffered 40% burns when petrol ignited as she was transferring it to containers in her kitchen in York, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service report.

    …Bye Bye Franics Mongo Maude


  31. 63
    Fish says:

    Unite say no tanker drivers strike over Easter ‘to concentrate on talks’. The problem for Unite was that in trying to get an industry-wide strike it only managed to get 53% of drivers on-side. Drivers in two delivery companies voted against a strike and would work normally in any case.

    The delay will give Unite the chance to work on the drivers in these companies and call another vote later in the year – just in time for the Olympics?


  32. 68
    Stinkfinger says:

    The message being sent by Galloway and fellow lefty Livingston is this,
    ‘Women and Homosexuals.Go fuck yourselfs we are after the Muslim vote now’


  33. 74
    Elbridge Gerry says:

    I gather there were 10,000 postal votes. The Pakis have always fiddled these. More money for lawyers then


  34. 77
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Gay = less than 1% of population

    Muslims = less than 5%

    Woman = 50%…. DAVE HAS SPENT LAST 2 YEARS SCREWING THEM…Do the maths


  35. 105
    Dr Evil says:

    The Labour bastard politicos are too posh to canvass and talk to the likes of me on the door step. Galloway wasn’t, even though he is as daft as a brush and nowhere near as useful. They anticipated a walk over from their imported clients (just how did they get a vote anyway?) but Gallows walked the walk and had the massvely corrupt Asian postal vote too. Labour are all far too middle class to be even seen in Braford with unwashed oik voters, let alone Muslim extremists (that is most of Bradford). Drinks all round. Boris better watch out for a similar situation re postal votes in Tower Hamlets.


  36. 111
    John P reid says:

    Mcshane hasn;t been disgraced ,until he has been found guilty, Actaully Both Watson and Mcshane exchanged about 5 words as they bumped into each other ,as they had their families with them drinking on the terrace.


  37. 112
    Superman says:

    Gorgeous George has been a conman all his life. So Bradford follows Glasgow and London. When will people learn?


  38. 117
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Give Tawtson a break, he can’t eat pizza, twitter, fart all at the same time … or can he???


  39. 119
    JH says:

    Jesus, just look at that bovine fuck.

    Just. Look. At. It.

    That thinks it’s a bit ‘tasty’, that does.


  40. 120

    Ahh, shame about Watson……. couldn’t happen to a nicer chap!


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