March 30th, 2012

All In It Together

Unite assistant General Secretary Diana Holland is getting a lot of coverage today due to the ongoing chaos her union is threatening, not over the price of fuel but how much money already well paid drivers get to distribute it. What the TV news seem to be ignoring is that she is also the Treasurer of the Labour Party.

Labour try to suggest the connection to their biggest donor is arms length, but Holland is about as plugged in as they come. Her husband Joe Irvine was a Commander of the Forces of Hell as Brown’s Political Secretary and also the “brains” behind Ed Balls For Leader. Cosy!


  1. 1
    rofl says:

    ED mIliband is the unions bitch

    • 2
      ToonBob... says:

      Cannot see the Beeb making the link part of any questioning/interview..

      • 34
        Anonymous says:

        Calls for Francis Maude to quit after woman suffers 40% burns decanting petrol in her kitchen… and panic buying continues

        Read more:

        • 37
          Anonymous says:

          Another reason not to read the Daily Mong

          • Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

            Can we believe any thing that is in the PRESS???

            We have an information War going on, No wonder the Politicians have chummed up with the likes of Murdoch to Spew their Lies and Brain Wash the masses

          • SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

            Steady now can’t say M*ng…. I may have to report you to the IP address, Tory Internet Police….ooohhhhh the Irony

          • So the Assistant General Secretary of the Union that gets £7 million of government Union Modernisation Funds a year and also gets their activist staff paid for out of the public purse is also the Treasurer of the Political Party that extended the money.

            Labour appear to be vast Onion of vice. Layer upon layer of graft, corruption and gerrymandering.

            No wonder the grass roots longer recognise the party.

            It is going to be interesting to see the desperate behaviour of the champagne sociopath spinners as the Party coffers run dry and grass roots expunge the New Labour cuckoos.

        • 38
          jgm2 says:

          UNITE bear all the responsibility for panicking mo*to*rists into stockpiling. It’s like the 1970′s again.

          Sugar shortages anybody?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            People are just being silly. “have I got enough fuel to last a week” if so, do not panic, if you’ve got enough for 2 weeks, do nothing.

            Its ridiculous. The most successful strike that never happened.

            As for sugar. Bloody hell. I thought people were daft for having too firm memory of 2001.

          • A pragmatist says:

            It doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the British public if they panic over a strike that hasn’t even started.

      • 43
        My comment is awaiting moderation says:

        Referendum to repeal the Climate Change Act:

        +++ +++

        We need another 99,000 signatures!

        • 105
          It's all gone quiet over there says:

          Good luck with that, this is the place for successful petitioners. Especially on law and order matters.

          But without the efforts of Bi77y B you might be 20,000 signatures short…

    • 30
      Charlie Whelan says:

      He’s my personal bitch. When I say jump, Ed says “How high, Mithter Whelan?”

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Is it like Lord Ashcroft giving money to conservatives and not influencing current government policies?

      We all have to accept that there is no free lunch.

  2. 3
    Jimmy says:

    And yet the righties were no happier when the same unions kept the refineries open in 2000. Odd that.

  3. 4
    Peter Hain says:

    Last night was a strong and assured result for Labour. Ed Miliband has provided strong and assured leadership.

  4. 6
    Anonymous says:

    So what? At least she’s been quietly and calmly doing her job instead of needlessly stirring up panic like the idiots in the Government.

    • 13
      Alert to danger says:

      So what? She is part of the dark cabal who control both Unite and Labour, forces hell-bent on sabotaging Britain and doling money out to their cronies.

    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      labour spent more and more and more and now has come the time to pay it back and as for this fuel issue, labour had 4 strikes which then led to food shortages and your telling me there better than the current govenment?

    • 31
      jgm2 says:

      Tut tut. Encouraging mo*to*rists to fill up their tanks resulting in demand going up by 180% means that the T*ries have rigged an extra few hundred million of consumption this quarter.

      It might be the difference between technical recession and ‘growth’.

      • 60
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Of course, the start of april with have a record slump in petrol sales when people have full tanks of petrol and won’t bother to put any more in before the red light goes on.

        • 67
          jgm2 says:

          Doesn’t matter as long as Q1 shows ‘growth’. It resets the clock so that even if Q2 is negative you can still engineer some ‘growth’ in Q3.

  5. 8
    At the pictures says:

    Ed is scared shitless of Unite. Diana Holland and Joe Irvine: Wrath of the Titans

  6. 9
    Sam Spade says:

    Follow the money, cherchez la femme. She who pays the piper.

  7. 11
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    Andrew Pierce will be all over this titbit now

    Intereresting that Radio Five Labour have relegated the hard left Celts’ victory in Bradfordistan to the sixth item in their news round-up.

    If only Cameron was a true blue Tory he could set the mother of all dividing lines in this fucking country

    The lefty, we can live by borrowing, public sector, nothing is my fault, scrounging vermin, versus us…..the self reliant/productive citizens

  8. 14
    Penfold says:

    Really is time for the Labour Party – Union link to be dismantled.

    One can almost sense, (and write the script), that the unions have a list of choke points in the economy that they will hit with strikes to cause maximum disruption and impact against an incumbent government, requiring only a nod and a wink from Labour, so that the political gain is made, and government embarrassed and made to look amateur, weak and ineffectual.

    I’d be inclined to adopt the conspiracy route and seek an investigation into the causes. Let’s grill the blighters and see if we can find collusion.

    • 51
      Post hoc says:

      Agreed – there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to Labour and discontent.

  9. 15
    The Media says:

    Does she eat pasties?

  10. 16
    ex labour says:

    what the labour fail to remember is when they were in office they had 3~4 fuel strikes which led to fuel and food shortages, how dare they even criticize the conservatives and lib dems, labour screwed this country over big style, we as the public had 13 years of spend more borrow more = more debet same old labour party, people that vote labour want the tax payer to pay there bills simple end of. well done mr Cameron at least your trying to sort out the mess and doing it right, i used to vote labour but never again

  11. 17
    smoggie says:

    About as arms length as Sinn Féin and the IRA.

  12. 18
    Pulling a knife, and then pulling the race card says:

    A friend recently had an unfortunate incident at the cinema. A teen and his girlfriend were talking loudly. When he turned round to ask them to be quiet, the teen pulled a knife on him. Others went to call staff and security. When they arrived, the teen claimed my friend had called him the N word. Even though there were witnesses there who could confirm he didn’t say it, he was thrown out and banned from the cinema. Yes, you read that right. The person who was threatened with a knife was removed and banned. The person with the knife was allowed to remain.

    • 36
      Cineworld is Racist! says:

      Doesn’t surprise me. I’ve had very similar experiences at cinema over the last few years sadly, and seen far more. I am sorry for your friend. But that is the culture New Labour has built in this country. The victims must always apologise for complaining about the actions of the criminals – especially if the criminals are ” M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y E-F-N-I-K”!!

    • 62
      Don't bring a knife to...well, you know... says:

      A shame George Zimmermann wasn’t around. Might have turned out a bit differently. (For Zimmermann as well.)

  13. 19
    Tom Watson is a fat bitch! says:

    I was more astonished that Sky News didn’t highlight the Labour link in this case. Standards slipping there!

  14. 20
    John Prescott says:

    I ate 96,749 pasties for breakfast. I’m on a diet.

  15. 22
    The Labour Party says:

    Do not anger us! We don’t like bad press! Cease attacking us or we’ll do a Harrowden Hills on you!

  16. 23

    Ed Balls For Leader.

    Was that a real campaign? I thought Ed Balls as PM was just something you told small children to frighten them into behaving or to get teenagers to study.

    Eat your vegetables or the Ball will become Prime Monster! And he’ll want to look under your bed to see if there’s any toys that need redistributing and any piggy bank money that he can ‘invest in the future’ for you.

    The Balls isn’t real is he daddy?

    Oh yes..You remember the Kilted Gorgon /

    The one who sold all our chocolate coins for 1p?

    Yes. The Balls is his creation…. And his temper is even worse….

    • 39
      Slasher horror says:

      Deep movie trailer voiceover: Next Halloween, a new name in horror will be born. First, there was Michael Myers. Then there was Jason Voorhees. Then came Freddy Krueger. Now, the most terrifying one of all: Ed Balls Prime Minister. Coming soon to a lasagne dinner party near you.

      • 91
        Henry Crun says:

        Phone rings in the Venezuelan President’s Office:

        Secretary: Ola. Officio de la Presidente el Magnifico Hugo Chavez

        ED Balls; Good Morning. Ed Balls the Bwitish Pwime Minister here. May I speak to the President?

        Secretary: Uno momento.

        Secretary: Senor el Presidente, there’s a man called Balls on the telephone for you.

        El Presidente: Balls?

        Secretary: Si, Cojones.

        El Presidente: Cojones? The British voted for a man called Cojones? Tell him to fuck off, I already have a pair.

  17. 25
    John Prescott says:

    Do you think Lindsay Lohan would go out with me?

  18. 27
    ken says:

    Time to help rebrand the labour party,c’mon Guido,get em called”Labour-Unite” .You can do it,why not run a competition for the Labour-Unite Party Logo.Could be fun.

  19. 28
    Hugh Janus says:

    Is this the same daft bint who tried to tell us earlier in the week that the dispute was about elfann safety and not pay/conditions? That was about as convincing as Rusty Dave’s promise of a referndum, ie not in the slightest

    • 35
      jgm2 says:

      Really? A dispute about health and safety that can be cured simply by paying people more money?

      Does Bob Crow know about this?

  20. 32
    nellnewman says:

    Labour Party Treasurer Diana Holland , she of Unite threatening to choke off petrol supplies to the UK, is listed by Labour as their third most important person after Ed Miliband and Harriett Harman.

    LOL! You couldn’t make it up.

    So it’s Labour all along who have been creating the petrol crisis. What a surprise!!

  21. 33
    Legal crook says:

    Seen her being interviewed, none have extracted from her the real reasons for the strike.

  22. 41
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I though from the photo it was that Grayson Perry chap got up in his drag.

  23. 42
    Still fun to watch says:

  24. 45
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    So what

    At least is down on paper for all to see. Unlike dodgy dave dinners.

    Furthermore 6 million people are in a Union…got a problem with that

    • 52
      I've got a full tank of diesel so fuck you lot says:

      Yes because not all union members will be Labour supporters and in many cases people are forced into being in the union.

      Also, they are mostly public sector scum.

      If Unite have issues of health & safety they should report it to the HSE not go on strike.

      • 59
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        I was forced to be part of a union. It was either join or no job. I hated the arrogant ‘officials’ who ran it. A complete bunch of mutual backslapping thugs. Some of them went into local politics – for Labour of course. Slimey c unts.

    • 54
      jgm2 says:

      Labour lost.

      Get over it.

    • 82
      The General Public says:

      6 million timewasting incompetent losers are in a union.

  25. 47
    I've got a full tank of diesel so fuck you lot says:

    The BBC have also been doing their bit. Radio 5 had shrieking ugly old bag face Victoria Derbyshire spouting on about Tory MP’s and Jerrycans all morning, she seemed to forget George Galloway gave her beloved Red Ed a good kicking.

    • 57
      SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

      Oh Dear… I think you will find that Jerry Can Burns woman is also blanket coverage on that well know Labour supporting TV station called SKY…Yawn. Missing the point tory boy. Woman badly injured following direct gov advise… nothing to do with BBC or your paranoid obession with the BEEB

      • 63
        jgm2 says:

        I think it is you who is missing the point. Most folk will read about a woman getting burned and, if they blame anybody, blame the fuckers who are threatening a strike.

      • 71
        WVM says:

        So was transferring fuel from one container to another next to a lit oven hob!

        There’s no accounting for stupid!

      • 72
        jrand says:

        But who is threatening to strike Lib-Condemn lorry drivers? Blame if blame there be lies entirely with the individual, its time for people to take responsibility for their own actions, foolhardy or otherwise.

      • 79
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        I do not remember any government advice about poring petrol in the kitchen. This woman must have been pretty stupid to attempt it.

      • 92
        'cutio says:

        Popped up from under the bridge again have we?

      • 102
        inside- out says:

        Not sure Govt advice was to decant petrol in kitchin with lighted GAS COOKER on.At some point you must take response for your actions.They can’t think for you,I admit that sometimes they have a good try.

  26. 48
    Gonk says:

    Uncanny resemblance to “Wendolene” of Wallace and Gromit fame.

  27. 50
    Check Facts first says:

    Should have listened to 5 Live interview with rep this morning. This is all about freezing out outside contractors. The fuel companies no longer have tankers and drivers on stand by to fill in when demand is high. Instead they use outside contractors who are much cheaper. Unite wants a universal passport of skills for all tanker drivers making the cost so prohibitive that it would freeze out outside contractors. As an example the union said someone off work for 3 months currently receives a weeks retraining when they return to work. Its all about a closed shop for Unite members who can by foul means or fair keep their wages well above the rate for the job.

  28. 53
    On Harman Pride's Dossier says:

    I think every time Ed Milliband speaks on the issue he should be forced to declare a conflict of interest, live on camera. And the news captions should read “Unite Spokesman: Ed Milliband”, not “Labour Leader…”

  29. 56
    Anonymous says:

    So where’s the story?

  30. 65
    SAS - NOT !!!!! says:

    Conservative Blogger Guido’s threads “”pre”” election.

    * BBC’s fault
    * Unions fault
    * Labours fault
    * BBC’s fault
    * Browns fault
    * Blairs fault
    * BBC’s fault
    * Galloway is a spanner
    * Tory party funding all above board

    Conservative Blogger Guido’s threads “”post”” election.

    * BBC’s fault
    * Unions fault
    * Labours fault
    * BBC’s fault
    * Browns fault
    * Blairs fault
    * BBC’s fault
    * Galloway is a hero
    * Tory party funding all above board

    YAWN…You and your flock are the ultimate apologists

    • 66
      jgm2 says:

      Oh dear.

      Did Labour lose a safe seat or something?

      • 75
        Jimmy says:

        No, we lost a marginal which was on the tories’ target list last time out.

        Funny how no-one mentions that.

        • 81
          Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

          WE…….Jimmy you should be ashamed of yourself………..Cant you see the irony here, shipped in millions of immigrants to vote libour and then they dont……Too fuckin funny,well apart from the fact that my country is now totally fucked…..

          • Jimmy says:

            The irony is that you think your brand of racebaiting is any different to Galloway’s.

        • 86
          The General Public says:

          You didn’t “lose” a marginal, you “got a humiliating dry-hump” in a marginal.

          And on the eve of the by-election, the Labour leadership (ho ho) were in Redditch – eating sausage rolls making some trivial, embarrassing gesture about VAT.

      • 78
        Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

        Poor chap, whats made my day seems to have really pissed him off……

    • 74
      Cunt Watch says:

      Oh God. These Labour shills are so predictable.

      • 100
        I've got a full tank of diesel so fuck you lot says:

        Would Jimmy be a jock lefty mong by chance?

  31. 69
  32. 70
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    “the “brains” behind Ed Balls”?????

    ye gods!!!

    • 73
      jrand says:

      Over on Labour-cut-to-pieces, they’re advocating YBalls to replace Millimoaner. Now there’s a double act to die for.

  33. 84
    Felicity Kendal Mint Fake says:

    “As it was founded by the unions to represent the interests of working-class people, Labour’s link with the unions has always been a defining characteristic of the party” from wikipedia – pretty obvious – why then does Guido constantly draw attention to this as if it some great secret?

    • 90
      The General Public says:

      Because Labour ONLY represents the unions now, NOT working-class people.

      If you go to work every day, pay your bills and obey the law, no matter how much you earn, Labour simply sees you as a walking source of tax. Don’t want to pay so much tax? You’re a fascist.

      If you’re a criminal, a layabout, an illegal immigrant, a troublemaker, a union agitator, a public sector pisstaker or just a complete waste of space – the Labour Party will channel working-class people’s hard-earned money in your direction and create an army of highly-remunerated “professionals” to ensure that you don’t feel bad about yourself.

      • 93
        'cutio says:

        @89 +1

      • 95
        Felicity Kendal Mint Fake says:

        Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that Labour or the unions are blameless – far from it ( pause for rant about Gordon Brown & Blair). However that there are unions to collectively represent the right of workers is not a bad thing ( just see what employers get up to when there are no unions) and that there is a Labour party to politically represent unions again is no bad thing. Of course when in government they should then act on behalf of the whole nation. Can’t be worse than a millionaire cabinet telling people to stockpile petrol and eat cold pasties.

  34. 85
    Bugler Bert says:

    Lets hope tat the people of this benighted island wake up and take notice of the FACT that the Liebour Party is under the thumbs of UNITE [with minor assistance from the RMT & GMB.......] and realise that the Union bosses could not give a twopenny fart for the rest of the country, they are fireproof, and are proud of it.

  35. 89
    ac says:

    A number of references I have seen suggest to me that some, at least, of the drivers are ‘TUPE’d out’. They have been TUPE’d so many times with commensurate changes to T & Cs (which do inevitably happen) they have had enough.

  36. 96
    Liz Hurley's Deceased Rottweiler says:

    Makes a nice change having a woman leading the photo ops dealing in serious matters ( – even if she does remind one of the back of an oil tanker ) .

  37. 97
    Laughing hangman says:

    And Diana said ‘ bend over Ed, here it comes with my strap on, union bought the large size, just to fc*k you hard and make you pay, now scream bitch and beg for mercy’

  38. 101
    john in cheshire says:

    For me, the question to be answered is : how much of the fuel delivery business do these Unite drivers actually account for? Because if they only deliver a small proportion of the fuel to the pumps, then they can strike till the cows come home and fuel will still be delivered; just hire more non-unionised drivers.

  39. 103
    Dr P says:

    So let me see if understand the logic of this;

    When bankers and Boss’s demand massive pay packets, we have to pay them obscene amounts of cash to ‘get the best.

    ok so far.

    But when tanker drivers want more money, they are just greedy.

    So it appears driving around with 2000 litres of highly flammable liquid doesnt require the best driver you can find? Any old moron will do.

    Seems the logic changes depending on whether you are white or blue collar.

  40. 104
    Peter M says:

    Unite – the “Military Wing” of the Labour Party

  41. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Labour and their union buddies in Unite and RMT are creating travel poverty for the working class. Their demands price the working class off of the roads and trains.

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