March 29th, 2012



Guido understands that one of the more fiery witnesses due to appear at the Leveson Inquiry has been notified about their impending star turn. Rebekah Brooks is said to have been told on Tuesday that she will be on the stand at the very beginning of May. Though she will be severely hindered in what she can say due to ongoing police investigations, this could be very awkward for the Prime Minister…


  1. 1
    Greg Clegg says:

    She’s just one of Dave’s nagging problems.


    • 25
      The Media says:

      But does she eat pasties?


      • 33
        Anonymous says:

        Hope Cameron didn’t eat her pastry as well!


        • 59
          Anonymous says:

          Dave does not eat pasties, too common, he eats only healthy foods lots of fruit and vegetables, fish. You would not catch an old Eton school boy eating pasties at least where they would be seen, I suppose it is a bit like drugs which they smoked but did not inhale, they forgot the smell stays on their clothes.


          • David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            There is a dress code for people, like Cameron, to be allowed allowed in the social circle of people from elite schools. it continues into university. Cameron and Osborne never mixed with ordinary folk. They could learn a lot from Mr Tebbit and Redwood, but they choose to sidelines these true Tories.


          • Cameron is already rich, so he already knows how to handle complex financial affairs and he cannot be accused of being PM for the money.

            Unlike Tony Blair, who avariciously engorged himself on the privy purse, was a better friend to Rebekah Wade than Dave ever has been and is Grace Murdoch’s Godfather.

            News Corp was fire branded on the arses of the shadow cabinet long before the coalition queued up with their trousers down at Digger Ranch.


      • 57
        Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

        No she is still full from the night time Suppers at 10 Downing St


        • 103
          David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Cameron was on a jolly in the US when she got arrested. The police could have chose any time they wanted to arrested Brooks and her husband. Coincidence? I doubt it. Unhealthy circle between police,government and press.

          Guido, when is the Kelly report going to be implemented to start to clean up politics???


          • Joe the Plumber says:

            Kelly report?
            I thought that he was murdered before he could finish it?


          • Fish says:

            No – it wasn’t because Cam was in the US – The only (none) coincidence was because it was the first day of Cheltenham – according to Charlie Brookes always the best day of the year (but not in this year!) .


      • 73
        M says:

        Eton mess for desert


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      James Ritblat, a prominent Tory donor, controls the network of companies involved.
      They are ultimately owned by a parent company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, which is a tax haven.
      Mr Ritblat donated £50,000 to the Tories two days before the last general election via his property companies.
      The Revenue lost its case over the Dickins & Jones stamp duty at a tax tribunal in February last year. It is appealing against the decision, which it fears could set a dangerous precedent and cost the Treasury millions of pounds.

      Read more:


      • 116
        Fish says:

        British Virgin Islands? Fuck me, does Branson also own those? Mind you his last one did burn down.


        • 137
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          A lot of Branson’s companies are registered in the BVI and other tax havens, I believe.


    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      Could this possibly be the reason for the NI rags starting to turn against our Dave and chums?


    • 56
      Sir William Waad says:

      Dave’s really taken a shine to that chestnut mare.


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      Is that a pasty in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?


  2. 2
    Rust says:

    Brooks admitted to bribing coppers years ago.

    Why s she not inside?


    • 15
      Justice for all says:

      Along with the coppers.


    • 118
      Fish says:

      I see the Guardian (in their true ‘look over there’ tradition) are now turning their fire on the Daily Mail.

      Not much of a mention about Motorman on the BBC this morning – nothing about Mirror Group.

      Nothing also about previously arrested NI journaists being released from police bail with no further action.


      • 131
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Well, they only have £400 million per annum to provide the news – what do you expect? Unbiased coverage?


  3. 3
    Mr (Russ) Bridger says:

    I think we had better arrange a funeral!


  4. 4
  5. 5
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    David Cameron, promised so much and delivered Labour style policies and totaly out of touch by attacking the poorest in society. UKIP for me next time.


    • 7
      Flatus Veteranus says:

      I was chatting with a complete stranger yesterday – he was buying my son’s motorbike. We talked about windmills – visible from my front drive – and agreed that they were an economic stupidity visited upon us by moronic politicians and greedy landowners. Then we talked about fuel tax – imposed upon us under threat by corrupt politicians. Then we discussed how hot a pasty has to be so that Gideon Smallboy gets his 20%. Then we talked generally about the dishonesty, stupidity and corruption of our political class.

      There is a backlash coming. When the electorate vote in an extremist government on a historically low election turnout, it will be the fault of our greedy, lying, corrupt, self appointed scum politicians.

      I cannot bloody wait!


      • 144
        PC clitoris says:

        I hope the first thing they do is hang all the condems from the the nearest lamp the nackers to start with


    • 20
      Spartacus says:

      Agreed – there ought to be more taxation for the wealth producers – vince could call it an incentive tax.


    • 27
      Democracy Now says:

      Th trouble is that they are using a Labour style civil service who only know how to run things in a Labour style way.


      • 41
        Gawd Help Us says:

        The way things are going their “ways” may come in very handy unfortunately too soon.


      • 71
        Archer Karcher says:

        Don’t make lame excuses, Cameron should have known what he was facing and had a plan to neutralise Labour stooges in the BBC, civil service and elsewhere. That he did and has done nothing, rather suggests that quietly he is happy for things to continue ala NooLabour style, carry out Labour policies and leave the thousands of laws Labour infested us with untouched.


        • 113
          shalegasfracker says:

          He’s known to be a fan of behaviourism-lite; Thaler and Sunstein’s ‘Nudge’ being sent as summer reading to all his colleagues.

          It describes an analogue era where systems fail gracefully, like a snowy TV picture from a distant location. We’re coming to digital switchover here in London, where pictures are perfect until there’s serious weather. In snow or heavy rain, the picture suddenly goes blocky, freezes and is gone.

          There was a book about that, too: ‘The Tipping Point’. In this age, systems can only work, or fall over edge of a digital cliff.


  6. 6
    good news says:

    Good. The duplicitous shit deserves a very good kicking.


  7. 8
    Paul Mason says:

    But will she be eating a Cornish Pasty in her lunch break?


  8. 9
    rebekah-wades-inne says:

    My Kingdom for a horse?


  9. 10
    rebekah-wades-inne says:

    one flew over the knacker’s yard


  10. 11
    rebekah-wades-inne says:

    Dave did your neighbour put the property on the open market?


  11. 12
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    Since Sunday David Cameron has had 16 e mails off me and he has not answered any of them!

    I do not believe what he is saying about entertaining millionaires in the flat at 10 Downing St and taking millions of pounds from them is right.

    We now know that he pays no rent at all for the flat and that the taxpayer has paid for most of the kitchen and other repairs. There is no agreement as to his occupation of the flat. There is not even a schedule of dilapidations

    My point is that this cannot possibly be right as he will have to put something on his tax return. I have been trying to get a copy of his tax form P11D for each of the last 3 years but he does not seem to want to disclose them.

    If we had a proper Leader of the Opposition he would have had this information in the open by now.

    Instead we are left with a Prime Minister who is now obsessed with Cornish pasties playing shadow badminton and blaming the Unions for a strike which hasn’t even taken place.


    • 30
      Democracy Now says:

      Living at either number 10 or No 11 is pretty well a requirement of the job. Nominal declarations of rent are pointless in this instance.


      • 43
        Anonymous says:

        In this age it is not a requirement. There are cars, phone, mobile phone, satellite phone, video conferencing, etc.


      • 49
        Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

        Well where does Chequers and the croquet lawn stand in the grand scheme of things?


        • 80
          Chequers Spokesperson says:

          I am afraid John Prescott rather ruined the croquet pitch when he decided to have an open air buffet party on it. We are still finding chipolatas, broken glasses and discarded chicken bones by the skip load. The clearup is ongoing though it may be usable by 2015 with luck.


          • Dorneywood Spokesperson says:

            The Chequers Spokesperson seems to be maintaining the wrong garden. The croquet lawn which Lard Presclott played on is at Dorneywood.


    • 60
      Sir William Waad says:

      10 Downing Street will be tax-free for Dave because it is representative accommodation, i.e. anybody who accepts the post of PM has to live there in order to do his or her job.


      • 75
        Abdel from Tooting says:


        So seeking funding for a political party from that address is an illegal act.


  12. 13
    Maude the fraud says:

    Quick! Fill your baths with petrol!


    • 21
      Spartacus says:

      The ministry says only 5 inches deep.


    • 32
      Gary Nitwit says:

      Can we share?


    • 47
      Pukkapies says:

      Fill your baths with pasties 1


    • 77
      Driller K says:

      Now Ed Davey says, “Keep your tank two thirds full”. Instead of showboating and making stupid fucking comments like that, Ed Davey should concentrate on a big issue on his watch-How the fuck are Total going to control the uncontrolled Blowout in the North Sea? Because that’s what it is, far worse than BP’s-the BP one could be capped-this one can’t, it’s broached the seabed, yet everyone seems strangely calm? Must be scared of pissing off Sarko eh?


      • 87
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        No pictures of oily birds yet, so its nothing to worry about.


      • 126
        Spartacus says:

        How do you know it is worse than bp’s ixtock 2?

        I will agree that if it is coming from the reservoir, they have major problems. Maybe they could use that 20,000 psi BOP they used in Khazakstan for one of the relief wells. On vera!

        BTW – Total has form on this sort of thing. Alwyn exploration and appraisal. Reservoir – behind dud liner cmt job – behind dud 9 5/8” cmt job and past the wellhead.

        Ask me which well. 3/14a- ?


        • 133
          Driller K says:

          Well Ixtok 2 wasn’t BP’s for starters. Secondly, once the BP well was contained at wellhead-flow stopped, this one hasn’t, it’s broached. I’ve drilled on this block plenty of times-not for Total….,,,,


        • 134
          Driller K says:

          Total have admitted it’s coming from an abandoned reservoir section-they have problems.


  13. 14
    JH says:

    Appalling judgement. Non-stop media-pr obsessed train wreck bullshit.

    Can we have a conservative leader next please?


    • 24
      Last of the Few says:

      The Out of Touch Toff looks more and more like a pie faced Eden in his dog days. If he carries on like this he’s in real danger of giving Millibean the keys to no.10! The Tory Party needs to man up and get a real Tory Leader not some Toff who thought PR and Politics was a good option to hedge fund management as the maths were too hard.


    • 63
      Gonk says:

      This is the Tories ‘Blue period’. Perhaps better described as shit period.
      All completely hopeless. Corny Edwina Curry interviewed this morning
      and it was like listening to a retarded teenager. Still some comfort she’s
      relegated to ‘Britain’s got Dysentery’


      • 70
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Oh edwina. She’s always been stupid you know. She pops up from time to time and says daft things. I remember about 5 years she popped out of her crypt to go on “any questions” and say that j*ws were richer than bl*ck people.


    • 91
      Liam Fox says:

      Ian Werritty and I are ready to take over, we are just waiting for the call.


      • 93
        Moscow Mike Handycock (sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money) says:

        I volunteer for Foreign Secretary in your Administration, Liam, especially if it involves lots of visits to Russia. Boaz.


    • 115
      inside- out says:

      Please name any candidate,I am struggling to think of one.


  14. 16
    Golly says:

    What is Levenson playing at?

    He knows full well the situation with the police investigation yet he continues to behave in this way.

    Even if he is genuine in his desire to be impartial he must be aware that he is really walking a tight rope with no safety net.

    The most sensible thing he could do would be to adjourn the Inquiry indefinitely until all the criminal allegations have been dealt with


    • 23
      Spartacus says:

      Impartial? Levinsun? Yor avin a larf?

      Wasn’t it a blogger who was interviewed said something like:
      – with x hundred clear and recorded breaches of the law, this enquiry will be a failure if those transgressors are not prosecuted.
      Levinsun replied:
      – in the public domain and too long ago mate, move along now.


      • 34
        Anonymous says:

        Why can people on here see this but those who can and should do something about it do nothing? The whole f’in Leveson Inquiry was established with indecent haste (record speed for an inquiry to start?) by David Cameron. It is designed to undermine any possibility of legal action being taken against his personal friends, senior members of the Metropolitan and Surrey Police forces, senior figures at News International and in time at other newspapers and a general assortment of Ministers, MPs and other political figures and Senior Civil servants.
        There is no way on earth Brooks should be appearing when her Lawyers have already publically indicated that they already believe her right to a fair trial has been compromised by evidence given. The whole thing is a political whitewash. I can /think of no other Inquiry where completion of a police investigation has not delayed matters. There has not been the control over evidence or focus on general issues that was promised.


        • 121
          Fish says:

          I guess that calling the Leveson inquiry was a response to Miliband’s opportunism, posturing and bandwagoning, stamping his feet in the HoC and screaming ‘Mili’ every five minutes.

          Trying to get on the front foot and outMiliband Miliband is not a good reason to to make yourself a hostage to events. Milband must be laughing his socks off as this Inquiry has mutated into solely an examination of NI, skipping over other’s wrong doing. Mirror Group have behaved appallingly are not prepared to seriously investigate hacking allegations (as NI have – controversially) and area ignoring the Motorman disclosure.

          Of course all of this (including Motorman) took place on Labour’s watch – Labour who turned a blind eye to the whole episode.


          • Fish says:

            Ooops ‘ …and are ignoring the Motorman disclosure..’


          • Anonymous says:

            I completely accept Liebours desire to hide things but the fact is Cameron did not have to do it, he is in charge. He and Milliband are complicit on all of this – just as they are on Secret Justice – the next big deal – because they all have skeletons to hide. I repeat what others have said on this site and elsewhere while the populace insist on political side-taking the scum who now occupy parliament like some amorphous blob – one no different to the other – they will laugh all the way to the bank. They want political apathy and blind acceptance of “my” party because it will keep them in power for ever.


    • 39
      The Media says:

      Does Leveson eat pasties?


      • 54
        Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

        I bet Mr Jay and his mates could put all their fees together and buy a controlling interest in Greggs the way this pantomine is going.


        • 64
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          They should create a new law so that whenever anyone mentions greggs or pasties, or any chain of pasty stores, they have to mutter quickly “other independent outlets and pastry covered hot snacks are available. If you do not keep up your payments your pastyshop may go bust”


      • 68
        Chancellor Gorkon says:

        The tax on Cornish pasties is discriminatory against Klingons! Hegh Daq Ozborn!


    • 66
      Showbiz_for ugly people says:

      Yes, we should leave it unto the police to sort all this out, it’s not like theyre implicated in any wrong doing here is it?


    • 99
      Lord Levinson's butler says:

      Will Rebekkah arrive at the Law Courts on her Metropolitan Police horse ?

      That would show some class…


      • 117
        Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

        That bloke with the Italian sounding name has just resigned from the Met and has therefore avoided a full blown disciplinary enquiry into what he has or has not done.


  15. 17
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “Firey” ? thats ginnerist.


  16. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Will it be on polling day I wonder?


  17. 22
    nellnewman says:

    Awkward for the PM ? Yes I’m sure it will.

    But surely it will also be awkward for labour given that the Murdoch’s were feted by both bliar and brown and personally entertained at pyjama parties held at Chequers during labour’s term of office.

    This is a clear cut case of ‘they were all at it’ !


    • 26
      Anonymous says:

      You’re always at it nell.


    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, and this is why the Leveson Inquiry is happening and being allowed to continue unchallenged by any Political party. It is quite simply a get out of jail card for the establishment and their cronies.
      The supporting act will be Ken Clarkes new Justice Bill when Secret Courts will allow Ministers to decide when hearings can be held in total secret – with not even the defendent’s legal team hearing the evidence. The Daily Mail is the only paper currently highlighting and challenging this – this maybe a token gesture. Labour are deafaningly silent on it. I wonder why? It couldn’t because the Party of Bliar, Straw, Milliband D etc. etc. welcome the possibility of private hearings for sensitive issues like the Iraq War , extra-ordinary rendition and the conqequent torture of individuals could it?


  18. 28
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Uh oh. I’ve just heard a recording of Dave and his pasty statement.

    He did indeed claim to get a pasty from the daft rip off corporate chain. He could have saved a few quid if he’d had one from an independent retailer.

    The answer should have been “probably, I can’t quite remember”. Daft sod.


  19. 29
    Fog says:

    No mention of Sally’s silly tweets?


  20. 42
    Toucan says:

    Advice to ministers – stop giving f**king advice!

    I’m perfectly capable of deciding when to fill up my car FFS


  21. 55
    Observer says:

    “On the stand”? Has Guido been watching too many old Perry Mason programmes?


  22. 61
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    A guy came in my takeaway last night and ordered three freezing cold giant Samosas.

    He then told me that when Cameron went on that cheapo holiday to Cornwall with his misses he went to a pub and ordered a giant Yorkshire pudding with gravy and extra chips.

    I am not making this up.


    • 74
      John Pressgut says:

      I’ll have 9 pasties please. And I like the sound of that great big Yorkshire pudding.


  23. 65
    Ah! Monika says:

    Isn’t ‘Jerry Can’ racist?


  24. 78
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Lovely! Seconds out for Round 2.
    Let’s hope the questioning is a bit sharper this time around.
    I’ll be ready with the popcorn.
    I would have added a pasty, but alas…


  25. 85
    Chicken Licken says:

    The sunspots and solar storms in the next four decades will be more damaging – and our aircraft and spacecraft may not be able to cope, an University of Reading expert has warned.

    Let’s have a Judicial Inquiry.


    • 123
      Ed Miliband's Press Officer says:


      Thith ith outragouth.

      Parliament musth be recalled for the Prime Mithiter to make a thatement on this threat to life and limb.

      *If he hasn’t convened COBRA on thith – we need to know why not. The Britith people have a right to exthpect the Govermnent to have contingienthies in place.
      If he doethn’t, I will do tho mythelf.

      *He has convened COBRA and in doing tho has caused unnethethary panic; huge queues for petrol and thauthage rollths. Thith was a mithtake. He mutht apologithe

      (*BBC / Guardian / Daily Mirror Editors delte as appropriate)


  26. 86
    The Liebour Party says:

    Cameron may have a thing about pasties but we have the monopoly on porkie pies.


  27. 88
    Ron Dewdney says:

    But did she give Dave’s sausage a roll?


    • 109
      Anonymous says:

      I that that was Blair – or at least that’s what that GMTV presenter (and Guido)hinted at…


  28. 89
    rebekah wades-inne says:

    ‘If you’re short of fuel – we’ve plenty of that RED DIESEL – same as the ordinary -the dyes’s in so the Polish workers don’t nick it.
    Good stuff – only costs 80p a litre’

    ‘Gosh – that’s a help – we’ll send someone round with a tanker’

    ‘And good on Unite too – not disrupting RED DIESEL’s’ supply’


  29. 92
    Red Len - Red Ed's real boss says:

    You can buy your own Rolls Royce now, Ed !


  30. 94
    Dave says:

    I was in Cornwall recently and I met a pasty.


  31. 98
    Sean says:

    Will she arrive on a horse?


  32. 100
    Bardirect says:

    Witness box?


  33. 105
    Gerry Can't says:

    Come Mayday Dave will be basking in the glory of GDP figures for the first quarter showing good growth and the deficit for the end of the tax year shrinking both because of an “unexpected” boost in fuel sales. Sheer genius!


  34. 119
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Cameron is as much the traitor as Blair ever was.


  35. 128
    Mrs dale says:

    Iain Dale reckons she was having it off with Tony Blair.


    • 129
      Adam Werritty says:

      This story makes me feel sick.

      To make matters even worse Andy Mtchell has now started urinating indoors.


      • 141
        Jane Birkin from Paris says:

        If there is any truth in this then Cherie Blair will scratch her eyes out or possibly make sure she ends up behind bars.

        It should be made a criminal offence for anyone to have extra marital sex with a state servant.


  36. 130
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    R: have you been left carrying the can for Francis Maude’s indsicretion?
    D: yes and its full of 80p a litre RED DIESEL!


  37. 132
    Grant Ross-McFadden says:

    When I was hitched to the Russet Haired One she did not need to commune with equestrian breeds . I’m a man !!


  38. 140
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    Two guys have been fighting over a petrol can in the service station close to my takeaway in Tooting.

    The police have been called and taken them both away.

    Many thanks Mr Maude. Many thanks Mr Cameron.


  39. 142
    barkingspider1 says:

    This could be very awkward for the Prime Minister…”

    Oh, I do hope so!


  40. 147
    VulgarDisplayOfPower says:

    No horsey, no likey.


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