March 28th, 2012

Labour Are On a Roll

With Miliband and Balls twisting the knife by going to Greggs for lunch, Cameron’s claims to have had a pasty at Leeds station are looking increasingly dodgy:

It’s shaping out to be a terrible week. And it’s only Wednesday…

UPDATE: PM’s spokesman says “maybe it wasn’t even Leeds”.


  1. 1
    Spin that one! says:

    Anybandwagon will do.


    • 10
      Georgy Porgy No Pudding Cold Pies says:

      Road Tolls! Sausage Roll Tolls!

      Can you see the pattern yet?


      • 11
        Pie Tax says:

        Regressive Taxation!

        I claim my prize!!!!


        • 22
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Regressive taxation directly from the EU courts.

          The laughable thing is, idiotic Labour trolls pretending that they could or would have had the power to do anything about it either. The EU run this country boys, get used to it or get out of it. Your choice.


          • Splooge says:

            It’s the EU’s fault – Don’t pastigate George


          • The BoE, US Fed, ECB and BoJ are using worthless junk bonds against printing £, $, € and ¥ which undermines the very structure of Western economies.

            And you lot are worried about fucking pasties

            Wake up and smell the coffee


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            I could not care less about Dave, Gideon, the thick Ed’s, Nick or any other of the useless EU loving tossers. Just stating facts that’s all. Obviously mindless party trolls can play pretend all they want. It will change nothing.


          • Aunt Mat says:

            It was a Photoshop, not a Pastryshop


          • LabourNutter says:

            The country is going down the shitter and our politicians are arguing about cornish fucking pasties.

            Beyond parody.


          • Its all a puff says:

            Savour the moment


          • Sam Cam (Subscription required) says:

            Righty ho. I’ll vote UKIP shall I?


      • 19
        Roly-poly says:

        Surely not toilet rolls?


    • 13
      Jerrycan Maude (proprietor of Maude & Co's Jerrycans Ltd @ just £99.99 ea. says:

      This bandwagon, does it run on petrol? If so, please make provisions to stockpile fuel.


      • 16
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        The Term “jerrycan” is offensive. As it holds the connotation that Germans are skilled manufacturers who really know how to make useful things that work and are reliable.


        • 30
          Siemens, Bosch, BMW, Daimler... says:

          fuck off, circumcised prick.


        • 45
          old git says:

          Eric Pickles rose from the front bench to speak and four MPs fell off the other end

          Hence the pasty tax designed to avoid ridicule


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            I doubt the EU even know who Pickles is, even less care and that’s where the idiotic “pasty tax” comes from, not the oafs masquerading as our “government”.


    • 37
      old git says:

      Pickles is furious over the PASTY TAX


    • 42
      old git says:

      Cameron tells that many fucking lies his feeble mind looses track.
      Pie tax is a savage blow to Prescot, it is a darstadly act designed to spite fat bastards


    • 71
      all in it together? says:


      • 87
        Everyone a sinner says:

        Don’t hold your breath


        • 102
          Dobby says:

          Is it ‘coz they’s politicians maybe? The self righteous bastards.


        • 148
          Anonymous says:

          It’s that old one repeated time and again, “Because we are worth it” GDP down, payment by results is what the government demand, ok, that means a negative pay increase


      • 160
        Central Office stooge says:

        A heady whiff of right-wing rebellion from the Medway. And nothing from the Opposition.


    • 152
      Fish says:

      Fuck me. Huge queues outside Greggs. People have seen a picture of fat Balls buying a sausage roll and are panic buying.


    • 158
      old git says:

      We’re all aware of Cameron and his Cast Iron lies
      But no one ever dreamt that he would tax our hot meat pies
      That Pickles chap and Prescott are beyond all consolation
      Both hoping that a pie-maker will make a big donation
      As Crudders says a wad of cash could get pie views on board
      Your Pies just might become TAX-FREE if you increase our hoard
      Were all in it together but the rich get the most by far
      We will tax the pasties but its tax-fee for caviar


    • 167
      Anonymous says:

      What absolute morons they really are ! yet again they dont grasp that they were responsible for this whole financial mess, the thought of them getting in next time actually makes me very frightened.


    • 168
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      who gives a fuck anyway?


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    The amount of free publicity Greggs are getting at the moment is priceless.

    Just had two sausage rolls from them for lunch for the princely sum of £1.

    Can’t fault them.


    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      If you need to jump on a bandwagon it’s too late. Still, he’s been drinking tea with pensioners and nodding sagely since last Thursday.


  3. 3
    nellnewman says:

    Well if that’s the sort of diet they live on, militwit will soon be the same shape as bullyballs!


  4. 4
    dr. sipp says:

    if you dont know who the pasty is—you are


  5. 5
    Loungelizard says:

    Perhaps he was referring to Ed Militwit….had a patsy.


  6. 6
    nellnewman says:

    So what sort of voters is militwit trying to appe@l to here?


  7. 7
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Oh come on, I can’t imagine that there is nowhere to buy a pie in or very very near to Leeds railway station. Although it could be a new expression for total uselessness:

    “he couldnt find a pie shop in leeds”


    • 23
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Perhaps I am naive to think that but don’t they still have independent retailers around railway stations up north? Unlike some places that seem to have all the rip-off branded bollocks that exist elsewhere, as if you were stuck in an airport or at a mway service station.
      “Cornish Bakehouse” ??? I bet they all cost 4 quid. Tossers.


    • 36
      Another Engineer says:

      I can’t remember what there is IN Leeds Station, but there is a sandwich/pastie retailer on the road underneath the railway bridge. There is a specialist Cornish pastie retailer just across the road. There are about 3 Greggs within 400 yards.


      • 88
        Everyone a sinner says:

        Fucking desperate.

        Having you tried getting your tongue all the way up Cameron’s arsehole?


        • 104
          14 Pints later says:


          Why do politicians always have to lie about silly things? Is it that they just can’t stop themselves?


      • 132
        Lardarse says:

        I go to Newcastle Station where there is a Greggs on the platform.

        Saves having to go all the way over the road for a pie.


  8. 8
    Just fuck off, you left wing scum says:

    As a Greggs shareholder I am dismayed at the negative association of having Labour politicians photo-opping in store.


  9. 9
    dr. sipp says:

    try crewe station–pmsl


  10. 12
    Attila the Huhne says:

    Ed Balls needs to lay off the sausage rolls.


    • 64
      Some Geezer wot thinks Ed B will turn into Meat Loaf in ten years says:

      Stick to the lasagna. At least it’s got tomato sauce, fruit and veg being part of a healthy diet.


  11. 14
    David R says:

    Bet they claim it on expenses….


    • 133
      Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      I certainly do and everything else too. Where’s my iPad? Jahbulon.


  12. 15
    ECB says:

    Hey, can anyone spot me 5 Billion Euros… I’ll pay you back in 100 years, promise!


  13. 17
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    I am enjoying this, at last the twerp Cameron, is being roasted by an EU court ruling that he has no say in.
    Typically the bandwagon Ed’s are rubbing Cameron’s nose in it, while pretending they would have not done exactly the same thing, if their masters in Brussels had told them to.

    What a bunch of lying phonies, opportunists and poseurs.


    • 109
      anon says:

      correct we ARE RULED BY THE E.U most of the fuckwits on this site just dont get it.


      • 116
        Taxpayer says:

        I think you will find that many people are well aware of the existance and nature of the EU. Maybe we are just more interested in something else at the moment. We can’t all be as obsessive as the voices in your head.


      • 143
        Sam Cam (Subscription required) says:

        So the Pasty Tax and the Granny Tax came from the EU, did they?


  14. 18
    Plug! says:

    Cameron did go for a meal at the Ring o’Bells in Thornton, Bradford, on Thursday last, when he was around the area in support of the Conservative candidate in the Bradford West constituency.
    He could have done no better.
    Terrific place, and no, not toff-ee nosed at all.


  15. 20
    Nelson Mandela says:

    The fact that his is spun as news is evidence enough that Liebore is still in its Islington bubble. The rest of us eat at greggs because we have to, not because we are making a song and dance about slumming it.

    Greggs ddoesn’t serve Chorizo or Milano sausage rolls do es it? How distressing for the metropolitan elite to eat what we eat!


  16. 21
    Sandman says:

    I was living in Leeds up until August 2010. Am pretty sure that there are a couple of baked goods takeaways in Leeds station that sell some form of pasty.
    There’s also a pasty shop within spitting distance of the station.


  17. 25
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    The Bandwagon Riders were observed BUYING sausage rolls, but not EATING them. I bet they chucked them in the bin as soon as the cameras were turned off. And I bet they will appear on Ballsy’s expenses!


  18. 26
    nellnewman says:

    I think Greggs should be reaching for their lawyers. militwit associating himself with their brand must be damaging to their business.


  19. 27
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Could have been Liverpool Lime Street – there’s one there. They’re yummy but not as good as the ones from the Penzance Pasty Shop at the bottom of Market Jew Street in Penzance…


  20. 28
    The Daily Star? LMFAO! says:

    Fuck me. I’ve just forked out £3.76 for a half-ounce of tobacco, £1.46 for a splash and dash litre of unleaded and £1.75 for two litres of Tesco’s Basic fermented apple juice.
    Are we all in this together? I fucking doubt it.
    DO something about it Fawkes. Pasties FFS.


    • 60
      Sir Texas Casio-Sinclair says:

      After a few hasty long divisions on the back of this fag packet, I make that £6.46 a gallon, mate. Try free-wheeling down the slopey bits.


      • 79
        The Daily Star? LMFAO! says:

        I make it £6.64. All the “slopey bits” round here are upwards. Thanks anyway.


    • 76
      cowboy mechanic says:

      Try mixing the unleaded and cider in equal parts before adding to tank. The car might run a bit cranky for a while but, with the extra “punch” your favourite tipple gives you, you may not notice or care.


  21. 29
    Ben says:

    Ed’s playing a blinder on this. If only the next election were about pasties rather than policies…


  22. 32
    Cath says:

    This is doing wonders for the Save Ed campaign!!


  23. 33
    Socialist scumbags says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve he*rd anything as pathetic as this so called pastiegate.

    The people of this country are getting like house ends, so cutting down on the pasties might help them to lose a bit of weight.

    Leiber are the dregs of humanity, they re*lly are. Millitw*t must sleep with his bedroom window open so that he can he*r when the next bandwagon is rolling past; and before I get called a toff by anonymong and his silly little side kicks, I am work in a mundane job, six days a week.


  24. 35

    Not a massive fan of the Torygraph, but this read quite well, and as I’m halfway down a quite passable bottle of port, I thought I would just pass it on – to the left of course!:

    What an odious little twit. When I was stationed in Rangoon, he would be the sort of oik we would refer to as Hunter-wallah, as his job would be to flap his huge lips to keep us cool. Nothing changes, hey – funny old world.


    • 49
      Ken the biggest prat in London says:

      Ken will be telling the Tower Hamlets hell hole lot that they can have gas & water in the same pipe next. That should sway the doubters.


  25. 38
    DarkGreggs. says:

    Due to the fact that i can get a substantial lunch for the principal sum of £2.30 or even £1 from Greggs, makes it cracking value for money for us impoverished workers.

    £1 Buys you two ‘warm’ sausage rolls. Not hot.

    £1.30 buys you a cheese and bacon turnover

    nice and filling !


  26. 39
    Uncle Bulgarian says:

    if one only eats pasties and nothing else, is the resultant warm pan full a taxable item?


  27. 41
    Flashman says:

    Look at the pondlife that shop in Greggs!


    • 57
      Father Ted says:

      Which leads to the conclusion that pasties are bad for you – eat too many and you’ll croak.


  28. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Cornish Bakehouse is still marked on the Leeds Station Plan:

    Obviously National Raile are as out of touch as Cameron.


  29. 44
    A Prick Posing as PM says:

    Speaking as Leader of The Anti-Pasty Party, our Pasty Tax shows we really are getting to grips with the problems that beset this country!

    (These pasty things – do people eat them?)


  30. 46
    Lord Mandelvort says:

    And I’ll have some of that scrummy guacamole (points to mushy peas).


  31. 48
    Andrew Efiong says:

    That explains Rachel Reeves “robust” thighs.

    Nice to see the Labour front bench so agitated about the fate of pasties but they still can’t apologise for wrecking the economy.

    Sausage roll? Does Ed Miliband eat pork?


    • 68
      Some Geezer wot thinks Ed Sillyband can't help but look ridiculous no matter what he does says:

      Maybe, maybe not, but “porkies” and him are no strangers. (“Sorry, can’t make the rally…”)


    • 156
      Gregg's disease says:

      But not her whining minging voice I fear.


      • 161
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Rachel Reeve’s awful, grating chav fishwife voice will cost Labour thousands of votes.


  32. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Are you seriously content that this is now what passes for politics in this country?

    The opposition are, in all seriousness, under orders to get a picture of themselves eating a pastie.

    This is beyond satire. It’s bloody pathetic.


  33. 52
    Anonymous says:



  34. 55
    Ah! Monika says:

    Will somebody please get Sally some Mexy and get rid of her once and for all.


  35. 56
    Ah! Monika says:

    Best thing about Greggs is…………….. you can pass by on the other side.


  36. 58
    Ludwig von Mises says:

    This is the new low to which our national political discourse has sunk.

    The question of whether or not Cameron has been into a Greggs or eaten a pasty is not one of national importance.

    It is puerile and pathetic nonsense.

    More substantial figures than Cameron and Osborne would be able to rise above this nonsense.

    Can you imagine people caring about whether Thatcher, Callaghan, Bevin or Attlee ate at Greggs? Can you imagine anyone daring to ask them?

    We are blighted on all sides by political pygmies.


    • 62
      Ah! Monika says:

      Word for word what I was thinking


    • 65
      Jimmy says:

      Can you imagine any of them feeling the need to lie about where they had lunch?


      • 69
        Ludwig von Mises says:

        Grow up Jimmy.

        Balls, Mili and Reeves look like a bunch of 6th formers raiding the common room cafe. Smirks on their faces. Slightly nervous gaits.

        This country is in serious shit and all these chancers can think about is a photo oppo in a crappy pasty shop.

        I despair. I really do.


        • 89
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          “This country is in serious shit and all these chancers can think about is a photo oppo in a crappy pasty shop.”

          Jimmy is a typical socialist and can see no further than his Dear Leaders arsehole. He would chant four legs good two legs bad if he was told, to while the farm burned to the ground with him in it.


        • 95
          Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

          I despair too…..


        • 97
          Everyone a sinner says:

          Quite right.

          But why did that thick cun*t Cameron feel the need to publicise his (almost certainly false) past pasty eating experience?

          The man – and his advisers – are total imbeciles.


          • Jimmy says:

            He can’t help himself. It’s who he is. Someone thought the way to detoxify the brand was to put a PR man in charge. This is the result.


          • Alistair Campbell makes me ashamed to be human says:

            Wonder who on earth he got that idea from?


  37. 61
    Lord Gold of Herbert says:

    I will carry out a full investigation.


  38. 70
    Anonymous says:

    There will be riots in Wigan.


  39. 72
    Gonk says:

    Oh that’s it then, I’m voting Labour from now on. What really convinced me was Balls carrying his jacket, default working man style, slung over his shoulder. I saw that and thought, yep, he’s for me.


  40. 73
    Potteries Porker says:

    We have Wrights pies up this neck of the woods and since the P*kies took them over, they taste of cat p*ss and pepper.


    • 153
      Fish says:

      OK Mr Porker, are Staffordshire Oatckaes vatable? Have they ever heard of oatcakes in Brussels?


  41. 77
    nellnewman says:

    militwit doesn’t seem to understand that his job, for which we pay him and his opposition party huge sums of money, is to develop alternative policies to the current government so that we can decide if we want to elect him next time around.

    Posing in front of pastries is not going to win us over into thinking he’d make a good alternative pm.


  42. 86
    Steve Miliband says:

    Looks like going to Greggs with Ballsie and Reevesie is the funniest thing he has ever done in his life. In fact it probably is, the sad little fuckwit


  43. 90
    Frank Furtar says:

    Fuel shortage? Gas danger in the North Sea? Economy shrinking more than expected?

    Labour’s Treasury team queue to have their photo taken with snackfood.

    I note Ed Miliband is happy to stand with a greasy sausage roll but he’s reluctant to be seen with the slimey Ken Livingstone.


  44. 92
    My grandfather was a banker,my father was a banker and Im proving myself to be a complete wank*r, says:

    Dave says it all. Life is just one lage fabication of my mind! P.S Could somebody please tell me where Leeds is? Not in the dreadful Noth of the country by any chance?


  45. 94
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Hope the two prats choke on it!

    Will they be claiming the pathtie on their expenses I wonder?
    “No it woth cold I tell tyou, no vat”


    • 115
      Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

      Balls claimed a poppy wreath on expenses, this persons moral standing is lower than sharks shit at 50 fathoms……


  46. 98
    Bluebottle says:

    When Mr Cameron says he ate a hot pastie in Leeds I do not believe him.

    When he said he had not ridden that horse I did not believe him and I was right not to believe him.

    When he said the NHS was safe with him I did not believe him and with my wife’s implants I was right not to believe him.

    When he said Andy Coulson was top notch I did not believe him.

    When he said he had vetoed some EU Treaty I did not believe him.

    When he says he has faith in Francis Maude then I believe him.

    We are all in this together and when we are bankrupt we will all be bankrupt together because we are Conservatives.


  47. 99
    nellnewman says:

    I think this will be militwit’s and bullyballs pasty moment in much the same way as davemiliband had a banana moment.

    These images tend to stick in the public memory for a very long time.


  48. 100
    "Mad Frankie" Fraser says:

    Afternoon all.

    I’m a first time poster and just off to but a jerry can or 3

    Toodle Pip


  49. 101
    Terrible But True says:

    Ah well, one less place to also discuss such things on the nation’s most trusted Labour PR agency blog:

    It’ll be good to get back to them selecting guests, rigging edits, etc to ensure the message is properly broadcast (only) to the public who has a right to know what they are told. By the medium that speaks at.. to… for us all.

    The change is, apparently, to move to those beacons of solid journalism twitter, and dumbed up social exchange, FaceBook.

    Both being free I am unsure what the £145.50 each year is now for. And as they are US-based, maybe I should pay in $?

    Anyway, no worries at all on the slide through propaganda to censorship. None at all.

    It’s all been done so the ‘news’ can fit on your iPod.

    A pity then that on their first outing, they also managed to stuff up the headline.

    Possibly accuracy would not fit?

    Who cares, eh? National treasures can do what they want. By law.


  50. 103
    Greggs Diet says:

    If you eat 25 Gregg’s pasties every day for a year and then stop, the weight just falls of you!


  51. 105
    ( i ) moonie says:

    one really must question the competence of Number 10 PR department if they did not realise they would have difficulty in pushing through any tax increase that invloved Greggs warm pastry products

    Surely a quick post on order-order would enough to expose any PR problems that they may encounter


    • 120
      The pie snatcher in the rye says:

      You fat bastard …….you fat bastard.

      Meat pie sausage roll come on Cameron give us caviar in a lemon and lime sauce subsidised from the HOC canteen.

      Avoid the minimum alcohol charges.

      Just drink meths.


    • 137
      Eton Tuck-Shop didn't sell pasties only brioche says:

      Did he ask for some “Guacamole” on his pasty like Mandelson ?


    • 142
      Taxpayer says:

      You are spot on. Where the hell did the government think the ‘squeezed middle’ had been sneaking off to for lunch when no-one they wanted to impress in the office was watching? This isn’t just about truck drivers and chavs. The locations of the shops should have told them this is a popular feeding stop for people who pay their own way in life instead of putting things on expenses.


  52. 111
    The pie snatcher in the rye says:

    We are all one nation.

    We are all in this together.

    If anyone individual has his bank balance and job wiped out then we will all follow.

    We are one nation Conservatives.

    If you are not with us then please leave now but your money and objects d’art stay in the country.

    We are all going to work until we are 84.


  53. 114
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Fuck Greggs, their pathties suck, the prices suck even more.


  54. 118
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I see ‘efniks’ are demanding special treatment again and the BBC are of course backing them.

    We are ‘told’ by the BBC that ‘only’ 5% of judges are ethnics and that this is too low. Really? How come ethnics only make up about 6% of the population? That seems to me about right.

    As for women, once again we have the feminist dickheads moaning about the fact only 22% of judges are women. Funny then that the same fat dyke hags don’t seem to mind that 0% of combat troops are women, or that 70% of public sector workers are women.

    Women can fuck off, the day they make up 50% of the casualties in the armed forces is the day I’ll take their whining over other jobs seriously.


  55. 119
    Sky's Peter Poofter says:

    I do like Puff Pastry around my sausage meat


  56. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Is ringing Network Rail to find out about pasty shops what being a journo at the Sun involves?


    • 144
      Taxpayer says:

      Its all about finding out about the little lies they tell you to distract you from the even bigger things they are trying to hide. The Sun has done us a service is catching Cameron with his pants on fire.


  57. 123

    I had two Greggs sausage rolls recently, 2 for a £1.

    Quality food at decent prices.

    Maybe Cameron got confused and met a man who ate a pasty.


  58. 127
    ToonBob... says:

    Why should Greggs pies and pasties not be taxed?

    It is usually taxpayers money a majority of their customers use to buy the stuff.

    Just look at the morbidly obese young women waddling into these shops pushing pushchairs, one can only assume the f*ckers are on benefits.


  59. 129
    Nowt So Kweer says:

    If PA still had any journalists in Yorkshire they could just have walked up the road to have a look at the station – couldn’t afford to purchase anything mind as the odious Managing Editor would strike it from their ekies and tell them to eat dust instead.


    • 166
      Three men in the road says:

      When I were a kid we had to eat gravel, and not warm gravel like you kids today. Cold gravel!

      Dust? – luxury!


  60. 135
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    Poor Rachel – working for the Ed’s is bad enough but having to eat a pasty…………….


  61. 136
    Dave is praying for THAT strike to divert the grey-voters says:

    I see that the Government e-petition site has been “down” all day for “routine maintenaince”…nothing to do with THAT petition of course which seemingly thousands of “silver surfers” are flocking to sign ?


  62. 139
    Anonymous says:

    I somehow think Guido would have seen this for the mad press obsession it is prior to his employment by the Star.


    • 147
      Taxpayer says:

      No, He would have seen it as evidence of the dishonesty of the Prime Minister. A man willing to confabulate about a Cornish pasty to ingratiate himself with the electorate is not really the type of chap worthy of the role. Still, its too late, we are stuck with him till the next election or someone in the Tory party grows a pair.


  63. 140
    Ash Ken the Question says:

    Steve Hilton must be laughing his.. er… socks… off at the moment. See what happens when he turns his back? As for Milibund, am sure he’s always going in to that shop with his best mate Ed B – a real man of the people or bandwagon. Clegg and Lib Dems are a waste of space, they sold out on their promises and will be wiped out next time round.

    What a sad country we are if this is it. Very very sad.


  64. 165
    Caractacus says:

    I’ve just walked through Leeds Station.

    There’s an M&S Food, a Sainsbury’s, a Boots with food, a ridiculously overpriced baguette place (£4.50 for a baguette? Fuck off), one coffee shop, one coffee stand also offering pastries/pasties, a Cookie outlet, a Burger King, a McDonald’s, a Subways, two pubs, two WHSmiths with appalling Sarnies, a lesser branded general offy and snacks and a brand new KFC.

    There’s also a ton of cheap eateries within two minutes walk of the station.

    It’s a shame he was just eating a pasty and not closing the station actually. The thing is a monstrosity, the worst goddamn building in the country. Ten years since they spent millions on upgrading the station by adding more concrete and despair and they’ve literally only just added seating to the concourse. There was seating before, 12 seats for one of the busiest stations in the country. Today there were 24. Was that special for the PM?


    • 173
      Anon. says:

      Re: your first paragraph – doesn’t that explain precisely why we have an obesity epidemic in this country?


  65. 175
    Rip Van Morrison says:

    Afternoon all .. I’m here for Wednesday PMQ’s ..

    It’s Thursday you say ??

    God I must have slept through Wednesday ……must be those contraband fags , what’s in em ??


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