March 27th, 2012

Balls’ Belardinelli Goes on Leak Rampage


  1. 1
    Ha Ha says:

    You mean he was pissing everywhere.

    “Alex goes on leak rampage”


  2. 2
    Evil Landlord says:

    Another balls up by Ed Balls – you know he is lying when he opens his mouth to speak .


  3. 3
    Friday says:

    Just the fax maám. Just the fax.


  4. 4
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Scottish liebour politico type high up in government goes on rampage, destroying public sector communications equipment. Memoray isn’t what it was, but I’m getting a strong sense of deja-vu.


  5. 7
    annette curton says:

    It was Larry.


  6. 8

    Is this the calibre of people that our political elite wants us to fork out more money for?
    Fecking leeches!
    If they want to employ these numpties they can pay for them out of their own pockets.


    • 23
      No escape says:

      “they can pay for them out of their own pockets”

      But their pockets are full of our money.


  7. 9
    bellendanelly says:

    The first thing I wanted to see when I visited this blog was a Labour non entity, and I wasn’t disappointed.


  8. 10
    tuesday says:

    Miliband and Ball disgarding their Ipads.

    I-tenas are now in mode as a failsafe replacement.


  9. 11
    stranger than fiction says:

    TOWIE’s Gemma Collins Flaunts Her Slimmer Beach Body


    • 19
      A Constiryewent of CurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrCudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      not to be beaten, I will say that Gordon is the best MP and PM that anyone ever had!


  10. 13
    Borat Sagdiyev says:

    All London peoples should be voting for Ken who has strong good ideas and is making benefit glorious city of Londonistan!


    • 38
      Moscow Mike Handycock (sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money) says:

      Vladimir and I are in full agreement. Boaz.


  11. 14
    Some Geezer wot wants to see how far the lad can throw a Nokia says:

    Any casting suggestions for The Gordon Brown Story?


  12. 16
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I need a dump.


  13. 18
    AC1 says:

    Good news for all my fans and my little mongrel bitch, Britney; my knob extension application has been accepted by the NHS. This will double it’s current size to a whopping four inches! Let the good times roll.


    • 22
      AC1 says:

      Oh Hello sock-puppet Tat, please contact your specialist and ask them to review your dose.

      I hope you get better soon.


      • 25
        tat is a spaz says:

        Tat is (as always) boring, but easy to spot:

        “This will double it’s current size”

        Right there, right in the middle. Something a ten-year-old would spot.

        Being a dullard, Tat always fucks-up his apostrophes.


        • 31
          top boy says:

          keep your fucking boyfriend in check AC1, he’s spilling his colostomy bag all over the fucking blog.


          • AC1 says:

            Please pass on my regards to your psychiatrist, and of course, I hope you recover some sanity.


          • top boy says:

            shove it batty boy


          • Polly Toynbee's dried-up vag says:

            Just try not to cwy about it, tat.

            You pwomised mummy in Heaven you wouldn’t cwy, didn’t you, cripple?

            Be big bwave boy, tat.


          • Ed Miliband's missing foreskin says:

            Poor Tat, it looks like his cwipped bwain has been hurting him again.
            Naughty naught bwain Mr Tat! Naughty!

            Psssst, must have forgotten to take his lithium suppository again.


  14. 27
    Gordoom Mental says:

    That fax looks just like the one that the IT people took away from my office each night.

    They brought a new one in each morning.
    Then I’d read about the latest f**king disaster that I’d inadvertently created.

    It was a virtuous circle of employment.


  15. 30

    Video far too sympathetic.


  16. 35
    Gonk says:

    He may not have had the correct support as a teenager in which case every disgusting sort of obnoxious, rude and destructive behaviour is perfectly understandable.


  17. 42
    Egon Isphace says:

    Gideon’s looking a bit pasty lately.


  18. 44
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Fucking pasty? Really? Fucking Liebore jumped the shark today.


  19. 45
    British Brainwashing Cunts says:

    Dear BBC I’ve just seen your ‘Global Weirding’ program for the masses and I thought it was complete and utter bollocks. The narrative was that global warming is man made and that global warming is proven beyond doubt which it isn’t!

    PS. You also forgot to call it climate change.


    • 56
      Another Engineer says:

      AGW is a reasonable hypothesis, but that’s as far as it goes. It is an interesting theory and not a cause for mass hysteria.

      I do hope they weren’t blaming ‘weird weather’ on climate change, though. The weather has always been weird. That’s why it is called weather and not climate….


      • 65

        If its warm they call it AGW. If it is cold they call it weather.

        The next glacial period will come regardless of whether there is any truth in AGW. The Milanković cycles ensure that and the outstanding problems in the theory, though relatively minor, dwarf our puny attempts to change the effect that we have.

        I am not against using renewables in themselves and have installed solar water heating panels. I have deferred my photovoltaic on the basis that I use the least power in the summer when it would produce at maximum. Even feeding back into the grid does not make a good return on my investment and the preferential tariffs will become less attractive as time passes.


  20. 47
  21. 49
    BBC Newsnight says:

    The poor forgotten families of the UK need our help and our money to stop these riots happening again. We need more public workers on the ground and social workers and youth clubs and community centres and tax payer funded community and youth leaders too. As we all know it was the police that caused these riots and the racism from the white communities that was a fault here.


    • 53
      South of the M4 says:

      errr…. 80% of those that ended up in court had previous. What about these were just bad *astards taking the opportunity to loot and stuff? Doubt more tax payers money will change their mindset.


    • 55
      *~"K the BBC and all who sail in it! says:

      Enough already!

      Hand wringing useless twats, – let them eat their fancy brioche and drink their expensive champagne – all paid for with OUR money!

      If this useless Limpid PR bloke had any guts he would break it all up, – but he hasn’t, so he won’t.


    • 57
      Be-careful What You Wish For says:

      Ok about 145 quid extra a year will do it, how will we pay for it? Oh right, good idea BBC you don’t need the telly tax as much as these poor families need the money.


  22. 50
    Princess Po-face Polytwaddle, hand-wringing, talking down at people from her Ivory Tower says:

    I am always right!

    I am never wrong!

    And the increased cost of alcohol tax will not affect me in the slightest! I am, after all, not one of the common little people – the vile reprobates that despoil my native land and force me to live here in my castle in this warm land filled with wine and really super cheese and the finest foods.

    But I digress, – Alberto – more bolly and quick! – and then I can give myself over to dreaming about Gordon – his manly hands smoothing the crinkles of my pages, opening the little nooks and crannies of my writing, – some that I never knew I had . . . . his exploration of my deepest meaning . . . his forceful, penetrating yet somehow tender searching of my most sensitive sections . . . oh! . . . .OH! . . . OHHH! . . I’m going! . . no – leave me . . . I MUST GIVE MYSELF TO THIS MOMENT . . TO THE RAPTURE . . TO THE ACME OF . . . . I’m going into status polytwadlicus . . . . that most delicious of moments a helpless woman like wot I am can enjoy . . .


    • 58
      Anonymous says:

      LOL, I’m not sure if that if a for or against increased taxes on alcohol (or other banned substances).


      • 60
        Four poofs and a piano says:


  23. 59
    Plod just watches on. says:

    So some bleeding charity focus group has decided that the rioters are victims and have completely overlooked the fact that the Plod signaled go for it, riot and loot away, and we will stand back while you do so.

    IT Beggars belief.

    THEY RIOTED and LOOTED BECAUSE THEY COULD. The Plod just let them.


    • 62
      not a machine says:

      see if you can find tonights sky newspaper review with Kelvin Mckenzise cheered me up no end


  24. 61
    not a machine says:

    I feel much better having heard Kelvin Mckenzies answer to riot report on sky papers review …….. didnt even throw a wobbler , totally ripped arguemnt .

    I suppose in telegraph speak , I should be happy that if NT and CPRE are happy on planning . all i will say is that if we do start seeing the dodgey ones , some of which I understand are at advanced stage , I just hope that you campaign against them . There were some magic words missing from todays statement even if the re draft is a better document . Simon heffer has spotted another possibility . The only proper solution is to not only prioritise brownfield , but to have tools that press brownfield into use before green fields . If your sure legal redress can be sought then fine . will all councils have local plan ??

    Paxman had some interesting discussion . i nearly choked on my ovaltine on neo nazi piece , but that bit on free Germans only zones was a bit modern , the list not only of ethnic undesirables but er Liberals . I mean how do you test for a liberal if your a nazi ?? So Clause we need to do a few test , pleaze answer ze questions as honestly as you can .
    1) Is bratwurst and beer , better for you and your country than a bean sprout salad …. ans Bratwurst and beer
    2) You are asked to go a nudist camp ,do you ask if you can wear sandles and socks ans yes

    right ok Clause I am terminating zis interview immediately , you are clearly a liberal , now take your crappy mixed fabrics socks and buckle sandels and leave our suburb . I am sorry that you are unable to join us , especially as tonight is ladehosen night . still be interesting if there isnt a drugs problem in those areas even if having to be careful down at the bar .


  25. 63
    not a machine says:

    Has rupert spad been given a pasty as a leaving present yet ?? talk about picking the most wonk of wonk taxation dillemmas ,


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