March 26th, 2012

Cameron Advised Bamford on Making Donations

An impeccable Cameroon source has got in contact to tell us that he was in the room when David Cameron was directly advising JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford about the process of making a donation. Bamford has donated over £2.5 million in recent years and lent Cameron his helicopter many times. Last month Downing Street commissioned a report from him. Awkward.


  1. 1
    Just one thing! says:

    Party leader says how to make donation?


  2. 2
    YorkshireTory says:

    Looks like Cameron is digging himself one big hole with this scandle


    • 4
      The Not So Dirty Digger says:

      And hasn’t he found just the right helper … this man manufactures excavators !!


      • 6
        YorkshireTory says:

        Hence this comment! haha


      • 15
        • 44
          Anonymous says:

          It’s a good job Dave and his little side kick, Gideon, were not at that Indian festival where they throw coloured powder at each other, Guido probably knows the one I mean


      • 36
        Social Pundit says:

        Not just excavators but the most respected owner of a huge export driven company that Labour would love to influence, but hasn’t the ideology, party, and especially talented people.
        Seems to me that Guido is following the “chase the ambulance” crowd headed by Guardian and BBC instead of looking at the acts of the so-called Unite Union and other misdemeaners of the left.
        Time for Guido to remember his go where others dare not policy.


    • 16
      statechaos says:

      Scandle? Are you in a position to throw some light on the matter?


  3. 3
    Plantagenet says:


    Dirty or unethical or not, this donor stuff is simply politics — happening across every party in every country.

    Not to condone crony capitalism, but…it is endemic in democracy.


    • 9
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Nice to see Cameron actively supporting the fund raising that all political parties have to attend to. Many would leave it to those beneath them. Good man.


    • 32
      Michael says:

      And every party ritually fucks it up when they’re in government, or make eyes at some businessman later to be revealed of dubious report. We don’t spend an awful lot on politics in this country, so let’s actually play the state funding facts as they are and not cling on to vested interests, whether its the unions or the city. Its not going to lead to a perfect system, and there will still be uncomfortable influencing, but at least we won’t have to deal with this kind of crap every 18 months.


      • 35
        Archer Karcher says:

        State / taxpayer funding of parties?

        What even the ones you disapprove of? The ones you find objectionable? The ones you loathe and detest?
        Sounds like rent seeking to me and of course, to qualify for state funding, no doubt strings that favour the establishment, would be attatched.
        Taxpayer funding would cement the existing rotten status quo and would be the establishments way of ensuring no real change of government ever again.


        • 37
          Social Pundit says:

          State funding would find more public adherents if only the polititicians were truly honest in their attitudes and behaviour toward the welfare of their country.
          Unfortunately the last government was one of the most venal and incompetent in modern history. The 2000’s should be known as the “hypocritical unenlightenment age of British politics”.


          • Anonymous says:

            It looks as if these tete a tete have been done in private, using the subtle wording of private party at his Downing Street flat just like the ones held with Brookes and the Murdochs surely anything that happens at Downing Street is not private, flat or no flat.


  4. 5
    Dave Cameron, Man of Iron and Equestrian says:

    I’m just a helpful kind of guy.


  5. 8
    Just one thing! says:


    If you pay to attend a event with a politican you cant discuss politics

    And a Party leader is not supposed to know how to donate to his party.

    Am i missing something


  6. 10
    Anonymous says:

    You cannot get more open and transparent government than this can you. Soon Cameron will also publish the list of people who he advised on donation and what they got in return.

    I think people has to move away open and transparent government to corruption.


    • 18
      Anonymous says:

      well yes actually you can get a lot more open and transparent. Even if it’s already the world’s most open and transparent one (might/might not be), it’s still got a long, long way to go before it’s actually more open than secretive.


  7. 11
    dr. sipp says:

    donors who paid 100k are starting to sing like canaries

    pi–ssed off there not premier league


  8. 12
    Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

    Right. Announce a white paper bringing in annual limits on individual or corporate donations of £50k. Include union funding. Labour refuse to support the bill and the story then becomes Labour funding. If Labour vote against, abolish the union modernisation fund and Pilgrim funding.


    • 26
      CLINT Cameron says:

      you mean instead of an independent/ police investigation first – that’s nice of you – who are you Dopey dave ???


  9. 13
    AC1 says:

    I went looking for pictures of a Mr Fix It that Cam needs and somehow found a pic of a futuristic JCB.

    How apt under the circumstances.


  10. 14
    Maggie says:

    Miss me?


  11. 19
    Tony Blair says:

    Oh you poor foolish Tories! This is such small fry! We sold thousands of policies for millions of pounds. I wouldn’t meet anyone for less than a mill. Alistair and I would’ve laughed at a £250,000 donation. And Cruddas called that premier league? Ha! Under my ethical foreign policy, I wrangled even more lovely moolah from my old pal Gaddafi. If the Tories would like to hire me as a fundraising consultant, I charge £15,000. That’s for my standard one day package. A weekend package at a nice 5 star hotel would be £50 grand.


  12. 21
    Amused Socialist says:

    You were miles behind on this story Guido – but your U-turn from government mouthpiece to anti-corruption crusader is quite welcome…and most telling.


  13. 22
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Cameron forgot the Eleventh Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Get Caught…copying ZaNuLab’s fund raising methods.


  14. 23
    statechaos says:

    In the interest of true transparency, let’s not stick with dinners, let’s go for a list of all the people who have slept at No. 10 Downing St. not just under Cameron or even on top of him… but ever….. under Gordon (that’s easy, hardly anyone)…. under Tony (that’s easy, almost everyone who was anyone)….. oh, and we could call it #Bedgate – see how ridiculous this is getting. Good that extra funding has been announced for demented journalists.


    • 28
      Comic Opera says:

      and had breakfast
      and what music they listened to
      and what car they’ve got
      and what is in their bank balance
      and whose slippers are these …..?


    • 46
      Desperate Dan says:

      Prime Ministers, if they are Conservative, should be housed in a glass cage and only allowed to communicate with the outside world via designated Labour spokesmen.


  15. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Not a lot of news today then.


  16. 38
    Shane Warne says:

    The only shame is Guido, that George Osborne singularly failed to take any account of the report’s findings in the budget. He parked the lot.


  17. 39
    Social Pundit says:

    Must be the very fine weather stopping any real news.
    Talking of influence have others noticed the plethora of loony lefties on the BBC radio these days. Can’t think for their self righteous canting – luckily there is an OFF button.
    BBC must dream of an Orwellian 2084 where there are no off buttons.


    • 45
      Desperate Dan says:

      Now that its illegal to have any money, be successful or have parents who did the best for you, punishable by trial by radio/ TV except for anyone who works for radio/TV, I’ve been wondering how I should react if I come across BBC/Guardian employees or their children. I don’t feel abuse or common assault would adequately express my contempt. There are quite a few live in this vicinity but they tend to glide past in limousines paid for by license fee payers so they’re difficult to get at. All advice would be welcome.


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