March 22nd, 2012

Chuka Gonna Make-a-Your Mind Up

Here is Chuka at 19.08 last night:

The shadow business secretary is clear and firm. If there was a budget tomorrow he would absolutely not re-introduce the 50p rate.

Here is Chuka at 20.15, an hour and seven minutes later:

He’s going to be Prime Minister one day, apparently...

Via Mark Pack


  1. 1
    come back Lady T! says:

    Like i said, Labour are blaming to Tories for clearing up Labours mess.


    • 3
      Cricket is for huhnes says:

      like I said, you are a huhne


      • 12

        An hour and seven minutes is a long time in politics.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Guido what about Osborne not paying 50% tax?

        He gets a ministerial salary, he gets a government funded car (Jag + driver + petrol), house (100 room one), flat (No. 11), etc, he own 15% of Osborne and Little (dividend income), etc. With all these he should be making over £500,000 a year.

        Is Osborne employing tax accounts and tax lawyers to avoid paying his fair share of the tax?

        Is Osborne living in Switzerland or any other tax heaven for tax purposes?


        • 91
          George Osborne says:

          I only live in Switzerland because I like eating triangular chocolate and have a penchant for exquisite timepieces.


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        Is Osborne living in a tax heaven for tax purposes?

        His income and benefits

        1) Ministerial salary, about £135,000
        2) Flat (No 11) rent free, worth about £100,000
        3) Dorneywood (215 acres), rent free say another £100,000
        4) Car, Driver and Petrol say £50,000
        5) Dividend from Osborne and Little
        6) His trust fund income

        How is Osborne not paying 50% tax?


        • 94
          Osama the Nazarene says:

          Because items 2, 3 & 4are tax free and for item 6 tax would be paid by the trust. Finally for item 2 he probably receives dividends which would be taxed at source. He’d have to complete a tax return to know whether he was due to pay tax at 50%. Capito?


    • 25
      Liam says:


  2. 2
    Albert Hall says:

    A labourite on newsnight said she’s reinstate the 50p.


    • 5
      Anonymous says:

      wtf does that mean


    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      Gideon reduces the threshold for paying 40% tax bringing hundreds of thousands of middle income earners into this upper band and doesn’t even mention it during his speech. And what does Guido harp on about? Fucking Labour ffs! The Tories are out socialising Labour and all this site seems to have time for is Red Ken and Ed.

      Guido, I’m sure there’ll be a nice fat bonus for you this month from your CCHQ handlers.


      • 65
        will says:

        well if the last lot had not acted like a schoolboy in a sweatshop giving away goodies we would not be in this shit.

        the addition rate of taxation for pensioners, the free tv licences and heating allowances were all bribery to get the pensioners to vote for them.

        anyway why should people get a free bus pass and extra tax allowances if they are still working a mate of mine does and he is better off than some of his younger colleagues. Forgot to mention that NI also ceases after 65 as well.

        Most pensioners have never had it so good just ask fred goodwin 9why should we increase the tax allowance for fred goodwin !!!)


        • 67
          q says:



        • 81
          Old Blue Eyes says:

          I am one of those pensioners affected by the removal of the additional allowance although because of my level of income I already lose some of it anyway. However I will be a little worse off in the 2013/4 tax year than I would be had the change not been made. Having said that I will have the benefit of most of the increase in the personal allowance. So what do I think about the removal of the additional allowance for we oldies (I am 83 by the way) Well I totally agree with it. Why should we get preferential tax treatment? I have found that as I have gotten older the less money I need to live the life I do. This only affects any pensioner in receipt of income in excess of £25,000 per annum so it can hardly be described as throwing us on the breadline. Now before you all jump to the conclusion that I am a tory voter come hell or high water let me tell you that I shall not be voting that way come the next general election for reasons other than my tax treatment.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Well said squire. I will only just receive the £10.5K allowance (which incidentally was also quite an increase over this year’s pensioner personal allowance and my missus is goona miss it but we are not complaining. We’re pleased our kids will get a larger personal allowance as they are going to be shouldering Gordo’s debt for quite while to come.


  3. 4
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Can someone explain why losing 83 quid a year is so bad when the basic pension is going up by more than a fiver?


    • 15
      wotson says:

      wait and find out how it’s like when you get there. Remind me how many pensioners froze to de’ath this year and last year


      • 27
        What goes around.. says:

        I bet they weren’t the ones who are effected by this tax change


        • 70
          Conservative Cold Weather Policy says:

          They were probably those who live(d) in what was Conservative George Kynock’s (spits) constituency – the coldest in Britain.

          Good ole Conservative George was the one who put VAT on fuel for everyone.

          Dunno why, but he lost his seat at the next election.


      • 83
        Old Blue Eyes says:

        You obviously do not understand what this proposed change is all about. It will only affect any pensioner who has an income in excess of £25,000 per annum and the on a sliding scale up to £30k plus.


  4. 6
    Steve Miliband says:

    Explain why r u taking an av. of £83 p.a from 4.4 million pensioners?

    He’s not taking it. They haven’t got it yet


  5. 7
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    When are Liebore giving back the £100 billion they stole from private sector workers pensions?


  6. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Disgraceful opportunist liar… his mate Balls.


  7. 10
    Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

    If there was any lingering doubt with regards John Pienaar’s political bias, it was dispelled for anyone who took an interest, in his performance on Radio Five Labour yesterday.

    A juvenile, retarded, embarrassment of a budget reply by Milliband was held up as something really impressive by Pienaar.

    Still the great thing is the BBC filth have given now up the FA Cup, F1 & Horse racing…..each year the organisation becomes more irrelevant to the ordinary joe.


    • 17
      An English Patriot says:

      The Tories need to grow some big hairy bollocks and completely ignore the BBC

      Dont go on it, fuck those left wing, big state, pro EU, pro Labour Party vermin


  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    “He’s going to be Prime Minister one day, apparently”

    Three fuckwit PM’s in a row. Great


    • 16

      There will never be better than a zero percent increase.


      • 35
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        By better I assume you mean more of a f-wit.

        You should try to develop a greater sense of pessimism. it will happen one day, and you’ll be prepared for it.


        • 42

          Study your thermodynamics.

          Absolute zero is the temperature* at which entropy reaches its minimum value. ;-)



          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            No need for me to study thermodynamics.

            Crappness of a prime minister is not a scale with an absolute zero. Its always possible for them to get worse.


          • Maybe you ignore that when time is complete, there will be a finite (maybe quite large by then) number of holders of this office.

            One, just one, will have to be the worst.

            Someone has to do it.


          • Yes, but that is only theoretical because they are like busses – just wait a bit and another useless twat will be along in a minute.

            The big problem is that senior political office ALWAYS ends in failure – either failure to continue the work to it’s conclusion or just hoiked out by the great unwashed.


  9. 13
    watson says:

    He is right about robbing pensioneers for the second time, the first being CPI switch ( but not for Bank of England pensioneers who will get RPI)


    • 24
      What goes around.. says:

      In the sense that taxation is legalised robbery, they are being robbed. In the sense that they have been voting for yeasr for governments which run deficits they expect their grandchildren to pay the interest on, they are merely muggers mugged.


    • 26
      annette curton says:

      Some of us are just going to have to settle with RIP.


      • 68
        will says:

        The pensioners lobby is quite vocal, In fact despite thier moaning thier are a lot of well off pensioners, nearly run down buy one driving a brand new passat this morning. A lot of pensioners dont pay tax, how is it fair that a working person is on a lower tax free allowance than someone who is retired, they are working and paying for the NHS. I reckon Pensioners should give us thier seats on public transport for working people as they are paying for the NHS


        • 88
          'cutio says:

          I am a pensioner of 7 years. Prior to retirement I worked all my life and I paid tax and N.I. Simply because I have survived for a few years and contributed to the general good I dont’ see why I should be penalised. #68


    • 86
      Old Blue Eyes says:

      He, like you, doesn’t know what he is talking about. As an old age pensioner of nearly 20 years standing I can honestly say that this present government has been the most pensioner friendly administration in those two decades. Next month we shall get the biggest rise in the state pension ever. That those of us more affluent pensioners are being asked to sacrifice a bit of our tax perk to help pay for it is something any socialist should applaud. In his, and your case I won’t hold my breath.


      • 87
        Old Blue Eyes says:

        Oh, I forgot to say, if you want an example of a pension robber, think of the last unelected holder of that office.


  10. 14
    Richard Murphy says:

    That` not true, That`s not true. Stop making thing`s up.


  11. 18
    Hava Nagila says:

    He’s half-white and his surname begins and ends with a vowel. That pretty much qualifies him as the next Labour prime minister.


  12. 21
    The Mother of all Parliaments says:

    Truly, I am shocked. I would never have thought that an Honourable Gentleman could ever behave in such a way.


  13. 22
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m going to be prime minister one day.


  14. 23
    Mr LOL says:

    The sad thing is he isn’t self aware enough to realise why the joke is on him.


  15. 29
  16. 30
    Chucky says:

    He’s on Question Time tonight.


    • 43
      Desperate Dan says:

      Of course he is. He’s on Question Time every week. They’ll have a panel of ignoramuses giving their hackneyed old political views but no-one who actually makes anything or contributes to the economy. They might have Blanchflower, Brown and Balls favourite economist, or a Labour Party donor from the Lords. It will be broadcast in front of a baying mob.


      • 54
        annette curton says:

        I think you will find the audience this time will consist of 200 outraged OAPs that have been bussed in at short notice (tea and biscuits in the Green room afterwards).


        • 59
          Desperate Dan says:

          The Guardian Media Group has cut the contributions to Alan Rusbridger’s pension to a mere £75,000 a year. How will he cope. Surely there’ll be room for him. And Alan Botney’s pension pot is a mere £6.5million. He will suffer hugely. As will Mark Byford who has already started drawing bhis £800,000 a year. These “grannies” will be condemned to a life of penury thanks to the cruel George Osborne.


    • 47
      annette curton says:

      Perfect timing as well, oh what a tangled web we weave…


  17. 31
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Chucka just spouts shite.. A typical hypocrite who backs the next bandwagon as it goes by.

    His favourite shoes are flip-flops.

    Smug tax doging PM-wannabe….. No way Chucka we can all see you for what you are.


  18. 33
    Dave Cameron, Man of Iron and Equestrian says:

    Old people won’t mind paying an extra £3 billion in tax but my rich friends say they think its spiffing they are getting an extra £3 billion to spend.

    Tally ho.


    • 38
      Desperate Dan says:

      Especially not BBC pensioners like Mark Byford who can spare some of his £800,000 a year and who, for the purposes of BBC broadcasts is called a “granny”.


    • 63
      A pragmatist says:

      Your rich friends probably already dodge the 50p tax. Unless they are thick.


      • 69
        Desperate Dan says:

        Ken Livingstone is no friend of mine and neither is Tony blair.


      • 80
        Dave Cameron, Man of Iron and Equestrian says:

        Oh they did, a real wheeze. Brought their income forward to the previous year before the 50p applied.

        Now it gone away so they can pay themselves in the right year again. Wizard!

        Tally ho.


  19. 34
    annette curton says:

    Why didn’t he just say yes the first time around?, it’s not as if anybody would have believed him anyway, not very experienced at this politic-ing lark is he.


  20. 36
    Jo Davis says:

    Over Guido’s dead body will a black guy ever be prime minister, so carry on the vendetta! George Osbourne doesn’t pay the 50p tax rate he says is ‘morally repugnant’ I think he’s the bigger liar here, but then he’s white and from Eton stock so you won’t pursue that will you ‘Guido’?


  21. 37
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    I despair. Just caught a Sky News report ‘on an operation targeting child expoitation by Thames Valley police force’. I knew a few of their senior officers were dodgy but did not realise the problem was systemic.


  22. 49
    Pindi says:

    Guido, Umanna might be a bit of a dope, but we’re talking about two different things here. On Twitter he is talking about the budget generally, whereas in the video clip he is referring to one detailed aspect of it, i.e. the 50p tax rate.


  23. 50
    Steve Miliband says:

    So Mr Evan Davies, Mr Nick Robinson, have you benefited from the Budget? Or are you students of the Ken Livingstone school of tax avoidance


  24. 51

    I would propose we abandon the vote altogether.

    Just select at random from the inmates at mental asylums.

    The odds are that we would do better as the situation does not have criminal intent already built-in.


    • 72
      will says:

      No we should change the system to only taxpayers having the vote. So if you do not contribute to the countrys coffers, no vote. Simple system and would soon mean that all the individuals not contributing would be disenfranchised. It should help to raise the intellectual level of voters in this country.


    • 77
      Nutter on The Bus says:

      I’ll do it …. please mister….


  25. 52
    Professor says:

    What a joke Militwit was yesterday. Trying to taunt Cameron about the fact that he would be paying less tax, but failing to admit so would he along with everyone else with raised threshold. Then describing not getting a rise, as taking something that pensioners already had, while conveniently not mentioning a rise of over £280 per year in the old age pension. There is only one bunch that can twist facts and figures in such a way.


  26. 57
    • 61
      Simon Scowl says:

      I’m really NOT, you know. Although there would be nothing with being “that way”– if I WERE, that is. Why doesn’t anybody believe me?


  27. 58
    smoggie says:

    I’d like to know what the Shadow Chancellor has to tweet about this little pipsqueak treading on his toes.


  28. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain why losing 83 quid a year is so bad when the basic pension is going up by more than a fiver?

    If their Pension is topped up with Pension Credit they won’t get the fiver. My friend just got his increase through and it amounts to 2p.
    You don’t actually believe the B.S that Politicians spout do you?
    Likewise any increase in Pension is usually wiped out by a reduction in housing benefit (but obviously only applies to the poorest pensioners)


    • 66
      Desperate Dan says:

      Pension credit? Is that a little known handout that is only given to Labour voters? You’ll be telling me next that they get housing benefit, disability living allowance and carer’s allowance.


      • 79
        Y says:

        you’ll be old one day Dan, if you’re not already. Hope you’re storing up pies for a rainy day when your arthritis means you can’t use your hands and the daily help hasn’t been in for three days so you’re still on the komode


  29. 64
    Yup says:

    Oh come on, we all know that some pensioners will do anything to save a bob or two. My old ma, 84 is ok when it comes to pensions, she has my long departed Dad’s armed forces and industry pension, plus her own and a State pension. She lives in a warden monitored flat and is 2010-11, the year we had the bad and cold winter my old Ma would switch off her heating in case she wasted money. The family came in a turned it up on high and even told her that we would pay for her heating, but no, she would rather save a few quid, put on another jumper and live in a flat that is like a fridge. Do not underestimate the stupidity of some old people nor the fact they came from a generation where saving was better than spending. She is happy to show the electric bill that shows she used less electricity than a year before. Now not all OAP’s are like this, so will die from cold but the elderly in the a joining flats on the complex I would say 75% would rather save cash than keep warm, so it is not all about money.


    • 73
      Desperate Dan says:

      There’s no need to insult them by calling them stupid. The fact that they weren’t brought up to squander resources and waste money on buying rubbish is a good thing and a pity more people can’t follow their example. Their way is a thousand times preferable taking out payday loans, gigantic credit card debts, mortgages you can’t afford and spending student loans on beer, clothes and dope.


    • 74
      will says:

      It is real problem with some pensioners and it is not helped by organisations such as age concern bleating on about pensioners starving and that the fuel bill will leave you being thrown into some dickensian hell hole. Trying to cut a pensioner off over a unpaid bill is not good news for a utility company and many of them would rather negiotate than cut someone off.


  30. 75
    attila the hun says:

    just notified that my wife and i are to have our pension credit docked by £5.51 a week plus our rent is going result..worse off not taking into account the budget tax increases..dont get old not worth it


  31. 85

    Beware the Dourjock my son
    The jaws that grind, the ‘phones they chuck
    Beware the Millibird, and shun
    The frumious Balls is a snatch!”

    Tumty, tumty, tum… then…

    And, has thou slain the Dourjock?
    Come to my arms, my pride and joy!
    O frabjous day! But what! No Way!’
    The leader IS ED? You useless boy!!!


  32. 93
    Chuck Us Yer Mummy says:

    I have a healthy hankering for the more experienced lady .


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