March 20th, 2012

Will Balls Back Tax Transparency?

Given that this was only put down as a 10 Minute Rule Bill in January, Tory MP Ben Gummer’s tax-transparency campaign looks set to be one of the more successful backbench tales of recent times. Given that Labour only managed to find a technicality on which to oppose it when it was debated in the House, can we now presume that Balls will be backing it? The Staggers is already starting to moanWill Balls manage to find a line on why he doesn’t want taxpayers knowing how the government spends their hard earned cash?


  1. 1
    • 6
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Itemised tax bill to see where your money is being stolen.


      • 16
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        The Taxpayer’s Alliance are a load of Tory Twats. They had the impertinence to recently criticise my Liberal Democrat Administration in Portsmouth, for allowing the former Deputy Chief Executive of the Council, a man who does not even have a degree, to retire at the age of 60 on an index linked pension in excess of £75,000 a year, with a tax free gratuity of £300,000. What the f*ck has it got to do with the Taxpayer’s Alliance? On another tack, does anyone have this Emma Boon’s phone number. I could give her a right one. Boaz.


        • 25
          Jeremy "Powerrrr" Clarkson says:

          We need itemised receipts when we buy petrol or diesel to see how much goes to the government to spend on asylum-seekers, teenage muvvers, outreach coordinators and other welfare scum.


          • Very Wealthy Windfarm Gentry says:

            Are you mad? The next thing you know the plebs will be wanting itemised power bills and discovering just how much subsidy they are forced to hand over to the likes of me! Let sleeping dogs lie I say.


        • 61
          Anonymous says:

          So where is the waste and fraud in this tax bill?


    • 12
      Comment of the day ( updated) says:

      A customer walks into Mr. Patel’s newsagents and asks

      “Do you have the Star on Sunday with Guido Fawkes’s column in it?”

      Mr. Patel replies “yeah sure its up there on the top shelve beside, Massive Jugs, Readers wives and Asian Babes”


    • 56
      Anonymous says:

      What about

      1) VAT (more than what people pay on NI)
      2) Stamp duty
      3) Petrol duty and Road Tax
      4) Corporation tax
      5) Council tax
      6) Aviation tax
      7) Employer NI
      8) Pension contribution (government just take it and spend it)

      Where is this money going? Osborne has missed 50% of the tax people pay. People on middle income pay more than half of what they earn as tax.


  2. 2
    High Tory says:

    Labour oppose transparency, it is easier to waste our money on their friends and pet projects as long as the spending data is buried inside boring books and dullard websites.


    • 47
      Thought for today says:

      Even if God does not exist it is better to believe that he does less men assume that role for themselves.


    • 58
      Anonymous says:

      How can this be transparency, he had missed 50% of the taxes. VAT, petrol tax, road tax, stamp duty, council tax, etc.


    • 71
      When Welfare is well in fair says:

      The big chunk on the tax pie chart that says welfare , is that another block vote for labour .
      Or is it just me

      You land in that place labour will keep you there .


  3. 3

    He can start by asking Ken Livingstone to ‘fess up


  4. 4
    Tax & Spend says:

    Ken Livingstone’s Balls Up


  5. 5
    yeah, right.. says:

    Now that the sponging parasites have approved this, can we put the line back in which shows us the amounts we pay for MPs subsidised food and booze, second homes, hugely generous pensions and resettlement payments?


    • 17
      scum says:

      when I queried with my MP the imposition of rates, without any discount for prompt payment, on unoccupied homes, he replied that he couldnt afford to live where I live.
      I note we pay over £600 a month toward his second home mortgage costs in London.


  6. 7
    Hugo Chavez says:

    In the Great Leap Forward & the Cultural Revolution it is not true that 30 million innocent people died or that Mao murdered 100 million people, Stalin 60 million, Pol Pot around 5 million.

    Socialism never knowingly hides the truth as we have nothing to hide. It just didn’t happen, comrade.


    • 13
      Next Time It Will Work says:

      Some things are necessary as we have to keep our doctrine pure Comrade.


      • 25

        And when it doesn’t work Comrades, it’s because of the interfering lick spittle running dogs of the fascist imperialist warmongers… or me mum and dad, or society innit.


    • 28
      Socialist Workers Party blog entry says:

      When I last looked officer my tent was there….outside the capitalist revisionist traitor opiate of the people’s Cathedral like……so down with capitalism……where is the nearest benefits office, btw?


      • 68
        To Be Fair says:

        To be fair many of the St Pauls “down with capitalism” protesters will not be drawing benifits as mummy and daddy will see them alright with their trust funds.


  7. 8
    MrAngry61 says:

    Predictably the 2009_10 column doesn’t add up properly – wonder if that was an in joke?


  8. 9
    SouthEastVoter says:

    It should also show how much the national debt is when divdided equally between tax payers.


  9. 10
    Steve Miliband says:

    That 12 year old tit Owen, got time off school to phone up Jeremy Vinyl and give us the benefit of his wisdom on this subject. He was against it, natch.Why is he given airtime?


  10. 11
    Tony says:

    will it show how much we each pay to the EU?


    • 60
      Baroness Cathy Ashton V.I.P. says:

      Don’t be so impertinent, your role is to keep me and my kind in the lavish luxury we are so obviously worth.


  11. 14
    Ah! Monika says:

    NHS is only the fifth largest employer in the world.

    Labour failed again


  12. 18
    Penfold says:

    We should have another line for crystallised project losses.

    The NHS IT plan was a massive loser.


    • 42
      annette curton says:

      “We should have another line for crystallised project losses”.
      Is that an euphemism for more nose candy needed?.


  13. 19
    Fog says:

    The Lefties don’t want transparency. They are, unbelievably, actually arguing against transparency. They are spinning it into a being a political ploy to get people angry about how much tax goes towards, for example, benefits. What a bunch of corrupt control freaks those libs and labs are.


    • 24
      jgm2 says:

      They are spinning it into a being a political ploy to get people angry about how much tax goes towards, for example, benefits.

      If people want to get angry about how much tax goes towards (say) benefits then why would a T*ry government want to try and hide the fact?

      The bedwetter’s whole anti-NHS reform tirade of lies is perched on the misinformation that taxes will be cut at the expense of ‘privatising’ the NHS. When, in the two or three years before the next election each taxpayer can check their Tax transparency statement and see that in fact NHS spending has gone up each year the bedwetter’s argument will be shown up for the lies that it is. No wonder they oppose transparency.


  14. 21
    Lord Stansted says:

    I don’t f8ck9n care where my tax money goes – all I know is I don’t have it.


  15. 37
    White City says:

    Can the BBC provide a breakdown on how much of the licence fee is spent on Cocaine ?


  16. 38

    Why do people pay Income Tax ? I don’t understand them.


  17. 39
    annette curton says:

    Oh, bollocks, Politicians and tax (for the little pe*ple).

    Topical… If you drive car I’ll tax the street.


  18. 41
    Stinkfinger says:

    After nearly three decades of working in every shithole job going I decided to become part of the problem not the solution.


  19. 43
    Some Geezer wot's going to "poke" fun at these "pigs" says:

    So the next time any of these Lefties go to some shop somewhere, let the shop owner give them packages all wrapped up, with no indication of what quantity of any item is in there, indeed no indication if certain items are omitted altogether, and let him submit a bill for the grand total only– you and I don’t transact business that way, and I doubt whether these Lefties do either.

    What am I talking about? They probably have servants go around to all the shops. Don’t mind me, I’m just venting…


  20. 44
    Buffy Scrastard says:

    It would be very interesting to know just how much goes on ‘government’ in this country per year, including the world’s biggest quango, the EU.


  21. 45
    jgm2 says:


    The men were trustees of the charity and were able to sign cheques on its behalf, the court heard.

    Prosecutor Martin Hurst said the defendants abused their position with the charity to pay for the work on their homes using the care home’s cash.

    Mr Hurst said the work included a fitted kitchen with granite worktops…

    … It was common practice over many years for officials to charge home improvements to the union, but only when those houses were owned by the union, he said.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find other socialist’s ‘charities’ operating in the same manner.


  22. 46

    I’m more interested in a piece of the profits than the prophet of pe@ce


    • 48
      jgm2 says:

      A beacon for Islam? For what? So they can crash more hi-jacked planes?


      • 56
        Ken, wannabe mayor of Londonistan says:

        No, I want them to blow up more of London’s buses and trains. The flames will act as a ‘beacon’ to attract more members of the relig!on of pe*ace and tolerance to Londonistan. And lo, in their millions they shall cast their postal votes for me always, inshallah.


      • 62
        Joss Taskin says:

        Is Ken confusing ‘bacon’ with ‘beacon’ ?


  23. 49
    Teds says:

    Of course Teds will oppose, they oppose everything without stopping for a moment to think. If Cameron were to propose the Labour manifesto the Teds would oppose it.


  24. 54
    Anonymous says:

    What about VAT and fuel duty and all those other stealthtaxes we pay. What is the point in all of this?????


    • 59
      David Camoron says:

      The price of petrol is truly shocking, isn’t it?. I spoke to Barak about this very matter, and we’re hoping to use-up our fuel reserves, to increase supply and lower the cost of fuel. The fuel reserves are really only there in case there’s a war in the Middle East, and I certainly can’t see one of those happening for 10 years or so.

      And anyway, I can’t think of any other way of lowering fuel prices. Forbes, my butler, said, “why don’t you just cut the fuel duty, Sir?” I laughed at his ignorance. “Because”, I replied in my most condescending tone, “I wouldn’t be able to afford to give £12billion a year to countries that hate us, you silly little man!”

      And then I set the hounds on him.

      Toodle pip!


    • 64
      sandy says:

      What a stupid question. What is the point in having a detailed breakdown of the costs of having your car being repaired or serviced? Why not just accept that they are ripping you off?


    • 65
      Mike Barnes says:

      The point is to try and make you hate welfare claimants and vote for a low tax party.

      Although the majority of the welfare bill is spent on pensions, i.e. people who have paid tax for 40+ years.

      Are we supposed to hate them for getting their money back?



  25. 63
    Not-so "Little" Lord George of "Osborne " says:

    I am currently in the last throes of pre Budget Purdah and thus in deep meditation but have just had the brainwave answer to raising tax painlessly.

    Tomorrow I will announce a precept on each involuntary movement of the trachea — say a penny a time .

    That if anything should rid me of most of the ” awkward squad ” from whichever political shade– who still believe they have a divine right to breathe tax free!!

    ( I bet this will get moderated !)


  26. 67
    Not-so "Little" Lord George of "Osborne " says:

    Oh Guido . No moderation !! How brave .

    Are you stiffening the sinews ( leave alone girding your loins ! ) for tomoorow’s plethora of acid observations ?


  27. 69
    Observer says:

    Will the tax transparency document also show how much of our money goes on servicing the State’s debt and making payments to the EU and the IMF?


  28. 70
    Winny Wheelchair says:

    Labour are up to their neck in debt.


  29. 72
    Saffron says:

    Betting tip for tomorrow.
    Tax tax and more tax by whatever devious means they have at their disposal.


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