March 20th, 2012

Budget Bluff

There has been an extraordinary amount of pre-briefing of this budget, allegedly because of the necessity of the coalition’s components lobbying for their policies out in the open. The pundit class has been confidently staking out their “informed” takes on the budget. Guido can’t help noticing that different papers are saying different things will happen on the 50p top rate. For example The Guardian’s  Patrick Wintour splashed on the front page that the rate will be cut to 40p and The Telegraph is reporting it will be cut to 45p. Do the pundits really know or are they just, y’know, bluffing?

If Osborne really wanted to wrong-foot the two Ed’s response, he could just leave it at 50p for now…


  1. 1
    Capt says:

    Misfoot 2 eds. Bring the rate down to 35%


    • 9
      Selohesra says:

      Lets cut with immediate effect rather than bringing in in 12 months time leaving the BBC 12 months to spin how this is so unfair. As with the NHS once its happened and working it rather destroys the BBC/Labour/Gaurdian hyperbole


      • 25

        Wealth Managers and Accountants exist to mitigate tax exposure for the rich. Cutting the 50p tax rate back down to 40p will add comparatively little at this time.

        The Treasury know there are other more effective measures to spur growth and collect more revenue.

        The middle classes are beyond the fulcrum of zero disposable income which is killing any hope of growth. The biggest problem is not the efficiency of what government collects from the electorate, but the cost of inefficient big government.

        Ed Balls and Miliband were at the centre of Blair and Brown’s 30% expansion of the civil service where the state sector is bigger than the private sector.


        The coalition has to take the fight to the avaricious unions and the self serving vested interests of big corporations and banks, both who are lining their own pockets at the expense of the tax payer


        • 45
          A Cost Accountant says:

          The fact is that this poor excuse of a Conservative government has been emasculated by the Libs.
          There is no hope of a recovery until the UK government manages on the same % income as the Chinese government and that is just 25%. Human Rights, Health & Safety, the EU, Overseas Aid, bailing out banks, too many Quangos, and the Elephant in the room; WELFARE account for more than the difference. The choice is yours.


          • David Camoron says:

            Yes, that’s right. It’s all the LibDems fault. Damn them. Damn them all to Hell!

            *walks away, whistling innocently*


          • The choice was ours at the last election

            Unfortunately, no party got a majority and we have to live with the government the country selected (not counting postal vote fraud).

            The choice is clear

            Vote Blue for less government and a little more personal freedom

            Vote Red for big government control and freebee’s for apparatchiks and the faithful

            Vote Yellow if you are too wussy to make your mind up as every one is really nice and friendly if they could only be given another chance and have a hug.


          • everyone a sinner says:

            The choice doesn’t look that clear to me.

            What happens if anyone is stupid enough to vote for Dave and his crowd of wankers? They don’t seem to fit into any of your categories.


          • “everyone a sinner” is obviously a beneficiary of Labour Party largesse and happy to let others subsidise his champagne sociopath lifestyle.

            While I am no fan of Oily Dave and his band of apologists for the big corporations and banks, at least he is trying to sort out the country. All Tony Blair wanted to do when he got into office was win a second term. All Gordon Brown wanted was to be Prime Minister. All Mandleson wanted was power and influence (lots of money required). All Ed Balls wanted was to be Chancellor and even Brown wasn’t mad enough to let him). And finally, when Ed Miliband became leader of the Labour Party, his first address was I will fight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until I am in No. 10 – nothing about about servant of the people, just I want to be Prime Minister.

            Ken Livingstone is a prime example of how Labour are just rammed full of odious, postal vote stuffing, mendacious megalomaniac, champagne sociopaths who will say and do anything to get power. The cast of characters is long and not salubrious, Whelan, Draper, Campbell, McBride, Izzet, Bellardinelli, Woodcock, Ellam, Dugher, Fletcher and Baldwin.

            These people should not be allowed near public office


    • 10
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      You can’t wrong-foot the two Eds. They’ve both got two left feet.


      • 29
        LabourNutter says:

        I suspect Milliband wrong-foots himself every day the moment he gets up in the morning.


      • 60
        Size fourteens says:

        I saw him outside Morrisons in Camden yesterday. He was with that foghorn Reeves woman. Has anyone else noticed the size of Ed’s feet? Right and left – they’re huge


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      Tax cut from 50% to 40% will mainly cut tax paid by top civil servants, top council employees, top housing association employees, bankers, etc. It will not help people like Lord Ashcroft or Mr. Green as they hardly pay any tax.


    • 87
      M says:

      why doesn’t the government the top rate of the tax on fuel first to stimulate growth


  2. 2
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    I’d much rather that nobody was “mis-footed”. I just want taxes reduced and waste eliminated. That’s all.


    • 13
      Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:



      • 20
        David laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

        Guido, it is not 50p it is 62p. The Ni scam misleads people to think their tax is less than what it is. We should all be able to have the largest proportion of our salary/wage. it is not as if the Government has done anything useful with the money. £45 million a day on Europe and what do we get in return? Why is it in our interest to help the Eurozone or give Greece billions because they have not taxed their own people properly?

        I am sick of the huge taxes we pay. We need a campaign Taxed Enough Already. And a campaign for the Government to spend less not tax more.


        • 74
          Jane Birkin from Paris says:


          If you think I am going to work my arse off to earn a pound and then give you 62p of it to piss down the drain you are fuckin daft.


          • does not compute says:

            why is it in our interest to help our ‘friends’ in the Republic of Ireland with £7billion (at least), which they use to have much lower corporation tax and air passenger duty rates than our fellow countrymen in Northern Ireland?


    • 19
      Steve Miliband says:

      The problem isn’t so much the tax take – it’s fucking huge.

      The problem is that ‘governments’ are shit at spending it and just get ripped off. It’s not how or where they spend it but when they decide to spend it other people tend to make a lot of money.

      It should be run along the lines of a small business where every penny counts


      • 40
        yeah, right.. says:

        ’tis true. This isn’t a revenue problem. It’s an expenditure problem. When the state takes over half of earnings from people on middle ranking salaries, you can forget growth or any signs of vibrancy in the economy.

        Shame we haven’t got a Tory government to fight this fight.


      • 92
        M says:

        they aren’t as much “spending our tax” as giving it to their supporters


    • 31
      A Prick Posing as PM says:

      Sorry old boy – taxes, whatever they are, and waste, – whatever that is – reduced?

      No chance old bean – my jolly chums and I are in it for the duration!

      Got any room on your estate for a wind farm? – nice little earner! And we can fix the local dullards who say no.



  3. 3
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Great minds think alike, Capt.


  4. 4

    20 Weights and a half of Guinness mate.


    • 30
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Pheww, won the pools have you Cat? I’ll have 5 Woodbines and a half of mild.


      • 48

        When I started to work, I smoked Perfectos or State Express 555:

        The VIrtual Tobacconist -  Flip-top UK Cigarette Packets - Brands, c 1970

        Ostentatious rubbish!

        The adverts used to say [insert some name] smokes Perfectos

        so does his best friend (see above)

        The picture above would be some glamourous woman as if smoking the cigarettes was a passport to ensnaring such a beauty.

        Have not smoked for 25 years now. About the women, …


      • 66
        Ah! Monika says:

        Nellie Johnson in Scotland Road Liverpool used to sell Woodies singly.


  5. 5
    Dick Desmond says:

    Again, in English this time. Fucking pretentious pissed up paddy. I only hired him to suck me cock.


  6. 6
    Gordon Brown says:

    A 0% increase should cover all the bases


  7. 7
    Tooth fairy says:

    .. and all three could be right, 50p for now, 45p in the next tax year and 40p in the lead up to the election in 2015.


  8. 8
    Andrew Efiong says:

    I was thinking the same, Osborne is a master of strategy and has got Labour on the run with talk of top rate tax changes.

    But that’s the trouble with Osborne, too much time worrying about Labour Losers and lobby strategy instead of repairing the economy.


    • 17

      I would like to see a something for something approach.

      A reduction in government can be matched with a corresponding reduction in taxes.

      That way, a link is re-established in the minds of the generally unthinking (for which read what you like) between income and expenditure.

      If Maggie could get that one across, why can’t any of the buggers do it again now?


      • 49
        Gonk says:

        Get rid of one or two Departments straight away. How about getting rid of the Government Equalities Office. And not forgetting the Department of International Development. Just send that lot scurrying back to the Foreign Office. That’ll save a few Billion we can’t afford.


        • 61
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Chop Ed Miliband’s idiotic Climate Change Act and save a minimum of £780 billion over the next thirty odd years and it’s decimating effects to our industries and standard of living.


        • 62

          Perhaps a better idea would be to privatise them – then see how long they remain in business…

          Nothing concentrates the mind better than having to earn the money to pay for one’s expenditure.

          Let them have an MBO!


  9. 11
    Aaron D Highside says:

    There won’t be one single thing the Opposition approves of – that’s why they have no credibility. All Conservatives should pray Labour keeps the two Eds.


  10. 12
    Sophie says:

    Lets just take it as read that Chancellor George Osbourne, with multi millionaire mates Dave Cameron & Nick Clegg are going to carry on with the same fiscal lunacy as Brown.

    Except Brown knew when he was spending & taxing too much, unlike these Hoons.

    Vote UKIP – save the British economy, countryside, history & heritage from the EU fifth columnists in the Lab / Lib / Con Party


    • 15
      Tony Bliar didnt fool me says:

      We are too late to be saved….This country is well and truly fucked…..I wanted to emigrate 8 years ago for the sake of my 2 boys but my wife didnt, sure dont want to tell her I told you so in a few years time……….


    • 16
      Looney Tunes (Ms.) says:

      I like your thinking


    • 94

      Run that line again?

      “Except Brown knew when he was spending & taxing too much”

      You are taking the Fawking peas, aren’t you? That thick cnut didn’t understand the first thing about economics- he spent his entire tenure trying to change the batteries in his solar powered calculator, trying to undermine the person who put him in a position of power and generally trying to hang on to that power at all cost, mainly ours.
      Blair was a god bothering, lying shyster who couldn’t be trusted to sit the right way on a lavatory, but Brown was the Chancellor who royally f*cked up the job on his watch.


    • 108
      Marion the cat says:

      Sophie, I never know how to classify you, Troll or interjector of great truths.


  11. 14
    Capt says:

    How many gov depts do we need? 3 – defence, home office , treasury abolish big Gov


  12. 22
    Ah! Monika says:


    David took his eye off bro Ed
    Will Boris take his eye off bro Jo?


  13. 24
    Capt says:

    So when all these millionaires leave thru the 50% tax rate who makes up the shortages in the tax take-oh shit its us the sheeples


  14. 26
    Raving Loon says:

    Wrong foot them by abolishing the income tax, and simply reduce govt spending to what it was in 2006.


  15. 27
    nellnewman says:

    ‘leave the 50p tax rate as it is to wronngfoot ed and ed ?…’

    Well he could but don’t forget the 50p tax rate has cost the Treasury £halfbillion every month since gordon imposed it.


  16. 28
    Gonk says:

    Privatise the BBC. It hits poor people and is an unfair tax-licence fee.
    It’ll raise a load of cash for the treasury and sound the death-knell
    for Marxism.


  17. 33
    Steve Miliband says:

    Get rid of NI. Adjust IT accordingly


    • 53
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      That has niggling side effects.

      I’d suggest integrating the two fully, but have a theoretical divide, so that the calculation is made up of A% NI and B% NI.

      Thats for people who have income from savings, or work in different countries within the space of one year.


  18. 35
    Penfold says:

    So much for budget purdah.

    Clearly the present government resembles nothing more than a sieve.

    Given all this leakage, what’s the point of Leveson, at least with hacking there’s some effort on the part of journo’s.


  19. 38
    Widescreen2010 says:

    But why the sheep pic if the pundits are all going off in different directions?
    Surely, the sheep would be appropriate if they were just following each other?
    Was this one of Junior’s efforts?


    • 51
      Some Geezer wot's trying to help out here says:

      “Lambs led to the slaughter” springs to mind. The briefers are the Judas goats. Well, we know they’re mostly Judases anyway– anything for their 30 shekels.


  20. 42
    Jim Royle says:

    Don’t forget that it was Thatcher who put VAT up from 8% to 15% and Major who put it up to 17 1/2%.
    Tax cutting Tories my arse.


  21. 43

    Tax ? Tax ? Why bother to pay it ?


  22. 46
    China and India tell the EUSSR to Fuck Off says:

    Just cut back on civil servants, they are costing the country a fortune. The EU is the civil service’s dream with all its rules and laws, it is not by chance that we are the only member of the EU club to obey all its rules.

    By the way India has just told its airlines not to take part in the EU airline emmissions scheme, just has china has done. The EU is now pricing our ailines out of business. Dave should follow china’s and India’s lead and tell Brussels to Fuck off too. What is the point of being the PM of a British government if non elected EUSSR Commissars say what you can and can not do?


    • 106
      The Golem says:

      +1, although Dave has plenty of previous. Apart from the occasional bit of unavoidable gesture politics, he does his masters’ bidding.


  23. 50
    Tough love says:

    They should return the army to its barracks immediately (putting a couple of regiments on the Falklands. That will save loads.

    Raise the tax threshold to £20K and abolish welfare for anyone under 60. No child benefits, all unemployment insurance to be based on contributions. If you don’t work you don’t sit on your arse and watch telly, you emigrate.


    • 69
      Frank's son says:

      Jolly good! Just one problem there…..where are the JOBS???


    • 70
      The Sleeper says:

      You mean back to their homelands, for the immigrants?

      ..and a £500 per head one off payment to indigenous residents to bugger off to Oz?

      Like it!

      ..Not sure the Aussies would be so happy though.


  24. 57

    I’ve just had a bangin’ shit.


  25. 59
    Not surprised says:

    Reasonable take on it from Doug Carswell

    The press seem to be making headlines out of what, in the grand scheme of things, will not make any real difference.

    He highlights the amount of tax revenue collected in 1997 £316 billion to that collected this year £575 billion.

    And what have we got to show for it? Bugger all and £1 Trillion of debt!


    • 73
      David Camoron says:

      What do we have to show for it? A Space Programme, that’s what. You should be proud of this. Even if it’s not actually OUR Space Programme. But mark my words, I am spending your high taxes wisely and ONE DAY, Mr Patel will stand on the Moon, and he will say, “Thank you, British taxpayers, for allowing me to be here.”

      Actually, he probably won’t say that. But nevertheless, it will be YOUR money that got him there. The sacrifices you will have to make may be severe, the tax hikes you will have to suffer may be harsh, but you should be proud. You should be very proud.

      Toodle pip!


  26. 64
    Up yours Barroso says:

    China and India take on the EUSSR and I hope they win, I really do. I just can not muster an iota of loyalty to the EU and it is quite telling that I would want China and India to grind it into the dust.


  27. 67
    Adrian Mole aged 19 and 3 months says:

    I think that the Government are right to deny me a pay rise for the good of the country.

    When I mentioned this to my friend Bert he told me not to spend my life being a fucking twat and get out onto the streets rioting.

    Bert said Governments do not give a fuck about teenagers because too many of them do not bother to register to vote.

    Apparently when a MP sees a pensioner in a wheelchair he shits himself.


  28. 72
    Buffy Scrastard says:

    There’s a trougherfest on on BBC1 at the moment.
    Is Fawkes there with his dynamite?


    • 101
      Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      Where is it I have been through all the channels and can’t find it? Boaz.


  29. 80
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    No tax at all. Just ‘the right to bear arms’.


  30. 85
    will says:

    easy way to f**k the libs raise the limit to £250.000 for the 50%. It will hit only the truly rich. Come on the so called 1% have clever ways of avoiding tax. the only people who would suffer are the accountants. Scrap the limits on ISA’s as well so that people are incentivised to save. Do not increase social security benefits freeze the amounts.

    Over at the guardian the bleating has already started its like a SWP meeting at Uni in the local pub. If polly and her ilk really care she should sell her house in clapham and tuscany and move to the stockwell park estate so she can be in it with the rest of us instead of bleating in the guardian and trouging over £115,000 per annum from a loss making enterprise


  31. 89
    Vince Knows Best says:

    50 percent is an incentive tax.


  32. 91
    Kinell says:

    Well I think Osborne should bring back the 10p Tax band


  33. 103
    Anonymous says:

    He could wrongfoot them even more by RAISING the top rate to 61% and reducing the NI for businesses by an equivalent amount.


  34. 105
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    So inflation this month is in at 3.4%.

    Looking at the coverage in the British Press the masses are being told they should be kind of grateful for this sort of good news.

    The target for Christ sake is 2%. The figures represent a 70% failure and this sadly mirrors the performance for the last four years.

    When in opposition Cameron sounded a lack of support for Mervyn King. For nearly two years now he has been in a position to boot King out and bring his own man in to achieve the target figure.

    The only thing Cameron has done is to knight the fucker!

    And you wonder why the country is in a mess.


  35. 107
    Reginald Maudling says:

    Yes I agree with Guido we Chancellors love to outfox the foxes ( and indeed shoot them ).

    Personally I believe Lord Fauntleroy will privatise the whole of the Cabinet and declare them an offshore enterprise thus enabling the realisation of any accrued profits to be taxed at minus 49 percent .


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