March 14th, 2012

WATCH: Chic-Ken Run


  1. 1
    Not Ken Again says:

    Ken is a thug like so many of his comrades.


    • 3
      Chuckus Yamoney says:

      Some animals are more equal than others


    • 20
      rocknrolla says:

      Well done Guido. I have to confess I thought Ken was too slippery and immune to accusations of hypocrisy but it’s possible you have got him on this. Even among his most ardent supporters they are shocked by his lies and personal greed. Well done and keep attacking- this might end his career.


      • 30
        jeremiah wrong says:

        I think someone should set up a campaign group – “TAX AVOIDERS FOR KEN”. Have cigar-smoking pinstriped suit boys follow him around celebrating his creative avoidance of government looting.


        • 46
          Harry Redknapp's accountant says:

          I can’t subscribe to Ken being a hypocrite. As he’s reported as saying in the Guardian “What I am not doing is paying income tax on the money I use to employ other people”(13/3/12). So as with all my client companies that employ personal servants for their directors (butlers,gardeners) etc. I imagine Ken’s company submits a form P11d each year to HMRC declaring the taxable benefit. Or on second thoughts perhaps he’s saying his company doesn’t do this.


        • 65
          Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

          Perhaps Tony Bliar and Lord Cashbox of DeSleaze could be patrons?


          • What's Left? says:

            Sir Oswald Mosley was once a senior Labour politician. He surrounded himself with thugs, hated Jews and was paid by enemy foreign powers.


    • 109
      The Rev. Make Mine a Double says:

      And so many of the populace are ready to indulge in criminal activity as well!


  2. 2
    Not Ken Again says:

    And is the chicken ok?


    • 17
      Henry Minge says:

      The chicken’s unfortunately coven ready…

      But just remember that there will be all his clan of hangers on like Dave Pretzel – or is it Hedgehog…


    • 32
      Henry Minge says:

      My apologies Mr Notken, you may be much younger than me of course…

      Hence the link here…


  3. 4
    Mulberry's Harbour says:

    Love the sound track!


  4. 5
    Steve Miliband says:



  5. 7
    Steve Miliband says:

    Gritty performance


  6. 8
    GO live from Air Force 1 says:

    Is that Guido or Neo-Guido with the clucking nonsense?


  7. 10
    just saying says:

    I always thought Livingstone was fowl.


  8. 14
    ZippyDog says:

    Never trust a politician, especially those who are scared of cameras.


  9. 15
    Guido's alter ego says:

    Is this journalism…?


    • 26
      they don't like it up 'em says:

      Wannabe mayor fails yet again to answer questions about tax avoidance and his heavies rough-up a teenage protester.
      I’d say that classifies as newsworthy.


      • 29
        The BBC says:

        Syria,Iran,Syria, Iran, Palestine, phone-hacking,Congo,Afghanistan,Iran, unemployment, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan,phone-hacking,Palestine,Iran,Syria.


        • 38

          No Thatcher?
          Maybe a Newsnight special? How the policies of the 1980′s bankrupted the second decade of the next millennium.


        • 118
          Lord Stansted says:

          Like Livingstone, hypocrisy is their middle name. I suspect there are quite a few b-boid “stars” who are hoping we don’t find out about their service companies.


          • My comment is awaiting moderation says:

            @Lord Stansted

            Are you referring to company registration no.04645908 : “CORDUROY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED”
            Owned by Marcus and Sophia Brigstocke?


  10. 16
    Anonymous says:

    I’m really hoping to see some Ken, pay your taxes posters going up over the next few weeks. This scum bag will do anything to get back into power


  11. 18
    small dave says:

    These people are supposed to be surrounded by media advisors. Don’t they tell supporters that you should never, never, never, ever, put your hand out to cover a camera lens?


    • 130
      My comment is awaiting moderation says:

      It’s as much as they can do to stop themselves from assaulting the cameraman and smashing his camera. These are thugs we’re talking about here, possibly on secondment from the UAF.


  12. 19
    Steve Miliband says:

    Still at least Miliband isn’t giving Ken his full support.



  13. 21
    Tom says:

    I don’t think any politician left, right of center would hang about to chat to a chicken or anyone else in a daft suit. Nor would their folk ‘let it’ happen.
    The stunt eclipses the news that Ken’s been nothing short of saucey with his tax.


  14. 23
    jgm2 says:

    Who pays for these thugs to escort Ken in case he’s questioned by any potential voters?

    Is it Ken? Is there some Labour/Union pool of slush-funded thugs? Are they unemployed and claiming benefits and just doing this on the understanding they’ll be given a six-figure salary in some mad-up job if Ken is re-elected?

    Follow the money.

    Who is paying for Ken’s thugs?


  15. 24
    Q says:

    It’s a well known fact that Turkeys do not mix with Chickens.


  16. 26
    Rupert my hero says:

    This scum thinks we want him to run London and Ruin it, avoiding tax that all of us pay in out wage packet, it is this Man who has made Taxes so high in London, The ridiculous and unpopular Omissions Zone set up by Creepy Ken has needlessly cost Small Business thousands for New Vans the rest of Britain do not have to have,,, Just London… well thank you Ken for destroying Lives & Businesses ,


    • 85
      Archer Karcher says:

      The Low Emmission Zone will be paid for by ever higher prices for goods and services charged to the captives in his utopian, socialist haven.
      Something Livingscum will rail against and blame on fat cat, capitalist exploitation, as usual.
      You know the routine, “They want £50 just to visit your home?” “Disgraceful!”


  17. 28
    Mrs tweedee says:

    Never would get free from one of my pens


  18. 31
    Labour bullying says:

    Labour are fascist thugs.


  19. 37
    polythesis says:

    Well, I agree with Ken with he says that tax dodging rich people should be hung.


  20. 39

    Tastes of chicken smells of lemon.


  21. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Quit being a chicken Ken


  22. 41
    Clegg done good says:

    Credit where it’s due, the boy Clegg has done a stellar job.


  23. 42
    Clegg done good says:

    Is Ayesha still writing jokes for Harpic? Her gags were appalling.


  24. 44
    Euthanasia says:

    I wish someone would put Denis Skinner to sleep. It’s for his own good.


  25. 47
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    I dont give a monkey’s toss how much money livingstone has trousered away from the taxpayer.

    All that concerns me is that livingstone and johnson over the last ten years have screwed Londoners rotten with excessive taxes and piss poor services.

    That these two poor apologies for manhood should even be standing for election is an outrage and both Cameron and Millipede are equally responsible here.

    If any of these people should be the subject of an early morning police raid I for one will be absolutely delighted


    • 52
      Baroness King of Bow says:



    • 57
      Geordie says:

      I couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about London or its citizens.


    • 58
      Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

      Eh? Boris has not put up the Mayor’s part of the council tax and he got rid of the Western Congestion Zone.

      Leninspart, however, will be putting all his pet schemes – like a ‘London EMA’ on the council tax.

      Remember only ‘rich’ people pay council tax in full, so Lenin will use it as a way of re-distributing your money to those who are all ready get subsidised by the state.


      • 67
        Opera Buff says:

        I don’t live in London but I hope Ken gets in. I will be looking forward to the opening night of the ‘one legged, lesbian puppet theatre of Iran’s performance.


        • 94
          AC1 says:

          Imagine calling a Barrel “Britain” then filling it with apples like London, Cardiff, Edinburgh etc… Then making sure the apple in the middle was totally rotten.


    • 77
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Jane Birkin – more repeats than the BBC.


    • 79
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Jane Birkin – more repe a ts than the BBC.


    • 114
      dai says:

      Just like fucking sarkozy you surrender monley


  26. 50
    Taxing says:

    Clegg just made a good comment about Ken’s “exotic tax arrangements”.


    • 80
      Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

      He should have followed it up with a comment about Boris’ ‘erotic tax arrangements’ given the various maintainance arragements.


    • 92
      Ironside says:

      Isn’t that the point ?

      It’s not ‘exotic’ at all.

      It’s just plain common sense.

      Why would any sane person NOT do it ?


      • 99
        cue rich bastards speech says:

        But Ken must uphold the insanity of being a socialist to be credible.


      • 119
        Archer Karcher says:

        Livingstone makes his living by ranting about “fat cats” and “tax dodgers” and labeling them all “scum” only to have his own nest exposed as the very thing he urges his tribalist voters to hate and vote against. The Germans have a word for it I believe.


  27. 53
    Babe Watch says:

    Who’s the short skirted honey in red sitting behind Clegg?


  28. 55
    Anonymous says:

    I will cut fares will by 7% this year and freeze them throughout 2013. Oyster single bus fares will be reduced from £1.35 to £1.20. From 2014 fares will not rise above inflation.
    Boris Johnson has admitted cutting 1,700 police officers. If I am elected, I will reverse his cuts. And I will reinstate sergeants to all 600 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, more of which will be beefed up to a minimum of nine officers.
    I will establish an all-London non-profit making lettings agency which, by cutting out Estate Agents’ profit, will help reduce rents and provide secure tenancies, and I will campaign for a London Living Rent – no Londoner should pay more than a third of their income in rent.
    I will enable London households to save over £150 a year on energy bills through taking up money from energy companies for better insulation, which Boris Johnson has failed to do – losing London £400m – and bringing in bulk purchasing deals to cut the price paid by Londoners for electricity and gas.
    After the Tory-led government’s abolition of EMA I am committed to restoring a London-wide Educational Maintenance Allowance of up to £30 per week in term by bringing together existing funds in colleges, universities, and local authorities.
    I will help families with the upfront cost of childcare through offering grants of up to £700 to low income families and interest-free loans to families earning up to £40,000 per year. I will campaign against the Tory cuts to childcare tax credits and provide funding to create more out-of-hours childcare places at 200 nurseries across London.


    • 84
      I don't need no doctor says:

      You forgot to add that you will continue to fiddle your taxes.


    • 86
      Foot Note says:

      All paid for by the lovely citizens of Londonistan.


    • 89
      AC1 says:

      To reduce accidents he will also repeal Newtons law and lower the force of gravity in London to 0.1g.

      Because he’s claiming he can alter some equally solid economic laws there (ricardo’s law of rent etc.)


      • 116
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        you are genuinely saying that a “law” of economics is as solid as basic newtonian physics.

        You are dafter than I thought you were. Think about that for a second.


        • 122
          AC1 says:

          In this case yes.

          Ricardo’s law of rent is solid as a rock.


        • 123
          Caliphate Ken says:

          …basic newtonian physics…

          I’m getting sick of all the Newt innuendoes to be honest (which I’m not)


        • 124
          AC1 says:

          As for you opinion of me? I care not. I can only in tern reply that I cannot remember anything you wrote worthy of having an opinion of.


    • 120
      Cluck off says:

      Lies,damned lies and statistics.


  29. 56
    Jimmy says:



  30. 59
    Lord Prescott says:

    Is Chicken Chaser on the menu again? I love Chicken Chaser, me. I’ll have five.


  31. 60
    Brown stuff says:

    Is Brown in the chamber?


  32. 63
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m so hot it should be illegal.


  33. 66
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Harman shows why labour have nothing to offer.


  34. 68
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Sadiq Kahn is a little shit. Watch Daily Politics if you can.


  35. 71
    I don't need no doctor says:

    On the Daily Politics who selects the readers comments about PMQ’s?


  36. 73
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Opening up the argument on who pays what tax will be bigger than MP’s expenses. It’s a time bomb! What’s the betting it will be covered up.


  37. 75
    David Mellor says:

    If Ken perchance does not win , wlll he come back to keep me company on the Saturday ” moaning ” slot on Lodon’s Biggest Coronation ?


  38. 78
    Gordon Brown says:

    Me so horny.


  39. 83
    Desperate Dan says:

    Exchange this morning between between BBC hackette covering Thomas Lubanga trial outcome in The Hague and Victoria Derbyshire.

    Victoria Derbyshire: How old is he?

    BBC Hackette: He was born in 1960. I’m afraid my maths isn’t very good.


  40. 88
    Yup says:

    Notice how the ‘lads’ of Ken man handled the chicken out of the way on a public street to stop the chicken having the freedom to cluck and wave a banner, letting others know about the action of Livingstone even though no violence was offered by Mr C? I wonder if the Ken ‘lads’ will be doing a Prezza on any chicken who dares cross the road to bring the attention of Ken’s actions to the rest of London’s chickens by waving a banner, clucking away. Freedom to free range I say.


  41. 91
    The face of the left says:


  42. 101
    Anonymous says:


    That’s one feisty hen you have there though – almost violent enough to look like a lefty protester.


  43. 103
    slimy says:

    Why didnt the chicken throw eggs at the newtfucker?


  44. 105
    Basketball Dave says:

    Hiya all back in good ole Blighty

    I just love all the attention I’m getting here in Washington, in fact, I’m thinking of extraditing myself back here sometime soon

    The weather is gorgeous, just like me


  45. 110
    It's their flag too says:

    Asda tells suppliers: Don’t fly the Union flag on your packets (because it might offend the Scots)

    Read more:


    • 111
      Q says:

      Its academic because once a product from Asda is battered and deep fried you cannot see the Flag anyway


  46. 112
    PMQS Review says:


  47. 113
    Jody Slashtyre says:

    I am going to protest about this neo-con-Republican funded, Anti-freedom, undemocratic, chicken attack!


  48. 115
    Gordon Brown says:

    Mr Peter, are we there yet?


  49. 117
    The left are sinister says:


  50. 125
    Gay Tom says:

    A pig would be more apt.


  51. 126
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Nazis in Leather coats. Oooh, Ken! So 1940s Germany! Sieg Ken! Sieg Ken! Sieg Ken!


  52. 129
    Anonymous says:


  53. 131
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Ken is a typical left wing thug.


  54. 132
    colonel saunders says:

    Ken’s lackeys fight chicken


  55. 134
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    bloody hell who was in charge of the chicken noises?


  56. 135
    guidoisaracist says:

    kens smarter then boris will ever be


  57. 136
    guidoisaracist says:

    boris is just an idiot toff


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