March 13th, 2012

Brooks’s Double-Booked

Metropolitan Police Press office statement:

Police have today (Tuesday, 13 March) arrested six people at addresses in London, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire.

The co-ordinated arrests were made between approximately 0500 and 0700 this morning by officers from Operation Weeting, the MPS inquiry into the phone-hacking of voicemail boxes.

All six – five men and one woman – were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, contrary to the Criminal Law Act 1977.

The two arrested in Oxfordshire are thought to be Charlie and Rebekah Brooks. The Met were not thought to be looking for the return of their horse…


  1. 1
    Ha ha says:

    Surely you are horsing about?

    • 2
      OTT Coppers says:

      Isn’t this what the stasi used to do Come for you in the middle of the night? I do wish the plod would put the same effort into catching real villains.

      • 6
        Hamish Macbeth says:

        Go in morning so they can all be gripped asleep and don’t have time to tell their friends to run off etc (standard practice when going for multiple suspects).

        Is paying bribes and intercepting messages not unlawful then ?

        • 9
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          If you arrest in the wee hours, the Police can probably claim overtime.

          • Gilbert Fiddler says:

            How on earth did you know that I go for a wee at 5.00am!

            You haven’t been hacking into my drains have you…?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Its something that happens to blokes in their mid 40s.

          • Gilbert Fiddler says:

            Only then?

            Blimey, what’s going to happen when I’m in my 70s!

            I reckon they thought of the radio 5 prog ‘Up all night’ because they broke into my drains, and took samples…

            I do, I really do…

          • Anonymous says:

            I was going to ask if anybody knew why the Panorama NI programme was pulled last night without explanation.
            No need now.

        • 18
          Anonymous says:

          FFS they are hardly going to do a runner are they?

          Journalist gives cop money for info has been going on as long as there have been cops and journalists. It also works the other way where journalists put cops on to illegal activities. The BBC and the Guardian do this all the time but get away with it because they claim their journalism is in the public interest.

        • 194
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Hamish,old boy, Rebekkah Brookes was already on police bail when Plod came calling in the early hours. There was no need for “the knock at the door”. How many more times are Plod going to arrest the same people?

          This enquiry now has far more officers engaged on it than they had for the Lockerbie atrocity. If Plod haven’t enough evidence to charge anyone after all this effort, then it’s looking more like fishing expeditions rather than going where the evidence takes them.

          It’s more like an exercise in applying pressure in the hope that someone drops themselves in it, just like the release of the information that Brookes fostered a retired police horse from the Met. That the fostering of retired police horses was normal nationwide practice and perfectly above board was lost in the avalanche of innuendo and smear that resulted – which it was obviously designed to do. So too was that Assistant Commissioner’s evidence before the Leveson Enquiry designed to apply pressure on those being investigated.

          Many of those arrested have have been on bail for months with no end in sight – a pretty intolerable situation which no defence lawyer would tolerate in normal investigations. As justice delayed is justice denied it’s looking more like police harassment than a police investigation.

          I’d also like to know what the hell Charlie Brookes has to do with the case, or is it now guilt by association?

          • Anonymous says:

            Indeed so. Every slum street* has a fostered police horse.

            * Or a dog, for Islamic areas.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes Cynical Old Man,it is guilt by association; he was a pal of Camrons @ Eton & are still friends.

          • Marion the cat says:

            and to counter the feelings of our retired copper above – as its a stables then I would guess Charlie works from home, Rebbekah would never be expected to be sitting on anything incriminating given her circumstances. So no need to plough in in the early hours really. Its just Plod being dimwitted as usual. Yes, I do wholeheartedly support the forces for good even if they daren’t do what they should and yet are over-zealous about marginal things.

      • 56
        Former Plods response to OTT Coppers says:

        If You leave it till later in the day you risk the chance that they will not be in, have left for work etc. Would you prefer the Police to arrest them at work ? Of course I dont have the benefit of all the experience you have gained from your armchair.

        • 112
          Geoff, England (not Britain or 'United' KIngdom) says:

          Plod could always leave one of those ‘sorry, you were out’ cards, like the postie does.

          • Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

            They used to leave a card or arrange a meeting or invite you in for a chat, until the SUN and NEWS of the World thought it might look a bit better to kick peoples doors in a 4 and 5 am. Makes better PRESS, In the Phoney Drug War sponsored by the same organisations that fund the PRESS.

          • Anonymous says:

            Quite right. It’s a press stunt.

            Usually arranged for the benefit of the press.

            What goes around comes around.

            ha ha ha

          • Former Plods response to Geoff says:

            Not if you thought someone might take the opportunity to destroy evidence. Again I bow to your vast experience from your armchair.

      • 110
        Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

        Its great to see the same Scum bags who lie about everthing and support the State Police State, now suffer at its hands. Great Well done the MET. If you need a hand to torture them to get the truth out of them I’am your MAN. I am sure they wish they had reported the TRUTH sooner.
        By the way perverting the course of justice is a serious crime and carries a mandatory jail sentence.

        • 118
          Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

          Shame to say that the MET have gone up in my Opinion, they should turn their attention to Murdoch’s best mate Bliar. A re-investigation about the Cash going into the Labour Party would be a start. Lets have a proper Clear out of the fraudster, Media, Political Scum and start again.

          • W.W. says:

            No need to re-investigate that, didn’t old ‘Yates of the yard’ do a full investigation.

            Presumably the same kind of thorough investigation he did into phone hacking.

            Not that I am suggesting he is a bent copper or anything.


        • 171
          ArthurFauxsake... says:

          Jimmy and Roopert ……tick tock tick tock…….

      • 122
        Anonymous says:

        Agree, Herr OTT Coppers

        The last time I looked, Theoden not Saruman was King of Rohan …. and Inglaterra was not a Police State

        Surely there can be no justification for arresting Young Rebekah who was most unlikely to abscond or to destroy evidence

        …… if this was a peril, it would have happened in the months (or years) that this “Investigation” has been drifting along

        … unless the Police objective is to bully and intimidate … or to inflate overtime claims ….

      • 133
        Anonymous says:

        Quite right, OTT Coppers, this is what the Stasi used to do. They were also quite big in phone tapping, bribery and corruption.
        I know what you mean about the police not spending enough time chasing real criminals, though. I use that every time I’m caught drink driving.

      • 214
        Anonymous says:

        OTT says “wish the plod would put the same effort into catching real villains.”
        Do you mean the MPs both past & present that have so far not been prosecuted for fiddling their expenses & allowances?
        Note that the previous hacking charges were dropped & more serious charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice are now being used;it’s looking more like a witchhunt than a desire to clean up parliament.

    • 4
      Hamish Macbeth says:

      Bet they weren’t taken away in a battered 02 van with puke smelling cage in the back as per ordinary customers.

    • 30
    • 61
      AC1 says:

      I’m sure they’ll be treated as leniently as MPs who assault people in bars.

      • 141
        Durr... says:

        Anyone now if Rupert is also in the frame (and son, who seems to have decamped to the US- even worse arrest issues there!)

        • 202
          barrowboy says:

          Wonder which way the wind will blow if we want to extradite Rup’s boy back to Blighty. Then we will see how effective ” The special relationship” is.

      • 142

        Ah! But assaulting people, like burglary and pick-pocketing, are not real crimes.

      • 148

        Аh! But аssаulting pеоplе, likе burglаry аnd pickpоckеting, аrе nоt rеаl crimеs.

        (second attempt on this subversive message)

      • 173
        Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

        As a foreigner, I have not followed the fine details of this case. What about the cops who accepted the money? Have they already been nabbed? I’ve yet to hear about them. Just asking.

        And here in Canada, early morning arrests are quite standard. Especially if you are arresting several people. You want to get them all at once, lest word get out and some of them try to hide or flee.

        • 191
          Anonymous says:

          I recall we were told something about a plod, a military type and a civil servant being arrested. Strangely, it appears no further details have inadvertently come to light.

    • 181
      Hellboy says:

      Cameron leaves country as close friends arrested.

  2. 3
    Horse pun says:

    I would put a pony on her going down.

  3. 5
    David says:

    But the police gave them the horse.

    • 7
      Hamish Macbeth says:

      They gave Dizaei promotion !

    • 8
      Brown paper envelope says:

      True, but what did they give the police in return?

      • 15
        Loungelizard says:

        The horse is salami by now, what I want to know is why haven’t the bent coppers been arrested in a similar dawn raid.

        • 22
          PC 49 says:

          Because they can’t find an unbent copper to do the nicking.

        • 47
          Cressida says:

          We’re too busy concealing the evidence about the deaths of the unarmed men that we’ve shot on the streets. Arresting them would have been such a pain, what with all the paperwork.
          Still we can always rely on the IPCC white emulsion brigade to come up with the right result.

  4. 10
    Gonk says:

    Why so early ? Flying squad humiliation strategy.
    They just don’t get it, do they ?

    • 43
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      “why so early?”

      I guess that would depend on how important it is, and how likely they are to be able to get rid of any evidence on paper or computers.

  5. 11
    Chris Hoon says:

    Shocking ! Truly shocking !

  6. 13
    Weybridgeman says:

    Will they be taking both to the glue factory after this? Or will they suffer the same fate as the loser in today’s Champion Hurdle ……appearing near you in aisle 15 as a tin of Whiskers…..!

  7. 17
    Mr D. Cameron says:

    I refute any allegations that the timing of these arrests coincide with me being in the USA and therefore unable to issue a sound bite. However my script writers will be toiling away while I am on vacation so that I have a carefully constructed retort upon my return.

    • 21
      J. Ockey MBE says:

      Neigh, presumably.

      • 27
        Mr D. Cameron says:

        **** Out Of Office Auto Reply *****

        I’m sorry I cannot reply to your blog comment, but I am currently unavailable as I am on holiday in the USA watching some football.
        If the comment is regarding my neighbours please note that they are only neighbours and not friends. It is not for me to comment on what my neighbours Chaza and Becks get up to as they are only neighbours.

        • 45
          Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

          I trust Dave is giving that lanky Kenyan hell.

          He should be repeating the phrase ‘Lehman Brothers’ in every other sentence. The remaining sentences should be interspersed with the word ‘compensation’.

          I just know Dave will be working his balls off and doing all he can for us during his time out.

        • 55
          Sir Aston Martin says:

          **** Out Of Office Auto Reply *****

          Your email has been scanned by a robot, deemed insufficiently interesting to be worth my attention, and deleted from the server.

          Please try again. Or not.

          Have a nice day.

          • Cleggie says:

            Hi Sir Martin

            Dave asked me to reply on his behalf.

            All I will say is that if you want my opinion please give it to me first.

          • A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

            ****Out of Office Auto Reply*********

            I’m sorry I cannot reply to your e mail but please leave a message after the tone and one of our Newspapers will get back to you.

          • Displaced Brummie says:

            Everyone was after Tone, but he got away with it…

  8. 20
    Steve Miliband says:

    That’s their Festival fucked

  9. 23
    Sarah Brown says:

    I enjoyed my pajama party with Rebekah.

  10. 25
    Bluebottle says:

    Where is Mr Brooks’s computer?

    The one that ended in the dustbin last time.

    • 91
      Hannibal from Carthage says:

      They have had months to get rid of any really incriminating evidence you fool.

      If I had a computer I would have eaten it.

      • 99
        Tom Denning says:

        Justice delayed is justice denied.

      • 134
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        So no-one you know has ever done anything like that and you’ve never had to call out the disk repair specialists.

        • 155
          Durr... says:

          Funny we don’t have a Burlescone style Statute of Limitations here – just investigators with “limited” memories.

  11. 28
    Desperate Dan says:

    Lord Levy was arrested three times and hasn’t been charged yet.

    • 40
      nellnewman says:

      bliar was interviewed under caution & is still free – where is the report on that Iraq Inquiry by the by!

      • 70
        The Iraq Inquiry says:

        We are giving it sufficient time in the hope that everyone forgets that Blair and Campbell could not justify the inclusion of “Beyond Doubt” in reference to Iraqs possession of WMD and thus misled Parliament.

    • 68
      Synic says:

      Must be a Mason.

  12. 31
    JH says:

    Excellent news.

    Not supporting Labour at the last election Hacking phones is unforgivable.

    • 37
      nellnewman says:

      +++Laughs++++ Will they be calling gordonbrown to testify against her & explain why he and al johnson didn’t act on the info they had that NI was hacking?

      Hopefully nobody will ask him about his pyjama party at Chequers with becky and the murdochs whilst he knew hacking was going on.

    • 41
      Fergus says:


  13. 32
    Oliver Leftwing says:

    Deep joy.

  14. 33
    "P.C." Plod says:

    “We’re the Sweeney, and we haven’t had Buckfast–erm, BREAKFAST!– yet!”
    Exclusive footage of the arrest:

  15. 34
    Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    One has to remember that a police horse is a serious national asset.

    If it should be loaned out then the terms of the loan should be clearly documented in the interests of transparency.

    Who was to pay insurance and vets bills? Who if anyone was allowed to ride the horse? Were any loan payments made?

    These are quite simple questions but getting straight answers is far from easy.

    • 77
      An inconvenient truth says:

      It wasnt loaned it was fostered out on retirement . This is a common practice with Police Horses and Police dogs. Dont let the truth get in the way of a good story though.

    • 97
      glanaman says:

      Who the fuck takes any notice of anyone that lives in clydach

  16. 35
    a non says:

    About time too.
    The recent suggestion that information gained by the “motorman”investigation could be made public would place a whole new face on the present Leverson ‘get Murdoch and NI investigation going on.

  17. 36
    el oso grande says:

    What happened to the planned advertised Panorama program last night? Instead of hacking we got Syria. Surely Some Coincidence!

  18. 39

    Watch out tomorrow for Metropolitan Police Press office statement:

    Police have today (Wednesday, 14 March) arrested twenty six thousand people at addresses in Shepherd’s Bush and Salford.

    The co-ordinated arrests were made between approximately 0500 and 0700 this morning by officers from Operation Weeting.

    All twenty six thousand, comprising men, woman and indeterminates – were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, contrary to the Criminal Law Act 1977.

  19. 44
    Loungelizard says:

    Wonder if Boris turned up with the Feds on any of these raids?

  20. 46
    huwwuh says:

    I heard a knock at the door and thought they’d come for me. Are any of us safe?

    But, of course I haven’t done anything and if I did I wan’t aware I was doing anything wrong. Lord who?

  21. 49
    Desperate Dan says:

    When were the police told to stop their investigation into Cash for Honours. If the Met are going to fling money around left, right and centre on politically motivated “investigations” I’d rather they concentrated on Cash for Honours and Blair’s Treason.

    • 52
      Labour are the real crooks says:


      • 149
        Penfold says:


        Lets also re-investigate Mandelbumboys loan from robinson and his fraudulent mortgage application.

        And how about WMD/Iraq/Kelly/Cash for Honours/Free Holidays/Et al

        • 209
          Alaska Gould says:

          Would that be the mortgage application that would have seen an ordinary member of the public go to jail?
          Lucky for him he was in Labour then!

          • Mork calling Orson says:

            Would that be the ‘treason’ that is no longer any crime, thanks to the Venerable St. Tony of Blair’s beneficial intervention in our settled criminal laws?

  22. 50
    Rinka Scott says:

    If these people were Muslims I bet they would not have been knocked up at 5.00 a.m. Friday morning.

    • 58
      Baroness Warsi says:

      Forgive my ignorance but isn’t today Tuesday?
      I should know as I have been at the TV studios all day burning pans of water rather than sorting out important matters of state.

      • 64
        Desperate Dan says:

        You’re doing a great job Baroness – all the most irritating, most obnoxious, most detestable Tories are being driven to distraction by you.

      • 67
        Charlie Brooks says:

        But today is the start of the Cheltenham Festival Baroness and is the most sacred day of the year for me.

    • 206
      Get It Right says:

      If these people were Muslims I bet they would get a police call to make an appointment to nick them.

    • 217
      Marion the cat says:

      … if that is a statment made as a joke, then many a true word ……
      We know Plod would be ultra-sensitive to the feelings of a minority (minority – been to Birmingham recently? HA).

  23. 57
    The flying Squad says:

    It’s the boss’s fault. He wasn’t prepared to pay for Cheltenham tickets so we had to get them before they left home.

  24. 59
    Anonymous says:

    I expect they have asked them to come round for a nice cup of tea. Red Bush probably.

  25. 60
    Displaced Brummie says:

    This is amazing! It seems that they were able to conspire with police officers, with few, if any, police officers being arrested, too! Remarkable! It’s magic!

    In other magic news, Paul Daniels is selling his MAG1C car registration…

  26. 66
    Labour says:

    We’ve never met Rebekah Brooks. We don’t know who Rupert Murdoch is. We’ve never heard of newspapers. What are they?

    • 80
      Desperate Dan says:

      Chris Bryant does not consort with newspaper magnates who are slavvering at the thought of owning Sky. Yvette Cooper does not work for News International. David Blunkett has never dined with Rebekah Brooks.

      • 169
        Displaced Brummie says:

        Chris Bryant consorts with other men who like to see him cavorting in his undies. Class act…

  27. 69
    Gonk says:

    I really like their hats ! That means they’ve got good taste and are innocent of all charges. Next.

  28. 71
    Desperate Dan says:

    Its about time the Met started to investigate what Gordon Brown did with our gold and who’s got it now.

    • 94
      (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

      In the grand scheme of things it was very little gold; roughly 6 bill that may have become 18 bill – fiscal peanuts. Though I’d still rather we had it than not, granted.

    • 117
      A lying cheating two-faced economically illiterate bullying morally warped sanctimonious git says:

      D’nae worry aboot tha’ gold! Ah put it safelae intae’ tha’ Euros.

      It wuz tha’ rict thang tae do, ye ken.

  29. 72
    Rebekah Brooks is really Sideshow Bob says:

  30. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry about it. Cameron will see that Clarke speeds up the process of destroying 1000 years of British Justice so that they can all be tried in a Secret Court and all be home at his for drinkipoos at 7.00.
    Don’t you know that if this and previous Prime Ministers and their cronies are shown to be dishonest and untrustworthy it would represent a major threat to British Security, because we all might want to lynch them.
    Carry on with the focus on Boris and Ken though because clearly this is all just a side-show.
    Where the fuck has the real Guido gone.

    • 114
      Camer-Nickers says:

      Don’t ya just hate it when your chums get nicked! – have to see what I can do to smooth things out. Oh Yah!


  31. 75
    Anonymous says:

    I thought that was the horse!!!!!!

  32. 76
    Sad Warsi says:

    I like vegetarian lamb.

  33. 78
    Soaped says:

    First Whitney dies, now Charlie Brooks is arrested. Eastenders will never be the same.

    • 109
      IT Nerd says:

      Indeed its shocking, even someone further down the post dragged Rebecca’s ex husband ‘Well Ard’ into it.

  34. 81
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    Now that Mr and Mrs Brooks are being detained I wonder who is looking after the sprog.

    This is a job for Oxfordshire Social Services at further expense to the good old taxpayer.

  35. 83
    Your contractual husband can't forget you. He's still paying you to play the role says:
    • 162
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Oh Sarah yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  36. 84
    Time Line says:

    She was married to Ross Kemp when the hacking was going on and didn’t marry Charlie Brooks until 2009. So if he has been arrested for perverting the course of justice it has to be something that has happened recently

    • 88
      (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

      Were they ever married?

      • 101
        Col Nut says:

        She was just his slapper.

        • 226
          Mork calling Orson says:

          Wasn’t it the other way around? I distinctly remember Sky’s ‘Head of Bravery’ making the front page of the Sun as (postmodern, ironic) victim of spousal abuse.

    • 104
      IT Nerd says:

      Format C:

      • 126
        sockpuppet #4 says:


        So no-one you know has ever done anything like that and you’ve never had to call out the disk repair specialists.

        • 144
          IT Nerd says:

          They are all my clients
          Brooks, Bliar, Campbell, Lord Levy, Murdoch, Brown, Huhne (none exhaustive)

          In fact I’m making so much money I have taken advice from Ken on how to minimise my tax exposure. However I have no intention of voting.

      • 210
        Benny the Ball says:

        Doesn’t erase all. as you well know

    • 128
      Dixon of Westminster Green says:

      Brook’s PA was interviewed and spilt the beans regarding the deletion of unhelpful emails and has been told she can’t emigrate to Australia from Billericay with her family to the lovely job Rupert arranged for her down under (how convenient that move appears). Charlie is involved because of the disappearing laptop in the car park bin fiasco. Plod hates going to arrest suspects to find they are elsewhere – hence day one of Cheltenham is a cert for Mr and Mrs Brooks. Deleting a corporation’s email communications involves an awful lot of people and other organisations and the techies will spill the beans and data is surprisingly hard to delete. The Brookses are in a lot of trouble since it appears that plod already has evidence that the intention was to make their investigations much harder than any routine desire to free up disk space.

      • 177
        Dave the Neighbour says:

        Glad to hear it. I thought I was the only one to have ‘spilt the beans’ over Becky

        • 189
          Gordon McRuin says:

          Does that mean that all the shredding I was doing in those 5 days after the election was a waste of time?

  37. 85
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    When are these MPS dullards going to start on the Mirror Group criminals?

  38. 86
    Oliver Leftwing says:

    What I would like to know is why was Brooks given a (reputedly) £4m payoff after RESIGNING from News International?
    When I was working, if you left you got nowt. Was it hush money from Dandelion & Burdock? She presumably knows where all of the bodies are.

  39. 92
    Steve Lloyd says:

    No is going to be charged. A highly publicised court case is a whole different ball game in comparison to the Leverson farce. Unlesas it’s all done in secret of course.

  40. 96
    BBC NEWS says:

    We understand from our sources that the government, with the assistance of Lord Ashcroft, created a computer generated image of Ed Miliband to make it look as though he emerged from a Rolls Royce to attend a football match when in fact he was at home recovering from illness. Labour say they will issue libel proceedings against those who accused Mr Miliband of lying.

    • 108
      Loungelizard says:

      Miliband doesn’t even like football, this is just an attempt to make him appear normal in so much as people who like football can be.

  41. 100
    Billy Goat Gruff says:

    Is Coulson one of those arrested?

  42. 103
    Charlie Brooks says:

    “The happiest moment of my year is about three hours before the first race at
    Cheltenham on Tuesday”

  43. 105
    nellnewman says:

    Apparently they wanted to question gordy about his NI links but he’s unavailable for comments at the moment as he’s on a worldwide tour to promote his latest project on how to abolish child brides. All proceeds will go to the office of gordon and sarah. Please give generously.

    • 111
      red Ken Livingston says:

      Me and my missus have got one of those limited offices. It works a treat and we now don’t have to pay much tax. I’d recommend it for all married couples.

  44. 106
    A lawyer says:

    Note what they were nicked for: conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

    This must be for an attempted cover-up, not the original offence. Hence, presumably, Charlie Brooks’s alleged invovement.

  45. 107
    A real leader says:
  46. 113

    Cops accept bribes for information. Press expose it. Cops arrest journalists.

    All makes sense.

  47. 115
    Obama says:

    Yo Dave. Wassup homie? I hope you don’t do the same as that crazy ass Brown dude. That motherfucka chased me into the kitchen. What’s wrong with that crazy fool? I almost got my bodyguard to pop a cap in his ass! Yo, I gotta go give Michelle a booty call. Check ya later, honky.

  48. 116
    Penfold says:

    So what has Charlie done?

    Is it an offence to be married?

    What will he be charged with? Providing moral support to a suspected criminal.

    Typical overkill by plod, a bunch of useless Stasi thugs without a functioning brain cell between ‘em.

    • 132
      Steve Miliband says:

      Binned a computer if I recall

    • 145
      Show Biz for ugly people says:

      might have something to do with the totally normal behaviour of disposing of computers, phones and paperwork in bins in underground carparks when your wife is under investigation by the police

      what kind of communist would see anything unusual in that?

      • 193
        Baffled Police says:

        No one would think of looking in the bins.

        • 195
          jgm2 says:

          Fucking muppet. I’d have given them a lash of an axe and dr*iv*en them around to the local landfill. Or, if I was really worried about what was on them I’d have a little thermite experiment in the garden.

  49. 121

    Cameron is Blue Labour and Ed is Red Labour.

  50. 124
    Desperate Dan says:

    31 January 2007
    Lord Levy, a close friend of Tony Blair, has been arrested over new offences of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. He is alleged to have lied to police.. attempted to conceal or suppress potentially vital evidence. Detectives have discovered a series of deleted emails on Downing Street computers.
    It is the third time he has been arrested – after being released on bail last July and last September over cash for honours allegations.

    Although police are said to be “bullish” about their inquiry, officers accept that the final decision to charge will be taken by the Crown Prosecution Service.

    “Honours probe will wind down soon”, says Blair.

  51. 127
    Hoarse Whisperer says:

    How come The Met trusted Brooks with Raisa as she has form for beating up Eastenders hard man Ross Kemp?

    Have the cops found the evidence they want to destroy yet?

    • 157
      Some Geezer wot wonders if "Grant" will get a grant to do it says:

      Will Ross Kemp beat up on her with one of his “journalistic” pieces, one wonders?
      “Don’t, Grant, she ain’t werf it!”

    • 158
      Loungelizard says:

      Don’t worry, Baroness Warsi ate the horse!

  52. 129
    CT says:

    Just heard Jeremy Vine making his usual smartarse remarks about this.

    Champagne bottles littering the BBC corridors today methinks!

  53. 131
    Chipping Norton Herald Headlines says:

    Earlier this morning a Dog was heard barking

  54. 135
    Show Biz for ugly people says:

    Hilarious listening to people on here squeal about this corrupt harridan and her husband finally being nicked

    kneejerk partisan nobjockery of the highest order, congrats to you all

    • 139
      Desperate Dan says:

      That’s no way to talk about Sarah Brown. Or are you thinking of Cherie who was mysteriously made a judfe shortly after her husband’s arrival at No. 10 despite her obvious unsuitability for the job.

      • 147
        Show Biz for ugly people says:

        Yes, rebekah and her husband should be allowed to do anything like and be given license to break the law because Tony Blair was a corrupt prick.

        I see your logic.

        • 152
          Desperate Dan says:

          They haven’t done anything. That’s why they haven’t been charged.

        • 161
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Rebekah was allowed to do anything she liked BECAUSE Tony Blair as a corrupt prick. Nemesis has caught up with her, but is still pursuing it’s enquiries with the Master of Spin. Never forget, all the bad stuff was going on on Labour’s watch, no matter how loud the fat man squeals.

          • Quisling Scum says:

            The whole British establishment needs cleansing, from top to bottom. It appears to be a cesspit network of cronyism, corruption, blackmail and bribery, on both the left and right.

            When the political class is in bed with powerful vested interests, both national and international, is it any wonder we see the nonsensical path the country has taken since the end of the war?

            Is it any wonder the country isn’t being run in the interests of the native British?

          • Show Biz for ugly people says:

            Yes, and notice not one single tory (with the possible exception of Gideon) got their phone hacked. Hacking the opposition must have just slipped the evil fabians mind.

            You are right of course, Rebekah did nothing and is completely innocent of anything untoward. It’s all a communist plot cooked up by Nulabour and nothing remotely moody happened under her watch. Her husband went to Eton with Dave, I’m shocked at just how impertinent the police are allowed to be now a days.

            Tony Blair and Gordon were equally reprehensible but trying to paint this as a global stalinist plot against the right wing press is pretty pathetic; feel free to clutch those straws though.

          • Desperate Dan says:

            They did get their phones hacked but being mature, well-balanced individuals they shrugged their shoulders, made sure their security was improved and that it wouldn’t happen again, and carried on. They didn’t demand on eye-wateringly expensive inquiries and investigations. They didn’t close down newspapers with no regard to readers or journalists. They didn’t give way to money-grubbing greed and start demanding compensation. They didn’t bore us senseless with their petty grievances.

          • Show Biz for ugly people says:

            Of course Dan

            they were hacked but didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone, even now.

            credulous partisan nobsies out in force today

          • To Be Fair says:

            To be fair Labour didnt demand eye wateringly expensive enquiries and investigations either prior to them loosing the election and NI switching its support to the Tories.

  55. 136
    Legal crook says:

    So now we know why she was loaned the police horse. They smuggled all the data out in the horses saddle bags.

  56. 143
    J. Okcey MBE says:

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    And now they’ve fucking come for me and everyone’s laughing.

    • 221
      Anonymous says:

      First they came for The News of The World
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a News of the World Journalist
      Then they came for the Sun
      And I did not speak out
      Because I was not a Sun Journalist
      Then they came for the Times
      But I did not speak out
      Mainly because I work for the Mirror group
      and Im fucking Teflon

  57. 146
    Amfortas says:

    I hope they throw in a Hate-Speech charge for all of her feminist misandry too. And a domestic violence charge for punching her husband in public while he was holding their baby. She has been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long. Keep the horse handy to strap her on to it so she can ride naked to the gallows.

  58. 151
    Desperate Dan says:

    I expect the Met are going to start an enquiry soon into Labour’s practice of selling British passports to foreign crooks.

  59. 153
    MB. says:

    When are we going to see some arrests of people from other newspapers? Have they paid the Met more than News International so they are left alone?

    • 160
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Its like the famous yet dull PC game “minesweeper”. you start in one place, and keep going if you are especially lucky. It all started with Mulcaire’s notebook.

      • 164
        Desperate Dan says:

        Yes indeed. It all started with Mulcare’s notebook which contained names and phone numbers. God help anyone who owns a book with names and phone numbers in it. They are obviously guilty as hell.

  60. 159
    Show Biz for ugly people says:

    I’m no fan of the BBC, but . . .

  61. 163
    Runny Nose says:

    Will Dave have to resign if his best friends go to prison?

    • 165
      Desperate Dan says:

      No. It’ll be a demonstration of his street cred. Being down with the hoods will enhance his standing.

  62. 166
    Bent police, press and politicians says:

    I think these charges relate to the investigation into the murder of Daniel Morgan rather than the phone hacking scandel.

    Pretty murky stuff and far more serious than celebs and stupid horses.

    • 172
      Grand Worshipfull Master says:

      We are on to you now.

      • 174
        Desperate Dan says:

        That’s Tom Watson again adding 2 and 2 and making 5 then using his less than brilliant conclusion as an excuse for wasting more police and parliamentary time.

        • 182
          Sod the Liblabcon says:

          Maybe, maybe not.

          But too many tories though seem fine with Murdoch and his antics, just because he’s now their ‘son of a bitch’.

          If Murdock had still been shrilling for labour, the tories on here would be behaving just like Watson.

          Pure tribalism.

          • Desperate Dan says:

            How do you explain that Yvette Cooper is a Murdoch employee. She wasn’t a Tory last time I looked.

          • MB. says:

            Quite a large number of senior Labour people also seemed to be “fine with Murdoch and his antics”. Many were fine with the Mirror group also which hopefully will eventually be investigated.

            Also it should never be forgotten how many senior Labour people worked for the biggest criminal ever to run a British newspaper – Robert Maxwell. Are there any of them active in politics?

          • Mork calling Orson says:

            At a guess, Little Evie has been talent-spotted as being winner of the ‘Most Likely to Decontaminate the Labour Party Brand’ competition. There has to be a winner, or we’d be living in a one party state.

    • 176
      ArthurFauxsake... says:

      Daniel Morgan was probably a suicide …

      • 179
        Show Biz for ugly people says:

        yes, an axe to the back of the head is an all too common method with which people choose to commit suicide.

  63. 187
    Kauto Star says:

    Pity about Charlie and Cheltenham .

    Mind you his horses are all crap anyway.

    (BTW — Is that woman in the photo his missus ? — She looks like someone out of “Clockwork Ornage”).

  64. 188
    david says:

    Proving one again the deep affection the Daily Mail has for Dave.

    If you can’t imagine what Dave looked like on that horse they’ve very thoughtfully provided a CGI version, and very good it is too.

  65. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Pst…..should someone tell conhome about the arrests?

  66. 198
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    A continuing no new news item, low interest and boring. Only bad news sells papers.

  67. 211
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    Downing Street are briefing Cameron may be questioned about his relationship with Mr & Mrs Brooks.

    These people have of course been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

    Downing street do not give briefings like this for nothing. We have had the support and non support about Coulson. We have had releases about oversights with expenses claims. We have had total denials about Raisa and then u turns .

    This does not smell right to me.

  68. 212
    PC clitoris says:

    arrested for having a ginger minge in a built up area.well known offence

  69. 213
    PC clitoris says:

    charle brooks arrested on suspicion of riding a ginger bitch.( racing name brooks fanny).

  70. 220
    McChannaman says:

    Perverting the horse of justice.

  71. 222
    Anonymous says:

    who tipped off the media?, they were all there at 6am.

  72. 223
    naive says:

    why was the media there at 6 am?who tipped them off?

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