March 7th, 2012

Mr Scoop Scooped

Given that Robert Peston’s “exclusive” Cable letter was actually in the FT last month, the timing of yesterday’s “leak” looks strange. Most coverage has focused on Cable’s unease about the economy and the government’s lack of a “compelling vision”, but the Beeb and Peston have put the call to break up RBS as the top line.

While one theory is that Cable gave the letter to Peston himself, Guido hears Tom Baldwin was pushing the RBS angle heavily to hacks yesterday evening, so much so that some suspect this was his dog in the fight. Pesto should be more careful when an “exclusive” is dangled in front of his face…


  1. 1
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Cable is spending too much time politicking and meddling with RBS when he’s supposed to be getting Britain back to work.


    • 6
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Cable, a lazy ineffective out of his depth politician

      Peston, a lazy ineffective out of his depth labour stooge so-called reporter.

      Its all about the company you keep !


      • 8
        Durr... says:

        Keep taking the tablets mate, you’ll be better next year.


        • 45
          Archer Karcher says:

          Not being able to recognise shite when you see it, is a most unfortunate disorder.


          • Chuckus Yamoney says:

            Peston, Toenails Robinson and Marr all make Trevor “I’m not a sensationalist” MacDonald look unbiased and objective.

            Peston’s vocal cadence is a mixture of Alan Wicker and Lloyd Grossman which is not a complement.

            To recap, Peston has an annoying voice, presents his own agenda as the consensus, and is in awe of incompetents – perfect for the BBC


          • Splooge says:

            Pesto has been struggling since Brown was dumped.

            Not having access to the PM’s inner circle hit him hard


        • 48
          Robot Pissd-On, The Fantastic Fantasist of AlJaBeeba, the Brown Bullshit Corpse says:


          I just want to say that the BBC think I really am super, – jolly super actually. And our Glorious and Beloved Leader thought so too, and I look forward to His Return in His Second Coming!

          Meanwhile, here is the Noos.


          • Ichabod says:

            Why is Robert Peston seemingly an ever present at the airwaves –I think he reports seven days a week . Does he ever take time off ?


          • Fish says:

            Toady continued the campaign this morning with the most value loaded leading interview that even they have managed (with a Midland industrialist – who was never challenged – he just gave them the ammunition they wanted ‘welcoming the break up’). Then an interview with a retired RBS’er who disagreed – listen again and hear the Beeboid in full hectoring flow.

            These people are not journalists, they are campaigning activists. Time for an Inquiry into the BBC and their links with politicians.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Fish: could not agree more.

            By the way, does anyone know why Nicky Campbell’s Twitter account does not have the disclaimer that his views are not that of the BBC? Thought all their journalists were obliged to point this out, especially as he regularly posts political comments.


          • La' says:

            Patsy Peston


      • 120
        Peter Grimes says:

        Quite! Peskon has been short of scoops since MadJock McJock’s No10 stormtroopers stopped feeding him titbits (well McJock had no need of them) about the credit crisis.

        Peskon is a prize, smug arsehole!


      • 143
        Pundit Too says:

        Neither have the ability to make a professional presentation, though St Vince is getting better at handling it, mainly because the Bring Back Communism give him so much airtime to allow him to make more gaffes and soundbites for their news bulletins. He is the epitome of an old dog being incapable of learning new tricks.


    • 22
      Ah! Monika says:

      Why didn’t Newsnight researchers discover it had been published in the FT. Story broke early enough.


      • 24
        Dave Shepherd says:

        The government had had a good day news wise what with the Nissan story, and Ed Miliband being savaged earlier on radio 5 so the left wing BBC needed a story to lead with to damage the government.


        • 31
          RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

          My fans were out in force yesterday.


        • 93
          Rat's arse says:

          Dave, you have probably hit the nail on the head. I think why the BBC decided to run with its ‘exclusive’ yesterday, was to protect Militw*t and the savaging he got from listeners of Radio 5 Live.
          I’ve been waiting for them to report on this Radio phone in but……………nothing.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Could not agree more. It’s so obvious, it’s a disgrace that they are allowed to get away with it.


    • 64
      Ego Deflation. says:

      Eddie Mair put Pesto on the spot yesterday. When he said to him live on air, the first question I ask myself about a leak is to who’s advantage is it? Pesto then proceeded to fart and blush on the radio and the venting of puffed up self esteem was tangible.


    • 79
      Hugh Janus says:

      Well said! Our Anti-Business Secretary should wind his neck in and only start pontificating about other matters when his own department is performing effectively – which, under his tenure, is never going to happen of course.


      • 138
        Durr... says:

        If Mair can hold it together he has the makings of a pretty reasonable newsman.


        • 142
          Hugh Janus says:

          Yes, in my view (for what it’s worth) ‘holding it together’ should not include trivia and silly stunts. Mair is one of the better interviewers, but he always spoils any programme he’s in by indulging in puerile crappy rubbish, that should have no place in an otherwise serious news programme.


  2. 2
    Span Ows says:

    No shocks here, Peston has form. Also he’s a Labour stooge.


    • 3
      Robert Peston's speech therapist says:

      Move along please, nothing to se here


    • 14
      bergen says:

      The BBC is a corporate Labour stooge.


    • 18
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Correct – Peston = Labour mouthpiece.


    • 47
      Not a spokesperson for the BBC says:

      Speech therapy – no problem
      Giving Peston completely free reign – no problem
      Vomiting back up any old crap to upset the Tory led coalition – no problem
      Taking money under menaces in the form of a telly tax – no problem
      Pissing your money up the wall as it is guaranteed – no problem

      Now shut your mouths and listen to us – horses, phone hacking, the NHS bill and Vince Cable are what is important – not some two bit phone in.

      Thank you for your money….


      • 128
        Another non-spokesbod says:

        Just as well you are not a spokesperson for anybody if you don’t know the difference usages between ‘reign’ and rein’. Thick head.


    • 99
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Peston is the son of a Labour peer, IIRC. No bias there then.


  3. 4
    Taxpayer says:

    Has Mr Cable explained yet how he came to benefit from a non-existant discretion to only pay half the VAT surcharge for his tax dodging that HMRC claims does not exist in the case of any other taxpayer in the land?


  4. 5
    Judge Dreadful says:

    When is Peston going to be arrested for handling stolen goods?


  5. 7
    Disliker of Bankers says:

    Strange then when he (Vince) gets support from such as the BSA engineering bod (on Today). Cable is right and our Learned Chancellor is a tosser- so what’s new? Finance Industry properly was the message – make loans available to boost activity.


    • 49
      Archer Karcher says:

      Cut taxes to boost activity and stop taxing employers for employing people.


      • 67
        Invince Cible says:

        Cut taxes – are you mad?

        We must tax them for using airplanes;
        we must tax them for their homes they have struggled to buy;
        we must tax them for the cars they need for work;
        we must tax them to go on the beaches and to park;
        we must tax them on everything they buy;
        we must tax them on insurances;
        we must tax them for the windmills;

        we will never relent


  6. 9
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Peston & Mason – were there ever two more discredited “journalists” at the BBC in its history?

    Apart from Toenails, of course.

    So very happy I do not pay the TV Tax.


    • 11
      EdButLookBalls says:

      Yes, but annoying how their fellow BBC journalists ( sorry jumped-up newsreaders and liebour trolls) portray the cnuts such as Pesto, Toenails,Further and Mason as having so much ‘Gravitas’. It’s like the Dumbledores, spoke of with such reverance!! Fecking twats the lot of them!


      • 102
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        They like to believe that the plebs are in awe of the BBC and believe everything it says.


    • 71
      Capitalism Inc. says:

      “So very happy I do not pay the TV Tax.”

      Me too!
      If I feel the need remind myself how bad it is I just watch QT on iPlayer occasionally.

      But in most cases I can get all the lefty propaganda I need from listening to Toady on R4 – which of course does not require a license.

      The discussion between J.Humphrys and J.Redwood last Saturday re the 50p tax rate was a classic.



      • 144
        Pundit Too says:

        After over 4 years of quiet the BBC TV Licensing have started sending me mail on my lack of a TV set and hence a license.
        Obviously the “cuts” are gearing them up to send in the heavy brigade to seek further taxpayer monies.


        • 147
          inside- out says:

          I’ve had that before,including phonecalls at the weekend.One day after i delivered a load of abuse to this caller,I told him I was instructing my solicitor to take action under human rights legislation. That worked,never heard from them since.


  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    What cunning stunts. Both are morons


  8. 12
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Ken looks like a lizard on the ad above…he’s morphing into a newt (not Gingrich)!


  9. 13
    Steve Miliband says:

    So who is going to value these Mansions?

    Surely it’s completely subjective? As the blokes from Savills say ‘it’s only worth what someone will pay for it’

    Make overseas owners pay council tax instead


    • 46
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      What interests me is the underlying assumption that the government (i.e. the army of spongers who depend on it) are entitled to steal the fruits of one’s labours. This is at the root of all our woes. The old idea of working hard and taking risks to benefit oneself and one’s family, and incidentally thereafter the whole of society, has been usurped. If you object to being robbed blind by the government, you are an evil swine who cares nothing about schools & hospitals, etc., etc.

      Just look at Cable’s horrible face and you see what sort of twisted, envious little shit he is.

      Cut taxes = prosperity for all; raise taxes = depress the economy. Make the rent-seekers contribute something for a change instead of dragging us all down.

      As for Uncle Vince, he should just fuck off.


    • 104
      AC1 says:

      ATOS – they have no experience but they will be given 3 weeks training to assess the cost of a house/ mansion


  10. 15
    Reconstruct says:

    The only Peston ‘leak’ I want to know about is the one which was the shotgun forcing the disastrous Lloyds HBOS merger. I want to know who leaked it to him (Gordon Brown? Alistair Darling? Gus O’Donnell?). More importantly, I want to know why whoever it was is still at liberty, rather than doing the hard time for a piece of malfeasance which cost shareholders and the taxpayer quite literally billions of pounds.


    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      Time to haul Broon before the courts aka Iceland.


    • 29
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Blair and Brown should both be before the courts.
      Brown and Darling should be questioned over what was agreed on Heston’s RBS salary and bonus. Just shows what scum Darling and Brown are by letting Heston take all the flack. Heston was hung out to dry by labour.


      • 133
        Keir Hardie ex Icelandic PM says:

        I agree — after all I’m currently in the dock in Reykjavik .

        And I was only responsible for a backwater ex – Danish dependency with the population of Croydon .

        And they are ALLEGEDLY looking to give me 20 years for letting the financial system implode .

        So pro -rata Bliar and Clown should get at least ……???


    • 30
      Glyn H says:

      Goodwin losing his K was tawdry; he got carried away with his own self importance, like Applegarth.
      Victor Blank stuffing Lloyds shareholders to suck up to Brown was all but criminal. He’s the one who should be in a dock.


      • 38
        Disliker of Bankers says:

        Someone should be in the Dock that’s for sure. Is anyone investigating? Err.. no.


      • 84
        British Citizen says:

        He and his mistress got carried away in their own self importance.

        Whatever that means.


  11. 16
    B Boyd says:

    I imagine Sky or ITV would grab Paxo or Brillo in an instant but I can’t imagine anyone ever making an offer to (Nick) Robinson or Pesto. True Beeboids.


    • 27
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Robinson was previously with ITV before joining the BBC.


      • 41
        Dur says:

        What a scoop for the Beeb! Toenails seems to get worse and worse.


      • 86
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        Maybe ITV were glad to be shot of him.


        • 105
          Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

          FWIW, I think Paxo is extremely irritating and I’d rather listen to Nick Robinson. I think Robinson does try hard to be impartial, which is more than most of his BBC colleagues do.


          • A.N Other says:

            I only come here for the humour, you know. Best comment of the day methinks. The day Toenails says anything even vaguely ‘impartial’ is the day we see the last penny repaid from RBS.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Still think he tries to be more balanced than the rest of them at the Biased Broadcasting Corp.


        • 135
          Durr... says:

          It’s getting like America! We don’t do irony either. Now Paxo? There a good target for a sniper’s bullet. On the plus side you can have agood laugh at his bored miserable consciousness.


  12. 19
    Ah! Monika says:

    Peston = Not fit for purpose.


  13. 20
    Bertolli says:

    I like pesto but only on pasta.


  14. 21
    Terrible But True says:

    Scoops, leaks and sources being pretty much all the BBC can manage in ‘managing’ the message, this was/is all hardly a surprise.

    I am simply intrigued as how their editorial ‘analysis’ can still feel credibly mobilised to spin these things as proof that Labour is the only true alternative.

    I doubt many folk are under any illusions that the ‘coalition’ is a cobbled-together, sticking-plaster facade at best, so wetting Westminster knickers over further cracks seems plain silly frankly.

    Especially when the most trusted national broadcaster’s favoured government in waiting staged an event for their leader at the same time for which ‘pear-shaped’ hardly seems adequate.

    At least I can not vote still for these clowns.

    The BBC and its cabal of compromised editorial ‘stars’… no choice still.


  15. 25
    Guido's mammy says:

    Who writes, reads this shit? Get a job, you fat bender.


  16. 32
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Chris Bryant said it was not about the money when he received his Murdoch pay out over phone hacking.
    How much of his pay out has he given to charity, or is he like the rest of the troughers and keeping it all for himself.


  17. 33
    Imaginary Banjo says:

    I was just adjusting my underpants.


  18. 34
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Does that make Peston a Hari?


  19. 35
    The BBC "Promos" masquerading as "Breaking News" and other conflations by the State Broadcaster says:

    Barely mentioned on Sky………………


    • 51
      Not a spokesperson for the BBC says:

      Yes but Sky doesn’t have to rely on socialist principles for funding. If it did, it too would be pushing the Labour manifesto as a self preservation measure.
      Get with it bruvver!


  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    When there are so many leaks, the location of the leaker in relation to the tent is otiose.


  21. 37
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labour the party of no policies, only of opportunism. The best bit is that labour stir up shit over their own crap.
    Miliband = Stupid hypocrite.


  22. 40
    Conservative Home says:

    “Tax homes”


  23. 50
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    We should collectively tax the HoC (all 650 of them) when one of our soldiers dies abroad. Six soldiers died yesterday. We should not be using our armed forces in foreign conflicts that do not concern us.

    After 10 years in Afghanistan what have we achieved?


    • 69
      Archer Karcher says:

      We have achieved precisely what we were always going to achieve in such third world shitholes, absolutely nothing. Afghanistan is not worth the blood of a single serviceman, bring them home now.


    • 72
      Everyone a sinner says:

      The enrichment of President Karzai – people who know him say that he’s a pretty straight kind of guy


      • 112
        Sir Ben Kingsley says:

        No, that’s me they’re talking about. Don’t worry, happens all the time. (*sigh*)


      • 146
        Afghan Hound says:

        People that know Karzai say he is affable, intelligent, devious and opportunistic.
        He is simply a product of the country, except for the intelligence, and the fact that they are far more devious and untrustworthy. We should have left in 2006.


  24. 55
    A Prick Posing as PM says:

    I say!

    Just can’t wait to hear what Ed is going to ask me toady! Always so exciting, – these exchanges, – really jolly eh watt?

    Even though we didn’t go the same school we both were at Oxford, – what a Spiffing place!



    • 59
      Ned SillyBland says:

      I’ll get you thooday!

      I’m going to athsk about the N.H.ethS.
      Cameron won’t be expecting me to attack on health and over the same ground for a fifth time. He’wll have no replithes weady!

      I’m suthch a bwilliant swtategist.


  25. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Too busy looking at the trees chaps – try seeing the wood.


  26. 57
    Ah! Monika says:

    Six UK soldiers are missing, believed killed, in southern Afghanistan after their vehicle exploded, the Ministry of Defence says.
    BUT will be quietly repatriated. No Royal Wootton Bassett for them.

    This is our Vietnam.


    • 66
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Another one of Blairs wars endorsed by Cameron.

      While this has been going on, the present government are warned that the Falkland Islands are dangerously exposed.


      • 74
        Spartacus says:

        endorsed and waived through on the nod by conservative ian duncan smith mp.
        still waiting for an apology for him not asking any questions of blair.

        britain has 19 warships for the Falklands and similar. the united states of america has more than 19 ships, with nuclear weapons off of iran and flying sorties.

        maybe if iran put a missile base in cuba . . . ?


      • 75
        Archer Karcher says:

        What makes it worse for me is watching the bastards in the HOC onion sniffing and trotting out their lame cliches. None of them could care less about the human loss and tragedy they are causing. It’s a conflict that has nothing to do with us at all and at it’s end, will have achieved nothing worthwhile either.


        • 90
          Ah! Monika says:

          Front Benchers on both sides preparing their sad faces for PMQs. They disappe@r as soon as the first question is asked.
          Troops little more than Political Cannon Fodder.


        • 108
          AC1 says:

          Cameron said it was a high cost to pay – but he ain’t footing the bill


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            It’s not their sons who are on the front line, though, is it?!

            They wouldn’t be so blase if it was.


        • 134
          Let the business/political class do some fighting and dying for a change. says:

          Why any white working class Briton, the most reviled group in the country, would want to join up these days I’ll never know.

          Fighting for a greedy, corrupt political class that is Balkanizing and ethnically replacing the indigenous population doesn’t make much sense.

          When are people in the armed forces going to wise up.


    • 68
      Loungelizard says:

      A Repeat chapter for the history books.


    • 101
      Raving Loon says:

      It makes no sense to travel half way around the world in an attempt to control the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, whilst leaving our own borders unprotected for any Tom, Dick or Mohammed to waltz through and bomb our cities. Lets bring the troops home and defend our own country for a change.


      • 141
        Anon. says:

        Precisely,Loon. It’s our own borders we should be defending and our own terrorists in GB we should be protecting against.


  27. 62
    George W Merkin says:

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a canard.


  28. 65
    Vince Babel says:

    I am a senior politician and deserve respect.

    I was right about the Boer war being a military disaster.
    I was right about overspending on the dreadnaught shipbuilding program.
    Right about putting a fiver on Red Rum in ’76 and right in spotting every economic crisis since 1901 until yesterday.

    I am a venerable old man. And when I say everyone with a house over worth over £1 million quid needs to pay £50k extra a year I’m RIGHT AND WILL NEVER CHANGE MY MIND!”

    {aide- whisper, whisper – Many houses in your Richmond constituency are worth £1 million. A 3/4 bed terrace is £950k average}

    “I say again, anyone with a house over £2.5 million must pay more!”


  29. 77
    WUW Game says:

    Anti-Pesto Virus Protection/TheStick

    FULL NAME: TheStick Le Lapcing

    DESCRIPTION: He’s one of the main employees of Anti-Pesto Virus Control.

    FAMILY: TheTwig Lapcing

    MONEY: $100

    BYTES: 300

    VECHICLES/KEYS: APVP HQ keys, Anti-Pesto Van

    INVENTORY: Anti-Pesto Uniform, Laptop, Capture Pod, Anti-Virus Program


  30. 78
    Arthur Century says:

    Tell you what. Getting fifty squid out of You Guv ain’t easy. The nearer I get the more they try to trick me into redeeming points for prizes.

    Has anyone actually got their £50?


    • 80


      I just do their surveys to bugger up the statistics.

      -How would you rate ed Miliband’s performance -Brilliant!
      – If there was an election tomorrow who would you vote for – Labour
      – is the government doing a good job – brilliant
      – is Cameron doing a good job – yes terrific.
      -Is clegg doing a good job – Outstanding!
      -Are you sure?
      – Really?
      -Quite sure. And Ed Balls and Osborne are both right on the economy


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        Well that’s two out of two of us then. I always feed them pure bullshit on principle. Little wonder then that surveys are a waste of space. But at least it pisses off the spinners and the PR wasters.


    • 82
      Ah! Monika says:

      I was a founder member, but gave up as they kept losing my account.


    • 115
      GeoffS says:



  31. 81
    Lost......Reward says:

    Has anybody seen the Tory Party lately?


  32. 87

    I am the unacceptable face of liberalism.


  33. 94
    Drug Company Exec says:

    Speaking a few years ago ….I have a plan!

    “What we will do is focus our efforts on extending average life expectancy. No Government will deny it’s a good idea, it would be electoral suicide.”

    From the floor ..
    “But won’t it mean that there will be more people on earth squandering finite resources, getting things like alzheimer’s? This will require far more Doctors, Nurses and Carers and the drug bill will be enormous. Companies like our’s will have to develop drugs to combat Alzheimer’s and that will cost a fortune which we will have to pass on to Governments and hospitals etc.”

    EXEC….. and your problem is?


  34. 103
    Time for a Laugh says:

    A MAN who claimed £38,000 in disability benefits by saying he could not hold a toothbrush was filmed playing GOLF, a court heard yesterday.
    Leigh Neilly, 41, said he was unable to grip a razor or cutlery, walk more than 100 yards, or brush his teeth properly.
    But undercover investigators secretly filmed him smashing golf balls down the fairway, striding after them for FOUR MILES, riding a bike one-handed and even renovating his home, carrying planks up a ladder.
    WAIT FOR IT……….He’s pleading not guilty!!


    • 106
      A Judge says:

      PJ Proby also in court facing benefits cheating claims at moment.


    • 110
      AC1 says:

      what’s your source for this


    • 111
      annette curton says:

      I’m waiting for the one claiming disability benefits that’s climbed Mt Everest rowed single handed across the Atlantic, swam the English channel, competed in the Iditarod 1000 mile dog sled race in Alaska and won the Iron Man endurance event, but can’t hold a tooth brush


  35. 107
    Peston Scoop says:

    Chamberlain about to come down steps from aircraft to tell us “peas in our time”


  36. 109
    Peston Scoop (retry) says:

    Peston Scoop says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 7, 2012 at 11:41 am
    Chamberlain about to come down steps from aircraft to tell us “pe@s in our time”


  37. 121
    Anon Observer says:

    Aaah the Biased Broadcasting Company…..They never let the truth / facts get in

    the way of its ordained from on high mission…….

    Aided & abetted by Blue Labour, ZanuLieLabour, LibDems all at our expense !!


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