March 6th, 2012

Joan McAlpine Calls on Salmond to End Marriage

Joan McAlpine is a former editor of the Sunday Times Scotland turned MSP. She’s also his Parliamentary liaison officer. Today she has a new column in the Daily Record. The analogy used in her first outing has upset a lot of people:

The union between Scotland and England is a bit like the marriage of a talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income, to a domineering man. She could easily stand on her own two feet thanks to a fortunate inheritance… But the husband complains she can’t be trusted to manage her own money. She would squander it. Anyway, it isn’t really hers, it belongs to both of them… Eventually she recognises the relationship for what it is – an abuse of power.


Scotland is as capable of running her own finances as England. Just as women are as capable as men. In fact, we could do a lot better.

Given that the Nats lost an MSP this weekend after his track record of wife-beating emerged, this is strong stuff from “Scotland’s Independent Woman”. What did she have to do to earn such a grand title?


  1. 1
    Spartacus says:

    Is this a vince cable story?


    • 40
      Dave says:

      She is right though.


      • 59
        Ivor Tapeworm says:

        er… the ‘Independant woman’ chose marriage to the ‘domineering man’ a couple of centuries ago (though the peasants weren’t consulted, to be fair).

        Now she wants a divorce and a very generous settlement.

        Wimmin, huh? All the same…


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          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          ugh… modbot doesn’t like the word ‘p e a s a n t s’ because of the embedded legume.

          Isn’t it time this ridiculous modding was revised?


          • o u t m o d e d says:

            y e s


          • Tachybaptus says:

            Enjoying our petty power, are we?


          • Polly Seewonk says:

            ‘petty power’ – ‘petit pois’
            Very good!


          • The Paragnostic says:


            Only because you’re too thick to implement proper modding – the offer is there to change the WordPress modding code for free, but you appear to think pissing off the regulars is OK.


          • Ah! Monika says:

            Why not?


          • o u t m o d e d says:

            ( m o d d e d a g a i n )

            y o u m e a n N O


          • David Camoron says:

            You’ll just have to go pheasant-shooting instead. Toodle pip !


          • Tachybaptus says:

            А fеw mоnths аgо thе Раrаgnоstіс (рbuh) оffеrеd tо рrоνіdе Guіdо wіth а rеνіsеd fіltеr thаt wоuld саtсh оnlу thе wоrds thаt dіstrеss hіs fіnеlу strung nеrνеs, аnd lеаνе wоrds соntаіnіng thеsе wоrds аlоnе. Τhus уоu wоuld bе аblе tо wrіtе, ‘арреаl’, ‘арреаr’, ‘Еurореаn’, ‘реасе’, ‘drіνеl’ еtс. unmоlеstеd. Hіs gеnеrоus оffеr wаs іgnоrеd, wіth whаt sееms а роsіtіνеlу Brоwnіаn dеgrее оf оbstіnасу. І’m surе thаt thе оffеr wоuld stіll bе ореn іf Guіdо оr hіs mіnіоns саrеd tо tаkе іt.


          • annette curton says:

            It’s a cunning Machiavellian scheme, it has been noted by the authorities that pissed-off pe*ple (avoids land mine) tend to post a lot more.


          • Tachybaptus says:

            As so often, avoiding one land mine causes you to step on another.


          • Dai Larfin (from Guildford) says:

            … and that is precisely why a gentleman always lets the lady go first…


        • 284
          Abused says:

          To what danger does one refer?


      • 66
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        Talentless jock whines about the English shock!

        It’s soooo unfairrrrr ya ken, the English have stolen our grand inheritance and not a penny piece was seen in scotchland ever again, aww noo.


        • 138
          The Brown Bullshit Corpse apologises for interrupting your pleasure says:

          Regarding the programme now being screened, I hope you are all aware how brilliantly, fantastically, and neatly we skipped over the (allegedly) terrible deficiencies in large part caused by our Glorious and Beloved Leader in relation to QinetiQ (yes we realise it’s a stupid name too!), the helicopters, vehicles, and anything else he had the remotest part in obtaining, supplying, or maintaining.

          That is all.



        • 175
        • 222
          British Citizen says:

          It is Britishirish people who have leeched off Britishbritish people.


      • 69
        Grim says:

        I am offended by her sexist remarks.


      • 142
        Anonymous says:

        No she is not.

        There has been no evidence for any scottish competency in matters economic since the Darien scheme which led to the Act of Union as England bailed out Scotland.

        Scotland is the profligate wife who spends on the family credit card (socialism and benefits) while drinking at home(Bucky). Meanwhile the husband (England) works long hours in the city.

        Gordon Brown is/was the most economically illiterate Chancellor we have had since WW2. He exemplifies everything that is wrong with scottish economic management. He is the creator of the Big Brown Mess.

        He has never explained those gold sales. Who benefited?

        An independent Scotland will be another Greece that is why if a break comes it must be a complete break.


      • 225
        Taxfodder says:

        What she did to earn her Title?….easy told it like it is.

        Lets face it UK political Parties and Govenments over the last 60 years are not exactly covered in glory when it comes to managing finances.

        Waste, Incompetence, Greed and Stupidity yes they even sold the family silver at a knock down price to save their own skins when it suited.

        Scotland could do no worse in any case its a done job!


        • 241
          Taxfodder says:

          Whitehall departments have spent £1.4 billion in an attempt to save £159  million by sharing “back-office’’ functions such as personnel and procurement.

          Private sector firms typically cut a fifth off their annual spend within five years using similar methods, the National Audit Office said.

          I rest my case…


    • 291
      M says:

      No , someone thinks Scotland is in a marriage like Paul Macartney used to have


  2. 2
    Fact says:

    she is right, it is a abusive relationship, scots whinge and stamp feet and the English pay.


    • 29
      Cyclops says:

      The finances are shared!

      The English earn, the Scots spend it.


      • 41
        anon says:

        It more like the English need a divorce from the ideologically warped and deluded wife that has bitched and moaned over everything we’ve tried to do for her, saying if only she were on her own she would do better. Last year she tried to run away with a European, only to realise that he was feckless and broke, now we know we want rid of her.

        Separation is inevitable and it will be the English who will end up paying the bill as normal.


      • 226
        British Citizen says:

        The finances are shared!

        The English earn, the Londoners and NortheriIrish spend it.



      • 233
        Taxfodder says:

        MPs who lose elections will be entitled to “golden goodbye” payments of more than £30,000 under current reforms to parliamentary expenses.

        Correction! you vote, you earn THEY take they squander…..

        All in it together…


    • 137
      Alister says:

      If was a marriage with the scots as the bride, then she turned up at for wedding, cold and hungry (famine on the go) with a massive debt (see Darien scheme).

      This woman has form though, if you’re not for independence then “you’re anti-scottish”


      • 187

        Oh dear, Darien, bankrupt Scotland ….. its a pity its just a load of total pish you buy into ….. The Tory supporters in Scotland were the ones who were bankrupt – a bit like the current Tory Party in Scotland. Westminster could not have their Scottish Tory Lardy pals having their estates handed over to the Scottish middle class who had loads o’ money – just what might that mean to the House of Lards owing a fortune to England’s middle classes, French revolution getting on for 75 years early in prospect so the English Elite did what they always do, run up a massive debt to buy off the people they needed to do a jockanese ‘Jim’ll fix it’ for them.

        GERS 200-10
        Scottish GDP £145 billion
        Tax take 9.4% from 8.4% of population
        Scottish input to trade deficit £40 billion (half of the total according to fatty Soames in Hansard)

        Scottish pocket money before Westminster deductions £30 billion (20% of Scottish GDP)

        NAO UK Government spending per capita 2009-10 (neareat £100):
        NI £12,500
        London and SE £11,400
        Scotland £9,400
        Wales £9,300
        NE, NW and SW England £9,200.
        Seems Westminster are happiest looking after themselves.


      • 228
        British Citizen says:

        Whereas Northern Ireland is a corpulent and ungrateful mistress.


  3. 3
    Rid us of these parasites says:

    If Scotland is capable of running it’s own finances, how come English taxpayers had to bail out bankrupt RBS?


    • 71
      I Remember You Hoo says:



    • 92
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Don’t forget HBOS as well.


      • 276
        Anonymous says:

        Dont forget that doggy building society which had to be bailed out.

        John the Bastard


    • 115
      city snob says:

      Scottish PM and chancellor bail out Scottish banks with English money and that coffin robber fat c’unt Salmond wants more.


    • 189

      Scottish liability in UK bank bailout £8.8 billion, Scottish GDP in 2009-10, £145 billion. What part of you are talking total economic garbage, are you just not getting?

      The problems were all in the City of London, in the English registered arms of Natwest and RBOS. Under international banking agreements the losses in the City of London are English losses as they are not regulated by Scots Law but English Law.

      A small but fine legal point all you stupid people fail to understand.

      Apparently if Scotland withdraws from the Union Treaty in international law as Scotland came into the agreement debt free then they can leave debt free – its what Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Eire all did when they left Westminster’s gaping maw behind.


      • 207
        Lurker says:

        Canada, Australia, NZ, SA etc were all Dominions – self ruling colonies. They were not in a Union as Scotland is with England.

        So any debts run up by the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, NI) are nothing to do with Scotland? This idea that Scotland can take its share of the UK assets but not its liabilities seems to be one big assumption on the part of the Nationalists.


      • 219
        Not a scotch cherry picker says:

        Happy days if that’s the scotch argument.
        Foreign banks in the city are regulated by FSA. Are we liable for their debts too? The oil was regulated under English law so you won’t mind us having that.


    • 227
      British Citizen says:

      Would that be RBS which rescued National Westminster?
      HBOS rescued Halifax and Bradford and Bingley which is why they also needed rescuing.


    • 286
      Abused says:

      There is no such thing as English taxpayers you dumb fuck, they ceased to exist in 1707 when you raided the Scottish treasury to pay your war debts. We will shortly redress the balance now fuckawayof.


    • 294
      Scorpio Fax says:

      Because most of the RBS debt is held in England, and England is liable for it.


  4. 4
    Paulme says:

    When Scotland gets independence we’ll understand why Edinburgh is called the Athens of the North.


    • 60
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      Yes, it lost its marbles long ago.


      • 237
        Durr... says:

        should that be mentioned… residing as they do in London, having been nicked.


        • 252
          Lurker says:

          Off topic but they weren’t nicked. They were purchased from the sovereign authority in Greece at the time. The Turks – which probably winds the Greeks up no end
          The British museum has a receipt


  5. 5
    WS Churchill says:

    We quite agree

    The Scotch are quite capable of running their own affairs

    Especially RBS and HBOS

    If the Scotch could kindly fuck off and take their debts and Socialists and criminal Labour Party with them we would be immensely relieved


    • 27
      Gerry Mandering says:


      Problem is UKIP who think we should all be in this together!


    • 35
      Costcutter1 says:

      Some outstanding examples of Scottish financial management to support the claims for the claim for independence.
      Darien adventure
      Royal Bank of Scotland
      Gordon Brown gold seller
      Edinburgh Parliament building
      Edinburgh Tram system


    • 166
      Dawdels says:

      Who oversaw these banks the FSA based where? Where also was the corporation tax paid and who benefited, Holyrood or Westminster?


      • 239
        Disliker of Bankers says:

        As yet no one has benefited much so far as I can see. Consider now the effect of strng management at Northern Rock. Even I can see a benefit here in giving proper bonuses.


  6. 6
    MrAngry61 says:

    Always the Scotch whinge about the union. The English deserve independence from the Scots too.

    As a first step why not give Scotland full fiscal independence?


  7. 7

    What did she do to earn such a title Guido?

    I think she got divorced!


  8. 9
    Fitbad the Tailor says:

    Divorce her.


  9. 10
    Drewster says:

    “England is as capable of running her own finances as Scotland. Just as men are as are capable as woman. In fact we could do a lot better.”


  10. 11
    Rob Roy says:

    At last a woman who talks sense.


    • 44
      Perse O'Nally says:

      That’ll be a first then.


      • 63
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        As usual, reverse the sexes and/or races and what do you get? Sexist, racist shite as merrily denounced by the Left.

        It’s the ENGLISH who should have a referendum on the future of the Union.


        • 70
          Sophie says:


          Anyone know if Spelman has business interests in Brazil?

          I am wondering why we are giving them millions in aid when they have just overtaken the UK as the worlds 6th largest economy.

          Any farming / rainforest connection?


          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            We’re giving everyone who hates us or has an axe to grind against whitey billions, so Dave & Co can look good among their one world government chums.


          • Mandy the unflushable Richard says:

            I have interests in Brazilian beef.


    • 72
      Grim says:

      PMT is waiting in the wings.


    • 144
      A Passing McGregor says:

      You Highland Rogue, you…


  11. 12
    Stu says:

    What a load of garbage that article is, last time I looked it was a gaggle of brainless Scotsmen led by the one eyed son of the manse that totally fucked up Englands economy.


    • 39
      edmartin says:

      Yes, as John Law did with the French economy.
      But the City, Westminster and the electorate generally willed on both Brown and his predecessors


      • 84
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        The electorate?

        Excuse me, how many times did the worthless cnut Brown offer himself for approval of the electorate? Last time I counted McBust stood once and lost.


        • 174
          AC1 says:

          I’d say there was still a fair degree of love for (and still is) the “making houses less affordable = wealth” idiocy.


    • 287
      Abused says:

      We’re not finished yet, by the time we go you will be eating shit and living under flyovers.


  12. 13
    An English Woman says:

    Of course they have to bring sexism into this – horrible English malles dominating virgin Scotch females…

    Why not w a c i s m at the same time? (as Empty Ed would say)

    The w a c i s t argument in Scotchland is complicated by the fact that they are deeply divided within themselves betwenn the Celtic Highlanders and the Anglo-Saxon Lowlanders

    Hence the regular outbreaks for over a century after foootie matches…

    The level of the debate has sunk below the gutter…


  13. 14
    Angry of SE1 says:

    This analogy is false.

    The union occurred because Scotland was bust. So in fact its like a woman marrying a man for his money (Or vice Versa) and then deciding that he/she is now rich enough to stand alone.

    If this happened in a real marriage you might call the partner who pulled out ungrateful, selfish or deluded but you would not say they were as financially capable as the person who saved them financially in the firstplace!


    • 26
      Libertarian not Moonbat says:

      I just posted your comment (more or less) to the Record at the bottom of this person’s blog. Don’t suppose it will get a reply though.


    • 146
      Another inconvenient truth says:

      The Union occured because The English wanted it, indeed demanded it. How do you explain that?


      • 153
        Polly Seewonk says:

        More likely to get some return from the money that way than just leaving the Scots unsupervised to waste it on another Darien.


      • 180
        jgm2 says:

        ‘Demanded it’? Surely the proud victors of Bannockburn (see Mel Gibson video for prologue) would not give in to such demands.

        You mean the Scots sold their fucking country because they’d ban*k*r*u*pt*ed themselves and had no choice? Do you think the Maximum Imbecile was just taking his revenge for Darien by destroying the entire UK economy?

        I do. Anybody who was living and working in London, with a wife who was living and working in London but then insisted on flying her up to Fucking Scotland for the birth so that their spawn would qualify for ‘Fucking Scottish’ citizenship was surely an enemy of England and the entire UK.


        • 261
          Bigot Watch says:

          Oh FFS not another boring tale from jgm2 about his time in Scotland. Seems we are well rid of you , you horrible bigoted little racist.
          Darrien was used as leverage by the English to cajole Scotland into the Union, the Englsh wanted it more than the Scots . FACT.
          On a final note I urge anyone not familiar with the racist bigotry regularly spewed out by jgm2 to go through his postings on this blog and ask yourself this. Do you think this nasty little man would post as he does if his identity was known? If the answer is no then you have to agree he is a vile little man.


          • I’m normally a bit anti – but I have to say, the sh*t with the French aside (the Protestent English were not being very nice to Catholics at that time = who has fought and died at our side more times than you can count – who has sent their best to us when WE needed help.

            N, if they want FREEDOM as St Mel the pis*ed would say, then let them have it – it’s their country.

            As a bonus, Labour would be f*cked in England, ‘cos they wouldn’t get enough votes to keep the deposit… win/ win.

            Anyone for devolution….


      • 229
        boing boing brown says:

        Because the scots didn’t have a pot to piss in and we didn’t want to be stabbed in the back by those Hunts next time we fought the french. Freeddom for the English and fuck the celts.


  14. 16
    Aaron D Highside says:

    ‘The union between Scotland and England is a bit like the marriage of a talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income, to a domineering man.’
    I read that and agreed. Then I read the next bit and realised she’d got the two countries mixed up. Silly girl.


  15. 17
    Lord Culloden says:

    Please Please Leave the Union. Now. Forever. Most English people want rid of you. Of your incessant whingeing. Of your subsidy junky lifestyle. Your crass arrogance. Your dominance within the Labour Party and the reason the Celtic Cabinet ruined our way of life. Go now. No more bail-outs. Your defence bill will be huge. Your welfare bill of Grecian proportions. Your financial ratings below one star. Your universities will descend in status and your students will now have to pay their way. Go now. Divorce beckons!


    • 33
      edmartin says:

      Much of this, if true, describes London.


    • 162
      What's Left? says:

      +10 my lordship


    • 234
      British Citizen says:

      Northern Ireland is not seeking to leave the union.


    • 262
      Having to spoonfeed these twats again says:

      Ah Culloden, that other battle surrounded by ignorance. The Truth was Culloden was fought by a British army with a large amount of Scots against a jacobite army comprised of Highland Scots, French and Irish all predominately Catholic.
      Nothing to do with England V Scotland you stupid people.


  16. 18
    Boardwalk Empire says:

    I’ll say this for her, she was one of the few Journalists who got their teeth into The Purcell affair.


  17. 19
    Blondebuster says:

    I note the ScotNats think of themselves as female – I blame the kilts.


  18. 20
  19. 21
    barrowboy says:

    The Scots have been over subsidized and over represented in the UK Parliament
    where they would not even be had we not bailed them out of the Darien disaster . Then do doubt they would have joined the Euro, after which we should have had to bail them out again. I expect they will want us to help with Rangers next.


  20. 23

    Doesn’t anyone love and respect me ?


  21. 25
    the beast of Berwick says:

    The scotch have much to teach the world
    Wiofe beatimg
    mindless viollence
    The cash should come rollin in


    • 34
      Cyclops says:

      They are off the North Sea. Of course they are Scottish! Oh and you forgot heart disease (inc all those angioplasties and bypasses paid for by the English tax payer)


      • 49
        the beast of Berwick says:



        • 91
          UKOOA says:

          Still no.

          Most of the GAS WAS in English Waters.
          And of course quite a lot of condensate in reservoirs where it goes from English to Scotch Waters.

          And all the fish in the North Sea belong to the Spanish.


    • 38
      Foggy Albion says:

      And spelling.


    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      ..and modern economics, anti-biotics, television…

      You arrogant English tossers. Can’t wait to be shot of you.


      • 212
        Dai Larfin (from Guildford) says:

        Well please tell smoked Salmon to get his effing fingers out then and get on with it.


  22. 28
    Foggy Albion says:

    I wouldn’t handle Salmond’s briefs if you gave me a pair of Marigolds and a long stick.


  23. 30
    Bill Walker ex MSP to be says:

    Mrs Moira Salmond ne McGlashen is 17 years older than ‘eck (He’s 57, she’s 74) Maybe that’s the reason why Ms McAlpine’s story has caused hackles to rise

    Ms McAlpine formerly married to singer Pat Kane of Hue and Cry is some eight years younger than Alex Salmond. She was also on the Murdoch payroll as Scottish editor of the Sunday Times

    Of course any suggestion of houghmagandie would be OTT


  24. 31
    Gary Geezer says:

    Wot’s this? ‘She handles Salmon’s briefs.’
    No way can she ‘andle ‘em.
    ‘Es got so fat she needs a bleedin’ great trolley to ‘ump them tarpaulins to and from the ironing board.


  25. 36

    Oh for the day when England becomes independent of moneygrubbing McBitch and her tartan parasites.


    • 67
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      Don’t wish to be obnoxious, but do you know that Anders Breivik is an industrial-scale headcase?


      • 191
        Me, here says:

        Totally bonkers. I’ll never understand why the Norwegian police didn’t shoot the disgusting creep when they had the chance. Now he gets the chance to spout his bullshit ideas for weeks and weeks in court.Someone like that have no right to go on living.


    • 238
      British Citizen says:

      You will still have Northern Ireland sponging sponging towards financial dependency


  26. 42
    Jock Strapped says:

    A highly enjoyable read, and certainly most poignant, is Hugh Trevor-Roper’s ‘The Invention of Scotland – Myth & History’.

    It’s reviewed by The Telegraph in 2009 here

    Trevor Roper proves how the Scottish establishment were wilfully conned by a series of, er… apparently genuine historic documents, that um… turned out to be totally fake.


    • 51
      Irony or what ! says:

      Was this the same guy who vouched for the Hitler diaries ?


    • 55
      Yes says:

      From Wiki
      Trevor-Roper was convinced of the diaries’ authenticity, writing in the next day’s The Times that:
      “I am now satisfied that the documents are authentic; that the history of their wanderings since 1945 is true; and that the standard accounts of Hitler’s writing habits, of his personality and, even, perhaps, of some public events, may in consequence have to be revised.”


      • 68
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        To be fair, Hugh had his doubts at the last minute but the Dirty Digger gave the order for the presses to roll. V. funny episode all the same, T-R was a pompous ass.


        • 149
          Love it when a smart arsed inglish twit makes a tit of himself says:

          The Irony of comment #41 was fucking delicious. Do you think jockstraped feels like a stupid c unt now. He certainly should.


  27. 43
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Scotland is as capable of running her own finances as England. Just as women are as capable as men. In fact, we could do a lot better.

    Bye, then.


  28. 46
    Gooey Blob says:

    Can’t quite see her logic. Scotland is largely socialist, England tends to be more right-of-centre. With dozens of Labour MPs removed from Westminster, what remains of Britain will face many more pro-business tax cutting governments, while Scotland elects politicians who raise taxes for higher earners.

    There’s only one place money and investment will end up, and it won’t be in Edinburgh.


  29. 47

    Seems to me it’s England who plays the woman in this ridiculous metaphor. Let’s give it a go!


  30. 48
    CharlieC says:

    The Scots hate England they tell us so everytime we play anyone else in the world at sport, they love Labour. So independence would bring a neverending period of bliss with perpetual Labour and no England.

    It is difficult to understand why any would not vote for it yet only about 35% inpolls say they will. Cowardice? Hypocrisy? Socialism only works when someone else pays for it? Not sure, but they won’t vote for independence they will just moan for ever.


    • 53
      Irony or what ! says:

      Whereas The inglish are nothing but charitable to the Scots as can be seen by the many messages of support on this thread. Feel the love.


      • 73
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Mr Iron Bru or what, with your misplaced exclamation mark, do fuck off, there’s a good chap.


        • 87
          Not On Tablets, But Probably Should Be says:

          Ya gotta hand it to the Ump’s Namesake though, SAM, he’s been upping his game since he started having to use different “monkiers”.


        • 263
          Another smart arse hoist by his own petard watch says:

          Sir Aston with all due respect if you are going to be so sensitive about Grammar please note that the correct spelling is Irn Bru. I draw this to your attention so you can make the required correction and not look like an utter tit who has put the ball into his own net for longer than is necessary.


      • 240
        British Citizen says:

        Stop ignoring the pachyderm.

        The elephant in the room is the above average spending on London and Northern Ireland which are both subsidy junkies.


    • 198
      Me, here says:

      Their politicians aren’t more in touch with their own people than the lot in Westminster are with us. The same can be said about the rest of the world. I sometimes wonder why these politicos seem to lose all contact with their voters once elected.


  31. 50
    Anonymous says:

    I see Harry had to cheat in his run with Usain Bolt – I wonder how Harry is coping with austerity??? and where is his dad these days???


  32. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps instead of ending the marriage, adopt the alternative version of marriage that was in the news over the weekend? So, Scotland enjoys its conjugal rights and so does England. Royally.


  33. 56
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Just imagine if Scotland got its independence and all the Scots buggered off back over the border. England’s employment problem would be solved in a trice. Think of all the football managers jobs available, MP’s jobs available (there are loads of Scots representing English constituencies but can’t think of any vice versa) and we would never again have a Labour government. Next to us having independence from Europe I can’t think of anything better to wish for. Bring it on.


    • 244
      British Citizen says:

      The famine is over. Will there be a return to Ulster of the many protestants who had to leave owing to the famine?


  34. 61
    Whitehall Mandarin says:

    The Scots can have their independence BUT they must take back all those Jock politicians, both current and retired, from Westminster and pay their salaries and pensions. That should bankrupt Scotland quickly enough.


  35. 62
    Whitestones says:

    I see the BBC are not allowing access to the Milliband phone-in, citing “copyright”. Could it possibly be that the Grauniads placemen at Broadcasting House are embarrassed by it?


    • 74
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      That tells you all you need to know about the statist Beeb.

      Short excerpts are available on the Telegraph website.


  36. 75
    Gutter Hypocritical Press says:

    The press know all about the abuse of power. The stuck Record is no exception. Which reminds me, Brown has been invited to campaign for the Union. Wtf? The man is a joke!


  37. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Sotland’s Independent woman

    “What did she have to do to earn such a grand title?”

    Work for the paper, maybe?


    • 85
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Too simple. There has to be a conspiracy theory somewhere, maybe a couple of Russians as well. Nothing is as it seems unless it is.


  38. 80
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Strange, I can’t remember there being so many programs about WEATHER on the bbc 20 years ago.

    Yet now barely a day goes by without some aspect of WEATHER, be it national, international or cosmic, being aired and disscussed on one of their millions of shite channels.

    I wonder if they have some sort of agenda.


  39. 83
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    With a name like that she can help mix cement to rebuild Hadrians Wall!


    • 278
      Head full of shit says:

      The italian builders Hadrian had the right idea.


    • 289
      The resident pedant writes: says:

      Er, actually, cement is a grey powdered substance which must be mixed with various aggregates, usually sand and gravel, to form CONCRETE!


  40. 86
    Fabians are Evil says:

    What a nasty; racist, bovine, ginger, and very scottish socialist bint


  41. 90
    nellnewman says:

    She is of course right. scot land was before the 1700’s an independent sovereign country and is perfectly capable of running it’s own affairs.

    Independence would also relieve us of the cost of the barnett formula not to mention the cost of mp’s like gordon brown.

    My fervent hope is that the scots will vote for independence at the earliest chance possible.


  42. 94
  43. 95
    Scottish Widows. says:

    You can read this silly cow’s head like a book. This sad chic lit feminist clap trap is both shallow and misleading.
    Does she wish to end the marriage and damn the wife to prostitution to be pimped by the European Union who will sell her sovereignty down the Clyde for a Euro? That is exactly where we heading if we are Independent(joke!). Mr & Mrs UK whose partnership is at times unequal will be forever chained to a Master and Slave situation with a contract to the European Union! That is where Salmond is taking us. Independence from what? We will be slaves to the EU! Pimped out by Merkozy.
    The only partnerships that last are based on mutual trust, respect, equality and fairness. Democratically, England should have its own devolved parliament.That is fairness. That is equality!
    Scotland should be treated fairly economically and not treated like a child who is given pocket money or as the hard bitten housewife who is given a meagre budget to manage. More fiscal powers will eradicate unfairness.
    Time for a grown up debate! The union is dead long live Devolution!


    • 247
      British Citizen says:

      Scotland should be treated fairly economically

      and it should be recognised that Northern Ireland like London is a subsidy junkie


  44. 96
    Greek default will cost the eurozone €1trillion says:

    Well smack me bitch up with a deep fried mars bar!


  45. 99
    Alan Douglas says:

    So which is the “talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income”, Scotland or England. She does not say ….

    Alan Douglas


  46. 102
    Old Grumpy says:

    The “abused Scots wifey” is more than compensated by the overbearing Maw In Law!………… as epitomised by a former SNP Leader, who bullied her Son In Law into spending over £40m to make sure her mobile phone worked at her home!


  47. 104
    Scottish Widows says:

    Salmond is seeking a divorce from the union. Mrs UK will now forever be known as the Lady of the night when he hands her sovereignty over to the EU and signs the Master and Slave contract. Independence? From whom? We will never be free. Our sovereignty will be sold down by the Clyde dockyard and our freedom sold down the river for a few Euros! Dream on! McAlpine. Fool!


  48. 108
    Mrs UK says:

    End an Union? For what? Independence? No! To be enslaved to Europe! Salmond insists Scotland ends one union to enter into an European Union. So Mrs UK now becomes Mrs Euro-Scot a slave to Europe’s whip. McAlpine is a silly cow with head in the clouds. Independence?
    Divorce or Slavery? That is Scotlands choices if she wishes to leave Union. There will be no Independence just slavery.


  49. 109
    Ed Minibland says:

    I’m communing with the thpirit of Harold Wilthon.


  50. 110
    betty says:

    When is the Scottish MSM going to reveal that Salmon’s MSP advisor is on first name terms wíth the rear door security guard at Bute House


    • 118
      Sandy Jamieson says:

      The Scottish media is a pussycat. One MSP accused of wife beating (Three wives in all), the First Minister in hock to Murdoch, some dubious sources of SNP Finance, the odd Affair yet little comes out and when it does, it is quickly silenced by the reporters/newspapers being accused of being English stooges.
      Of couse one of the biggest soucres of Income for the Herald, the Press and Jornal and the Scotsman is advertsing from the Scottish Government and its agencies.


    • 139
      Hamish says:

      Scotland is a democratic sort of place.
      Alex calls eveyone by their first name, even yours truly.
      Of corurse let’s bring it in on (independence I mean) and in no time, very few centuries, we’ll be hte best of neighbours.


  51. 111
    dr. sipp says:

    this is great==giving an over opinionated NAT plenty of rope


  52. 116
    Lady Scotland says:

    The union is dead! It is an illusion. Long live devolution. It is the only reality that is seeped in truth.
    Independence is an illusion. Lady Scotland will be stripped of her sovereignty and forced to bend to her Euro Master’s will for a mere pittance in return. Independence is a truth based on reality. The Scots are being treated like delusional fools!
    Long live devolution and the evolution of fiscal powers to enhance Lady Scotland’s ability to pay her own way in the world. It is the only thing that is real and lasting.
    Lady Scotland dearly wishes that Lord England will have his own devolved parliament, so that they are democratically equal.


  53. 117
    thick as pigshit says:

    so the news here is 1. jocko’s think they’re victims and 2. ugly feminists hate men. no news really


  54. 121
    Elgin's lost his Marbles says:

    Can the Jocks join Argentina in a Syria/Egypt 1950s red-dawn type union? Presidenta Kirchner would have some more Lebensraum, also more socialist dingbats to steal pensions from and bribe, and perhaps she might leave the Falklands alone?


  55. 122 says:

    SNP’s track record:


  56. 123
    Lady Scotland says:

    There is no Union! Fact! Just Devolution. There will never be an Independent Scotland. Fact! Scotland will either remain in a Devolved contract with the UK or co – dependent contract European Union.
    Union Vs Independence. Neither exist in truth. It should be Devolution Vs European enslavement. Fact. Ffs!


  57. 124
    annette curton says:


  58. 126
    Foaming at the mouth idiot says:

    The English have their rioters to be proud off! What a bunch embittered confused twats on here t’nite.


    • 128
      The Paragnostic says:

      Proud off?

      And here was I thinking that Scottish education was less fucked than the English variety.

      Ah, well – just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read in the Daily Record…


      • 152
        offa was a dyke says:

        ParAgnostic shut the fuck up, he wasnt talking about you, he was talking about the inglish you quisling Welsh twat.


        • 184
          jgm2 says:

          Off you go for your nightly Mel Gibson video. In the meantime:


          • British Citizen says:

            They are quite clearly Chelsea fans who hijacked the game. Or West Ham United fans. Or Millwall fans. Or if they were from Scotland theywere from Sighthill in Edinburgh though how this excuses the misbehaviour I do not know. Then again I am not a journalist.


          • Have you ever seen these two in the same room together ? says:

            Love it when jgm2 rides to the rescue of The Paragnostic reminds me of Broke Back Mountain.


    • 141
      Stu says:

      Your title aptly describes you.


  59. 132
    Lou Scannon says:

    You could take the view that the bizarre modding actually highlights the stupidity of trying to suppress free speech. It’s difficult not to think of a pink elephant when someone tells you not to.


  60. 133
    Changes are under afoot says:


  61. 134
    Merkozy says:

    Bonjour. Ven little Scotchland is In dependent on Europe. I vill replace the Salmon d for an over boiled haggis. Vill anyone not the difference? Nein! Ah Gut!


  62. 136
    Paragnostic retard says:

    Proud of your rioters in England? Fuck off, embittered bullies


    • 150
      jgm2 says:

      If I may…


      • 154
        robbie says:

        yes- it made them feel part of Britain,like most Rangers fans like to be


        • 170
          jgm2 says:

          I didn’t know 65% of Fucking Scotland were Rangers fans. Only 35% for independence? And wall to wall Mel Gibson Videos?

          FFS. Get a grip. Have you no national pride?


          • AC1 says:

            > Have you no national pride?

            Why would they? This is the first time metastatic cancer has asked to try to go it alone outside the body. I say give it a chance.


          • jgm2 says:

            An excellent analogy. If this woman is content to compare the England:Fucking Scotland relationship as that of an over-bearing husband and an independently wealthy wife then I think it only right that we characterise it as a relationship between a healthy English host and the tumour of Fucking Scotland.

            Chemotherapy for England! Kill the tumour.


          • British Citizen says:

            Northern sponging Ireland has no national pride but then again it is not a country or a nation


    • 188
      The Paragnostic says:

      Oh dear.

      I seem to have touched a Scottish nerve.

      Never mind.


  63. 140
    Truth Seeker says:

    England is no longer a proud nation. Labour has destroyed England. The English fear the worse and expect Scotland to tell them to go and do one. These attacks on the Scots are defense mechanism based on fear and in preparation for the possible humilitation the English will feel if Scotland decides to leave the Union. Further, there are some foaming at the mouth ultra conservatives on here who think Scottish independence will lead to a conservative majority in England at the next election. Wrong! Scottish support for Labour is going down. In England and Wales support for Labour is on the up! Scotland can support itself and if it chooses to go it alone England will suffer and no doubt under a Labour Government. Wake up and grow up!


    • 143
      Polly Seewonk says:

      “In England and Wales support for Labour is on the up!”

      Unlikely, but if so it’s probably due to more Scots hastily moving down here to avoid the forthcoming SNP-led disaster.


    • 155
      Well it's a thought says:

      I like to know what humiliation the English will feel if Scotland decides to leave the union, the only thing I want is a vote in any referendum Scotland has about the union, we are supposed to be equal after all, so a referendum vote is required by all countries and Principalities involved otherwise in theory a referendum wouldn’t be legal, my other thing , I believe Salmond is a snake oil salesman and freedom will become an EU “freedom”.


  64. 145

    I want to tax Mandy’s eight million quid mansion.


    • 161
      Well it's a thought says:

      Of course MP’s will pay top rate tax and a mansion taxes and multi houses they own taxes, after all we are all in this together.


      • 172

        But what about poor people like Chris Hoon who own about nine properties and are so strapped for cash that they are forced to claim their tax-free £ 17,000 when they have to leave the Cabinet ??


  65. 147
    Truth Seeker says:

    @Polly seewonk. Yes, that explains why Scotland has three Scots left in the country. Why bother with Independence when they are heading down towards England in their droves. Well done.


  66. 148
    Guido's Daily Horoscopes says:

    I predict a riot!


  67. 156
    sandy says:

    Sarkozy says there are too many foreigners in France. Damned right. There’s all them frogs for a start.


  68. 157
    Awa and bile yer head! Dafties says:

    There is only one Scot worth bashing at the mo. Is he due in court tomorrow? If he doesn’t show up, no doubt you will find him ‘hingin aboot’ the school gates.


  69. 159
    Tea leaf! says:


    • 160

      Laugh ? I thought I’d never start.


    • 163
      jgm2 says:

      Did you hear about the bloke who ran up an annual deficit of 180bn quid and claimed to have ‘saved the world’?


    • 202
      Ed Balls it all up again says:


    • 280
      Alan Wotsit ( the ex postie who was Shadow Chancellor before you) says:

      Sorry Ed …. I know I ‘m only an ex Home Secretary and did not last long as Shadow Chancellor as I had to resign expeditiously in order to spend more time with my .. er … wallet .

      And I realise that unlike you Ed I never did a stint writing for the LEX column in the FT .

      BUT …..

      I just don’t get the joke !! ???


      • 281
        Alan Wotsit ( the ex postie who was Shadow Chancellor before you) says:

        Ohh sorry Ed . Yes .. the Euro’s finally dropped now . My little grandson just explained it to me . Gosh that was clever !!

        It’s a play on words isn’t it Ed! . Those tablet things are like these new smaller computers we’re all supposed to be using now ( unfortunately i’m still mastering the ZX Spectrum from 1985 — or is it the Sinclair C5 I can never remember ). You know I’m having so many senior moments lately

        — is it time I took ermine ?


  70. 164
    twat x 1000 says:

    what a complete and total arsehole Tim Montgomery is.
    The voice of Conservatism…fucking wanker


  71. 165
    Jumbo says:



  72. 168
    jgm2 says:

    Poor ickle Scotland. Bullied by their bigger neighbours. Awwww.

    And the way to ‘fix’ this is to cosy up to the Germans?

    Scotland is behaving like Katie Price. Dump the father of your children and then go off shagging a cage-fighter just to show him what a proper man looks like.

    You’ll be back with your begging bowl like the I*r*ish.


  73. 169
    jgm2 says:

    Poor ickle Scotland. Bullied by their bigger neighbours. Awwww.

    And the way to ‘fix’ this is to cosy up to the Germans?

    Scotland is behaving like Katie Pr*i*ce. Dump the father of your children and then go off shagging a cage-fighter just to show him what a proper man looks like.

    You’ll be back with your begging bowl like the I*r*ish.


  74. 173
    Slutchcap says:

    ‘What did she have to do to earn such a grand title?’ Dear me. Has Rush Limbaugh just come in your mouth, Guido?


  75. 181
    Truth Seeker says:

    @Well it’s a thought. Two idiot Scots have been ruining the UK for well over a decade and I think this explains some of the anti – Scot sentiment on here. England is ruined.
    The Scots up until recently have been inferior to the English politically and economically and have always been at a disadvantage until devolution was put in place. For the first time ever the Scots get to call the shots and this is humiliating for many English people. The balance of power has shifted and the English don’t have a say in it.
    Only the Scots should vote on Independence, because the vote is on SCOTTISH Independence and the question is posed by the Scottish Nationalist Party and not from any other party in the union. So it is about Scots voting for or against Independence. If the UK were to vote for Scottish Independence, according to various statistics the majority of the UK voters would vote no to Independence. Even if all the Scots were to vote for Independence the answer from the UK vote would be No. The Scots would resent this.
    To address inequalities in relation to the English and the Scots can only be achieved by England having her own devolved parliament. Then the English will be equal to the rest of the UK and not just Scotland.
    Yes. You are quite correct Salmond is likely to enslave the Scots to the European Union which renders the idea of an Independent Scotland as absurb. Scotland will lose most if not all of her sovereignty to Europe.


    • 242
      Well it's a thought says:

      Well it’s been proved yet again why Scots shouldn’t be in charge of the piggy bank, they have done yet again, what pushed them into a union with England, as we are in a union then a referendum is required by all, not just some nasty piece of work who I believe just got “lucky” for the next few years and has given him his one and only chance for at least 80years to make the break, personally if the Scots want to go
      en-masse then good luck, the decision the Scots made when they voted the SNP in would have made any resentment to the English null and void if we say yes and they said no to a union referendum.


  76. 183
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Turns out this well educated girl is a tranny!


  77. 190
    The Paragnostic says:

    DM reports the Liverpool trial.

    When will it be on the BBC?


    • 196
      Ah! Monika says:

      Not even on BBC Mersyside News


    • 205
      albacore says:

      Careful, now, folks. You only need some bumpkin muttering “hate crime” somewhere in the neighbourhood and then where would we be?
      Erm, still in comments not being taken for legal reasons territory, I suppose.
      Give the BBC its due, though. It did flash this (topically, Scottish) concise item for a while yesterday. Wonder what that’s all about?


    • 206
      What head of the BBC, Mark Thompson thinks and says:

      Extract:- The head of the BBC, Mark Thompson…
      said: “The point is that for a Muslim, a depiction, particularly a comic or demeaning depiction, of the Prophet Mohammed might have the emotional force of a piece of grotesque child pornography.”

      Bearing in mind what this wide-spread pattern of vile crimes are about Thompson’s comment may be his Freudian slip rather than an understanding of the Muslim mind.

      Now, he’s not saying he’s frit but it seems a few people have somehow been injured or killed. So while the Beeb is very keen to say good things about Islam, Beeboids will never say anything critical because as they keep saying over the gunfire Islam is a Religion of Peace, and Mark’s going to keep re-stating just that no matter what he accidentally blurts out.


  78. 192

    Having read all the misinformed rubbish posted on here by xenophobic persons of English heritage – all I can say is welcome to your own overful dry closet and start looking at how Greece is turning out because that is what Cameron and George are working towards – with our Scottish resources you’ll be getting there quicker than you think.

    I give the City of London until the 23rd of March or thereabouts then watch with glee as the fiscal genii of the ‘City’ start hurling themselves lemming like from the ‘Gerkin’ as Greece defaults.

    What’s the ‘City’s’ current exposure on loans and underwriting to French Banks with Greek exposure – heard tell its some £20 billion sitting in Lloyds and RBOS courtesy of Mr Osbourne. All that before the Landesbank, Italian and Austrian banks go down like dominoes ……. at that point having an estimated tax income of £1 trillion from UK oil and gas over the next decade becomes rather important but sadly 83+% lies off the coast of a potentially independent Scotland, with more to come off the Western Isles of Scotland. Currently that and Whisky accounts for 50% of the reduction of the UK trade deficit according to Fatty Soames in Hansdard

    That surely can’t be why Dave wants to hold onto us whiny, dependent Scots, simply because the English exchequer is seriously humped with out us….. no the City of London’s 17% of UK GDP will be able to sort the problem – aye right!


    • 199
      not a machine says:

      Interesting calculation , still think Salmond is too short term and innacurate on how it will pan out , I think stirling zone will have an inate ability to keep afloat , there is bond buying spree to come from the eurozone to consider in how they are trying to stabilise it , although as predicted the mechanics are not being resolved first . theres always a first time a debt to fight a debt crisis proves macro ecnomically wonk , we shall see


    • 203
      Polly Seewonk says:

      “…more [oil] to come off the Western Isles of Scotland

      Independence for the freedom-loving Western Isles!!


  79. 193
    Goandone Brown says:

    I want to be fwee and run about with fluffy animals!


  80. 194
    not a machine says:

    mmm con home turns into home con , who would have thunk it .

    Been thinking a bit about SNP , and whilst some of there efforts are total misrepresentation , I think he will knacker the scottish economy , even if it has a glamourous start to it all like the euro did , I will consider it a little further when budgets get done .

    Vince has a leak , Ed says there nothing wrong with patriotism mmm is that the sort of patriotism where you dont bankcrupt the country , how strange that in most of his political career he never encounted it .

    Stetsons being fitted in treasury , ye haaa , light my cigar and fire up the bulldozer , theres gold in dem there green fields , hammy hamster has been served notice , Tales from the river blanked ! I rather wish you had started from all the brown field , but hey , theres just no helping the clueless to the natural world . I suppose only the rich will enjoy good clean food , rest of us will be on some sort of goo made from sewage , permanently on offer at yer local omni retailer , you cannot eat your plastic card or yer electronic money .
    still lets wait and see where all this consultation actually went to , when it appears


  81. 195
    Ah! Monika says:

    107% turnout in Russian election. Even Tower Hamlets can’t beat that……Can they?


  82. 201
    Gay Heart says:

    This idea comes from a fictional Victorian novel written by an English man during the C19th.
    The Scottish wifey or spinster will never be Independent. They will be tied to the either to the English man -who is infact her inferior because his democratic rights do not match hers- or to some Europe@n ponce who does not recognise her rights and insists on keeping her subservient and obedient and a man whose only interest is his own.
    On this occasion I recommend a gay orgy where the Jock and Percy come together to fuck the Europe@n well and truly up the arse until his piles bleed!


  83. 204
    MrBruce says:

    Scotland is like a wife to a cheating husband, who wont leave him for the love of cock and money.


  84. 208

    Scots are ‘shaming themselves’ by going against the ‘natural law.’ This is a grotesque marriage!


  85. 209
    He was just a great big "feartie" says:

    No problem…if Scotland wants independence then they can have it and good fortune to them BUT they must take on their share of the national debt for saving SCOTTISH banks as part of the Independence deal and expect no more help from England,

    If they want to stay in the Union and have “Devo-Max” then this is NOT a matter solely for them to decide on…all of the UK MUST have a referendum as to whether they are prepared to allow Scotland to have extra powers and as part of any agreement the matter of the unequal Barnett Formula must be revised and the West Lothian Question where Scottish MPs are allowed to vote on exclusively English matters at Westminster resolved/stopped.


  86. 210
    The Duke of Cumberland says:

    If only independence would get rid of all the whining Scots, but as they’ll still be part of the Greater Franco Prussian Accord they’ll still hang around taking English jobs and moaning about it. The best that can be said is that we cease the outrageous subsidy to this fast disappearing non-culture and we get rid of that appalling cabal of Labour Scottish MPs. The issues around moving military bases and the Tridents should be seen as an opportunity for England to secure these lucrative installations, I have no issues with living near a Trident base.


    • 258
      British Citizen says:

      The best that can be said is that we cease the outrageous subsidy to this fast disappearing non-culture London is fast disappearing non culture? Surely you mean Northern Ireland?


    • 271
      Anonymous says:

      I have no issue with you being on the receiving end of Trident either come to that.


  87. 215
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    I see the government have spent £1.3 billion of our money on saving £1.3 million in admin costs to run government … some people on here would think that was value for money


  88. 221
    illogical says:

    Open goal re Cable leak for Ed M?
    And questions from the opposition?


  89. 224

    It’s Guido’s site. He is entitled to let his junior be stupid or to be so himself.

    That said, it is a shame that this crossroads of Libertarian thought and humour should be marred by this needless, indeed reckless, disregard for a more efficacious approach.



  90. 250
    Alex says:

    It’s Norway’s oil, and the gas is mostly English.


  91. 259
    British Citizen says:

    Scotland is as capable of running her own finances as England.

    Something which cannot be said of dependent Ireland.

    Just as women are as capable as men.

    Something that cannot be said about Northern sponger Ireland

    In fact, we could do a lot better.

    Lucky for Northern sponging Ireland that they have the Union to pay for them or they would be doing a lot worse.


  92. 260
    TRT says:

    So the BBC are claiming copyright on the rant – as if we ever need for more proof that they are the British Left Broadcasting Corporation.


  93. 264
    Antoninus Pius says:

    I came. I saw. I fucked off.


  94. 272
    I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

    A really horrid ginger minger speaks nonsense.


  95. 273
    I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

    A really horrid ginger minger utters nonsense.
    OK, OK, modbot there WAS a legume inside a word.
    Creeping Jesus, my life already.


  96. 277

    Joan dear, just pose in this Android. Am I doing right Mr.Tom Watson? He wants me to kill marriage along with Rupert himself:


  97. 283
    Teri says:

    I have to say well done to Joan. The analogy she uses is absolutely spot on. Scotland is in an abusive relationship with England and it’s time to get out. The SNP suspended the MSP at the weekend because of his alleged violence to previous wives and were right to do so as they have a policy of zero violence to domestic abuse. If you think about the analogy, you will note that zero tolerance is supported in this case too.


  98. 288
    RANT says:

    Nice to see the usual English-Nat, xenophobes and lickspittles out in full force!

    These poor souls are in for a shock when they realize their political establishment has been lying to them for the last 40 years (for their own good, as it happens), perpetuating the myth that Scotland is “subsidized” in order to keep hold of North Sea Oil Revenue and the second top tax contributing “region” in the UK – even after Oil and Gas have been deliberately removed from the equation!


  99. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Its funny because independence IS coming, and once it happens we’re all going to have a good old laugh at you deluded Brits crying into your Union Jack tea towels.


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