March 1st, 2012

Justice Must Be Seen To Be Done



Thursday, 1st March 2012

At 2 o’clock


TLQ/10/1019 WXY V Gewanter & Ors

Britain is a free country, with an open system of justice. So Guido is sure that there won’t be any problem popping down to the Royal Courts of Justice shortly to see what is going on in this case. Henry Gewanter is a PR man. Wonder who WXY is and what it is all about?


  1. 1
    Well says:

    That Sultan chap?


    • 53
      tess says:

      sultan indeed the 50p tax….Hang on, if this tax raises such a small amount, why are the wealthy so keen to axe it? Surely if it makes little difference to government revenue it makes little difference to the income of the rich? Or is somebody not telling the truth here?


      • 56
        Well says:

        the difference is the state will spend it on diversity officers and aid to Argentina while a person may actully create a productive job.


        • 60
          War Economics says:

          Did nobody do real economics. The more Money a government takes in TAX the less money there is left in the real economy for Private business to make money and pay TAX., hence the Printing of Money to prop up the Fraudster State taking more in TAX and the less they will take over time so they will need to print more money. Tone and Broon and now Cameroon and Osbum keep fighting in Afghanistan and spending all the spare Cash. Well done the loony economists who are advising the Knacker Politcal class who couldn’t run a corner shop. This is the start of something quite scary. The economics of the lunatic LSE fuckwits and Police State Bankruptcy.


          • Emanuel Goldstein says:

            Have a look at Tainter’s Collapse of Complex Societies, we’re well on the way! Another 50 years or so? Your grand kids retirement package from the state will be a ‘human’ bolt gun to the head as soon as they can no longer produce tax for the elite. By then the EU future state will regulate all aspects of the average ‘citizen’s’ life in the name of green/resource issues, so you’ll be taxed for everything you do. If you want a description of the future look at 1984, the proles can be controlled and are no political threat, merely a crowd control issue, its the middle class that will be put under the cosh of full state control the mind set of the young middle class is easy to control hence the contradiction of the Occupy movement loving all the crap from control freak organisations like Apple. They are no threat, the rest will be scared into compliance and a minority payed off and allowed to join the new super elite. The Chinese political structure is the closest one to the future state, you can make money, but only on the terms of the state, and if you make a noise they’ll take it off you and put in jail or more likely just shoot you. It’s no acident that the Chinese CP sees the British political model as the one to follow when it ‘introduces democratic reform’ its the best one for ensuring ongoing central control by an elite that can present all the facade of democracy whilst undermining it. Still you’ll all get get cheap iPad7’s so you’ll be happy


        • 80
          Taxed Enough Already says:

          politics of envy, and the laffer curve of course


      • 99
        Charles says:

        Important point to realize:

        The 50p tax rate is only paid by the rich who a) don’t cheat on their tax returns and b) those who stay in the country. In the case of b the treasury loose all the revenue they previously enjoyed from someone.

        It’s therefore quite possible for the treasury to gain little, or even loose money on the tax rate, while hurting the finances of those who pay it.

        I must declare the last job I had paid a little over minimum wage and that I’m currently a student sponging off state subsidized loans and a grant.


        • 111
          Sod em all says:

          rich who a) don’t cheat on their tax returns and b) those who stay in the country.


          They pay tax on the income on the money they keep in the UK.

          It’s very easy to get a company set up overseas to manage the rest, free of UK tax.


    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      The sultan should swing


  2. 2
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    Will Xavier Young?


    • 31
      Lord Cornelius of Gumboland says:

      Allegedly, Ed Balls’ over-blinking started when he had an encounter with Will Young at G-A-Y. Will denies it but a glowstick is still unaccounted for.


  3. 3
    Peter Grimes says:

    Are we allowed 3 guesses?


  4. 4
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    Wives Xpecting Young-uns?


  5. 5
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    Wild Xenophobic Youth?


  6. 6
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Slade, eh? Wonder if he’ll be singing My Friend S(ul)tan.


    • 84
      A spokesman that is nothing to do with the BBC whatsoever says:

      Do you really think Weer all crazee now?


  7. 7

    Bet you get your arse thrown in jail. Open system indeed who dreamed that up? Have you ever tried to find out what happens in the family protection system?


    • 33
      misterned says:

      Family court system? The child abuse ring cover up system more like.


    • 41
      Really? says:

      The wise Anna Raccoon covers this system well and in depth on her blog.


    • 46
      The Golem says:

      Don’t disagree. Seems a sinister operation altogether.


    • 58
      T says:

      The family courts are an interlaced system of injunctions by another name. In my view what goes on in such courts is secret and not always in the interests of the child.

      If they were transparent (except maybe in cases of child sexual abuse that could effect the child later in life) then the bias shown and the bizzare conclusions made would at least have to stand scrutiny.


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Anything to do with architecture and construction?


  9. 9
    jgm2 says:

    Do we know for a fact it’s the Sultan of Brunei? A rich middle-easterner with prior knowledge of Al Quaeda attacks – I’d have thought it’s much more likely to be a Saudi.


  10. 10
    John Johnson says:

    Would live-tweeting be allowed from the court? I, for one, would like to see Guido doing updates…


    • 19
      Evil Landlord says:

      I think the Court allows live tweeting now – go on Guido – you know you want to !


  11. 11
    KY ylleJ says:

    I make things very slippy – geddit??!!


  12. 13
    mark says:

    how naive guido. britain. A free country?? is that another one of your jokes?


  13. 14
    PR is medical shorthand for Per Rectum says:

    I suppose that has no bearing on the trade, profession, or calling of the PR fraternity?


  14. 15
    Gordon Brown says:

    It’s my rocking horse. He refuses to let me ride him anymore.


    • 26
      A (pretend) NooLieBore tosser says:

      don’t worry Gordo, – IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!! Blame Fatcher! – anything, – but not yourself, you lying bass tard!


  15. 16
    Sul Tan says:


  16. 17
    Up sh1t creek says:


    Wet Xavier Yankee


  17. 20


    Will X-Factor Young – is he spilling the beans about spilling Simon’s beans?


  18. 21
    Anne Robinson says:

    Welsh X-rated Yoldeler – my guess is Katherine Jenkins


  19. 24
    Judge Roy Bean says:

    A propos nothing whatsoever did you all know that the Chief Justice is called the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Judge .

    So does that mean Cousel refer to him as
    ” M’Lord Judge .. erm .. Judge” ??


  20. 25
    Jack says:

    You are a funny bunny Guido

    In your last article re Tonge you state

    “It will not go on forever, it will not go on forever. Israel will lose it’s support will lose its support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

    This is the section we were quoting, but there’s not a peep out of them about it,..”

    You carefully leave out your actual quote, which is still online here is

    “Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there forever

    It will not go on forever, it will not go on forever. Israel will lose it’s support will lose its support and then they will reap what they have sown.”

    So you resort to lying now to try and get yourself ouit of your deliberate misquote


    • 39
      misterned says:

      She is probably right. History is full of nations who are no longer around. many of them because they merged with other nations, or were superceded by other nations and many changed and moved on without any bloodshed whatsoever.

      Look at the Soviet Union. Most people in the west are pretty glad that it is a nation of the past and does not exist as a nation state anymore.

      Israel will not last forever either. The UK is on it’s last legs and appears to be about to be broken up and be totally consumed by the EU within 50 years (If we all sit on our arses and let it)

      NO state will last forever.


    • 59
      Jack says:

      Guido also took the second paragraph out of context

      Xhat she actually said

      “One day, the American people are going to say to the Israel lobby in the USA: enough is enough.

      “It will not go on for ever. It will not go on for ever. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown”

      First sentence dropped by Gwido of course…Like Ed Milliband and the rest of the Mossad Lobby


      • 63
        jgm2 says:

        Indeed. I’m loath to support the mad woman since she’s responsible for increasing the cost of home repair bills for the entire UK but she is being wilfully mis-reported here and elsewhere. Now it may be she has prior art that is more controversial but from what I’ve seen of that recording she’s making a fair point.

        There is every possibility the yanks will sober up one day and question why the fuck they’re spending so much blood and treasure in the Middle East. The yanks have only themselves to blame though. If they weren’t so keen to stick their fucking nose in and stick it to the Brits and the Frogs and usurp their traditional domination over Suez then the A-rabs wouldn’t have got so uppity in the first place and the Israelis would have the whole show under control by now without any help. Same mistake they repe*ated in Afghan*i*st*an.

        Either way, we’re well out of it. As long as they keep their squabbles amongst themselves down in the sandpit then I don’t give a shit. It’s when we get roped into all these spin-off wars like Iraq, drawing unnecessary fire from the religion of pe*a*ce, that I get p155ed off.


  21. 29
    Steve Miliband says:

    Campbell contrived evidence so that parliament voted for a war in Iraq.

    As a consequence we get terrorist bombs.

    He is now complaining the Police were concentrating on Terrorists and not telling fuckwits they hadn’t changed the passwords on their stupid phones and the paps knew when they were going to the Gym



    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Please, cu*ts have some uses, but Campbell is well past his sell by date so much so that a few nasty smells are starting to emanate from his persona.


    • 40
      annette curton says:

      It’s high time the government spent a lot of money on setting up a Tweet Police Force, one of them nearly took my eye out only yesterday (from Sarah Brown).


  22. 30
    annette curton says:

    What happens if the judge (and jumpers) get a super-injunction placed upon them by bent schilling and co. solicitors at law, just hang around in silence for a few days?.


  23. 32
    Notareargunner says:

    Yates hanging himself and all the police
    Doing a better job than Guido with bent MP’s?


  24. 37
  25. 42
    annette curton says:

    “Justice Must Be Seen To Be Done”, what more proof do you need?, It is, done and gone forever.


  26. 45
    Usain Bolt says:

    Come on Guido any news from the front yet ? Speed it up man !!


  27. 52
    WXY says:

    She was puttin it about m’lud, plus her delving hands were always dipping into my robe pockets for small change and sparkly stuff.

    I gave her fair warning but she claimed diplomatic keleptomania and gave me the finger, so I traded her in for a younger job but she won’t let it go she has the right hump, giving me grief in no mistake humping all and sundry and telling everyone I got a tiny knob.

    Now the press wants to tell all, its a right bloody liberty mi’lud ruined all my chances with that Charlotte Church…..can’t MI6 hush it up like….at least untill I’v given Charlott one?


  28. 54
    forked tonge says:

    BBC’s news reporting makes Guido sick.
    He would complain but his hands are tied.


  29. 55
    Mad Hatty, the LieBore Gift that keeps on giving says:

    er . . . the title of that Judge, – to satisfy pudendal – I mean NooLieBore – feminine protocol and PC requirements should be Mzzzzzz, -


  30. 57

    Will XFact*r Young being served a super injunction to stop him telling how he had to XFuct*r S*m*n C*w*l* to win? It’s gotta be true Guv, ‘cos he XFact*rs up Saturday and Sunday TV on a regular basis!

    Seperated from his Fiancee? From his beard more like.

    Anyone for Pennis?


  31. 61
    Lord Justice Turketforahat says:

    “Britain is a free country, with an open system of justice.”

    Hold up, I think I have laughed so much I’ve wet myself!!


  32. 64
    I Don't Want To Share The Same Air As The Edinburgh Dogshite! says:

    Britain is a free country? Think again. Edinburgh is a pathetic, oppressive, controlling shithole!


  33. 66
    Chief Ramzy talks with satire and say many wise word says:

    Lets gather today and say a prayer of forgiveness to those who stole the land of our ancestors and committed genocide upon them.


  34. 72
  35. 75
    This is a joke right? says:


  36. 82
    Sir William Waad says:

    Liz Slade specialises in employment law and discrimination cases, if that’s any help.


  37. 88
    Golly says:

    The Judge should send this whole file to the Revenue and police because there are allegations of tax evasion and also cash payments with implications of false accounting plus blackmail of a sexual nature.

    This has to be done whether the guy gets his 61million pound judgment debt paid or not.

    No one comes out of this with any credit whatsoever.

    I feel sorry for all those poor souls working for the minimum wage and those lower down the chain who are paying taxes to effectively subsidise all this.


  38. 95
    • 98
      Mr Fussy says:

      awaiting judgment Cambridge educated but spelling is wanting in CV.


      • 100
        Blind leading blind says:

        “…Parliamentary researcher and constituency office caseworker for Simon Hughes MP…”

        Say no more


      • 105
        Actually, she can spell says:

        “In a non-legal context, spelling differs between countries. The spelling judgement (with e added) is common in the United Kingdom in a non-legal context. The spelling judgment without the e is however often listed first and in any case without comment or regional restriction in major UK dictionaries.[6][7][8] In British English, the spelling judgment is correct when referring to a court’s or judge’s formal ruling, whereas the spelling judgement is used for other meanings.[9] In American English, judgment prevails in all contexts.[10] In Canada and Australia, in a non-legal context both forms are equally acceptable, although judgment is more common in Canada and judgement in Australia.[11] However, in a legal and theological context, judgment is the only correct form. In New Zealand the form judgment is the preferred spelling in dictionaries, newspapers and legislation, although the variant judgement can also be found in all three categories. Usage in South Africa is similar to that in Australia. The spelling judgment is also found in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.”


        • 106
          Anonymous says:

          I think you will find in the old County Court Green Book and the old High Court White Book you had judgments in one and judgements in the other.

          The new Civil Procedure Rules are supposed to be the stalwart of plain English.

          Latin phrases are supposed to be banned under the rules. Yet we still have inter partes and ex parte injunctions.

          An injunction is essentially an equitable remedy and he who comes to equity must come with clean hands

          The Application should be thrown out and matters passed over to the SFO.


  39. 103
    media scum says:

    The “Profit Muhammed” (page 72 of the proof of evidence) is a superb Freudian error and must go down in legal history…………………….


  40. 108
    Usain Bolt says:

    Come on Guido for God’ s sake are you stuck in thecourtroom lavatory??

    Hurry up and give us some verbiage on the proceedings .
    I coud make love to 39 women and run the 100 metres — faster than you can report from the Strand !!


  41. 109
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    WXY=oil sultanas.


  42. 110
    ada ada aja says:

    got a mention here.

    Ada gula ada semut


  43. 112

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