February 29th, 2012

Ed’s Been Reading Guido

It may be a leap year but this one was out of the blue:

Over to you Nick…


  1. 1
    WS Churchill says:

    Same Mossad handler I suppose…

    • 6
      misterned says:

      There is no room in politics for the sort of autocratic, totalitarian fascist bastards who would dare to say “there in no room in politics for someone who [merely has a different OPINION]”

      Fuck Miliband and his fascist thought police. There is room in politics for every shade of opinion, even the worst and most vile shades. And there is room for us all to vote against those opinions if we so wish.

      • 16
        Sophie says:

        Ned, if you hate the Jews just say so. Its not like you are a public figure or a person of any importance.

        Go on, you know you want to.

      • 17
        AC1 says:

        Well I suppose there is no place called the sudatenland now.

        • 22
          A Big Fat Baby says:

          What has that to do with anything for fuck’s sake?

          • Hang The Bastards says:

            What a SPINELESS comment from Milliband….”apologise”.

            The correct action is to kick the fucking cow out of politics Ed ! Pity you cant get your own rabble sorted out !

        • 30
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          ha. there never bloody was!

          Of course, you might be making a point there that no state in Europe has a well defined border that is clear and has no room for discussion. (or was at some time in the last century).

        • 52
          final solution says:

          And the bleating Armenians never invaded Azerbaijan (the parts with gold & diamonds) because there’s none of them left after the genocide.

      • 54
        Mine d'Boggles says:

        Well, yes, provided that we all get the chance to vote.

        • 78
          do me a favour says:

          Unfortunately there is plenty of room in politics for Labour politicians who jump on every bandwagon that passes.
          He was on telly earlier condemning McClusky’s call for strike action to disrupt the Olympics. Quite how that squares with him being a Unite puppet I’m not sure?

          • Whats good for the goose says:

            Harman was on Sky News claiming that James Murdoch was either incompetent if he didnt know what was going on in NI or actively engaged in such practices and attempted cover up. Nice logical thinking Harriet now do you suppose the same logic applies to your husband and those dodgy donations to the Labour party whilst he was treasurer ?

          • Expat in the night says:

            Sneery Piston was on the BBC World tv service today proclaiming that Sky was the UK’s “biggest broadcaster”. No doubt deliberately ignoring the huge hairy elephant in the room, he snuck that in right at the end of a supercilious diatribe about how awful the youner Murdoch and the rest of the NI organisation was. Thank goodness I don’t pay to watch his tripe.

            PS: Anyone know if he sneakily bought a copy of the Sun last Sunday?

          • Expat in the night says:

            * younger

      • 139
        They're all the same says:

        Milliband means of course “there is no room in politics for anyone who opposes the status quo and the vested interests in which in serves”.

        An entirely consistent position for him, and all the turds in public office – and those who make their living commenting on it (no matter how ‘radical’ or ‘rebellious’ their self-designed image).

    • 121
      Sir William Waad says:

      One should always regard any number quoted by a politician as provisionally untrue. Baroness Tonge’s figure of £70 billion of aid given by the USA to Israel is actually the cumulative amount over more than 60 years, rather than the annual amount, according to this Israel-sceptical website:


      Wikipedia has an annual figure of $3 billion.

  2. 2
    Bongler says:

    Ed is Jewish, so it’s not quite so out of the blue.

  3. 3
    Ban it!!! says:

    So Guido for free press but not free speech.

    • 4
      Ban it!!! says:


      If she believes what she says then she should not withdraw or apologise for them because some are offended.

      You campaign for a free press (rightly so) yet object to freedom of speech because you dont agree?

      (from last thread)

      • 7
        A Big Fat Baby says:

        Is Guido Jewish? You’d be forgiven for thinking so.

        Pizzas all round.

      • 38
        Anonymous says:

        How many politicons believe what they say?

        • 94
          brrrrm brrrrrrm says:

          Chris Huhne professes to m’lud.
          But there are those who would disgree.
          ‘Those’ are everybody else.

      • 61
        nellnewman says:

        I’m happy for her to express any point of view she wishes just not whilst she being paid with my hard earned taxes.

        • 80
          Ban it!!! says:

          Yes we should only have pro (insert pet group here) mps/lords.

          • nellnewman says:

            No. But if they profess to be part of the government then they should toe the government line. If they don’t want to do that that’s OK but they should get out, stop taking wages for it and be independent.

            It’s called having the courage of your convictions.

    • 11
      A Big Fat Baby says:

      Is Guido short in the foreskin department?

      You’d be forgiven for thinking so.

      Pizzas all round!

      • 49
        final solution says:

        You fucking Nazi

        • 56
          WS Churchill says:

        • 70
          A Big Fat Baby says:

          Oh dear. It seems Guido doesn’t like free speach at all.

          I tried to respond to the above posting indicating I was of the j£w1sh faith but no matter how I phrased it, my comment just dissapeared. Not even moderated – just vanished.

          What is the problem with Guido and being j£w1sh ?

          I am honestly perplexed.

    • 116
      EdButLookBalls says:

      It’s only a vehicle to NickBate and she has introduced a topic towards this end. Millitwat just switched to his next milibandwagon, true to form. No policies retardED, can only criticise, we have seen what his past policies did and he knows the result!! Twats!

  4. 5
    A Big Fat Baby says:

    Well he is a snip-cock. He couldn’t really say otherwise.

  5. 8
    Dai says:

    Must be or on the staff of the guardian as they have been voted by Honest Reporting as the most biased media outlet usually bbc tops the rankings

  6. 9
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Ignore Red Ed. It was simply a Tonge in cheek remark.

  7. 9
    Sophie says:

    Has Ed asked Red Ken & his Tower Hamlets chums if they endorse his statement?

  8. 12
    PinStripedChancer says:

    Knee reaction from the jerk.

  9. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Arthur C Trussell ‏ @actru
    Reply Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details @Ed_Miliband Will “The Magic man in the Sky” give me a land to occupy if I find an old book that says It’s mine? Don’t think so ; £$USA!!

    • 19
      A Big Fat Baby says:

      It wasn’t the old chuffer in the sky – it was the Brits what did it.

      • 45
        Anonymous says:

        Big Fat Baby is a big fat ignoramus; it was the United Nations that did it.

        • 54
          final solution says:

          Yeah he’s not kosher. The Israelis bought the land ad the ragheads willingly sold it.

          • Central Scrutinizer says:

            Sorry! Did you just use the term “ragheads”?

            Please go to your local police station (at least 25 miles away and open on Tuesdays only 10.30 – 17.00) and register your hate offense.

            In the meantime, please desist from using the term “ragheads” on any public forums or in emails or text messages.

            If you must express yourself in this way, please use the authorized term “sand niggers”.

            Thank you.

            Ministry of Truth

          • Central Scrutinizer says:

            Sorry! Did you just use the term “ragheads”?

            Please go to your local police station (at least 25 miles away and open on Tuesdays only 10.30 – 17.00) and register your hate offense.

            In the meantime, please desist from using the term “ragheads” on any public forums or in emails or text messages.

            If you must express yourself in this way, please use the authorized term “sand n1g9ers”.

            Thank you.

            Ministry of Truth

  10. 18
    Loungelizard says:

    His remarks would carry more weight if he’d opposed Len a little more forcefully earlier in the day. Twonk!

    • 20
      A Big Fat Baby says:

      What would Len do?

    • 58
      genghiz the kahn says:

      If Ed wanted to put the boot in on Clegg and the Limp Dims why didn’t he change his script at PMQs?

      As Call Me Dave said a tweet isn’t a subsitute for an apology, nor is it an adequate means of asking a question.

      The guy is a sandwich short of a picnic.

  11. 21
    Hmmmmm says:

    Ed’s own views aren’t too far from Jenny Tonge’s, are they? Certainly his mother would’ve been nodding along wholeheartedly to Tonge’s diatribe of hate.

  12. 23
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    No place in politics for those who question existence of the state of the (united kingdom).
    Rather fun to shove different countries in there. it works with rather a lot you know.

    • 31
      IDF says:

      Pizza anyone?

      • 33
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I will declare war on you if you provide it deep fried. I do remember bannockburn.

        • 97
          jgm2 says:

          I demand to see your birth certificate. You’re almost as old as Noah if you remember Bannockburn. How well do you remember Cromwell?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            It was only a couple of years ago. I strayed off the M9 and ended up at some bloody awful chippy.

          • jgm2 says:

            There’s your mistake right there. The M9 is in Fucking Scotland. And the M8. And the M90.

            If you don’t go to Fucking Scotland then you won’t have these awful encounters.

    • 62
      WS Churchill says:

      • 89
        Red Red Red says:

        Any videos of Palestinians blowing up busses full of kids – or restaurants?

        yeahhhh baby, that gets us lefties realllly hot….oh man,

        • 108
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I was originally aiming more for peculiar examples of people bitching about the existence of states. Perhaps we could have either bloody sunday, or guernica or the sodding franco prussian war.

          I’m puzzled myself about how this conflict got so polarized as a left-right thing. perhaps something to do with americans.

  13. 24
    Trinny says:

    Thought police are out in force today

  14. 27
    Bob Crow is a big fat baby says:

    waa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I need cream

    I have sweat rash from sitting on my botty all day in nylon twousers

  15. 35
    nellnewman says:

    I accept the argument that she has a right to her odious points of view.

    What she does not have a right to is the umbrella support of the libdems who are currently part of the government.

    If she wishes to express extreme points of view that are not in line with government policy, which they are not, then she needs to leave the government and her generously funded post in the HoL so that she can spe@k freely.

  16. 36
    Rat's arse says:

    If Ed Militwit is reading this, here is a message for you……….

    You and your Party sucked up to the Murdochs for years until they dumped you.

    You and your Party have passed so many Laws for the benefit of ethnics that this country has been robbed of its very essence.

    You and your Party have got rich on the backs of our dead Servicemen/women.

    You and your Party are the most peevish & spiteful lot ever to sit your arses on the green benches of Parliament. Labour lost – get over it!

    I could go on and on, but I’ll let other bloggers, who are far more eloquent than me, finish the list off.

  17. 39
    Red Ken says:

    This would be the same Ed Miliband whose London mayoral candidate invited an anti-Sémitic anti-gay muslim nut to London?

  18. 40
    Red Lorry says:

    Doesn’t that leave him with a teeny bit of a problem, seeing as his own party and activists are infested with the same sentiments that Tonge expressed?

  19. 41
    NelsonsGoodeye says:

    No place in politics* for racist MP’s either Red Ed. I’m still waiting for YOU to demand an apology from Abbot. Any time soon, d’ya think?

  20. 42
    Eric Joyce says:

    I love cocktails. My favourite is punch.

  21. 43
    Fire up the quattro says:

    Pensions raided
    Gold reserves sold
    Pisspoor immigration poliicy

    Someone elses turn now….

    • 48
      Marmite says:

      Gorgon Brown’s ‘secret’ fund he pilfered from the Treasury for his own use (allegedly)!

      • 67
        Really? says:

        Throwing borrowed money at client groups.
        Failure in state schools masked by devaluing grades.
        PFI ballooning without proportionate improvements.
        Sneaking in to sign Lisbon with LAbour’s dying breath.
        et seq. ad magnissimu nauseam

    • 145
      Wavelets on the starboard side says:

      Postal votes (inc a few Labourites happily now in jail in B’ham for fraudulent election activity.)

  22. 44
    nellnewman says:

    In truth militwit sees another bandwagon to jump onto.

    When is he going to do something about some policies and filling that blank sheet of paper?

    • 57
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Exactly! Labour should issue an apology to it’s supporters for electing the idiot Ed Miliband.

    • 82
      jgm2 says:

      Vacant Ned needs to be careful. The block vote from the Religion of Pe*a*ce might be withheld if it comes to their attention that Ned is actively supporting the oppression of their co-religionists.

      Despite Israel’s best efforts there are (rightly) very few native Brits who feel any guilt about their non-existent part in the holocaust and so we do not automatically give Israel a free pass on whatever idiocy they come up. This means that here are very few native’s votes from any party for Ned in bashing Baroness Tonge but he could lose a good few votes he’s taken for granted if the narrative amongst the religion of pe*a*ce suddenly becomes ‘Je*w*ish Ned is an unquestioning supporter of Israel’.

      I remember when Michael Howard was T*ry leader and Labour ran a poster with flying pigs. The T*ries were (disingenuously I thought) up in arms because this supposedly was offensive and drew attention to Howard’s Je*w*is*hness (until then I had no idea he was a J*e*w). Vacant Ned is running the same risk. And he has more votes to lose from the religion of pe*a*ce.

      • 96
        nellnewman says:

        Funny thing about religion. Any religion. Christi an, jew ish, m u s l i m – they are all guilty of war and atro cit ies. Why is that I wonder?

  23. 47
    A little bit of truth in every lie says:

    Ed Balls nicks his better ideas from us.

  24. 59
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Here Ned, say something about your Unite comrade’s comments regarding Olympics and civil dis-order!

  25. 60
    abraham says:

    Guido’s blog has all the finesse of a greengrocer’s stall.
    Everybody knows if you squeeze a journalistic Jaffa , the juice will come out .

    Isra-el and the Palestinian problem has been a thorn in the side of all parties and governments seeking to resolve their / this problem forcibly or pseudo-amicably for decades and while Tonge’s comment might step on a few toes, she has a right to make it.
    Sick to death of the holocaust story on the one hand that however tragic for the je-wish race, they ignore the tens of millions both military and civilian allies that lost lives as well achieving that freedom.
    Arabs / Palestinans for their part have their own later grievance promoting Nakba- the “cleansing”of century old settlements post 1948.
    The world is no safe place with these two sides constantly sparring and the sooner both side learnt a few home truths about possibilities the better

    • 65
      final solution says:

      so wot yous sayin is we should genocide dem both?

    • 79
      Polish Freedom Fighter says:

      + 100

    • 81
      Bibi Netanyahu says:

      I effically cleane the Occupied Territories

      And I am proud of it

    • 87
      jgm2 says:

      Indeed. The J*e*ws had a torrid time but then so did the Russians and the Poles. Their hi-jacking of WWII as ‘most-put-upon-and-therefore-deserving-of-special-treatment-forever’ is the same kind of mindset that has Bl*a*ck shit-stirrers demanding that whities compensate them all to the tune of umpty trillion quid because 200 years ago their great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaddy was a slave.

      We tell these bl*a*ck chancers to fuck off and we should be doing the same to these Israelis who want everybody fired for not kow-towing to their most-put-upon status.

      • 146
        Wavelets on the starboard side says:

        Moreover, what these neo-chancers seem to forget is that, had their antecedents not been slaves, many of them would now still be sitting under a tree in the jungle chewing on a tasty frond and swatting the bugs away instead of riding around in air-conditioned Mercs.

    • 115
      Old Jokes Home says:

      Why can’t we say je-wish on this forum? What’s the problem?

      • 149

        What about all of our ancestors who were taken as slaves to Rome, Scandinavia, Ireland (to AND from) etc…

        Where’s MY f*cking postal order, I’m traumatised too!!!

  26. 63
    Free Speech Anyone? says:

    She is entitled to her opinion. If she resigns then it will spell the end of free speech and democracy. I don’t so much disagree with what she had said but I disagree with the way she said it. Quite hostile. I will defend her right to express an opinion and my right to agree or disagree with her. That is what democracy is about.

    • 68
      Ban it!!! says:


    • 84
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Why not be hostile? Whats up with that?

      The question is, what is the cause of that hostility?
      And it becomes rather odd to judge her words based on what one thinks that she’s thinking about and where her motivation comes from. Shit. thought police.

    • 120
      nellnewman says:

      “If she resigns it will spell the end of free speech….”

      No it won’t. It will be the start of it. She will be free of government and the stranglehold imposed upon her by taking taxpayers money and therefore free to say whatever she wants without fear of offending those funding her lavish lifestyle.

      A really honorable route out of politics into free speech. What more could she ask for if she really believes in her cause?!!

    • 123
      Sir William Waad says:

      The worst thing about the Baroness’ statement is that it is a lie.

  27. 64
  28. 69
    I don't need no doctor says:

    How can it be that labour oppose everything. What do labour stand for except jumping on some bandwagon or other. Labour have no ideas and no direction, only hate , spite, deceit, hypocrisy and denial.

  29. 74
    final solution says:

    It’s time we nuked Iran before they get the bomb.

  30. 77
    Ha hah says:

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.”

    J Tonge

  31. 90
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Has Ed been reading this?

    If he’s reading this, get your f*cking nose fixed. You make me feel ill every time I hear your poxy adenoids rattling.

    • 109
      Ed Minibat says:

      I had a deviated wectum,
      It came out in the middle of my fathe,
      And evewy word I thpoke
      Jutht came out as a cwoak,
      Cauthe my arthehole wath in the wong plathe.

      Then I had my wectum thtwaightened,
      At firtht it wath fine, oh yeth!
      But thoon it collapthed,
      I think wath, perhapth,
      Cauthe the op wath on the NHÐ.

    • 117
      Ivor Biggan says:

      you only see what you want to hear

    • 124
      Phil says:

      The Seagulls appear to be getting bigger as well although I do understand that doing a shite on top of an existing pile of shite proves that they are at least house trained.

  32. 93
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Dear Ed Millitwit.

    If you do actually read this blog I would like to ask you this.

    Are you going to demand an apology from Gordon Brown and Tony Blair for leaving our country in such terrible debt? Neil Kinnock, David Blunkett, Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandleson (I could go on, there are many, many more) who have all been associated with dubious characters, and all the other “Right Honourable Gentlemen” from your party who have been in Cou*t for one thing or another? Well, ARE YOU????

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  33. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Shame he supported Paul Flynn or it might have been believable.

  34. 103
    Sir William Waad says:

    Baroness Tonge is innumerate. Her figure of “£70 billion” is actually the total cumulative aid from the US to Israel since that country was formed by the United Nations, according to this Israel-sceptical website:


    So she is out by a factor of about 60.

  35. 105
    Historian says:

    A little history does no harm


    Jerusalem was not founded or bulit by the j e w s

  36. 112
    nellnewman says:


    poor sarah is apparently looking for perfect by seek the perfect man through apps.

    Well who can blame her!!

  37. 127
    nellnewman says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before the labour party realise militwit isn’t going to lead them to electoral victory?

    • 131
      R.U. Shaw says:

      Sacrilege !! DUEMA !

    • 132
      Queef says:

      Sadly Nell, he probably will.

      Judging by the polls there is a lot of antipathy to the coalition (God knows why are all the financial indicators suggest they are doing the right thing).

      There are just to many dozy bludgers, young single ‘mums’, idle fucking foreigners, thieves, pikeys and assorted tramps that will (postally) vote for Labour

      It’s tribal, it’s selfish, it’s the Labour lazy chunt, something for nothing society.

      They are in the majority now.


  38. 130
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Is that a ‘Len’ request tweet from retardED?

  39. 150

    Give Scotland it’s independence, or Devo Max (I thought it was Howard Devotos cousin at first) and then exclude all Caledonian MP’s from Westminster when it comes to British and Welsh affairs – no more Liebore Party for us – RESULT!!

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