February 28th, 2012

Did Cameron Look the Gift Horse in the Mouth?

The Standard is reporting the slightly bizarre news that the Met loaned Rebekah Brooks a police horse to be housed at her country pad in Chipping Norton. It was clearly a very stable relationship…

The loan took place in 2008 while Lord Blair was in charge. This is around the time Cameron was courting Brooks and their close friendship struck up. Given that they used to go riding together, you have to wonder whether Dave ever rode this dirty steed? The PM has been saddled with another night mare…


  1. 1
    Huh? says:

    It was a retired police horse, they would have saved money because Brooks would have paid for the horses care and upkeep.

  2. 2
    Steve Miliband says:

    Nag, nag, nag. It’s just like being at home

  3. 3
  4. 4
    MrAngry61 says:

    A friend said: “Rebekah acted as a foster carer for the horse. Anybody can agree to do this with the Met if they have the land and facilities to pay for its upkeep.”

  5. 5
    Dave Cameron says:

    Look how cuddly lovely & left wing I am.

    Even though those nasty English people pay for all of the NHS I have decided to turn the NHS into the IHS – the International Health Service.

    As of today every waif and stray with HIV or AIDS residing anywhere in the world can come to England for free treatement.

    There. Are we de-contaminated enough yet, or do I have to make more Mu_slims Lords & Baronesses?

    Toodle pip

  6. 6
    The last Quango in Paris says:

    I can’t help but think the PM has been taken for a ride.

  7. 7
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    That horse shoukd have had a copper bottomed pension just like all the other fucking snouts in the trough.

  8. 8
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Why would she want to borrow a police horse?

    I mean, a dog, a car, etc.etc. might be useful. But what use is a police horse, unless you need it to charge at groups of hippies/students?

  9. 9
    Lord Levenson says:

    Has anyone checked the stable door?

  10. 10
    BBC Waste says:

    If these allegations were true…

    Did any money change hands for the loan?
    If not, why was the Met “giving away” police property?
    If not, was anything given in return, or was anything expected later?
    Do the police “loan” any items to other members of the media or public?
    Was it ethical?

  11. 11
    Huh? says:

    this is a clear example of DC big society, the burden shifted from the state to those that can pay.

    The horse was retired and therefore not on active duty, what would others do, have it put down?

    she paid for the care and stable fees , vet bills for the horse while under her care.

  12. 12
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    For once I think we might look to the French for the right answer to such problems.

  13. 13
    Sophie says:

    Any chance you could get your head out of your arse and recognise that your weakness and appeasement of Argentina is bringing the liklihood of conflict closer?

    Our defence is not safe in Dave Camerons hands.

    Blue Labour out.

  14. 14
    Rinka Scott says:

    The Prime Minister is a married man.

    He would not be seeking favours from a red headed woman .

    Do you know what happened to Mr Brookes’ computer?

    You remember it was the one which was found in the public dustbin when the police were visiting.

  15. 15
    genghiz the kahn says:


  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe she couldn’t afford to buy one herself, although she is married to a bloke who trains horses, I believe.

    Much better to use somebody else’s – a bit like holidaying in a villa belonging to someone else in Tuscany.

  17. 17
    Trigger says:

    A police horse is a valuable public asset.

    If it has been loaned out to a member of the community there should have been a record made of the transaction at the time to show that everything was above board.

    I make my request under the freedom of information act.

  18. 18
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Cameron meets Ed the talking horse.

  19. 19
    Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

    WAR HORSE, HA HA. This is the NEW Weapon to Defeat the TALIBAN, as everything else we have used dosn’t work and the War machine has bankrupted the country

  20. 20
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    And the point of this story is that Blair organised it, so Cameron must have known about it.


  21. 21
    as bad as the last lot says:

    Cameron is a horse’s arse

  22. 22
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    This does seem a trifle insane.

  23. 23
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    That red headed tart is fuckin loaded.

    If she wants a knackered old horse she can put her hand in her own fucking trousers and not mine.

    I don’ t take any of this crap about buying it a bag of oats and calling the bleedin vet out making it all right. She would have been doing this with her own horse for fucks sake. By borrowing my horse off Tony Blair without even fucking asking me she has got the bleedin nag for nothing.

    She cant pull the wool over my eyes.

    That Crusader Dick should be having a look at her bail conditions

    If Jonny Presscott thinks she is doing a good job he is dafter than he fuckin looks.

  24. 24
    Eccles says:

    When Cameroon gets kicked out he wants to go into Pantomine.

  25. 25
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    Guido “You have to wonder whether Dave ever rode this dirty steed”

    That would be the dirty steed with her flowing red mane* one presumes – most men would take her for a brisk canter, though she’s not my choice of mount, n’est ce pas!

    * cue Father Ted and Father Dougal with their Eurovision entry :)

  26. 26
    Boyo says:

    If you retire to Australia they wont pay any updates to the OAP yet the world can now come to the UK for free AIDS treatment.

  27. 27
    Adam Werritty says:

    Cameron cannot help looking like that.

    When he was at school someone stuck his head down the toilet!

  28. 28
    Lord Wayne of trombone says:

    he means the old nag you idiot

  29. 29
    Tommy Palmerston says:

    Cameron should be shot.

    30 British citizens are stranded without electricity on a beleaguered cruise ship in a pirate filled Indian Ocean and Cameron is being photographed with a rocking horse.

    A nuclear sub should have been at the scene by now.

  30. 30
    MrAngry61 says:

    The Burmese used to dispense cyanide to AIDS carriers – a cost-effective procedure, as I understand…

  31. 31
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

    Am not so sure – I once asked Guido for a double-entendre, so he gave me one, and very nice it was too.

  32. 32
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    Thereby hangs a tail!

  33. 33
    tottenham chutzpah says:

    Will Witney be re-named Royal Witney Houston?

  34. 34
    Bent City Solicitors says:

    Glad to see Rebekah has Bell Pottinger acting for her

    Old weeds never die…

    They will clean up the internet and comments unfavourable to her

  35. 35
    Bent City Solicitors says:

    The Met, News Corp and cammy all stink

    Corruption has taken over chaps


  36. 36
    MrAngry61 says:

    Preferably a hunter/killer sub & not a boomer – can’t waste a Trident missile on one ship…

  37. 37
    Blo Jo (Head of Pop) says:

    Lord Levenson took hospitality off the Murdochs as well

    It all going to be swept under the carpet

  38. 38
    Jack says:

    and then his “Lordship’ tries to read the Riot Act to them !

    Pull the other one

  39. 39
    Jimmy says:

    Samantha’s really not looking well.

  40. 40
    t says:

    Burger that!

  41. 41
    dobbin says:


    Do not want to spoil the thread with further coarse horsey jokes and quips and wished to raise the level of participation.

  42. 42
    Jack says:

    If Rebekag gets her horse from the Met

    Does Dave the Rave get his from the Household Cavalry ?

    Is that why there are so few hosses left at the Queen’s Birthday parade ?!

  43. 43
    The Chipping Norton Horse says:

    I think this is a copy of the Trojan horse cunning plan but instead of being full of Greeks it was full of Plod ready to attack the Murdoch Empire.

  44. 44
    David Cameron, PM says:

    Go right to the source and ask the horse.
    He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse.

  45. 45
    Caligula and his Hoss says:

    I can always provide this gang with a few horses

  46. 46
    State Dependents r us says:

    A British tourist has run out of fuel in a dodgy part of Miami. Why isn’t the Government doing something about it?

  47. 47
    Ancient proverb says:

    Beware of coppers bearing gifts.

  48. 48
    Caligula and his Hoss says:

    Gay valliant tought crime busting polizei

    I know that lot

    Rupie and his bent soliciters and bent Bell Pottinger will see them off in a jiffy…

  49. 49
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    And I have a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale in my hand which I paid for.

  50. 50
    Steve Miliband says:

    Perhaps Mr Brooks ran the horse in the 14.15 at Newmarket?

  51. 51
    Loungelizard says:

    Sarah Brown’s been yapping on about riding a horse, is there something I’ve missed?

  52. 52
    Chipping Norton farmer says:

    This is what these young people from London get up to…

  53. 53
    A country retirement says:

    Quite. She saved the hoss from the knackers yard. The poor sod had spent all its working life being attacked snd shouted at by raving loon lefties,

  54. 54
    Rebekah says:

    Your place or mine ?



  55. 55
    George Osbourne says:

    We have vectored in an increase in Prescription charges for the English only to cover this.

    It is the right thing to do and will make the UK a centre of excellence in the treatment of foreign HIV /AIDS sufferers.

    Anyway, Nick wears the trousers on all major decisions involving foreignors and English taxpayers.

  56. 56
  57. 57
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    This news will give the lie to all the naysayers in the press !

  58. 58
    Not surprised says:

    FOI request to The Met…how many retired horses does the service currently have? How many other “members of the public” accepted responsibility for retired Police Horses in the last 10 years? How many horses are currently being “looked after” by either members of the public or those animal rescue centres that take retired horses.

  59. 59
    POSH says:

    One of the few things that makes me hang my head in shame Tommy. The importance of the Brit anywhere in the world when a disaster of happening might occur.
    In this instance, no loss of life just an extended cruise in the sun with the marine company giving free booze and no doubt a large remuneration to make up for the passengers discomfort.

  60. 60
    George Osbourne says:

    You would be amazed at how much we spend every year looking after Irish travelling community horses.

    Really, you would.

  61. 61
    cynic2 says:

    Nonsense…they could have sold it

  62. 62
    Col Nut says:

    It was only a bit of horseplay. Cameron probably woke up feeling a little hoarse afterwards.

  63. 63
    smoggie says:

    Nay, nay, if it was retired, why did they not sell it?

  64. 64
    Col Nut says:

    Just a bit of horseplay.

  65. 65
    jockey Ed says:

    Horse? Horses?
    I can feel a little bandwagon coming on

  66. 66
    Nigel Doughty's Ghost says:

    Why don’t we just grind them all down to corned beef and glue like the Argies do.

  67. 67

    What is the point of the Filth?

  68. 68
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    they could. there is something a little odd about this – but do they actually keep the trained but a bit old horses “in reserve”. I can’t really see what sort of crisis would cause the police to suddenly need loads of spare horses.

  69. 69
    cynic2 says:

    Dear Commissioner

    Now that the principle has been established of placing retired public assets with people who will ‘look after them’ I should like to have the gift of one of your many Jaguars or Range Rovers. When these are retried from public service I am sure there is still some life left in them and I can promise to give them a good home where they will be cherished and looked after

  70. 70
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    It’s even more fucking stupid than that. If you return to the UK for a few weeks holiday you get the updated rate for the time you’re in the country

  71. 71
    Lord Wayne of trombone says:

    Lord M

    Dave lives local to her
    he probably pops up her back alley with an offering of fresh cream regular

  72. 72

    Less than 38 seconds and no foreplay.

    Just like Prezza, I hear.

  73. 73
    Michael Gove, David Laws, Gideon Osborne, Liam Fox, Nick Clegg, Uncle Tom Arse Bandit and all says:

    ‘married man’!? Ha ha ha ha ha!

    You English really are biblically spastic.

  74. 74
    Clerk to the Enquiry says:

  75. 75

    Hold on.

    That picture.

    I have been looking at it more closely.

    I took my glasses off and cleaned them.

    Looked again.

    That is not a real prime minister.

  76. 76
    I'll get me coat says:

    She always had an eye for the mane chance.

  77. 77
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    for “attack” read “help cost efficient restructuring of”

  78. 78
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    A cat with glasses on.

  79. 79
    Huh? says:

    So Brooks got a retired police horse and the Labour party got a donkey?

  80. 80
    A Clotheshorse says:

    David Cameron always seems to wear the same stuff. I think he’s a bit of a bore.

  81. 81
    Maximus says:

    Please do not refer to the Capital’s finest as “the Filth”. (“The Fuzz” is acceptable tho).

  82. 82
    Loungelizard says:

    Yes, odd that. Seems to be happening rather a lot of late.

  83. 83
    Maximus says:

    My extensive biblical knowledge (knowwotimean?) does not extend to comprehending biblical spasticity. Explain?

  84. 84
  85. 85
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t live in the UK but I am still required to pay UK tax.

    I was told that if I am out of the country for over 2 years I will have to wait 6 months before I am entitled to any NHS care.

    How come all and sundry are entitled to get NHS care, but I have to wait 6 months for it? Particularly as I have paid full stamp for well over 30 years, and I’m still paying tax!

  86. 86
    hoof says:

    Pin the tale on the donkey?

  87. 87
    presumed missing says:

    You are Gordon Brown !

  88. 88
    Maximus says:

    Jimmy Jimmy, it’s only Tuesday.

  89. 89
    TheRealJoePublic says:

    An ‘orse ??, looks more like a donkey to me(you know which one I mean).

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not Gordon Brown – thank God!

  91. 91
    Old Dog No Tricks says:

    Usually one would pay to have ‘a horse on loan’ and cover all the expences with it !

  92. 92
    Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

    Is it any wonder we MP’s are corrupt and public servants as well, when you get the example set at the top with Blair and Cameron sucking up to Murdoch? That is why I have not been prosecuted for fiddling my expenses and paying the Missus £20k a year for doing nothing, not to mention putting Katya up in a luxury London apartment at taxpayer’s expense. I know too much! Jahbulon.

  93. 93
    Catherine the Great says:

    Is it a stallion?

  94. 94
    G G says:

    It’s on the Met Police Mounted Branch website:


    What a wonderful non-story.

  95. 95
    Gilbert Fiddler says:

    Neigh lad, he were a ‘saddle git’…

  96. 96
    expat du jour says:

    … which begs the question HTF do they know you are in the country (unless you tell them specifically of course)?

    I have lived overseas for years, but a few years back I had to return for a week or so to sort out a mess left in my flat by the tenant. Two days after my arrival I got the usual impertinent letter from the telly tax office demanding I pay up. My reply is not reprintable on a family blog.

    But the question remains, HTF did they know I was back (albeit sans tv) – or was it pure coincidence?

  97. 97
    Seenitallbefore says:

    Cameron & RB? Shades of Archer & Coghlan!

  98. 98
    expat du jour says:

    Do you have the right ‘Blair’ ma cherie? I thought this story was about the ex-Met Pol Commissioner’s geegee.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Where in Chipping Norton does she live?

  100. 100
    An ass says:

    Just foaling about then?

  101. 101
    -Innit says:

    Obviously she lives in a nouse wiv a norse

  102. 102
    Rebecca Grant - Mitchell ( nee Steve McFadden) says:

    But the question is : Did I stable the horse in order to ” commune ” with it a la Catherine the Great ?? .

    Here’s a clue ; that Rasputin doesn’t even begin to compare ..

  103. 103
    Far out, dude says:

    No coincidence man, they’re watching you. They’ve got flying monkeys and laser beams and secret testicles and everything, man.

  104. 104
    Betty Swollocks says:

    Who is responsible?
    Why are there not clear and accurate records?
    Was the ‘loan’ for mony or money’s worth?
    Was the horse simply assigned temporarily?
    Could it have been undercover at any point?
    Most importantly – in a world where journalists are being murdered to bring us reports about war and repression, who cares about a fucking horse?

  105. 105
    Benefit scrounger says:

    Just pitch up at the hospital andtell them that you are a Bosnian mooslim and you don’t have any papers because you had to flush them down the bog on the ‘plane in order to claim asylum.

    Job’s a good un’.

  106. 106
    Benefit scrounger says:

    So we’re renting out Police property now?

    Jolly good – how much for a tazer and some dum-dum bullets?

  107. 107
    Raghead says:

    please don’t suggest the Gov does something when the Brits run out fuel – they usually invade a raghead country and steal it when that happens.

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Well not to my knowledge.

    If he did run a police horse in that race then i did not know anything about it.

  109. 109
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    Why is the Prime Minister of my country standing in front of a cardboard cut out of a horse and trying to look normal?

  110. 110
    genghiz the kahn says:

    I wonder if the police would rent out a few retired Heckler and Koch or Glock guns?

  111. 111
    Desperate Dan says:

    I hope lots of police horses spend time in the country. Its too horrible to contemplate them spending their lives in city centre concrete stables.
    I presume this ludicrous attempt to implicate Dave in a non-scandal dreamt up by an idiot has something to do with Guido’s assistant’s assistant.

  112. 112
    Grand Master, Grand Lodge, The Strand says:

    Boaz Handy.

  113. 113
    Neigh, Lad says:

    Some po-faced idiot who didn’t get the joke

    “@ruaridhsvend @RebekahsHorse I work for Barcroft Media, you’re using our copyrighted image as your pic, pls take down or twitter admin will be contacted”

    Oh, and a boring contradiction. Loan horses aren’t supposed to be ridden (presumably a rideable horse is a benefit but an unrideable one is just a cost) but this horse was rideable whilst it was loaned to Rebekah Wade

    The Met’s policy says “The Mounted Branch is looking for suitable homes for retired horses, that is homes where the horse will not be ridden. Anyone in the southeast of England offering such a home will be considered first.”

    But the Met’s spokesman said “”It went off to a retirement paddock in Norfolk once it couldn’t be ridden any more.”

  114. 114
    Bristol Boy says:

    No need for you to suck up to the owners and editors of your local newspaper in Portsmouth then Handy? We all know they have been in your pocket for years – but you should watch out – they are beginning to allow comments about you on the blogsite.


  115. 115
    Desperate Dan says:

    Are you saying that all Met horses must spend their entire lives in city centre concrete stables? That any offer from a member of the public to let them gallop about in a field or eat fresh grass, at no cost to the taxpayer, must be turned down? What sort of a monster are you?

  116. 116
    Freedom2Choose says:

    It points to how close she was to the met.

  117. 117
    Monsieur Blanc says:

    Non. It should be in a copper bottomed sauce pan

  118. 118
    Fish says:

    Yeah. Right.

    Allegra. Hopelessly stranded and all at sea. And that’s only the new Labour’s Newsnight (and former Guardianista) political editor.

  119. 119
    Anon. says:

    Well, we know Ian Blair was not averse to wining and dining the Met for some good publicity so he must have obviously just told her to take anything she wanted.

  120. 120
    Anon. says:

    She’ll always look like Angelina Jolie compared to La Toynbee.

  121. 121
    Col Nut says:

    Rebekah took the horse because she was advised a good hard ride first thing in the morning would do her good. Soon after plod took it back it died. Had it seen too much?

  122. 122
    Anon. says:

    I hear Mark Lewis has already approached the horse with a view to representing it at the Leveson Enquiry. The Guardian has already secured an interview, natch.

  123. 123
    Col Nut says:

    And to that fat faced p.c. clown “Lord Blair.” What did he get out of it?

  124. 124
    Anon. says:

    With or without a pension?

  125. 125
    Anon. says:

    Good publicity, of course.

  126. 126
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Whenever I see a double entendre I whip it out right away.

  127. 127
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Wear a tinfoil hat for God’s sake. Bacofoil,at least two thicknesses as the beams are getting stronger all the time.

  128. 128
    Silly Season says:

    More incisive journalism from the telegraph:

    “Number 10 silent on whether David Cameron used Rebekah Brooks’ police horse”

  129. 129
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.... says:

    “there was a culture at the Sun of bribery.”. so says the police.

  130. 130
    giant gonad says:

    Rough as a badger’s arse,

  131. 131
    huwwuh says:

    The horse had not been retired it was working under cover. The information it had gleaned was so sensitive it had to go. A team from Mossad were seen in the area the day before the horse ”died of natural causes”.

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Another hacking scandal…

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