February 22nd, 2012

Labour Councillor “Dearly Wishes” Thatcher Would “Go Blind”

To Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, where at last night’s meeting Councillor Ann Holland, a Labour member for Droylsden West, was turning on the rhetoric:

“Where did Prince Phillip go when he was ill? Where did David Cameron go with his sick child? The NHS. Where did Margaret Thatcher go for her eyes – I dearly wish she’d go blind, but she went to the NHS.”  

The Leader of the Council, Kieran Quinn, tried to distance the council from her comments saying:

“We do wish her well and do not support any of those comments regarding her health.”

During this an enraged Ann Holland shouted “you don’t speak for me!” at her comrade. What a charmer!

Guido has spoken to multiple people in the room who confirm these quotes. He just got off the phone with Ann who refused to deny saying these things. After quizzing Guido on his sources she said “no comment… I have nothing to say. I’m going now.” Going, going…


  1. 1
    Sam says:

    but Polly says the left a more nicer and intellingent.

    this cant be true ?

  2. 2
    The Voice of Reason says:

    Well done Cllr Holland for being so restrained.

  3. 3
    Liarpoliticians says:

    Fire her @rse.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Actually after seing that picture I think we all wish WE had gone blind.

  5. 5
    Pauline Campbell-Jones says:

    If Mags had to cast her eyes on that fugly munter she’d wish she was blind as well.

  6. 6
    PeteTheLegend says:

    Lets hope the door doesn’t hit her on the way out…

  7. 7
    Troy Tempest says:

    But I thought it was the Tories who are the “nasty party”.

    Now I’m all confused.

  8. 8
    Chris Roderick says:

    Typical Labour! She should know better than wish ill to others – it often comes back

  9. 9
    chumlee says:

    Cllr Ann Holland is another example of LABOUR FILTH

  10. 10
    Tom Tomos says:

    What is a multiple person?

  11. 11

    But would you want to fuck it? I mean, would you?

  12. 12
    David Blunket's Best Friend says:

    I was going to say that!

  13. 13
    David Blunket says:

    I’ll fuck anything put in front of me.

  14. 14
    Pauline Campbell-Jones says:

    Me too but mine got modded

  15. 15
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    She looks like a mong.

  16. 16
    more in sorrow... says:

    *sigh* the left really are a nasty spiteful bunch of bad losers

  17. 17
    Petert53 says:

    She ugly enough to make her husband either wish he was blind or that he puts a paper bag over her head during pillow talk time

  18. 18
    Splooge says:

    Christ! Look at those teeth! I hope she’s a carpet muncher cos I wouldn’t trust my porridge stick to a noshing from her!

  19. 19
    Adrian Swall says:

    Looks more like a double-bagger (or even a triple) to me.

  20. 20
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Is that Frank Carson in drag ?

  21. 21
    FonyBlair says:

    If it hits her face it might improve things!

  22. 22
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labour stands for site and hate.

  23. 23
    Lucy says:


  24. 24
    Steve Miliband says:

    I see that Slotgob is suing Murdoch. Moneygrabbing socilaist filth

  25. 25
    I don't need no doctor says:

    spite not site.

  26. 26
    Some Geezer wot's being pithy today says:

    I think we’d all dearly wish Ms Holland to go mute.

  27. 27
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    Let’s hope, councillor Holland, that Karma does not kick in and render you ugly. Oops! Too late!

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:


    “The Tory Government are now trying to force us to use more private sector companies but I will fight my hardest to keep our services in house as I believe we provide as a Council the best services without having to make a profit, where as Private Sector have to provide services and make their directors millionaires from the profits they will make from the Council Tax payers. TMBC has been a four star council for years and now the Tories are trying to change that.”

    Council funded website to make political points?

  29. 29
    Synic says:

    A comment about her is required Miliprat

  30. 30
    Wild Oscar says:

    Probably a PC loaded porridge knitter from Common Greenham

  31. 31
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labour are asking for a risk register that dates from Feb 2010 ( this being the latest version).
    How thick are labour!

  32. 32
    Some Geezer wot's being pithy today says:

    Give a Labour Councillor her due: at least she didn’t slap anybody, the old slapper!


  33. 33
    PK says:

    ………and her husband Councillor Barrie Holland too

    Oooooh bet they don’t make much per annum.

  34. 34
    What's Left? says:

    The Labour Party, formerly known as New Labour, formerly known as Militant Tendency, formerly known as Big Statist Neo Communists Comrade Red Flag Party really are the NASTY party.

  35. 35
    nellnewman says:

    “as I believe we provide as a Council the best services without having to make a profit..”

    What they meant was , if we can keep providing cheap poor-quality services. or preferably no services at all, we can keep paying ourselves bigger and better salaries, bonuses & expenses..

  36. 36
    Distraught master & commander says:

    Councillor Holland an endless vista of free false teeth with nothing to bite

  37. 37
    Rupert my hero says:

    Evidence of the Labour Scum we have elected to run our Councils, thing is Maggi was not Blind to what the Communist Led Unions were and are doing to Britain… thank your God.

  38. 38
    Sharon says:

    Well Ed obviously endorses this sort of murderous hate towards Lady Thatcher – he had no problems having a photo shoot with an extremist Trott wearing a vicious anti Maggie teeshirt.

    Its the left wing Guido – violence & hysteria is what they do whilst keeping the white working class up North in poverty & on welfare to maintain their voter base – I should know I am from Sunderland – Labour up there are vicious – especially the wimmin.

  39. 39
    Wild Oscar says:

    His dog?

  40. 40
    nellnewman says:

    Question from militwit to burnham ‘ well wasn’t thatcher in power then?’

  41. 41

    Funny really because karma has already been issued, as Gordon Brown IS blind.

  42. 42
    Express delivery Inc. says:

    May the curses of itchy arse and failing hair descend upon her and follow her until the end of her days. (Sometime in the next few weeks please)

  43. 43
    genghiz the kahn says:

    A woman who is in need of media training, and whose political achievements fit in this box [].

    Deadwood will be wondering how to spin this one.

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Just shows what utter filth Labour Party members actually are. Complete scum.

  45. 45
    Drome the Drone says:

    Difficult choice, but I’ll stick with Harperson thanks. Do you want a go with this one Handycock — you can pretend she’s a Russian teen if you’re sufficiently inebriated

  46. 46
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Talk about keeping it in the family ?
    her other half is a councilor in the same ward


    just imagine the expences

  47. 47
    Rupert my hero says:

    Let us see if he says this is NOT Official Labour Policy/

  48. 48
    Dame Lara says:

    Guido – publish the picture of Militwat with the mong in the Thatchers grave teeshirt.

    Shows a pattern on the left, from top to bottom.

  49. 49
    Synic says:

    Keep to the goats David. They don’t smell as bad as this tart.

  50. 50
    Rupert my hero says:

    Well there is something to be said for a culture which excludes women from Politics and Hangs Bum Bandits.

  51. 51
    JH says:

    Hold on, hold on. This is just ‘Alison’ from the previous story in a different wig, isn’t it. She gets about.

    The only other explanation is that leftie ‘managerial-class’ (relative term) women all come from the same genotype, with a terrifying mask of self-loathing, smugness and shrill aggression awkwardly attached to the front of their fat skulls.

    Either explanation seems likely to me.

  52. 52
    Hang The Bastards says:

    NASTY NASTY NASTY fucking ugly cow.

    Typical vile shite spourted by the nasty lefties !

  53. 53
    Perse O'Nally says:

    What a malicious thing to wish on anyone. Poisonous bitch!

  54. 54
    Andy Gray says:

    Tameside Council is notoriously corrupt (in some senses) and inept (in others), but yet the sheeple continue to vote for that red rosette to their own detriment.

  55. 55
    Hang The Bastards says:

    CONTACT THE BITCH on 0161 370 248

    Let her know your feelings !

  56. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Another filthy piece of excrement pretending to be a human being. Labourites are such stinking hypocrites. Burn the witch.

  57. 57
    Distraught master & commander says:

    She may have genius the contrary is, of course, probable

  58. 58
  59. 59
    Thick as shit Ann says:

    What a stupid cow. Labour is full of embittered psychotics. They hate being in opposition. It is all Thatcher’s fault? What a bunch of embittered hoons.

  60. 60
    Popeye says:

    Very very soon we hope.

  61. 61
    Hang The Bastards says:

    sure you didnt mean SHITE

  62. 62
    UNITE behind labour says:

    Meanwhile in the Wednesday Matinee of the “Greatest Show on Earth” Labour MP after Labour MP is presently giving masterclass in hypocrisy during their Opposition Day Debate all of them obediently reading from the Labour PLP briefing sheet(unfortunately Conservative MPs were given a copy too…such is the organistation of Ed’s Party Machine !) but the penny is now beginning to drop they’re actually supporting a motion that is demanding for the release of the Risk Strategy from November 2010 almost 2 years out of date..Doh ! Ed’s Team has played another blinder….

  63. 63
    nellnewman says:

    No email or twitter. That’s a shame!

  64. 64
    Hang The Bastards says:

    and pensions (self serving parasites)

  65. 65
    Cassandra says:

    This is exactly the sort of extreme fundamentalist leftish cow who became a camp guard and loaded the cattle trucks !

  66. 66
    Gripper Stebson says:

    For hate crimes i say we should feed her to the pigs. The nasty fuckin bitch

  67. 67
    Rh- says:

    socialists are just SO much nicer….

  68. 68
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    Remember: Nobody does Violence and Intolerance quite like the Left !

  69. 69
    Marmite says:

    The ugly bitch looks as if she could eat an apple through a tennis raquet with choppers like that. She truly is ugly from the inside out.
    Thanks for her ‘phone number HTB. I think I’ll ring and give her a dose of her own ugly medicine.

  70. 70
    Necronomicon says:

    Typical third world behaviour.

    In fact, Labour is a third world political party. Their statism is the same statism that cripples the economy of banana republics and oiligarchies worldwide.

  71. 71
    Dick the Prick says:

    Tameside is a socialist cesspit and this fugly runt has probably just secured herself some votes – ho hum….all kind of depressing, really.

  72. 72
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    The Wimmin made the worst Camp Guards as well

  73. 73
    I don't need no doctor says:

    What is it with labour that they do not realsie how stupid they are.

  74. 74
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    Bullying bitches as well due to their lack of self confidence

  75. 75
    I don't need no doctor says:

    yes that as well.

  76. 76
    RtHonJon says:

    Wow. This lunatic was one of my councillors a few months ago. The Council website has a phone number to spam…


  77. 77
    Greychatter says:

    And this person is representing – Who?

    That’s a hate crime – but Mrs. Thatcher is White so it doesn’t count and it’s said by a Leftie so that’s OK.

  78. 78
    Phil says:

    If I was Dave I’d let them have a copy of the risk strategy in 2010 as a one off because they asked so nicely.

  79. 79
    BBC Waste says:

    Ann Holland on Tameside council site…


    “I am now a Cabinet Secretary for Personal Services of which I am very interested in dealing with adults with learning difficulties, homeless, disabled and the elderly.”

    Well with views on Baroness Thatcher like this I’m surprised she has anything to do with the “isabled and the elderly” and pity the people of Tameside

    I notice also how the official Council communications channels (not party channels) is used to spread Labour propaganda…

    From the same page:

    “The Tory Government are now trying to force us to use more private sector companies but I will fight my hardest to keep our services in house as I believe we provide as a Council the best services without having to make a profit, where as Private Sector have to provide services and make their directors millionaires from the profits they will make from the Council Tax payers. TMBC has been a four star council for years and now the Tories are trying to change that.”

    And the Tameside twitter account is advocating people sign the drop the NHS bill petition. Is that a matter for the Council? Retweeting this:

    Sue Carr @SueCarrTweets Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Here’s the petition if you want to have a look: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22670

    Retweeted by Tameside Council

  80. 80
    The labour party here ok says:

    Why can’t you just turn a blind eye to such comments ?
    We do it all the time

  81. 81
    A Blind Iraqi Orphan awaits deportation says:

    Thanks to Bush and Bliar, I am blind and traumatised. It has nothing to do with Mrs Thatcher and everything to do with Labour.

  82. 82
    Speachless says:


  83. 83
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Labour just stands for c u n t z and mongs just take a look at their front bench, it looks like the worst of Rampton hospital on a day outing.

  84. 84
    John says:

    Labour will never have any credibility until they get rid of these hate filled nutters.
    When will they learn to fight on the issues?

  85. 85
    Observer says:

    Guido, Prince Philip should be spelt with one “l”.

  86. 86
    Blokes from Tameside says:

    Funny! When we see the Labour witch, we wish to be blind! What a nasty old boot she is.

  87. 87

    Is not the real question behind this is can they claim twice?

  88. 88
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    How can she square he role with her attitude to one particular eldery, disabled person?

    She should be sacked.

  89. 89
    z says:

    Those really on the left have always been a bunch of spiteful Hunts.

    It’s funny that it’s all coming out now isn’t it? What’s up with that? A few more of these kind of things and no decent person will ever vote labour again!

    Keep up the great work comrades!


  90. 90
    Marquis de Sade says:

    Serious Comment ; For such remarks ( about ANYONE ) the wretch should be hung , drawn , quartered , keel hauled and the remains burnt for good measure in case any life signs threaten resuscitation.

  91. 91
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Isn’t BurnhamUpInTheAtmosphere stationed next door to Droylsden?

  92. 92
    The General Public says:

    Is there any position in life more utterly pointless than a Labour “Councillor”?

    Go to meetings, spout off cliches about how the Tories are to blame for everything, draw your expenses and f*ck off home. I’ve never met one who wasn’t an utter waste of space.

  93. 93
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Mrs Holland: Sir you are drunk!

    Winston Churchill: Madam you are ugly, but in the morning i will be sober.

  94. 94
  95. 95
    Doctor Mick says:

    Fortunately, they never will..

  96. 96
    Legal: Sue Brown says:

    Mrs Thatcher is a vulnerable O.A.P. The Thatchers can sue people who publicly attack Mrs T for the Intentional, Infliction Of Emotional Distress. Labour need to stop bullying vulnerable people. It is disgusting.

  97. 97
    BBC Waste says:

    In 2010 the poor people of Droylsden West wasted £20,025 on Ann Holland in expenses and allowances.


    In contrast the Conservative run Hammersmith & Fulham allowance is £8,940, frozen at 2008 levels.


  98. 98
    The last Quango in Paris says:

    and where did Ann go for her eyes? Deidre Barlow’s opticians? It can’t be good for your health or looks to be so full of hatred and bile for so long.

  99. 99
    Jimmy says:

    Who better to lead the campaign for greater civility in public discourse?

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Is she any better or worse that those who vent their spleen on this blog. She “merely” feels as strongly about Mrs Thatcher for trying to control public sector spending and the subsidies from the South of England to the North as I do about Gordon Brown who knocked 70% off the value of my pension fund in order to increase public sector spending and finance “the Renaissance of the North”.

  101. 101
  102. 102
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    And does Ann Holland use the NHS?

    What a nasty woman.

  103. 103
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Lovely Loonie Left rhetoric lately. Hang a Banker a day. Death too all Tories. Now a blindness wish on Mrs Thatcher. Carry on, perhaps some Mad Marxsist will drop a most disgusting, disgraceful remark about the PM or his family. Thus rendering the Labour Party unvotable.

  104. 104
    Doctor Mick says:

    Wishing people would go blind is not entirely in the best of taste. No doubt she feels justified in such invoking such awful condition on Lady Thatcher “coz she destroyed manufakcherring an..subsidised communintees” but God has terrible sense of humour. May the Councillor wake up each morning blinking in the sunlight. She deserves less.

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Her husband is answering the phone now

  106. 106
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    It’ll do for a start.

  107. 107
    Steve Lloyd says:

    Just sent her a message telling her, her husband must be blind, how else could he manage to shack up with such an ugly f*cker, oh and i hope her house is broken into my one of her multi-culti friends, that she is raped, and contracts aids.

    Just kidding, i wanted to, but just couldn’t bring myself to sink to her level.

  108. 108
    The last Quango in Paris says:

    already done. McBride / Balls / Dolly.

    And just to be in avoidance of any doubt the use of the word Comrade should be only used in old Bond / cold war films – otherwise you sound like a real whackjob.

  109. 109
    CT says:

    The Liebour movement is populated by mannerless oiks who believe that ad hominem attacks are a substitute for meaningful political debate.

    It’s pretty obvious that Liebour is the REAL Nasty Party.

  110. 110
    Keith Battye says:

    That is one sick little pupette .

  111. 111
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    They have to practice hard, you know.

  112. 112
    Popeye says:

    This is a councillor elected by the electorate of Droylsden West, presumably sober at this meeting? She is empowered to make rational decisions on behalf of the electorate remember. Judging by her behaviour, she was either drunk or on some noxious substance. Maybe even certifiably insane. If I was a member of that division I would be out campaigning for her opponents.

  113. 113
    Desperate Dan says:

    She’s saying it as a result of a directive from Ed Miliprat who also instructed the Sunderland Councillor to say she wanted the IRA to bomb the Tory Party Conference. If Ed didn’t like that sort of stuff he’d throw them out of the Labour Party. And if the BBC weren’t so keen on it their propaganda department wouldn’t suppress it.

  114. 114
    jgm2 says:

    The difference is that Fatch did get some control over public expenditure whereas the ‘renaissance of the north’ has failed to materialise. It is still a shithole and the dopey fuckers still vote for more of the same.

  115. 115
    The Sheikh Of Arabeee says:

    Droylsden is a fucking shit-hole, even by the ridiculously low standards of the rest of Tameside. It’s full of fucking spiteful, whingeing, scrounging fucking Manc losers. They should just nuke the fucking place from orbit; it’s the only way to deal with self-righteous fucking Lefty fucking turds like this.

  116. 116
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    That is one fucking ugly trannie.

  117. 117
    Golly says:

    Droylsden was always a dreadful place.

    I have not been back since they closed the Robertsons Jam factory.

  118. 118
    SouthEastVoter says:

    What I don’t get is why they want Lady Thatcher to Die and then go blind???????? I know the Left are ignorant and delusional, but I did think they were on same evolutionary track.

  119. 119
    SkunkBuster says:

    Hello mate ! :)

  120. 120
    Ah! Monika says:


  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    “What is it? It’s their stupidity that stops them realising it.

  122. 122
    Droylsden Resident says:

    Thieving self serving parasites !

    This place is a shit hole. They have done nothing. Her achivement record which she proudly boasts on the website says in 2011 she achieved:

    (1) She has had some meetings with police and as a reult crime has reduced.

    (2) provided discos for the young people once a month where 200 attend.

    (3) started a Youth Club, averaging between 60 and 80 young people attending.

    (4) I am very pleased to report that new swimming pool at Medlock Sports Centre continues to thrive and provides a first-rate facility for the whole community to enjoy.

    (5) A new children’s play area and a superb fitness centre have been added to the facilities provided here.


  123. 123
    Shocked of Sheen says:

    What a cruel person to wish blindness on someone.

  124. 124
    Mike Hunt says:

    She has no idea how companies work does she, and to thing that this moron has a position of power.

  125. 125
    Albert hall says:

    None of this is mentioned in a tweet by tweet coverage of the meeting by the local paper, tho the reporter was very helpful in directing folks to the drop the bill petition

  126. 126
    Mike Hunt says:

    sadly true.

  127. 127
    Mike Hunt says:

    but they are tory and all tories are millionaires.

    So says leftie logic.

  128. 128
    Mike Hunt says:

    Not according to the BBBC

  129. 129
    Allan D says:

    It is now over 21 years since Mrs T left office and almost 33 years since she was first elected. Judging by her photograph Ms Holland could barely have started primary school when the latter event occurred so most her views regarding Mrs T would presumably have been garnered second-hand. It is interesting how Labour are so reliant on a hate figure whom they use to scare the voters into supporting them. It’s a bit like Ken’s obsession with Hitler. It’s that Lord Liverpool, I blame meself.

  130. 130
    Lickity-Split says:

    dont think I could maintain the required physical state to cover her with albino love chutney…

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Ah, but when she goes it’ll be like North Korea here. Anyone with a happy smiley face will be locked up.

    Ding Ding! Rejoice!

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    pls will you post the email of anne holland and the leader of her taliban council?

  133. 133
    Really? says:

    You forgot starvation and carefully-directed mass murder.

  134. 134
    Hugh says:

    You’re both talking out your backsides.
    Hate crime is hostility towards someone based on their disability, race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.
    Thatcher received this recent hostilitity because she fucked over large sections of society and they haven’t forgotten it.

  135. 135
    Liam Billington says:

    She is odd to put it politely. I attended one full council meeting only a few months back where she claimed that she suffered from severe depression for weeks because of John Major getting in ’92.

    Keep an eye out for Tameside Council’s deputy leader John Taylor. You can follow him at @johnwagtaylor and http://dukinfieldviews.blogspot.com/

    We actually have a deputy leader with “Love and Hate” tattoed on his knuckes. What does that tell you?

  136. 136
    Keep Ed Miliband as Labour Leader says:

    According to http://www.tameside.gov.uk/memberallowances/1011 between them the Hollands trousered close on £40,000 in councillors’ allowances alone last year (just £16 short of that sum).

    This doesn’t include allowances from the various authorities and bodies they sit on outside of their council work.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  137. 137
    Really? says:

    Sir, your spellchecker needs upgrading. It gives ‘millionaire’ instead of ‘competent’.

  138. 138
    clark says:

    the conservatives maybe the Nasty party, but all the NASTY PEOPLE are in the labour party

  139. 139
    Really? says:

    The children of Kent were frightened by the figure of ‘Boney’ well into the twentieth century. The historical figure of Napoleon Bonaparte had died some centuries earlier.

  140. 140
    Breton says:

    You act like such a bunch of babies when someone is mean to Maggie. Makes me laugh.

  141. 141
    JH says:

    Doubtless you have no problem with people berating Brown then. He fucked over a whole society, not just sections of it.

    Or is he your kind of bastard, so it’s OK? I presume so, given the ease with which you slip in to public-sector-land-speak.

    Miners do not constitute a ‘large section of society’ by the way. You kind hate Thatcher because she encouraged the kind of self-reliance of which you are incapable.

  142. 142
    Roseleen says:

    Always have been… and always will be.

  143. 143
    Roseleen says:

    Nope – I wouldn’t fuck that – looks like a bloke in drag…

  144. 144
    Chief Cashier says:

    Maggie still winding them up after all these years. Wonder what the right will be saying of Blair after 30yrs. Just noticed the prudent Mrs Blair going to court regarding phone hacking, no out of court settlement for this piece of shite!!!!

  145. 145
    Jimmy Krankie says:


  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Why are large numbers of Labour Party supporters so unpleasant, why are they in a time warp where they cant move on from things that happened in politics 25 years ago. Im afraid that instead of holding political views, they just seem to be riven with feelings of envy for anybody whose lot in life is even slightly better than their own.

  147. 147
    Mini Mongus Boring the arse of me on the BBC says:

    The Kieran Quinn should grow a spine and report the evil dogcrap!

  148. 148
    JH says:

    You act like such a bunch of babies when someone is mean to anyone from your nebulous list of protected species. Makes me puke.

    Wimmins rights? YES!
    Muslim wimmins rights? (deathly silence and mild discomfort)

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    But would you really hope Gordon went blind, and do you have champagne ready to celebrate when he dies ? these are comments i have heard said about Mrs Thatcher and it is realy vile. Labour party voters are all resentful jealous inadequates.

  150. 150
    drax says:

    When the thatcher creature finally dies there will be an awful lot of people waiting to literally dance on her grave, and those are the polite ones.

  151. 151
    Chair Ee says:

    We want as much money as we can get, plus costs.

  152. 152
    Arthur Mullard says:

    When Lady Thatcher dies be prepared for the most enormous torrent of hate, spite and bile from every leftie loon in the country.

  153. 153
    Stu says:

    Piss off back to Brittany and laugh there then you useless Hunt.

  154. 154
    Stu says:

    I hope you go blind before Thatcher does Ann old love. You aren’t fit to lick to the dog shit off her shoes.

  155. 155
    Breton says:


  156. 156
    Sungei Patani says:

    She looks as if she came out of the same mold as that Trotskyite rent-a-gob who was haranguing Andrew Lansley yesterday.

  157. 157
    Momentum says:

    I admit my first reaction was what a dreadful woman and then I reminded myself how much I intend to party when I hear of the death of Blair, Brown, Balls and various others. I wouldn’t say it a council meeting though.

  158. 158
    Adrian Swall says:

    Hope she’s buried at sea then.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    How about a plastic bag!!

  160. 160
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    Not really , I hint at those in my moniker

  161. 161
    To be Fair says:

    To be fair with regards their joint salary of £40,000 this is easily great value for money and indeed their efforts pay for themselves just as long as the 200 kids who attended their disco each month pay around £180 admission fee.

  162. 162
    Conrad says:

    Or Japanese motorcycle disease-itchifani.

  163. 163
    Ichabod says:

    And why are all the women so dog ugly ? No wonder they all demonstrate such bitterness and envy.

  164. 164
    Chris says:

    I hail from Droylsden. We’ve got Holland and her husband in West, and the Quinn family in Droylsden East.

    Nepotism at its finest.

    And they’re crap.

  165. 165
  166. 166
    Tradition says:

    The children ( and adults) of Hartlepool were frightened of a Monkey whom they mistook for a Frenchman. Thankfully in time the fear disappeared and they ended up sending said monkey to represent them in Parliament. This tradition carries on till this day and in fact has also been adopted in many Constituencies in the North East.

  167. 167
    Bitch watch says:

    Its an improvement on Holland whos knuckles say Hate, Hate

  168. 168
    Droylsden resident says:

    you won’t say that when ourAnnie is elected Madame Presidente de France

    -as she soon will be!

  169. 169
    Pollys Love Child says:

    Well, the Scottish twat is already half-way there…

  170. 170
    Pundit Too says:

    Fat and ugly in spite of a smile – par for the course on Labour of course.

  171. 171
    Pundit Too says:

    Women’s rights in Brittany. Hmmm.
    Used to regularly meet these remarkable but plain Breton women, who were mainly wives of fisherman. They managed the home and finances as their husbands were only reared to catch fish.
    Very suspiscious isolated lot the Bretons, so I hope you are enjoying living there. Perhaps you left UK to escape Maggie?

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Really? WTF are you smoking/drinking/otherwise ingesting, dumkopf? What a P.Rick…

  173. 173
    MB. says:

    The Labour Party do seem to attract some very sick people who come out with comments like that. There are a lots of Leftie “comedians” who have made a career out of saying things like that about Margaret Thatcher.

  174. 174
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    You’d think from listening to these shrill hysterical nitwits that Cameron was pushing a Bill to abolish the NHS! What exactly is the point of saying idiotic things like “Where did Prince Phillip go when he was ill? Where did David Cameron go with his sick child? The NHS” ?? No-one’s suggesting that the NHS is going to be scrapped, and no-one’s doubting the good work that people in the NHS do. All they’re saying is that it’s a bit of a dinosaur, the world has changed dramatically, the country’s bankrupt (thanks to Labour) and so the NHS needs to be reformed. Are these people really truly that fucking ignorant?? Jeeezusss, if i hear one more rant about ‘how valuable the NHS is’ !! Like what, that means it’s untouchable and will never ever need even the slightest tweak?

  175. 175
    Eastender says:

    We can do better than that in Sunderland. We have the ‘Leader’ Paul Watson, his wife and sister on the Council. There are also the Truemans – husband & wife plus another married couple with the initials Ik and BM.

    Keep it in the family.

  176. 176
    Dim Beaux says:

    Neither does she seem to be aware that 99% of people from the area actually work in private sector companies. She does not look old enough to have been educated under Blair so what went wrong?

  177. 177

    This is the punish Labour Councillor “Dearly Wishes” Thatcher Would “Go Blind” – Guy Fawkes’ blog journal for anyone who wants to move out out around this substance. You respond so overmuch its most wearying to represent with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new stunting on a subject thats been graphic most for age. Squeamish foul, simply eager!

  178. 178
    maggie the dog says:

    all i can say is well done margaret for distroying the unions and annoying the likes of her

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    It’s way more than £40,000 in annual Council allowances for the leftie Holland Household. Hubbie Barrie gets an additional £14,000 on top, as Prevention/ Protection Committee Chair at the Fire Authority (£3,912 basic +£10,195 as Chair):


    But so far, he’s only attended 1 of the 2 meetings of the Prevention/ Protection committee he chairs. Why? One gathers he “didn’t want to miss his cruise with the wife.”


  180. 180
    Hugh says:

    Your comment is based on some pretty rash assumptions. Probably better if you slow down and read what’s been written rather than just over reacting.
    For the record I have no problem with Brown getting stick. I do not consider miners to be a large part of the population. Nor for that matter do I consider them to be the only sections of society who feel they were fucked over by MT.
    I’m not sure what kind you’ve assumed me to be, but again for clarity I am not the sort to go about hating politicians who, whatever their (misguided) positions (left & right) believe they are doing ‘the right thing’ for the country. Which I believe MT did.
    In short, shape up son, your post like the couple I commented on is ill founded shite.

  181. 181
    Airey Belvoir says:

    She reminds me of the ditty that goes:

    Look at the mothers in the park
    Ugly creatures, chiefly,
    Somebody must have loved them once
    But in the dark, and briefly.

  182. 182
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    Do please provide us with the list of those people who you think suffered under Margaret Thatcher (I cannot bring myself to use the vile language you indulge in.) I personally spent my 80’s youth in one of the most deprived areas of the country and no-one, but no-one suffered to the excesses that today’s brainwashed, unthinking Labourites love to make out.

  183. 183
    Mary Whitehouse says:

    You mean, apart from that sick Trotskyite in the T-shirt?

  184. 184
    English Teeth says:

    NHS dentistry – the envy of the world!

  185. 185
    Hang The Bastards says:


    They are no longer taking telephone calls from members of the public who want to voice their opinion to this disgusting public figure.

    Here are her contact details again from her council web page:

    Tel: 0161 370 248

    She lives at 47 Shelley Grove, Droylsden, M43 7YF, so you can send her a letter if you want.

  186. 186
    Hugh says:

    ‘Mary’ do your own research love.
    Looking at your post, other peering out your window once in while, you haven’t done much so far.

  187. 187
    Archie says:

    Blimey! One look at the physog of this old bat and many others would wish themselves blind!

  188. 188
    Archie says:

    Why the fuck does anybody in their right mind give a fuck what Milliprat, Bollocks or any of that shower think, say or do?

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Bunch of fucking loser c_unts, not a bit of fucking courage between the fucking lot of you. This is the lady with the biggest winning margin in the whole of manchester, do any of you hard fuckers sat behind your pc’s even know her or are you a bunch of gutless c_unts who won’t come out from behind your sad fecking lonesome PC and try to.

    In case you hadn’t noticed we live in a nation where free speach is all the rage, I can for example say that Maggie C_unt Thatcher is the only twat that every took milk from children. I don’t wish she was blind I wish she’d never been born. But at least she had balls, you bunch of c_unts seem to think that publishing somebodies address is super cool. You’re no better than the twat that tried to encourage roiters on twiter earlier this year, in fact you’re worse. Scum the lot of you.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Why not ak her what she got paid 20 years ago when she was first elected?

    She got fuck all!

    Why don’t you step up to the plate and take the phone calls at 11:00pm from somebody who wants their bin emptied. Or is it that you are guilty of envy? She works very hard much harder than some scum bag banker, you are a twat!

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    Hey steve, I hope somebody breaks in to you house and fucks you up the arse whilst you wife is forced to watch.

    You realy are a big hard C_unt are you not? I’d really love to bump in to you you gutles C_unt!

  192. 192
    Mars attacks says:

    No come on – say what you really feel – let it all out, you know you’ll feel better!!
    (I haven’t quite stopped laughing though…..!!)

  193. 193
    Mars attacks says:

    Be honest – she does look like the Yanks caught her in the mush with friendly fire napalm, but managed to extinguish it with a f*cking shovel.

    Still, she’s visible proof that abortion should be on demand.

  194. 194
    Mars attacks says:

    No Anonymous – they follow the party line, rock no fucking boats and get a pension from our pockets at a rate you and I would be ecstatic about, if we can ever afford to retire. Many jobs involve unsociable hours, but all the private sector ones expect you to own the problem, not blame someone else, who incidentally handed a highly beneficial balance of payments economy over (through Major) to Labour who then proceded to burn through the money like a fucking crackhead lottery winner to hold on to the power!

    A socialist is someone who can always tell you what to they are going to spend your money on – but have no idea where it comes from.

  195. 195
    Remember The 80s says:

    Margaret Thatcher, the woman who told us all to “Rejoice” at the news of the sinking of the Belgrano in the Faulklands war. To rejoice at the news of the loss of 323 lives.Yes, I know they were the enemy but her crassness at rejoicing in the deaths of hundreds of young men who were sent to war the same as our own troops was a disgrace. The sadness in the inevitable loss of lives, of sons, husbands, brothers & fathers in war didn’t touch Thatcher at all.

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