February 16th, 2012

If You Can’t Beat Them…


  1. 1
    Hee Hee says:

    Play nicely readers ;)


  2. 2
    Gaylord says:

    Slowly being brought back into the fold so he can start spinning for the two Eds?


    • 12
      Ed MilliBland says:

      Can’t be too thoon for me!

      I did mith PMQooth yethterday and I really want thomeone to help thpin and regurgitate my unathailable withdom and perthpicathity.


  3. 3
    Sod the Eds says:

    I notice the sleazy little knut doesn’t allow comments. What a shame. I’ve got a few tasty remarks saved up for the slimebag.


    • 5
      Archer Karcher says:

      An cowardly Arsehole like McBride can dish it out, but never take it back. The left is riddled with cowards like him.


      • 6
        Archer Karcher says:

        A, Doh!


      • 22
        AC1 says:

        Our own host likes to delete things that the establishment don’t like.


        • 36
          Archer Karcher says:

          Post it on your own website then.


        • 37
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I imagine the establishment don’t like big expensive riots disrupting … the thing you want to see written about.

          You might have a point if the -thing- ends and there aren’t reports about this. I seem to remember similar -things- were kept quiet whilst they were happening, and all reporting restrictions were removed after the event.

          Do you want riots?


          • AC1 says:

            The best way to prevent riots is to make sure the law’s being seen to be done and not cede real news reporting to the B & P…


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            If this were on the TV, radio, or papers, people vaguely interested in the subject would turn up for the fun. And with publicity of any rioting the fun would be doubly increased by fellows who like to be on TV. People getting the news via the source you mention are fewer in number, and less motivated to join in without publicity.

            TV would make it more of an event.


          • albacore says:

            Yeah! Now, weren’t it all soddin’ scandalous
            No institutional racism fuss
            Ever surfaced into the light of day
            That Macpherson made it all go away
            The state, it just had to keep it quiet
            Our gaffers, they couldn’t risk a riot


    • 8
      I agree says:



    • 9
      Hang The Bastards says:

      The toe-rag will never enable comments.

      He is an evil vile shit and the public will pursue the fucking parasitic tvvat for as long as he lives.


    • 14

      Comment 1. – Don’t use light grey, 10 point typeface on white. Its unreadable.
      Comment 2. – See second sentence, comment 1.


      • 19
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        Comment 3. Write something someone, somewhere, might find vaguely interesting.
        Comment 4. Writing while pissed only works for talented authors.


  4. 4
    JH says:

    Labour Councillor “likes” IRA bombings.

    Yet more Labour scum. Why am I not surprised!



  5. 7
    A sanctimonious, lying, cheating, two-faced, bullying, snot-nosed economic illiterate says:

    Did I hear the word ‘beating’ ?

    It’s time I had a good thrashing! Up for it?


  6. 11

    A right click on the mouse and it’s possible to save the background image on its own. A clone of the sidebar should be less than a minute’s work. He doesn’t have much of a clue, does he?

    It will just be a matter of time before some wicked person does a complete rip off of this blog.

    There are some bad people out there who can use Photoshop, Damian…


  7. 25
    Dolly the bottlewasher says:

    Hi Damian

    Have you got your head oput of the bog then ?

    Simply fantastic…


  8. 26
    kk says:

    nice pair of tits


  9. 27
    Socialist dog crap in Edinburgh says:

    Who wants to read the Mong’s shite?


  10. 30
    Damian the bog cleaner says:

    I miss those days at the Westminster Arms, Paul

    I ruled Britain in those days with Thuggie Whelan and Dolly the Arsebandit and the one and only Great Imbecile Brown, our hero

    We had the Lobby in our pocket all those Shyte Whyte and others of that Ilk

    And we smeared anyone with impunity until you came along and spoilt the whole game

    Damn you

    PS But I am still a staunch Catholic as you know

    God knows why the Church puts up with me….


  11. 31
    Damien McBride says:

    Whitney Houston was a washed up drug addict. Oh, wait, that’s actually true. That’s no good to me. I need to smear someone with lies.


  12. 32
    Madoff Mandelson says:

    I’m glad to see one of my wingers, the lovely Damian, coming back into play

    I always loved him and Doly

    I am proud of introducing some of the most revolting people into British political life

    But I am “travelleing” now…

    Making myself filthy rich… so poo hoo and love live plastic assholes


  13. 33
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Wonder why Alistair Cambpell took to the booze. Guilt over the lies he told when he was Blair? Mind troubling him over all the deaths in Iraq?
    Campbell along with McBride is a vile shit.


  14. 39
    • 60
      getting me oats, like says:

      That fellow with the ear muffs is clearly delighted to be seated next to such an illustrious presence. If he put them over his ears he would not have to listen to his companion’s dribble.


  15. 44
    Well it's a thought says:

    So Liebour has been scouring the bottom of the bins for ideas and has found one idea that the shelf life expired when Brown was kicked out, oh the joys or oh fck that still leaves us with Camoron and the morons in charge, screwed either way.


  16. 45
    Disco Biscuit says:

    No comments facility; pity…


  17. 47
    Monging magician says:

    Jog On. Retard


  18. 49
    Some Geezer wot once heard that imitation was the sincerest form of plagiarism (initials are JH) says:

    Better make sure you clear your postings with Tom Watson first, as Alastair Campbell with his Leveson evidence, if you’re going to shill for the Labour Party. Wouldn’t want to cloud the message, Dames old boy. That is, if your blog isn’t going to be some sort of put-up job in the first place; where better to moot certain ideas that an Ed might come up with but doesn’t want to be seen or heard advocating? “I know, let’s get McBride to hint at, and coyly play what-if with, stuff that’s been in the air around here! People might think he’s actually coming up with ‘journalism’ of the Guido Fawkes sort, you know, the why-won’t-anyone-say-this-openly sort of thing!” They can always point to his checkered past and say it’s just McBride being McBride, if the responses to the ideas go against them.



  19. 52
    Black Cab says:

    In his own words on his blog, all his views are ‘blah’. Yeup.


  20. 54
    wotson says:

    ug uf


  21. 61
    Jimmy says:

    Reduced to blogging? The shame.


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