February 13th, 2012

Sense of Proportion

“Who polices the police?” asks Trevor Kavanagh column this morning. The answer to that question is that a free press sees money changing hands with public servants, seems to be Kavanagh’s main point. Guido isn’t so sure that will cut it.

One of the biggest digs in the whole column is at former Telegraph editor Will Lewis, who authorised payments for the stolen expenses files and is now at News International. He sits on the Management Standards Committee passing the police the ammunition about Sun hacks they need to try to recover their own tarnished reputation. Not popular in Wapping…

The events of this summer proved that the relationship between News International and the police was too close and that it impinged on the group being able to properly fulfil their role in the accountability process. That is not to say though that the police need to respond with anti-terror officers, dawn raids and what looks like a coordinated attempt to go for the Sun’s jugular. Why do journalists like Coulson, Brooks and the Guardian’s Amelia Hill get to meet the police by appointment when they are suspects? For the Sun it’s been very different:

“Wives and children have been humiliated as up to 20 officers at a time rip up floorboards and sift through intimate possessions, love letters and entirely private documents.”

Nobody is saying that any newspaper should be above the law, or that investigations should cease, but the Met are even more foolish than anyone already thought if they believe putting a bit of disproportionate stick about is going to shift the spotlight from their own failures, corruption and general incompetence.


  1. 1
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Yes to the police sorting this. But the Met look like they’re doing theatre to compensate for their inaction so far. Worse, if this true then they’re playing the same media games as everyone else.


    • 6
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Jade goody.
      Under-vetting and then over-vetting of people working with children.


      All the same bloody roller coaster of “news”.


      • 10
        Spartacus says:

        the police investigating the police.

        mmm . . . that’ll work


        • 88
          Anonymous says:

          You’re right Spartacus. It works fine for mp’s investigating mp’s.


        • 105
          Rage Against the Political Elite. says:

          GREECE Burns.
          ITALY Going to Burn. Then SPAIN, IRELAND, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, and if we dont stop borrowing money and printing money to PROP their corrupted financial systems up. WE ARE NEXT. Politicians who can spend on their PET schemes and War mongering massaging the masses with a bit of bombing. The economics of the MAD house.


          • just saying says:

            people who live in mad houses should use the caps button less


          • Gobbets Raw says:

            I heard on RT.Com earlier today a Geezer saying that inside the Brussels Bunker, theObersturmbannfuerers give Greece 8 weeks and then they will be forced to default.


        • 123
          Dirty cops says:

          Personally I’m more outraged that the corrupt cops took the money than in investigating those offering it.


          • Rip van Wrinkle says:

            Asked my Mrs that yesterday. Who’s the more criminal, someone who offers a bribe or someone who accepts it?

            Answer, no hesitation, the one who accepts.


      • 14
        dumbstuck polititwat says:

        Time to learn the lessons, draw a line, and move along going forward methinks.


        • 18
          Unaligned voter says:

          Draw a line do nowt as usual? I don’t think so. Lack of action by our lovely press barons has resulted in the press liable to sever muzzling for a while.


    • 35
      Tooth fairy says:

      This is the ultimate failure of the Labour Party politicising the Police. Before we had an independent Police and the dangers of this Politicising were told to all by the Police Federation.

      Don’t start criticising now that good officers are trying to right years of wrong doing. They are acting within the law, which is far from what journalists were doing.

      Those errant officers will fall just like anyone paying them. I just hope that the Police go where the evidence takes them and Blair & Co will come in their sights at some point, that is when they might ‘blink’ hope they don’t.


    • 39
      Simon says:

      When’s it Peirs Morgans turn?


      • 64
        £5 Million BBC pilgrim with gold-plated pension says:

        Not for a while, when the Sun dumped Gordon and Labour was when all the trouble started. Labour hid all this before as it benefitted them. Now you know that Labour is just as c0rrupt as the BBC.


      • 66
        Ivan Agenda says:

        The Mirror Group are getting away with murder while the Sun is bashed and the loony press act with the police behind the scenes and probably doing plea bargains.
        Government out of control on this issue as the police are generally useless at investigating themselves and will protect the Labour placement still in position.
        Gets more like Russia 1918-1921 every day.


        • 141
          jrand says:

          Indeed. Arresting journalists and suppressing the media has long been the hallmark of fascist and authoritarian regimes. What is happening in (a conservative-ruled?) Britain is a disgrace and an vicious attack on freedom of speech. Of course its all payback for exposing the MPs as swilling swine. Nevertheless the whole idea of the Leveson inquiry is very sinister. Watch your back Mr Fawkes your blog will be next.


    • 67
      Call me Dave's state. says:

      Welcome to modern Britain. Where the state Stasi arrest abd interogate the press, politicians dictate who the clergy must marry and the state schools indoctrinate their pupils with the religion of AGW.


    • 121
      Anonymous says:

      Will Lewis? Now who have I seen that name in connection with before? Ah yes, his brother Simon was Gordon Brown’s Director of Communications. No axe to grind there then.


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    i am the Police


  3. 3
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “wives and children …” blah blah blah. Who wrote that then. Ah I see. someone from the sun.


  4. 4
    Jess The Dog says:

    In the various battles between the media and the authorities, the media has never lost… not even Hutton, when heads were handed over on plates. The institutionally-corrupt Met’s heavy-handedness will come back to haunt them.


    • 9
      The Paragnostic says:

      It’s not that they are institutionally corrupt, more that they are institutionally New Labour / Common Purpose.

      Now that the handlers are out of power, the dogs are off the leash, and hunting in packs as usual.

      Rusty Dave was naive to think it would be otherwise – the whole management structure is packed with Labour placemen and unless they are cleared out more of this will follow. Every arrest, every piece of heavy handed action, plays into the hands of Leveson and will be used to muzzle free speech and control the media, as the Stalinists of New Labour desire.


      • 27
        Jess The Dog says:

        I think the police are usually institutionally corrupt. Not every force, mainly the Met and other big ones, and not in a big pantomime villain way or like out-of-control US police departments. British police are well-paid, well-trained and probably the most professional and accountable in the world. But there is an institutional legacy of relationships and behaviour that isn’t acceptable nowadays, plus the knee-jerk reaction to close ranks. The biggest failing of the McPherson Report was to mislabel this as “institutional racism”… more like “institutional corruption and incompetence”.


        • 46
          The Paragnostic says:

          Couldn’t agree more re MacPherson – one of the accused was the offspring of a well known criminal who had good friends in the Met.

          But I think the level of corruption these days is nothing compared to the late 70s – 80s – we haven’t had a repeat of the West Midlands Crime Squad since then (unless you count the Cardiff court case that failed recently).

          As long as the press activity hasn’t actively harmed police investigations, I don’t see the problem with the police and the press having a mutually beneficial relationship, or with the press bunging the odd grand here and there for information.

          What I do have a problem with is a politicised police force that is a client of the Left, which I fear we have.


          • I endorse that and take it further.

            Once you have a politicised force, the promotional avenues become politicised too and, in no time at all, the whole force has the same mindset.

            You cannot cure that by removing a few figureheads. It needs cleaning root and branch. But that is not practical either – one cannot simply leave a vacuum.

            Therefore what has taken less than a decade to introduce will take several generations to properly eradicate.

            (Same goes for MPs BTW)


          • Corrupt and bent as fuck says:

            The promotional avenues ARE politicised and have been for a number of years. This is most obvious in promotional interview panels were candidates are asked questions designed to ensure they are on message with the Political dogma of the day.


      • 28
        The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

        +1 the biggest stitch up ever of press freedom is underway.


      • 29
        Gonk says:

        Socialism, like a reforming and adapting virus is going in all sorts of strange
        and unpredictable directions. Completely agree that Dave had better start
        clearing out sharpish. Not strong enough though.


      • 38
        Super Zuffle says:

        The Paragnostic


        Could not of put it better myself the whole establishment is stuffed to the rafters of left wing place men. The same with the Quangos, the system needs dismantling!


        • 69
          Ex-Tory says:

          Completely agree. Cameron and pals know this, but don’t have the stomach for a fight. They know the establishment is now wholly socialist. They have decided to keep the status-quo, while ensuring a legacy for themselves.


          • Really? says:

            If the ‘establishment’ – the BBC, teachers, university academics and so forth are indeed now ‘wholly socialist’, Cameron and his allies have left their legacy in the hands of people who are drilled in deriding it.

            It’s as if we’d won in 1945 and then let Nazi historians write our history books, casting us as murdering villains.


          • Rip van Wrinkle says:

            Cameron want a fight? He is a fucking socialist, you twat.

            Haven’t you noticed yet??


          • Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

            + 1


      • 65
        The Golem says:

        Forty years of fast-tracking “graduate talent” up into the top levels of policing was bound to lead to an unhealthy, cosy relationship with the left. The consequences have been there to see for some time, although our tame msm have ignored them. I agree with your assessment of Cameron’s position, he will do nothing effective to change the situation. I think though he is a placeman like so many others.


  5. 5
    mike smith says:

    Met bollix meets Sun bollix! You know, I trust the Met way more than that NewsInt shower!


  6. 7
    nick says:

    Is it only me who is surprised at the swiftness that the TV media gets to hear about arrests in this case. Which police officer are they paying and why is no-one investigating that !


  7. 8
    ed martin says:

    Which newspapers are most read by the police?
    It may be that they take the gutter press more seriously than do many of the rest of us because they choose to read it.
    Its also for the most part a London issue, and by coincidence that’s where the mediocracy live and ‘work’.
    Again that doesn’t affect most of us in the UK.


  8. 13
    dorset lad says:

    If Kavanagh is so deeply concerned about the waste of Police time, perhaps he should encourage all Sun employees to spill the beans, volunteer the information and provide the evidence to the police. so plod can get on with other things?
    Perhaps the Sun could do a front page splash and put up a reward?


  9. 16
    Does it matter? says:

    yes, of course, pop down to the country station, please don’t destroy any evidence, we trust you not to…..

    Of course, you won’t…your in the media….. honest people; we’ll sort this out with SGT of the Plod….

    christ….. grow a pair, u do the crime, expect a knock at the door and your stuff search for…yep…evdience


    • 47
      Justice for the Left says:

      So by your logic the police should have a pending extradition warrant for Piers Morgan? No did not think so as he worked at the Labour supporting Daily Mirror!


      • 124
        misterned says:

        Murdoch owned the labour supporting News International when all the hacking and blagging was going on.

        News international, the Met Police, the civil service and the Labour government were all one big corrupt incestuous group, all working for the advancement of “new labour” when all the hacking was actually taking place.


  10. 19
    Divine Sarah says:

    A Murdoch newspaper thinks it’s wrong to send large numbers of people round to a citizen’s house, where wives and children are humiliated.
    A Murdoch newspaper thinks it’s wrong that people have had their lives disrupted, their careers put on hold and potentially ruined.
    A Murdoch newspaper thinks that those who shape our lives should not be allowed to operate behind closed doors.

    One sinner that repenteth……..


    • 50
      Unaligned voter says:

      Murdoch repenting?


    • 51
      Sarah Twat the twitty tweeter says:

      Do you mean little me?

      I’m just here munching this carpet if you need me.


    • 74
      Ex-Tory says:

      So other newspapers and broadcast media don’t hassle people in the public eye? Why is it only Murdoch’s newspaper that you object to? Nothing to do with them not supporting Labour anymore?


      • 159
        Divine Sarah says:

        I was responding to an article in a Murdoch paper the day after employees of a Murdoch newspaper were arrested. I was congratulating a Murdoch newspaper for deciding that what they had done in the past was wrong. Don’t quite see how what I wrote connects to what you wrote.


  11. 20
    Old Hogarth says:

    The hypocrisy is insane though. If it had been any other business, the Sun would have been right behind the police and their actions. And to complain about the vilification of Sun journalists, compared to the vilification of teachers, social workers, or people who happen to be the landlord of a murder victim with slightly odd hair, is blatant.


    • 153
      jrand says:

      Kavanagh in the Sun today is quite right. If similar levels of resources, time and energy had been poured into bringing the bankers who have bankrupted the world, to justice, people might be less outraged at the current gross heavy-handedness. Instead a grotesque sense of values reigns.


      • 164
        Corrupt and bent as fuck says:

        The Yanks have begun the process of prosecuting individuals involved in the banking crisis, over here its another story.


  12. 21
    Anonymous says:

    So the Sun thinks some of it’s reporters are being hard done by. In other news the Pope admits to occasionally taking communion etc etc.


  13. 23
    Helpful says:

    Never forget that the Police are one of the last highly unionised nationalised industries and largely self-regulate to protect themselves from outside scrutiny. Given the testimony I have heard before the various committees recently, I would also say that their top people are pretty thick.


    • 53
      Unaligned voter says:

      Or corrupt. Leveson might find out this week.


      • 73
        Pundit Too says:

        More like thick, incompetent. and corrupt. Most are Labour placemen and need to be weeded out. Blair tried it with the military but it did not work out well, though he had far more success within the MOD.


        • 89
          zenbadger says:

          Ah yes, that MOD which is such a success now that its accounts are world famous for their accuracy, its spending being above reproach and its lengthy history of procuring the best gear for the best price.

          Lets hope we have similar success with the police!


    • 82
      Perse O'Nally says:

      If you think that the Police Federation is anything more than a toothless tiger, then you’re living in cloud-cuckoo land.


  14. 24
    Anonymous says:

    You’ve certainly changed your tune, Guido.
    I remember you believed for a long time that Coulson would never resign and didn’t need to.
    And you said the concern about Murdoch’s influence was a lefty Grauniad obsession.



  15. 30
    The Paragnostic says:

    For all Whitney fans – Apple (makers of shiny shit for shallow people) have increased the price of her albums on iTunes.

    Cashing in or what?



  16. 31
    john says:

    The Fact that BBC NEWS has been giving this story 24/7 coverage, even to the extent of dropping the top of the hour news bulletin to make way for live broadcast of the Levenson show trial, should raise our bullshit alarms. This is all part of the internet/alternative news/non-approved news media clamp down that has been in full swing recently.

    News International might be a bunch of bastards, but they are at least an alternative set of bastards. Only once the New World Order finally destroys Murdoch’s empire will the baying mob realise they’ve been duped.


    • 45
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      When they do illegal things it seems to be always about utter trivia and nonesense.

      The Sun isn’t saving democracy when it tells us who footballers or actors are shagging. Which is 90% of what this is all about, and its a circus sideshow.
      AND that aint going to save you from the new world order. In fact the lizards love a story about Wayne Rooney’s cock.


      • 60
        john says:

        Fool, look at the bigger picture. News International in the States (Fox News) is now under attack. They’ve been forced to sack their two highest show rating presenters Glen Beck and Judge Napolitano, two attack dogs who have upset the Messiah. This isn’t about page 3 tits you buffoon.


        • 71
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Right, so its all a global conspiracy against NI.

          How come theres been all this “hugh grant” stuff too then? That particular spat has nothing to do with NI. Everything to do with silliness of the gutter press.
          How come the times has got through this without much grief?

          The sun is useless. I was generous suggesting that 90% of what its been up to was trivial bollocks.


        • 76
          harmless buffoons don't get sacked says:

          A lot of criticism and smears aimed at these guys, but they must have been doing something right.


        • 103
          I hate to say I told you says:

          Glenn Beck wasn’t paranoid after all. They WERE out to get him.


      • 147
        Farmer says:

        Wayne keeps chicks? I thought he preferred the other sort of chicks (allegedly!).


  17. 34
    lola says:

    The demise of New Labour was not the end of its malignity. It has left a hysteresis of authoritarianism and cronyism. The police, the quangos, the State employees that were all party to New Labour’s cronyism are now desperately casting about for whipping boys to blame for their own gross failure. This is not at all funny. It is as Kavanagh says simply a witch hunt.


    • 49
      Bystander #4 says:

      Agreed! – but I think you might find hysteresis is about a loop and electromagnetics and stuff, – far away from the piffle of LieBore! (THOUGH THERE MIGHT BE SOME INTEREST IN THE INTRODUCTION OF THE ELECTRIC CHAIR FOR CERTAIN MEMBERS OF IT!)


    • 70
      Gonk says:

      Correct lola. Something appears started here that seems irrational and strange.


  18. 40
    m'Lord Prezza of Scoff, NooLieBore Illumination, commenting on current key issues says:

    t’police can anything interfere they like ‘cept me wot is ‘bov t’law like y’kno how’tis wiv us lords cor blimey see ‘tits on that! i’m a tit man meself, – anyways ain’t had me 3rd brekky yet . . anyone gottapie . . sandwich . . tart . . patsy . . ?


  19. 41
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    “If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the latter”.

    U.S. President 1801-1809


  20. 42
    Gary Elsby stoke says:

    Maybe a rendition of one musics greatest love songs should be attempted.
    Fireball XL5.
    What do you say?


  21. 44
    Guy Martin to win TT2012 says:

    Sarah Jane’s looking very foxy today


  22. 56
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    How strange! Comments on the Graun piece on this investigation that is not a witch hunt in any way, shape or form(!) were closed early. Very early.

    “And when they came for The Guardian… there was nobody left to support them.”


    • 78
      AC1 says:

      In fact they were lining up to give them a kick on the way…


    • 160
      White Rash says:

      Funny that, I’ve been trying to comment on Trevor Kavanaghs piece through the Sun website and can’t find a way to do it – unless I sneak it in to a discussion about whether some busty lass should be allowed back into Towie, wherever that is.


  23. 77
    True says:

    Terrible Guido.

    So all are equal under the law apart from journlists?

    Lets just ignore what they have done.

    i thought the police, Policed with the consent of the people?

    The police/media and pliticons are coruppt and are only intresting in geting thier side across, poor journos hacking phones, poor ncoppers being forced to take bribes for info, poor politicons being held to account.

    and for you to defend it?


    • 86
      Golly says:

      If I was pc Plod I would arrest old man Murdoch the minute he sets foot in the country.

      There are far too many unanswered questions involving his employees both past and present.


    • 86
      The Paragnostic says:

      You are Billy Bowden and I claim my £5

      Seriously, though – there are gradations in all classes of misdeeds, and if journalists have been paying for access to the PNC, then that is of course wrong and must be investigated. But if it turns out that what was going on was either journalists getting good stories from the police and paying for it, or that the misdeeds were at one remove (e.g. a private investigator getting PNC info and passing it to the journalists, having paid a police officer), then it is not the journalists who need to be held to account.

      You miss the bigger picture, which is that all of this was considered OK while Labour were in power and NI were supporting them, and only now is it considered worthy of a huge investigation. How more resources can be devoted to this than to the Lockerbie investigation is a question that should be answered by the Labour placemen in the Met – as taxpayers we all have a right to know why this is being done at all, and why now.


    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      Your comment has no sense of proportion mate.


  24. 83
    Sockpuppet #5 says:

    The spelling and grammar on this site is getting worse.


    • 94
      Tony Eden from Eton says:

      The spelling and grammar on this site may be getting worse but let us all hope and pray that the performance and morals of those in public office who choose to serve us have improved.

      Prison building and guarding may well be about to become the new growth industry.


    • 156
      Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

      Look for things to deteriorate with the use of iPads and their infamous “auto correct”, which is useful enough not to turn it off, but can produce strange comments. And this site does not permit you to edit your comments to fix them.


  25. 84
    Phil from Wrekenton Severn Stars says:

    Police have been behaving like this in Wrekenton for decades.

    welcome to the real world you southern softies.

    if you are female and get out on bail it’s a good idea to get pregnant. if you are convicted later you can say they can’t send you to jail because the sprig has human rights


    • 95
      don't even go there says:

      WTF? Sounds like Jeremy Kyle territory to me.


      • 104
        Golly says:

        I would rather be stared out by Jeremy Kyle than a policeman in a police cell conducting an audio interview.


        • 125
          jeez says:

          “….if you are female and get out on bail it’s a good idea to get pregnant.”

          So this is the sort of advice that passes for perfectly normal up north is it, and something you’d advocate for your own daughter no doubt? Hey, why have a normal pregnancy based on mutual love and commitment, when you can keep one in reserve for when you get nicked by plod?



    • 131
      misterned says:

      Aye ‘cos it’s awful that the police would even think of investigating any crime committed by a female init?

      FFS! If they do the crime, they should do the crime, and if pregnant, have the sprog taken off them, because prison is no place to bring up a child and if they got pregnant just to avoid a custodial, it proves that they are not a fit and proper person to become a parent anyway.


  26. 97
    wot u alredy new p.94 says:

    all coppers like to do is hide in offices and ride round in cars and chase kids and leave the real crims to get on wiv it and think aart thre pensions and send pscos’ out to do there dirty work then retire early and get jobs back where young lads wi families wood love to have


  27. 99
    cheche says:

    Put this together with the HMRC raid on the RBS directors who would not give up their bonuses and I begin to get worried about this government


  28. 101
    bergen says:

    I think the history books will record all of this as a Salem-style outbreak of mass hysteria and scapegoating.

    We are in the worst economic mess since the 30s when the press were similarly scapegoated.

    Baldwin described them as having “power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages”.


    • 107
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      Greek police are trying to get arrest warrants against EU and IMF officials.

      t could happen here very quickly


  29. 110
    Desperate Dan says:

    There’s no sense of proportion anywhere. Two moronic footballers behave like the morons they are and the Salem Witch Trials break out.


  30. 111
    Oh!!! says:


    • 118
      Desperate Dan says:

      Hooray. Some sense at last.


    • 138
      MB. says:

      The Sun points out this morning that any “fine” for deporting will only be a few thousand pounds, I am sure that much could be raised with a quick collection on the streets and pubs.


      • 161
        Business Cat (Specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

        It certainly could. Canada is subject to PC fits, like all Western countries of course, but thank God we do not have to answer to this wretched European court (at least, not yet).


  31. 112
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    PoliticiansPressPolice. Follow the money.


  32. 114
    Police Commissioner Prezza says:


    Guido Fawkes talking about a sense of proportion ?

    Or is it that his right wing hack friends risk getting locked up ?!


  33. 116
    Desperate Dan says:

    There should be dawn raids on the individuals who’ve taken out ridiculously large mortgages to buy property they can’t afford and/or huge credit card debts to pay for electronic gadgetry, trainers and rubbish clothes. Their contribution to the economic mess is no less than that of the banks.


  34. 117
    Fight for the freedom and of our broadcast media. Subscription only says:

    The Inconvenient Debt hockey stick graph.


  35. 119
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Trevor Kavanagh confuses “press freedom” with corruption! Corruption should be rooted out where-ever it lurks, including newspapers and their journalists. Of course dawn raids, why not?? If they are suspects in serious corruption they should be treated as such!

    Kavanagh belongs to a world of lies and half truths which leaves in their wake; devasted lives and little redress against a handful of rich and poweful men. The tide has turned and rightly so. Press freedom yes, to behave like criminals, corrupting everything in their path NO!!!


    • 145
      inside- out says:

      Corruption, hardly a punter rings up offering a picture the news desk and picture desk do a deal Offer the punter a grand and pay him legit through the books 50/50 between each desks budgets.The punter then turns out to be Old Bill,so it becomes corruption.Then the police raid the homes of news and picture desk executives who paid the monies yelling corruption.


      • 149
        Westminster Gossip says:

        It really depends on your starting point, a copper ringing up a news desk is one thing and a journo then encouraging a copper to sell inside information. ON the stock exchange both go to jail however, in the world of the newspapers this sort of inside trading is rebranded; “it’s in the public interest”! It’s more in the commercial interest of the paper and its circulation.

        We need a clear line between the police and the media in the same way we need a clear line between the government and the judiciary!!


  36. 120
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    Spineless Dave promised elected police authorities but that would horrify his EU pupet masters, wouldn’t it Dave?


  37. 122
    Widescreen2010 says:

    Pass the popcorn, please.
    I’m enjoying this.


  38. 127
    Coiled Spring says:

    Nobody really polices the police. They are a body that can almost get away with anything they choose. The IPCC is a prime example of a deviant section of the police and has on numerous times failed to prosecute illegal action by their own men and women. This country is no less corrupt than any other country.


  39. 129
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    How strange! Many dawn arrests of alleged bribers, but no dawn (or any other) arrests of the bribees.

    What a funny investigation!


    • 137
      MB. says:

      Nothing new about that, if you have a road accident you could well be taken away in handcuffs whereas a police driver having a road traffic collision will be treated with kid gloves.

      There was a report in the Scottish press yesterday of a Scottish Chief Constable who collided with another vehicle whilst on the wrong side of the road but the collision is being investigated by her own traffic department!


  40. 133
    Penfold says:

    As ye sow so shall thee reap.

    The Street of Shame is finally getting its comeuppance, with those happy to use dubious measures, including bribery and corruption, finally bring brought to book.

    It’s not just N.I. that has engaged in these tactics, so its only fair that the Police investigate all, including the Guardian, which does not have the self-professed clean hands that they like to invoke.

    I’m also highly suspicious of TWAT, alias Tom Watson. For an MP and outsider to the press industry he seems remarkable plugged in and well supplied. So, who’s been briefing him? and who gains from this shambolic mess?


  41. 135
    Ivor Biggun says:

    In my experience of the police they should be treated with the contempt they deserve.


  42. 136
    MB. says:

    It would be rather amusing if it could be proved that the police tipped off other news media about raids on Sun staff as they usually seem to do.

    At one time we were told that they did dawn raids and smashed doors down to prevent evidence (usually drugs) being destroyed but it seems to have become routine for the most trivial enquiry because it makes good pictures for the press and TV reality shows. There was one classic raid after last year’s riots when dozens of police entered one flat with just as many press lined up photographing them. I don’t know how all the police fitted in the building and it must have been very difficult to keep an accurate record of who entered the building and who went where as is required for evidential reasons.

    I am no fan of Mr Murdoch and his empire but the investigation does seem to be concentrating too much on his newspapers. When are we going to see some arrests at the other newspapers or have they been more careful and not left any traces of their illegal activities.


  43. 139
    Tardkiller says:

    some people really need to read up on the realities todays Police, they are not fit for purpose and root and branch sackings need to be carried out, the ACPO needs to be nuked.

    Someone, somewhere needs to stop the merry-go-round of organising that is the latest re-hashed idea by some wet behind the ears, vastly over promoted HQ brown-noser.



  44. 155
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Corrupt politicians, corrupt police officers and corrupt journalists are cut from the same cloth; they rely on cheating their way to success in the name of “public interest”.


  45. 162
    Jess The Dog says:

    Media vs Government (including police)…. media hasn’t lost a public opinion battle yet, not even Hutton, which was handed on a plate.

    OF course, media vs general public is a different battle…


  46. 166
    Anonymous says:

    My comment is awiting moderation


  47. 167
    Anonymous says:

    Awaiting, even.


  48. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Delete at your peril


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