February 10th, 2012

The Real Cost of Peterborough Pilgrims

The unions have often moaned that the investigations into their facility time are unfair. If anything figures put out by the Taxpayers’ Alliance were very conservative. Take Rona Hendry (£43,600 per annum) and Mark Burn (£29,700 per annum) for example, two Pilgrims who seems to spend their time creating ‘social communities’ online for Peterborough Council.

The TPA report into taxpayer funding of trade unions said that Peterborough claimed the cost of Pilgrims was £56,385. Further digging puts the actual true cost at almost 50% higher. In other news Peterborough have rejected the council tax freeze.


  1. 1
    Winning says:

    fucking disgusting.

    They should be taken outside and shot!


    • 12
      Jeremy Clarkson says:

      Shoot them in front of their families!


      • 206
        Fruitbat says:



      • 238
        Bingo Hylton says:

        Lets not forget all these government appointed jobsworth most of whom were appointed by Liebour still sucking on the public tit.


        • 267
          st fm says:

          LOL and so the tory rabble sings its song of hate..
          Right wing scum all the same..


          • Archbishop Desmond Tutu says:

            Because I think taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize trade unions I am scum according to you?

            My local council has 8 trade union staff. The have free office space, computers, internet, phones, photocopying. They have access to free computer training courses. They even have paid administrative assistance. On top of this the council pay pension contributions and employers national insurance. Across the country in hospitals, schools, councils, government departments this amounts to a subsidy that is over £100m a year.

            It won’t be long until trade union members have to pay the true cost of their membership – possibly double what they currently pay or more! We will see how many members what to remain when they have to pay the true cost and they realise what bad value for money it is. Boys the gravy train has left town and now you are going to have to pay!


    • 14
      FartingHippo says:

      Teensy weensy bit excessive, don’t you think, Colonel?


      • 22
        AC1 says:

        Yes. A claw hammer is cheaper.


      • 25
        Peterborian says:

        Who do these pilgrims represent? Last year Peterborough CC sacked all their direct labour and replaced them with agency workers on minimum wage. This we were told would save us council tax payers a fortune. Perhaps they are representing each other.


        • 32
          Julie Davies says:

          Do Peterborough Council have a job for a fat-N-UGLY non-teaching teacher?
          I would be the ideal candidate, and Haringay would surely support my application. It’d sane them plenty of money.


          • From the makers of the Big Society says:

            Never mind Julie if you dont get that job you can always apply for job of Police Chief, no experience necessary.


          • MiLord Prezza of Clott says:

            Just you watch it toff! me and my biker friends will be round yours like a like a like a like a like lik lik lik li li li li l l l l l l oh f8ck!


        • 50
          Maximus says:

          Equally, what exactly does Peterborough Councillor Walsh’s “Cabinet for Community, Cohesion and Safety” represent – apart from meaningless twaddle for an easy life?


          • Kered Ybretsae says:

            All sounded very not saying, not to upset, but I would like to know the Coucillors job description, in the cabinet for C, C & S. Sounds very dodgey to me!


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Now let me see……..

            Could it be a swanky office in a newly-refurbished council building (at taxpayers expense, of course), a full complement of staff, a car (with a driver), a hugely inflated salary and an unlimited expense account?


          • Cynical-old-bag says:

            Now let me see……..

            Could it be a sw*nky office in a newly-refurbished cou*cil buil*ing (at ta*payers expen*e, of course), a full compl*ment of st*ff, a c*r (with a dr*ver), a hug*ly inflat*d sal*ry and an unl*mited exp*nse acco*nt?

            Sorry about asterisks – my last comment was modded.


          • Welcome to the Big Society says:

            Full of Self serving hypocritical big-mouthed lard-arsed bollocks-talking limp wristed idiots, – but no stupid they can’t claim every f***ing penny off the tax-payed.

            bastards – hang the lot of them – and anyone who brought them into being.


          • Never mind all that!!!! says:

            WTF is the No.10 Behavioural Insight Team !!!!!????

            Camertwat is one big snowball


          • Mrs Business Cat (specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op.) says:

            “Cabinet for Community, Cohesion and Safety.” Look guys. The party is over. Manufacturing is not coming back from China and Europe and North America and Australia and NZ have to deal with it. We cannot afford this crap anymore!

            (Canada and Oz somewhat better off due to natural resources we can flog–Oz sells iron ore and coal to China. Canada sells oil to the US–if Obama does not get re-elected Canada might the green light to extend the pipeline to the Gulf Coast and then we could sell it abroad. Right now, oil is about $20 a barrel cheaper in N.A. due to this).


    • 19
      Own Goal says:

      Is Peterborough a Labour council? If so then the council tax payers have only themselves to blame for voting socialist.


      • 28
        Peterborian says:

        Tory council .Tory MP


        • 39
          Get your act together says:

          The Tory MP Stewart Jackson is fuming.

          “It is time the cabinet stopped listening to its highly paid council officers and started listening to the council taxpayers.

          “I am disappointed they are one of the few councils in the country not to take up the grant and freeze tax.”



        • 121
          Sir Aston Martin says:

          So they did vote socialist, then.


        • 265
          Anonymous says:

          Labour Councils like Lambeth spend ten time as much on their pilgrims at the same time as cutting things that do not cost them anything (but might upstage the Olympics) like the 38th Lambeth Country show – and offering funds instead “to community groups to run smaller festivals”.

          Tessa Jowell (shadow Olympics Minister and one of these who supported the Zil lanes that will paralyse London and help cost the UK economy more that the Olympics could ever hope to generate) supports the canellation because “Thre will be great pressure on all our police resources and teh hsow requires a great deal of policing”. Meanwhile the police has said that the decision to bin the event at short notice was the council’s alone and they would have “supported them in any deciison they would have made.”

          Who agreed the provison of Zil lanes for “the Olympic Family” to travel from West End hotels across London, as opposed to what was necessary to ferry athletes to venues outside walking distance from their accommodation? Who was consulted? Were their decisions legal? Is it too late, in any case, to call for judicial review with a view to confining the lanes to athletes and/or a couple of hours in the morning to get to the Games venues only.

          Where are the programme to entertain the NEETs of London who have not yet been able to steal HDTVs and smartphones to watch, of are they be expected to be busy robbing those watching on big screens outside the security zone, alongside the worlds pickpockets.


      • 151
        Marcus Aurelius says:

        but the voters are not the same as the taxpayers

        most voters are on benfits and not paying the tax innit


      • 233
        Unaligned voter says:

        Not much choice mate. Labour = crap = boll*ocks. Tories will always attack the NHS.


        • 251
          Archer Karcher says:

          Any corrupt organisation like the NHS, where it costs £300 to change a lightbulb, needs attacking on a regular basis.


    • 26
      Ah! Monika says:

      Don’t follow the money on these, follow who they know!


    • 72
      blue34 with extra beastliness says:

      Be fair, its cold
      Do it inside


  2. 2
    J. Pig grim says:

    This is victimisation !


  3. 3
    Bongler says:

    We need to get rid of these scrounging pilgrims right now. No delays, no reviews.

    If they’re doing union work, make the union pay. Or sack them for moonlighting.


  4. 4
    Red Ken ( pond life ) Livingscum says:

    Going into meltdown…….. http://bit.ly/wlSL40


  5. 5
    Peter Grimes says:

    Absolute clucking Guardianista jobsworths! Sack the clucking lot of them!


  6. 6
    Pilgrim Father says:

    Come, come. Excellent value for money, I think you will agree?

    Another assured performance from Peterborough Council.


  7. 7

    …creating ‘social communities’ online…

    Is this another form of postal voting?


  8. 8
    What's Left? says:

    Today Forrest MiliGump whined on about the bankers yet again.

    How about doing something about union parasites and errr…. comrades who never turn up in Parliament and yet rake in tax payers money as absentee MPs. I’m thinking G Brown & D Miliband, for starters.

    MPs who do not turn up in Parliament for less than four days per week, should be suspended or dismissed. (apart from illness or public service like overseas visits on UK business).


  9. 13
    Trinny says:

    I bet this comment never makes it on to Comment of the Day


  10. 16
    Money for old rope says:

    I will do BOTH their jobs for £28720 p.a. How’s that for a saving?


  11. 17
    ToonBob... says:



  12. 20
    Anonymous says:

    How much does the council give the unions via staff training on the Trade Union courses they just happen to run for just about all jobs within the public sector, supply, provide mats and room facilities for ?

    Do the trade unions arbitrate in staff disputes and employment issues ? If so, was the arbitration/work put out to tender ?


    • 169
      Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      Local Government is the last bastion of unreformed blatant corruption in this country. Nothing will come of it, as all political Parties garner huge funds from planning corruption. I should know because I have been in local government for 45 years, been involved and Head of planning for most of those years, in the most corrupt local Authority in th UK, Portsmouth. Boaz.


      • 176
        Michael says:

        Pis of, yu impursonatur, I av didicated my lif to public servis.


        • 184
          Local Government Ombudsman says:

          Local Government cannot be corrupt because I regulate it.


          • Corrupt Local Government is in great need of Reform says:

            That being the case, what about this then?


            and this?



          • Local Government Ombudsman says:

            Here I am showing how dynamic I am in dealing with incompetent and corrupt councils, I hope these rumours that the Local Government Ombudsman covers up for incompetent Councils can now be put to bed.


          • lgowatcher says:

            If you are a normal complainant forget the LGO because they are a waste of time and effort and bury most Local Authority wrongdoing.

            They gave Wirral Council a clean bill of health and we all know what is happening there at the moment. Even questions in Parliament.


            However, if you are an MP with a high profile case which may result in some positive spin for the LGO then you may well find the biased LGO useful.



          • Margaret Thatcher says:

            What’s her Phd in, something useless like ‘public services’ from the Open University? Typical public sector, calling herself Dr instead of Jane Martin Phd. Looks to me like another overqualified public servant with little ability, as the posts above testify to. They were useless when I was PM, even more so now, by the look of things.


          • Eric Pickles has let us down badly says:

            1. Local Government is till corrupt and incompetent.
            2. It is too expensive and a burden on the taxpayer.
            3. It’s mediocre officers are paid far too much.
            4. There are too many levels of management.
            5. There is not enough outsourcing.
            6. It’s performance and service delivery is abysmal.
            7. It is not regulated properly.
            8. It’s Regulator is corrupt (see above)


          • Chief Executive Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) says:

            We have been creaming it for years by providing useless courses to Councils, that are not required, and we charge top dollar for. On average every Council in the land spends about £100,000 a year on these useless courses and most of it is pure profit, tax free, because we are a registered charity, and all paid for by the taxpayer. Thanks. Must go now and arrange for some council officers to move to other councils, doing the same job, but on double the pay.


  13. 21
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    Bastard “Metroproles” having their cake and eating it again and again.
    I say ‘hang them’, infact I’ll even do this one off the books myself to add a nice touch of symbolism…


  14. 23
    Are you listening Dave? says:


    • 30
      Ah! Monika says:

      Bugger here today, gone tomorrow polititians, let’s sort out the NHS NOW before the GBP install another socialist regime.


    • 31
      annette curton says:

      NHS kill it, em, needs a good shake down.


      • 37
        ToonBob... says:

        Agreed, the NHS is a dinosaur.


        • 41
          NHS says:



          • ToonBob... says:



          • sandy says:

            Imagine a world where shoe shops were nationalised. In each large town there was only one shop selling shoes. And because you knew you had no choice and the workers there knew you had no choice their attitude was that you should be bloody grateful and subservient to them. And if you didn’t behave you would find yourself on their ‘bad books’, finding it strangely difficult to get any shoes at all.

            The shoes would be free but you would have to make an appointment 4 or 5 days ahead before you were granted permission to visit the shop and see a shoe enablement officer, followed by possibly an 18 week wait before the shoes you were told you could have would be ready for you. And when you turned up to take possession of the shoes, as likely as not you would be told that the shoes had not yet arrived or discover that the shoes did not fit you or were not the ones you were expecting. And of course you could only have one pair of shoes per year unless you had a form signed by three professionals. And of course there was no computer system because it cost £12 billion and didnt work.


          • Sir William Waad says:

            Now imagine that, if you wanted medical treatment, it would be provided by a 16-year-old trainee with an attitude problem and would only be available if you could afford it. If you needed anything a bit unusual they wouldn’t be able to do it. All the actual work would be done in the Philippines by chidlren chained to workbenches, while the customers paid for expensive branding and huge merchanting profit margins. And they would always, always try to sell some some useless shoe care product for £9.99.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I want a shiny iKidney.

            My current ones are dull and brown and don’t do “angry birds”


          • ! says:

            “Now imagine that, if you wanted medical treatment, it would be provided by a 16-year-old trainee with an attitude problem and would only be available if you could afford it” – in modern Britain you do not have to imagine


          • Anonymous says:

            Work done on the Philippines, Sir Waad? Too late, they’re already over here working as carers in OP homes (normally after “qualifying” from some Pinoy diploma mill where answers to exam are handed out before the sitting)


          • Yeah but no but says:

            we ‘av to s’port the yoof – don’t we ?


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Mayday, mayday! This is CCHQ to Guido. We’re taking a pasting on the NHS, Qatada, QE, Gender Quotas, Tax Breaks for Domestics etc etc Any chance of a few articles on Pilgrims/Miliband to deflect the flak?


    • 193
      ffs! says:

      Who the fuck does he think he is FFS?

      Put yourself up for erection election you c’unt!


      • 209
        The Biased BBC says:

        More to the point, who do the BBC think he is?

        He is just like me, an unelected Conservative voter, no more no less

        But the BBC portray him as the official voice of the conservative party, WHY?


  15. 24
    Loungelizard says:

    Has the Gov got the guts to really go after these leaches in a knock em down drag em out way or is it all just hot air.


  16. 27
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    It’s not even hot air – it’s stale air.


  17. 29
    Ah! Monika says:

    And are the Guardian still coining it in to advertise these insider appointments?


  18. 36
    Selohesra says:

    Filipino dating – thats more like it Guido – beats the old slappers you usually advertise


  19. 38
    Just the 1st two vacancies says:

    We are seeking to recruit an experienced manager to join our Safeguarding team
    Contract Type:Permanent
    Working Hours:Full time
    Send to a friend More details
    Closing date:
    24 Feb
    Head of Strategic Communications
    A dynamic and experienced head of strategic communications is required to lead our multi-disciplinary team
    Contract Type:Permanent
    Salary:£55,375 – £72,027


    • 46
      £5 Million BBC pilgrim with gold-plated pension says:

      No mention of the qualities required like maxing out on expenses, the ability to keep feet on the desk for longer than 3 hours, being able to waste public money faster than anyone else, etc.


    • 53
      I don't need no doctor. says:

      Why do they use cover up names like Safeguarding. Why not Union Protection Racket Tax Payer Robbing Team.


    • 58
      annette curton says:

      Multi-disciplinary team?, I could do that for a starting salary of £55 thousand and have got all the gear, handcuffs, whips, the lot.
      Hoping my job application has been successful.
      Yours sincerely,
      annette curton.


    • 170
      Anonymous says:

      What are “Strategic Communications”? Isn’t that just pretentious PR?


  20. 40
    parasites says:


  21. 43
    Hang The Bastards says:

    When will someone stop this appauling waste of my hard earned tax !

    These fuckers are a cancer on society, a true parasitic form.


  22. 49
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    Union scum first intent,
    To be a Pilgrim,
    There’s no discouragement,
    They are all bent,
    To be a Pilgrim.


  23. 54
    It's the cuts in Stockport says:

    Struck off: Stockport nurse who cut off hair of gypsy patient suffering from dementia Mary Pemberton, 57, chopped off the hair which reached down to the elderly woman’s back and restyled her hair into a shoulder-length bob. Care records for the woman, known only as Resident A, specifically stated her hair could not be cut, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

    Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/stockportexpress/news/


    • 73
      The Paragnostic says:

      There used to be a pub on the A560 just outside Stockport, called the Traveller’s Call.

      A large sign beside the door said…


      Lots of the buggers around, you see.


    • 133
      Bogeyman says:

      Don’t understand. Why should her hair not be cut “for medical reasons”? Is the possibility offending the sensibilities of a demented gipsy more important than hospital hygiene these days?


  24. 55
    Abu Qatata ta ta ta ta says:

    Im thinking of applying for One of these Police Chief positions .


  25. 59
    I think we should be told says:

    Saturday morning Porn Stats.
    How many clicks does the Ann Summers ad get?


  26. 63
    MB. says:

    It sounds as if Eric Pickles needs to get up to Peterborough and bang a few heads together. This is in today’s Peterborough Evening Telegraph

    “A working party of councillors has been formed from the Independent group, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats to draft an alternative council budget.
    It will propose accepting a Government grant in return for keeping council tax at the same level – which the Conservative-controlled cabinet says is impossible without imposing cuts to services.”


  27. 66
    MB. says:

    The Mail is reporting this today

    “Giant 40ft gypsy ‘caravan’ given police escort through village to ILLEGAL travellers’ site… after council forces residents to move their cars”

    and the Telegraph

    “Villagers told move your cars so traveller’s caravan can be towed onto ‘illegal’ site
    Villagers have reacted with fury after being ordered to move their cars so that police can escort an extra wide mobile home to an “illegal” travellers’ site. “


  28. 67
    Sod the Eds says:

    Common mistake made calculating salary costs. Total cost of employment is usually around 170% of basic salary. This includes such thing as employers’ National Insurance Contributions, pension payments, office costs etc. Therefore the two’s combined salaries of 73 K become approximately £124K total cost or more than double the stated £56,385.


  29. 71
    Sir William Waad says:

    “So, you want to be paid for being a nuisance and screwing everything up? Let’s see what we’ve got…ah, yes, here we are, you’re in luck:

    Pilgrim – £40k plus pension and use of staff canteen;
    Treasury official – £125k plus pension and a pretty little medal;
    Head of nationalised bank – £negotiable, shall we say?”


  30. 74
    Look away now says:


  31. 78
    The Paragnostic says:

    Council banned from saying prayers before meetings:


    I’m an atheist, and even I think the law has no place interfering in this way. If the council as a whole wants to have a prayer before sessions, what’s stopping non-believers from just having a moment of thoughtful reflection?



    • 81
      Archbishop Rowan Williams says:

      What if they are Labour Councillors praying for Mrs Thatchers early demise?


      • 108
        The Paragnostic says:

        Then they will deserve their fate, which is to be endlessly buggered by Mandelscum while being forced to endure repeat readings of tractor stats by the Maximum Imbecile for all eternity, in Fabian Hell.

        Not that I’m anti-Labour or anything, you understand.


    • 87
      The Paraatheists says:

      Why not go the whole hog and join us.


      • 93
        Boudicca says:

        This case makes me ashamed to call myself an atheist.
        I’m sure the voters of Bideford will make their feelings known at the next local elections.


      • 150
        The Paragnostic says:

        Mainly because “paragnostic” has nothing whatsoever to do with “agnostic” – it merely means “knowing lots of useless shit” which kind of sums me up ;-)


        • 153
          Hardworking British Family-Man ( Retired ) says:

          According to the Urban Dictionary, there is no consensus on the meaning.
          Perhaps you could submit yours.


          • The Paragnostic says:

            There’s a definition for “paragnosis”, which is somewhat dodgily defined as similar to paranoia, except that you know the buggers are out to get you.

            I have to admit to coining the word myself, vaguely in line with Greek para (beside or beyond) and gnosis (knowing). The idea being that what is being known really, really isn’t worth remembering, but is remembered anyway.

            Then there’s also my good friend the Askylist, who doesn’t believe in Dog.


          • Trivia Magnified says:

            Are you free to join the pub darts team for the weekly quiz on Saturday?


    • 104
    • 166
      Some Geezer wot thinks that before you make Pascal's Bet, find out if Pascal is a bookie says:

      Of course, in some Councils, if certain people had their way, the prayers would be conducted on a rug, facing east, “There is no god but God and His Prophet is Muhammad…” and if you didn’t like it, you would be called a xenophobic bigot, and at worst, you could possibly end up a decapitated infidel. That is, if certain people would ever be able to have their way.


      • 172
        Anonymous says:

        You mean like Kirklees ??


      • 194
        The Paragnostic says:

        Fine – let them do it that way if they like. With a Moslem dominated council, a few prayers would be the least of your worries, anyway.

        My point is that if the majority of councillors want to have a prayer of whatever sort before starting their business, then it’s pretty churlish of someone to object just because they might feel uncomfortable. I would hope that most of us would be polite enough to just let them get on with it, and use the time to think about something else of slightly more interest.


      • 266
        Little by little says:

        That’s been their idea all along. Somewhere has a long standing tradition of informal Christian worship before meetings and suddenly introducing a certain other worship would be difficult as the existing practice has no official status. It’s just the way things are done.

        Oh dear, someone is trying to ban the existing practice, we’ll have to introduce a statutory right to worship before council meetings.

        The new law gets enforced for a certain favoured religion but not for the original one.


  32. 82
    Friends of Ed says:


  33. 92
    Thinking about it says:

    If you stretched all the pilgrims from end to end…….
    It would be a good idea. Simps


  34. 98
    Dogshite in Edinburgh should mind their business. says:

    I am truly sick of these socialist turds.


  35. 101
    nellnewman says:

    The only people benefitting from their employment is themselves. So what is the MP for Peterborough Stuart Whatsisname going to do about this?

    What does an online union social community created by a City Council pilgrim look like? What does it do? Anybody know?


  36. 102
    Edinburgh Socialist Scum says:

    How many more years will it take for the thick as shit Labour idiots realise they are part of problem and not the solution?


    • 141
      This is what corruption looks like says:

      Not as long as it will take these Trams to be completed.


    • 161
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Oh, I would say about as long as it takes the thick as shit Conservative idiots to realise that the current Conservative leadership is socialism ‘lite’ and proud of it.


      • 175
        AC1 says:

        State treatment rationing? Tick
        Big State propaganda broadcaster? Tick.
        Legal system heavy on thought-crime lite on real crime? Tick


        • 199
          The Paragnostic says:

          Thought crime?

          Like sending three blokes to prison just for upsetting the pink brigade by telling the truth about Islam and homosexuality?

          I’m no cheerleader for the Moslems, but today’s sentences were a total liberty and about as un-British as it is possible to get.

          If queers don’t like what Sharia law says should happen to them, then they should take care not to allow Sharia over here, not lock people up for pointing out that their lifestyle choice isn’t compatible with a particular religion.


  37. 103
    Edinburgh Socialist Scum says:

    How many more years will it take for the thick as shit Labour idiots to realise they are part of problem and not the solution?


  38. 107
    Brown's shitstains says:

    Jog On Mong!


  39. 111
    • 115
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      “A vibrant city packed with potential for investment”

      We all know what the word “investment” means from Gordon Browns use of the word. It actually means “other peoples money” raised through taxation. Making others poorer and yourself richer.

      Used to be called public expenditure.


  40. 114
    Peterborough Comment of the Week says:

    cambsfrs Cambs Fire & Rescue
    by PeterboroughCC
    “If there’s nothing on the streets to set fire to, arson will go down.


  41. 120
    Pilgims, sweeteners and corrupt unions says:

    Guido, you have got pilgrims 180 degree wrong–its not the taxpayers but the council workers they represent that are getting screwed.

    Imagine the wage negotiations–the council offers a low bat on wages and sweetens it with a bit of pilgrim “generosity” so union representative can ditch their full time job. Do the union representatives say no pilgims and argue for higher wages or accept and take the pilgrim sweetner? Costwise pilgrims could be saving council millions in wages by allowing councils to negotiate low balls.

    Rather than taxpayers, it is union members that should be hot under the collar and protesting since such job “sweeteners” to union representatives.


  42. 129
    Diane Abott says:

    Here we go again!

    “Black Ice Alert As More Snow Hits Britain”


  43. 132
    bewick says:

    I already told TPA what I think. Bottom line is that Cllr Walsh is right that the law makes it mandatory but the law provides no “CAP” or guidance.
    Public Authorities IAnd private companies) are left to “interpret” and most get it expensively wrong.
    That needs to be changed pronto. I speak as one who ENDURED the nonsense in Local Authorities where unions could do whatever they wished (Labour council naturally) . ‘nough said.


  44. 134
    not a machine says:

    At least Tim put a little balance in full history of Bill and others who signed it off , and as he says rather late in the day for a few to decide its not the flavour now desired .At the moment certainly lit some sort of fuse , I have my theories , but PMs have to make cabinet decisions at certain points in there tenure and none are worse than coalition ones ,

    Prescott : shouldnt he let somehave the job who hasnt got one . as for detective possibilities (Kojag lol ) anyone recall Frank Cannon , I never did work out how he caught those much slimmer criminals on a foot chase !
    Oh well get ready for new detective series called Humber Nights


  45. 135
    Screw the lot of them says:

    Screw the lot of them.


  46. 137
    Mustafa Dump says:

    You are forgetting that Peterborough has had the privilege of welcoming a very large number of foreign guests over the last decade.

    We are proud of the richness and vibrancy they have brought to the city and the least we can do is give them proper union representation to ensure their rights are not infringed.


  47. 148
    Fish says:

    O/T: Despite the BBC’s repeated attempts to get me to be outraged, I couldn’t care a toss about Bob Diamond’s bonus…or anyone else who works for Barclay’s. Nor does anyone else I know, for that matter.


  48. 158
    A snowflake says:

    Let’s panic!


  49. 165
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Union members pay subs to the union. What are the subs for, to pay the union bosses 6 figure salaries and big pensions, or to fund union activities. It should be the latter, so Pilgrims should be funded by union subs, and not taxpayers money.
    It is simple, no argument. The coalition need to get it sorted and quick! Let’s fuck up Miliband and his cronies and send a lesson to their paymasters.


  50. 171
    Sir William Waad says:

    Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
    The droghte of March hath perced to the roote…..
    ……Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages;
    They swynken not, but paide they are ful wages!


  51. 185
    nellnewman says:

    Actually Guido your headline the ‘Real cost of Peterborough Pilgrims’ is way short of the mark.

    You’ve only found two of them. There’s probably as many as 15 and possibly even more than that. What about the one’s in the Police Force, the Fire Brigade, the Schools and the NHS?


  52. 197
    This is Britain 2012 says:

    You couldnt make this up, its diversity innit



    • 203
      I don't need no doctor says:

      They have toilets in Wales?


    • 205
      The Paragnostic says:

      Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

      Makes me think of the Spike Milligan limerick:

      “There once was a man from Darjeeling
      Who boarded a bus bound for Ealing
      It said on the door
      Do not spit on the floor,
      So he stood up and spat on the ceiling.”


    • 208
      Bogeyman says:

      A university spokeswoman said: “Swansea University is a multi-cultural campus community and the informational posters were produced, for use in both male and female facilities, to help address cultural differences that were unfortunately causing damage and hygiene issues.

      What are they doing at university, of all places, if they can’t work out that a seat 2ft off the ground is for sitting on, not for shitting on?


      • 218
        Lavatory technician and member of Unite on strike says:

        In my professional opinion, after examining lavatories for many years,

        I would recommend that the Chancellor and Lord High Dean of Swansea University give the order to remove the lavatory seats altogether…

        It is better to be safe than sorry…

        And the seats are clearly worth more than the students I would say, as a unionised expert,


      • 219
        Bogeyman says:

        No, seriously. Before my first visit to an Asian country I had already explored the sanitation arrangements and knew all about squat-type shitters, hoses instead of paper etc. It wasn’t difficult to find out.

        So why is a Thomas Crapper such a surprise to these students? If they are so uninterested in the cultural arrangements of the country in which they plan to spend the next two or three years “studying”, why do they bother to come? Are they even up to taking a degree course if they can’t work out how to take a dump?


        • 225
          No 10 Downing Street communiqué says:

          We call these students our “blue sky” children you see

          They will form an ever increasing part of the Big Society

          Charities will flourish teaching them all how to use a lavatory seat

          And we can enhance the status of lavatory attendants at the same time (and unionise them)

          All very socially worthwhile


          • The Boss at No 10 Downing Street says:

            Is that you again Hilton ?

            Please shut up now. If you go on like this, we will lose the next election…


            Call me Dave


        • 248
          smoggie says:

          They stand on the toilet seat for two reasons. Squatting is their normal way of taking a crap and for everyone’s information, it is a more natural way of defecating allowing for better bowel movement. Also, they do not want their arses connected with some infected plastic that everyone else has sat on.

          When I worked in the middle east after we had built a local college for the local ragheads we found that the bogs all got blocked within days. The locals did what they did in the desert – used little stones to scrape their bums, not the provided paper. These went in the pan as was discovered when some poor soul had to clear them.

          So we put up signs in Arabic – PLEASE USE THE PAPER

          A week or two later, same problem: blockages.

          Again after clearing the U-bends they were found to be full of little stones and … check dis … all carefully wrapped in toilet paper.


    • 210
      Prezza in prison says:

      Is this a Swansea University student then ?


    • 220
      Ah! Monika says:

      Phd Swansea

      Pee high dive No. 2.1 passed


    • 223
      Enoch says:

      I warned you. Rivers of shite


    • 242
      cunts the lot of them says:

      “Her friend Teresa Jenkins said she welcomed any move that would improve hygiene on the campus.

      “It is important to do as much as possible to keep the toilets clean,” she added.”

      Stupid, stupid woman. If the dirty c’unts can’t use a toilet properly what the hell are they doing at a “university” in the first place FFS?

      W A N K E R S


  53. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Pottyborough is a rotten borough, sinking into a mire of corruption, outsourcing wheezes, dodgy property interests, pandering to Islamists, scandalous waste (£11M to lay slabs in the Square) and ever more bizarre vanity projects from the Leader. The MP is obviously digging and hinting.


    • 214
      Mustafa Dump says:

      An outrageous comment. The New Citizens of Peterborough have brought a richness of diversity that was sadly lacking in a hideously white East Anglian city of inbreds with 13 fingers apiece.


      • 216
        Must not mention says:

        the Liva.pool 47 or 50-3 or whatever it takes to get past the moddy


        • 245
          albacore says:

          Shut it, now, Bloke. We don’t talk about that
          Too many folks would start smelling a rat
          Not that it ain’t right there up their noses
          Nominally, all sweetness and roses
          Behold, the state’s official position
          Here turns from inclusion to omission
          This don’t fit the facade. They’ve wiped it out
          It’s too big a scandal to talk about


  54. 224
    Le Monde correspondent says:

    There must be hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims in the BBC

    Anyone have an idea ?

    Any abuse in a small local authority should be multiplied by about 100 to get to the BBC’s level of abuse


  55. 227
    Anoneumouse says:

    He who would valiant be ’gainst all disaster,
    Let him in constancy follow the Master.
    There’s no discouragement shall make him once relent
    His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim.

    Who so beset him round with dismal stories
    Do but themselves confound – his strength the more is.
    No foes shall stay his might; though he with giants fight,
    He will make good his right to be a pilgrim.

    Since, Lord, Thou dost defend us with Thy Spirit,
    We know we at the end, shall life inherit.
    Then fancies flee away! I’ll fear not what men say,
    I’ll labor night and day to be a pilgrim.


  56. 229
    Ricky Preddie says:

    iz itt cozz i is blak?


  57. 231
    fuck the refund, don't fuck with my pc though says:

    What the fuck is ‘advertserve’ and why the hell should I permit any old shit scripts to run?


    • 236
      A fast-fading fairy says:

      Τhіs соmmеnt wіll bе dеlеtеd sооn, lіkе аll іnstruсtіоns оf thіs kіnd, sо сору іt bеfоrе іt gоеs.

      Yоu dоn’t hаνе tо sее аnу оf thеsе sіllу thіngs. Τhіs іs hоw tо kіll thеm аll, stоnе dеаd, fоr еνеr.

      Fіrеfоx: іnstаll thе Аdblосk Рlus аnd ΝоSсrірt аdd-оns.
      Сhrоmе: іnstаll thе Аdblосk аdd-оn, stор sсrірts оn thіs sіtе bу аddіng іts nаmе tо thе lіst аt Орtіоns — Undеr thе Bоnnеt — Соntеnt Sеttіngs — ЈаνаSсrірt — Mаnаgе Еxсерtіоns.
      Іntеrnеt Еxрlоrеr: wаkе uр аnd usе а bеttеr brоwsеr.


  58. 232
    wtf says:

    Attempting to post here is becoming even more of a fucking pain in the backside than commenting on CiF.

    What is going on? Been got at you pair of old fat 70’s throwback poofs?

    Man up ffs!


  59. 234
    Simon Burns MP says:

    If I am the best that Tory HQ can think to put on Newsnight then we’re fucked.


    • 240
      not a machine says:

      What I find so funny is that labour had gone quite a way down the private internal market , and Lansley is near enough the only one who understands it wasnt an improving system , i reapeat Labour have not denied the basic of GP comissioning is what they agree as the thinking .
      I am in disbelief that Lansley has saved the NHS from , total privatisation and medical groups cant see it , tin foil hats to left ,outstanding :)

      Lammy and Hassan double act was interesting , got all rather hot , nicely rehearseh though .


  60. 239
    not a machine says:

    How can an athiest tell the difference between a faith and no faith ? a little like declining insurance as accidents are myths ?
    If ambivalence has to be controlled en masse ,poltics no longer can be a divining of the truth …. always did think socialism would be shown as crackpot idea one day , I think they have inadvertantly shown us a glimpse of what the christian vanquished landscape would imply , busyly distracted, biological end user of perfect reason alone based authority . mmm How many cabinet members are backing that :) we should know …….. I think I worked out under which walnut the pea was :)
    S&P downgrades 35 italian banks and we all pause for breath for Sundays possible, maybe, in the pipeline, sort of , forthcomming, on the cards showdown in Athens


  61. 254
    Lord Chief Justice of England says:

    The UK High Court action by the Schillings law firm, acting for Nathaniel Rothschild in a libel claim against the Daily Mail and Associated Newspapers, was dismissed today by Justice Sir Michael Tugendhat. The ruling also undermines libel threats by Schillings acting for Deripaska against newspapers in South Africa, Hong Kong, London, and the US, setting a new standard for reporting on the business affairs of Russian oligarchs, their bankers, and public officials whom they attempt to influence.


  62. 255
    $hillings and pence says:


    Lost another case for defamation…this is costing Nat Rothschild and co millions


    • 256
      Jack says:

      It is high time British lawyers stopped trying to whitewash Russian oligarchs and their sidekicks like Mandelscum

      Or is this the only way they can survive ?


      • 257
        Le Monde correspondent says:

        Now that the banks are in thr shit

        London lawyers are scrambling for income from anywhere

        But they have lost their reputation already


  63. 258
    Dave the Dictator - Escape to the Cunt-ry says:

    Well, welcome to my newly downsized home. As you can see it’s got a lovely, modern, 8 foot square kitchen with an electric cooker ring and a cupboard. I can fix the broken door myself. The lounge has a lovely aspect to it looking out over the multi-storey car park. The traffic is quite busy and lorries scrape the paint off my front door but hey, it’s great. The bedroom is large enough for a single bed but I’m sure Sam will remember our younger days of snuggling up together. The bathroom is small, I know, but I can use my electric razor in the hallwaay and lean into it to have a shave. Sam’s fine about. We’ll manage


    • 260
      I don't need no doctor says:

      What do you expect for £26,000 a year?


      • 263
        Mr Charles Head Teacher & PartTime Olympic Athlete says:

        the 26,000 a year you speak of is a maximum per family – it is not an amount anyone can claim

        e.g job seekers is still only 67.50

        you poor boy, go to the back of the class


  64. 259
    Anonymous says:

    Fat Cat Unions should pay their own way, not expect the taxpayer the majority of which are not union members to keep them in lifestyle we can no longer afford. Blame Labour.


  65. 262
    Penfold says:

    Strange aint it, that MP’s expenses enthused the whole nation and resulted in cross party condemnation.
    I don’t see LieBour or the Unions getting enthused at the waste of taxpayers monies, mayhap the reason being they are the benficiaries of the monies. But, its a damning indictment of so-called people’s independant representatives, i.e. MP’s, that those at Liebour have remained very tight-lipped over this scandal.
    You don’t think they’ve been bought do you? No, surely not, in the 21st Century, with all the rules over Bribery and Corruption, surely a political party couldn’t be bought and sold like in some third world African/Asian tin pot dictatorship. Gosh.
    Time for Pilgrims to be extirpated and the costs repaid.
    It’s a scandal, and a wretched one at that.


  66. 269
    nellnewman says:

    The Most Beautiful Voice Ever!!


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