February 9th, 2012

Propaganda Priorities


  1. 1
    Waste says:

    Waste alert.

    how many pilgrims do they employ?


    • 3
      Ken kiss a gay today says:

      They should all be dong the walk to the dole office


      • 39
        Emma West says:

        Everything free and easy
        Do as ya damn well pleasey
        Why don’tcha make yer way there
        Go there, stay there?


        • 166
          Gertrude says:

          Guido, your campaigning is needed – can you not contact the Audit Commission [waste of public money] and/or the Advertising Standards Authority [false figures]?


    • 21
      A man says:

      They have a large staff of ‘climate change advisers’. However, they manage to save a bit of money by employing mainly illegal immigrants as traffic wardens (or ‘civil enforcement officers’ as they are savagely called now to make them seem even nastier).


      • 34
        Another man says:

        Agree. And given that the ‘Services’ are probably in pseudy name only, cut the lot. – Good riddance!


      • 190
        Anonandon says:

        Yeah! Check for illegals in those ‘civil enforcement officers’. They’re ALL over London not just Lambeth.


    • 55
      Sophie says:

      Anyone know what the secret trial of 47 men in Liverpool is about?

      Seems to be a British press blackout.


    • 72
      CaptBlack says:


      Page 12 – Government central grant:

      2010/11 – £213.9m
      2011/12 – £220.8m +3.2%

      However Lambeth, through some fiscal magic, makes this into a 2011/12 grant of £193.8m (a reduction of £20.1m); plus because they couldn’t understand a “new concept” of ‘revenue spending power’ they missed out on ADDITIONAL government grants.

      Can anyone explain how they go from an increase of 3.2% to a cut of 28%?

      Seems this should go to the Advertising Standards Authority!


      • 92
        Dessert rat says:

        Simple, they just tell fucking lies, most labour voters are too thick to understand finance


      • 94
        Hugh Janus says:

        Someone put up the same poster, but reading thus:

        “Lambeth pisses your money up the wall….so we are forced to cut services.”

        I’m sure someone can think of a snappier wording, but you get my drift.


        • 114
          Hugh Janus says:

          PS From Steve Reed’s blog:

          “Last week I was very proud to officially open Lambeth’s first new leisure centre for 30 years.

          The fact that we’ve been able to build a brand new community leisure centre at the height of the country’s economic problems is a huge achievement and I hope local residents make full use of all the excellent facilities on offer.”

          Not down to their last crust then? Or has Lambeth, like all good socialists authorities, run out of other people’s money?


          “Since May 2006 Lambeth has seen its performance improve from a 1 to a 3 star authority and we have just elected our second Youth Mayor giving young people a strong voice and a better say on how services are developed. We’ve also seen the opening of award-winning new schools, including the first parent promoted school in the UK. This year council tax has been frozen to help local people through the economic downturn.”

          All sounds pretty hunky-dorey to me…and no suggestion of any cash shortage either. Let us hope that the memory of Clay Cross isn’t yet dead, and that Reed and his cronies are surcharged for squandering taxpayers’ money in this way – and for political ends.


      • 95
        Fish says:

        Needs a complaint to the ASA if this is true


    • 98
      Tough Choices says:


    • 105
      Free Marketeer says:

      Lambeth has just wasted thousands on olive trees in Clapham.

      They have many pilgrims – see Guido passim.

      Lambeth Labour say that Lambeth’s budget has been cut by 30% – but in fact when expressed as a percentage of “total” Lambeth spending, the grant cut is only 3%.

      (Only one decimal point amiss – so that’s alright then!!!)


    • 147
      Anonymous says:

      Probably 95% to meet diversity quaota requirements. They should have all returned from Mecca by now though. Don’t forget it’s Burka Friday. tomorrow


  2. 2
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Oh to be a Pilgrim in their Ad/PR department.


    • 45
      Maximus says:

      Barring that, A Git Prop.


    • 167
      Mme Business Cat (specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op.) says:

      Let me get this straight. One branch of your government has taken out an ad to complaing that another branch is not giving them enough….

      It is pretty bad here in Canada, but I have not seen it sink the that level (yet).

      btw, what do the references to “pilgrims” mean?


      • 176
        c.eng says:

        Pilgrims are employees, generally of government funded organisations (of course including the UK National Health Service) who although paid by the taxpayers to do a job of work, actually spend pretty much all their ‘work time’ on Trade Union business. This is of course ridiculous and could only happen in the UK.

        Named ‘pilgrims’ by Guido I believe because one of these worthies (seem to remember came to light due to some legal action to get her to do some work) had ‘Pilgirm’ as her last name.


  3. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    We need more investment


  4. 5

    You’d think a Tweet would be cheaper.


  5. 6
    Rainbow Ken says:


  6. 7
    Bongler says:

    We can provide support to Lambeth schools in the following languages:
    Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, British Sign Language, Cantonese, Dari, Ewe, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hakka, Hindi, Italian, Kikongo, Kurdish-Kirmanji, Lingala, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Sylheti, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu and Wolof.



  7. 8
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Your taxes are up to feed out pensions.

    Something you never see on a Council Information sheet.


  8. 10
    All the bloody money's gone ...Labour spent it all says:

    Perhaps it reveals how much they’ve been wasting on totally unnecessary services and highly paid managers !!


  9. 11
    Sophie says:

    If only we had a Tory Prime Minister to tackle the lefts waste of our money.

    If only we had a Conservative Government that was not carrying on with the fiscal lunacy of Gordon McMental.

    Heath out.

    Vote UKIP.


  10. 12
    Loungelizard says:

    Wonder how much the posters cost the taxpayers?


  11. 13
    Peter Grimes says:

    Perhaps they have their priorities right like Brent, who claim that they are closing libraris because of a cut in their funding. They didn’t complain too much or shut libraries when ZaNooLieBor cut their funding by a third a few years back. (Hat tip Biased BBC).
    Here we have the budget requirements for the years 2004-2011:


    2004/05 £347,415,000
    2005/06 £367,234,000
    2006/07 £235,513,000
    2007/08 £255,972,000
    2009/10 £261,836,000
    2010/11 £265,469,000


  12. 14
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Steve Reed, another labour tosser that’s good at spending other peoples money.
    Labour the party of lies, denial and hypocrisy.


    • 177
      Hugh Janus says:

      “…good at spending other peoples money.”

      Outstanding in fact, and in the true Liebour tradition of frugality.


  13. 15
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Everything is wrong according to labour. What is most wrong is labour.


  14. 16
    A pretty penny says:

    I just did a quick search on the cost of bus stop adverts. They cost around £120 per panel per week for a minimum of 2 weeks. If Lambeth have put up even just 3 panels for the minimum 2 weeks, that’ll be £720. How many school and library books or rubbish collections would that pay for?


    • 22
      Steve Miliband says:

      Over paid
      Massive bonuses
      Anyone could do the job
      Expert tax avoidance

      Footballers are the new Bankers


    • 44
      Boring facts says:

      Unless, as seems rather likely, the council get a proportion of the advertising space for free as part of the contract with the companies who provide the advertising hoardings.

      But then how could we feign outrage for pageviews :(


      • 110
        Rachel Foghorn says:

        Labour-run Lambeth Council in south London even splashed out on bus stop posters blaming ministers for damaging services, telling locals: “The Government has cut our money so we are forced to cut services.”

        The council – which created a logo of a pound sign being cut in half by a pair of scissors – also spent £15,000 on surveys, hiring rooms for public meetings and arranging focus groups asking what residents think of the cutbacks.


      • 113
        The Impartial observer says:

        “Unless, as seems rather likely, the council get a proportion of the advertising space for free as part of the contract with the companies who provide the advertising hoardings.”

        Which would imply the council are receiving a part of the advertising space revenue as free advertising. If they took the revenue as straight cash there’d be more money in the coffers to avoid cuts.
        Why do councils have to advertise? It’s not as if they face competition for customers, is it?


        • 125
          The Impartial observer says:

          “Oh dahling, I always insist on having my car clamped by a marvellous little man from Lambeth Parking Services. Kensington & Chelsea? Oh no,dahling! Soh last century!”


      • 116
        Jim Devine says:

        No doubt theve also got a “friendly printer”


  15. 17
    JH says:

    ‘The Government has cut OUR money by nearly a third’

    It’s not ‘your’ money Steve. It’s private sector taxpayer’s money, extorted with menaces of prison.

    They will be delighted to hear this news. Try cutting wasteful spending first, rather than the few things people willingly pay for, eh?

    Stopping free translation for people with no inclination to learn the lanquage of the land would be a start.


    • 31
      Tuscan Tony says:



    • 86
      Raving Loon says:

      No welfare for immigrants until they’ve been here LEGALLY for at least 7 years and are naturalised citizens.


    • 130
      The Impartial observer says:

      “people with no inclination to learn the lanquage….”

      Screwed a Senagalese whore couple weeks ago. Quite adequate English & she’d never been within a thousand miles of the UK.


    • 179
      They make the definition of racism up as they go along says:

      It has been decided that any public body who does not provide information in every language under the sun is institutionally racist.


  16. 18

    Ah, you see those in the council do such a difficult job, they need to make sure people know about it, while making sure they can avoid tax themselves.
    I know a few accounts who do councillors taxes, it is amazing what they are hiding. A little off the top and know one knows any different.


  17. 19
    Anonymouse says:

    How about an FOI on government support in Lambeth, I’m willing to bet it hasn’t been cut by 30%

    Report them to the Advertising Standards Authority.


  18. 24
    wonkotsane says:

    Telford & Wrekin Council have a similar poster – must be a Labour thing.


  19. 25
    Penfold says:

    nothing like getting your agit-prop across to the proles


  20. 28
    Piers M says:

    Heather Mills can’t even get her DVD to work at the Leveson inquiry.

    Ha ha fucking ha.


  21. 29
    smoggie says:

    They’ll cut the essential services first, keeping the higher and upper middle management placemen in situ. They’ll have departments of one or two to manage but they’ll still have their well paid jobs. And when the bins overflow and you can’t find a policeman well it’s ….we did warn you!


    • 43
      Someone (on £150k + full bennys) in a Town Hall near you says:

      Look, – can’t stop – just off to my lunch appointment, – then I’ve got meetings all afternoon – but you’ll miss us when we’re gone.


  22. 30
    Spartacus says:

    Gweedo – this certainly seems to have struck a nerve. Best posting for a while.
    Loved the comment about advertising.

    Comments 7 and 13 go to the heart of the matter.


  23. 32
    Tuscan Tony says:

    As the sign’s in English it’ll be wasted on their clients.


    • 40
      Bystander says:

      there you are you see! … proof that the translation and something or other service IS required!

      You have completed their test to prove that Lambeth Socialist Carnsill is RIGHT!


  24. 35
    anonymous says:

    Arry says if you vote for me I will bring the world cup back to lambeth


    • 118
      lolololololol says:

      This made me smile.
      From Wilki, entry for Dulwich

      ‘Harriet Harman MP lives (as Mrs Jack Dromey) in Winterbrook Road’

      Harriet as a MRS!


  25. 38
    nellnewman says:

    That’s it Lambeth you’ve got the right idea. Cut frontline services and make sure that your councillors, top managers and non-job officers keep getting their £1000s in salaries and expenses.

    militwit will be so proud of you!!


  26. 41
    Terrible But True says:

    Why.. on earth.. are they forking out on paid ads?

    When there’s ‘free’ message services via PR.

    And a uniquely funded £4Bpa version that stands ready, 24/7 to answer the call.


  27. 42
    Anonymous says:

    it’s all propaganda, except for an elite few …..


    company head gets 87% dividends – welfare to work should be renamed welfare from work


    • 51
      Bongler says:

      Doh! She owns 87% of the business, that’s why she gets 87% of the dividends.


    • 58
      jgm2 says:

      Ahhh. Government contracts. That’s where the real money is. Which is why there is so much competition to become MPs and councillors. With great patronage comes great kickbacks.


      • 124
        Fish says:

        So there we have it, evidence about the failings of the previous Government’s pathways / future jobs fund arrangements.

        The Work programme will sort this out.

        Margaret Hodge should know this she was Employment Minister in the DWP responsible for setting up some of these failing schemes.


  28. 50
    Lydiamight says:

    I see that the Chief Executive—Derrick Anderson is making a few cuts of his own (not)
    Mr Anderson, who lives in Brixton, earned nearly £216,000 in 2010/11 and including pension contributions cost the council just under £247,000.”


    • 53
      I'm All Right Jack Dromey says:

      He’s doing a great job, deserves every penny. There are no efficiency savings possible.


  29. 52
    jgm2 says:

    Is Lambeth a regular feature in Private Eye’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’? There’s some chap Mohammed Rahman or somesuch who keeps popping up awarding all his cousins, fresh off the flight from Dakar, jobs paying 150K each.

    It might not be Lambeth. All those shitty Labour-run London Boroughs look the same to me.


    • 63
      Sophie says:

      The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets, JGM2.

      Anyone know what the secret trial of 47 men in Liverpool is about?

      Total UK press ban on reporting.


      • 67
        jgm2 says:

        I had no idea there was such a trial ongoing. Are you sure? There’s no mention on the BBC.


      • 68
        OMG! says:



      • 71
        ffs says:

        Unbelievable – I now know I am not living in a free country. Why are we protecting those scumbags?


        • 83
          Danny Boy says:

          Deport the lot of them back to any 7th century paradise sandpit that will have them – minus their dicks.
          When are we going to get some protection for our kids from these Mus_lim rape gangs?


        • 145
          Gonk says:

          Because we went down a foul smelling cul de sac about 30 years ago.
          Dave’s tried to engage reverse but the synchromesh has gone.


      • 149
        Anonymous says:

        Sounds like a reference to the 47 Liverpool Labour councillors who were barred from office by the District Auditor in the 1980s for profligacy beyond the call of duty with other people’s money. In the Labour party they must be heroes.


        • 182
          They still got off lightly says:

          They were criminals and should have been imprisoned for fraud and misconduct in public office. Only Banning them was a cop out and negligence on the part of the Police and Prosecutors.


    • 79
      smoggie says:

      Rotten Boroughs doesn’t focus on any particular coouncil. Reason is they are all rotten.

      Hamlets gets its own column in Private Eye being particularly rotten and corrupt. Makes depressing reading.


      • 117
        Celebrate Diversity and Cultural "Enrichment" says:

        The open door to the third world, imports third world practices and customs with it.


  30. 56
    Anonymous says:

    All so true.

    That money spent on advertising could have been used to make the rich richer.


  31. 57
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Ah, Lambeth. I remember when their housing benefit service was so bad they decided to outsource it to Capita. Who were so bad even Lambeth seemed efficient by comparison so they took it back in-house.

    I also remember the Lambeth NALGO (a long while ago) branch secretary who was full-time and paid by the council and had been doing it so long he said he had forgotten how to do his real job. Needless to say, he received annual increments and was regularly upgraded in his real job.


    • 143
      will says:

      Back in the 80’s when i worked for the social Lambeth rent dept were so piss poor that you could have claimants on the social for 6 months and no rent paid because lambeth council had not paid the benefit. tenents would regularly get harrassed for non payment when thier own council had buggered it up.


      • 169
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        You’re right will. Things were so bad that whenever a tenant appeared before a court for rent arrears all they had to say was ‘housing benefit delay’ and the judge refused to have them evicted, whether it was true or not.


    • 159
      Am I wrong? says:

      NALGO = Not a lot going on.


  32. 60
    nellnewman says:

    As a matter of interest how much does Steve Reed the Leader of Lambeth Council cost the taxpayer in salaries and expenses etc each year?


  33. 61
    Waste & Recycling Dept. says:

    Lambeth has TWO newsletters that offer literary to delight to its inhabitants.


  34. 69
    Maker of the Mayan calender says:

    stupid waste of money really after all Lambeth will vote Tory / lib dem when the next ice age comes


  35. 70
    BBC Complaints Dept says:

    So they had a look at the idea of sharing chief officers or reducing their obscene fat cat salaries, and then thought, “nope, it’s definitely going to have to be care for the elderly”


  36. 88
    Devil's Dumplings says:

    They can gripe only when they’ve cut their allowances and pensions by1/3rd too; until then shut the **** up.


  37. 90
    The latest from Leveson says:

    Looks like Morgan is back in the firing line ( thank you Tom Watson)


  38. 91
    Tony Blair says:

    These posters cost £60 according to Councillor Stephen Morgan


  39. 100

    That advert has been running since 2010.
    That part of London is like its own little Glasgow. – No matter what a shithole it is the citizens vote in Labour.

    They only have to take the tube two stops to another borough to realise what a crappy dump their own is.

    Maybe they like it with all the fridges and sofas piled up on street corners and on the lawns? Maybe abandoned, smashed up cars enhance the image of the place? Perhaps its diversity personified to have parking at £2 / 15 minutes to park on a broken glass strewn highway?


    • 109
      Analysis this says:

      Errr Glasgow voted SNP at the last election


      • 123

        i think you need to try google.

        Leader Gordon Brown Alex Salmond Nick Clegg
        Party Labour SNP Liberal Democrat
        Leader since 24 June 2007 2004 18 December 2007
        Last election 7 Seats 0 Seats 0 Seats
        Seats before 7 0 0
        Seats won 7 0 0
        Seat change ±0 ±0 ±0
        Popular vote 128,818 39,702 31,403
        Percentage 55.98% 17.25% 13.65%
        Swing increase11.71% increase2.47% decrease1.84%


    • 128
      Rootar says:

      We should all celebrate diversity – it’s so culturally enriching, don’t you think?
      And as for those 47 men oop north on trial, I think it is to do with you know what, by you know who with young White non- Muslim girls, but I could be wrong and in any case we are not supposed to know about it let alone talk about it hence the press black-out, all in the cause of social cohesion.


    • 170
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      It’s not true Bill. Lambeth has been Labour, Tory, LibDem, coalition. All equally useless.


    • 173
      Mrs Business Cat (specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op.) says:

      Just how bad is it in Scotland these days? My 3 Scottish grandparents left for Canada around the turn of the twentieth century (one English grandmother left after WW I). I wonder if Scotland is suffering because all the intelligent people left. Certainly, they are thick on the ground here, although what with intermarriage we are just known as “of European descent”.


  40. 101
    albacore says:

    The mirage of government cutting money
    If it weren’t so daft, it would be funny
    And now the Bank’s printing squillions more quids
    We ain’t sliding quick enough down those skids



  41. 106
    Bugler Bert says:

    The Peoples Republic of Lambeth should be reported to the Race Relations Commission because there is no provision for the Welsh fleeing from Plaid, or the Gaelic-speaking Scots fleeing from the Republic of Caledonia (Prop, El Presidente Fatso Salmond)


  42. 115
    Juggler says:

    More Labour waste.


  43. 122
    Civil Servant says:

    If you genuinely believe this is misleading, report it to the ASA. A church got taken to task for advertising their miraculous healing powers.


    • 138
      annette curton says:

      But never has any religious sect been taken to ‘task’ over outrageous claims that the Planet is overseen by a great ruler in the sky that can’t make his mind up whether he is C of E, Catholic, Muslim or a Scientologist.


  44. 129
    luvvly jubbly says:

    .Public money, the propaganda wing of the Labour Party


  45. 131
    Anonymous says:

    now, it seems that the City of London police where after £189,000 of tax that Arry had evaded – but as we all know he was found not guilty. The bill to the tax payer is £8million – so it was worth it then – Arry for england manager – hoofuckingray!!!


  46. 132

    Bit old this story Fawkes:

    From: Andrew Armstrong

    17 January 2011

    Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

    Please can you tell me the total cost of the advertising campaign
    currently in place around the borough, trying to sell the idea to
    local residents that the forthcoming cuts to services in Lambeth is
    the fault of the coalition government [image link below]


    Please provide the answer in terms of the cost for designing and
    producing the posters, and also the cost for taking out the
    advertising space.

    Please also confirm where this money has come from to fund this

    Yours faithfully,

    Andrew Armstrong

    And on it goes with plenty of stalling from lambeth.

    And their lambeth Life mag.

    Because South London Press readers choose to buy it, they read it. We were all forced to pay almost 20p a copy for Lambeth Life, and I wonder how much more it cost in stifling proper scrutiny of council spending?
    I don’t agree on the value of £500,000 in Lambeth today. It’s enough, for example, to continue free bulky and garden waste collections (£300,000), save school crossing patrols (£150,000) and scrap the new charges for disabled parking bays (£40,000). Or there are many other cuts to social services such as care and sheltered housing, or public services such as street sweeping and public loos, which could be avoided.
    And think how much we’ll save on recycling now we don’t have to pulp more than 3 million copies of Lambeth Life a year.


  47. 134
    The Nawab of Bermondsey says:

    What action have Lambeth taken to try to provide
    their services within a reduced budget?

    how have the Government tried to help?

    What practical help has been received from the staff?

    Have any administrative tasks been taken off the remit of Lambeth Council?

    have Lambeth any deposits with Banks either uk or non uk registered?

    has any appraisal or sale of the Borough’s capital assets been carried out and if so with what results?


  48. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Shocking use of taxpayer’s money.
    Can CLG act against this sort of appaling waste?


  49. 144
    Lambeth says:

    We had 13 wonderful years under Labour in which we gave ourselves well paid non-jobs and spent millions on focus groups, relaxation lounges and staff awaydays. Now that’s all had to end. So it’s only right we spend tens of thousands to tell residents that the government has cut our funding.


  50. 154
    Ballymoney Boy says:

    People’s Republic. Try to master the apostrophe, Guido.


    • 165
      Am I wrong? says:

      Actually, in this case I think our host is correct. The Borough of Lambeth is host to people from many different countries, Somalis, Jamaicans, Arabs, Banglas, etc. So lots of different peoples are represented, all of whom live in their own little entrenched ghettos – hence the use of the plural form.


  51. 175
    On Harman Pride's Dossier says:

    Nearly a Third = 28%. So by Lambeth’s reckoning, the weekend is nearly a third of the week…

    Reading through their proposals, it looks like the cuts have forced them to concentrate hard on delivering what their residents want, rather than political pet projects. Sounds great


  52. 181
    Fabio says:

    A noa needa yora money no moro. Letta Lambeth av eet.


  53. 188
    Another tired out old bastard sleepwalking to death says:



  54. 191

    where is ted knight when he’s needed? … still working in a graesy spoon ??

    as mamma would say ” each aa to eez own aa “


  55. 192

    ehi silvio don’t diss ted knight …. after all it was stalinists like him who eventually paved the way for fascists like you to get into power …. now idiots like me are left to clean up the mess!! Porca miseria.


  56. 193

    Het Hey Hey !! Come on boys Mutti Deutschland doesn’t like arguments in class . Either you shake hand s now or or I envelop you both within the folds opf my abundant cleavage for the next five years ..Tonner und Blitzen !!


  57. 194
    haven't been to lambeth for ages says:

    In other news, Lambeth Council looks for ways to ensure residents notice a drop in services.


  58. 197
    Bloke says:

    One thing’s for sure – ‘Steve’ Reed’s money hasn’t been cut.

    Fucking socialist wanking Hunts.


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