February 8th, 2012

Ken’s Gay Gaffe
Clean Campaign Pledge Goes Out of the Window

With his usual tact Ken has told the New Statesman that he believes the Tory party used to be “riddled with it like everywhere else is.” What was this “it”? Gay people.

There is never much doubt about how people feel when the use the expression “riddled”, but for the avoidance of doubt let’s see what the dictionary says:

“Riddled: Fill or permeate (someone or something), esp. with something unpleasant or undesirable.” 

Guido has to wonder how this is going to play at the “LGBT London For Ken” fundraising dinner in March. It seems Ken has been hanging out with Al Qaradawi too much.

In the same interview Ken has made references to Boris’ alleged love child. Yesterday he emailed his supporters a clean campaign pledge:

“We are determined to win this election and unlike the Tories, who are resorting to dirty smear attacks, we are running a very positive campaign.”

That didn’t last long…



  1. 1
    Top dog says:

    Boris is the lesser of two evils

    • 24
      There is no point voting Conservative says:

      The “Conservative” Bonkers Johnson wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

      • 87
        Really? says:

        If this happens, my understanding is that any of them not earning over £31K per annum at the end of three years will be shunted onto a plane along with assorted Saffers, Kiwis and Aussies. What could go wrong?

        • 103
          81IIy 8owden i5 7he gre@test ump1re ever ! says:

          Ken seems to be with us but cannot help but show his true colours when he is off gard – i hate him

          • Lord Justice Pickles says:

            The Labour Party is riddled with Ken loving acolytes (like Bob Crow) who are bloody awful people and a bunch of hypocrites.

      • 90
        Melanie Philips says:

        Boris Johnson also wants Turkey to be admitted to the EU so that 80million Turks would be eligible to live in Britain.

        • 91
          lmfao says:

          Oh dear. Somebody has said something which upsets homosexuals. Big fucking deal.

          • Willy Wowden says:

            I’m riddled with it every Saturday night.

          • White married not divorced English nominally Christian HETEROSEXUAL working and supporting a family says:

            I feel oppressed. I must be in a minority. Can we get a grant?

          • Anonymous says:

            It would have been OK in my book if it hadn’t of come out of newt boys hypocritical mouth.

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Fabio Capello’s resignation is one in the eye for the PC brigade.

          • Business Cat says:

            @White married and working: You must a minority by now I should think. But you will never lose your status as the most evil people on the planet.

          • Anonymous says:

            @Business Cat – Osama Bin Larder and his Wahabi terrorists take the bicuit for EVIL regardless of race.

    • 27
      Concerned voter says:

      I hate Ken.
      I hate Boris.
      I hate poofs.
      Who should i vote for?

      • 29
        AC1 says:

        Abu Quatada?

      • 83
        Moscow Mike Handycock (sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money) says:

        Vote for me. My track record is impeccable. I have not worked since I was 21, I have been troughing in politics ever since, councillor, county councillor and MP. My greatest claim to fame is that it has also funded my wife who I used to pay £20,000 a year from my expenses until I was exposed. For most of my time in politics I have used my position to obtain sex, and once I had discovered how easy sex was to obtain in eastern europe. I started setting up political liaisons there purely to obtain more sex, and all paid for by the taxpayer. With a track record like that, I deserve your vote. Boaz.

    • 45
  2. 2
    Drewster says:

    I hear Red Ken is a wily old schmunt (at least, I think that’s what I heard).

  3. 3
    Racked off says:

    not surprised, Ken has always been odious and you know with his cosiness with islamists would you be surprised at his view.

  4. 4
    Tony O'Donovan says:

    as a gay man I have never supported him. Just goes to show what a slimy little vote grabbing shitbag he really is.

    • 6
      Racked off says:

      Brian Paddick tells Sky, Ken Livingstone “appears to be gay friendly as a political ploy but in unguarded moments his true views come out”

  5. 5
    Mrs. Harriet Dromey says:

    I can only tolerate Gay Womyn…..gay men can perish like straight men

  6. 7
    Red Ken ( pond life ) LivingscumIt says:

    That’s why I’m known as ‘Livingscum’ outside Zone 1 :)

  7. 8
    Tarquin of Thripp says:

    Priti ‘Blood On The Carpet’ Patel attacking anybody for being abusive or divisive is like Donald Trump criticising you for having a bad comb-over!

  8. 9
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Ken is really a piece of work.

    No wonder he cosies up to the Islamic fascist nut jobs – perhaps he secretly admires and agrees with may of their views.

    I wish the slavering newt fancier would just fucking take the hint and vanish from public life.

    • 31
      AC1 says:

      Scratch a red or a green, find an authoritarian fascist.

      There’s a shock.

      • 42
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        The shocking thing is that he’s been sucking up to the gay community in London for decades but many suspect that he holds the highest contempt for homosexuals.

        You can judge a man by the company he keeps, etc.

    • 52
      Eddie Shoestring says:

      At least he has a view on something. I was in a “never guess who I had in the back of my” taxi the other day. The driver gave him a grilling on London issues and apparently his answer to everything was “I’m not really in the loop about that”

  9. 10
    lola says:

    You really can’t be funny about the little shit. He is just an odious mendacious little turd (I am sure he is charming to old ladies, children and his family), and who has read the book on ‘How to Win Power and Keep it in the Commintern Way’ and uses every technique given therein. I wouldn’t trust him ‘as far as I could spit a rat’.

    • 67
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      You are right. He is very charming to old ladies and children but in Who’s Who he lists one of his hobbies as “killing puppies with hammers”.

      • 163
        jgm2 says:

        If he’d listed his hobbies as ‘Killing cats with hammers’ I might have to reconsider my opinion of the man.

        As I get older I’m coming more around to the idea of killing puppies with hammers too. The fucking things just grow up to be giant, leg-shagging, drooling, stinking, shitting machines.

        Fucking things. Cats? Dogs? What the fuck do we need ‘em for? Killing mice? Buy a mousetrap. Deterring burglars? Buy an alarm. An excuse for a walk? Just go for a walk and pretend you have a dog.

  10. 11
    Gordon Brown says:

    Don’t write bad things about me! The No10 website should say I was the most popular and successful prime minister in history! Nothing less than that will do!

  11. 12

    The Conservatives riddled with gay men? Just another reason to vote for the Tories!

    • 183
      Anonymous says:

      The Liberal Democrats too… just take a look at ‘your straight choice for Bermondsey’… not to mention whole Councils in the grip of the LibDem gay mafia.

  12. 13
    Jimmy Saveloy says:

    Now then, now then, guys and gals, especially gals, and especially underage gals. Jim’ll fix it for you if you’ll fix it for Jim.

  13. 14
    Guttah Pwess says:

    He’s playing your game, what are you crying about?

  14. 15
    Tachybaptus says:

    Ken has been emitting toxic rubbish for years. It doesn’t lose him votes. The vast majority of the public doesn’t even notice. People vote Labour because they always have, or because they are public employees or on benefits and one idea that has successfully been put across to them is that they risk losing their job or their benefits.

    It’s a bit like Ed beating Dave at PMQs. The only people who notice this are Westminster bubble dwellers, and 99.9 per cent of the population neither know nor care.

    • 135
      Business Cat says:

      Ken is so toxic he will known world wide, whilst this Boris fellow does not get much publicity in this neck of the woods (Canada)

  15. 17
    Babe fan says:

    After today’s PMQs, all I can say is let’s see much more of the fragrant Caroline Dinenage.

  16. 18
    Anonymous says:

    You are trying to pin the ‘homophobic’ card on, er, Ken Livingstone ??!!

    Good luck with that, as they say in America…

  17. 19
    Terrible But True says:

    Puts the BBC in a bit of a fix… well another one.. I mean…

  18. 21
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m going to see Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D. I’m much more likeable than Jar Jar Binks aren’t I? Surely he’s more annoying than me?

    • 29
      Nurse Botha says:

      If you do what you did when nursey took you to see Hairy Plonker and the Dangling Bollocks 3D, the nice people at Cineworld won’t let you in any more.

    • 80
      South of the M4 says:

      His speeches were certainly more intelligible.

  19. 22
    Andrew Efiong says:

    If London elects Ken he’ll have five years to bung cash to his cronies like Lee “Grasper” Jasper and waste the rest of his time with a hate agenda against people he’s annoyed with.

    • 37
      Rh- says:

      that would be entertaining … admittedly I’m living 400 miles away so its not going to affect me.

  20. 23
    Red Ken ( pond life ) LivingscumIt says:

    If somehow Boris defeats me, I’m off to retire to Venezuela. Much better newts, better health service, cheap petrol.

    • 39
      AC1 says:

      Is that the country the leader had to leave in order to find cancer treatment?

      • 71
        Former Libyan intelligence officer says:

        No that was Scotland

        • 139
          Business Cat says:

          LO very L !

        • 161
          jgm2 says:

          Nobody lives long enough to die of cancer in Scotland. It’s mainly heart-attacks , liver failure and stabbings that gets ‘em. Still, if you lived there you’d be grateful for any release too.

          It’s the old gag about why do men die before their wives recycled.

          Why do Scottish people die so young? Because they want to.

  21. 25
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Is Ken Livingstone a closet gay. He is a very weird bloke.

  22. 26

    RED KEN’S BAND ‘H’ LONDON PRECEPT 2008-10 vs BORIS’ 2008-2010

    2008 £ 245.96
    2009 £ 301.76
    2002 £ 347.76
    2003 £ 448.80
    2004 £ 482.66
    2005 £ 509.24
    2006 £ 577.22
    2007 £ 607.76
    2008 £ 619.64


    2009 £ 619.64
    2010 £ 619.64
    2011 £ 619.64


  23. 33
    Rh- says:

    ken is a true socialist … the truth is what he says it is … at that very second.

  24. 48
    Ah! Monika H/T Telegraph says:

    The BBC: the world’s largest liberal echo chamber.


  25. 50
    Nigel Doughty's Ghost says:

    I would definitely of prolapsed Priti Patels arsehole back in my day.

    No need for Brian Paddick his arsehole is already prolapsed.

    • 56
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      “definitely of”

      Tut tut. Remedial English class for you Doughty. And don’t fucking argue boy!

  26. 51
    ken is a cock says:

    never mind that, his old mate hugo chavez who ken wanted to do a deal with on fuel, said he will actively back the argies if they invade the falklands and will offer his military.


    • 55
      Nigel Doughty's Ghost says:

      Soon he will be a ghost like me once the cancer is finished chewing through his meat and bones.

  27. 53
    Nigel Doughty's Ghost says:

    Even Nick Griffin is more gay friendly than Ken Livingstone.

  28. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Back in the day he claimed to be bisexual, and wasn’t averse to propositioning attractive young men. Indeed, I was one. I, as they say, “politely declined” his offer of a little “mutual masturbation” in his book-filled bedroom after a day tagging along in the GLC. Mind you, I was an extraordinarily beautiful young man then. I even have some photos of him gazing at my camera in a lustful manner. I was also rather naive, being around 17 or 18, I can’t remember. So rather an unpleasant turn of his, I’d say.

  29. 63
    The Riddler says:

    Alan Duncan for Mayor.

  30. 65
    angela says:


    RED KEN’S HENCHMEN. How Red Ken reached out to extremist Iran for a £284KK payment. Touching.

    • 172
      Cardboard cut-out of Khomeini says:

      We like his type. George Galloway is another one. No dictator is too horrid for them.

  31. 68
    Lord Madoff Mandelson says:


    “It seems Ken has been hanging out with Al Qaradawi too much”.

    So you have to be racist to try and denigrate old Ken?

    And what about your friend the Pope and the Catholic Church’s view on q u e e r s ?!!

    You are all over the shop old chap !

    • 70
      Old Tory Bigot says:

      Well, I don’t think the Pontif, for all his many faults, actually want to hang them, or stone them to death, or burn them alive.

  32. 69
    Sir Dando Tweakeshafte says:

    Those who park their bicycles up the dirt track have as varied a political outlook as any other random slice of our Capital. The Left have never really understood that, imagining that particular “Vote” to be secure in the bank.

    This buffoon probably imagines no harm is done to his electoral prospects, and it seems impolite to spoil the surprise.

  33. 74
    Yellow Tory says:

    And the mask slips again. Perhaps we should ask Yvette Cooper which candidate is ‘struggling’ now? Gutter politics. Hang your head.

  34. 75
    smoggie says:

    Is this these chap that decades ago Private Eye alleged possessed some pills which gave semen a strawberry flavour?

    My, my how the worm has turned.

    • 158
      jgm2 says:

      Errr… He might have just been thinking of his girlfriend. Girls do that too. Some of them even pretend to like it.

    • 169
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      I have it on good authority that eating asparagus should be avoided. Unless you actually want to get rid of your girlfriend.

  35. 76
    Cell time says:

    Redknapp is just so, oh I can’t think of the word,

    Spinal Tap don’t appoint football managers, but if they did?

  36. 77
    nellnewman says:

    Ah Ken. The darling of the left riddled with hypocrisy and bile.

  37. 81
    Popcorn time. says:
    • 85
      Anonymous says:

      ‘arry’s only loyalty is to ‘imself and his b*nk account, so expect to see ‘im in the Ingland job pretty soon.

    • 86
      not a machine says:

      That David Copperfield and his half time entertainment antics ….

      • 166
        a machine says:

        That is the first of your comments I have managed to read from end to end. You’re definitely improving.

    • 88
      Capello says:

      The FA is riddled with it.

    • 89
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Capello made a fair point about due process re Terry, but should have dropped him from the squad before the last World Cup. The FA are a bunch of clowns, showing that English Football administration is even worse than that of the blazers over at the RFU.

      The PC brigade will just love it.

    • 92
      Fabio's Bottle of Hair Dye says:

      So iya saya to FA, who issa manager of Ingland team? Issa me, issa you, or issa ‘arry? They a saya issa notta you. So iya saya you take-a your jobba. Iya ggo bakka to Italy.

    • 115
      annette curton says:

      You wannta da sphagetti or you no wantta da fucking spagetti?

  38. 84
    not a machine says:

    I rather think that all the decades of politics of divison ,in the name of equality is beginning to affect ye olde Kens election outputs , funny how eventually when such politics is procured , he ends up fighting on the muddy field he thought he was making his opponents suffer in …..

    Still at least younger version of Ken hasnt asked for British jobs for British workers ……. yet !

    Whilst twitter frenzy had all in heaping of praise on Ed the younger post PMQs , I gave him an early lead but an undeniable win to PM by the end , noting that whilst the actual questions by ed the younger were a bit lame , he had some sort of order of delivery . The ill wind on Mr Lansleys health reforms , consisting of dislike and repugnant soundbites , useually lead by it should be scrapped , from ex ministers who appear to run out brief , when issues of productivity seem to help the NHS budget in difficult ecnomic times , is part of Ed just serving up the creme of the piss that rises to the surface .
    Andy Burnham has been at this one for some time and as the current shadow minsiter choosen to occupy his old position , he for one should be most aware that ,the NHS would be screaming at his party , as his delcared cuts , would be very visible and long term , loss of certain NHS functions .
    The PM didnt have much of an oppertunity to get across , what cuts Ed would have done . I personally do believe the PMs commitment to the NHS and improving some aspects of it , Likewise Mr Lansleys efforts to keep it working in difficult times . It may well be that the sudden change to front line staff , will prove to be the decision that Labour could not take , nor perhaps will it be the political decision ed makes out , but the real gutsy one where he stopped poor performing health trusts , failing ill people , and actually getting some repairs done , in that some trusts had become an endless blank cheque organisations with accompying internal beurocratic chatter , that greased through expensive PFI .
    We complain about the banks , and yet some of the health chiefs have signed off very big tax payer liabilites , without NAO even offering and indegestive belch . if £300 to change a lightbulb and the fact that some of these PFI contracts have changed hands several times , all at a profit take on each transaction , begins to tell you somthing about how labour structured these vehciles not as long term returns from a benevolent marxist corporatist state , but a bit a of new financial business .

    The mob didnt like state owned bankers getting bounus deals , but for the mob to then have a swipe at a health sec trying to keep a budget afloat , so badly holed in some trusts by PFI that labour bequeathed health care , and then a line of medical staff represntations , to the not admitt , it was Labour that actually squeezed there budget (it is a contact and not a yearly budget) in decade long periods outside of election time frames .

    Who stuffed the NHS ?? I would think Ed got away rather lightly today .

  39. 93
    Red Arsehole says:

    Bimbo Boris is definitely more intelligent than Red Ken who appears to have lost touch with reality and the truth.

  40. 95
    not a machine says:

    Still doesnt add up that dear old Sven had one the best England records ever . Capello did a lot of base building , being genuinely meritocratic , but didnt drop on that team that had the real deal of feeling what that shirt calls upon in contest .

    The old days of just being bloody good and talented have gone as the more technical days are with us , of measured uber fitness .
    I doubt if anyone called Knobby will ever be seen again on an england shirt .

    Ok moneys on Redknapp and his rollin hustle style , Anyone for Mourhinio ?

    • 100
      Ace Innick says:

      For £ 6,000,000 per year you’ll find the queue is enormous and the outcome will be the same as it has been under ALL England’s recent managers. They’ll ‘manage’ a team of massively overpaid, half-witted prima donnas who will again dash the hopes of yer Ingerland fans. Nothing changes, only the salary bill goes higher.

      • 105
        AC1 says:

        There’s a squad but no team.

      • 108
        not a machine says:

        I agree I think the home of football , has become the home of sponsorhsip and FA .. Funding Apathay

      • 156
        jgm2 says:

        Unfortunately English football is the rock on which ‘You get what you pay for’ dashed and proven to be a load of bollocks.

        Well, that and the UK Parliament. And the EU parliament. And the tube dr*iv*ers. And the UK banks. And i-Crap. And…

        Let’s be honest. You don’t get what you pay for at all. You get what the c*unts can get away with charging you for.

        • 178
          Am I wrong? says:

          Yup, and the England cricketers do not seem to be doing much better either. I blame Shirley Williams for taking sport out of education and selling off all the school playing fields to their spivvy mates.

  41. 106
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He must be a lesbian. They hate gay men.

  42. 107
    Bogeyman says:

    Ken sneering at Boris’s (alleged) love child? Aren’t we forgetting that Leninscum had FIVE children by THREE different women, two of them almost at the same time?

    Hypocrite is an inadequate word. He is a lying, scheming piece of shit.

  43. 109
    annette curton says:

    Come on Ken, get out of the closet, are you a not so secret Gay hater?.

    • 114
      BOB coCROWch says:

      We in RMT will do all we can to get Ken re-elected. He will increase our extremely low wages and will tax Tories into extinction. C’mon yooo Ken !

  44. 110
    Cressida's Dick says:

    If you’re a gay jew and Livingstone’s elected, take cover.

  45. 111
    not a machine says:

    (long lastin headline winner ) Greece Poised to agree bailout package ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . Added a few billions to stock markets though

    • 116
      Baron Hogwash says:

      Very good news, tomorrow Greece can start negotiating the next bailout package.

      • 141
        Business Cat says:

        The Greek story is dragging on so long people are ignorning it. They are bored with it. Put Greece out of its misery!

        • 145
          Greek technocrat appointment says:

          We have a Euro football winners Trophy.

          How many do-a-you-a have, matey peeps?
          As many as the euros in our treasury.


  46. 117
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Red Ken same old shit again.

  47. 118

    RED KEN’S BAND ‘H’ LONDON PRECEPT 2008-10 vs BORIS’ 2008-2011

    2000 £ 245.96
    2001 £ 301.76
    2002 £ 347.76
    2003 £ 448.80
    2004 £ 482.66
    2005 £ 509.24
    2006 £ 577.22
    2007 £ 607.76
    2008 £ 619.64


    2009 £ 619.64
    2010 £ 619.64
    2011 £ 619.64
    2012 £ 605.00


  48. 119
    Red Arsehole says:

    Who in their Right mind would vote for the lying arsehole?

  49. 120
    I don't need no doctor says:

    I would like to offer myself for the job as England manager. I will accept £600,000 a year, so the FA can make an excellent cost saving. I readily admit that I would just as useless as the previous England managers, so could offer the continuity required of the position.
    If you (Bernstein) are interested then you can contact through my agent Guido Fawkes.
    Get in there!!!

    • 127
      Baron Hogwash says:

      Red Ed will be asking for end to bonus culture for England managers or make Ken manager!!!!!

      I wish someone would hack my phone and Rupert ole’ lad can hand me a big fat cheque just like Prezza!

      • 144
        David Blunkett says:

        I complained about my phone being hacked and Rupert gave me a job having a column in the sun. £120,000 a year + bonus.

        Oddly, for a former home secretary who’s phone was hacked and possible state secrets were discovered, I never mentioned phone hacking again.

    • 128
      nellnewman says:

      £6million a year Hmm?

      gordy says ‘I’ve been looking for a job like this for ages. I want it!’

    • 154
      Laurie Penny says:

      I’ll do it for nothing.

  50. 122
    Shit happens says:

    Mark Pack

    A nimble two-step from The Guardian:
    1. Polly Toynbee sends tweet encouraging all and sundry to take part in an open-access online poll being run by the BMJ.
    2. The Guardian reports result of said BMJ poll.
    Then only thing missing, alas, is:
    3. The Guardian then realises that reporting a voodoo poll which its own staff have been encouraging people to take part on is low grade self-referential journalism and pulls poll report.

  51. 133
    Hee Hee says:
  52. 152
    jgm2 says:

    It’s a simple equation. There are more islamists than gayists in London. The gay-haters will provide many more votes than the gayists who, almost certainly, do not have quite the same postal voting record.

  53. 164
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    Poor Ken – tired and emotional as always

    There was once a big tit
    Who didn’t give a sh*t
    And spoke to the press when he was piddled,
    Declaiming that the Tories were riddled.
    Riddled with what? “With “it””.

  54. 165
    sandy says:

    Oh No! They killed Kenny.

  55. 168
    Jimmy says:

    It may not be popular or fashionable to say this but there is nothing normal or natural about conservatism and unfortunately the gay community is indeed riddled with it.

  56. 170
    Hague says:

    Tories riddled By gays? Count me in!

  57. 174
    Lord Fondlebun says:

    Thanks Ken we gay men must ‘stick together’ someday.

  58. 177
    @RichardPBacon Radio 5 twat. says:

    I love Ken, he’s great, best man on the Earth.

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