January 30th, 2012

The Other Dave and Nick Relationship

Sarkozy and Dave’s bromance peaked on a balcony in Benghazi, but hit a new low when the half-pint refused to shake hands after Dave’s veto before Christmas. Well blink and you would have missed their forced man-love in Brussels this afternoon:

Given that Sarkozy claimed last night that the UK “has no industry“, you might have thought Dave would be playing it cool, but he instigated the smiles and bat backs. All ten seconds of them…


  1. 1
    You know it makes sense. says:

    Go on Dave, Toss the dwarf!!!


    • 6
      Lord Tebbit of Semtex says:

      The UK has no industry!

      Yes we do…

      We have the libertarian industry
      We have the holocaust remembrance industry
      We have the race relations industry
      We have the immigration industry
      We have the shrinking of the state industry
      We have the arming the world industry
      We have the human rights industry
      We have the hypocrisy industry
      We have the pantomime industry
      We have the bonus industry

      etc etc etc


      • 9
        pantomime industry skopsman says:

        Oh no we don`t.


      • 12
        Brussels says:

        The UK etc industry seems to be working overtime. We have to introduce an EU Etc Directive to bring it into line with lazy Europ^an abbreviation norms


      • 13
        AC1 says:

        I think we manufactured 2.8 million cars last year.

        We have more manufacturing than ever, we just need less people to do it.


        • 44
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          Foreign companies operating in UK may have done, but they take their profits to invest back home. Or is that 2.8 million Mogans that I haven’t managed to see?


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            errr … Morgans


          • AC1 says:

            Those profits are in pounds which have to be spent in this economy. Don’t sweat it. Trade is good. More trade is better.


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            AC1 – yes, it is true that trade is good. But re-investment is better.


          • smoggie says:

            Their profits are taxed here. Their workers are British and are taxed here.

            If we allow foreign companies to invest here, they create more jobs and therefore reduce unemployment.


            Just like you.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            It doesn’t really matter what the badge says, its more to do with how much of the production is in the country, and how much money it brings in.

            Sarko said that as well all last night. I think he was hinting that French people who buy Dacias are cocks.


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            Sorry, Smoggie, the profits made are not invested here, I suspect. The foreign entrepreneurs are international and building an empire with a tax-efficient system. They have and do take our politicuans for mugs. Other than that we all seem to agree.


      • 42
        Pentangelis says:

        . . . . . . . . and of course the ‘wupping the Frenchies arses’ industry!


      • 93
        BagLady says:

        Don’t forget we now have:

        Olympic Delivery Board
        London Development Agency
        Government Olympic Executive
        Department of Culture Media & Sports
        UK Sport
        Jeremy Hunt
        Not to mention Tessa Jowls
        All wrapped up in Dow Chemicals

        Eat your heart out Beijing


    • 10
      AC1 says:

      What is Dave’s defeat?

      I see “Cameron to nod through EU treaty” headline on the ft, but it’s behind the paywall.


      • 23
        The BBC are cunts says:

        The FT. As unbiased as we are.


        • 27
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Go to Google, type Cameron to Nod through Treaty and look at the results.

          I would prefer that he fell asleep then shouted out VETO at the right moment.

          He is doing more U turns than a Chav in a souped up Astra.


      • 26
        Tessa Tickles says:

        If he’s nodding through a treaty, does that mean we get a referendum? Like he promised?


        • 34
          Sophie says:

          These bastards break the law so often now that they hope no one will notice.

          Yes, we should have a referendum.

          It is a massive change to our interaction with the socialist EU – giving them access to the Court for “punishment” of future offending Regional Fiefdoms requires sanction at the ballot box by the British.

          But dont hold your breath – Cameron will do all he can to thwart democracy here in the UK.

          Blue Labour out.


        • 85
          Dyan Fatbutt says:

          I nodded through the abortion changes.


    • 19
      Drew Peacock says:

      Well Cameron is about to capitulate so I suppose sucking up is in order


    • 80
      Abdelbaset al-Megrahi says:

      Hi everyone! I’m still alive and hoping it’s not too cold for you all in Scotland and England. Isn’t my old chum Alex Salmond doing well? He can run rings round that funny man you have in charge who looks like Commander Data! Anyway life here in Tripoli is getting back to normal, what with the bribery and what goes on in the jails I feel quite at home. I’m off for nine holes of golf now, so salaam aleykum everyone!


    • 87
      Un cafe en France...... says:

      Dave: Good moaning.

      Nick: I cannot understand a word that you say.

      Dave: I was pissing by the window.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I saw this being talked about so went to the BBC News to take a look and it’s EdM giving some speech or other.

    You’d think after the RBS losses and the hypocriticalness of having a go at the bonus his party designed he’d shut up today.


  3. 3
    Steve Miliband says:

    Is he on a step ladder?


  4. 4
    Oldrightie says:

    Possibly the most expensive bromance on record. Thieving shits, all of them. As for Boy Dave, weak and and a closet europhiliac.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      ‘Closet’ in the same sense that Russell T Davies (ex of Doctor Who) and the MP for Bermondsey are closeted? Yeah, that looks strange without the double ‘T’ but it seems to be correct.


  5. 5
    purpleline says:

    I guess asking Sarko who the father is of Carla’s baby was a bit naughty


  6. 7
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    So what is the collective noun for a pair of Hunts then?


  7. 11
    Sophie says:

    Sarkopolean & Heath 2 are two cheeks of the same federalist arse.

    Cameron out, Blue Labour out.


  8. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Pour ceux qui attendent avec impatience que le slogan préféré des médias, le «U-turn», je n’ai qu’une seule chose à dire: «Vous tournez si vous voulez la dame n’est pas pour le tournage.”.

    Comprenez Hunt.


  9. 15
    le bete de paris says:

    Being friendly to an enemy always messes with their minds

    “Hows the wife and baby?”

    Shorto will be thinking

    “Is he suggesting that its not mine?”

    “the Rolling stones will be playing O2 next year would you like to come along?”
    Merde zis rosbif is playing avec moi”.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    “You must bring carla to stay again she went down so well last time”
    ” carla, do you like frogs legs or do you just like bow legged men ? hahah”
    “Nice to see you both,cheerio”


  10. 16
    Mowbray Jackson says:

    I imagine DC is just paying lip service to a ‘dead man walking’ as Sarkozy will be unimportant after the French elections and will himself ‘have no industry’!


    • 20
      AC1 says:

      France has loads of foreign oil interests…

      Hence the attempt, “No war, {in exchange for} for oil”….


    • 40
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Oh I am not so sure. I suspect that Sarkozy will have some high level role within the EU offered to him, as reward for his sterling service toward the destruction of the nation states of EUland, or Greater Germany as it will soon be called.


  11. 21
    Steve Miliband says:

    A quoi ça sert ?
    Sarkosy est griller.


  12. 22
    Jimmy says:

    Just saying their goodbyes.


  13. 24
    The BBC says:

    A new left wing French Government will soon be talking with our glorious leader Ed if we have our way


  14. 25
    Jimmy says:

    btw, how about a live blog for Panorama. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  15. 28
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Sarkozy’s just pissed off cos the Brits (Mick Jagger & Eric Clapton) spent years giving Carla a jolly good rogering before he finally met her….


    • 67
      Really? says:

      Carla, after a lifetime of self-starvation, has found happiness with France’s most powerful man and finally has had the chance to enjoy the finest food which her adopted nation has to offer.

      Who can blame her for finally putting on a few kilos and looking her age?


    • 68
      Jimmy says:

      A French politician gets the top job and makes a play for Carla Bruni. An English politician gets the top job and goes after Edwina Currie.

      Lack of ambition is a terrible thing.


  16. 32

    Only a sartorial point, i know. But without the heightners in his shoes, exactly HOW short, is Nicolas Sarkozy?


  17. 33
    He knew he was right says:

    “Dave” had to be careful of the dagger being plunged into his back as Sarko whispered into his ear…”I weel mek show-r zat ze Cite uv Luon-dohn iz propair-lee facked ovair beef-oor I go !”


  18. 38
    Pentangelis says:

    Just because Sarkosy feels he must behave like a boorish, French, cheese-eating surrender monkey doesn’t mean Cameron has to stoop so low; apart that is to reach the little fellow’s hand of course.


  19. 43
    smell le cafe says:

    Isn’t Sarko a muppet? France’s economy has less “industry” than Britain.


  20. 46
    gildedtumbril says:

    They have all been to or are graduates of the Frankfurt School, bastard traitors.


  21. 52
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    We have some fine industries in this country, it’s just that they tend not to get the attention of the homosexual greenie left wing shite that runs the BBC or the Guardian.

    Formula 1 is basically a British industry.

    Rolls Royce aero engines is a world success

    Britain has a very successful space industry, we produce a lot of the world satellites and kit to go on them.

    Problem is the Guardian and BBC have a problem with the industries above, where are the homosexuals? the women? the one legged lesbians?

    Have you ever seen a diversity officer at McLaren?

    Have to ever seen prayer mats at Rolls Royce?

    The BBC thinks a good industry is one where billions of pounds of public sector money have been urinated away to employ a few left wing wankers with degrees in ‘wimmins’ issues’


  22. 55
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Should have just smacked the half pint around the face and gone “Hawn hee hawn hee hawn” ….. in French of course!


  23. 56
    le bete de paris says:

    Votre marie est tres sexy
    How does it feel to know that Mick Jagger blew his tubes all over her face?

    I would ask him that right in his ear whilst smiling and cuddling him just to wait for the gallic dwarf to throw a punch
    Then pretend to look astonished and hurt as his life disolved before my eyes


  24. 61
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I heard it, and it was a bloody bizarre aside.

    A bloke asked about raising VAT (which goes to reduce employment taxes/charges):
    sarko: “when germans raised their VAT, the shops didn’t raise their prices”
    Interviewer: “But when they raised it in the UK the shops did raise their prices”
    Sarko: “thats because they have no industry”.

    And no-one said “that makes no sense you tit”.

    French prices will all get hiked up when there is a VAT rise, because the shops just would rise prices at any excuse.


  25. 62
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Can’t wait to see how the BBC is going to spin Fred the shred’s knighthood

    Here’s how the BBC are sucking Ed’s cock at the moment

    “…Labour leader Ed Miliband has said, in retrospect, it was “clearly wrong” for former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Fred Goodwin to be knighted…”

    “…A growing number of Conservative MPs are calling for the knighthood to be rescinded while Labour has suggested it would not oppose the move…”

    But you can bet the BBC will ensure Chuka a Mongo will be on the air 24/7 telling the proles it was the Tories what gave Fred his knighthood.

    If you read the BBC articles they don’t mention a certain one eyed mad jock halfwit. I wonder why?

    Also take a read here at how the BBC spun Fred the shred’s pension when the one eyed twat was in power. Faux outrage indeed, Gordon was the hero as he had “only just found out”



    • 75
      Really? says:

      Do we have to? – many of us have just finished dinner.


    • 79
      Sophie says:

      It has become worse than the very worst of Pravda at the height of the USSR.

      There is not even the pretence of impartiality anymore.

      So glad I do not give a penny towards it.

      Bad enough as a taxpayer I have to fund the Labour Party through its corrupt Union practices bought in during the 13 years of darkness of their reign.

      If only we had a Conservative on the front bench to take the BBC & the Labour Party on – impossible to not be angry at that snivelling git Miliband constantly covered on the BBC – & yet never challenged on his role in the Brown bunker.


  26. 63
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I heard it, and it was a bloody bizarre aside.

    A bloke asked about raising VAT (which goes to reduce employment taxes/charges):
    sarko: “when germans raised their VAT, the shops didn’t raise their pri##ces”
    Interviewer: “But when they raised it in the UK the shops did raise their pri##ces”
    Sarko: “thats because they have no industry”.

    And no-one said “that makes no sense you tit”.

    French prixces will all get hiked up when there is a VAT rise, because the shops just would rise proices at any excuse.


  27. 66
    Edward Miliband says:

    lui demander à propos d’Orange au Chocolat!


  28. 70
    Ah! Monika says:

    French industrial output 2010 £477billion
    British………………………………£ 480 Billion


  29. 72
    nellnewman says:

    Tall Dave should take every chance he can take to stand next to the poison dwarf in public. Even his cuban heels don’t bring him up to dave’s shoulder.

    There’s nothing better than looking down on one’s enemy.


  30. 73
    Sir William Waad says:

    Given that Frenchmen smell of garlic, armpit and cigarettes it’s hardly surprising that dave gives the little fellow a bit of room.


    • 82
      le bete de paris says:

      You left out Pastis and hypocrisy
      Dave should take a pike staff with him
      Maybe some archers


  31. 86
    Merkozy says:

    Merkozy is the one having a tantrum here. Dave should let him get on with so that we can all see what a daft Hunt Merkozy really is.


  32. 91
    Peter Thomas says:

    For Goodness Sake! How many more times? Dave didn’t veto anything, he opted us out.


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