January 26th, 2012

Newsnight Fashion Report

Last night Jeremy Paxman hosted the final round of Twitter’s Next Top Model. And what a heated final it was…

Taking Newsnight by storm was GQ’s cover-girl Louise Mensch. The successful chick-lit author sported a vintage cocktail dress, with a simple yet elegant jacket, Mensch perfectly mixed old school Tory for a sexy new-age feel.

Joining her was the recent New Statesman cover-girl Laurie Penny, the former burlesque dancer turned political pundit went for the classic little black dress, accessorised with a small pink badge. A bold colour palette was on display with her hair. With Laurie wearing her political allegiances on her head, we now know why they call her Penny Red.

It’s hard to choose a winner, as all the ladies looked so lovely.

UPDATE: The full cat fight:


  1. 1
    A bloke says:

    Its not all about looks, brians help as well.


    • 3
      FonyBlair says:

      They look like they’re dressed for a funeral!


      • 8
        fingers crossed says:



      • 22
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        You have to be a good and better if your a great Actor to be a Politician, as long as the hair is combed well, the Knacker Voting Sheep will vote for you. Lets take a tip out of the Italians political book and have a few strippers in politics, lets see how much of a bunga bunga joke the whole thing is.


        • 91
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          After listening to this complete load of Bull Sh-t. I couldn’t contain myself.
          So lets ask this question.
          1. Are Women happier today with all of the choice?
          2. Have their lives become better or worse?
          3. Do they suffer from more or less depression?
          4. Is the world a shittier place because of feminism?
          5. What choices have they made to make them happy?

          Then lets look at the facts.

          1. Governments TAX more and borrow more on having Women in the work place. Worked out all the Mickey Mouse Job creation, now you know why.
          2. International Banking can lend more to said governments getting them deeper and deeper into Debt, or should we say CONTROL.
          3. Policing of Wages. Working conditions. I didn’t see the government coming into the mines to find out that miners had to Shit as they ate their lunch.
          4. The divisive nature of Self in relation to family.
          5. Divide and Rule.


          • The lies of the left says:

            FFS Mensch Facism is left wing why did you let that spoiled brat get away with perpetuating this lie.
            Facism = big state= left wing.
            Before forming his Facist party Mosley was a LABOUR politician and was described as an ardent FABIAN = Eugenics= final solution

            He left the Labour party because he didnt think they were radical enough !


          • The confusion of the right says:

            Yeah, because it was called ‘National Socialism’, right? Just like that home of democracy, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, right?

            Actually the USSR and state-capitalist ‘communist’ regimes had (and have) far more in common with fascism than either has with socialism. Ruthless, strong states, headed by lunatics.

            Socialism is not achived by seizing state power but by destroying state power.


          • It will work next time comrade says:

            And where, prey tell can we find this pure socialism which you believe will be so good for us ?


          • Anonymous says:

            The source of every capitalist concession.

            Enjoy your weekend?
            Enjoy your annual leave?
            Use your right to vote?
            Ever used the NHS?
            Your child of 8 no longer needs to go down the local pit at 5am?

            …you think these were gifts bestowed by benficent capital?


      • 107
        Necronomicon says:

        Splitting hairs about the strands of feminism, incredibly solipsistic, militant language.


    • 4
      the dead of the night says:

      he he, sarky comment of the year.


    • 11
      Widescreen2010 says:

      Certainly a Newsnight to watch with the sound off.


      • 27
        Terrible But True says:

        ‘Certainly a Newsnight to watch with the sound off.’

        As ‘news’ seems a long past aspect of their output too, as all that applies is’ night’, and there is a lot better to do then than watch facile dross, the vision aspect can probably be easily sacrificed too.

        Wonder what their plummeting audience base now comprises, beyond Westminster bubble heads and their remora readerships.


      • 29
        Sothern Softy says:

        Any Newsnight is better with the sound turned off,
        especially when Paxo is as grumpy as he was with these two.
        What’s the matter with the man?
        First he ruins Universally Challenged, then he tries to ruin Newsnight.


    • 20
      Brian Surgeon says:

      Yep, you have to use yer lofe.


    • 59
      Up sh1t creek says:


      • 61
        jgm2 says:

        Good Lord – I had not realised Laurie Penny was so thick. She labelled the suffragettes as reactionary right-wingers.

        I thought the bed-wetters liked to claim the suffragettes as their own? Kid on that they were responsible for women getting the vote.


        • 68
          jgm2 says:

          I’ve figured out her risible angle of attack. Because the suffragettes weren’t Labour party members they were bad feminists.

          Yeah, sure, they might have won women the vote. But for the wrong reasons. Why, some of them (pretty much all of them actually) were well-off and some of them supported Oswald Moseley. Therefore all the suffragettes were bad and it is only left-wing feminists who are pure of heart.

          A bit like Harriet Harman’s list of influential British women that missed out Fatcher. Her not being particularly noteworthy or anything.


          • Boudicca says:

            Her modus operandi is to be deliberately provocative despite any factual basis for her arguments. Rather like an attention-seeking child.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            jgm, exactly.

            ‘There are many types of feminism, but some of them are just wrong.’

            How twisted must her thinking be to make a statement like that. On second thoughts, she’s just thick. And she needs a haircut.


          • The lies of the left says:

            Moseley was left wing he was a FABIAN !


      • 82
        Widescreen2010 says:

        Mensch takes it.
        To my surprise, on mute, Penny wins. But as soon as you have to hear her voice (Thanet?) the girl in the Blue corner wins.
        They seem to have mutual respect.
        Put them together somewhere cosy with a couple bottles of fiz and something beautiful might blossom.


        • 87
          Anonymous says:

          Thanet accent?
          Wasn’t Penny privately educated?


          • Mike Hunt says:

            But that would not sound good in the party of the working class would it.


          • I wouldnt chuck either out of bed on a cold night says:

            At brighton college where the fees are higher than the proposed benefit cap.
            Dont be mean to posh penny, she has got over her anorexia very well.


    • 64
      Huge Grunt says:

      I rather like the look of Theresa May. A real foxy minx. Phwerrr. Wouldn’t mind going up a mountain with her.


    • 99
      The right to kill says:

      I dont think women should have the right to kill their babies, but hey thats just me.


      • 106
        A proper right winger! says:

        I agree… Abortion is manslaughter/murder! The idea that feminism and abortion ate comparable is surely wrong as half of all abortions kill little girls. Nothing could be more anti-feminist.


        • 123
          Another false argument nailed says:

          I agree the Woman have the right to do what they want with their own bodies but its the babies body Im concerned about.


      • 112
        NeverRed says:

        I agree. I think only the people who pay for their upbringing (taxpayers) should be allowed to kill them. The missing non paying fathers should also be subject to castration or vasectomy.


    • 132
      Pundit Too says:

      Whose is Brian?


    • 133
      Pundit Too says:

      Who is Brian?


    • 139
      scusemeq says:

      Laurie Pennys sounds and looks like Barbara Windsor with red hair


    • 142
      Win The Future says:

      I’d have thought one Brian would be enough, the thought of hordes of them is a worry.


  2. 2
    Simon says:

    Refer it to the bishop?


  3. 5
    Tooth fairy says:

    ….. and Guido, with a wave of my wand, I WILL make your wish come true.


  4. 6
    Father Ted says:

    They all have lovely bottoms.


  5. 7
    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      And that’a BEFORE they open their gobs.


      • 48
        The General Public says:

        I saw this last night. Neither were particularly impressive, but Laurie Penny looked and sounded more like a stroppy 6th former than a “political pundit.”


        • 81
          only asking says:

          Why aren’t these women campaigning against the appalling suffering and injustices imposed on women by Islam?
          Or is that a bit tricky?


          • Indeed it is too tricky, i lived in allegedly ” liberal ” Morocco, for a number of years and the situation for those ordinary muslim women, who cannot buy their way out of sevitude, is appalling. Female politicians and leftist feminists such as Penny Dreadfull, here in the West, are guilty of the most cynical political correctness imaginable, and they have the blood of many women and children on their hands.


          • Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

            You would think that all the high-profile feminists in this country would come together and use all of their influence as a pressure group to make a stand. But I suppose all they really want to do is write articles for the Guardian and go on Newsnight Review.


          • Pundit Too says:

            Fatwa’s all round.


  6. 9
    Slack Haddock says:

    Surely that’s Kelly Osbourne sat next to Louise Mensch?


  7. 9
    Di cky bird is the 2nd gretaest unmpie ever ! says:

    Can’t beat a nice bit of brian.


  8. 12
    Tuscan Tony says:

    10 pint beer goggles would help.


  9. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Penny Dreadful wore a loose fitting black sack to create a bin liner effect, but forgot to put it over her head.


  10. 15
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Has she been taking lessons from Lard Prescott?


  11. 16
  12. 17
    smoggie says:

    To the two ladies look delightful.

    It would have been even more delightful to have seen the pair of them wrestle it out in a mudbath.


    • 111
      Ah! Monika says:

      I hope they don’t read this far down the thread, or they might feel they have to tweet about it…….


  13. 18
    jgm2 says:

    And Louise seems to be going for the Skeletor-in-drag look.


  14. 19
    Steve Miliband says:

    Must be all that trendy metropolitan food they eat in North London


  15. 21
    WokinghamBlue says:

    1 then 2


  16. 23
    terry pratchet says:

    Inside every fat girl, is a thin girl who ate too much chocolate.


  17. 24
    jgm2 says:

    A Lady who’s called Penny Red
    Was accused of being thick in the head
    On Newsnight last night
    She talked total shite
    And proved to the world she’s brain dead


  18. 25
    smoggie says:

    Don’t be mean. It might just be narrow hips.


  19. 28
    Rob Roy says:

    They look so smug they must be English.


  20. 30
    keddaw says:

    Is it just me or does Mensch remind anyone else of The Joker?


  21. 31
    Anonymous says:

    One you would and one you wouldn’t

    And I know which I would :)


  22. 32
    Major Bonkers says:

    ‘It’s hard to choose a winner, as all the ladies looked so lovely.’

    Hmmm. One looks like mutton dressed as lamb, the other as lamb dressed as mutton.


  23. 34
    I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

    MILF vote:
    #1 Sarah Palin.
    #2 Carol Kirkwood.
    #3 Anyone else not really hideous.


  24. 36
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    They’re both a couple of knackers, give me Maggie every time.

    (Oops, forgot, I’m a LibDumb).


  25. 37

    Ta, Guido!

    You won’t mind if I choose first then…


  26. 38

    What a vacuous, shallow, sexist, post. (who, would you say, had the biggest tits?) uu


  27. 39
    Rh- says:

    Has to be la Mensch … Laurie Penny has a diseased brain and frankly one of the sisters should mention to her that eating lard (for spare tyre effect) does not working class make no matter that John Prescott mumbles round his pie.


  28. 42
    Ah! Monika says:

    At least Pacman didn’t sneer his way through their friendly chat, practiced in the Green Room beforehand,


  29. 44

    I’m sure Louise Mensch will take the compliments as they’re intended. I’m also sure Laurie Penny will be seething with rage at even the merest mention of her physical appearance.


  30. 45
    Ah! Monika says:

    Paxman, Balotelli, Tevez . all too big for their boots.


  31. 47
    jgm2 says:

    Did Laurie have anything to say about the ‘squeezed middle’ last night?


  32. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Well a good start would be not confusing being a nasty creep and insulting a woman that has done nothing to you for talent and wit !
    Even Penny doesn’t deserve to have her looks abused by a prat!


  33. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Wow good to see rampant sexism is alive and well here! Always a joy to see women reduced to objects.

    I knew I should stay away from the silly fools who comment here.


  34. 55
    Lobster Throttler says:

    They all looked lovely! no labour party hags there then?


  35. 56
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Mensch is my kind of wench.
    Penny, kilos too many.


  36. 57
    Woof -- Woof says:

    That’s my favourite style.


  37. 62
    Tyre fitter says:

    The incipient Michelin look


  38. 63
    cynic2 says:

    Is Penny’s badge actually a tracking tag for Care in the Community?

    Surprised her mum let her out so late


  39. 71
    Tubby Glossop says:

    Check out some real ‘wimmin’


    Non-jobs abound for the ‘indulgence treat’ queens of the Councli Tax rise.


    • 75
      Sir Alex Salmon-Fishcake says:

      I’d go for…

      Jane Daffe Senior Achievement Consultant Nottingham LA


      Typical job title for the sort of wast of space dross advertised in the Grauniad.


  40. 83
    JH says:

    Penny in particular talks like someone playing a ‘talk-about-x-without-repetition’ game, haltingly gabbling as they make it up on the fly while frantically self-censoring. All the while hoping their panicked half-second pauses, as their brain catches up with their mouth, sound like inflection.

    ‘Poilicies that have put more women out of work since records began’.

    No complaints about the Public Sector disproportionately employing women in the first place then Laurie. Because that’s ‘fair’, isn’t it.

    Reality has it’s foot in the door, love. Nothing you can think, say or write will change that.


  41. 94

    Guido is definitely the man to be giving style advice for anyone making a TV appearance:


  42. 96

    Ms Mensch is clearly going for the cool French blonde look ( a la Deneuve ) Ms Dreadfull is sticking to what she knows all you boys REALLY like.


  43. 97
    Anonymous says:

    You look so sexy here, Guido.



  44. 98
    Statsminster Birgitte Nyborg says:

    Neither of them is as hot as me


  45. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should have stuck to the “fat bloke from IT” look, with the classic grey Berkeley shirt and the slightly too tight Chinos.


  46. 103
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    God they keep their “PaP’s well coverd !

    could they not have had a bout of naked mud wrestling
    would have been much more exciting than a discussion


  47. 104
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Seriously get a proper haircut Laurie wotsyourname without all the ink.


  48. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Mensch is stunning when Im running the show shes a sure thing


  49. 108
    John Minor says:

    I’ve been trying to think who Mensch reminds me of. Then it struck me – Edwina Curry, that other self-publicising and self-obsessed moron who was such a credit to the last Tory government.



  50. 113
    Angry Bird says:

    Ms. Penny is the kind of ‘feminist’ that wants the equality of taking one up the bum, like rentboys do.


  51. 118
    Georgia McGraw says:

    Dear creeps who have, from the safety and anonymity of their computers, found enjoyment in degrading and belittling two people based on their gender:

    Thank you for reminding me just why feminism – the movement for equality – is important.

    I do not understand the person who believes that if she is female, a person shouldn’t have the audacity to speak about politics or society, whether online, on the television, or just face to face. But, although such idiots still exist, there has been progress, and the fact that we are able to discuss it just reminds me of that.

    Try to grow the fuck up.
    And for those of you who, like me, are filled with anger at the level of demeaning and discriminatory language on here, don’t worry, you are in no way on your own.

    Anyway, back to life,
    Georgia McGraw


  52. 119
    Willer says:

    a certain irony in Mensch calling for older female newsreaders? It wasn’t so long ago that DC’s female voter popularity was a concern….she obviously ambitious.


  53. 120
    Plate Hoe says:

    Louise Mensch shows that beauty is only skin deep.

    Laurie Penny shows that ugliness isn’t.


  54. 121
    Errr... says:

    PR recently tweeted asking for someone to ‘screenshot’ this entire thread. Bless her ignorance. She didn’t come across well last night. Bit like a gobby stroppy school girl. Never seen her on TV before. Why does she get air time or print space?


  55. 137

    Both had coherent arguments, and good to see Paxman flustered. Nice to note the Beeb standing up for historical accuracy – 1st woman elected woman MP was indeed not a Tory, bur Constance Markiewitz – a Marxist member of Sinn Fienn.
    On balance, Penny wins.



  56. 143
    neil says:



  57. 144
    Wolverhampton Ring Road says:

    Women, eh ?


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