January 25th, 2012

+ + + Essex Police Pass the Huhne File to the CPS + + +


  1. 1
    Mark Spack says:

    He is innocent!


  2. 2
  3. 3
    Selohesra says:

    Rejoice, Rejoice!


    • 14
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Don’t count chickens.. the CPS has had ample time to think up some ridiculous reason why he can’t be charged.

      And even if he *is* charged and convicted, he’ll do a Margaret Moran and pretend to be loopy to avoid jail.

      Thinking about it, he wouldn’t have much trouble faking insanity.


      • 28
        Gonk says:

        Not in the interest of the British Wind energy Association.


        • 48
          Archer Karcher says:

          Ah yes, the British Wind Energy Association, an organisation that is entirely dependent on taxpayer subsidy, manipulated energy markets and hidden tariffs in consumers energy bills. No possibility of corruption or cronyism there then.


        • 61
          Fish says:


          If you or I had been accused of this the CPS would quickly make a decision. But worryingly this is going to the top to consider. Keir Starmer will make the decision it seems.

          Huhne is already being treated differently. Why? Surely this must be considered within normal procedures, after all the law is the law is the law.


          • David Laws says:

            He’s a politician.

            They have their own set of Rules.


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            I don’t rekon they’d do anything if it were you or I – other than sit you down in a dingy interview room and scare you a bit.

            We had a list of cases a while ago where they had done people, and the evidence was a hell of a lot stronger (like the driver being unwilling participants and living abroad).


          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            try again

            I don’t rekon they’d do anything if it were you or I – other than sit you down in a dingy interview room and scare you a bit.

            We had a list of cases a while ago where they had done people, and the evidence was a hell of a lot stronger (like the drover being unwilling participants and living abroad).


          • Anonymous says:

            Fish,you should know better than that; the law aint the law aint the law where politicons are concerned.


          • Wikifax says:

            As we all know, the Keir Starmer is always right!

            boom boom!


        • 129
          Dave Cam the Wind Farm Man says:

          Please don’t keep trying to imperil my nice little earner.


          • BulldogBreeder says:

            He’s got nothing to worry about. After all didn’t Bruce Forsyth say that “points make prizes”!


      • 74
        harry potnap says:

        Margaret Moran – Irish
        David Chaytor
        Jim Devine – Scottish
        Eric Illsley
        Elliot Morley
        Denis MacShane – Irish/Polish

        fill in the gaps. all convicted for fraud except MacShane but his is in the post.

        the lords that got done were from abroad aswell weren’t they?


        • 83
          jack ruby says:

          I remember, the disgraced peers were

          Lord Taylor – Jamaica
          Lord Paul – India
          Baronness Udin – Bangladesh
          Lord Bhattia – somewhere foreign – I didn’t even need to look that one up

          are English Lords just to workshy and feckless to make fraudulent expenses claims?


        • 94
          Babe says:

          Not all, I fear. The appalling Lord Hanningfield (born Paul White), former Leader of Essex County Council, is a true white Essex boy. Appropriately, his previous career before corruption and troughing was as a pig farmer; which animal he closely resembles both in habits and appearance, although the four-legged version is rather more honest.


        • 116
          Post Script says:

          What about Vaz?


        • 121
          Jabba the Cat says:

          “Denis MacShane – Irish/Polish”

          His adoptive parent(s?) was/were Polish emigre.


      • 79
        Peterooo says:

        “Don’t count chickens..”

        Zählen nicht Huhne



      • 89
        Handycock Phd (Troughing) says:

        Quite right Tessa. I have on the highest Authority, the Grand Master himself, that there will be no charges brought against my good friend Chris. Boaz.


      • 137
        jrand says:



  4. 4
    Up sh1t creek says:


  5. 6
    Tuscan Tony says:

    If he’s lied consistently on this he should be finished forever in politics. More importantly his new property in Clerkenwell should be immediately confiscated and passed over to Order Order team as their new batcave.


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:



  7. 8
    Well it's a thought says:

    Pigs still seen flying over the HOC, you don’t expect the Criminal Protection Services to push it though to a court of law, after all they have to look after the untouchables , they may lose their cushy numbers if they don’t do as there told


    • 16
      Rat's arse says:

      My thoughts exactly ‘Thought’ although I hope we’re both wrong. As far as the HOC is concerned, I’ve given up trying to be optimistic .


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        Wishful thinking I reckon. Even if charged I expect Huhne to get out simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play and hang around hoping for some procedural difficulty to emerge.


        • 36
          Gilbert Fiddler says:

          My thoughts entirely JGM!

          It’ll be a whitewash as usual, but that’s what ‘Climbert Shamge’ people do all the time, so nothing to see here…

          Meanwhile in other news, loads of people die on the roads, but who seems to care, and a dog bites off a ferret’s head in Ipswich.

          And now the weather.


        • 37
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          He wouldn’t know the sword of truth if he fell on it.


  8. 9
    annette curton says:

    Pass the parcel that nobody wants to unwrap again.


  9. 11
    Herr ReichFuhrer Herman Rumpy-Pumpy, Chief of der EUSSR propaganda Ving, unt all zer stuff like zat says:

    Vot ist this??!!

    He ist ein member of zer EUSSR Vindmills Scamm unt he our support vill hav!

    Ha! Zer Britischer police is nein gut!!

    Vee vill vin ze var!!!


  10. 12
    Ah! Monika says:

    If this doesn’t go through, I’m going to cover myself in petrol , strike a match and start a British Spring.


  11. 13
    Ah! Monika says:

    Leveson:- ” How do Newspapers make money?”


  12. 18
    Sophie says:

    And weakling Cameron cannot sack him.

    Clegg obviously still wearing the trousers.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 31
      Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

      You dumb cu’nt, if he’s charged/found guilty, of course he will get sacked, if he doesnt stand down.

      If some cu’nt accused you of something but nothing was proved, would you expect to fired from shovelling shit you cu’nt?


      • 38
        Gonk says:

        You’ve obviously lunched well.


      • 109
        Sophie says:

        Language dear.

        After all the leaks, disloyalty, briefings to the Guardian & shinannigans that Huhne has got up to Cameron still does not have the power to sack him.

        Suck it up Tory trolls.

        Vote UKIP.


    • 34
      Me and Mine says:



    • 40
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      I really hate to upset your apple cart, Sophie, but, in this country, a man is innocent until proven guilty.

      All we can hope for is that E*sex P*lice have done their homework properly, and he doesn’t get off on a technicality.


      • 66
        Sophie says:

        Tory trolls upset again. My work is done here.

        Though I must say you are all getting rather thin skinned about Cameron & his Liberal friends.

        Is it the dawning realisation that Cameron is not a Conservative?


    • 123
      Jabba the Cat says:

      “Vote UKIP”

      Y ou
      A re
      W anking
      N ever-endingly


  13. 25
    Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

    His loopy looking ex wife must be fucking barred from being invited to talk economic shyte on the cu’nt BBC if she’s dragged in with the Cu’nt Huhne an all.

    I am correct in every way on this


    • 35
      Andrew Marrrr's diseased arsehole says:

      Ms Pryce will always be welcome on the BBC with her brand of know it all left wing eco-shit


  14. 26
    JH says:

    For gods sake, let it be so.

    I am sick of that arrogant gurning lipless leadfooted ‘green’ fuckwit.


  15. 29
    Mile High says:

    Well done Dave for using the Mile word. That’s going to confuse those Europeans.


  16. 33
    Murder most fowl says:

    Never mind being charged, why is he still not even arrested with all the old and now this wonderful “new” evidence? Damien Green, Neill and Christine Hamilton, Chris Yates will all tell you how the police will arrest anyone even where there is not much – or any – evidence.

    Or perhaps all this is still a gleam in Guido’ eye


  17. 41
    Ah! Monika says:

    The SNP leader said Scots will be asked: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” in a ballot which he wants to hold in 2014.

    Couldn’t give a damn but what’s wrong with ” Do you want Scotland to be an independent country? “


    • 47
      Another Engineer says:

      Alex thinks he’ll get more votes this way. No other reason.

      It is a stupidly worded question – whom am I agreeing with?

      I thought the attempt to write an amendment to allow Orkney and Shetland to remain in the UK if they wish was pretty amusing…


      • 73
        Gonk says:

        When you want a fundamental question to be clear, unequivocal and
        simply stated, along comes the repellent and cunning Salmond with his
        ratsnest of a question.


      • 76
        Ivor Tapeworm says:

        or even “should Scotland be an independent country?”


    • 51
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      It could be that Alex, (with his eye to the main chance) will try to get as much out of us before 2014 as he can.


    • 52
      annetee curton says:

      Its very difficult question to understand, therefore I, Alex the Great will give you 2 years to think about it, 2 years later, option
      C.) Don’t Knows (60%).


      • 81

        Let me see if I have Salmond’s question right..

        Do you want

        A. Scotland to be an independent country no longer ruled from England
        B. Scotland to no longer be a vassal ruled from England
        C. Scotland to form its own parliament by leaving the United Kingdom and no longer be subject to direct rule from England
        D. See A.


        • 115
          Alex Smugc unt says:

          Does “independent” mean leaving the EU as well ?


          • Must get a pseudonym one day says:

            Scotland would have to apply for membership as an independent state – indications are that Spain may veto it, fearing that its own nationalist splinter groups would use the Scottish example as a model for their own cause.

            Could be fun when the Spanish Armada of fishing boats turns up for a bit of trawling off Jockland…….


    • 80
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      OOh. He could hold it on the 70th aniversary of D-Day.

      Or the 200th aniversary of when bugger all of anything remotely hostile happening between England and Scotland.


  18. 42
    nellnewman says:

    Not there yet. Don’t forget the CPS is not very good at fair and impartial justice.


  19. 53
    Gordon sings to Nurse. says:

    Yes—–my name is Igglepiggle
    Igglepiggle Piggle Igglepiggle
    Yes– my name is Igglepiggle
    Igglepiggle Piggle Piggle POO.


  20. 55

    From CPS:
    To: General public

    We can find no reliable way to secure a conviction in this instance.
    Thank you for your time.

    Your file is here awaiting collection at your convenience.


  21. 56
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    I won’t believe it until I see the lying gobshite in court.

    I really fucking hope he goes down, the slimy little parasite.


    • 127
      A good question says:

      If such fails to come to pass, can somebody arrange to prosecute Keir Starmer and his little helpers for dereliction of duty in a public office (or similar)?


  22. 57
    David Laws says:

    Far be it from me… I’ll just confine myself to saying that should the government require my services…


  23. 63
    Moaner Lisa says:

    When will you people get it? These people are untouchable. They are the Establishment. That’s how it works. And we will keep on paying our taxes to them (especially as a new Royal Yacht is desired) (And HS2). And another bung to the IMF. And a couple of billion to prop up Big Ben.

    Keep on paying, suckers.


  24. 68
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Huhne should be tied to a wind generator, and it should be televised live.
    He may or may not be guilty of the alledged offence, but he desrves to be “windmilled” as he is so fucking pompous.


  25. 85
    Jimmy says:


    Lucky git.


  26. 88
    Salmond, no bollocks says:

    Do you want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom?
    Yes or no


    • 90
      Moaner Lisa says:

      Leave it where?


    • 132
      Hadrian says:

      Yes. Rebuild my wall, put a 30kv electric fence on top and machine guns at each mile post. Round up all the Scots and especially the Scots M.P.s in England and throw the fxxkers over said wall. No further subdidies to be paid to them ever. Let them drink “their” oil mixed with whisky. The Glaswegians will like the taste. It’s all Bliar’s fault for setting p the ridiculously expensive useless Scottish “Parliament”. the scots are cnuts.


  27. 91
    joescotus says:

    how many times have we seen cps launch court action ,costing taxpayer millions,carter ,fuckue &stiffue trousering said millions for it all to go tits up if mr starmer bottles this one …….rope & lamposts anyone?


    • 95
      Slippery Tone says:

      Easy peasy. Perverting the course of justice. Jury required. Can’t find one that is unaware of media articles to date. Judge says fair trial impossible. CPS and Plod walk away, jobs well done.


      • 118
        It doesn't add up... says:

        We could always ask the Jordanians to try him for us. No torture was used on the witnesses…


  28. 92
    Curious Libdum cyclist says:

    Which part of his anatomy will be chopped off under Sharia law? Wold the same apply to the Harperson speedster?


  29. 93
    Anna says:

    I suppose I am seriously biased in that I hope Huhne gets convicted because I loathe him. Promoter of junk science, scourge of industry, brake on recovery, all-round hypocrite. But it is more than that: if I had had the least idea that voting Conservative at the last election would have given Huhne, arch-hypocrite Simon Hughes (see campaign against Peter Tatchell) or that frightful Tonge woman any credence or say in government, I would have voted for the Monster Raving Loony party… it would have been a saner choice.


  30. 96
    TGF UKIP says:

    One factor which emerged at the weekend was the mention of Cable’s name in the context of Vicky soliciting his advice. So here’s a parallel question:

    If person A rings person B asking, for instance, if she should help provide a cover story for some mad Irishman who wants to blow up Parliament, and person B tells her that it might be very helpful if she would and that there was very little chance of her role being uncovered, would that make person B a party to the conspiracy.

    I wonder what a lawyer’s view might be.


    • 107
      Dunlaggin says:

      He would presumably say that she asked him in his professional capacity as a Lawyer himself, and therefore due to client confidentiality he was unable to do anything with the info.


    • 124
      Hello Mum says:

      The answer is that the person asked would not be a conspirator. To be a conspirator you have to agree (one way or another) to commit the crime or crimes and secondly, at the time of agreement, have an intention that the crime(s) be carried out.
      The person asked would not themselves be agreeing to be part of the crime though they are providing some level of support for it. I don’t think it would be a crime except in special circumstances such as terrorism (duty to notify etc)


  31. 97
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    He should be strapped to an electric chair attached to one of his wind turbines. It might take a while, but it should be fun to watch him fry.


    • 102
      Vicki says:

      There are 3 important points that I wish to make:

      1. Red is positive
      2. Black is negative
      3. Make sure the bastard’s nuts are thoroughly soaked in water


      • 134
        Nonanimouse says:

        Thanks to European standardisation, they don’t use red & black any more – it all has to be brown & blue!


  32. 104
    Angry Bird says:

    Time for Mistress Carina to take him down the final stretch and wheel out the super King Kong strapon. Then he’ll be good and ready for his date with Bubba.


  33. 112
    gildedtumbril says:

    A spell of incarceration is well needed for the odious little creep. He will be able to write his memoirs a la Archer, splendid.
    Damn all the lying bastards.


  34. 114
    Cmdr. Crest-Fallen Cock says:

    I would just like to say that my words ‘I’m thinking of going for a Brazilian.’ were taken wholly out of context by a lot of my over-enthusiastic male colleagues (so many muscles, so few brains!).


  35. 117
    Eastleigh Constituent says:

    Why do we get lumbered with odd ones like Huhne and Milligan?


  36. 138
    nabidana says:

    Surely an intern did it?


  37. 140
    Dave says:

    Anyone who thinks that the CPS will do their job competently on this file is either delusional or naive.

    As usual, crooked politicians get away with murder while the law is only intended to keep us peasants in line.


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