January 23rd, 2012

Abbott Says Labour HQ Censor Tweets

It’s rare that a Labour MP actually coughs that their Twitter output is stage managed and censored by the party machine. Step forward gaffe-queen Dianne Abbott, who popped up on LBC this morning to talk about that tweet with Nick Ferrari:

NF: Does anyone have sight of [Tweets] within the Labour Party, does anyone like to see them before they go out, or do you have to run them past anybody?

DA: Oh sure, I mean I always check my tweets with my colleagues, and as I say this morning I tweeted on the very sad fact that the poorest people who need to have healthy diet are actually cutting their expenditure on fruit and vegetables.

NF: So who do you check that with, and that’s a very valid point, but who do you check that with?

DA: We have a system in the Labour Party for clearing this sort of thing.

NF: Oh. Was that bad one cleared then? …

DA: That, that was part of a conversation. …

NF: Ha ha, and just before I go so how does the clearance system work with the Labour Party?

DA: How it works is the Labour Party is very clear on the sorts of policies that you’re supposed to talk about for instance we’re not allowed to commit ourselves to reversing any particular cut, and that has been the position right from the beginning.

And there was Guido think Peter Hain’s inspired spin was heartfelt…


  1. 1
    Peter Hain D.U.E.M.A Champion says:

    I think that was a strong and assured interview by Diane.


    • 12
      AC1 says:

      We’ll ALL be censored too soon…


      I am talking about the complicit support given to Muslim countries in the UN who have been on a rampage to make it an international crime to criticize Islam in any way, shape or form.

      In December 2011, the United States hosted what is known as the “Istanbul Process Conference” in Washington, DC. This Conference is explicitly committed to a global ban on any verbal or written criticism of any aspect of Islamic Sharia—even if it is an honest assessment. After all, how else will they cram Sharia down the throats of unsuspecting Westerners?


    • 29
      Admirer of Bootiful Persons says:

      Botty with the Booty


  2. 2
    cheche says:

    Diane Abbott advising on diet – pass the cream buns sister


    • 8
      A proper right winger! says:

      The Fascist/Marxist left even want to control what we eat… It’s my mouth my stomach and my arse hole! I’ll eat what I please without Diane’s intrusion thanks..


      • 13
        born free says:

        Knowing what’s best for others is their default position, that’s why I’ve always hated socialists.


        • 18
          Put Housing Benefit Claimants into Caravans says:

          I’ll bet the cut back in fruit and veg does not include skunk or beer.

          Cut benefits cap to £12,000.


          • Tessa Tickles says:


            I earn less than that. Because I refuse to have my wages spent on the EU, foreign aid and benefit-claiming chav scum, I stop working when I approach the £8,105 personal allowance. I manage quite happily.


          • Polly's Villa in Tuscany says:

            What a blubbering mass of hypocrisy…she better not go anywhere near Norway or Scandinavia, she will get Harpooned…


        • 24
          joescotus says:

          nailed it in one


    • 16
      pissed off voter says:

      she was just trying to be helpful – by illustrating how easy it is to confuse the entries and exits of the human body.


    • 42
      Maximus says:

      Oh all right then – when in Rome do as the Romans an’ all that – pass the rice ‘n’ pea.


    • 52
      nerker says:

      “…..this morning I tweeted on the very sad fact that the poorest people who need to have healthy diet are actually cutting their expenditure on fruit and vegetables.”

      Kettle calling the frying pan.


      • 67
        Honest View says:

        Is she BLAMING the poor for stuffing themselves with chips, or blaming the evil Tories for deliberately increasing the price of fruit etc? I just can’t see who she’s griping at. I don’t suppose she knows herself.


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      She should definitely increase her own expenditure on fruit and vegetables. Wouldn’t hurt to staple her stomach either, and perhaps her lips while she’s at it.


  3. 3
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Some twitter accounts say “thoughts are mine and not those of my employer” but here we have the reverse.

    We don’t want pre-approved robo-tweets from Labour spinmasters. This fakery shows just how far removed these people are from the real world.


    • 44
      Big Brother - for Playstation - says:

      All your thoughts is belong to us.


    • 55
      SpAd says:

      It’s the left’s idea of job creation.

      Employ someone to write tweets for each MP – then employ someone to pre-approve those tweets – then employ someone to supervise what those two are doing – and then employ someone to ‘manage’ all three – which effectively creates a ‘department’ so you need to employ a departmental manager – and so on into infinity.

      Case study – the entire public sector.


  4. 4
    Daine Fatbott says:

    Black people will go to the wall for their tweets.


  5. 5
    Mike Litorus says:

    Nah, I think that she is just trying to spread the blame a bit, knowing that dEaD Milibandwagon is too weak to do anything about it.



  6. 6
    joesphine porta says:

    And she never thought of thinking for herself at all,
    She thought so little,
    They rewarded he (r),
    By keeping her away from a Ministry.


  7. 7
    Chuka Umana says:

    That was an assured tweet by Diane


  8. 9
    wayne and waynetta says:

    “I tweeted on the very sad fact that the poorest people who need to have a healthy diet are actually cutting their expenditure on fruit and vegetables.”

    Fags and booze have gone up, innit, so we’re having to cut back on the broccoli.


  9. 10
    pissed off voter says:

    I expect there will be a retraction and Abbott will put it down as ‘a little white lie’.


  10. 11
    Edinburh Shity says:

    Shalad for the poor? Deep Fried?


  11. 14
    Sophie says:

    Dianne Abbott is an anti white racist.

    Dont give that racist bigot the oxygen of publicity her disgraceful knuckle dragging beliefs crave.



    • 40
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Err…but if she’s an anti white racist, Diane is against white racism. So am I . I think what you mean is that Ms Abbott is a Minority Supremacist, which is a graphic description which navigates Guido’s Mad Moderator.


  12. 15
    resign you silly old tart says:

    Who did she check with for her tweet during the minute’s silence?


  13. 17
    Anonymous says:

    If that is the case why not just have one Labour Twitter account rather than all these accounts spouting the great Leader’s truths. Imagine the headcount that could be lost.

    Abbott is and will always be a fat racist.


  14. 19
    JH says:

    I think there needs to be a DUDAA as well as the DUEMA.

    Not that it would be easy to get a seat out from under THAT arse at the best of times.


  15. 25
    cheche says:

    Daily Politics

    Chris Grayling wondering who this mas Labour Peer is


  16. 26
    tube_thumper says:

    i am so bored and furoius keep hearing hand wringing liberla andlabour fucks going on about “fairness” and child poverty. if the lazy good for nothing fucks dont like 26k a year tax free perhaps they should get a job as………. I dnt know much for those type that pays over 30k so they will stay on as spongers.

    The cap should be 15k. and then the workhouse if they dont have a job in 6 months


  17. 27
    Diane 'Out of Context' Abbott says:

    So when I say I’m being taken out of context – that is indeed out of context – as it is taking the Labour Party out of context or in fact taking Ed out of context. So it’s quite clear really what I’m saying or tweeting or indeed what a member of my staff is saying or tweeting or indeed what the Labour Party Spin Machine are saying or tweeitng…. No divide and rule here!! Taxi….


  18. 30
    Titford Hat says:

    She looks to be no stranger to the pie shop.


    • 62
      Greggs the Master Baker says:

      Indeed Diane shops online with us, and we’re happy to make daily deliveries.

      Mainly ‘cos she can’t get her enormous dirtbox through our doors though.


  19. 32
    Displaced Brummie. says:

    Tweet, tweet! Oh, dear. Bet Labour Central have the account name and password so they can ensure that the MPs are on message by sending tweets out in their name.


    • 53
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      They should sub-contract this work to the BBC.


      • 64
        Terrible But True says:

        Actually, this seems one of the few areas where the ‘narrative’ seems not to be seamlessly synergised.

        Hence just about every BBC employee, contractor, freelancer and Green Room post-Prescott visit sanitising crew on the payroll seem able to litter their tweet bios with ‘I work for the BBC’, plus URLs, and then say whatever the heck they feel like as ‘it doesn’t, ahem, ‘reflect’ the views of the guys who use the public money to ‘employ’ them’

        Oddly, this mainly seems to involve trashing those of a certain political or ideological hue whilst stoutly defending another. As seemed to be the case with the favorite daughter as featured, again, here.

        It’s what makes the BBC so unique. Amongst others.


  20. 33
    Sophie says:

    These Bishops that believe that welfare payments below £26,000 a year are “poverty” are just feffing nuts. Where do they think that money comes from?

    Blair knew what he was doing when he istalled a marxist / islamist at the helm of the CoE – just before he & his family returned to the Pope.

    The CoE is no longer fit for purpose. I suggest closing it down & seizing its assets to distribute amongst “the poor”.


    • 36
      Gordon Brown says:

      Me first!


    • 38

      Don’t think the Church wants it’s own money to be used to help the poor.
      They prefer if you use your money and then they can tell you that isn’t enough.


      • 44
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        And make sure that the Churches money is used for fit and proper things, like clergymen’s pensions druid ceremonies and Bishops palaces.


        • 68
          Honest View says:

          A new Reformation is required. All the C of E’s assets should be seized and given away to the vulnerable poor that they are so concerned about.
          Why on earth don’t these so called priests worry about the relation of these people to God, or their daily devotions or some matter which is within their area of concern?
          If they want to be lefty polticians OK; leave the Church and get spouting weepy bollocks. But as Bishops they should concern themselves with the relations between their flock and God.


  21. 35

    Why does some lefty on the TV keep screaming that a benefits cap will hit the poorest in society?

    How can the poorest in society be in receipt of more than £26,000 in benefits alone?

    The pension is £102 a week About £5,000+ some top heating, say £6,000.

    Assume pensioner has free housing, at social housing level = £400p/m = another say £5k. If we then bung in free council tax/TV licence/heating/lighting/water/maintenance/bus pass we’re still only at about £15k in benefits.

    Who are these “poorest in society” that live on twice as much as an ordinary 70 year old? And what are they spending their money on because its not anything on the pensioner’s list as that’s been accounted for?

    £200 p/w food shopping bill? Even Prezza can’t top that.


    • 48
      Another Engineer says:

      Aye. I don’t get it at all.

      OK, I’ve not got a mortgage any more, but £200/wk covers just about our entire household expenditure.

      Maybe we’re just misers. Dunno.


    • 49
      Captn P says:

      There are no poor people, just people who earn below the average wage. Its all nonsense.


    • 54
      Tell it like it really is says:

      I can assure you that an awful lot of pensioners, particularly elderly widows, are living on a lot less than that. When are the bbc going to have some of these people on to give their views?

      I have yet to see any ordinary person being allowed to give their views.


    • 56
      SpAd says:

      As someone else has pointed out this morning – if there was genuine poverty in this country, benefit claimants wouldn’t weigh 20 stone.


    • 57
      The old git. says:

      My wife & I are both in receipt of state pensions. She was prudent & paid her N.I. stamp, apart from a very short period when our daughter was young. She gets about 97% of the standard pension; I get the standard pension + a modest amount of SERPS.
      Together with some very modest work & private pensions we have £16,000 a year in total.
      Thankfully we own our modest semi. We run a ten year old car, do not have SKY, do not smoke, buy very little in the way of ready food and shop at ALDI.
      We just scrape by, but we don’t have enough in the bank to pay for even one funeral, when we pop our clogs.
      £26K a year would be riches beyond the dreams of avarice.


  22. 43
    Fish says:

    Polly on DP (urgh!).

    Has she had a face job – a little bit of filler here or there?


  23. 46

    Hey! Want to watch old movies and even older TV shows?
    Fed up with modern cinematic greats or action movies?

    Then sign up to Netflix and you can watch all the best films,sport, reality TV and soaps from 2007!


    • 51
      born free says:

      Thanks for that Bill, but I download films and tv episodes for free using a file sharing program. (not Megaupload btw)


  24. 50
    M says:

    If you think the control over your life would stop at tweets, that would just be the start of things


  25. 58
    Constituent says:

    The Labour Party are such a load of phoneys.


  26. 60
    Diane Abbarse says:

    Looks like my right pip is dropping to one side in the photo. just like Big Ben. Hold on a minute lads while I hoist the flesh back up.


  27. 63
    Robert Edwards says:

    It is extraordinary to me that someone with an arse the size of Albania and who must therefore weigh more than an aircraft carrier has the shadow health role. Or am I missing somethng?


  28. 69
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    So let me get this straight, Diane Abbott, a woman who is clearly clinically morbidly obese (technically I’m not far off but I’m 6’3″ it doesn’t hang over my belt and I eat a good amount of fruit and veg) is tweeting and talking on radio about healthy diet.

    What did she eat in the subsidised members’ dining room today?


  29. 71
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    Diane Flabott says that the ‘poorest people … are actually cutting their expenditure on fruit and vegetables.’

    What? Reducing spending on Mandleson and Brown?


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