January 20th, 2012

Why the Fake Sheik Has Been Recalled

Guido’s spiritual mother Madame Popbitch is up at Leveson next week, but that wasn’t the only name on the witness list to catch his eye. The Fake Sheik, Mazher Mahmood, has been recalled. The clue to why is the witness immediately before him on the list – his old boss Roy Greenslade. After Mahmood’s farcical first outing, Greenslade wrote:

It is lucky – for both of us – that I had to listen to his contribution from the media marquee because press and public were banned from the courtroom … because I would certainly have shouted out when he replied to counsel’s question about why he had left the paper under a cloud. He said simply: “We had a disagreement.”

A disagreement? Well, that’s one way of describing it. In fact, it is a euphemistic description of the reality. “We” – the paper and, in this case, me – had a major falling out with Mahmood. I was then at the Sunday Times, running the news department, and I recall the incident well. When Mahmood resigned, he was on the verge of being dismissed for an act regarded within the office as gross impropriety.

Greenslade directly challenges Mahmood’s evidence and the showdown is set for Wednesday. Get the background here and grab the popcorn…


  1. 1
    few hours old. says:

    So many popcorn moments at the moment, watching Ed Miliband slaughter David Cameron and watching all the news/media people fight eachother.


  2. 2
  3. 3
    Neville Thurncoat says:

    I have a mighty organ !


    • 38
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I have a tiny but very active one, that is why I go after the young girls, they aren’t experienced enough to laugh at me.


      • 39
        Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

        Oh yes they do laugh at you. They can tell the difference between a peanut and a penis because they have proper sex education these days. Rock on Handycock. Jahbulon


  4. 5
    annette curton says:

    What a fucking joke, the Lord Leveson tapes, sheik a shami your local Arab window cleaner, cost to taxpayer £10 million ongoing.


  5. 8
    black watch says:

    More importantly:

    Etta James has died whilst being 73 years old.


  6. 9
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Mazher Mahmood, another dodgy p-a-k-i…


  7. 14
    Mrs Uddin (crook) says:

    Graft, corruption, deceit, thieving, and lying is in our DNA.


  8. 15
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    OK. So I continually whinge about the headlines, but you don’t actually give an answer.


  9. 16
    Mugs to the left of me, suckers to the right.... says:

    You may allow yourselves a weekends rest before resuming the nose to the grindstone position of working to pay taxes in order to keep 371,000 tourists fresh off the boat in the benefits style they enjoy.


    • 24
      Channel 4 .... says:

      1/3rd are now brits, 1/3rd are from EU…rest non EU. 4million migrants pay tax. All within the law.


      • 32
        Spartacus says:

        pretty sure ‘mugs’ is closer to the truth.

        oh, just heard, a plane with 184 pregnant nigerians just crashed on the south coast (of englandshire)


  10. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Mădămė Pőpbıtch? Cămıllă Wrıght?

    I’ll hăvė tő sėė ıf I căn dıg őŭt ă cőpy őf thė őld cőllėgė gőssıp răg (thė ‘Wırkėr’)….


    • 22
      A Gentleman Rioter says:

      Camilla Wright? I learned all I needed to know about the female anatomy in a Camilla Wright’s sleeping-bag, sir. With a torch, I hasten to add.
      We were both eight, hopelessly inebriated and everthing was pink.


  11. 18
    tumbleweed says:

    They’ve all gone tweeting in an attempt to whip up business. Talk about barking up the wrong tree.


  12. 19
    Now thats a shame. says:


  13. 26
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    What is classed as “A gross impropriety”is that like
    waving your todger in a lady’s face ?


  14. 28
    Lord Leakham says:

    I don’t recall this Fake Shake. Who is he ?


  15. 29
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Guido you are the Reverend Goatboy and I claim my five pounds.


  16. 30
    HRH Sophie The Countess of Wessex says:

    I say, I do hope he’s wearing his Sheikh outfit.


    • 33
      Displaced Brummie says:

      Bloody, fucking Hell! What a spectacular climb for Roy Greenslade. From the gutters of tabloid Fleet Street to the dizzying heights of a Professorship of Journalism and high minded Guardian boreista! Who’d have thought it, eh?

      Hyocritical? Roy? Oh, for shame! Who could even think that of dear, saintly Roy?


  17. 34
    Peter Grimes says:

    Will Leveson ask Robert Peskon who in Nos 10/11 or the Treasury gave him his ‘scoops’ about the banking collapse, and will RP respond that he cannot reveal hs source but that it was an anonymous informer using a Nokia?
    Luckily Peskon has been much absent from the airwaves since. Good riddance!


  18. 35
    Taxfodder says:

    We are crap, I am wonderful.

    Notice how often those the mess things up use the collective “We” but are quick to say “I” when things go well even if it was a collective success or a stroke of luck.

    Ministers, MP’s, Public Services and BBC are top perpetrators in this regard.

    As you say…..a euphemistic description of the reality. “We”


    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      The art of good management:-
      a/ Delegate all responsibility.
      b/ Shift all the blame.
      c/ Appropriate all the credit.


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