January 20th, 2012

Exclusive: ‘Ello ‘ Ello ‘Ello
Rusbridger’s Secret Metropolitan Police Commissioner Meeting

Despite Amelia Hill, his crime reporter, being investigated over her rather inappropriate relationship with a police officer, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger thought it fit to have an undisclosed meeting with Hogan Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner yesterday. We’re making this public today because the Guardian was very tight-lipped about it when Guido put it to them yesterday and refused to confirm or deny the meeting happened. We have now double confirmed it via our unofficial and official sources in the Metropolitan Police.

Alan Rusbridger and deputy editor Ian Katz were both at the meeting. Given that it was at 11 a.m. yesterday, alcohol wasn’t a problem, but Guido hopes that in view of the recently issued official advice to coppers on dealing with journalists, that there wasn’t any flirting. The Guardian have had twenty-four hours, but are still not commenting. Just imagine their front page splash if they had discovered that the Sun’s editor Dominic Mohan had met secretly with Hogan Howe…

See also: Ethical Issues Arising From The Relationship Between Police and Media


  1. 1
    Polly Toynbee says:

    But its ok, Lefties are nicer and more intellingent people.

    • 2
      • 5

        I suppose you have been up Primrose Hill as well?

        No, her sister, Amelia.

        • 6
          Lord Wayne of trombone says:

          For gods sake – the Guardian is a good read. What is the point of this stupid story?

          • Spacker Brown says:

            That Rusbridger isn’t right, is he? Just look at him, the daft lefty flid.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            He does look like the sort of bloke who would be into “specialist” porn

          • Diversity Officer says:

            Has he been for training yet?

          • Joseph says:

            The point dear fellow is the waft of hypocrisy coming from the Guardian and its holier than thou editor.

            If you cannot comprehend this, than I imagine that you must be one of that small band of brothers who continue to purchase the blessed paper.

          • Mark Thompson says:

            I read the Guardian every day and find it most stimulating and informative.

          • yeah, right.. says:

            It might be something to do with the endless torrent of sanctimonious lecturing from the Grauniad and the self-important hacks who write it.

            On tax, top pay, reward for failure etc etc, Rusbidger has been found to be a hypocrite.

            Regardless of the quality of the paper, the double standards of this organ need to be exposed.

          • Helen Boaden says:

            So do I. It is the finest paper published.

          • George Entwhistle says:

            It tells me all I need to know.

          • Goddess, Empress, Dictator Frau Merkel says:

            Everyone knows the Guardian is just as guilty as the NOW. They launched the original story to try and cover their tracks but the truth will out at some point.

        • 10
          Innocent until proven guilty says:

          ‘up Primrose Hill’


    • 94
      The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

      Hear hear!

      Thank you for your money.

      • 95
        Transparency... says:

        Why would the police want to meet Rusbridger?

        • 102
          Phil says:

          It’s simple if you think about it – like script reading and writing really – learn your lines and avoid any “unintentional” contradictions.

        • 106
          inside-out says:

          Because he is the only editor other than Coulson at the now defunct News of the World,who employs someone who has been phone hacking ie David Leigh,but of course Leigh did it in” the public interest”.

  2. 3
    bye bye majority says:

    Non story. Desperate times.

  3. 4

    Who is this Rumbinger fellow?

  4. 7
    LabourBot says:


  5. 12
    Guido must be looking for things to wile away the time today says:

    Why don’t you mind your own business?

  6. 13
    Ian Blairs missing testicle says:

    Shocking behaviour from this simple Northerner. The Met needs to get back on track,instead of cosying up to editors,Hogan Howe should devote his energies to recruit and fast track for promotion more trans gender types,ethnic minorities and gays.

  7. 17
    Desperate Dan says:

    Rusbridger and Katz weren’t mentioned on the list of trailer trash paid off yesterday by Murdoch. They were hoping Hogan Howe could find their names on a “list” somewhere.

  8. 21
    Not Surprised says:

    What is the purpose of such meetings? If a journalist on the paper is being investigated was this in connection with that. If so, surely they would have met the investigating officers not the Met Commissioner. Seems like we come a long way since the old days of an old hack buying his old copper mate a pint for a bit of intel. Now it’s the Editor with the Commisioner….corruption, corruption, corruption.

    • 24
      Joseph says:

      You have to remember that the Guardian feels it is allowed special treatment, remember comrade that some pigs are more equal than others.

      • 71
        Stupid questions get stupid answers says:

        Were we not led to believe that this new Commissioner was whiter than white* and totally and utterly incorruptable? Have we been fibbed to again?

        * not, of course, to be taken out of context

  9. 23
    Innocent Bystander says:

    I have never read Rusbridger’s rag. Should I start?

    • 29
      Flid says:

      How much of a monger are you?

    • 31
      Joseph says:

      If you like reading fantasy novels than I would say the Guardian would be a good read, I would recommend the wonderfully bizzare columns of Tonybee, the high priestess of unintended irony.

      • 76
        Square eyes says:

        Not taken the Grundian for over 30 years, but I do seem to remember they had a half-decent crossword to help get one to sleep at night.

    • 42

      Its certainly worth a read. Its full of very well written and interesting pieces, some first class reviews, fair sports, and buckets and buckets of sanctimonious lefty hectoring.

      Its the sort of thing Harriett Harman would write, were she intelligent.

      I would deem it worthy of a read in the few minutes waiting for the dentist. Ok if you find one on the floor of a tube train whilst you’re delayed. Or just passable if your vendor only had The Independent, Guardian or the Socialist Worker remaining.

    • 99
      Desperate Dan says:

      If you are looking for tips on how to produce a newspaper with declining circulation that no-one sane want to read, then yes.

  10. 27
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Rusbridger – Guardian theme tune is Your just to good to be true.

  11. 28
    Desperate Dan says:

    Alan Rusbridger is the man authorised by God to decide what is in the public interest. He doesn’t consider the reason for this meeting to be in the public interest.

    • 78
      Square eyes says:

      Perhaps he was seeking advance info on who the next Commissioner will be after H-H gets caught out doing something naughty?

  12. 33
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Come on Dave, take away the government job ads from the Guardian and that will tip it over the edge into b a n k r u p t c y :-)

    • 46

      Why hasn’t he done that?
      There can’t be much justification for placing ads in there.

      • 59
        Desperate Dan says:

        As cost cutting and environmentally friendly measures, all ads should be online on a government website.

        • 70

          And it will make them easier to count and query. Which, I suspect, is precisely why the government doesn’t want to do it.

        • 85
          bald old git says:

          he hasn’t done it because it *will* tip the Guardian over the edge.

          About four to six months out from the next election, I reckon …

      • 67
        jgm2 says:

        Indeed. The bedwetters claim that that is where bedwetters in need of 50K ‘management’ jobs in the public sector go to find a new job. And if the ads were moved somewhere else all these degree-educated folk would be utterly lost as to where to go to apply for a 50K ‘management’ job in the public sector.

        Why not just take out a final, single ‘We’re moving to the internet’ Ad and kiss the fuckers goodbye.

  13. 34
    Spartacus says:

    echos of:

    if the news of the world published this, the editor would be in jail
    if the guardian published this, they would get a pulitzer prize

    at the lord spiteful enquiry

  14. 41
    Hogan Howe says:

    Why can’t a copper and his paymaster have a wee dram ay 11 a.m. Guido?

  15. 44
    I don't need no doctor says:

    What will happen to the payouts Bryant and Prescott received.

    Bryant – Ladyboys, new underwear, CHARITY?

    Prescott – Pies, more pies, even more pies, chinese, penis enlargement, liposuction, CHARITY?

    • 82
      Bryscott says:

      As commented elsewhere a short while ago, charidee begins and ends at home. Now piss orf.

  16. 45
    Desperate Dan says:

    They were helping the police with their enquiries into why The Guardian published lies about Milly’s phone? Leveson didn’t ask Rusbridger about it so someone has to.

  17. 47
    Joseph says:

    Hogan-Howe is a paid up Guardian reader, for it was him who decided to allow the Guardian to avoid answering who there source at the yard was at the yard….looks like we now know who that person was!, looking forward to a Guardian exclusive over the weekend that only someone with a double barrelled surname could have provided to them.

  18. 50
    Red Ed, the new Ann Robinson says:
    • 57
      I don't need no doctor says:


    • 61
      EdButLookBalls says:

      For thirteen years you shafted the consumer you hypo!

    • 63
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Presumably then little Ed supports the privatisation of the BBC to make it answerable to its viewers (consumers) and shareholders :-)

      • 87
        Square eyes says:

        Axeman, one doubts whether little Ed would have the first idea of what you are talking about.

    • 86
      bald old git says:

      why the comma?

    • 96
      Ex-Tory says:

      The Consumer Association. Just another organisation infiltrated by the marxists

      • 98
        Desperate Dan says:

        Quite. Why on earth would Which want to compromise its neutrality by associating with Block Ed.

        • 104
          Really? says:

          It’s part of a secret ‘Lab Test’ of all the UK’s most popular brands of politician. Once the results are out, expect there to be candidates flaunting their ‘Which’ test results: Best Buy, Good but Pricey and Worth Considering.

    • 107
      PhilW says:

      Can someone explain to this prat that the consumer has over 2 trillion reasons for not believing a single word he utters.
      My advice to him is “emigrate and go back to your roots you have already done far too much damage to this nation to even pretend to speak for let alone represent us”.

  19. 58
    Edward Milliband says:

    People say that the Guardians editor should not have gone to the yard to meet with his chum, well let me advise you I will not take lectures from people like you, clearly It was the right thing to do, if people don’t like that tough.

  20. 64
    albacore says:

    Hogan Howe? Wham! Bang!Pow!
    Sounds like a guy from a Superman book
    As for that Rusbridger
    Maybe more the Balls and Burley look?

  21. 65
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Wow a man of steal. Stole the labour leadership from his brother.

    • 72
      jgm2 says:

      He simply out-manoeuvred his brother.

      ‘No, David, now would be a bad time to challenge for the leadership. It would just fragment the party. Think of the party David…’

      The Big Lie is that Labour somehow ended up with the ‘wrong’ Miliband. Whereas clearly either of the clueless fuckers is the wrong Miliband. Remember Useless Dave Miliband was the dopey fucker who enraged the Russian foreign minister so much with his condescending arse-sp*eak that he was forced to give him both barrels.

      Plus there’s that ongoing torture unpleasantness still rumbling its way through the courts.

      Vacant Ned is the least tainted by the fallout from the last Imbecility. He’s still shit but he’s shit in his own right.

  22. 68
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    “Well commissioner it seems one of your officers has been slipping her one !
    While we on the other hand have documents showing that we slipped several of your officers one
    brown paper envelopes that is”

  23. 69
    Edward Milliband says:

    Let the message go out – a new generation of Guardian readers has taken over Scotland Yard, a generation which is optimistic about the future of the Guardian and Labour, optimistic about our hopes for a multicultural world, optimistic about the power of policy wonk politics. We are optimistic and together we will change Britain to ensure that the proletariat are kept in their place.

    • 89
      Square eyes says:

      Has nobody told you that as a result of 13 years of Labour education, none of the new generation knows how to read?

      Perhaps the Graun will print bigger pictures in future.

  24. 74
    firefoxx says:

    I don’t understand the legality of the celeb payouts.

    If your phone is hacked and it’s illegal, then a crime has been committed. You should go to the police and report it. Subsequently, if you and the alleged offender do a deal and you are ‘paid off’ to not pursue the case, then that is perverting the course of justice.

    So payoff = corruption. Seems simple to me. Any comments?

    • 81
      Edward Milliband says:

      Logic dear fellow, what a quaint notion. This is the UK circa 2012 we do not deal in logic. You are a scoundrel of the first degree to suggest that the countries celebs are hypocrites or worse possibly criminal.

      Only yesterday I was discussing with Jude and Hugh how nice it is to be able to ignore our past misdeeds and look like saints on the BBC.

  25. 75
    Dr Desperate Dan says:

    Rusbridger’s had that haircut since he was five. I diagnose arrested development allied to a psychotic belief in his own omnipotence.

  26. 77
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    So Amelia has been receiving large portions of” Bobbies Helmet”

    A young copper from Clapham Junction
    His cock it did cease to function
    For the rest of his life he fooled his wife
    With some snot on the end of his truncheon

  27. 80
    jgm2 says:

    I see Vacant Ned is calling for Fr*d Go*d*win’s knighthood to be rescinded on the grounds that, in retrospect, it was a fucking mistake. Although he’s very coy about specifying precisely whose mistake it was.

    Here are Vacant Ned’s words…


    ‘”It was clearly wrong for him to be given a knighthood, knowing what we know now about the damage he caused, not just to RBS, but to hard-pressed ordinary families up and down Britain who are now paying the price of his failure.

    “It’s right that it should be revoked. There is a widespread recognition of the damage Fred Goodwin John Prescott and Sp*eak*er Martin caused – and I think the privilege of a knighthood is a privilege you should only continue to enjoy if you haven’t done such damage to the British economy.”

    Surely the same reasoning could be used for rescinding Sp*eaker Martin and John Prescott’s honours too?

    • 105
      Really? says:

      Tinkering with the honours system strikes me as dangerous, as it will lead to their abolition (or their demotion to a kind of ‘Grand Day Out’ for the unacknowledged heroes of the Big Society).

      The system has been treated with barely-disguised contempt for years, bred from high-profile criminal convictions of a number of Lords. Moving to a situation where they can be withdrawn upon a legislator’s whim attacks the very solidity of the system. They would be both reviled and undermined.

  28. 83
    jgm2 says:

    I see Vacant Ned is calling for Fr*d Go*d*win’s knighthood to be rescinded on the grounds that, in retrospect, it was a fucking mistake. Although he’s very coy about specifying precisely whose mistake it was.

    Here are Vacant Ned’s words…


    ‘”It was clearly wrong for him to be given a knighthood, knowing what we know now about the damage he caused, not just to RBS, but to hard-pressed ordinary families up and down Britain who are now paying the pr*i*ce of his failure.

    “It’s right that it should be revoked. There is a widespread recognition of the damage Fred Goodwin John Prescott and Sp*eak*er Martin caused – and I think the privilege of a knighthood is a privilege you should only continue to enjoy if you haven’t done such damage to the British economy.”

    Surely the same reasoning could be used for rescinding Sp*eaker Martin and John Prescott’s honours too?

    • 91
      Square eyes says:

      Is there a similar Lordships’ Revocation Committee? I am sure we could suggest a longish list of potential candidates to be removed from the Upper House.

  29. 90
    nightwatch says:

    As Polly might say -

    ” It’s only a PC meeting, and Alan is more moral than other editors.”

  30. 92
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Paul Routledge gives Deadwood both barrels.

    “As unemployment soars yet again under a Tory-led government, Ed Miliband insists that we must “prioritise jobs over pay”.

    This is slogan-speak for wage cuts. A Labour leader – a Labour leader, as Neil Kinnock might have said – favours lower living standards for working people.

    Outrageous. It’s a phoney choice, anyway, because employers will take the pay cuts, thank you very much, and then sack people anyway.

    Only a politician who has never had a proper job could come out with such naive nonsense. He offers the nation a false dichotomy: jobs or lower wages. It’s an illusion.”

    Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/mobile/news-opinion/2012/01/20/ed-miliband-must-be-careful-he-doesn-t-lose-loyal-voters-while-trying-to-attract-the-better-off-115875-23708292/#ixzz1k0fJ6jy9

    Although the cartoonist can’t quite work out if Ed is a Messiah or an Elvis Impersonator. But if Deadwood can’t win over Mirror readers, then his party’s over.

  31. 93
    Hmmph says:

    Expecting a resurgent left-media assault on police cuts then.

  32. 97
    Desperate Dan says:

    The incompetent girly who questioned Rusbridger at the Leveson enquiry, changed the subject when he happened to mention that he’d met Cameron – once. It didn’t occur to her to ask if he’d ever met Blair or Brown so we’ll never know.

  33. 100
    Huge Pillock says:

    What was wrong with the usual drive-through McDonalds?

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