January 18th, 2012

Boris Island is More Than an Airport

Despite the protestations from Nick Clegg, Cameron has given the go ahead for a full blown consultation on Boris Island – the airport plan in the Thames Estuary. The Telegraph says Clegg has been fussing so much that the announcement was delayed from the beginning of the year. Clues that it was coming have been emerging since last summer when Steve Hilton and Osborne backed the idea. It’s Clegg that is being accused of playing politics in the Mayoral election year, but in even longer terms, if the £40bn plan gets the go ahead, it’s Boris who has the most to gain politically. Especially as has he won George Osborne over…


  1. 1
    Lady Virginia de Seigneur says:

    The main thing is to keep Livingscum and his assorted collection of class and race warriors out of the mayor’s office this year


    • 9
    • 15
      Red Ken ( pond life ) Livingscum says:

      You’re playing Divide and Rule again, Diane’s favourite game.

      Now, gimme my old job back, satrap of multi-culti Zone One London.


    • 48
      The enemy within says:

      Brilliant idea. Rail, air, water and road transport all in one hub on the doorstep of the most vibrant city in the world. I can see the Europeans and their LibDem agents trying to prevent it from happening.


  2. 2
    David Camoron says:

    You may ask why we need H2S – it’s so that we can use the excavations from the tunnels to build Boris Island.


  3. 3
    Evil Landlord says:

    A good decision made by Cameron to relieve the pressure on Heathrow.

    Where’s Billy ?


    • 51
      Our Denry says:

      Fence checking, funny how everyone is missing the little tinker, have folks on here been writing nasty things about him and he has thrown a hissy fit or maybe has gone on holiday or even to concentrate on the job he is payed for


  4. 4
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt? says:

    So a min of £32 billion on HS2 aand now another £40 Billion on thie.

    “No Money left”

    i also thought we was meant to be flying less as it kills the polar bears?


    • 5
      Tony M says:

      We just need to tell the Scots to fuck off and stop subsidising the scrounging whingers. That should pay for the development in a couple of years


      • 10
        England for the English says:

        And tell the Welsh and the Northern Irish to fuck off.

        Add the Scousers and the Geordies and the Cornish that should save a few bob.


        • 17
          Well it's a thought says:

          So your wanting to do the EU’s and pie face preclotts work, split the country into different areas, you need to get past the M25 and find out the country is a bit bigger than your imagination, surely the name England for the English, should be England for the English so long as it’s just the south east.


        • 20
          Anonymous says:

          Not forgetting t’Yorkshire folk… …


        • 34
          Billy Rubin says:

          To the barricades! Independence for the M25 enclosed Republic!


          • Nothing better to do. says:

            The barricades wouldn’t be to keep people out of the M25 Banana Republic, it would keep them in!!!


        • 46
          HenryV says:

          Tell the Welsh to fuck off?

          From where would Birmingham get its water?


          • Our Denry says:

            Why not make London a totally independent country say with in the M25, everything has to pass through the rest of the UK, just think of all the duties could levy on London, most of the army is recruited from the rest of the UK as is the navy and air force, you could have president Boris to laud


      • 18
        misterned says:

        Support Scottish independence. It will save us a fortune AND get us a referendum on a renegotiated EU membership.


        • 26
          Now here's an idea says:

          Support English independence then the rest can “buzz” off and do their own thing – with their own money too! What’s not to like?


    • 7
      Well they have to make up for the freeze in council tax somehow says:

      “i also thought we was meant to be flying less as it kills the polar bears? ”

      Surely that’s the reason why we have to recycle our household rubbish into several assorted different coloured bins and why the Local Council fines us £1,000 if we get it wrong or put the wrong bin out on the wrong day or forget to take it in within 10 minues of it being emptied.

      The council then takes all the rubbish to a depot ,throws it all together in a giant container and ships it off to India


      • 12
        Al Legedly says:

        and the Indians then dump it all on some deserted beach.


        • 22
          Recycling Industry Insider says:

          You are not far off the truth there, though lots of “un-recyclable” ( most of it as it’s not economically viable to actually recycle) material for dumping goes to Africa, rather than India.


        • 31
          Maximus says:

          It could be used to make Boris Island.

          Ha ha was just going to check with Wackypedia if Disengaged Dave was disabled from sensible engineering solutions due to possession of a 1st Class PPE, but find the outlaw Jimmy Wales has pulled the plug on his servers in a hissy fit of pique.


        • 53
          Our Denry says:

          I think you are thinking about the ship graveyards (ship breakers)


    • 21
      Arthur Rubenstein says:

      Who invented your nom de plume!!!!
      I rarely laugh. But did when I read that one!


  5. 8
    Griffin voter says:

    Is that Milliband in the background, wearing his safety helmet back to front ?


  6. 11
    kev says:

    Boris Island is going to be renamed Love Island.

    Putting the phwoar back into flying.


  7. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Clarkson must be wetting his knickers with excitment. A perfect double whammy: the end of the “huge caravan site” on the isle of sheppey and the demise of a few thousand seagulls.


  8. 16
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Margaret Thatcher International has a nice ring about it, no?


  9. 24
    Cell time says:

    DUEMA has done a stirling job. Ed’d childish interview with Mr Snow now never happened, and the news cycle trumpets;

    ‘Ed Miliband goes to war on Britain’s ‘rip-off’ consumer culture’,

    created of course by 11 years of Ed and his ‘chums’

    After he opens his mouth at PMQs you will realise how hard it is going to be winning the war.


  10. 25
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I see someone says with glee that the money will come from china and brazil.

    Lets hope they don’t expect any of it back. cross fingers eh?


    • 32
      Maximus says:

      I think you should know there are quite a lot more of them than there are of us. And our Navy seems to be a figment of the MoD’s imagination.


      • 35
        Our Denry says:

        What do you mean we have more admirals than ships what they going to do fight for the use of the rowing boats


      • 54
        The Golem says:

        Road Runner, with the appropriate editions of Jane’s, could do a better job of economical procurement than the MOD. Among other things, rowing to the Falklands
        isn’t a feasible option.


    • 39
      Our Denry says:

      I think hard selling investment salesmen have been at it again, will probably end in tears, China will want its pound of flesh if it all goes wonky, glad I don’t live in the flight path.


  11. 28
    Anonymous says:

    We need to start a #LabourFor..um.. whoever the LibDem guy is.. campaign.

    See if we can get ken down to 3rd place.


    • 45
      misterned says:

      Or even 4th behind UKIP!


    • 55
      Our Denry says:

      Most wrters on this blog have done their best to bring down the LibDems, so why should the LibDems give you cause support


      • 58
        Anonymous says:

        It’s nothing to do with the LibDems – just pissing off ken.

        Well there’s a #Labour4Boris campaign but that still leaves many people who haven’t a clue why, but they always vote labour & hate conservatives but also hate ken.

        They might be persuaded to vote LD with a little push – as long as it’s not associated with eg. this blog or they’ll see straight through it.


  12. 33
    Our Denry says:

    Ay op there me lads, I thought there werre nowt left int till, so where is the money coming from, everything else in the country going to be denuded of funds, funny how money seems to appear as by a miracle when a grandiose project or a war is involved.


  13. 36
    Boris for PM says:

    Go for it Boris, – go!

    Lots more you to sort out after that.


  14. 43
    Bollo cks says:

    How many airports do you need down there? Crikey there will be one on each corner by 2050, with HS2 3 and 4 all connected to it.


  15. 47
    mark says:

    Mayor shagger will be salivating at the prospect of all those TILFs on his island… Totty i’d like to f*ck


  16. 50
    Ken Dodd's dad's dog says:

    At times I think these Consevatives are a complete bunch of incompetent idiots.

    There is plenty of spare capacity at Robin Hood International Airport DONCASTER.

    True some people will have a bit of a drive down the M1 but think what fun the Government will have with a few extra speed cameras.

    New punters too for all these spanking new bullet trains we are being promised.


  17. 57
    Dave Laws says:

    Guido, I can’t believe you’ve fallen for this week’s con-trick from Cameron. He has no intention whatsoever of building a new airport. It’s just to buy Boris a few votes.


  18. 60
    Tra ; says:

    Another Own Goal there then Davo Boy!


  19. 61
    Tra Li says:

    Own Goal there Davo-boy!


  20. 62
    Tra Li says:

    I’ll get it right soon.


  21. 63
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    This has as much chance of ever being built as the HS2 crock of shit. The Eurozone is going to collpase into a hideous mess before this bogus consultation exercise gets underway. There isn’t the money to do it now, but in a couple of years they won’t even be able to pretend that there is. All western governments are totally and irretrievably broke, the result of a hundred years of welfarism. Sorry BoJo, but the age of these white elephant vanity projects is over, you’ll just have to make do with Attaturk Airport old sport.


  22. 64
    Anonymous says:

    I look forward to the day that that wretched little cretin gets driven away from his office with a tear in his eye never to return.

    The American’s will make a ‘movie’ of his life in 2035 with some great American actor of his the playing Boris. It will be called ‘The Useless Shitboy’.


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