January 12th, 2012

Hungry for Taxes: Compare and Contrast Today’s Menus

Hungry? Well have a look at what our Honourable Members are lunching on today in their private dining room:

Lunch Thursday 12 January 2012
Artichokes, ratatouille and olives with basil dressing £2.05 (£1.55)
Braised pork belly with black pudding bonbon, apple salad £2.70 (£2.05)
Halibut and soft boiled quail egg with carrot dressing (wf) £4.15 (£3.15)
Rib eye steak with hand cut chips and béarnaise sauce £7.80 (£5.92)
Haddock and leek fish cake with tomato and dill cream £6.75 (£5.13)
Chickpea and lentil curry with red onion fritter £6.75 (£5.13)
Chocolate and orange torte £2.05 (£1.56)
Fresh fruit salad (wf h v) £2.05 (£1.56)
Home-made ice creams and sorbets (v) £2.05 (£1.56)
Fine cheese with biscuits – ask for today’s selection £3.10 (£2.35)

Then compare the cost of the extra taxpayer subsidy (highlighted in red) to what you spent on your own lunch today. And the rip-off doesn’t stop there. Now compare the above menu to the other prices that are being offered to mere members of the public, in the very same building, right now:

Rump of lamb with creamed white beans, spinach and shallots £15.85
Corn fed chicken with wild mushrooms and puy lentils (wf) £13.55
Whole grilled plaice with lemon and caper butter,  vegetables  £12.25
Smoked haddock and leek fish cake with tomato and dill cream £12.25
Potato and halloumi parcel with sauté bok choi, pepper sauce £10.45
Basil tofu and roasted vegetables with herb sauce £10.45

One price for them, one for us. Oink oink…

UPDATE: Meanwhile in another part of town, another taxpayer funded lunch. Here’s what we paid 90p to provide at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital:

Who do you think is more deserving of a subsidy?

Pic via @ajbonner


  1. 1
    Ex Voter says:

    Am I first?


    • 14
      Spartacus says:

      You win a prize . . . but no pizza


      • 35
        Rog says:

        Of course, now that all of the MPs have been made aware of this outrageous inequality and flagrant example of greedy excess and profiting at others’ expense, we can expect them all to demand action.

        I would hope MPs themselves now back an urgent move to equalise prices to those offered to the general public at the HoC.

        It would be beyond hypocrital for them to do otherwise.


        • 132
          Hang The Bastards says:

          The greedy bastards should get 90p meals like those in hospital.

          The greedy trout ing self serving fucking twats


      • 87
        Room at the Top says:

        Your prize is a Happy Meal from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital enjoy and get well soon


    • 45
      Atar says:


      We need names & who is eating what then getting the taxpayer to fund it.

      Unbelievable that this lot also get several hundred quid a month food allowance on top of their extravagant expenses.


      • 47
        Atar says:

        How about swapping the HoC caterers with the Chelsea & Westminster hospital’s caterers for a month.

        Let’s see what patients and MPs think about that.


        • 57
          Lalalalalalala says:

          I’d rather have the patients debating policy and the MPs kept in quarantine.


        • 121
          Heretic says:

          or how’sabout giving BOTH the fine fare of Little chef ??,
          & see who’s happier !.
          PLUS saving a number of jobbies.


      • 64
        Ed Miliband ( I care ) says:

        If poor patients in hospital don’t like the food on offer, they can always contact my chums at Wonga.com and borrow some money to buy better food.
        Only 4214% interest, bargain!


    • 48
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Thith ith outwageouth. Thith ith the kweninolololology of politics. I promith to set up a commithion headed by our hero Harriet to enthure that it ith sthtopped immediathely after I thecure my theat in the European Commithion.


      • 124
        a fat cunt ! says:

        JESUS FUCKING Christ how many times do i have to say
        NEVER talk OUT of YOUR arse !! (we can do that).


    • 50
      Nemo says:

      Can I suggest that MPs get those meals because “they are worth it” the usual phrase wheeled out to justify big cheeses getting luxurious meals at discount prices, or any thing else for that matter.


      • 91
        Taxfodder says:

        Except they ain’t by a long way…big cheeses.

        The silence from the festering puss in Westminster speaks volumes.


      • 92
        Sick of the greed and lies says:

        No. The phrase that all Politicians use on a regular basis when they are asking us to accept something that is painful for the public is “it’s the right thing to do”.
        Therefore they would say that “The Restaurant is subsidised because it’s right thing to do.”


    • 98
      M says:

      And do they get a subsidised gym to run that lot off if tell Eric


    • 114
      Spank Sinatra says:

      Your ex-wife says you always come first!


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This is a abosulte disgrace.

    subsidiesd lunch, houses,pensions etc

    something a normal working class taxpayer could only dream about.


    • 18
      Palaces are museums... says:

      If you work in a palace…

      Perhaps more down-to-earth premises are needed.


    • 26
      A revolt is needed... says:

      What are the deliverables? From an MP.


    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      If there is to be a perk for being an MP then a subsidised canteen for those that create the laws of the land is acceptable. It’s just a pity that the quality of the food is in inverse proportion to the quality of the MP’s. Not even I expect this canteen to be serving school dinner slops.


      • 69
        The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

        “create the laws of the land”

        You’re having a piss take, the commons is a rubber stamp local authority. 30,000+ new laws from Brussels in the last ten ye@rs, the HOC is a sick joke.


        • 95
          Room at the Top says:

          It has been for years its had no real power since the mid 90s as more went East to the EU Peoples Republic. Cameron is the dog end of a line of PMs who have overseen the dissolution of Britain. Once the Scottish delcare UDI that’s it we’ll just become an adminstrative region of Brussels.

          Strangely the only thing that looks like food on the plate of that Chelsea and Westminster Hospital meal is the Brussel sprouts they must have been grown local. Get our TitGypsy MPs to eat this muck for a week and then see how they feel.


        • 109
          Handycock Phd (Troughing) says:

          For those of you that think that I have spent all my political life troughing and shagging at taxpayer’s expense, well, as part of my rehabilitation strategy I have written a letter and placed it on my website to demonstrate that I am a hardworking MP.


          The letter is a link on the page. I hope this dispels those false rumour mongers, who have been saying that I am uneducated and illiterate. The letter is an example of beautiful grammatical english.

          Also as part of my rehabilitation I am having the same photo on my handsome self placed in the local Portsmouth News, which is in my pocket, to show my constituents how hard I am working. Boaz.



          • Princess, who like a wet one XXX says:

            You tight fisted twat. The meal you bought me, when you were trying to seduce me, in the House of Commons, was subsidised.


          • Former Colleague says:

            Good old Mikey – more concerned with badgers (and beaver?) than with the diffficulties of his constituents. Can’t be much in the way of backhanders there Handy… better to stick with the Planning Permissions and the Northern Quarter proposal.


          • Stufferupper says:

            …beautiful grammatical “english” ??

            If you say so…


      • 113
        A revolt is needed... says:

        What would happen if no laws were passed. i.e no more laws.

        Cut the mp’s working hours and pay by half… And will anyone notice?

        Doubt it.


  3. 3
    Ex Voter says:

    I am, do I win a free (tax payer subsidised) steak and chips?


  4. 4
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Anthony Worrel Thompson had no comment to make on todays announcement of a fall in sales at Tesco :-)


  5. 5
    Stinkfinger says:

    To provide better value for taxpayers money they should contract out MP’s Jobs to Latvians and keep the current catering staff.


  6. 6
    Number 10's Cat says:

    No wonder they’re all fat bastards!


  7. 8

    Its a bloody disgrace and I’m very glad that order-order has highlighted this outrage.

    Rib eye steak with hand cut chips and béarnaise sauce AGAIN !! in the same week! What are catering playing at!


  8. 9
    I only ask says:

    What do (wf) and (wf h v) mean?


    • 12
      Total guess says:

      Wheat (gluten) free, halal, vegetarian?


      • 15
        Spartacus says:

        ok, i’ll bite (no pun intended) and what is halal – apart from lalah backwards?


        • 40
          Mr Google says:

          Have you just arrived from the 19th Century?


        • 41
          AC1 says:

          halal is a torturous painful way to butcher an animal, favoured by p43do prophet followers.


          • Boudicca says:

            Rather than being stunned and humanely despatched,the animal has it’s throat cut and the blood is drained away whilst facing Mecca. The slaughter has to be performed by a Muslim.
            Most supermarket meat is slaughtered by this method now- which is deeply disturbing. Luckily I have a great butcher in my area.


          • PDF file says:

            I use my Foxit to open the little darlings up.


        • 60
          Nemo says:

          It’s the Islamic version of kosher, now do you understand


          • Anonymous says:

            Schechita, actually.


          • The UK is becoming East Germany circa 1976 says:

            Here it is in all it’s wonder, think about it when you pop out to your local takaway.

            Celebrate diversity and all that.


          • Room at the Top says:

            I think the US Marine Corp knows how to deal with these chaps.


          • Ugh says:

            Fuck me. Am I glad I’m a veggie.


          • Trundler says:

            From the vid and my basic knowledge of Schechita there appear to things being done there which wouldn’t happen in a well run kosher slaughterhouse. Firstly in shechita it is forbidden or at the very least bad practice to kill an animal in the presence of another, secondly it looks to me as if the killing cut on the sheep is not sufficient to bring about unconciousness quickly.

            To be effective and humane a venous and arterial cut for despatch purposes should not only cut the blood vessels but must be done in such a way so that there is an immediate blood pressure loss from the head (therefore bringing about complete insensibility) but also to cut in a way that precludes vessels inadertently joining and threfore sustaining bloodpressure in the head and prolonging pain.

            The schecting (butchering) of cattle is something that is more specialised than most types of Schechita due to particular complexity of the cow anatomy. Judging by the position of the cow in the stall it looks very likely that the cow may have aspirated blood which is something that Schechita avoids due to the position of the head during Schechita.

            Shechita takes great care to ensure animal welfare from the handling of the animals before slaughter and during slaughter.

            BTW I’m not a Rabbi or any sort of Schechita expert it’s just that I’m fleeing from the crap hole that the Labour Party have made London and going to more rural climbs where unfortunately I’m going to have to kill my own home reared poultry and have been studying how it’s done.


          • Stufferupper says:

            It’s ‘climes’ actually; “climbs” is what you do to hills, ladders and stairs. Happy Yontoff.


  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    This is all boring shite Guido – get us some real stuff


  10. 11
    Lard Pressclott says:

    Let them eat pies.


  11. 13
    Dave Figgley says:

    Lunch is for poofs, mate.


  12. 21
    WVM says:



  13. 24
    A hard PressedTax Payer says:

    Guido: Can we please have info on the booze subsidy we have to pay for this House of Pimps ? TY


    • 75
      Nemo says:

      Guido, what is the length of this “lunch” time 1/2 hour or 1 hour if they have all the courses 30 mins too short, might just do it in 1 hour, it’s no wonder they look so bloated and back in the house pulling faces as if there is a nasty smell coming from somewhere


      • 104
        1 says:

        Opening hours

        Service Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
        Lunch – Waiter Service 12.30-14.30 12.30-14.30 12.30-14.30 12.30-14.30 12.30-14.30
        Dinner – Waiter Service 18.30-21.30 18.30-21.30 18.30-21.30 CLOSED CLOSED


  14. 25
    Chucky says:

    But what’s the idea of trying to pass off Corn fed chicken as something special? Of course they are corn fed, it’s the cheapest way of feeding them but at least my chickens get to root around on real grass and eat worms and grubs and other creepy crawlies.


  15. 27
    Jay says:

    Guido – yeah, we get it.
    There are far bigger fish to fry (sorry for the pun) than a subsidised canteen in the House of Commons.


  16. 28

    As a firm believer in privilege, what’s the Beef Wellington? As a firm believer in realpolitik, dump all subsidies, pay them enough and stop providing ammunition to those who criticise them for trivial misdemeanours thereby distracting attention from their high crimes.


    • 80
      Nemo says:

      Surely they would argue that we could not pay them enough for what they do, shouting and bawling at each other sounds like the reception a bad comedian used to get at the Glasgow Empire


    • 135
      Stufferupper says:

      The view of most of us hereabouts, I suspect, is that they get paid quite enough already. Let them buy their own [unsubsidised] nosh like the rest of us have to do. The “food allowance” is an outrageous con, amount to plain theft of public funds, and should be stopped immediately. The best any of us normal folks might get is a few quid subsistence for being away from the office for a day or two to cover the extra we have to pay for not being at home. All only reimbursed against original receipts too.

      Perhaps we should all put our heads together to come up with other as yet unthought of methods of extracting cash from the public coffers just to help those poor underpaid civil/public servants (which is all MPs are really) to help make ends meet.


  17. 29
    A Man says:

    Lunch? fucking Lunch?

    It’s breakfast, dinner and supper in the real world.

    Southern Poofs


    • 42
      Lord of the Pies Prescott says:

      It’s dinner, dinner and dinner in my house.


    • 86
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Midlands nancy boy. Oop north it’s breakfast, dinner and a knife-and-fork tea on Sundays.


    • 90
      Nemo says:

      Ay, lad a lot of southern nancy talk. It was approaching my dinner time in my office and I said to one of the Girls “I’m goig to dinner now” the sub manager overheard me and piped up, “We call it lunch” , after he had gone one of the lasses said to me ” I don’t care what he calls it I still call it dinner”


  18. 34
    Steve Miliband says:

    Do they pay BIK on their grub, like us oiks?


  19. 36
    AC1 says:

    Time to End the disastrous NHS, and also end subsidies for MPs.


  20. 37
    +++BREAKING WIND+++ says:

    +++ CARTEL ALERT +++

    More (and distinctly different) energy companies to follow EDF’s lead and cut prices by 5% or so.

    What a surprise!


  21. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Well it’s odd to suggest that the patients are more deserving but your point stands.

    … just what is that goo?!


    • 49
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      It resembles something that has already passed through the digestive system of a cat…


  22. 44
    @ Pic via @ajbonner says:

    WTF is it, though?


  23. 51
    Not surprised says:

    WTF is that white stuff?

    SOOOOO appetising when you’re ill.

    Saw that TV chef bloke trying to revive “frozen fried egg” in Scarborough hospital the other week!

    Frozen fried egg – I ask you!

    Still. All in it together eh?

    Can we get Brake Bros. to do HoP catering instead? Out to competitive tender and all that?


    • 70
      Compare and Contrast says:

      MPs should be given a roll of clingfilm at the beginning of each Parliament and told to bring in their own sandwiches. No doubt they have unpaid interns who can carry them for them.


      • 84
        Special Ed says:

        Agreed, except they can buy their own bloody cling film. They can afford it.
        (Better yet, let the bastards eat dried out sarnies and hope one of them chokes.)


    • 120
      Tachybaptus says:

      (Also answering 43 and 44)

      I’ve seen that white stuff up close on a hospital visit. They said it was turkey fricassé. I would guess it’s made of MRM — ‘mechanically recovered meat’ from turkey carcases, got with solvents and revolving wire brushes.


  24. 52
    Malfeasance says:

    Excellent let’s have more of the same! Specifics, contrast and compare, sharp focus!


  25. 56
    Special Ed says:

    Disgusting. I don’t think this issue is boring at all. Please keep at it until it attracts mainstream attention. The comparison with what we feed people in hospital, schools and the old folks is what really gets me incensed. We can’t afford a subsidised meals program (like meals on wheels) for poor and lonely old people, but we can afford to buy mps steaks. Should be ashamed.


    • 66
      Compare and Contrast says:

      You might like to ask the people who do the meal runs for homeless people how much they spend per person.

      There is a Christian Kitchen in Walthamstow which has recently had to raise £20k to buy a replacement for its van because the old one could not meet an EU emissions directive.


      • 126
        Trundler says:

        Compare and contrast you are correct there. It’s not just charities who are suffering from the LEZ. I know of 2 40+ year old family haulage companies who have had to shut down. The EU emissions levels are a fucking scandal. Also a very bit earner for TFL as you have to have the multithousand pound emissions filter fitted by a TFL approved garage.


    • 103
      Nemo says:

      I think the house of commons meals should be privatised, you know the nutritional meals that old folks and hospitals get. The meals on wheels for oaps ended 3/4 years ago in my neck of the woods, they looked ok at the start of the run, but the last of the run……..


  26. 62
    Boudicca says:

    Do they have similar subsidised meals in the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments?


  27. 71
    Lard Prescott and Hattie's fat backside says:

    Fuck off Fawkes, we need our calories, just pay up proles.


  28. 74
    Plum Jam says:

    This is all the more disgusting when you know that since the change to PAYD (Pay As You Dine) in the Armed Forces (or “Pay as You Starve”, as it’s more commonly know) and end of subsidised Messing, the quality and quantity of the food served to our service personnel has declined to the point of being a disgrace. Most of those living in barracks no longer attend meals as the food served (no longer by skilled Army Chefs but by minimum-wage slop-slingers employed by the lowest-bidding conrtractor) is both piss-poor and expensive to boot. They tend to live on pot-noodles prepared in their rooms, and Take-Away pizzas. Meanwhile, it’s reassuring to know that our elected representatives are doing very nicely indeed thank you very much!


  29. 82
    Gonk says:

    I’d forgotten how tasty sprouts are.
    Especially garnished with camel sperm.


  30. 97
    Anonymous says:

    This is becoming dull. I’m fed up


  31. 106
    Diane Abbott says:

    I’ll have a double portion of everything !


  32. 108
    Now It Can Be Revealed! says:

    Why Guido keeps harping on the “MP’s Subsidised Meals” story.
    We have just obtained footage from the canteen inside the Order-order.com Building:

    (Is it just me, or did Terry Jones resemble Gordon Brown back then?)


  33. 110
    Ex-Tory says:

    So Guido would rather the taxpayer subsidised the meals of 1m patients instead of 650 MPs. Who’s paying for it?


  34. 115
    Huge Grant says:

    Just because the menu sounds like michelin-star fare, doesn’t mean that it tastes that good, a bit like on ‘Come Dine With Me’ where the propaganda is invariably misleading. Taste-wise it could turn out to be the culinary equivalent of ‘ all fur coat and no Knickers’. No doubt yhe proof will be in the pudding.


  35. 116
    The Godfather says:

    Let them eat pasta, just like me!


  36. 117
    Huge Grant says:

    Just because the menu sounds like michelin-star fare, doesn’t mean that it tastes that good, a bit like on ‘Come Dine With Me’ where the propaganda is invariably misleading. Taste-wise it could turn out to be the culinary equivalent of ‘ all fur coat and no Knickers’. No doubt the proof will be in the pudding.


  37. 119
    Spank Sinatra says:

    I think Guido’s on the money here….. keep pushing and perhaps someone will have the spine to pick up and run with it to a larger audience. Tired of ‘we’re all in it together’ when some are more ‘in it’ than others.


  38. 127
    Extory says:

    Well done Guido — keep publishing the troughers’ menu and prices day after day after day after day — until this outrage is stopped.
    After that attention can switch to their individual pension contributions and “entitlements”.
    The smell from the House of Commons is worse now than the “Great Stink” from the Thames prior the Victorian sewage works.


  39. 128
    Gooey Blob says:

    It’s alright for some, the rest of us have to go without just to pay the taxes which subsidise MPs’ bars and canteens. I made do with just a Cornish pastie in my lunchbox today. The cost? 39p from the Supermarket’s reduced section yesterday evening.


  40. 129
    Guido Loves Banktatorships says:

    couple of grand a day for Mps is nothing compared to the 100s of billions we gave to bailout banks, but of course guido is too economically retarded to care


  41. 130
    gripper stebson says:

    These bastards are bloody spoon fed all the time. Shut the restaurant and open a Mcdonalds, if they collect the vouchers in the Daily Star they can have a happy meal for one on a saturday for nothing.


  42. 131
    I can't be arsed to think up a new pseudonym says:

    If I get served food like that shown in the NHS food picture, in my upcoming stay in hospital I shall complain vociferously.


  43. 136
    kered ybretsae says:

    It’s the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor taxpayer what pays!


  44. 137

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