January 9th, 2012

David Miliband Says Ed Should Apologise For Errors
Says Everyone in Labour Party Frustrated at the Moment

Last week it was Glasman, Byrne and Murphy having their say about Labour’s direction under Ed, today it’s his own brother. David Miliband has called for Labour to apologise for more of the things that they got wrong in government. Ed Balls attempted a “sorry we didn’t regulate enough”, but the big brother clearly thinks Ed should go further:

“There’s a debate in the Labour Party about how we should understand our record in government, what we should be proud of and what we should apologise for. But I think it’s very important to be proud of your achievements and humble about your mistakes…”

It is one line in particular that will make waves, he goes on to say in an interview today in India’s The Hindu that: “I think for everyone in the Labour Party, it feels very frustrating at the moment.” 

The source of that frustration of course being his brother… 


  1. 1
    Sophie says:


    • 4
      • 10
        Who I am not. Ed says:

        “I’m not Tony Blair. I’m not Gordon Brown either.”


        • 28
          DEdward says:

          I’m just a very sorry individual


          • David Miliband says:

            He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.


          • Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

            “proud of your achievements and humble about your mistakes”

            Just exactly what were Blair and Brown’s achievements?

            Delivering their core support (and most of the middle classes) into endless debt penury while their cabinet ministers went from church mice to millionaires.

            Every Miliband, Balls, Cooper, Hain, Darling, Burnham, Khan, Byrne and Johnson is tainted and Labour don’t stand a chance until they have leaders that care about the plight of their core supporters rather than feathering their own champagne socialist nests.


        • 45
          D Miliband MP aged 17 says:

          Who am I?

          What am I?

          Where am I?

          How am I?

          Help me please…..

          Answers on a postcard to the BBC Trust (aka Labour Party Policy Division)


      • 35
        Who's Who? says:

        Excuse me, but is there such a personage as Edward Miliband?


      • 91
        M says:

        Ed if you’er listening , the unions think your great & as they said your there man . DUEMA think you’er the man for labour
        (or was it bitch)
        We all think your leadership is what the country needs


    • 5

      Why will it be a pivotal year? its crucial because…?

      Don’t tell us we’re almost halfway to the election and the blank piece of paper has some writing on it?


      • 8
        Loungelizard says:

        And written on the blank piece of paper is one question….Who is Ed?


        • 24
          retardEd Milimong's Parasite Party says:

          Things we should apologise for: Everything.
          Things we should be proud of: uhmm..


        • 52
          Ed's Alter Ego says:

          I have nothing to thay!


          • Goddess, Empress, Dictator Frau Merkel says:

            Oh No! My Labour poodles are becoming even more incompetent. They are trying to apologise for their failures in Government but the problem is the whole 13 years of Labour Government was a failure. Their only notable achievements were bankrupting the Country, swamping it with diseased immigrants, creating whole new armies of benefit spongers and public sector parasites and stealing money through expenses. The best thing they can do is keep quiet and wait for the electorate to forget.


          • Jayle Bird says:

            No, the best thing would be for them all to form a line, hold hands and jump in Unison into the river from Westminster bridge. Preferably before the weekend.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Why has this Traitor jumped on board with the others?



    • 16
      BillyBob... says:

      We’re doomed, all doomed !


      • 33
        The DEdwood Stage says:

        Now there BillyBob

        It if aint broke, don’t fix it…..y’all

        Ain’t no use a-fretting and a-wailing ’bout DEd Wood, when my maw is concerned about that there Phony Boy’s tax bill, yes, I am I am


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Even by your standards that’s fcking tenous.


    • 11

      How so?

      Did DM mean something else? Its very frustrating at the moment, because we don’t have a plan? Because of twitter? Because these strikes are wrong at a time..?

      Or did he mean he is frustrated with the parties inability to confront its many errors, even though ed miliband started out doing exactly that.
      before ed Balls got the number 2 job, obviously. After that it had to stop.

      Same way Alistair Darling had to pretend not to laugh when he used to read out Gordon’s growth figures that made the deficit seem all right.
      {if those fantasy 5-10% Growth figures had been correct the debt would be all gone by now.}


  4. 6
    W.W. says:

    One odd ball offering advice to another odd ball.



  5. 9
    Up sh1t creek says:

    NO amount of Labour apologies will EVER disguise the fact that Labour RUINED the United Kingdom.

    An apology is an attempt to move on, there is no way to move on as the British people suffer the consequences of 13 years of hard Labour.


    • 56
      The General Public says:

      That’s pretty much the way “public service” operates now.

      No matter how much money is wasted or how many lives are ruined due to your inept bungling, you just issue a press release saying “sorry for any inconvenience – lessons have been learned.”

      Then retire on medical grounds, draw your massive pension and then get a similar job at another failing taxpayer-funded entity. Senior managers of local councils and NHS Trusts do it all the time.


  6. 12
    graham smith says:

    edmill is plugugly and somehow intellectually challenged… politically naieve and unelectable…he is and always will be the gift that keeps giving for the government benches…the messed up labour party that elected him is a direct lagacy of gordon browns hunger for power…he and his former supporters have relegated the labour party to opposition for decades


    • 30
      Anon says:

      “the messed up labour party that elected him”

      Labour didn’t elect him, they elected his brother.

      It was the unions that foisted the unwanted Ed onto Labour. Labour are now stuck with someone they (and the public) didn’t want, don’t want and don’t like.

      You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh.


  7. 13
    The Public says:

    Good photo of David. Who’s he sitting next to?


  8. 14
    Beast of the embassy club says:

    If frustrated click on this Bastille bait


  9. 15
    Billy Blofeld says:

    Labour actually did very well with building the big wheel opposite parliament.

    Everything else, however, was an unmitigated disaster. They’ve got a lot to be humble about.


    • 25
      Cell time says:

      What had Labour to do with the British Airways London Eye, or EDF London Eye?


    • 32
      South East Voter says:

      But Labour did not build the London Eye. It was a private venture by BA, Tussauds Group and Marks Barfield Architects.


      • 81
        Mike Hunt says:

        Quite so.

        if you want a good example of a liebour y2000 project, best to look at the ghastly tent.


        • 82
          Mike Hunt says:

          sorry, duplicate of nr 35


        • 87
          Billy Bankrupt says:

          Not just Labour for that one I think you’ll find Our Man in Europe Mr Heseltine was a Big Tent supporter along with the Major Major the Adulterous Clown. They all like a full gravy train when its passing.


    • 36
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      Well, there was that big tent thing on the side of the Thames.
      If it hadn’t been for that, James Bond would have had nothing soft to land on when he fell out of that hot air balloon.


    • 54
      Gonk says:

      As Labour are really rather good at handling shit, purveying shit,
      spreading shit, talking shit and looking like shit. Their one moderate
      acceptable piece of legislation has been introducing anti-dog fouling laws.


      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        …and Labour’s only motivation in introducing that legislation was to eliminate the competition, sore losers that they are.


  10. 17
    Tapestry says:

    Ed Miliband was installed to help Cameron. He’s signed up to Libya and Iran, and that buys a free political ride, as regards those who could swing the media against him. He’s also getting Britain into greater debt and doing everything which pleases central bankers. He is of course a central banker himself, and his family have significant ownership of banks, which have funded wars for over one hundred years. The best way they can assist him to stay on top, is to install weak opposition.

    Clegg’s spent his credibility. Miliband’s a non-starter. The only real threat to cameron are his own backbenchers, and they are being bought off for now with the promise of an EU Treaty veto.

    That will delay their rebellion just long enough to get the Iran war started, which will sweep the EU off the front pages, and Cameron can sell out in the certainty few will be watching.

    Cameron’s leadership campaign was funded by arms industry lobbyists. They are looking for their payback. The next Blair indeed.


  11. 18
    Ex-Tory says:

    This blog is becoming tedious with all this Ed Milband crap. We all know he is a joke figure. Let’s have some insight and revelations about Cameron and Clegg. What about Dave choosing Will Cavendish to lead his policy unit? A Labour man running the Tory PM’s policy ouput? No story there? Looks like Guido’s been bought off.


    • 23
      Beast of the embassy club says:

      We need more totty
      preferably barely legal
      Far more interesting than Clegover or Fray bentos face or indeed one of the Marx brothers


      • 89
        Mr Trikk says:

        Duff clip – not everyone in France is left-handed. Please post the correct one – Alizée deserves better


  12. 19
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Young David looks enviously at Blair’s money-making scams and bewails the fact that he couldn’t be Labour leader so he could get his hands in the shit at some point in the near future.


  13. 20
    Beast of the embassy club says:

    The Eagle twins or this?

    Just who would you rather pay to see?


  14. 22
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Revenge of the long knives :-)


  15. 26
    David Cameron says:

    I’d like to thank Mr Glasman and Mr D Miliband for providing me with lots of ammunition for Wednesday.


  16. 31
    Angry of London says:

    Let’s just give Scotland to Mr. Fish and then we can all forget about the Labour party. They’ll never get close to power without their client state north of the border.

    Surely therefore, Scottish independence is far more of an issue for Labour than any nonsense about them facing up to their gross incompetence. Oh – and as for what they are proud of from their time in office, that must be a f*_cking short list.



    • 41
      South East Voter says:

      Can anyone help to work out whatthe £398,085 10s sterling given by England to Scotland in 1707 is in today’s money so we know how much the Scott’s owe England.

      Of cause will would have to divide today’s national debt as well. I guess the barnet formula would work.


    • 42
      Soon Be Spring says:

      As long as the Scots take their full share of the national debt if they opt for independence, I would be happy whichever way they vote.


    • 55
      Anon says:

      Give them credit – they reduced child poverty by 3%!

      Labour spent £100billion reducing child poverty, which went from 33% in 1997 to 30% in 2010. That’s something to be proud of.

      It works out at £247,500 per child lifted out of poverty, but let’s not spoil the moment.

      (My maths: There are presently 4million children living in poverty in the UK; if the cost of reducing the rate from 33% to 30% was £100billion, it was £33billion per percent and it will cost £990billion to reduce the rate from 30 to zero. 990billion divided by 4million is 247,500.)


      • 68
        Angry of London says:

        Define poverty.

        Arguably, intellectual, cultural and spiritual poverty is far more damaging than monetary poverty. Giving cash to scrots only affects whether they can rent in central London, own a new car, and have Xbox. Does nothing for long-term social mobility which is actually hugely decreased by rewarding non-production.

        I’d argue Labour increased child poverty by any sensible scale as we now have several generations unable to read, write, add up, speak or (critically) work. Well done!


  17. 38
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Tweeting regret about the host of “Blackbusters” was the hallmark of Ed’s leadership, as he focussed on something trival, populist, and balls it up.

    It takes a true genius who can type to substitute an ‘a’ or an ‘o’ given their positions on a key board, and that ‘a’ is typed with the left hand…

    As for claiming on Saturday that he is a man of charisma – c. J. McIntyre on the barely watched News 24 – suggests that his friends are begining to panic. Do heads really turn, do people stop their conversations, do glasses drop away from the lips as Deadwood enters the room?

    If the guy had charisma, would the whose Ed, where’s Ed stuff ever appeared.

    Good to see that the brothers and sisters are fighting like ferrets in a sack, perhaps one of them might leak something for tomorrow’s headlines.

    Funnily enough, even after the mess created by those Hunts Mayo and Simpson at Marconi, and that other useless Hunt at C and W, politicians said nothing about excecutive pay and the rewards for failure…Guess that they could do more about their own failings.


  18. 40
    List of Labour's achievements after 13 years in power says:



  19. 43
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    Cameron is going to have a field day on Wednesday.

    And that’s even before he’s used the veto AGAIN :-)


  20. 46
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    BREAKING NEWS: You Gov reporting Miliband approval rating has dropped to minus 46 – Repeat MINUS 46!


  21. 48
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    • 62
      Ex-Conservative voter says:

      To be honest, the travails of the euro didn’t have much work to do to give the EU bad name.

      In fact, I don’t think the travails of the euro had much to do with it at all.


  22. 59
    Anonymous says:

    The most important thing for NuLab to apologise for is all the fucking immigrants they let into Britain.

    The second thing they need to do is explain how they would kick out all these fucking immgrants.

    Thirdly they need to say when they expect to have themselves arrested and executed for their treasons against Britain.


  23. 63
    Phil says:

    If they really want to make a sincere apology for the clusterfxxx they left of the economy the the whole of the shadow front bench including all former ministers in the last government should have a mass resignation immediately and leave public life shortly thereafter.
    That’s the only way I and I am reasonably confident many others will actually believe that Labour, in Ed’s falsetto estuarine, actually “geddit”.


  24. 65
    Fuck Shit Fuck says:


  25. 69
    Fucking Tourettes sufferer says:

    I’m fucking disgusted that fucking David fucking Cameron compared Ed Hunting Balls to someone with fucking Tourettes! Fucking he should fucking apologise shit arse! How fucking dare he compare us to that fucking arsehole Hunt?!


  26. 70
    Anthony Worrall Thompson says:

    Anyone want some cheddar? I can do you a good deal.


  27. 76
    Ed Miliband says:

    Sorry, mates, not Alizee:


  28. 85
    I quite agree with echosixnoble says:

    to all the girls who are saying they are hotter than Alizee, FUCK YOU!! No your NOT!
    echosixnoble 7 months ago


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