December 30th, 2011

Media Analysis You Won’t Read in the Guardian

Today is the last trading day of the year on the New York Stock Exchange, barring any dramatic surprises shares in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation will end the day near the year’s highs. If you are lucky enough to own NewsCorp shares you will have benefited from a rise in value of over 10% this year, well outperforming a stockmarket that has flatlined.

Not that you would realise it if you only listened to the BBC or read the New York Times and The Guardian. The latter in particular always slants financial stories about NewsCorp as if there was widespread shareholder unrest with the Murdochs. Story after story on the media and finance pages of The Guardian quotes shareholders and financial advisers with doom laden sentiments about the Murdochs. Most of those quoted turn out to be activists with political rather than financial priorities…

The fact is that Rupert Murdoch owns the number one daily newspaper in America, The Wall Street Journal. NewsCorp also owns the number one news channel, the incredibly successful and profitable Fox Network. Sky franchises in the UK, Italy, Germany and Star TV in Asia are the pay-TV leaders generating phenomenal subscription revenues. Murdoch also owns the content via television production companies and movie studios. This year Super Bowl on FOX was the most watched TV show in America ever. Even after selling MySpace at a loss, he has dared to launch a new online-only news business, The Daily. Hit movies like Avatar and Black Swan generate colossal ticket sales, American Idol still brings in the ratings, globally Murdoch owned newspapers are still a cash-cow despite him closing the News of the World. In 2011 revenue rose to $33.4 billion, while adjusted operating income increased 12% to $4.98 billion. Cashflow which the owners of the loss making New York Times and Guardian can only dream…

Guardian Media Group is losing a £1 million a week, Mirror Group shares have halved in value this year and the firm has introduced a pay freeze for all workers. Based on the NewsCorp share price alone, the Murdochs finish the year a few billion richer than they started it. Despite what you may read in The Guardian or hear on the BBC, the Murdochs are very far from being against the wall and the left hates that.

No one ever got rich betting against Rupert Murdoch….


  1. 1
    Robert Mugabe - Marxist (Like Ed Miliband and Ken Livingstone) says:

    He’s still a Dirty Digger


    • 18
      Hang The Bastards says:

      the sooner chite like the guardian is wiped out the better.


      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        After reading the breakdown cost of the refurbishment, which included £536 for cleaning carpets, £25 for laundry linen and £123 repolishing furniture, the Prime Minister immediately took exception to much of the spending, noting in blue felt-tip pen: ‘I will pay for the ironing board and other things, like sufficient linen for the one bedroom we use. The rest can go back into stock.’

        Her careful attitude when refurbishing her official residence – revealed in previously secret files released by the National Archives yesterday – contrasts with the current Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, who gave his home at 11 Downing Street a lavish Notting Hill-style makeover.

        Read more:


        • 105
          Peter Grimes says:

          Oh oh! The ZaNuLieBor trolls are posting from their factsheet!

          Why aren’t they on strike like the other Commies?


      • 29
        Peter Grimes says:

        You can start to see why the parasitic left hate him, can’t you – all that pent-up bile. Tee hee!!


    • 44
      Italy swamp dog says:

      The Guardian is the guardian of the biased left and the BBC is its digital version.


    • 145
      Rodski says:

      Here’s an idea Ru… buy the kin Guardian. You have the guaranteed income from the Beeb and local A’s


  2. 2
    HappyUK says:

    Wonder how much Murdoch pays in tax? More than at the Guardian I bet. Bloody lefty hypocrites.


  3. 3
    Number 10's cat says:

    No Billy?


  4. 4
    gentleman on a bar stool says:



    • 7
      Deep Froat says:

      First only in Socialist terms…we call it fourth here in reality land.


    • 69
      rocknrolla says:

      So when is Cast-Iron going to do something about the fact that far left activists in government departments – from Westminster down to local councils – subsidise the Guardian by using it exclusively to recruit from? Not to mention the fact that this tends to mean public sector workers often holding the Guardian inspired anti-English, anti-freedom attitudes.


      • 81
        Dick the Prick says:

        It is starting, slowly I grant you, but being PM doesn’t mean you can just issue edicts. The power of senior officers, civil servants and other bureaucrats is quite significant and Gordon Brown sucked their cocks for 13 years so, give the spiv a chance.


  5. 5
    Deep Froat says:

    Indeed and if the GMG actually paid the proper amount of tax rather than indulging in legitimate but unethical (it’s own definition) tax avoidance scheme’s, then it would have been out of business years ago.

    Hypocrisy thy name is GMG. Oh and it’s also that celebrated fruit bat the Rt Hon Polly Toynbee, scion of nobility, chump(ion) on the shirking classes. The greeny tuscan villa owning hypocrite in chief. Seeing her humiliated on TV by Littlejohn was priceless! Happy times!


    • 127
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Only flaw in your argument is that to pay tax you need to make a profit and as the Grauniad always makes a loss there is no tax to pay.

      The Grauniad is kept afloat by the rapidly depleting funds from the tax free offshore based Scott trust. However, like all socialist ponzi schemes, the Grauniad will fail when it runs out of other peoples money and has to face capitalist monetary reality.


  6. 6
    ToffeeFan says:

    can he buy everton?


  7. 8
    National archive papers show Mrs Thatcher wasn't a greedy trougher like Blair and Brown says:

    Check out today’s news about the release of cabinet papers under the 30 year rule. They show Thatcher paid for some things at No10 herself and demanded that all departments kept spending on furnishings to a bare minimum. Contrast that with the disgusting troughing of Blair and Slotgob, and Brown and Magda, and Labour’s hundreds of thousands spent on things like Relaxation Lounges at departments. Can you imagine Tony Blair saying he’d pay for his own ironing board as she did?


    • 10
      P. Doff says:

      That’s how Maggie sorted out a lot of pressing problems!


    • 50
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      We will never know if Blair and is parasitic wife ever paid for anything as someone shredded his expenses by mistake. How convenient.


      • 72
        T Blair, multi-millionaire says:

        I would stop to help investigate the matter but some American banks are offering me $5m to help introduce them to a tyrant I befriended while in office. Good thing the British taxpayers provide my protection while my own complicated tax arrangements keep my payments to a minimum. It’s hard you know… Cherie just burnt through £400k on clothes on one shopping binge – third this week! – while I can’t walk down the street in England without people spitting on me.


      • 103
        Tracey from accounts says:

        For the last time, all blairs expenses will be on hard drive somewhere, the paper copie were jst the start of the process, everything would have been put onto a computerised system at some point.


    • 67
      Article 38 says:

      Funnily enough, on R4 Today the spin they put on this story is that Mrs T was being extravagant with the flat redecoration and felt obliged to pay for the ironing board as a gesture of contrition.

      The lying devious BBC bastards are quite single-minded and relentless, aren’t they?


    • 102
      BBC Editorial Desk says:

      Not interested…

      Of these papers, we will only be reporting that Howe wanted to cut the good people of Liverpool adrift and if you don’t like it you can fuck off.

      PS: All of those of you whose licenses expire tomorrow should get on with paying next year’s telly tax, IMMEDIATELY…that, or we’ll send the boys round.


    • 130
      It's a long way to Port Stanley says:

      Its the difference between a real political leader and someone who just wants a job where they get well paid, can network their mates/families into public money, make sure they have the best offers for ‘lobbying’ ‘consultancy’ ‘non-exec.directors’ when the time comes to leave Parliament after making decisions that no one can really hold them accountable for. And of course don’t forget the EU with its sinecures for elite. Utter shower of shits whether they are Team Milliband, Cast Iron Dave or that bunch of C_ntstruck tossers the LibDems


  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

    “no one ever got rich betting against rupert murdoch”… well except all those people with multi-million pound settlements from his newspapers after they sued him for the phone hacking


  9. 11
    Kieran E says:

    Yes, it is always the BBC’s fault; that argument never gets just as tired and annoying as ‘it is always the Murdoch’s fault’.


    • 71
      Archer Karcher says:

      If the BBC wasn’t so biased, dishonest and lazy, you might have a valid point. However it is as partisan as any privately owned news source, with the added disadvantage of forced funding. At least Murdoch will not try to send me to prison for not watching Sky.


  10. 12
    chinky bear keeper says:

    the left hate success … I mean, look at the last 2 leaders of the labour party!


  11. 13
    Robert Maxwell says:

    “No one ever got rich betting against Rupert Murdoch”

    You’re telling me.


    • 37
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      Many thanks for your financial advice.

      I was thinking of going short on Newscorp in the coming year but now I will not.

      I trust you are regulated by the FSA for giving financial advice.

      If you are not they will be down on you like a ton of bricks as soon as they finish their New year festivities


      • 68
        Mr. Jones says:

        Yes thank you, I’ve just re-balanced my entire portfolio in line with this unsolicited financial advice. I can’t find the (FSA) Reg number at the bottom of the site though. Nevermind! I’m sure you are completely above board Mr Fawkes


      • 88
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        If not a ton of bricks, then an equivalent volume of kapok. Or possibly swansdown.


  12. 14
    They're all the same says:

    Murdoch AND the Guardian are scum.

    Both pedal propaganda for profit.

    Sane dogs, different collars.


    • 25
      Dobby says:

      Sane? Are you mad?


    • 26
      will says:

      Murdoch exposure over here is limited. Whilst his newspapers make a loss his satellite operations BSB throw off cash. thats why he tried to take them over.

      The guardian it has become more of a lefty clique, based in london and is relying on Auto trader to prop them up. You should read some off the comment is free articles, its censorship is like pravda. Also they are increasingly getting more shrill in its articles and some of its commentators, do not belive life exists outside of the M25. especially if you look at its bike blog etc.


      • 38
        MB. says:

        “do not belive life exists outside of the M25. especially if you look at its bike blog etc.”

        Quite sad when you remember that it was the Manchester Guardian.


    • 40
      red/yellow/blue/establishment = all the fucking same cunts says:



  13. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Excellent story. Send it out to all the lefty papers and to the BBC.


  14. 19
    National archive papers show Mrs Thatcher wasn't a greedy trougher like Blair and Brown says:

    The then Welsh secretary wanted her to authorise a flatlet costing £26,000. She responded it was a good idea but “not (underlined twice) at that price.” She said she couldn’t believe it would cost £26,000 and told him to get other estimates! :-D

    I’m certain Bliar made sure an approved version of cabinet papers was stored so that we never discover the extent of his and Slotgob’s greed. Either that or in 2027 it’ll be revealed the papers were all mysteriously lost.


    • 77
      Archer Karcher says:

      The records regarding Bliar’s greed and mendacity, have long been shredded and destroyed.
      St. Tone of Truth shall forever stride the earth with his humble partner in avarice, Mary Slotgob, dispensing visionary pearls of wisdom ( for the usual fees ).


  15. 20
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The truth is not out there!


  16. 21
    National archive papers show Mrs Thatcher wasn't a greedy trougher like Blair and Brown says:

    Papers also show Geoffrey Howe disgracefully advised Thatcher to allow Liverpool go into “managed decline”. His advice was rejected.


    • 33
      will says:

      actually liverpool since the 60’s has been in managed decline. just look at house prices the average house price is 146K, in bootle its less than £100K.


    • 65
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      If you think Liverpool is such a great place to invest put your own money into it. Remind me again how much Blair invested in the Shires, as I remember all government spending went on his clients states in Scotland, Wales and the northern inner cities


      • 90
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        +++ STOP PRESS +++

        Liverpool was left unlocked by mistake last night and has completely disappeared.


  17. 23
    George Herbert, English poet and clergyman (1593-1633) says:

    Living well is the best revenge.


  18. 24
    What a plonker. says:

    I cannot wait until Rupert Murdoch takes his revenge on
    trash like Tom Watson and the other scum that tried to
    bring him down .It will be a joy to watch.


  19. 28
    william says:

    2012,Murdoch enfranchises the Newscorp non voters and hence ups the family’s economic interest,while still keeping quasi control,and comes back for BSkyB.


  20. 30
    Talking of karate, you should learn it to defend yourself against the violent brute you live with says:


    • 41
      say what you see says:

      You and your ‘husband’ are brownshits for sure. Fuck off you media whore. Learn some manners ffs! You don’t see Norma Major making an utter tit of herself as you so often do.

      Fuck off and have a miserable, depressing 2012.


    • 49
      Think of the kids, for pity's sake says:

      Mummy, Mummy, who’s that funny-smelling strange man in the corner picking his nose? And why is he sat on our rocking horse and talking to himself?


    • 133
      I don't need no doctor says:

      You know the truth Sarah. You can tweet all the crap in the world but it won’t make any difference. Your husband ruined our country. He even used you at one of the labour party conferences to save his skin. Shame on you!


    • 135
      Anders Britvic says:

      This was a lost opportunity for an upside down tweet. I was hoping for something along the lines of ‘After deep immersion head first in a barrel of shit I now feel at home in my husband’s company.’


    • 142
      D Pict says:

      Who sold the gold, Who sold the gold?

      Bungler Brown, the fatfaced clown.

      Guy Fawkes day should be replaced with Brown the Clown day

      Sun reader got the right idea as Guido Fawkes went into Parliament with honest intentions.


  21. 32
    Pilkington says:

    The Guardian is rubbish, it is going the way of The Indy with more padding and fluff than a pillow factory.


  22. 35
    NeverRed says:

    Great News for the New Year. The Guardian going broke and that fat troughing cow Toynbee will be gone. If only the bbc could go broke (come on Cameron, scrap the licence fee and sell off the bbc).


    • 43
      +1 says:

      Excellent idea, the proceeds could go towards piano wire and lampposts for all in Westminster and knocking a few billion off the national debt.


    • 45
      will says:

      Whilst the guardian is losing money, it does have autotrader which it can sell to its private equity partner or float. This is making money althought it has debt (which is being paid down). The question is given the internet how long before others copy its model and undercut it.

      The guardian sold off its regional newpapers and became solely london based.

      The observer has not been fully intergrated with the guardian and I am sure that rushberger with want to turn the guardian into a 7 day a week paper and ditch the observer.

      It would be interesting to find out how many interns are on the staff and paid ??, so it is getting free labour, which it despises. If you raise this on its comments pages when it talks about interns the post gets deleted.

      also the guardian could try a subscription model like the times, despite deriding it but that would result in less readers to its comments pages.


      • 52
        Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

        I hope the Grauniad does not cease it’s printed editions. What would I use for toilet paper ?


    • 54
      Iprintmyown businesscards says:

      Dave is doing all he can to help us.

      Getting rid of the Beeb now would save every household in the land 145.50 each year from net income.

      Dave should go downstairs into his office on New Years morning with a few civil servant types and draft the necessary legislation.

      That would be a real New years tonic for the millions of us who are suffering.


      • 126
        The Voice of sanity says:

        I have maintained this for years; scrap the BBC Poll Tax and:

        – Everyone gets a £145.50 tax break
        – Selling off BBC assets raises cash to clear Labour debt (BBC helped indirectly anyway)
        – One of the largest power users in the UK vanished and reduces emissions (if you believe in the CO2 crap – and fairies)
        – Plenty of brownfield land for housing
        – All the “talent” will be chasing fewer jobs so independent output will “improve” and costs reduced 9supply & demand)

        And best of all NO-ONE gets hurt.

        In all fairness the Beeboids and their families will not be happy, but since they have never given a shit about anyone else and their families, no-one will really give a shit about them.

        Do it Dave, while you are on a roll from flicking the digit at the EU loving left wankers, this would really piss them off.


  23. 42
    Polly says:

    But we are nicer people.


    • 55
      will says:

      But Polly the guardian has posted article after article excusing the rioters and none on the individuals burned out of thier home or people killed or businesses looted.

      It also never post a comment column on the recent deaths of young black men in london and the fact that the chap stabbed in oxford street was already on bail and known to the police. In fact if you google Andre Smaart-ford killed outside streatham ice rink you will find no one has been brought to trial for his murder.


    • 104
      BBC Editorial Desk says:

      …and more intelligent


  24. 47
    Incapable Vince says:

    I will exercise my nuclear option.

    This my 40th resignation threat of 2011. I will be aiming for a record 50 empty threats in 2012.


  25. 48
    Ah! Monika says:

    COUNCILS and Whitehall departments may start charging public sector trade unions for the cost of processing their members’ monthly subscriptions.
    Ministers claim that providing the current free service costs taxpayers £9million a year.

    Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said: “The cash wasted in collecting and administering union subs could be diverted towards protecting frontline services.”

    Ministers have already vowed to crack down on full-time union officials being paid out of the public purse.


  26. 53
    Ivor Tapeworm says:

    7/10 of Martin McGuinness’s clients get the job they want!


  27. 56
    Gordon Brown says:

    Ironing board.
    So what! I paid for a turkey baster FFS ( sic)


  28. 56
    Polly Feen says:


  29. 59
    Anonymous says:

    hum hum;NASDAQ:VIAB&cmptdms=0;0&q=NASDAQ:NWS&&fct=big

    Over 5yrs, NWS is down 18%, while Viacom and Disney, arguably the 2 closest competitors are up double digits….

    Also, $18 a share is what NWS was trading at in 1999… Better than newspaper companies, but hardly the wonderful performance Guido is hinting at.

    USA Today is the US’s number 1 paper, not the WSJ…

    Still, I agree that NWS has some great assets and is a pretty profitable enterprise – at this point though, it seems it would be much more so and more successful without the Murdochs.


    • 92

      Neither Viacom or Disney are in the newspaper business.

      You are also wrong about USA Today versus WSJ:

      USA TODAY lost 13.6% of its circulation and averaged 1.83 million. That extended a slump that began with a slowdown in travel during the recession, which trimmed sales in hotels and airports where USA TODAY is especially popular.

      USA TODAY’s decline last year allowed The Wall Street Journal to pass it as the newspaper with the biggest circulation. In Monday’s report, the Journal once again posted the only gain in circulation among the top 25 newspapers that had comparable figures from a year ago. It grew its circulation 0.5% to 2.09 million. The Journal counts online readers because it charges them a subscription fee to read its website, while most newspapers, such as USA TODAY, only count print subscriptions and newsstand sales.


      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        Fair enough – I didn’t have those facts.

        My main point though, is that NWS hasn’t had a great run – it’s no Apple. It’s outperformed the newspaper industry – but is that really surprising given much of its revenues is from subscription services rather than advertising? Still, you are right to say that financially it is a strong company – whether one wants to be a shareholder in NWS given that Murdoch seems to be losing his touch (myspace, $2bn plus write off on DJ/WSJ purchase etc…) is another question.


    • 108
      Uncle Rupe says:

      Just think how much I’d be making if I didn’t have my vanity-project fishwraps like the New York Post, which I originally bought only to spite the New York Times and their predictably lefty coverage, but which later got Bob Maxwell to buy the N.Y. Daily News to spite ME and proceed to dig himself even deeper in the hole. Sure, I lose a shitload of money on the fishwraps, but as Orson Welles said in Citizen Kane, I’ll be broke in a hundred years at this rate.

      And they’re so much fun!


  30. 61

    Maybe its just me but there isn’t a political party I admire at all.

    There isn’t a MSM publication I like unreservedly now either, although I have my favourite hacks still.

    There is not one corporate body that I feel I could trust further than I could chuck their boardroom table.

    Religion is out.

    For someone brought up to value loyalty, it makes a rather sparse world outside the circle of my immediate friends.

    Yet I know I am not the only person to feel like this…


  31. 63
    Is Liverpool moaning again? says:

    Has Liverpool been offeneded again?

    Fucking whinging free loading piss heads.


    • 131
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      They need another funeral. Then they can put their shell suits on, tell the press everyone is devastated and if the funeral is televised they might even get to be on telly.


  32. 73
    Fact says:

    A Fact. Liverpool is the UK’s most Crap town, Fact.


  33. 74
    Toxic Toxteth says:

    Gizza White Lightning and a roll up.


  34. 75
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    ‘The Liebour party has become too middle class and full of Oxbridge graduates like the two Eds’

    The Gurneyad


  35. 76
    Anonymouse says:


    Keep brown nosing like that and they will buy, perish the thought.


  36. 82
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    The Gurneyad is occasionally slightly amusing


  37. 87
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Just as the left could never deal with the fact that the Tories had the first WOMAN leader of the party let alone the first Prime Minister, so they can’t deal with the fact that Family Guy is on Fox.

    It just does not compute.


  38. 93
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    What a shock, once again the BBC run a ‘Labour party survey’ as their No1 story. No bias there then BBC.


  39. 96
    Penfold says:



  40. 98
    Woman of the year! says:


  41. 101
    Sally Bigcow says:

    New years resolution

    1. Don’t bring the office of the sp-e=aker into disrepute
    2. Get on the celebrity jungle show.
    3. Get a part in TOWIE
    4. Shag everyone on Twitter


    • 137
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      5. Don’t get drunk with your new pikey mates and wake up with your knickers round your ankles. Again.


  42. 115
    thick as thieves says:

    ‘No one ever got rich betting against Rupert Murdoch’

    Wrong, I knew buying Myspace would end in tears. The user exdous to Facebook was happening long before Murdoch came on the scene.


  43. 119
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The BBC has been disappointed to learn that in 1981 Mrs Thatcher did not propose turning Liverpool into a testing ground for Trident and Polaris missile systems.

    Futhermore, it is with deep regret that the BBC has not discovered that the Hon Member for Finchley considered proposals from Mr Philip Larkin to modify working class diets to include stewed grass.


    • 122
      will says:

      Meanwhile over at the guardian they are having a regular hate thatcher fest. Its a bit like a 1980 comedian Ben Elton who now has moved into obscurity


    • 134
      Hannibal from Carthage says:

      When in opposition Dave had some very interesting ideas about prison diets.

      Now would be an excellent time regurgitate and implement.


      • 146
        Poetry Corner says:

        “It came as a shock to Hannibal
        To be introduced to a cannibal
        Who expressed the very highest opinion
        Of cold, pickled carthaginian.”
        – E. C. Bentley


  44. 121
    Jimmy says:

    And still no column? The sheer ingratitude.


  45. 125
    Les Abbey says:

    Are you flashing your eyes at Murdoch again Guido? You will end up with a sore bum that way. Just ask your mate MacKenzie.


  46. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Well, the FT doesn’t agree with your analysis, see Lex 27 December :-

    “……It is a family company run by a patriarch. This year added a new risk, however: that the patriarch gives the appearance of not being in charge. Mr Murdoch and his media empire end 2011 much weaker than they began it.”

    You appear to be lost in a winterland of prejudice, resentment and poor intellect.

    Who will send you a kosher pizza ?


  47. 147
    Anonymous says:

    “No one ever got rich betting against Rupert Murdoch….”

    So you’d better all just do what he wants, got it?


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