December 30th, 2011

Labour’s Dugher Falsely Accuses Tories of Knighting Criminal

Michael Dugher fancies himself as Ed Miliband’s answer to Peter Mandelson. Guido thinks he is as slippery with his spin, but nowhere near as smart as the Dark Lord. Dugher has just emailed out a press release, Guido is ignoring the embargo because he wasn’t a recipient of this press release:

Date: 30 December 2011 17:13:57 GMT

Subject: EMBARGOED NEWS FROM LABOUR: David Cameron promised to clean up politics, but in office he has shown he is utterly out of touch with decent British people – Dugher

Responding to the New Year’s Honours List, Michael Dugher, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister said:

“David Cameron promised to clean up politics, but in office he has shown he is utterly out of touch with decent British people. He’s giving a knighthood to Paul Ruddock, who made millions from the collapse of Northern Rock and has given over half a million pounds to the Tories, and another to Gerald Ronson who was jailed for his part in a share-trading fraud.

“This tells you everything you need to know about the Tories’ priorities. At a time when millions of families are struggling to get by, it’s the Tories’ friends in the City who get the rewards.”


A bit rich you might think coming from the party that knighted RBS’s Fred Goodwin. Paul Ruddock has a gallery in the British Museum named after him and is chairman of the board of the V & A. He has given tens of millions to charity and is a well know philanthropist. So no surprise that he gets a well deserved knighthood.

Truly shocking that the Tories would give a knighthood to a convicted fraudster. Except they haven’t. Dugher has screwed up again…


  1. 1
    Labour says:

    We never lie!


    • 15
      Hattee haz piggee iii's says:

      I want to become an Earl so that with my OBE I will then be an Earlobe.


      • 59
        Thomas Binns says:

        Like most Westminster Village Inhabitants, Michael Dugher seems to think the electorate proles like me won’t remember that he served his No.10 spin apprenticeship under Damian McBride with other dark art students like Patrick Diamond, Justin Forsyth, John Woodcock, Michael Ellam, Simon Lewis, Balshan Izzet and Ian Bundred.

        All of the above are the cancer at the heart of the Labour Party and should never be taken at their word when talking for the good of the people.


        • 63
          Gerald Ronson says:

          Call for Carter F*ck! – I feel a Libel case coming on!!


          • robbie says:

            Ok- so its “only” a gong as opposed to a “K” but it seems somewhat strange that a government that is promoting a zero tolerance attitude to “fraud” (in the sense that a porter nicking a sandwich would be sacked) is also handing out public service awards to one of the most notorious fraudsters in British business history.

            So- the guy actually has a point that you’ve totally ignored GuidoF


          • robbie says:

            So its “only” a gong as opposed to a “K” but it seems somewhat strange that a government that is promoting a zero tolerance attitude to “fraud” (in the sense that a porter nicking a sandwich would be sacked) is also handing out public service awards to one of the most notorious fraudsters in British business history.

            So- the guy actually has a point.


          • Herontower says:

            Never mind the quality, feel the height!


        • 67
          Pretty Polly says:

          But socialists are nicer people and and more intelligent.


      • 109
        The wizz says:

        Do you know what the OBE stands for? No, it stands for Other B*s****s Efforts.


        • 180
          Dave Cameron = EU Stooge says:

          In other news, Cameron nails his EU colours to the mast once again in new years honours list are these gems.

          Dr Michael Leigh, Formerly dir general, Enlargement, European Commission, Brussels. For serv the enlargement of the Europe*an Union.

          Graham John Lloyd Avery, Formerly dir, Europe*an Commission, Brussels. For serv European affairs.

          Paul Edward Adamson, Editor-in-ch and Publisher, E!Sharp, Brussels. For serv promoting the European Union.

          Tamara Flanagan, dir of European and statutory funding, commty service volunteers, for serv voluntary and commty sector.

          Dr Deirdre Hughes, lead consult, Quality Assurance and Evidence Base at European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, for serv career guidance.


        • 222
          The Admiral says:

          Tell that to an SAS mate if mine. He’s an OBE. Go on, I dare you……


    • 36
      Socialists = Sociopaths says:

      Mendacity and hypocrisy – it’s in Liebour’s D-N-A.


      • 202
        Rog says:

        Luckily, the staunchly un-biased BBC will not be leading most of their news bulletins with this anti-Conservative drivel, straight from the honest as the day is long Labour party.

        Oh, er hang on…


    • 38
      Madness says:

      Thick lefty twat


    • 90
      Twat Watch says:

      Wot a Twat


    • 151

      I bet Guido is so pleased that people leave him off the embargo press releases.

      I mean, if he was hon the list he would have to honor it. These are the rules.

      Well technically they are. Unless you have signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) you could ignore an embargo but would never be sent advanced information again. However if you are not on the list in the first place…


      • 194
        MB. says:

        “Well technically they are. Unless you have signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) you could ignore an embargo but would never be sent advanced information again. However if you are not on the list in the first place…”

        What about all the newspapers etc that publicised Ronnie Corbett’s CBE yesterday? I presume they had all been given the Honours List with an embargo but someone leaked the CBE so they then used that as excuse to break the NDA on it.


    • 191
      spinning redtop says:



  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Lefties telling lies AGAIN?


  3. 3
    Labour says:

    We knighted Fred the Shred for services to banking.


  4. 4
    Athers says:

    Cash for peerages round 2…


  5. 5
    Hugh Janus says:

    ‘Liebore Nobody F*ucks Up Press Release’.

    What would they do to the country I wonder? Oh, hold on a mo……


  6. 6
    Edward Devoy says:

    Dugher has some need to talk, he is just another labour liar and is totally useless as an MP.
    Only thing I asked him to do approx three years ago, was to obtain for me, the running costs of Barnsley MBC district heating schemes, still waiting.
    Asked Mayor of Doncaster for same info, received it fortnight later.
    Labour leader of Barnsley MBC Steve Houghton won’t provide them even when the request is under the FOI Act. Another labour thief and liar.


    • 8
      Tobe Darling says:

      Calm down dear! As your glorious leader would say. And he would never employ a dodgy geezer would he? Just ask Andy Coulson.


  7. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ronson became known in the UK as one of the “Guinness Four” for his involvement in the Guinness share-trading fraud of the 1980s, along with Ernest Saunders and occasional business associates Jack Lyons and Anthony Parnes. He was convicted in August 1990 of one charge of conspiracy, two of false accounting, and one of theft, and was fined £5 million and given a one-year jail sentence, of which he served six months.

    So is ronson getting a Knighthood/peerage?


    • 19
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      In 2000 the Europe@n Court of Human Rights ruled that the 1990 trial had been unfair because there had been an improper collusion between the DTI inspectors and the prosecuting authorities.[4] A further app@al to the Court of Appe@l Criminal Division, that sought to have the Human Rights Act 1998 applied retrospectively, and claimed that the trial jury had been “nobbled”, failed in 2001.[5] A final appe@l to the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom) failed in 2002.[6]

      So is he getting an honour?


  8. 9
    Superman says:

    Was Ronson ever jailed and did Ruddick make millions out of Northern Rock? Guido doesn’t say.Giving millions away is easy when you have billions.What is the truth?


    • 207
      robbie says:

      Ronson served only part of his sentence in pretty comfortable surroundings i.e. He didn’t have to look around too much whilst bending to pick up the soap.


  9. 11
    Superman says:

    Thanks for half the answer Billy.


  10. 12

    Michael Dugher even LOOKS as stupid as Milliband.


  11. 13
    Anonymous says:

    He looks like a right prick.


    • 89
      Use a Pun, Go to "Gaol!", as I was taught to spell it says:

      Guido’s point is that, as far as this story, the lad looks a WRONG prick.

      (Pursuant to “Can’t remember my moniker’s” request of 29/12/2011, no 325 of Mandelson thread, no rimshots; apparently they trouble him. HE seems a right fellow, and so I shall oblige him, till he says something foolish.)

      *(Crickets chirping)*


  12. 14
    tony m says:

    Another lying commie Hunt


  13. 16
    chinky bear keeper says:

    you’ve got to admit … from the top man to the scummiest spinner – labours 100% screw up rate is awesome. You have to admire a failure rate that consistent.


  14. 20
    red/yellow/blue = establishment => all the fucking same cunts says:

    Give it time and Cameron will be doling out the ‘honours’ to all the wankers, spivs, fuckers and chancers he can.

    You think the Cons are immune to this shite?

    Dream on fat boy.


  15. 22
    Miranda Hart says:

    I am really unfunny, whoever gave me the BBC nod is a great mate!


  16. 25
    Mike says:

    ‘Truly shocking that the Tories would give a knighthood to a convicted fraudster. Except they haven’t.’

    Erm, that wasn’t what it said at all. Put your reading glasses and thinking cap on Guido, you need them.


  17. 26
    Anonymous says:

    So what’s the going rate for the libel settlement on something like this
    can’t see parliamentary privilege applying


  18. 27
    Superman says:

    Tories have always given honours for cash or accepted cash for honours. That Labour should do the same is the tragedy. Cameron is merely reverting to Conservative type. In my lifetime Tories from Profumo through Archer to Andy Coulson have been criminals.


    • 43
      Colonel Blimp. R.M. (retd.) says:

      The man who brazenly started selling honours was ……………………………….
      David Lloyd George, who was a LIBERAL!


    • 57
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      I really would check on the records of Wilson, Callaghan and Blair if I were you. The Eccleston case immediately springs to mind, as cash for laws really is the ultimate in corruption. The whiter-than-white party dealt with corruption in a socialist way. They nationalised it.


    • 61
      Centre Parting says:

      Profumo not a criminal – bit silly – then did the decent thing for the rest of his life.


    • 189
      Baroness Uddin says:

      Despicable & hateful Tories!

      Why do they give peerages to thives? Labour would never do this.


    • 218
      Mike Hunt says:

      Profumo devoted the rest of his life to charity, how does that make him a criminal?


    • 220
      The Pundit Two says:

      Profumo gave the rest of his life to charities and spent most of his wealth on such.
      In today’s world he was not a criminal only a sex starved man who made a stupid mistake. Superman should try living up to his name.
      The House of Lords is full of Labour incompetents. Give me certain types of criminal any day to incompetents – at least they have learning skills.


  19. 34
    Fabians are Evil says:

    This Michael Dugher fellow is a professional twat; for not only IS he a twat he actually practices his twatishness, and the art of twatery, every single day to ensure that he remains one of the biggest twats around.

    He truly is a dedicated TWAT!

    – Perhaps there is an honour for this? Perhaps the Royal order of the voters boot?


  20. 37
    David Miliband says:

    If you change your mind
    I’m the first in line
    Honey I’m still free
    Take a chance on me


  21. 39
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    • 42
      annette curton says:



    • 44
      ADHD Anonymous says:

      For the benefit of your health we would advise you step away from your keyboard.


    • 69
      will says:

      Polly is back spouting her usual diatribe to her followers. The question that is never asked is what would the opposition do !!!. Is a bit like the 10 minute hate for left wingers, and another article absolving individulas from the riots especially if black, you could not make it up


      • 78
        Pull retardEd's string and he says:

        The government are acting in a reckleth and irrethponthible manner. In a reckleth and irrethponthible manner, the government are acting.

        Too far, too fatht. Too far, too fatht.

        Mama! Ma-ma!


      • 163
        Cell time says:

        My 2 minute hate for left wingesr has certainly gone past the 10 minute stage, lifelong I am fairly confident.


    • 72
      Yawn says:

      Tomorrow’s Guardian – something no-one will read.

      Polly Toynbee’s opinion – something no-one cares about.


      • 83
        Only in the Graun says:

        The BBC seem to care about it quite a lot judging by the amount of BBC and R4 airtime the raddled old sow gets. Best of all we must pay to listen to her pearls of shit.


        • 185
          Terrible But True says:

          ‘Dugher has just emailed out a press release…

          Truly shocking that the Tories would give a knighthood to a convicted fraudster. Except they haven’t.’


          Or, maybe, just maybe, will go very quiet (after ditching or stealth editting what it had ready or up)


      • 85
        Only in the Graun says:

        The BBC seem to care about it quite a lot judging by the amount of BBC and R4 airtime the raddled old sow gets. Best of all we must pay to listen to her pe@rls of shit.


      • 111
        K D Jonson says:

        Polly Tonybee ran for the SDP in Lewisham West (I think, Colin Moynihan won it) in 1983. A friend of mine canvassed for her and was convinced she was going to win. Lost by a country mile so no one cared about her opinion then either. 1983 – those were the good old days.


  22. 49
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Guido. Let’s get this straight. Ronson is a convicted fraudster. Are you certain that Ronson is not in the NY Honours list?


  23. 50
    Tom Badwind says:

    Liebour – spinning faster than the large Hadron Collider.


    • 73
      Pull retardEd's string and he says:

      Too far, to fatht! Too far, too fatht!

      The government are acting in a reckleth and irresponthible manner.

      Mama! Ma-ma!

      Too far, to fatht! Too far, too fatht!

      Mama! Ma-ma!


  24. 52
    Old Grumpy says:

    Doesn’t that put Dugher in the way of a Libel Suit?


  25. 53
    Big Donna says:

    Come over here and give momma some sugar x x x


  26. 56
    Superman says:

    You mean Guido actually doesn’t know and he complains about spinning


    • 64
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      What Guido knows is that Ruddock is being ennobled and that Ruddock is not a convicted fraudster. So on that account Dugher is on the naughty step. What is not clear is whether Cameron has been impolitic enough to honour Ronson, in which case Dugher can wriggle free of getting Labour hauled through the libel courts. This sort of lack of attention to detail sometimes happens. I suspect neo-Guido.


  27. 60
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Oh fuck, I think I have cum a little.


  28. 65
    Well it's a thought says:

    If you hadn’t put this headline up,I wouldn’t have known this guy existed or really cared what he shoved out as the “truth” , I really still don’t care, but you have given him what he required PR, foolish or a good idea ?, time will tell.


  29. 84
    long snout says:

    Brown knighted Sir Fred!


  30. 87
    Guido's Stupid Fucking Automod says:

    I love P EAS
    You love PE AS
    We all love PEES
    Except Guido, who will not tolerate the mention of small, round, green legumes
    or the letters P E A in sequence in whatever context

    What it his nickname at school or something? Was he terribly bullied?


    • 93
      Claire Rayner's ghost says:

      I humbly suggest he was a c’unt at school and both deserved and continues to deserve opprobrium for that.


    • 97
      The Landlord's Welcome Wagon says:

      You must be new. “P” is banned, as is a certain grain commonly consumed in Asia, because too many people thought it was funny to claim that MP Diane Abbott reached a certain amount of avoirdupois having consumed only those food stuffs. As we all know, there was a certain amount of Red Stripe involved as well. (And while we are at it, do not make reference to the operation of a motorised vehicle with a certain five letter word beginning with “d”. As well, do not combine this word with a five letter word synonymous with “to consume a liquid.”)

      Glad we could be of help!


      • 103
        fuck off with your refund shit says:

        Of no help to me at all. The host appears to be suffering from an inferiority complex.


      • 105
        Guido's Stupid Fucking Automod says:

        Well fair enough, but the way the automod rules are coded (i.e. stupidly and simplisticly) means that you cannot use perfectly innocuous words like: –

        spe@ch, appe@r, pe@ce etc. etc. without rousing the ire of the mod bot.

        Why can’t it look for the complete word ‘pe@’ delimited by whitespace?

        Does Guido not have access to a coding person of sufficient skill to do this, one that understands how to employ Regular Expressions maybe?

        It’s piss poor and amateurish really for a blog of this stature.


  31. 88
    P.Mandevison, the Eminence Greasy says:

    How can anyone take this man seriously ? He’s a trades unionist and has a surname which is pronounced ‘Ducky’. ‘Nuff said.


  32. 92
    Tony Blair. says:

    Whre the fuck is my Sirship?


    • 94
      Call me Dave - windy miller, eco loon, trougher, europhile and closet socialist says:

      Wait until things quieten down a bit and it’s in the post m8!


    • 96
      Lord Taylor of Warwick says:

      Go for a Lordship Tone, it comes with full expenses. You of all people will appreciate that.


  33. 95
    Ivor Biggun says:

    Is there anybody in Labour who isn’t a complete c unt?


    • 99
      Harriet Harman says:

      My cυnt is not complete.


    • 114
      red/yellow/blue = establishment => all the fucking same cunts says:

      The same question can reasonably be asked of the Cons or indeed any other fucking wanker in Westminster.

      The whole lot deserve to be shot.


  34. 98
    zenbadger says:

    Rowenna Davis just repeated this on Sky News – or at least I think she did, she had a rather fetching blue top on.


  35. 101
    Bonzodog says:



  36. 108
    • 110
      Only in the Graun says:

      Maybe they got the same press release and assumed it must be true.


      • 112
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Guidos headline has changed from “hounering a convict” to ” knighting a convict”

        I have to admit this is a weak and non-story.


        same thing


      • 124
        Joss Sayin says:

        Guido’s headline has changed? Surely not!

        At least the dead tree press ‘sticks’ to their stories the next day…


    • 116
      Get out of that you twat says:

      “Controversial property entrepreneur Gerald Ronson is among the other City figures singled out for his services to charity. Ronson, who receives a CBE, was jailed as one of the ‘Guinness Four’ in the 1980s.”


    • 142
      'Tis The Season For Charity, After All says:

      To be charitable, what Dugher meant to say was that two gentlemen who, in his humble opinion, are dodgy, are receiving Honours; Ruddock gets a “Sir,” and Ronson gets an Honour too. Except that’s not the way it’s written, and he screwed up his own press release, if indeed he had anything to do with it personally. My suspicion is that it was some unpaid intern writing the copy, a product of the British educational system, who cannot get the syntax of a sentence correct. That, or (s)he is steamed about having to stay in London and work through the Christmas New Year’s week, and…”OOPS, did I say that?”


      • 221
        The Pundit Two says:

        Good Grief!
        Are the BBC or the Liebor Party (same thing really) sending in apologies for Dugher under a Charity banner?


  37. 113
    eastender says:

    Oh dear some rich tories friends of Guido get done over by the Daily Mail, must be all Labour’s fault, Michael Dugher, Ed Milliband, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair its all their fault. Couldnt happen to nicer people


    • 118
      the clock is ticking! says:

      Watch out, nellwillbeontoyousoon!

      Politicians, SpAds, ChAvs, spinners, other assorted undesirables and their followers deserve everything they fucking get come crunch time!


    • 126
      Your state education cost us £120,000 says:

      Well you managed to get one possessive apostrophe correct. That’s something, I suppose.


  38. 117
    Anonymous no. 831 says:

    Dugher is officially a “Shadow Minister without Portfolio” (which itself seems like an “honour,” if you will, in the sense that there’s no actual Ministry he has to devote his attention to), and can devote his full attention to whispering in the ear of the Shadow Premier what a wonderful job he thinks Ed is doing, and to keep it up, as they have the Tories on the run.

    In other words, he’s as useful as teats on a bull.


  39. 120
    Diane Abbott says:

    I love Rιce and Pεas when the Prιce is right.


  40. 122
  41. 127
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Most of the people who get a knighthood from any government of any colour are crooks.


  42. 129
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Here’s a laugh:

    ‘We will shortly begin to compile our list of people whose names might be put forward to 10 Downing Street as possible recipients of a national honour in the New Year 2012 Honours list. I am seeking fresh citations from the heads of all HEFCE-funded higher education institutions for this purpose.

    ‘Recognising the contribution of people working in higher education is extremely important. We would therefore like you to put forward recommendations for your colleagues, undoubtedly among the best in their field, from all areas of the sector including research, scholarship, and teaching.

    ‘The Secretary of State is keen to promote more grass-roots candidates so we would like to encourage nominations at all levels within institutions, particularly administrative staff in manual, clerical or other support roles, who have made an outstanding contribution and had a positive impact on both students and colleagues.

    ‘We would especially welcome nominations for female candidates, particularly those at senior level, and for ethnic minority candidates as these groups are generally under-represented in the nominations received.’


  43. 132
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Who cares what those lying Huhnes say, it’s all total bollocks and they deserve nothing but contempt from every hard working Englishman that works his socks off to keep his family going.

    Brown, Blair, B*lls – fuck the lot off and give me my country back, the one my grandpa fought and died for. You complete bunch of twats, my children deserve better than the shite you have lumbered us with.


  44. 134
    Tom Badwind says:



  45. 137
    lol says:

    “This tells you everything you need to know about the Tories’ priorities. At a time when millions of families are struggling to get by, it’s the Tories’ friends in the City who get the rewards.”

    He’s not wrong!


  46. 140
    #ManyTweetsMakeATwat says:

    Billy! Did you watch ITV2’s #TwatsOfTheYear?

    Were you or your hero on it?


  47. 141
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face, any fucker who still believes or votes for the status quo is either rich and thick or poor and brain-dead.

    Makes no odds, unless we English buck up our ideas and grow a fucking pair to stop this fine country doing to the dogs, we only have ourselves to blame.


    • 145
      Status Quo says:

      The UK public have believed in and voted for us for nigh onto 50 years.


    • 146
      anon says:

      It’s already too late. Thank fuck I have no dependents / kids / other. It’s going to be nasty.


      • 157
        'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

        Well lucky you, some of us care more about our country’s future with or without ‘dependents’, you fucking twat. It’s mongs like you that could not care less that are the problem and the sooner you descend into oblivion then so much the better.

        Good Lord! Gigondas does it again..


        • 161
          anon says:

          You’re right! I couldn’t care less, I prefer not to be responsible for bringing some poor soul(s) in to this screwed up world.

          Oblivion? Westminster has assured everyone of that – including you! Be honest now, you couldn’t change a thing even if you wanted to.



          • 'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

            Well if you couldn’t care less then why are you arguing about it? Just fuck off, very simple.

            Jumped over any puddles recently?


          • anon says:

            I am not arguing, just stating a position.

            Why so defensive?


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


            Freedom means the freedom to choose, not everyone chooses the same way.

            Unless the Socialists get it right THIS time?


  48. 143
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    Where’s my honour for services to my political party ?


  49. 149
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Fear is where the left want people to go.


  50. 150
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    • 153
      wibble says:

      Oooooooooooh, thanks Billy! I would never have known where to read up about it if it wasn’t for you!

      You are my hero!


  51. 152
    Dave C says:

    I’ll be honouring my, soon to be called to the witness box, mate Andy Coulson too before long!


  52. 154
    b345t of hartlepool says:

    Ronnie Corbett got a CBE
    The short arsed t wa t


  53. 155
    Nuff Said #legend says:


  54. 156
    Iain`s Dale says:

    I am shocked!


  55. 158
    BBC Spokesman says:

    So we, I mean, The Labour Party have fucked up again.

    We will report it as the truth anyway – he gave money to the Tories so we will tell everyone that he is a baby-eating bastard.


  56. 159
    Basil Brush says:

    She offered her honour,
    He honoured her offer,
    And all night long it was honour and offer.

    Boom, Boom!


  57. 164
    Sirrah To You Too says:

    Time this crappy system of knighthoods was scrapped. They are pointless and over politicised.


  58. 167
    coming to a knocking shop near you says:

    The Maldives government has ordered all spas in resorts to be closed after protests by an Islamist party which claimed they were being used as a front for prostitution.

    The tourism ministry told all resort hotels across the islands to shut their spas and health centres with immediate effect.


  59. 168
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Labour say “Crime doesn’t pay” Cameron proves it does !
    ask Andy Coulson !


  60. 170
    Timmytour says:

    Unfortunately, Guido’s lack of explanation concerning WHY he’s wrong leaves a lot to be desired. If it’s simply a case of getting the extent of the award wrong, rather than the fact that an award is being given in the first place, then Guido’s arguments are nothing more than pedantic and pretty much irrelevant.

    I hope this is not the case, but it seems that Guido is trying to make a point rather than produce a genuine real life cock up. If it is the case then he trivialises his whole raison d’etre. I hope this is not so….in which case further elaboration seems necessary


  61. 172
    Gooey Blob says:

    Ah, the knighting of Fred-the-Shred. Labour were absolutely clueless in matters financial, as they have often been.

    They really screwed things up with their lack of legislation and move from RPI to CPI. Their next leader needs to admit to their mistakes. He (or she) also needs to be unassociated with the previous geovernment.


  62. 179
    True Tory says:

    The Honours “system” is not fit for purpose irrespective of party politics.

    We have a dodgy CBE holder in my neck of the woods. All he has done is financially sponsor the hopeless Tory MP and the bent local Tory District Councillor.

    The CBE holder lives 9 months pa in Cayman.

    Enough said?


  63. 181
    Cressida's Dick says:

    We*apons grade hypocrisy from Liebour yet again. They still don’t get it. Was it sensible for slimy Dave to honour Ronson & Ruddock? Of course not, stupid twat. But we’ve come to expect it from this blue socialist, ‘I’ll cle*an up politics’, ye*ah right Dave.

    And you can shut it Millimong. Sir Fred Goodwin ring any bells?

    Utter wankers the lot of you.


  64. 182
    albacore says:

    An honour bestowed by whichever component of the LibLabCon triad is fronting the scam for the time being?
    Wouldn’t you be proud!


  65. 183
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Gosh – hold the front page! 23 odd lefty twats (probably professional Pilgrims) write to the BBC to have a pop at Jeremy Clarkson – god the lefty twats that feign their PC outrage make me want to vomit.


  66. 184
    A. Pierrepoint says:

    Unfortunately the party that made a Tub of Lard a Lord, and ennobled or rewarded thieving and incompetent trash of every colour and sex (?) e.g. “Baroness” Uddin, is hardly in a position to throw stones in a greenhouse.


  67. 188
    Guinness Drinker says:

    Guido is right that Gerald Ronson was not knighted and Dugher is wrong to say that he has been. However, Ronson has been made a CBE.

    The Guardian online coverage of the New Year Honours confuses knights bachelor and KBEs several times.


  68. 192
    Rinka Scott says:

    Ruddock was and remains the ugliest centre half I have ever seen.

    He made Jack Charlton look cultured.

    I have always said being able to serve your fellow citizen is a unique honour and reward in itself.

    Additional honours have no place in a true meritocracy. The honours system is a complete waste of time space and taxpayers money.

    The next manifesto is going to have ‘No honours ‘ plastered all over it.

    Trying to get hold of Pickles to stress the point but he is n/a probably out emptying a few bins I suspect.

    When he gets back though he is going to have a bit of my mind. He should have been spending Chrimbo finding some real jobs for the 2.5m unemployed and finishing his paper about exiting ther Euro.

    Instead he spends his time messing about with Honours Lists.

    If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.


  69. 193
    Iprintmyown businesscards says:

    To insinuate that Dave is only leading us to to a better economic future and greater social cohesion as a result of money supplied by a few rich men is wrong .

    Dave should insist upon a full retraction and public apology (plus a contribution to the overseas aid budget).

    If he does not get this within 24 hours he should be straight down to those Law Courts and get a Judge to grant an injunction.


  70. 198
    The Doddering Old Fart says:

    Did you hear the one about the politician who told the truth?
    Or the one about the politician who thought the term ‘Lying Bastard’ was a compliment. I remember Wilson well and his mac. It was said he was paid by the Russians. Where does this country find em. I ask you. Lies have become truth and truth has become lies.


  71. 201
    50 Calibre says:

    Michael Dugher, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, was interviewed on Sky News this morning. He was utterly pathetic and was totally unable to give any reasonable justification as to why he had targeted one particular award and by implication most of the others. He must have repeated his ‘strap line’ at least 10 times. Boring, boring, boring.

    My sympathy goes out to those represented by this twerp in the mother of all parliaments, even though some of them voted for him…


  72. 205
    Rustigjongens says:

    As an avid Dutch spectator of the sport that is British politics, I loved the latest own goal by the amateur team masquerading as the official opposition.

    I used to laugh that our former leader looked like Harry Potter once he had reached middle age, then I was introduced to this strange geeky looking person called Milliband who must be a dead ringer for Wallace from Wallace and Gromit fame!.

    Anyway I digress, this politician called Dugher is an anagram for Her Red, which is clearly some sort of subliminal message that the labour party are trying to get across?

    Due to the fact I am posting this from my local coffeshop, I apologise for what I guess is an inconherent post!


  73. 209
    robbie says:

    Only surprised that Jim Devine didn’t get Order of the Thistle


  74. 212
    T'Peer Landlord's Omen says:

    A bit rich you might think coming from the party that knighted RBS’s Fred Goodwin.

    Cough cough


  75. 215
    Andrew says:

    Neither Ronson nor Master Preddie should be given so much as the BEM 5th class. I don’t care if other convicted persons have been gonged before – it is just plain wrong.


  76. 223
    M says:

    Pot , kettle , black , I’ll leave the rest to others


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