December 29th, 2011

UN Flies Flag at Half Mast for Dear Leader


  1. 1
    Mike Lewis says:

    What an organisation.
    I was particularly moved to laughter by that intrepid defender of freedom,John Simpson, of the British Bullshit Corporation, when commenting on this bastard’s funeral,remarking on how well choreographed it all was.
    What does he think will happen when our own monarchical totem dies?
    Dancing in the streets?
    You will see real bottom licking choreography that day Simpson:light years ahead of anything these idiots have produced.

  2. 2
    Jimmy says:

    It’ll be like this when Thatcher goes.

  3. 3
    Stiffy says:

    But what is worse, choreographed grief under threat of the State, or real outpourings from the emotionally stunted?

    Those poor bast*rds in North Korea have to go OTT in order to curry favour with the military, and continue to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table.

    Yet the zombified horde that took to the streets when Di kicked (or hit) the bucket had no such obligation, just some psychotic, emotional attachment to a person of little significance and even less involvement in their own sad, little lives.

    Yet today the British media see fit to take the p*ss out of a military dictatorship, laughing with bemusment at the choreographed street scenes, without in anyway recalling the lemmings that still, to this day, worship an anorexic clothes horse.

    And those supposedly partial, teary-eyed newscasters even now make me feel embarrassed to be British!

  4. 4
    Number 7 says:

    Probably something to do with Keith Moon’s cousin Bankey.

  5. 5
    Time for UN to be broken up... says:

    How much do we pay into it?

  6. 6
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    LADY Thatcher!!!!!!

    You dirt box

  7. 7
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    Well said
    i still recall sitting in a mates restaurant on the morning of her funeral (we were coked up and pissed) some fuccking idiot turned up at a local in a blazer memorial and lit a candle before kneeling and saying a prayer, this was about 6am
    In her favour I bet she was a better f uck than Kim , as she liked dark meat she would have probably fucked him as well just to get him to abandon his landmines
    the filthy slag

  8. 8
    Plantagenet says:

    +1 horrendous statue at Harrod’s…

  9. 9
    Nuts... says:

    the ‘Capital Master Plan': the $1.9 billion project to refurbish the UN Secretariat building.

  10. 10
    We print money, the C do not.. says:

    Chinese pay $74m…. We pay $155m.

    For 2011.

    Wonder what we could with a $81m saving.

  11. 11
    The BBC ..WE make the news that the British public watches says:

    No comment by BBC in its broadcasts about that other pariah state Iran and its plans to block the Straits of Hormuz and the US naval response .The State Broadcaster is l rattling on about what to do if you’ve “overspent” this Xmas and their own “Dear Leader’s” prospects of leading the nation to a “golden age” in the New Year

  12. 12
    Get it right laddie .....!!!! says:

    When you’re talking about the nearest this country’s ever got to our own “Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander”….IT’S The Right Honourable Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, KG, OM, PC, FRS…to you..

  13. 13
    Sir Minge Campbells says:

    Fucking useless UN cu’nts, its a huge pity OBL didnt manage to put togather another crew of heroes to fly into the building on that glorious day in 2001

  14. 14
    Tinfoil Hat Wearer says:

    Those black helicopters don’t come cheap y’know.

  15. 15
  16. 16
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    Rusty bullet hole dave would giveit to the chinese in aid

  17. 17
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    They are dyson with deatrh

  18. 18
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    UN probably organised it

  19. 19

    I got my donkey jacket from Kim Il Jong.

  20. 20

    Trying to put some sort of fig leaf together for this seemingly bizarre and untasteful action, could it be a mark of respect for existing heads of member nations? Every member state must be treated the same?

  21. 21
    President of Belgium with beastly habits says:

    The Persians have some rather nifty carrier killing supersonic missiles plus they dont give a fuc k
    Interesting scenario

  22. 22
    Billy Bowden is the biggest cunt ever ! says:

    I saw the tag Twat Watch and new I had to comment!

  23. 23
    The UN = World Communism says:

    The commie UN is merely showing fraternal respect to one of their communist comrades.

    “At the start of Thursday afternoon’s meeting, Assembly President Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser told diplomats it was his “sad duty” to report that Kim died on Saturday.

    He asked North Korea’s ambassador “to convey condolences” to his country’s government and people and then invited diplomats “to stand and observe a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the late leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

    Kim family myths renew with a roar in N. Korea
    Video: U.S. concerned about North Korea military posturing

    All diplomats then rose, and North Korea’s Ambassador Sin Son Ho and several others bowed their heads.

    Al-Nasser said North Korea’s U.N. Mission asked for the General Assembly tribute, which is customary for leaders who die in office.

    U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro went to North Korea’s U.N. Mission on Tuesday and signed the condolence book for Kim on behalf of the United Nations system.”

  24. 24
    the beast of north korea says:

    we saw you cumming

  25. 25
    nellnewman says:


    And our very own fan of the Dear Leader militwit is launching his new soundbites for 2012.

    ‘There are choices to be made’ – all of his however involve spending lots of money

    ‘counsel of despair’ – militwit is here to save us from this.

    ‘cuts and job losses are not the answer’ – at least not that 710000 government non jobs & 200000 taxpayer funded pilgrims that he thinks will vote for him.

    I don’t think 2012 is going to be any kinder to him than 2011 was.

  26. 26
    MB. says:

    It is what you get when you get blind following of the rules, presumably the UN only put the flag at half-mast for current heads of state. Rather like Éamon de Valera signing the book of condolence for Adolph Hitler because he was a head of state.

  27. 27
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:


  28. 28
    Well it's a thought says:

    Like anywhere, he who shouts the loudest grabs the attention of the idiots, it just proves it works with countries and the corrupt people pretending they are working for world “peace”, so no change.

  29. 29
    Henry Kissinger says:

    The UN is my oeuvre.

  30. 30
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Well we do want some action for our 50 million per day, otherwise we’d be paying all that money for nothing!

    Though to be fair I would undercut them and decree that we had to use less powerful vacuum cleaners for, say, 50 million a week.

  31. 31
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The nearest we ever got to to our own “ever-Victorious, Iron-willed Commander was when the Election-Dodging, Bust-and-Busting, Nokia-Throwing, Lord of Misrule. Sage of Kirkcaldy was in power, but not in office.

  32. 32
    Mike Hunt says:

    FFS, what a bunch of Wankers, had to check the date first but then I saw it was old news.

    Lower power means you have it on for longer – how does that save electricity?

  33. 33
    Observer says:

    When a flag is to be flown “at half-mast”, it is actually meant to be only a third of the way down the pole and not literally halfway down. Looking at the picture, and trying to take perspective into account, I think that the UN flag-flyer has taken the term too literally.

    That is a technical point, leaving aside the question of whether the flag should be flown at half-mast for the Dear Leader at all.

  34. 34
    Jeronimo says:

    Tell me dear boy, who is the worse, the slag as you would call them or those that use the slag, you can not condemn one without the other

  35. 35
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    How do we know that the crowds hadn’t turned up to make sure the bastard was dead and there was a national out-pouring of relief?

  36. 36
    Southern Softy says:

    Why ruin a new year? Saturday would be great for me.
    And don’t forget to invite Piers.

  37. 37
    Iprintmyown businesscards says:

    Well done Guido for bringing this to our attention.

    Cameron has been caught with his eye of the ball yet again.

    Being a good PR chappie however I am confident that he is working on a Press interview in which he will say how appauled/shocked/ amazed he is by this news.

    He will go on to explain that the news has completely ruined his Chrimbo after he had managed to reconcile himself to the fact that yet again he could not get up on his horse to dismember a poor defenceless fox.

    That NATO veto isn’t just for Christmas.

  38. 38
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    And what makes you surmise that the Carriers will get into range? Even the septics aren’t that incompetent.

  39. 39
    A proper right winger! says:

    You are a sad little blighter! “Coked up” and proud of your pathetic habit.. your no better than any other addict whose mind is addled and broken. Get a grip and get off the habit and start thinking before you post rubbish.

  40. 40
    smoggie says:

    She might outlive us all.

  41. 41
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Oh yeth !! He wath my inthpiwathion !

  42. 42
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    Thanks for enlightening me. Up until a few moments ago I thought it was Broon and the Labour party that had created mini-soviets in Scotland and the North.

  43. 43
    Grumpy Old Man says:


  44. 44
    Mike Hunt says:

    Always amusing to read the liebour astroturfers saying how wonderful it would be if only we still had a liebour government.

    All those corn fields and ballet in the evening……

  45. 45
    Range Rover a Tata product says:

    The BBC on Top Gear in that India thing they , the big flag on the Rolls Royce, the disunited kingdoms , Union Jack was flown upside down, now that’s not a technical point but a disgrace from the unbiased lefts mouthpiece.

  46. 46
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    de Valera signed the book because Hitler was anti-British. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc. When you look at the way that Irishmen who fought against Hitler were treated post-war, de Valera’s action could have been more than blindly following the rules.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Haha, Jimmy’s never forgiven Mrs T for rescuing the nation from the socialist squalor he and his mates had planned for us all.

  48. 48
    A proper right winger! says:

    You should have your DNA sampled and tested… no such thing as a pure blood! You inherit DNA from both parents and the sequences are well known, the whole world population is divided into known tribes.. No such thing as the English tribe! Your could be in for a shock … It always amuses me to see the look on a racists face when he finds his maternal DNA is Asian…

  49. 49
    Gary Glitter says:

    I’m the leader of the gang, I am

  50. 50
    JH says:

    Or for defending our sovereign territory. Letting the Falklands go would have ameliorated – for a few hours at least – the self loathing lefties have festering at their core, extrapolated to hating their country, its history, its culture and in particular its indigenous population.

    Quick Jimmy! Open up your standard issue CTRL-C CTRL-V list with reasons why there is no such thing as an ‘indigenous population’, unless of course you are sucking up to some backward noble tribe somewhere that are on the very cusp of learning alternatives to wiping their arses with their hands.

  51. 51
    I couldn't possibly comment says:

    Scotland’s biggest horse mussel bed and a “faceless and brainless” fish were recorded during government-backed surveys this year.

  52. 52
  53. 53
    A poofter says:

    It seemed like an obvious choice to destroy, surely they could ahve rustled up another 6 martyrs to smash that bunch of zioslave fucks?

  54. 54
  55. 55
    albacore says:

    Ah, I get it now.
    Our governments have been prudently improving the purity of the stock (without worrying us poor, dumb, low-grade “English” mongrels with any say in the matter).
    Now, where did I hear that idea before, I wonder?

  56. 56

    Very very short range those missiles. And about as accurate as a catapult.
    Still.. best to be careful. A quick flattening by B-52 with mountain toppling bombs and a few flights of radar seeking missile F-15s patrolling above should keep the missiles in the bunkers.

    Remember Saddam’s feared airforce? Top notch,1st class fighters.
    Never flew a sortie. His power was in having those weapons to threaten his neighbours. Didn’t want to lose the lot to the coalition forces.

    Maybe Iran kept them? Not that they’ll do them much good either.

    Roadside devices are the way. Let the Yanks invade and then blow the place up for ten years and eventually they’ll go away.

  57. 57
    Raving Loon says:

    North Korea and Iran are both pursuing nuclear weapons
    North Korea and Iran are both guilty of severe human rights violations
    North Korea and Iran are both tyrannies

    Yet, the UK and US are only likely to attack Iran because they have oil, and North Korea will actually put up a fight.

  58. 58
    marcmarc says:

    Well said Fred.

  59. 59
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    wiping their arses with their hands.

    I always use the Labour manifesto….Soft, Mong and very, very wrong

  60. 60
    a doctor writes says:

    You’re obsessed you daft old bat.

  61. 61
    Point of order says:

    Complain to Clarkson then. The Beeb do not make this prog, merely buy it in.

  62. 62
    Point of order says:

    Footballers were they?

  63. 63
    Racist Bollox watch says:

    Those bastard Mudbloods eh Albacore !

  64. 64
    A proper right winger! says:

    Government couldn’t organize a crap in a shit house… idea that it can or needs to control ethnicity is best left to the conspiracy junkies. People move across frontiers for economic and social reasons. You want closed frontiers go to N Korea I’m sure they’ll welcome you and you should feel right at home.

  65. 65
    Dobby says:

    I’m a bit of fan of Simpson but his recent Radio 4 stuff was crap. As if I couldn’t work it out he told us that the new leader’s uncle was married to his aunt. Really?

  66. 66
    albacore says:

    Economic or social reasons, eh?
    So governments have been accidentally enticing immigrants here with endless goodies and open doors and, poor dears, had not the teeniest intimation of what the result would be?

  67. 67
    MrAngry61 says:

    The SS-N-27 has a 300KM range & can be air launched. The US has stopped commissioning carriers as they have no way to counter it atm.

  68. 68
    All politicians are CUNTS says:

    See above.

  69. 69
    Order of the Day from Northwood ?Secure the i-pods says:

    If Iran carry out their threat to block the Straits of Hormux to all shipping then you might well be right as the USA stated publicly yesterday that such an action will not be allowed to stand and that the consequencies for Iran will be “very grave” indeed.

  70. 70
    Henry Kissinger says:

    The Yanks have their own roadside devices. They’re called McDonalds.

  71. 71
    Dobby says:

    I caught some of the prog. Is Clarkson supposed to be funny (comical) or just a tit? I had to turn it off it was so shit.

  72. 72
    Shire Tory says:

    Almost as bad as the Free State sending condolences to Germany when Hitler did the right thing!

  73. 73
    Shire Tory says:

    Union Flag thank you, it’s only a Jack when flown from the Jackstaff of a RN vessel, bloody annoys me, people do it all the time!

  74. 74
    I Remember You Hoo says:

    When government adopts as a core policy, mass uncontrolled immigration, with the sole objective of “rubbing their ( British ) faces in it”. One is bound to enquire, just who the actual racist’ are.

  75. 75
    Dobby says:

    What about Kinnochio and Balls?

  76. 76
    Mike Lewis says:

    good stuff stiffy

  77. 77
    say what you see says:


  78. 78
    the beast of north korea says:

    True enough
    Without the sheep shaggers and haggis buggering types there would have been no British empire
    When you need to steal a country you really need some Celts and Ghurkas along for the ride

  79. 79
    30p978vc says:

    Oh dear, if you started worrying about more important things you might feel better.

  80. 80
    Willsteed says:

    It is precisely that, and Havel did not die whilst in office.

    Simple, it’s a non-story.

  81. 81
    Dobby says:

    Is the World getting smaller? Can someone from “Persia” steal past America’s front door? (or maybe even go round the back way or maybe lob a stone through the window).

  82. 82
    Anonymous says:

    I certainly pray every day that the cυnt lives long enough to be arrested, tortured, and executed for her crimes. Along with the rest of the liblabcons.

  83. 83
    Southern arrogance says:

    Tower Hamlets , is that in Scotland or The North ?

  84. 84
    Dobby says:

    What does 6.00 am mean?

  85. 85
    the beast of north korea says:

    The ghost of steve jobs launches a Mac attack and the whole of Persia dies of a heart attack and liver failure

  86. 86
    Thinking about English Liberation says:

    Sick, Sick, Sick and very annoying when you think how the UN is onlky kept going by Western money. When are these “leaders” going to start living in the real world!

  87. 87
    The "Angry Aberdonian" says:

    Well the skies in Scotland have certainly been weeping since he died.

    So if flying a flag at half mast means I can go for my shopping without getting soaked to the skin – then I’m all for it!

  88. 88
    I dont rememember You Hoo ( Piers Morgan Cover Version) says:

    There is a clear difference between uncontrolled immigration and a belief in Racial purity.

  89. 89
    Rick the Roman says:

    You really are a nasty piece of work.

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought it crap. Normally I find them very funny but the Indian one was shit.

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t Harman’s wife known as Union Jack? Commissar Jones of the Spanish Civil War was.

  92. 92
    fuck the liblabcons says:

    Time to leave the UN.

  93. 93
    axe the telly tax says:

    Tired old men flogging a tired old format.

  94. 94
    Homer says:

    Doh !

  95. 95
    ooh Betty! says:


  96. 96
    Sungei Patani says:

    What a very unpleasant fellow you are. To whom do you pray, a God who is perverted as yourself?

  97. 97
    Dobby says:

    According to some South Americans, the US of A is exporting cancer giving material to left wing politicians. Can this be so, would Uncle Sam stoop so low?

  98. 98
    Phil The Greek says:

    What the fuck did we expect from this bunch of red wankers who only want to know the west when there’s money in it for them.

  99. 99
    Colonel Blimp RM (retd) says:

    …and only when said R.N. vessel is at anchor, or alongside in harbour!

  100. 100
    The White Aryan. says:

    Racial purity is good: miscegenation is evel.

  101. 101
    The White Aryan. says:

    or EVIL, even!

  102. 102
    Chalcedon says:

    They may be crying on the outside in Pyongyang, no doubt those outside of the capital are cheering, but hey, they have a new Emperor and more of the same austerity, starvation and just plain evil. Pity they can’t take a look at South Korea and the much taller South Koreans. That said, Kim Jong Un is a fat bastard and the starvig masses will not miss that!

  103. 103
    Chalcedon says:

    Damn right. Well said!

  104. 104
    Jimmy says:

    Don’t be silly. If it hadn’t been for the incompetence of her administration the invasion wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Everyone knows that.

  105. 105
    Apathy Rising says:

    The EU is enabling countries in Europe to have the North Korean experience themselves.

  106. 106
    JH says:

    Sorry Jimmy. Saying ‘Everybody knows that’ just does not serve as a replacement for cogent argument any more.

    The leftist, cultural Marxist spell the country has been under for about 20 years now is finally wearing off.

    It’s going to be hard for you – bless.

  107. 107
    Abraham Simpson says:

    Idiots also think that they are Buckingham Palace!

  108. 108
    Jimmy says:

    You’re quite right. I should have been clearer.

    Everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that.


  109. 109

    Dobby, fully agree the Top Gear India special was utter crap! Normally find the specials very entertaining, like last year’s Vietnam trip, but this year’s offering was very poor. I , too, switched over to watch the Tommy Cooper programme on Channel 4. Far more laughs in that, even though the programme showed a darker side to the comedian.

  110. 110
    Timbo says:

    Please just pause for a moment. The universally recognised North Korean Head of State, odious as he may have been, gets the same ‘respect’ from the UN as any other head of state if they were to die whilst in office. It is customary practice for the UN flag to be lowered to half-mast upon the death of a leader of a UN member state.

    The former Presdent of the Czech Republic was a private citizen when he died, and had been since Feb 2003. Hence no half mast flag from the UN.

    Very simple. Perhaps some people would prefer the uN to make value jusgements of the moral character of individuals and respond in an ad hoc manner rather than ‘respecting’ the nations that comprise the organisation.

  111. 111
    Think what $81m will buy us. says:

    Extra funds given by us for military projects.

  112. 112
    50 Calibre says:

    The UN is a systemically corrupt effront to everyone on the planet except the self-serving shit that live there to extract loads of money out of the system to line their own pockets. Al Quaeda got it so wrong when they hit the World Trade Centre…

  113. 113
    Polythesis says:

    North Korea, a warning to the ghastly evil depths of depravity OR a tempting template for the EU kommissar class to aim for? We laugh and giggle at the NK masses and their comic opera tears but this is what is coming our way.

    I expect the UNELECTED kommissars of the EU look at the mindless NK drones and think to themselves how nice it would be to have a system where the masses acted like robots and the political elite didnt have to stand for election, pander to the peoples wishes.

    North Korea in fact is a perfect representation of the perfect socialist state as laid out by Marx and Lenin, they read all the books, copied all the texts and followed them all to the letter. North Korea isnt a mistake or aberration at all, it is at the very pinnacle of what a Marxist Leninist state evolves into. And needless to say the BBC loves them.

  114. 114
    50 Calibre says:

    Blockade both states, and I mean blockade, and see how long either of them last.

  115. 115
    JH says:

    Sorry Jimmy. Saying ‘Everyone who disagrees with me and ideology is mentally infirm’ just does not serve as a replacement for cogent argument any more.

    The leftist, cultural Marxist spell the country has been under for about 20 years now is finally wearing off.

    It’s going to be hard for you – bless.

  116. 116
    Andrew says:

    The dead filth from NK was – like it or lump it – the serving Head of State of a member of the UN – so he gets the flag at half-mast. So did Stalin and Mao. So will Her Maj.

    Vaclav Havel as a former Head of State did not.

    It’s not rocket science.

  117. 117
    Rusty dave says:

    Don’t think so. He is rather flexible.

  118. 118
    A Marxist writes says:

    Good old lefties, clinging to any argument providing it poohs on your own country. Argentina said the Falklands was theirs so it had to be, because everyone in the world is honest, aren’t they? it’s only us who aren’t honest, apparently.

  119. 119
    the beast of north korea says:

    The dear leader who had people strung together with copper wire through their shoulders
    Socialism in action
    At least the N azis had the common sense not to waste precious metals

    Have you ever eaten a Korean meal?

    Like Jap food only with shite that a cow or pig wouldnt eat

    You walk into a Korean brothel and say
    ” Id like to fuckim”, then they send you a bloke

  120. 120
    United Notions of Idiocy says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Does anyone expect anything else from such a corrupt band of self-serveing rats who inhabit the UN?

    Tossers to a man, or woman.

  121. 121
    Stay and Play says:

    We can’t leave the back-garden EU society, so what chance leaving the club with everyone in it?

  122. 122
    UNlikely says:

    I do not ask the UN to make judgements, or fly flags at half mast or whatever. I just ask them not to exist.


  123. 123
    the beast of north manchester says:

    This j ew walks into a bar in north Korea, he says

    Barman I would like a large one

    The barman says

    “you me and 2 million other Asians

  124. 124
    the beast of north manchester says:

    I went there once
    Never again
    It was like Blackpool on a wednesday night
    Every fucker crying, no shoes , the lights were out but at least the trams ran on time

  125. 125
    Jimmy says:

    You might want to read posts before responding. Apparently there were those not a million miles from this blog who had quite the pash for right wing Latin American juntas in the 80s. I wasn’t one of them.

  126. 126
    Wikispooks says:

    “Over a period of three years or so we killed off – what? – twenty percent of the population.” US General Curtis LeMay boasting of his heroic 1950-53 humanitarian bombing campaign. A campaign that destroyed 78 N Korean Cities and around 30% of its entire population – just to round off the previous 40 years of similarly enlightened Japanese occupation.

    So, to characterise most of the comments here as moronic would be an insult to morons.

  127. 127
    Pretty Polly says:

    Socialists, I find, are more intelligent and nicer people

  128. 128
    John West says:

    The UN is nothing but a coffee club for despotic Arabs and Niggras. The Kim Jongs of Korea are their Kato.

  129. 129
    Southern Softy says:

    These fucking self confessed socialists never learn from history that their ideology always leads death camps – Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler (yes, Adolf was a leftie, he was a National Socialist – yeddit pinko twats?) and even worse the one eyed Caledonian monster.

  130. 130
    Weird Watch says:

    In a recent interview, Simpson declared that he was a sucker for “dictator kitsch”.

  131. 131
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Of course the “United” Nations is a travesty. It is a corrupt, venal and toxic organisation milked both financially & politically by totalitarian dictators, sinister regimes and an array of international crooks. It’s bureaucracy is dominated by a cadre of self-enriching extremists and the Assembly by unpleasant, anti-democratic alliances who loathe the West but love how much money we can pour into local Mercedes dealerships & palace builders.

    It’s no surprise it will lament the loss of the North Korean a-hole. After all, it would have passed resolution after resolution in support of the Nazis were it conceived prior to the 1930s.

    It’s no surprise to note that Gaddafis Libya, Saddams Iraq and Cubas El Presidente Fidel were all in charge of the UNs Human Rights Councils and budgets. The UNHR has acted shamefully in various questionable “Reports”. The recent anti-slavery farce in South Africa, attacked the West but neglected the mention the huge role played by Arab slavers and West African tribes in collaborating with the evil trade. Or that it continues in Saudi Arabia for instance.

    The UN and it’s bodies including UNESCO are shameful & fradulent organisations that have made more noise than many an empty kettle…..poverty, war and disease grow ever more under their watch. And dictatorships and thugocracies grow ever more strong. Time for a better idea?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone watch the documentary State of Mind on BBC 4 last night? It was about the training of a North Korean girl for their Mass Games back in 2004. Whilst it wasn’t all sweetness and light, I detected more than a hint of admiration in the narrator’s voice for their communist ideals and in particular, their anti Americanism – that, they positively lapped up.

    The similarity between the NK state broadcaster continuously pumping out propaganda through radios installed in everyone’s home (you could turn down the volume but never turn them off – another trick missed by the BBC when they drafted their charter) and the Beeb’s compulsory license fee was too close for comfort.

    The BBC – never knowingly anti Big State.

  133. 133
    Anonymous says:

    thank you

  134. 134
    Anonymous says:

    Poor darling – do you think it might hurt? It will. Scum.

  135. 135
    polli potti says:

    Yeah you socialists love torturing and murdering women. You are probably a peedoh as well. Retard.

  136. 136
    Andrew says:

    The fact that Hitler chose to include the word Socialist in the name of his party is neither here nor there – in 1933 the Socialist deputies to the Reichstag were rounded up as soon as the Gestapo had processed the Communists and by 1945 the only prominent German socialists living were either abroad or very lucky. Moreover The Nazis came to power and held it on the back of promises to the industrialists to break the unions – which promises they carried out. I’m not a socialist but I object to the word being applied to the Nazis.

  137. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Object all you like but the truth is that Socialism is about state control – you surely can’t deny that Nazi Germay lacked that! As for the “prominent” German socialists in the 30s and 40s the left of differing hues of pink/red seem to spend most of their energy in opposing/slaughtering each other e.g Cultural revolution, Lenin v Trotsy; in the UK Kinnock v Militant, Dave M v Ed M, Tone v Broon.

  138. 138
    Andrew says:

    You can’t have socialism without state control but you can have state control without socialism – which is what Hitler was about, as well as many even worse things.

    That the Left everywhere tends to break up is true but off the point. In the words of Bernard Levin: Factions dealing in fictions suffer from frictions and split into fractions.

  139. 139
    Xavier Onassis says:

    Tells you all you need to know about the UN, doesn’t it?

  140. 140
    Southern Softy says:

    You’re a sound man Andrew. Happy New Year!

  141. 141
    Anonymous says:

    I think Bush is behind all this. Arrest him!

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